The Rambo Gods, more commenly known among the inhabitants of the Cyrandia Cluster as the Atlantica are individuals classified as Ultraterrestrials- wielding Mystic Energy and Elemental Energy.

They are believed to be the Gods by many species who are native from the Quadrants- the ones who seeded the Quadrants with life aeons ago. As most species in the Quadrants believe in the Atlantica, they are most present and have a great influance in the lives of those hailing from Rambo Nation. The Rambo of Rambo Nation believe that their Gods descended from a Paradise called Spode to give guidance to the creations- to endure their survival in the Galaxy.

While other species also have a decent knowledge about the Atlantica, none have such an extended knowledge about them as the Rambo, and as such are believed the most "fanatic" believers in them, though do not enforce their believes upon others.

Though all species have references to the Atlantica, and believe them to be Gods- they all accept that their is one higher power that monitors and rules over the Atlantica as they are his emmiserries. That entity is known as the supreme God of the Quadrants, the Ultimate One.


The Ultimate God of Rambo Nation[]


The Ultimate One is the supreme entity and ruler over the Quadrants. They say he first decended from a place called Spode, a Paradise in which powerfull entities live, who decended to places to rule over their people and give them guidance.

He is the most powerful entity of the Rambo Religion and all other religions within the Quadrants, and is said to be able to rival Kamik'Shi on eqaull terms. However they never fought thus it has not been proven. Although he was able to protect a part of the Galaxy against the Scourge, proving his power, the other Rambo Gods respect him a lot. No more is actually known of his background, though it is known he constructed the place called Lesrekta.

  • Dinoman lives in the Reflective Realm.
  • Aur'Lodin and Aur'Lumniassa are unknown servant of him, even unknown by themselves!
  • He has a history together with the Capricyránae Gods!
  • Upon his return he is unsure what to do as he find the Galaxy in total war, on one night an evil though erupted in his mind (unknown to him Artmyris did this). The Dream saw that only the Ramboidae would inhabit the Galaxy, and all others were wiped out from extinction. Altough the Ultimate God didn't find it a solution to the problems the Ramboidae were facing, he kept in mind that it would be the final resort, but it would need tremendous power to do so, powers even the Ultimate God does not posses as he is a God of Creation and Life, and not of Destruction.
  • His abilities are unknown.
  • He is the same entity as this one!


The Atlantica are the oldest creatures of the Qaudrant Galaxies and since they have excisted they have played a prominent role in history- whether it was before or after their dissapearance. The Atlantica are part of the Ultraterrestrials and are described as a race of deitities who have created the inhabitants of the Quadrant Galaxies. Though they are not Gods, some believe they are, however only the Ultimate One is a truly supernatural. Their original home is unknown and lost to history, though many of them are ascended Aininyë. Upon their arrival and servitude to the Ultimate One they migrated to the Realms of the Gods and lived together with the Ultimate One, as he created the Quadrant Galaxies which the Atlantica were able to seed them with life over billions of years ago.

Though once with many, around 450 BQF there are an unknown number remaining Atlantica alive.

Prime Atlantica

Prime Atlantica are the most well known and prominent Atlantica.

Other Atlantica

Arbitor Atlantica.png

The Atlantica known as the Arbitor is one of the eldest and most wise of the Atlantica. Though not involved in the conflicts of the Atlantica himselfs he remains at the Light Citadel for eternity, as he ascended to the position as keeper of the Gate. He protects a dome like structures which towers high above the White Citadel, a Gate which is rumored to lead to the Ultimate One- those capable of defeating the Arbitor are allowed to gain an audience with the maker.

With the attack of Armtyris and the rise of the Mornûnendur the Arbitor remained at his position, as ignorant of it as ever.

  • Arbitor is one of the least known Atlantica in Quadrantia myth.
  • Rumors have it, he has never been defeated.
  • Another rumor: it is claimed he is even stronger and the Mouth!
  • Arbitor lives in the White Citadel.
  • Due to his lone position, Arbitor has a cold and demanding manner.

Corpler, Atlantica.png

Corpler the Haunted One is an ancient Atlantica individual, with a humanoid appearance he followed the Ultimate God with great passion in ancient times. However he is not much spoken in the legends and myths of Rambo Nation, simply due to the fact he decided to remain in the background more. Eventually Corpler created the Unknown Crab like species, sadly they turned against the Atlantica, haunting Corpler forever!

Due to this fact he became even more isolated, but he remained a gifted and talented creator of creatures. Possesing tremendous physical strength, he can summon earthquakes with his claw and his heavy armor protects him from any form of harm. When the Atlantica were allowed to create their own Lieutenant, Cropler kindly refused because he still remembered the defection of the powerful crab like creatures, which suprisingly he never named. He remained ignorant with the events of the Quadrant Galaxies for year, but was informed by the Ultimate God when the Clash of the Gods started.

  • Corpler is seen as the God of the Seas.
  • Corpler lives in the Reflective Realm, together with the Demi-Gods and the Ultimate One.
  • Corpler is still sad that his beloved crab like creatures were destroyed when they deflected against the Atlantica.
  • Corpler is well aware of the situation in the mortal, surprisingly as he mostly keeps himself out of the "mortal matters".

Horus Atlantica.png

Horus is also an Atlanctica, and legends are also to be found of him in the Sol System, although he never commented on this. In the beginning of time he followed the Ultimate God and the others to the Quadrant Galaxies and witnesses the creation and birth of the Ramboidae by the Ultimate God's hands. As he wanted to create one too, he was only allowed to create his own Lieutenant which turned out to be the female Guadrian, Chuchillinyiae.

After her creation he send her to the Ultimate God for teaching and she decided she wanted to become the Great Gaurdian of the passage to the Realm of the Gods, located at an unknown location she protects that Gate for eternity. When Artmyris betrayed the others, he went into hiding and ceated the Acientia, a secret and unknown Ramboidae species to whom he would rule in person, waitng and preparing them for the day they would aid the brothern and sisters in the Quadrantia Galaxies. Horus was enlighted and honored, but over time missed his fellow brothers and when Kamik-Shi unleashed his Scourge, he narrowly could protect his system where the Acientia were located. Now Horus knew, the time would soon come near that the Acientia would be saviors of the other Ramboidae and to become the protectors of the Realms of the Gods. When the Clash of the Gods started he joined with the Ultimate One to defeat Artmyris and the other coming evils.

Horus later travelled to the mortal world to prevent the closing of the Quarantia-Cyrannus wormhole, and in doing so he had to kill the Commodore, commander of the Angforst.

  • Horus is now known as the God of Justice.
  • Horus sees Kamik-Shi as a God that could disturb the Balance of the Galaxy and as a threat to all Gods.
  • Horus created Chuchillyiniae as his Lieutenant, but when he left she stayed with the ultimate God as protects of the Gate Way to the Realm of the Gods.

