The history of Rambo Nation is long and complex, filled with expansion, exploration, honor, pride, drama, wars, heroes and sacrifices. The time line centers around the Quadrantia Federation (0), with BQF standing for "Before the Quadrantia Federation," and AQF standing for "After the Quadrania Federation". One year on the timeline is precisely equal to one solar year on Earth. For example, Rambo Nation unified in 448 BQF, which means it happened 448 years before the formation of the Quadrantia Federation.

Yet more importantly, now you can read the entire histoy of Rambo Nation on one page.

The History of Rambo Nation is divided by reign of the Monarchy.


Reign of Emperor Elgorodaurl (450 BQF - 442 BQF)[]

Early History (450 BQF)[]

The Founder

The first leader of Rambo Nation, Idrioalthaórien, better known as the Rambo Founder witnessed the Rambo Serindia making their first space ship, the NX-01 Class, and entering into the Space Stage. The launch was blessed by Emperor Elgoradaurl, who followed up King Alivua who died during the Battle of Khaza'Drimiaeh. Upon her launch, the NX-01 class was a modern ship: capable of Warp 2 and equipped with the newly invented Phasers. With it, the Rambo Serindia explored nearby planets and discovered a city's ruins with a crashed spaceship of unknown origin nearby. This finding was the first sign that they were not alone in the galaxy.

NX-01 Class

Undaunted by their mortifying discovery, and despite not knowing if these aliens would be friendly, they founder their first colony, and within 2 years, full exploration of the galaxy began. Fittingly, Rambo Nation's first Emperor, Elgorodaurl (descended from King Alivua the Liberator), ruled during the launch of its first space ships.

First Contact and Unification (448 BQF - 430 BQF, 448 BQF - 446 BQF)[]

As the Rambo Founder ordered exploration of space, the Rambo Serinia soon encountered other members of the Ramboidea Family, and although not all first contacts with the Ramboidea went well, they soon allied themselves with the Mithrislic, the Aviaterdactyruscea and the Chuchiryacea. As with these new contacts and the unifying of the encountered Ramoidea, Rambo Nation reached the stage to meet other and new species. Around 447 BQF there were 9 NX-Classer in active service, being the first Space fleet of Rambo Nation beside transport ships.

Encounters with other Empires (446 BQF - 442 BQF)[]

Rambo ships of the Early Space Stage.

After two years with only one colony, the unifying of the Ramboidea and the Nx-class was withdrawn from active service, Rambo Nation launched a new fleet. This fleet consisted of the following classes: The Kelvin class, the Oberth class, the Bonaventura class, and the Deadalus class. With it, they made contact with new species and races across the nearby vicinity of their colony and Capital Planet. Some of the first of these species to make an alliance with the Rambo Nation were the Fernikki and Algernon Empires. With this alliance, they made a defense grid against invading forces.

When a Kelvin Class entered Goepelke space they were contacted by the mysterious Trogg Empire. The Rambo Nation had never heard of it so they took the call, and the Trogg demanded taxes which were very high, but the Rambo Nation refused, claiming that Space didn't belong to the Trogg. After a while, the Rambo Nation also made contact with the Diva Bettie, the Kloppig, and the Mozel Empires and made alliances with them. However, the Trogg still demanded taxes, and with the Rambo Nation's 5th refusal, they attacked a Rambo Colony, wiping it off of the face of the galaxy.

Shortly after the first Trogg attack Emperor Elgorodaurl died (442 BQF) of old age and was followed up by his grandson, Emperor Ramulindalë.

Reign of Emperor Ramulindalë (442 BQF - 310 BQF)[]

Trogg Wars[]

Trogg Wars

1st Trogg Empire-Rambo Nation War (442 BQF) In response to the Trogg assault on their colony, Rambo Nation sent ships to intercept the Trogg fleet and to save it; unfortunately, they were too late and the fleet was destroyed. Moreover, unrelenting Trogg attacks chipped away at Rambo colonies until only a handful remained. With mounting casualties and the loss of their attack fleet, Rambo Nation was crippled.

To counter, the Rambo Nation launched a new ship, the Constitution class: these ships explored nearby space until USS Enterprise discovered the location of a Trogg colony. With this information, Rambo Nation sent a squadron of five other Constitution class ships and conquered the colony. Meanwhile, peace, and later alliance with the Heer Stekeveel Empire gave Rambo Nation the support it needed to finally defeat the Trogg Empire.

Statue of Ramulindalë, ancient Emperor of Rambo Nation during the Trogg Wars. His statue is build on Ramar Shadda

Trogg Cold War (442 BQF - 434 BQF) Lengthy battles in an even longer war crippled the Rambo Nation and the Trogg Empire Fleets, and the subsequent truce lead only to 8 years of Cold War: the constant threat of invasion caused the Rambo Nation to expand its fleet and pay their allies to wage proxy wars against the Trogg in order to protect Rambo Space from conquest.

2nd Trogg War (434 BQF - 430 BQF) After the 8-year Cold War, the Rambo Nation launched the Excelsior class. With the help of their allies they invaded Trogg Space. The Trogg, taken by surprise, abandoned their colonies and retreated back to their Capital. However, one part of the fleet attacked the Rambo Capital and laid a part to it to ruins before a Rambo Fleet could stop them. However, after 2 years of invading Trogg Space they laid siege to the Home Planet of the Trogg, but it took the Rambo Nation and their allies another 6 months before the Trogg were defeated. The remaining Trogg were sold as slaves to the Heer Stekeveel Empire.

Loss of the Founder (430 BQF)[]

Shortly after the Trogg Wars, the Rambo Founder travelled aboard the USS Bonaventura to the Dissia System. The ship was under command of Captain Ramolla, one of the leading and most respected captains of that age. However, upon arriving at the Dissia System, the USS Bonaventura was caught in a spacial anomaly and when shockwaves and disturptions threatened to destroy the ship, the ship simply vanished and was never seen again. Together with Captain Ramolla and the Founder, all hands were presumed lost. This was a great loss for Rambo Nation, as they lost there leader, who unified the Ramboidea into Rambo Nation and was the very 1st leader. And the loss of one of there leading captains.

Golden Age (429 BQF - 310 BQF)[]

Excelsior Class

The peace following the Trogg wars gave Rambo Nation time to grow its economy, expand its fleet, and explore of the Galaxy. However, Rambo Nation suffered from frequent pirate attacks on transport vessels and colonies. In addition, the Rambo allied with the Orc and Tir Hoornbo Empires, and proposed the purchase of a strategically important colony to the Mozel Empire. The Mozel Empire refused the offer. Furthermore, before first contact with the Q-Grox, Rambo Nation was able to refit its Constitution class and launch the Miranda, Constellation, Excelsior classes.

Shortly after the refits and the launch of new vessels Emperor Ramulindalë died of old age, after a period of sickness and was followed up by his son, Emperor Ramesgaroth.

Reign of Emperor Emperor Ramesgaroth (310 BQF - 280 BQF)[]

Continuation of the Golden Age (310 BQF - 280 BQF)[]

After the death of Ramulindalë the people of Rambo Nation were in mourning, as they lost a great hero. Yet his son, Ramesgaroth continued the peaceful rule of his father and Rambo continued to thrive. Near the end of the Golden Age, the Rambo first contacted the fearsome Grox, and the information garnered by their advanced observation equipment on the border colony of Proogency soon made it desirable to adopt a strategy of avoidance.