Komura Sajin Atlantica.png Komura Sajin is the Atlantica known for his dog/wolf like appearance and a strong and gifted warrior. With a great sense of honor and pride, he represents honor and justice for the Atlantica. He is very kind and calm, though he shows no mercy in combat and has pledged his loyalty to the Ultimate One. He dislikes Artmyris and the cunning Quetzamet, feeling he cannot trust them. Also he has doubts about the Mouth of Dinoman82, as he cannot understand why she rarely interacts with the other Atlantica. For the Rambo religion he is seen as the God of Souls, guiding the souls to the Realm of the Gods. His closest friends are Horus and Barthandel. When the Clash of the Gods began he prepared for battle and began investigating the rumors of the return of the Mornûnendur.

Komura's death

Komura posses tremendous physical strength, though rather fights with a sword in combat. Compared to his size, he is actually quite agile and very endurable. He can take a lot of damage before being defeated. He also has a love for nature and wildlife and enjoys peacetime the most. During the Clash of the Gods Komura saved Tiaultiam from the demon Salbagrim and later on defended the Reflective Realm from the Desolation Hivemind together with the Mouth of Dinoman82. However during the battle he was captured by the Rethex'Kalik and brought to the Realm of Forget where he was killed after being blasted by demonic energy. Komura his death was felt by all Atlantica and they mourned his death. Komura was the first Atlantica death since ages, and a memorial was held for him.

  • Komura is seen as the God of Souls.
  • Though well known in the Rambo Religion, he isn't really written about that much due to the fact he hasn't played a major role in the mythology yet.
  • Komura Sajin The Mouth of Dinoman82 lives in the Reflective Realm, together with the Demi-Gods and the Ultimate One.
  • Compared to the other Atlantica, he is the second largest of them all.
  • He also seems to like hauling by full moons and seems to be able to have experience in dancing.

Lesrekta (cyro-prison).png
Lesrekta, an Atlantica belonging to an unknown species of ancient times is one of the mysterious and less known Atlantica. In ancient times she ascended to the ranks of the Atlantica and aided them in the creation of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Lesrekta in her prison

Her input was the shining elements, marking her in legends as the graceful one of the many lights. None the less she was a bold one too, often speaking against the other Atlantica and sometimes even went against the Ultimate One his wishes. This made her a prime target for Ka'Zâniûlaris, better known as the Forgotten Dark Lord and the two grew closer to eachother, or so it seemed to the other Atlantica. In truth he managed to enslave Lesrekate and imprisoned her at his fortress of Barad-Nâzg. Using her energies to power the massive shields and weapons, she vanished from Atlantica records. Yet over time the Forgotten Dark Lord grew sad over this loss, fearing her wrath he instead named the planet in honor of his only friend among the Atlantica. Rambo religion tell her this shed tears among the Forgotten Dark Lord, marking Lesrekta as the bringer of tears.

In current times only the Rambo at Lesrekta (planet) know of her excistence, there she remains as the Rambo do not know how to free her. As such Lesrekta remains in her prison, until a solution is found.

  • Lesrekta is seen as the God of Tears.
  • Lesrekta isn't a well known Atlantica, and as such isn't much mentioned as others.
  • She is also a humanoid, but doesn't belong to the Aininyë.

Selenyia Atlantica.png Selenyia is an Atlantica, just like Artmyris and she joined the Ultimate God to the Quadrant Galaxies to create and oversee life in those galaxies. The odd thing of Selenyia's history and the legends of the Ramboidae are quite accurate. As she joined the others to the Quadrant Galaxies and witnessed the birth of the Ramboidae she was allowed to create the Rambo Fouder. She also sended her to the Ultimate God for teaching and he soon was a promising student.

File:Atlantica vs Mornûnendur.png

Selenyia vs Ekrillium

However, when the Ultimate God left, Artmyris betrayed the other Rambo Gods and when Horus left, she was left alone to do the task the Ultimate God asked of them and so she did. She sended her Lieutenant to guide the others out of there dark times and when Rambo Nation was founded she called him back. Upon Kamik-Shi unleashing his Scourge, Selenyia feared the destruction of the Ramboidae but the Ultimate God intervered and saved her and the Ramboidae from certain destruction. She then joined the Ultimate God again in his quest to protect the Ramboidae. Though she didn't fought in the early stages of the Clash of the Gods and Artmyris eventual defeat.

She later on travelled to her own shrine when she felt a dark presence entering the shrine. It turned out to be Ekrillium, an Mornûnendur. After fighting the Mornûnendur managed to kill Selenyia when he back fired her own energies into her body.

  • It is said that she is the God of Love, Peace and Order and that she made sure that the planet contained it's glory after the Ultimate God's Fall. When the Clash of the Gods started she remained mostly ignorant of it, fearing the clash might kill her.
  • Selenyia lives in The Paradise Realm.
  • Selenyia created the Rambo Founder as her Lieutenant and savior of the Serindia.

Venocios Atlantica.png

The Atlantica known as Venocios is seen as the God of the Hutters, and in lesser extend of the Rambo. For the Hutters Venocios resembles light and dark and is seen as the only God for the Hutters. While for the Rambo he is part of their religion is seen as a god that can only be pleased by music, something he loves. It is said he gives his blessing and aid those when music is being sung and played. Venocios created the Hutters, as he favored them more than the various Ramboidae species. When the Clash of the Gods started, Venocios prepared himself for the eventual day of battle.

He is loyal to the other Atlantica and the Ultimate One, though seems to dislike Artyris and the brutal Barthandel.

  • Venocios is seen as the God of Music.
  • Venocios lives in the Reflective Realm, together with the Demi-Gods and the Ultimate One.
  • Venocios has abilities to rule over plant life and is close friends with the Demi-God known as Ivaliachdia.


The Dwulairi are a group of powerful Atlantica, also known as the Dark Champions or the Fallen Ones. These individuals disagree with the way of the Atlantica and instead formed their own independant faction- though not all work together and some have differant plans. Some Atlantica whom refused to ascend to the Realms of the Gods and rather remain in the mortal world are also considered DWulairi. These individuals are not really known in the Rambo Pantheon and Quadrantia myths. Though the Rambo Serindia (-who have the most information about the Rambo Pantheon in the entire Quadrants) are aware of them. Rumors have it that the Dark Champions are those who will rise to power in the end of times and devote the Quadrants of all life.

The Dark Champions are the sworn enemies of the Atlantica.

Vehicles & Locations[]

The plane of existence on which the Atlantica (together with the Oikoumene) dwell is divided into seperate realms; from these the use of the word "Realm" to describe an entire plane of existence is derived.

The define realms of the Atlantica are often considered their own heavens and hells, and in case of the Quadrant Galaxies this is also the case.


The Reflective Realm

Dinoman82's realm is noted as the Reflective Realm, an exact replica of the Rambo Nation's homeworld and various other planets found iin the Quadrants. It is for the people who die within their home area; their spirits wander the realm living a life the same as they did in their previous life. It is possible for the spirit to go to Selenyia's Realm from here - and can return from there. This realm is under the power of the Ultimate One, though the entity himself rarely is seen outside his palace. Intead his representative, known as the Mouth seems to rule in his tead. Anyone that is punished in this realm is sent to Artmyris' realm. The Ramboidae consider this realm as their heaven.

This location lies in the center of the place the Ultimate One chose for those whom came to his realm, recently the Ancientia Capitol was added to the realm. It was their destiny, and now the Ancientia Capitol is the first line of defense and entrance to the Reflective Realm, everyone is to arrive at the Ramboidae Realms by passing the Ancientia Capitol.

White Citadel
In the center of the Reflective Realm the grand White Citadel was constructed, the high seat of the Atlantica and center of their power, art and knowledge. The massive city houses most of the Atlantica and the surviving Noldialtica and the Demi-Gods call it their home as well.

Great Gate

One of the most promising sides of the city lies just outside the White Citadel, using a large white bridge will lead you to the Great Gate. This massive structure houses the meeting place for the Atlantica and from where they can oversee the Quadrants as well as the protective barriers. The Great Gate symbolises the protective barriers- with in the middle of the Gate shines a beautiful crystal filled with Atlantica magics. Shatter the crystal and the barriers around the Quadrants will fall. This central area of the White Citadel is at all times guarded by the Silver Guard as it is even more important than the entrance into the Realms.


The spiral and massive structure known as the Coliseum hangs high above the White Citadel, guarded at all times by the Arbitor this structure has multiply functions. The most well known it is seen as the neutral side, if Choas servants wish an audience with the Atlantica (or vice versa) the Coliseum is used as meeting side under the watchful eyes of the Arbitor.

Choas Gate

A second role the Coliseum acts for fights, whether between Atlantica or Demons for enterainment. However, her most important function is the role as the Gate, defeat the Arbitor and you are allowed to gain an audience with the Ultimate One. How this is done is unknown, some theorize the Ultimate One decents to the White Citadel, others believe you will be spirited to a place unknown.

Another place outside the White Citadel is lies the Choas Gate, an entrance to the Choas Realm. Once protected by the Guadrian of Choas the Guardian itself has also been spirited away to the Choas Realm and the Gate is closed. Though the portal is open, one can only enter from the Reflective Realm, while the way from the Choas Realm is closed.

The Chaos Realm

Artmyris's realm is known as the Chaos Realm, a cold, stormy place where the Rambo Resistance or the evil individuals of the Quadrants are sent to the Choas Realm for punishment. It is possible for the punished in Dinoman82's realm or Selenyia's realm to be sent here for a trial for forgivness. Artmyris also had absolute control here, and spirits of Qaudrantians wander this land forever, seeking for sollitude and peace. However after the defeat of Artmyris the Choas Realm became a dangerous place, demons were fighting for power as the Choas Realm was left without one.

Dark Citadel

The location lies underneath the Reflective Realm and the other Ramboidae Realms. Considered as hell by the Ramboidae, this place can be reached by two way, falling down in the Pit, or using the massive and lengthy stair case. A common phrase by the Ramboidae is: "Go to Chaos, where Chaos is endless and eternal" (they only tell this to the persons they really dislike).

After Artmyris defeat the Choas Realm changed drastic, all snow and winter look melted and revealed a burning, smoking and rainy place when the Destroyer once again re-gained control over the Choas Realm. Now the Dark Citadel is filled with smoke, her buildings scarred by the lave lake that formed beneath her. The Choas Realm now really is a place of suffering and misery, but for how long?

The Dark Citadel itself is a compled structure, with various levels and bridges the place feels like a maze.

The Chaos Realm here and Chaos are not to be confused.

The Paradise Realm

Selenyia's realm is the Paradise Realm, a sunny world that is full of life. This realm's water comes from the Spring of Peace, a place where Selenyia roams. The Paradise realm is a reward for spirits who deserved it, but there is also a part of this realm called 'The Forsaken Land'. The punished of this realm are sent into this pit, and stay there until he/she is ready to come out, which usually takes almost a thousand years. Otherwise, this place is for the good in life.

A neighbouring realm to the Reflective Realm, it is located south of the Reflective Realm and it is considered to be a paradise. Only the most notable persons can be found here, and those whom made a differance in the Quadrantia history. Sadly after the death of Selenyia at the hands of the Apoocalypta the Realm ceased to excist and all fled to the Reflective Realm.

The Realm of Perfection

Otherwise known as the Jungle Realm, Horus's Realm of Perfection is a place where all life co-exists with each other. If life in this realm goes out of order, Horus cleanses the realm in order for life to co-exist again. The cleansing usually goes in a 2000 year cycle. The spirits on this realm are actually live citizens that are given by Dinoman82. This realm is also called 'The Experimental Realm', as Horus puts life in order. Horus' realm is a modelling realm to see what the Rambo can live with. None can enter it without the permission of Horus or the Ultimate One.

During their excistance the Atlantica also created various structures within the Cyrandia Cluster. These structures were abandoned by the Atlantica when they left the mortal world for the Realms of the Gods. For the mortal races of the Cluster these locations are often the scene to show their great power, learn the secrets of the Atlantica or the reason for battle and conflicts.

  • Aecor - A massive ringworld.
  • Alethena Metru - a city and trading outpost.
  • Rambo Capital - houses the temple of the Ultimate One and various other structures yet undiscovered.
  • Shrine of Selenyia - a temple devoted to the Atlantica Selenyia, the only known Atlantica structure within Cyrannus.
  • Zevia - a small village and a temple dedicated to Quetzamet.


The Atlantica were known to use vehicles in their early stages before becoming known as the deities of the Quadrants. Sadly few were discovered or known to the mortals and after their alliance with the Oikoumene- the Atlantica were also seen on their ships. However some vehicles were known to the mortal world and were described as far beyond any mortal being had ever encountered well into 02 NE.


The Atlantica Conjectural was one of the common ships of the Atlantica/Aininyë and was notable by it's odd design at that time. With bright red and green colors the Conjecturals aided the Atlantica in exploring the Quadrants and engaging the enemies.

The class is equipped with tremendous shields and weapons of sheer power, the few left must never be found by evil forces. Her propulsion systems are comparable to what the Rambo use in modern times, but their high speed travel is similair to that of the Xiaan Alliance- indicating that the Xiaans were perhaps thaught to use vortex travel.