As the Golden Age came to her conclusion, Emperor Ramesgaroth died of old age as well, and his son Ramânawenûz rose to the throne.

Reign of Emperor Ramânawenûz (280 BQF - 227 BQF)[]

The Mozel Incident (280 BQF)[]

At the end of the Golden Age, Rambo Nation attacked and conquered a Mozel Colony of strategic importance to the Nation under orders of the more militairy orientated Emperor, Ramânawenûz. In response, the Mozel Empire made a bold, surprise counter attack on a Rambo colony, forcing the Rambo Fleet stationed there to withdraw. Meanwhile, a Heer Stekeveel Empire attack on a Mozel Empire colony caused the Mozel Empire to leave the Allies.

In 278 BQF, Rambo Nation declared war on the Mozel Empire to regain a lost Colony: it sent the 11th Attack Fleet on the bold mission of bombarding and assaulting the Mozel Empire's Capitol. Although the Fleet had to withdraw, the mortal blow of the attack caused the Mozel Empire to surrender withing weeks. Capitalizing on Ramno Nation's weariness after the war, the Heer Stekeveel Empire successfully obtained several Mozel Colonies by demanding them on pain of war.

Period of Conflict (278 BQF - 262 BQF)[]

Rambo Nation's economy grew and it explored the Quadrants, making contact with several hostile Nations: the Shar Shoot Ace Realm, the Tijd Vliegt Empire and the Boogleman. Although most violence was cut short by the diplomatic skills of the Ambassadors, some ships were lost in transit and in a seven day war between Rambo Nation and the Tijd Vliegt Empire.

The First Heer Stekeveel War (278 BQF - 275 BQF)

The Heer Stekeveel Empire withdrawal from the Allies results in a war that spreads over the enire quadrant and Rambo Nation's urgent need for ships cuts its Galaxy Exploration program short. While Rambo Nation suffered the first attacks and lost some Colonies, the Heer Stekeveel Empire was helped by the unknown Shaman Empire. Nevertheless, a unified Task Force under the flagship USS Excelsior of the Excelsior class destroys the Shaman Empire and leads to a brief period of peace.

Ambassador Class

The Second Heer Stekeveel War (271 BQF 263 BQF)

In 271 BQF, 4 years of simmering conflict erupted into a quadrant-devastating war between the Heer Stekeveel and Rambo Nation. Despite steep Rambo Nation losses- especially during the assault and bombardment of its Capitol (quickly stopped by its 2nd Fleet) the launch of the Ambassador Class turned the war in it, and its allies' favor. Yet eight years of war had left the galaxy torn and tattered, and the reconstruction of the economies and fleets of the Quadrant was painstakingly slow. However, in 225 BQF some of its inhabitants (mostly Allies) held a meeting that would change the history of the Quadrant Galaxies.

The meeting turned out to be the foundation stones for the forming of hte Noble Alliance. Sadly it was also Emperor Ramânawenûz his last meeting as two days after the meeting he peacefully died of old age in his sleep. He was followed up by his daughter, Empress Kyaertia.

Reign of Empress Kyaertia (227 BQF - 210 BQF)[]

Noble Alliance Era (227 BQF - 210 BQF)[]

After the war, the Allies were sure that a unified organisation was needed. However, it still took another two years before another meeting was held as the sudden death of Rambo Emperor Ramânawenûz postponed further negotiations. At 227 BQF Empress Kyaertia, the daughter of the former Emperor became the new ruler of Rambo Nation and was a supporter of a unified organisation. Thus, two years later Kyaertia summoned the allies again to continue their negotiations in honor of her late father. During the meeting various plans and rules were discussed, as well as possible events in reaction to a forming of an unified alliance. At the end of the meeting, the key members of the alliance became the Rambo Nation, the Insector Eldarions, the Fairy Girl Society and Victreeion Empire.

With the forming of the Noble Alliance, the allies enjoyed a long lasting period of peace as they healed their wounds and rebuilded their nations. Over the years other members joined the Noble Alliance, like the Fernikki Empire, the Algernon Empire, the Goepelle Kingdom and the Diva Bettie Empire. Smaller realms like the Kloppig Empire and the Tri Hoornbo Kingdom also joined.

Empress Kyaertia, the 5th ruler of Rambo Nation

Diva-Bettie Empire Conflict and War (220 BQF - 215 BQF)[]

As a fleet of the Diva-Bettie Empire attacked the newly made Noble Alliance. The first victim was the Constitution Refit class, the USS Eagle. While Diplomacy resolved nothing, the Kloppig-Empire was suffering heavy losses and stands on the brink of defeat. In a last ditch effort the Noble Alliance permitted the use of battle and the members of the Noble Alliance attacked the Diva-Bettie Empire. Empress Kyaertia was against it, but the other members supported the attack so she had to follow. During the early years of the war Rambo Nation launched the Excelsior Refit classes into action. Some time later the Curry, Miranda (Variant) and the Centaur class were also launched.

A Centaur Class

While the Kloppig-Empire was saved, the Diva-Bettie Empire struck back and used hit and run tactics, inflicting heavy casualties on the Noble Alliance.

After years of battle the Colonies were falling and the Noble Alliance had a made hole in the defense of the Diva-Bettie Empire. The Noble Alliance Fleet then headed to the Diva-Bettie Home Planet. It soon fell as did the other Colonies of the Diva-Bettie.After the attack and fall of the Capitol only one Prime Colony remained of the Diva-Bettie Empire. The Noble Alliance isolated this Colony and the Diva-Bettie Empire fell. The Prime Colonie hailed the Fleet and then named themselves the Diva-Bettie Remnants and offered peace. New diplomacy and trade between the two resumed, although the Alliance forbid them to make more Colonies or to expand their current battle fleet. Also, they barred the Diva-Bettie Remnants from ever joining the Noble Alliance.

The GN3Dura Experiment (210 BQF)[]

As the Diva Bettie War was over, Empress Kyaertia secretly ordered the construction of new weapons and technology. Shorlty after the completion of a secret weapon, a Rambo Admiral who was very close to her located a new race. This race, also nicknamed by the alliance as the GN3 are a one planet Nation beyond the borders of the Noble Alliance. As Rambo Nation had developed a new weapon, and seeing them as an oppurtunity to test it, Empress Kyaertia approved that planet to become a testing area. Rambo Command decided not to use a Fleet but one ship, the USS Excelsior for the mission. They sent them on a so called diplomatic mission. Arriving at the system a Rambo Admiral took command over of the ship, and without warning, fired it's newly developed Planet Buster weapon. The entire planet exploded and brought an end to the GN3.

The crew of the USS Excelsior took the admiral into custody, but the entire affair was kept secret by Rambo Nation. But in order to do so, Empress Kyaertia was relieved from command as she made an illegal decision. As she had no children, her only nephew, Dino Le Rambo I became her follow up. The Empress laid down her function as Command told that she became ill. She then lived the rest of her life quitly at Luthrionicae, which was recently finished.