As of 02 NE only the Lizardians know of the Conjectural class as they once owned one- one of the reasons they grew out to be so powerful around 16 BQF as the were able to duplicate some of it's technology. For the rest of the Galaxy the Conjectural class is a rather unknown class.


Over the many years the Atlantica created their own artifacts, some who were blessed with great powers for mortal people these artifacts once belonged to the Atlantica before they migrated to the Realms of the Gods upon them leaving the Quadrants.

Many of the artifacts were lost or destroyed over the years, but some remain and are covoted by many.


The Dashing Necklace is an ancient Atlantica artifact, and together with the Zevian Skull is one of the oldest known Atlantica artifacts ever discovered.

Often considered a priceless jewelry- it somehow found itself becoming a family inheritance of the family line of the Venatioa Jiaon.

To many, even Jioan it is unknown that it is an Atlantica artifact, once creatred by the dangerous Forgotten Dark Lord. The Dashing Necklace is corrupting artifact- as it allows you to gather a fortune with clever moves, while at the same time a sickness grows within the individual. It is a sickness of the mind, gaining an ever lust for gold and jewelry the artifact will drive planets to civil wars and family members to kill eachother.


The Zevian Skull is a mysterious artifact once created by the Atlantica.

Upon her creation it was placed at the planet known as Zevia and as such recieved her name from the Greendions who treated the skull as a gift and honor to the Atlantica.

The true purpose of the skull is unknown, as some claim it holds the great knowledge while others claim it has the power to both create and destroyed. Sadly sometime in the Quadrantia History the Skull vanished from known records and it wasn't until 02 NE when a young girl known as Claire Rambo re-discovered an ancient parchment about the skull and began a hunt for it.


The Atlantica Tiara is a decorated head piece made of emeralds and diamonds. Colered in the Atlantica colors like most artifacts, it was once worn by the Creckabad Creckel of Ramalivua, giving them a seat among the seven Creckel Lords.

Priceless and often seen as a Lords Jewel, it was lost when Draconiae invaded Creckabad and took it as his lair.

The Tiara gives the weared great insights of construction, knownledge of where to delve for precious metals, ore and stone. No bad side effects were ever recorded.

The Atlantica Watching Stones are mysterious artifacts, the most common of the Atlantica artifact left behind within the Quadrant Galaxies. The Stones allow you to communicate with another watching stone over far distances and other planets, when powered up with magical abilities of the users it can either echance your powers or teleport you to another place of desire or within range of one of the other Watching Stones. These orbs are often decorated with gold and red emeralds, making them of value to those who do not recognise them as Watching Stones.


Dinoman82's True and Final From!

Unknown and true History[]

Atlantica Era[]

Dinoman82 meets the Thirteenth Tribe God, Apollo!!

Dinoman82 and the other Rambo Gods were part of a race called the Atlantica, ancient and powerfull and gifted with the power of creation. In those time he ruled a small city, yet a very ancient and mystic place, where he was always protected by four Amazones, protectors of Dinoman82. Around this time, he made his first creation, Aur'Lumniassa, but locked her shorlty after her creation in Cyro-Statis, where shewould sleep until the time he would need her the most. However after some events he seperated himself with the others from the Atlantica and created Quadrant 82, where he founded the Ramboidae and where he was honored.


During their early years the Atlantica began creating powerful artifact as well, though many were taken to the Realms of the Gods, or either destroyed or taken by the servants of the Choas Realm one actually survived. That one, known as the Zevian Skull was the most powerful of all, capable of creating or destroying life. However the skull had a will of it's own and for that reason the Atlantica decided ot hide it on Zevia where even they began to forget it's excistence.

The Ramoidae created[]

As they created the Ramboidae the other Gods wanted to create also there own Ramboidae, but Dinoman82 forbid it, but allowed them to create there own Rambo God Lieutenants. He oversaw the evolution and witnessed the birth of the civilization age. Upon that time, his attention was drawn from the Universe he created with all the differant kind of Ramboidae and he gave supervision of those Universe to his fellow Rambo Gods, Selenyia, Horus and Artmyris. However Artmyris betrayed the other Gods and sended his Lieutenant to rule the Imperialea and prepare them for the inevitable day the Ramboidae would be drawn into a large War.

Dinoman82 Awakens, and protects Quadrant 82 and 89 from destruction

The Ramboidae saw his leaving as the Fall of the Ultimate God, but in fact Artmyris engineered that the Rambo Serindia, the first and most lived ones by the Ultimate God, were drawn into a Civil War. The other Gods, especialley Selenyia was angered by this betrayel and sended her Lieutenant, the Rambo Founder to restore peace in which he suceeded. Horus did nothing, as he was busy with creating the Acientia, in secret and wihtout knowledge of the others. And as such, Selenyia was the only one to oversee the Ramboidae in Quadrant 82 as Horus had vanished and Artmyris left in shame. The God Lieutenant were told that Dinoman82 had fallen into an endless slumber by a traitorous attack by the Evil God, and as such Chuchilyiniae decided to stay loyal and did not follow Horus, also the Founder kept loyal to him and Selenyia prepared her defences of the Realm of the Gods.

Selenyia and the Rambo Founder made sure the Serindia survived and as they formed the organisation known as Rambo Nation they were pleased as they made peace with many of the other Ramboidae and as such the Founder left the rule of the Serindia in the hands of the Serindia Emperors themselves.

The Ultimate God at the the Gate Way to the Realm of the Gods

And as such, many of the thing remained quiet and the Ramboidae lived in relatively peace, until a Dark God, known as Kamik-Shi returned and unleashed his fury on the Universe. Selenyia, unable to prevent the Serindia encounteirng the demons saw in awe that Rambo Nation was drawn into the Tigris War and upon the Scourge, she tought her and that of the Ramboidae had ended. However, upon this moment Dinoman82 returend and was furious to know that both Artmyris and Horus and left and in a last effort he managed to save Quadrant 82 and 89 from destruction. He then went to oversee the guadrants again with Selenyia.

He then visited the Gate way to the Realm of the Gods where he met the Founder and the Gardian again, in which he presented his thanks for protecting the Ramboidae in his absence. Now he prepares his forces to protect the Ramboidae against any threat.

Artmyris Returns!

Upon the out break of the Second Galactic War, Selenyia and Dinoman82 began suspecting that Artmyris was perhaps behind the devasting war, but could not prove it. Also the Ultimate God wondered what happened to Horus, as he never saw him again.

Horus on the other hand ruled the Acientia for a very long time, protecting them and letting them live a life without war, although he ordered the creation of a large Clone Army in the time when needed. Upon those days, he would often wonder what happened to the other Gods, and so he send one Captain to explore the Galaxy in hope of encountering the Ramboidae again. Hhowever the Acientia Captain vanished when a wormhole openend.