Reign of Emperor Dino Le Rambo (210 BQF - 4 BQF)[]

A Galaxy Class

Noble Alliance Fleet (210 BQF)[]

After the GN3Dura expermint, the Noble Alliance launched its Alliance 1st Fleet. In turn, the Alliance 1st Fleet's launch spurred the development of new classes, and under the orders of Emperor Dino le Rambo Rambo Nation contributed via the launch of the Galaxy, Ambassador, Sovereign, and Nebula Classes, and the refit of the border-patrolling Constitution class.

Economic Growth and the Algernon Incident[]

Moreover, as the newly launched ships sped from their docks, a long period of peace brought prosperity and power to the many races of the Quadrant Galaxies; indeed, it was during this peace that the vacation paradise city of Luthrionicae was constructed (210 BQF). Yet with economic growth came intrigue, for in 52 BQF an Algernon Empire decision to raise taxes brought talk of bad faith regarding the Victreeion Empire and Rambo Nation, who were in the tax bracket at which the tax-hike was aimed. In response to these claims, the two empires joined forces to launch a surprise attack an Algernon Colony.

Algernon War (52 BQF - 25 BQF)[]

Huge battles divided the Noble Alliance to the brink of dissolution in this second quadrant-devastating war, with the Victreeion Empire and Rambo Nation voraciously swallowing up Algernon colonies and a Rambo Resistance movement that pushed for the independence of Rambo Nation's outer colonies. Yet the violence of their war of conquest paled in comparison to the Rambo Nation's dropping a Planet Buster on a Prime Colony of the Algernon Empire, which resulted in a reprimand from the rightfully shocked Noble Alliance and Rambo Nation compliance after negotiations with the Insector Eldarions. The conclusion of the war brought an uneasy peace with the Algernon following a surrender that left them with one colony and their Capitol Planet.

A battle between Rambo and Resistance ships

Joining the Seven Starr Alliance(22 BQF - 4 BQF)[]

After entering a wormhole Rambo Nation made contact with an organisation called the 'Seven Starr Alliance'. A huge organisation of independant Empires working together against the Vandels and other enemies.

Rambo Nation became part of this organisation and also stands as its representative in the Noble Alliance. Shortly after they recieved instructions by Captain Zacco and were informed of a new threat. Thus Rambo Nation sent Captain Ramcard with the 8th and 12th Fleet to aid the S.S.A. and later also send the 9th Fleet as a reinforcement.

When the attacks didn't happen, Rambo Command withdrew Rambo presence from that sector and called them back to Rambo Space; although they did send the USS Luna, under command of Captain Rambam to aid Captain Zaco. But he later returned after losing his position and later was send to explore new and unknown parts of the Galaxy.

Meeting the Delpha Coalition of Planets(18 BQF)=[]

First contact with the DCP (picture by Wormulon

When Rambo Nation send Captain Rambam, who commands the USS Luna encountered the home system of one of the SSA members, namley the DCP. They started with peace talkings and became allies of eachother. Rambo Nation admires the DCP a lot, they are the first Coalition they have ever met who challenged the Grox and are still a live. They are really interessted in there history and tactics against the Grox, who still hold a very powerfull posistion in Quadrant 89. And the DCP remaind long time allies with the Rambo.

Lizardian Threat (16 BQF)[]

Also a new agressive enemy began attacking Rambo Nation and identified themselves as the Lizardian Empire. They possesed huge ships and have attack the inner regions of the Noble Alliance. Although no one knows where their Capitol planet is, their fleets have found the Noble Alliance and it is waiting for a new war to come. The Noble Alliance will need any help they can get, for the Lizardians leave no witnesses or evidence behind.

The Lizardian Commander, arch enemy of Rambo Nation

The Lizardian attacked the Capitol Regions of the Noble Alliance, but with a bit of luck and many casualties on both sides the Noble Alliance and Rambo Nation were victorious. Their boldest move was to directly attack the Rambo Capitol Planet, but to no avail. When the Lizardian Commander retreated from the system he sent the last transmission which containted the following message: "You have only defeated a scout fleet, not an invadion force, so beware".

As we speak, the Lizardians are sending ships to infiltrate or to spy on the Noble Alliance, but the lack of full-on attacks and contact can only make one wonder what they are planning to do next...

Encountering the Tyrannus Empire (15 BQF)[]

After finding a new wormhole, Rambo Command ordered Captain Ramcard to investigate and enter the wormhole were they made contact with the Tyrannus Empire.

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Trucinex War (07 BQF)[]

Rambo Nation gets involved in a conflict with the Trucinex during the Trucinex War. During these times Rambo Nation made first contact with the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

The Tigris War (06 BQF)[]

When at Deep Space Colony 02, Rambo Nation made contact with the Cianju Alliance & The Congregation, where it was drawn into a Great War.

Congregation troops marching for battle (picture by Xhodocto3546

The Rambo Nation ships were led by Captain Ramtterson and Captain Ramikku was also involved in the war. Later Captain Ramtaines was also sent. But it turned out to be a great challenge for Rambo Nation, since chaos became almost permanent, and heavy casualties were inflicted on their fleets in battle.

Cianju Alliance (picture by The Valader

During the devasting war Rambo Nation became allied to the Kingdom of Thelliria.

See: Tigris War

Later the Tigris War ended with a dramatic result, the Tigris System was destroyed and the forces there managed to escape to a new Galaxy, but the Rambo were cut off from Rambo Nation as the Rambo Gods awoke and saved Quadrant 82 and 89 from destruction by Kamik-Shi.

The Rambo there now, think they are the last Rambo alive and reformed themselves in a new organisation. While the allies of the Tigris System joined them too, like the Barborbrian Empire and the Froggies Slaves, the new Rambo slowly expanded.

There story will be chronicled at the: Post Scourge War.

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When the truce with the Xhodocto was made, the Remnant joined Rambo Nation, and the New Universe was evacuated.

Tralor Empire (6 BQF - 4 BQF)[]

The Tralor Empire was encountered near the Deep Space Colony 03, when Captain Ramashe was sent on a diplomatic mission, which unfortunately failed, resulting in war.

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Rise of the Imperial Alliance (5 BQF - 4 BQF)[]

Shortly after this threat revealed herslef, it was the Imperial Alliance, ruled by the Galactic Emperor (also known as the Unknown Entity) and was consist of the Lizardian Empire, Rambulan Star Empire and the Saurien Sector Coalition.

An Imperial Lizardian Fleet during the First Galactic War

Taken by surprise, the Imperial Alliance led a surprise and bold move at the Rambo Capitol and bombarded the Rambo High Council, during this the entire high Council was killed and Rambo Nation was in despair as there leaders were killed.

When the fleet, under command of Fleet Captain Ramaxar engaged the enemy forces they retreated to former Lizardian Space and prepared to totalley invade the system. The Imperials than made a move which brought chaos and despair upon Rambo Nation. Due to a bold move there entire high command structure has been taken down and they now stood at the brink of another, something the Rambo really cannot use since it already is at war with differant factions.

Shortly later the Dissia System came under attack, but thanks to quick thinking of Ramaxar the invading forces were forced to abandon there siege. At the brink of disaster, Captain Ramashe was recalled back to the Rambo Capitol and she was crowned Empress of Rambo Nation.

Saddenend by the loss of her father, she promised Rambo Nation would survive through all of this and she reformed the high command structure, with her at the position of Empress, directly under he she introducted the Judge Magister Command, 5 judges who are in total command of the military of Rambo Nation.