Upon her crash, she found a destroyed City and witnessed the rebirth of Artmyris, where he and his Lieutenant unleashed there powers to conquer the Galaxy. Artmyris had called his Lieutenant, the Imperialea Emperor to his side and informed him of the current events, with Kamik-Shi having made a truce and the Ramboidae plagued by the many wars he decided that he should return, and he did. Now he prepares himself to fully open a Gate Way to his realm, to unleash his demon creatures he created over the millenia.

Artmyris Quest[]

Artmyris also joined the Ultimate God when they went to the Quadrant Galaxies and witnessed the birth and creation of the Ramboidae. He then was allowed to create his own Lieutenant and was honored to do so and sended him to the Ultimate God for teaching. However his intensions were false and mean, he grew jalous of the Ultimate God's power and how he was honered by the Ramboidae and when he left for other important matters, he betrayed the other Gods and plunged the Serindia (the Ultimate God's First Born and Destined Ones) into a Civil War. However, due to Selenyia's intervention by sending her Liuetenant the Ramboidae joined under an organisation called Rambo Nation and began exploring the Galaxy.

The portal of Artmyris on Pauvenris

Angered by this defeat, he withdrawn to his Realm of the Gods and began creating countless of Demonic servant for the time he needed them. He also sended his Liuetenant to rule the Rambo Imperialea, the most agressive of the Ramboidae and most powerfullst and advanced whom inhabit Quadrant 89. He also influanced Aur'Lodin, a secret messenger and servant of the Ultimate God and clouded her vision and became unwillingly a unknown servant of Artmyris. He then sended her to a demonic ruler who lived in the mortal world. This demonic ruler was the Unknown Entity and due to Aur'Lodin he allied serveral Empires and formed the Imperial Alliance, the Greatest and most Dangerous enemies the Ramboidae ever faced (outside the Xhodocto of course!) and called back his Lieutenant to prepare his return. During the forming of the Imperial Alliance, the Unknown Entity proclaimed himself the Galactic Emperor, unknown to him that his position had been granted by Artmyris.

However the Scourge of Kamik-Shi threatened his plans, but the intervention and return of the Ultimate God saved the Ramboidae from the Xhodocto and his plan could continue. He later returned when an unknown Ramboidae species to him, Captain Anciaddwia witnessed his return to power. He know plans to conquer and overtrhow Selenyia and the Ultimate God, something which is quite possible for him to do.

He then headed to the destroyed colonie of Pauvenris which he quickly took over with his minions and secured the planet. He then created a portal so that his troops could always arrive there. It became his base of operations and from there, he began preparations to conquer the Ramboidae.

This plan lead to the devasting Clash of the Gods, which was soon to be unleashed.

Clash of the Gods[]

Preperations & the opening of the Gate[]

Thel'Vicliquam meets Artmyris at the Gate to Atlantica, now opened

As Artmyris succeeded in his plans to open the gate way to Atlantica by using a Cognatus Captain (unknown to both of them) Artmyris re-entered Atlantica in a long time. And this time, he planned to stay here.

USS Luna is taken by a portal to an unknown location!!!

As the Gate to Atlantica was opened at the Rambo Capitol and Helo Roslia was send to the Realm of the Gods, a strange event occured in deep space. Near the USS Luna's location a large portal opened behind the rouge Rambo ship and took the ship inside. Surprised, Captain Rambam and his remaining crew members were transported to a place unknown and the result he could not explain.

The Ultimate God however had planned this, although this Captain was branded a traitor by strange reasons, this captain was the best choice for the mission the Rambo Ultimate God had planned for him. Now he had only to discover what his mission was.

And why him? He pondered that for a long time, but the choice was easy. Rambam was an explorer, and captains like Ramikku, Ramcard and Ramaxar could not be missed. For that reason only he had unknowningly given Rambam the mission to save Rambo Nation from certain destruction. Now he hoped he would succeed. The Rambo Ultimate God rose and walked outside to see the Gate to Atlantica opening. Now he knew it was time, this would mean the future of Atlantica and his own and his creations. He looked behind and saw Selenyia and Horus standing next to him. All knew that Artmyris would arrive, it was now or never they had to refind the Capricyránae Gods, and his long time friend Apollo, the God of Light if the Rambo Gods wanted to survive the Clash of the Gods.....................

A second preperation to hold the coming advance of Artmyris and his allies, was the calling of the Ancientia. Horus, as there creator revealed them to the Ultimate God, and at first it angered him greatly. They were now great allies of his beloved race, the Serindia and without them, they would loose there ground forces. However Horus said he created them for this purpose, it was there destiny. The Ultimate God, always carefull with "Destiny" allowed Horus to activate his plans and Horus did, oh yes he did.

The Ancientia Kingdom Capitol planet is engulfed by a large blue light, shorlty before her dissapearance

The Ancientia Kingdom's Capitol planet her sky grew bright and the sun became more intense. Feared, the Ancientia sended a distress call but it was in vain, the large energies released, coming from the core of there world disabled transmission and prevented ships from going into Hyper Space and then, a large blue light engulfed the Ancientia Planet and is was gone from her position, the entire Capitol Planet of the Ancientia Kingdom had vanished in a flash of light. All across the Universe, Ancientia ships were also engulfed in blue light, even there Clone Troopers and within 5 minutes, the entire Ancientia Race had vanished from the universe.

Upon arriving at there new location, from a large mountain they were greated by Horus himself, there Grand Leader had returned. Then over the mountain Ramgilmesh, Ram'Eris and Tiaultiam arrived next to Selenyia and the Ultimate God himself. The Ancientia looked around, the sky was one of mythical energies and stars and the Ultimate God spoke: "Welcome to the Realm of the Gods, this will be your new home and your purpose shall soon be revealed. Do not fear, but enjoy, as the Gate to Atlantica has opened, the Ancientia City will become the place where all of those who wish to go to the Rambo God Realms will first have to pass. Even Artmyris. Prepare youself for battle. I feel him nearby................"

As Artmyris and the Mornûnendur suceeded in entering the Realms of the Gods, Tiaultiam, a Demi-God encountered a Rambo Serindia Zihila and with it, the first battle of the Clash started.

Clash of the Gods[]

Artmyris attackes!

Artmyris defeated!

In the early moments of the Clash of the Gods, Artmyris managed to attack the Realms of the Gods but was unable to defeat or even face the Atlantica themselves as his tactics were not good enough to destroy the Atlantica defenses and that of the Demi-Gods. During the attack the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur- Tyrómairon rose from his slumber. The Atlantica did not notice this as they were focused on defeating Armtyris and his legion of demons.

When the Demi-Gods was about to be defeated, and the Atlantica wanted to face Artmyris himself the Ultimate One himself decided to face Artmyris and easily defeated the Atlantica, telling him he was a mere Atlantica and not a deity. Artmyris was send to the Void- an eternal prison of shadows and torment.