Reign of Supreme Empress Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo (4 BQF - current)[]

A troubling start of rule[]

And so Rambo Nation rose again, and continued there involvements against the Congregation, Tralor and other enemies and under her rule, Rambo Nation prepared itself for the conflict what was about the happen against the Imperial Alliance. When the Tigris War reached it conclusion most of the Galaxy was destroyed when the Scourge happened.

While Rambo Nation and all other species of Quadrant 82 and 89 were saved by the recently awakened God, Dinoman82, the Rambo in the Tigris System were not, although they managed to escape to a new universe. They though they were the last Rambo alive, since no contact was able with Rambo Nation anymore, and so they formed a new nation for themselves and tried to survive in this new, and strange galaxy.

For the new faction see: Rambo Remnant Coalition of Allies.

First Galactic War (4 BQF - 3 BQF)[]

Galactic War USS Dalles vs Imperial Task Force.jpg

War with the Imperial Alliance was declared after the bombing of the High Council, with a more detailed account in the Imperial Alliance article. The further battles and skirmishes preceding the Imperial War are found there as well. Near the end of the Galactic War, Rambo Nation allied with the Capricyránae Sector Alliance, and aided them in battle.

See: Imperial Galactic War.

The Age of Destruction (3 BQF - 0 BQF)[]

During the Age of Destruction, an uneasy peace with Xhodocto following General Draguros, coupled with crippling blows from war with the Imperial Alliance sent Rambo Nation teetering on the edge of annihilation and forced it to adopt a more risk-averse foreign policy. To wit: Empress Ramashe ordered her troops not to fire at Xhodocto vessels without her permission and Rambo Nation's current strategy of evading the Grox outright evolved during the period. However, Rambo Nation was able to make many allies, such as the Defensive Bloc, Sylit Republic, and the Capricorn Sector Alliance, which not only gave the Rambo a reputation of strength, nobility, and bravery throughout the Universe, but proved to be vital allies during in the Trucinex War.

Cold War with the Xhodocto[]

For the remaining forces of the Tigris and Ascencion Wars, truce with the Xhodocto marked the beginning of a cold war; to Rambo Nation's dismay, its alliances with these groups dragged it in as well. However, it planned not to protect its allies if war were to break out.

Second battle of Nex, during the Trucinex War

Trucinex War (1 BQF - 0 BQF)[]

Rambo Nation allied itself with the Capricyránae Sector Alliance soon after first contact with them. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter a Trucinex attack on the Sector Alliance forced Empress Ramashe to dispatch Captain Rambas II and the USS Hood with a large task force in response to the Capricyránae Alliance President's pleas, thus plunging Rambo Nation into the long and costly Trucinex War.

Second Galactic War (0 BQF)[]

Battle of the Rambo Capitol, during the Second Galactic War

The Second Galactic War also broke out, the Imperial Alliance once again attacked Rambo Nation, and this time a new and dreadfull and dangerous enemy also began attacking Rambo Nation, namely the Ruin Sector Alliance.

During the war the Noble Alliance fell, and the Insector Eldarions, the Kloppig and the Diva Bettie joined Rambo Nation.

As the Second Galactic War was still raging the Rambo Capitol Planet was taken by Imperial Forces and Ruin Sector Alliance Forces. This forced Rambo Nation to surrender, however, many Captains did not want to surrender and were still fighing or sabotaging the Imperial and RSA forces.

A small part of the Quadrantia Threaty Fleet

The Truce the Rambo made was meant to prevent total Destruction of Rambo Nation, but this meant that Empress Ramashe had to respond and obey the Galactic Emperor. But she managed to keep the Rambo out of great changes, as they were allowed to keep there own fleet and cities, but important things were now guarded by Imperial and RSA troops and she was supervised by numerous Imperial and RSA officers.

However, as the Second Galactic War still rages on, many Rambo will siece every oppertunity to disobey the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance.

Quadrantia Federation (0 BQF - 1 AQF)[]

However, during the course of the war the Rambo signed a special threaty with the Xiaan Alliance and the Hutter Kingdom to rebel and aid eachother to free themselves from the Imperial Alliance. Now as thing set in motion the battle fleet was preparing herself in neutral territory, that of the Creckel Kingdom. The Rambo also allied the Sylit Republic during the war and the two became good friends and allies.

As they were liberated, Rambo Nation joined the Quadrantia Federation and so began plotting to hold the advance of there enemy. Empress Ramashe also gave the Insector Eldarions their independance again, however they remained close allies of Rambo Nation and often give there vote in the Quadrantia Federation to Rambo Nation.

Also with joining the Quadrantia Federation, the Rambo Fleet became the primary fleet, as the Rambo has the largest fleet of all Empires that joined, and with it the Rambo were forced to let none Rambo Nation members to become Captains under Rambo Nation her Space Fleet, this left some discussion open for all members, as most wanted to keep at there own ships.

As the Quadrantia Federation was growing, Rambo Nation became an important members, but was often used in the way of battle, as the Rambo were most the first and the last ones still standing. However this meant they had there respect and the Rambo capitol soon became the center of the Quadrantia Federation for there role and Ramashe kept her power over Rambo Nation, like all other leaders they kept ruling over there Empires in there own way. But as the consitution of the Federation also meant that she also had to visit the other leaders and the Federation became more closer and closer.

The discovery of the Ancient Structure

As the Quadrantia Federation was formed, Rambo Nation made new alliances with the Raptora and the newly revealed Federation of Core Worlds, in which the Rambo too great honor off to do so. They consider the Core Federation a magnificent example and organisation of how the Quadrantia Federation should function to. As trade routes has opened, the Core Federation became a populair visiting place.

After the Second Galactic War had unofficially ended, Rambo Nation began repairing the damage and fortifying the remaining colonies which had not been taken by the Imperial Alliance. Also the Space Exploration Program was restarted, however this was just with a few ships.

After the war the Quadrantia Federation and Rambo Nation began healing there wounds and reparing all damage done to there Nation. During these times the USS Hood was escorting Princess Ramtilsae to the CSA for a state visit, however under way they discovered an ancient structure, which came under attack by an unknown alien race and claimed them to be heritics. During the battle Ramtilsae was kidnapped and two Rambo Captain teamed up with the CSA to resque, they went deep into the ancient structure and did some shocking discoveries. The building they found was in fact a shrine to one of the Rambo Gods, but what was such shrine doing in the Cyrannus Galaxy? This meant the Cognatus did various attack at URC ships and fleets and one ship even destroyed a Rambo task force guarding a wormhole, unable to hold the Cognatus ship it was able to enter the Quadrant Galaxies and vanished from radar.