Rise of the Mornûnendur and rampage of the Desolation

With Armtyris gone, the demons of the Choas Realm plunged themselves into a civil war- fighting for control over the demonic hordes once loyal to Artmyris. During this time the Mornûnendur rose as well, starting their master plan for the complete control of the mortal galaxy. Unknown to the Atlantica, the Desolation Hivemind allied the evil Morgandaûr and began attacking Atlantica realms.

Facing the Mornûnendur

The Atlantica, realising the sheer powers of the Hivemind retalliated and began a conflict with the Hivemind. Sadly, Sajin was captured by the Hivemind and killed in the early stages and with already low on numbers, the Atlantica were dealt a serious blow whenever one of them was killed.

Dhazhrak vs Quetzamet

Elsewhere the Atlantica Selenyia was killed by Ekrillium, an Mornûnendur who dared to enter her shrine. Finding valuable information what would later lead to the surrender of Rambo Nation and the signing of the Concordat-placing the Rambo under "protectrate" of the Empire. In act of revenge Barthandeal travelled to Orbispira and faced the dark entity known as Agonânghâsh and managed to defeat him as an act of warning to the Mornûnendur. Quetzamet was send to face Dhazhrak- who was acting as the Rambo Empress Ramashe. The two fought a deadly duel, with Quetzamet mortally wounded he still managed to teleport Dhazhrak back to the Realms of the Xhodocto.

Atlantica vs the Hivemind

However the war was far from over as the Desolation Hivemind started to infect the Realms of the Gods, and both the Mouth and Barthandeal were send to deal with them. During the battle they were almost killed and barely managed to escape back.

Atlantica and Tyrómairon make peace

Upon the Atlantica retreat the dark lord Tyrómairon suddenly appeared. Ready for battle the dark lord claimed to come in peace. At once all Atlantica appeared and faced the dark lord with intentions to kill him until he explained his reasons for peace. With little force the Atlantica desired peace, as a war with the Mornûnendur could mean the end of the Cyrandia Cluster, the region which contained the Quadrants whom the Atlantica were sworn to protect.

As such the Atlantica agreed and the Clash ended it seemed. The Atlantica made a truce with the Mornûnendur!

Other Entities[]

This section contains information about other Gods who are not of Rambo Nation, however the Rambo do known of them and fear of honor them, though not part of the Ramboidae Religion, they have had a lot of influance on the Rambo.

However, they have been accepted by the Rambo Religion as Leser or None Rambo Gods. The Other Entities are classified by the Atlantica by numbers:

  • 1: Summons/Scions -> emissaries of the Atlantica and protector spirits
  • 2: Demi-Gods -> Beings and entities of great power and wisdom, rivaling or surpassing that of the Atlantica themselves.
  • 3: Demons -> Evil creatures, bound to the Chaos Realm.
  • 4 Paradoxes -> Anomalies in the spacetime continuum that disturb the time flow, considered the most dangerous entities of the Quadrant Galaxies as they wander the timeline.

1: Summons/Scions[]

Main article: Scions

Summons are Ascended beings who can be summoned by persons are skilled or blessed in the art of the summoning. The Summons are also often reffered as Scions and can be found all over the Quadrants. When summoned they come to the aid of the summoner and are said to be servants of the Gods. Though personalities can change over time due to events, it is important to keep the respect of the scion or it can refuse to obey or listen to you.

2: Demi-Gods[]

Demi-Gods can excist out of ascended or decended individuals, but can also be entities of great power, surpassing or rivaling those of the Atlantica themselves. The demi-gods are often reffered as creatures and entities in the Rambo Religion. Most of the demi-gods can be found living in the Realms of the Gods, and sometimes intervere with the servants of the Gods. Though most of the time the demi-gods keep themselves out of the Atlantica and Demon matters, as they prefer to live their own lives as they want.

Inuthiaewë, the "Watcher" or "Preserver".

Inuthiaewë is a the sister of Tiaultiam and also an ascended being. A mysterious entity whom is not bound to the boundaries of time or space, she can travel to demensions and points in time, if she can locate the person she searches for.

The Katra, a Sh'Ran Class V2

She didn't had this life before her meeting the Insectors, upon encountering them they showed her that the Universe should always be in balance. Due to her powers and knowledge of the universe, she keeps herself busy with keeping the timeline in check, and prevent or restore everything that has been changed, however she only does this for the Quadrant Galaxies. She is known as the "Watcher" in various legends and myths of the inhabitants of the Quadrant Galaxy.

But she is not a myth, she is a real being and as the Rambo Gods call her, a "Time Preserver" or "timehuntress" she hunts down the Quadrant Galaxy timeline aboard a Sh'Ran Class V2, known as the Katra. The Sh'Ran Class V2 is over 600 meters longs. With powerful weapons and shields, the V2 Class of the Sh'Ran is a formidable foe. Inuthiaewë commands one of this class and is a one of her kind in excistence. Always ready for the hunt. Equipped with timeline machinery which can detect temporal influances and able to shoot special Gate Openers, the Katra can travel to any timeframe within the Quadrant Galaxies.

Inuthiaewë works together with the Vyroni-Narzyds onboard the Katra. They are overseeing the Quadrant Galaxies on anomalies, time disturbances and are to fix them if possible.

Ivaliachdia, the keeper of the "Wild Life".

Ivaliachdia, is an ancient entity that once roamed the Capitol Planet of the Serindia. Or so the legends say. This massive being of the ground and earth makes it possible that the Capitol was inhabited with life.

Over time, after his job was accomplished, Ivaliachdia went to rest, some say that he went to rest on the Capitol Planet himself. But the Rambo Gods now differant, he went to the Realm of the Gods to recieve eternal rest. He is now honered by the Rambo as the "Keeper of the wildlife", and there can be found many a reference to him in the Rambo religion.

He posses great knowledge over nature and the way of life, but refuses to speak about it. When he talks he is very slow and often overthinks is answer before giving any. Some say he can pond over a question for many hours before responding. Sometime durning the Clash of the Gods he was awakened from his slumber by Tiaultiam, angered he told her the Atlantica were in danger and went back to sleep, refusing to tell anything more.


The mythical entity known as Phurusarronorgian, better known to the Rambo as the "Dwarrow Sondia", a creature whom rises from the ashes and lava, it (it does not have a gender) is an entity made out of molten rock and lava, and is said to bring those whom believe in the Rambo Religion and escaped death.


It hunts them down, or the myths tell, the last thing you see and know before it takes you, is a giant hand erupting from the ground, a smell of rotten and decaying materials, and a skreech which splits your ears and drives you nuts.

None the less, many believe this being to be just a myth, even the other ascended beings and the Rambo Gods themselves. The only one who knows the truth about this entity is the Ultimate God himself, but he never commented about it, knowing that if he mentioned it, it would mean he called it to execute the "Final Day".

The Ramboidae fear this creature as much as they fear the Xhodocto.

During the third battle of Karzamahri Nui, a battle taking place during the Great Cyrannus War the entity was summoned by Garlboz and gave him enchanced magical powers before leaving again.


Ramgilmesh, the "Legendary Serindia Warrior" of the ancient times, the Rambo believe he was the first warrior of the Serindia during the Tribal area. However, in fact he is a Ramboidae but more of a spirital creature and ascended Serindia. He was blessed by the Rambo Gods to aid the Ancrevialicia in there quest to protect the Rambo. the Rambo Legends often speak name him the "fencer of Rambo Nation".

Ramgilmesh is a warrior, he carries a large sword and has wings which give him the ability to fly. Ramgilmesh has also a natural strength of himself.

The abilities of Ramgilmesh are:

  • Sword abilities and attacks.
  • Capable of firing a Auro Beam.


Ryouchiae, better known in the Rambo Myths as the Diplomat of the Gods is a nice sight in the Realms of the Gods. Legends tell she is the one who enjoys her time in service of the Ultimate God the most and is considered the reason by the Serindia why there is happiness and parties can occur. According to the Ramboidae, she is the most exotic and beautifullst in the Rambo Religion.

She is often send the Rambo Gods to negotiate with other Gods or even sometimes with mortals if the Ultimate God sees fit. She is nice and likes parties, celebrations and enjoys her staying with the Gods a lot.She fears Phurusarronorgian the most of all the mythical beings, and she dislikes Artmyris. Ryouchiae is an ascended Chinawkya.

During the Clash of the Gods Ryouchiae travelled with Selenyia to her shrine where they encountered Ekrillium, an Mornûnendur. Sadly Selenyia was killed by the entity and Ryouchiae was defeated with a mere movement of his hands, knocking her off the plattform and into the seas below.

The abilities of Ryouchiae are:

  • Voice of reason, an ability to stop all hostilities.
  • Capable of firing beams of energy.


Tiaultiam, an unknown entity of the Rambo religion, myths tell her this ascended being is a servant of the Rambo Gods, acting as there messenger and bringer of those needed for the Rambo Gods there cause. Yet she sometimes also acts on her own, or so the legends say.

Unknown to the Serindia, she is responsible for the USS Luna and the Ancientia Kingdom there dissapearances, to mention a few of her actions. During one of her adventures she met with Phurusarronorgian, which she would describe as a traumatic experience. What here dealing were with the entity is unknown, as she doesn't want to comment on it. She can also be summoned by the Judge of the Shrine, she carries a large horn/sword like tool she can chrash many an opponant his or her bones with it.

Encounter with Ivaliachdia

Upon the outbreak of the Clash of the GodsTiaultiam was the first to encounter the new treat in the form of a Rambo Zihila, dangerous mutated Serindia in service of Artmyris. Defeating the creature she later helped in the defense of the Acientia City and even met Artmyris in person. Unable to stop him she was send back to the Atlantica and later on travelled to the Choas Realm to investiage Salbagrim his alliance with the Mornûnendur. During that encounter she almost lost her life but Komura Sagin arrived in time to save her. After a period of rest Tiaultiam grew fearful again and travelled to an ancient part of the Realms of the Gods where she met Ivaliachdia, a powerful and ancient entity of the woods. He told her the Mornûnendur were not the only threat to the Atlantica though Tiaultiam didn't understand it's meaning. Sadly around her leaving Komura Sajin was killed by the Xhoustou and Tiaultiam began understanding the threat. However her fellow Atlantica did not act, instead mourned the death of their friend which worried Tiaultiam even more.

Her abilities are:

  • Teleportation.
  • Capable of firing air based attacks.

3: Demons[]

The demons are the evil entities in the Rambo regligion are are mostly found in the Chaos Realm, where they served Artmyris for his time being. They are evil looking, have dark thoughts and feel resentment and hate to the better Realms. Demons come in differant size and attitude, some clever and cunning, others dumb and simply follow orders.

All the demons of the Quadrant Galaxies come from the Chaos Realm.

The Guardian of Chaos

The Guardian is a mystic creature from the Chaos Realm and guards the gate entry to the realm of Chaos. Upon the creation of the Realms of the Gods the Gaurdian was created to protect and monitor those who pass the gate. He was to kill or send back those who were not welcome in the Realms of Chaos.

He did this for a very long time, and witnessed that Artmyris betrayed the Ultimate God. When Artmyris asked for his alligiance, he simply replied he answers to the ruler of the Chaos Realm. He did not participate in the invasion of Artmyris into the Reflective Realm of the Ultimate God. After the defeat of Artmyris by the hands of the Ultimate God himself, the powerful entity have been left without purpose, as the Chaos Realm is without a ruler. He began seeking to avenge his former master and to find the new ruler of the Chaos Realm. The Guardian is powerful and quite regal, he is a dangerous demon.

During the Clash he formed an alliance with Morgandaûr and Ruviel, with hopes of turning the Choas Realm back to her former state.


Ruviel, a fallen Ascended Unidentified Humanoids Species, uses her artificial wings to fly throughout the Chaos Realm. Cunning, pretty and very dangerous she wishes to replace Artmyris as ruler of the Chaos Realm.

When she became ascended, she first became a servant of Horus, one of the Atlantica. However she soon proved to be more dangerous than he thought, as she didn't care for life which she saw below her standards. She also had dark thoughts about ruling or replacing Horus if he would ever fall. Dissapointed, Horus send her to the Chaos Realm, where she would spend an eternity overthinking her mistakes. Yet this punishment made her even more darker and anger at the Rambo Gods, until the point she believed they were all evil.

When Artmyris wanted to recruit her for his own plans and goals, she refused and kept wandering the Chaos Realm, setting up her own city which she ruled in peace and honor. When Artmyris fell in combat with the Ultimate One and was defeated, she searched out the other major demons and found out an internal conflict was about to happen. As Vulgrat and Salbagrim also wanted to rule the Chaos Realm and the demons. Feared of Salbagrim after his ruthless attack at her, she searched out the Guardian, in which she hoped to form an alliance with.

She later formed an alliance with Morgandaûr together with the Guardian, with hopes of turning the Choas Realm back to their former state.


Salbagrim, a hideous and dangerous demon from the Chaos Realm. His rage and brutal way of killing are well known throughout the Chaos Realm. Though not a plotter, he prefers to make plans (as far as he does) with brutal force. During Artmyris rule of the Choas Realm he often talked with him to become his second in command, yet Salbagrim didn't feel anything to serve another, and would rather serve an eternity in a prison cell instead of serving an Atlantica. Whether is was a fallen one or not. When Artmyris was defeated by the Ultimate One, he believed he finally could become the ruler of the Chaos Realm.