A Cognatus ship destroyes a Rambo/URC task force

Further on, times were going to be troubled again as the DCP Warlord Bo-Ramik had fallen and forced Rambo Nation and the Quadrantia Federation to secure Mirenton, but for how long no one knows. Later, they also heared that there strong allies, the Sylit Republic had fallen into Zazane hands without the Rambo knowledge and they were too late to aid them. However, they openened there borders for both the DCP and Sylit refugees and began patrolling the DCP and Sylit Colonial regions in Quadrant 82. All these new events, so short after the Second Galactic War were raising voiced in the Ramboidae Senate, and Ramashe was troubled. There were opinions that the Rambo should withdrawn from the Seven Star Alliance (since Civil War rumors) and that the Quadrant Galaxies should become isolated Galaxies, with only relations to the Cyrannus Galaxy and the CoreFederation Galaxies. However these votes were turned down by the Senate, but it meant Ramashe had a great deal of work to do. Rambo Nation later heard the sad news that the DCP had fallen into the warlords hands and that they vowed to destroy the allies of Emperor Wormulos, this raised even more votes of closing the bordors of Rambo Nation, but Ramashe refused.

Later on, Ramashe ordered a Quadrantia Fleet to aid the Sylit Republic in there war and various Rambo ships secured the Sylit Colonies in Quadrant 82. Shorlty after, the Fiction:Girdo Empire contacted Rambo Nation and identified themselves as SSA friends, as such they were allowed to travel through the Quadrant Galaxies enjoying the protection and aid of the Rambo.

Intergalactic War (1 AQF)[]

The USS Déluge under siege!

The further course of the Rambo involvement with the Cognatus meant they were drawn into the Intergalactic War. Around this time, Rambo Nation became a member of the G8.

During this conflict, the shrines of the Rambo Gods and Thirteenth Tribe were discovered, together with the return of the dangerous Artmyris and the Mornûnendur, whom brought there evil legions with them.

During this war, also the ancient structures were found on various Rambo planets, and on URC planets like Capricaerón and the Rambo Capitol, this may indicitate an ancient history together which the Rambo and Capricyránae are eager to learn.

The meeting at Ramerodaras

The God Lieutenants Return! (1 AQF)[]

After the discovery of the ancient structures and the reappearance of the Rambo Founder to the mortal world he went into a secret meeting at Ramerodaras with Empress Ramashe, Aviadactyl Senator, Aur'Lodin and Ambassador Tadgh. Also present at this meeting was Chuchillyiniae. During this conversation it became clear that something terrible is about to appear to the Quadrant and Cyrannus Galaxies, as Artmyris had returned to the mortal world and was searching for other omnipotent allies for his cause.

As such, the URC and Rambo Nation were informed of his return and Ramashe wondered how they would stand to survive, they had no way to detect his presence nor of his demonic creatures legends tell of, whom inhabit his Realm. The two God Lieutenants assured the ones present not to worry, as they needed to make use of the Shipyards of Rowar where they would build the Wells Class, a specially designed ship by the Ultimate God himself to be able to detect any demonic, temperol rifts or other psionic events to be able to take action on it. However this would take time and was not without caution.

Meanwhile, Ramashe told Tadgh that he was allowed to discuss this with President Apollo and the entire Rambo Nation was informed of the Founder and Chuchillyiniae there return and that they were going to aid the Ramboidae. The Founder returned to his home at Rambo City, while Chuchillyiniae took a resident at the Royal Palace.

The ARS Protector is greeted by the USS Adelphi and escort.

Acientia Fleet arrives to aid the URC and the Rambo in there struggle with the Cognatus.

Meeting the ancestors! (1 AQF)[]

During the Intergalactic War the Acientia arrived at the Cyrannus Galaxy. After meeting with Admiral Cretaceous and making an alliance with the URC the Acientia were escorted by Creteceous to Rambo Space. Upon arriving they were greeted by Empress Ramashe and the USS Adelphi. After Captain Anciaddwia arrived onboard the USS Adelphi and talked with Empress Ramashe, she recieved an incoming transmission from Acientia Space Command, she was allowed to make an alliance with Rambo Nation, something Empress Ramashe accepted. Shorlty after a large Acientia fleet arrived and headed to the Cyrannus Galaxy at instructions of Empress Ramashe. They were send to deal with the Cognatus there and prepare the Rambo for something, this both Anciaddwia and Captain Anuatolian refused to discuss.

USS Relativity

Anciaddwia followed Ramashe to the Rambo Capitol where they continued there conversation about the origens of the Acientia and he common ancestory with the other Ramboidae.

Shorlty after, the USS Relativity was launched under command of the Rambo Founder and headed to Quadrant 21 to locate the Ancientia Kingdom, but before they could even do that, they followed a Cognatus Battlecruisers and upon doing so they discovered ancient ruins of ancestors, the Tertamians, whom are relatives of the Serindia. Studying the ruins they later left them to continue their journey. Shorlty before the V2 fleet was launched, the Ancientia joined Rambo Nation, but kept there own goverment and became a state under Rambo Nation, in the same way as the Kloppig Empire and the Diva Bettie Remnant. However, it soon became clear that the Clone Army of the Ancientia Kingdom became the main ground forces of Rambo Nation.

March of the Apocalypse (1 AQF)[]

Pauvenris after Saem'Dkao destroyed her.

Around the time of the Intergalactic War and the return of the Rambo God Lieutenants and the meeting of the Rambo Ancientia, the Xhodocto broke there truce and the SSA and many allies and none allies called for intervention and a large fleet to invade Nexus. Ramashe, still remembering the Tigris War and the recent Second Galactic War felt nothing for invading Nexus, the Xhodocto Capitol in the Galaxy of Tuuros. However, after some pressure from the CoreFed and a disagreement with the Vartekains Empire Ramashe promised to send some ships and later a larger fleet, because they had to be gathered as they were spread all over Quadrant 82 due to protecting the borders from the Imperial Alliance and the recent appearance of a Cognatus Battlecruiser. The first strike against the Rambo by the Xhodocto was made by the Xhodocto God Seam'Dkoa, he destroyed the Prime Colonie of Pauvenris.

Defeat by a Xhodocto Star Destroyer

It turned out she had sended Captain Ramcard and he participated in the battle of Rampatakov where he witnessed the death of Master Kroc. Later Rambo Command recieved a transmission from Ramcard that the Universe was tearing herself apart due to the Xhodocto.

Meanwhile, near the colonie of Pauvenris a joined strike force of Rambo and Ancientia ships were destroyed by a single Xhodocto Star Destroyer, with only a handful of ships surviving.

Captain Ramcard and Ramikku are leading the attacks againt the Xhodocto, as Ramikku has a lot of knowledge and expierence with the Xhodocto and Ramcard is the most famous and experienced captain of Rambo Nation.

During the march Rambo Nation lost a great deal of ground soldiers. Later on, Master Kroc defeated Kamik Shi, marking the defeat of the Xhodocto and the end of the March of the Apocalypse. After the victory, the Rambo forces returned to Rambo Space, to recover from the battles.

Drastic Changes and the V2 Fleet (1 AQF)[]

The Updated Outer Colonial Fleet

Shortly after, the Outer Colonial Fleet recieved a massive update so that the ship classes functioning there could match the speed and fire power of the Miranda Classes and the Excelsior Classes before they recieved there upgrade. Afterwards, due to the shortness of Captains, Ramborwski and the other 18th Fleet captain who did not command a Early History ship were withdrawn to the protect the inner regions of Rambo Nation, much at the dismay of Ramborwski.

Various Star Ships of the new V2 Fleet.

She than appointed Ambassador Ram'vindalë of Ramar Shadda as the Lady of the Outer Regions, effectivly giving her the title of Lady and ruler of the Outer Regions, however she still had to listen to Empress Ramashe and rapport to her. The Empress reached this decision as the many wars and the current recovering from the Second Galactic War prevented her to rule the various region personall, so she sended various Lord and Ladies to rule those regions, under her command of course. The most important decisions still needed her approval.

Shorlty after, the entire Rambo fleet recieved a massive update, dubbed the V2 versions of the current ships, all other ships were to be retired over time and replaced by the newer, easier and cheaper constructed vessels, but most were stronger than even before.

Another pictures of various Rambo Starships of the V2 Fleet

Many of the ships were given better shields and weapons, some even gained totalley new forms. Currently, the only ships active for Rambo Nation are:

  • Bonaventure Class V2 (rarely).
  • Kelvin Class V2 (moslty outer Colonial Regions).
  • Quetzalcoatl Class (mostly Outer Colonial Regions).
  • Newton Class (mostly Outer Colonial Regions).
  • Armstrong Class (mostly Outer Colonial Regions).
  • Constitution Class V2 (Active in Rambo Navy Fleets).
  • Miranda Class V2 (Active in Rambo Navy Fleets).
  • Soyuz Class V2 (Diplomatic and Communication ships).
  • Constellation Class V2 (Active in Rambo Navy Fleets).
  • Forrestal Class (Active in Rambo Navy Fleets, Fighter carriers).
  • Excelsior Class V2 (Active in Rambo Navy Fleets, mostly as flagships of the various fleets).
  • Excelsior Refit Class V2 (Active in Rambo Navy Fleets, mostly as flagships of various fleets).
  • Merced Class V2 (Active as Flagship in the Cyrannus System).
  • Antaras Class (Cargo Ships).
  • Wells Class (Flagship of Rambo Nation).
  • Rambo/DCP Hybrid Class (secret battle ship of Rambo Nation).
  • Olympic Class.
  • Normandy Class.
  • Lightning Fighters.
  • Peregrine Fighters.
  • Rambo Shuttles V2.
  • Argo Shuttles.

The Hutter Ambassador and the Shadowly Serindia at Rambo Prime

Shorlty after the V2 update, the ancient beings known as the Ancrevialicia, the Amazones of Dinoman82 joined the Rambo society as they were discovered by the Rambo Princess Ramtilsae.

Later on, Amdiral Cretecae of the URC was celebrating his wedding, which many Rambo Captains and officials witnessed, this event happend on Ramaprica. Meanwhile on the Colonie of Rambo Prime, the Hutter Ambassador makes a deal with a mysterious and shadowly Serindia, the President of the Cooperation.

Shorlty after, the UESC, allies of Rambo Nation warned Empress Ramashe of a new threat, the Ocari Monarchy and Empress Ramshe followed the UESC advice to increase security and reinofrce the borders. At the same time, a space captain named Kestia contacted Rambo Nation upon entering there borders since there ship was heavily damaged, in response Rambo Nation send an Olympic Class Medical Ship and a Miranda Class ship to aid the unfortunate captain and ordered the attackers to turn around. Meanwhile, the Olympic Class began transporting children and heavily wounded to there medical bay.

Shorlty after Rambo Nation joined the UTU, an universal trade organisation which the ability to earn a lot of money and improving Galactic Relations. Also it would raise the economy of Rambo Nation, which was important since old enemies of Rambo Nation once again began troubeling the Rambo........

Blockade of Ramsoria Run (picture by MatthewMosley

The Three Silver Years (1 AQF - 03 AQF)[]

After the March of the Apocalypse and the return of the Girdo Empire, Rambo Nation entered a new age of there civiliazation. They now entered the Silver Age, with the Intergalactic War and the Tralor Civil War were still ongoing, the civilization was thriving once again as it was before the start of the Second Galactic War, yet with lesser colonie (1225 in total) the wealth and economy of Rambo Nation was now stronger than ever. And with the forming of the Cyrandia Alliance, the Silver Age became a prominent and important one for Rambo Nation. Yet it was not without conflicts or wars. The Rambo now also had possestion of the most powerfull fleet in there own history, the V2 Fleet.

The Silver Age also meant the Dark Times of the War of Ages were over, yet now the Rambo would face the aftermath of that devastating war. Yet, even though the treat of the Xhodocto was over it didn't meant the Silver Age was without conflict.

The Silver Age is marked as a conflict age, with the Rambo struggeling and recovering from the final battles of the War of Ages, the Silver Age became an Age of difficulties and new wars.

Disturbance in the First Gigaquadrant (01 AQF- 02 AQF)[]

As the War of Ages has ended, many of the known Universe was left in ruins or else badly hurt, including Rambo Nation. Yet factions who did not participate in the War of Ages saw there time, and decided to attack the known Universe, whether they inhabit her or come from beyond, the First Gigaquadrant struggles with direct aftermath of the War of Ages and the differant faction who wish to fill in the vacuum of power.

Tralor Civil War (01 AQF -02 AQF)[]

--- The Tralor Empire was ruined by the loss of the Second Galactic War and the United Lanat Empire rose from there ruins and once again started hostilities against Rambo Nation, starting with the Blockade Ramsoria Run, an important inner region trade route.

The Rambo and Tralor Fleet face eachother at Ramsoria Run

After the Tralor Freedom Force attacked a Tralor colonie, the Blockade Fleet of Ramsoria Run was retreated and Ramsoria was liberated without a fight. Yet Rambo Nation decided this was the time to make a stand and point against the ULA, and invaded and conquered the Tralor (ULA) colonie of Traloria, yet at heavy costs. This marked the beginning of a long and bloody war against the ULA.

The Treaty of Ramcaprica (01 AQF)[]

The Meeting on Ramcaprica (picture by Um2k9)

After many disastrous defeats at the hands of the Cognatus, the people of the senate agreed to establish a Cyrandia Alliance with the other nations of the Quadrant Galaxies. The most important individuals of all these empires met on the colony of Ramcaprica in the Cyrannus Galaxy, attending the meeting was President Apollo, Empress Ramashe, Rambo Founder and the new Presidents of the Cyrandia Senate, Ambassador Naberrie of the URC and Aur'Lumniosa of Rambo Nation. It was a happy day that ensured the survival of the allied forces.

After the treaty was signed multiply other races like the Hutters, Xiaans and Insectors also joined the Cyrandia Alliance. A new race, called the Carcubalan also joined the Cyrandia ranks.

Skirmish above Eris (01 AQF)[]

Quetzalcoatl Class ships fight the Emperor over Eris, with limeted succes (picture by Ghelae)

Above Titan, an Girdo Imperium-class arrived above te moon called Titan. It remained there for a while and according to Rambo scanners it suddenly fired at the Girdo colonie placed on Titan. After a while it fired multiply missles, identified by the Girdo themselves as "Sun Busters" and asked for aid. Confused why a Girdo ship would fire Sun Busters at the Sol Sun, and then asking help from the various Nations and Empires to destroy them again made no sence to the Rambo and the Lady Ambassador Ram'Eriathine wanted to clear it up after the missles were destroyed. She sended a few ships to destroy the missle in which they succeeded after hammering the missles shields for a while. A missle with shields? Now the Rambo were really confused, asking for help and then shielding there own missles.