Though not the brightest demon in the Chaos Realm, he is well informed of the other potential rivals for the throne of the Chaos Realm. He searches for a way to ally the Guardian and Tirplycrikae, as they would be loyal servants. Vulgrat, the cunning demon he would rather see dead or destroyed, as he was a former servant of an Atlantica, which should be forbidden. About the fallen angel Ruviel, he would see her as a potential servant, and if she would refuse she would become his slave and understand her mistake.

He later on allied the Mornûnendur and managed to defeat Ruviel and scare her off. Further more he succeeded to drive away Vulgrat who entered a gate back to the mortal world. Salbargrim later destroyed the ancient portal to prevent his return. However the demi-god Tiaultiam found out and attacked him. Salbagrim was far more powerful and easily defeated her. Before he could give the killing blow he was attacked by the Atlantica Komura Sajin and was forced to withdraw.


Straith is an ancient demon. Though once loyal to the Ultimate One, he has no use of feelings for the Atlantica and his only wishes is to one day escape the Atlantica and conquer the Quadrant Galaxies for his own with his powerful chrushing fist.

Wondering the Chaos Realm for countless of years he has become instable and furious at all who encounter him. Whispers among the Choas Realm demons are that when he realises that Vulgrat is the only one who knows the secret to travel to the mortal world, he would level the entire Choas Realm to find him in his rage. Further more Straith stands alone in the Choas Realm and has no friends, even the Gaurdian of Choas does not talk to him, when he is actually one of the more friendlier demons.


Tirplycrikae, better known as the "Smasher" is an epic sized demon. This individual carries a massive axe which he uses to crush his enemies. Though large, he is also not very bright and can be easily bribed or fooled. But beware, when he finds out you have fooled him, he will chase the person in question till the end of the spiritual world, and if needed he will follow him or her to the mortal world to.

He was a servant of Artmyris and joined in the attack at the Ancientia City, though when Artmyris was defeated by the Ultimate One in personal combat, he withdrew back to the Chaos Realm. Upon his return he found out that Ruviel, Vulgrat and Salbagrim were trying to become the new rulers of the Chaos Realm. Tirplycrikae found this surprising, though didn't really care. If he found the new ruler suitable and strong enough, he would accept his or her rule and become his servant.


Vulgrat is a demon from the Rambo Pantheon, whom inhabits the Chaos Realm. Known to resemble chaos and despair, he was a former servant of Artmyris. He came into existence sometime before Artmyris betrayed the Ultimate One, and when Artmyris asked for his alligiance, he simply accepted and he found the ways to enter the Realms of Reflection, by opening the gates at Capricaerón and the planet Dinoman82.

When Artmyris invaded the Reflective Realm, Vulgrat prepared an army of demons to invade and back up with Artmyris. Sadly he was too late as Artmyris was defeated and the gates closed once again. Left alone in the Chaos Realm, and learning about the defeat of Artmyris he now seeks a way to rule over the Chaos Realm. But he has concurrention, and is not really loved by other demonic creatures.

He is otherwise also known as the sorceror of Carnthedain- the evil and dreaded Morgandaûr.

4: Paradoxes[]

Paradoxes are classified as anomalies in the spacetime continuum that disturb the time flow and are considered the most dangerous entities of the Quadrant Galaxies as they wander the timeline. The paradoxes are dangerous entities, whether they are forces of evil or good they can do great harm to the Quadrants and those who inhabit her.

They are also the least known in the various religions of the Quadrantians, and even the Atlantica know little about them. Though there have been references about them, they seem to appear once in a while due to a disbalance in the Quadrant magical energy flow, though can also be called upon by those who know the rituals for doing so.

Atlantica legends have it, that the Paradoxes will destroy the Quadrants at the end of time!


Gogmaloe is a dangerous paradox form a differant part of the timeline/dimension of the Quadrant Galaxies. It is said that Gogmaloe is a tormented soul who wanders the timeline for eternity as punishment. Unable to get out of the flow of time, he destroys all at it's path when he escapes to the mortal world when the chance given. However Gogmaloe cannot wonder the mortal world as he can only breach the boundaries and part of his body is visible when he escapes the Flow. Using one of his massive arms he can cause local earthquakes to erupt, fire dangerous choas energies from the tip of his fingers and his roar can shake your ears for hours. Sadly, Gogmaloe is a dangerous entity, but is also one who is pitied upon. The Flow changed him into an ugly representation of his former self and he hates all of mortality for it.

Gogmaloe has a massive size, though only part of his body is visible he measures already over 3 meters!

None Rambo Gods[]

Even though the God listed below are not part of the Rambo Religion, there are refereces to them in ancient myths and legends in the Rambo Religion.

Kamik-Shi, the Darkness Itself[]

The Evil xhodocto God, feared by the Rambo and seen as the God of Destruction.

See Kamik-Shi

Apollo, the God of Life[]

Apollo is an Capricyránae God, and seen as the greatest of the Thirteenth Tribe, the Rambo see him as the eternal light in the Cyrannus Galaxy, and so the Ramboidae of Ramaprica began honoring him too.

See: Thirteenth Tribe.

If you also want your species or nation God featured in Rambo myth, please let me know (a small storyline indication would be appreciated).


In the time before time, the Ultimate God descended from Spode, guiding us, the ones called Rambo.

We were separate, and without purpose, thus the Ultimate God illuminated us with his ways and guidance.

We embraced these gifts, and in gratitude we named our island planet "Dinoman82," after the Ultimate God himself.

But our happiness was not to last... for Dinoman82's brother, Artmyris, was jealous of these honors and betrayed him, casting a spell over Dinoman82, who fell into a deep slumber.

This left artmyris was free to unleash his shadows...

and unleash them, he did...

But the Rambo were not without protection, because others decended from Spode and came to aid the Rambo, to protect them from the Shadows of Artmyris and find a way to free the Ultimate God from it's endless slumber........

The introduction verse of the Legend of the Rambo Gods.

My people. Sons and daughters of Rambo....

For many years, we have been a broken nation...

Shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape. ...

In the many years that have passed, You, the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams....,have give me the power to rebuild our nation, to rebuilt our strength, and to have rebuilt our pride!...

Our enemies at home have been re-educated. We have given them new insights into our cause.

On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored no longer! Defenders of the Rambo dream, NOW IS OUR TIME

This is the opening verse of the Rise of Artmyris, this verse mostly represents the departure of the Ressistance and is highly vowed by them.



The Gods are devine!

- Claire Rambo

What they left behind is ours!

- Thel'Vicliquam

The Atlantica will all bend their knee for me, eventually!

- Morgandaûr

Wise beings who have aided my people for countless years.

- Libraé


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