Upon the ships return a massive Imperium Class identified as the Emperor was near Eris and feeling threatened by the ship that fired one of the missles, Ram'Eriathine ordered to fire at the ship. 10 Quetzalcoatl Class ships that were closest to the Girdo ship devided in two groups of five immediatly opened fire but 2 were destroyed before even targeting the ship and a third was crippled. Yet the others ships managed to fire torpedos and phasers and hit the shields. Later backed up by the Gablinus-Avis ships the Emperor's shields collapsed and when a volley of multiply quantem torpedo's hit the Imperium Class it fled the scene. The Rambo also tried to hit the ship with a Planet Buster, but it ran out of power.

Angered, Lady Ambassador Ram'Eriathine awaited news from the Girdo what this all meant. She later got information about this and gave it through to Rambo Command, the Girdo Empire was now plunged into a civil war.

New and Drastic events, close to Rambo Borders (01 AQF)[]

Minutes after the skirmish above Eris, the Ancientia Kingdom vanished (theit entire race was engulfed into a blue light) and was gone. Now faced with two surprising events, Ramashe felt something terrible was going to happen, far beyond her own knowledge.

Hours after the dissapearing of the Ancientia Kingdom and the Battle of Sol and skirmish above Eris, the Ramb learned of the defeat and destruction of New Erion, the new homesystem of the Rambo Resistance. Whom or what did it is unknown, the Rambo only know that the sun suddenly went Nova. Saddened by the Resistance loss (even though enemies, they were all Serindia) the Rambo wonder what could have happened.

USS Eagle taking having damage and under attack by an unknown ship. The USS Eagle was later destroyed.

Yet there were also moments of joy, as the Federal Republic of Adelphi was encountered and joined the Cyrandia Alliance. Recent rumors also indicated that some Xhodocto has appeared near the Pepis Republic, but those are unconfirmed. Although at the moment, the Rambo were involved in the Tralor Civil War, the Intergalactic War and the Girdo Civil War, there was relative peace in the Quadrant Galaxies.

But that lasted only short. The Rambo recieved an emergency call from the Insectors. But as they arrived, they only found destruction, the homeworld of the Insectors was destroyed due to there sun going nova. Further investigations by Rambo Command indicated that the Imperial Alliance was also involved. Shorlty after the desctruction of the Insector Homeworld the day of Rambo Nation would become even darker, as the Cognatus launched a massive assault on Capricaerón, which Empress Ramashe became badly injured in. She later returned to Rambo Nation where she recieved the X-452 treatment and changed appearance but became more powerfuller in the process. Elsewhere, the USS Eagle made a discovery with a new and unknown ship which destroyed her ship, the USS Eagle. Troubled Rambo Command summoned Captain Ramcard, Captain Ramaxar, the Judge of the Shrine and Captain Rambas II to Rambo City. However Rambas was unavailible due to his activities in the defence of Capricaerón. Rambo Command decided not to inform the Rambo Senate nor the Cyrandia Senate about the incident with the USS Eagle.

Trivoid diplomats Giving the Alliance papers to the Rambo Empress (picture by: 99cmoney)

The USS Valley Forge leads the evacuation fleet to Girdo.

Due to this incident Empress Ramashe (with new appearance) summoned various captains and officers of Rambo Nation to Rambo Command in Rambo City. Present were 3 Military Officers, Captain Ramcard, Ramaxar and the Judge of the Shrine. Not present was Rambas due to his involvement in the Final Battle of the Intergalactic War. The meeting was classified, but known subjects to discuss were the recent destruction of the USS Eagle by an unknown alien race, the assault on Capricaerón by the Cognatus, the Girdo Empire's fall and the rumors of a Cult dedicated to the Deathmarch. Another topic was the discovery of the Trivoid, a friendly species with space capabilities, also natives of Quadrant 82.

The USS Dallas attacks the USS Guinevere and Adaga

Captain Ramcard made first contact with them. Also Empress Ramashe told the council of a secret project, named Ramticore. There various other Serindia recieved an X treatment and looked differant than before. Dubbed the Rambo Team, they were assigned to Captain Ramcard and the USS Dallas, much to his dismay. He was now bombarded by the Empress herself to be a Captain of a famous ship, with a dangerous cargo, a squad of genetically engineered Serindia in secret service of Rambo Command! He later led another expedition to Trivoid Space and the two nations became allies. Ramashe also sended a large aiding fleet to the Girdo Empire to aid in the evacuation of refugees. After the evacuation the Trivoid re-appeared and sended various diplomats to the Rambo Capitol and they met with Empress Ramashe and the Council of Rambo Nation. They were given papers an artifact to protect. Soon trade between the Trivoid and the Rambo was going on.

The final battle of the Intergalactic War

Soon after the first contact with the Trivoid a shocking news reaches Rambo Nation, Mirenton, the homeworld of the DCP, has been under siege by the rumored Cult of the Deathmarch. Taken by surprise Rambo Command, with approval of the High Council) doubles border patrols. Around this time the Trivoid were in trouble and the USS Pasteur managed to save them from disaster after the Trivoid ship chrash landed on Mars. Shorlty after there resque the Trivoid mysteriously vanished.

The USS Dallas picked up Rambo Team and together they engaged the USS Guinevere, whom was commanded by Captain Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz and Rambo Team had her as target. After some luck and precise targeting they managed to capture Chisarlyna and she was hold in the brick of the USS Dallas. Ramcard and Rambo Team then headed to investigate rumors of the Cult of the Deathmarch.

Meanwhile the Intergalactic War reaches her conclusion with the discovery of an ancient gate at Capricaerón. The Cognatus managed to open the gate. As the battle intensified various Imperial and Mortalitas and Trucinex ships also aided in the battle but as the Cognatus were sending a transmission, they all vanished and the Battle for Capricaerón was over. The Intergalactic War was over but it left the Allied forces with many questions. Empress Ramashe now plans to meet Apollo about it, and she also plans to reveal some new plans of Rambo Nation to him.

The ground forces of Rambo Nation!

The Cyrandia Krakana Class, mostly used by Rambo Nation as Troop Transport

As the Intergalactic War and the Second Galactic War proved over and over again, Rambo Nation had a very good space navy, but lacked any ground forces and with only the Argo-jeep the ground soldiers were actually way behind. After studying classified files of her father, Ramashe ordered before the Intergalactic War the reintroduction of the ground forces, with it jeeps, tanks and mobile suites were constructed but they were finished after the Intergalactic War. Together with the Krakana Class, a transport ship Rambo Nation once again had ground forces and they became more serious than before.

Ramashe especialley ordered the mass production of the Mobile Suites and the Krakana Class. Also a special weapon was invented, the Serindia Anti Space Cannon, massive cannons capable of shooting ships out of orbit.

Post-Intergalactic War (02 AQF-03 AQF)[]

Ramashe and Apollo watch as a strange beam of energy descends on Capricaerón

Angazhar's Hunt

Shorlty after the Intergalactic War the newly made allies, known as the Trivoid suddenly attacked various outer colonies of Rambo Nation in surprise and without warning. Not knowing the reason, Rambo Command was too late to respond and the task force too late. After some transmissions, Rambo Nation declared the Trivoid enemies and the conflict became more intenser after they capturered Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic. Rambo Nation than prepared to invade the colonie where he was held captive.

Meanwhile, Empress Ramshe was visiting Capricaerón, to visit her close friend Apollo. After some talking they decided to hold back there most important topics after a walk through Capricaerón City. During there walk a large mysterious beam appeared at Capricaerón, with the clouds turning red, clouds swirling faster and faster and as lightning struck buildings, incapicating them a figure appeared. And Ramashe was shocked, so was Apollo. In front of them the Xhodocto known as Angazhar appeared, a nightmarish creature whom Ramashe greatly feared. As Anghazar wanted to kill both of them, Apollo managed to save Ramashe and both hid in a basement.

Trivoid Conflict

As tensions rised between the Rambo and the Trivoid, they launched a surprise attack at the outer colonie of Aegimi, conquering her and enslaving the population. Various refugees managed to escape, but captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic was captured and thrown into prison. As Rambo Nation prepared to launch a task force against the Trivoid, the Fordanta came to aid the Rambo and saved Ramniels. Shorlty after the Trivoid Prophet of the Tri-God informed Rambo Nation that they would stop attacking Rambo Nation forces.

Battle of Fornearia starts.

New allies aid Rambo Nation during the battle of Fornaeria

Battle of Fornaeria[]

The Outer colonie of Fornaeria came under attack by the Imperial Alliance, claiming that there were supplies left behind there during the Second Galactic War. For that reason they laid a blockade around the colonie, which was already suffering a short on food and materials. In response, Rambo Nation decided to break the blockade, but none could imagen that the battle of Fornaeria would become the longest battle in both the Imperial and Rambo Nation history. Nor could anyone predict her outcome.

After the Imperials turned around and were driven from Fornaeria, Rambo Nation and various races made the Treaty of Fornaeria, a specialley created treaty which made it easier for other species to join Rambo Nation as members, and many a member took this to there advance. It meant a second and fresh start for Rambo Nation, still recovering from the Second Galactic War, Intergalactic War and the March the joining of new members meant the economy was booming, the borders expanded and there fleets were backed up by individual ships, larger and some even more powerful. Even the former enemies, and later allies the Dagian joined Rambo Nation!

Aur'Lodin kills the Galactic Emperor, marking the end of the Imperial Alliance

Fall of the Imperial Alliance[]

Shorlty after the Battle of Fornaeria, the Imperial Alliance Emperor was killed by his own Regent, Aur'Lodin and the Alliance simply fell after the Lizardians and the Order of Light migrated away from the Quadrant Galaxies. It totalley fell when the HarbronrSauriens joined Rambo Nation and the Rambulans went into isolation. This meant the Mortalitas, Trilx and the Imperialea were the only ones who still wanted to fight for it but proved useless as both the Hutter Kingdom and Rambo Nation took advance of the fall.

A Rambo Nation fleet

Rambo Nation managed to take back a lot of conquered territories, including Koerband and easily conquered Impaerusqiantia and the captain stationed there. Within one year the remnants of the Imperial Alliance were swept away and Rambo Nation became the largest and most prominent Nation in the Quadrant Galaxies. Much at the dismay of the Imperialea and the Hutters.

As the HarbronrSaurien joined Rambo Nation, they brought with them the Novae and the schematics of the Imperial Immobilizer Class. Ramashe ordered the Shipyards of Rowar to experimate with it and to try to intergrate it into Rambo Nation ships and weapons. Meanwhile the 12th Fleet of Rambo Nation aids the Girdo Empire in the final battle to defeat Tokzhalat.

With the fall of the Imperial Alliance, Rambo Nation took advance of there choas. Quickly taking back Koerband Rambo Nation once agian had control over the wormhole leading to the Tralor Galaxy. Taking more and more colonies Rambo Nation expanded at a rapid speed and although they did not take former Imperial colonies in Quadrant 89, the soon launched a massive combined attack at the Imperial Capitol of Impaerusqiantia, there largest and most powerful stronghold within Quadrant 89.

Second battle of Impaerusqiantia

Led by the 12th battlefleet of Rambo Nation the battle was long and hard, but with few Imperial ships still loyal to the Imperialea and the Remnant, the battle turned in favor of Rambo Nation. The Remnant withdrew, leaving many officers behind and Rambo Nation even captured various notable Imperial captain and information located within there former capitol. Pleased, Impaerusqiantia became a new colonie of Rambo Nation.

A shadow looms while light emerges (03 AQF)[]

An army assembles

As Rambo Nation became the largest force in the Quarant Galaxies, and the Hutters and the Rambo Empire following behind them, the inhabitants of Rambo Nation claimed Ramashe as Supreme Empress, a role she like a lot. She ordered the fleets to combine and the Mobile Suite Droid Army 1st stage was completed and were picked up by various ships, which gave a nice sight at the Royal City. As Ramashe looked over the sight, she experienced some chills which she couldn't explain. She gave it away to the dark experience with Angazhar.

After the expansion of both the ground and space forces of Rambo Nation, Ramashe was contacted by the Syndicate, and there contact was kept out of the public and they would still remains officially enemies, but Levarrion and Ramashe came to an agreement, the Syndicate could now be contracted by Rambo Nation and were given some priviliges.

The Senate was formed and completed, and Rambo Nation looked in awe the rise of the Confederacy. The first topic of the Senators was whether or not to take an armed conflict with the Confederacy. The Senators were not in union about this, and the subject was delayed. Though the did agree to let Princess Ramtilsae to negotiate with the Confederacy for peace with the Cyrandia Alliance. Later on the Senate came to an agreement on various other hot topics and internal matters, and the decisions were made public, and were recieved with happiness by the citizens of Rambo Nation. With the fall of the Imperial Alliance there was a quiet peace at the Quadrant Galaxies, since the Tralor Civil War was only in there own territory, the Cult and the Confederacy did not attack any Rambo Nation member and of the Xhodocto there were no sign, right........? Meanwhile the Human Republic re-contacted Rambo Nation and the two resumed trade.

The Nation was contacted by a race called the Mecron, they demanded 1,000 citizens for there own purposes. The Empress made a deal, off the record and the Senate nor the High Council were informed of it. The results were the loss of a criminal convoy, which were transferred to Ramghatulk. The Mecron managed to capture the convoy without the intervention of the Nation's Fleet, as Ramashe made a security window for them.

A Forrestal Class destroyed during the final stages of the Girdo Civil War

Meanwhile the Girdo Civil War reached her conclusion, but at a cost. Many Forrestal Class vessels of Rambo Nation were destroyed and the final battle of the Girdo War meant that the task force send to aid the Girdo was badly damaged and in need of lengthy repairs. Shortly after the end of that war, President Apolla married his childhood love Gianne Inviá of Coruindia and many Rambo Nation officials were present. The wedding took place shorlty before 04 AQF, that marked a new year for Rambo Nation.

Later on the Senate agreed to meet with a CAS representative many saw this as a new highpoint in there history, though the meeting of the CAS would bring more in motion then even could think of, not to mention an ancient shadow return while already a shadow hung upon Rambo Nation.

Qaudrantia Disorder (04 AQF-Current)[]

See Quadrantia Disorder The Quadrantia Disorder is the most challenging period for the entire Nation. With new threats and oppertunities arriving, Empress Ramashe faces difficult times and decisions wich could either lead to the survival or destruction of her people.

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