Captain Kloplyna is a female Captain of the Kloppig Species that joined the Rambo Nation Space Fleet around the same time as Captain Klopiels.

When promoted to Captain, she was given command of the USS Reliant, a Miranda Class ship she ever commanded since it's launch. She is the only female Kloppig serving in the entire Rambo Space Fleet.


Early History (36 BQF - 06 BQF)[]

Captain Kloplyna was born in 36 BQF at the Rambo colony of Koerband. During her youth she was eager to explore things, and when growing older she wished to become a space captain, exploring the stars.

After graduating from the Acadamy she became an officer onboard a starship and saw action during the Lizardian Threat, serving onboard a convoy ship for a relief mission.

Captain of the USS Reliant (06 BQF-current)[]

Kloplyna eventually reached the rank of captain and was rushed into action when the First Galactic War broke out between the Nation and the Imperial Alliance.

Defeat by a Xhodocto Star Destroyer

During the war she participated in the final battle for the Dissia System where Captain Kloplyna destroyed several Rambulan Bird of Preys. After the Galactic War, when Captain Tul escaped the Ramghatulkiage Orbital Prison she intercepted Captain Tul's shuttle, and captured him in a tractor beam. But in doing so, she was left vulnrable to the attack of the Lizardian Commander and the Chimera, who proved to be too strong and forced Kloplyna to retreat.

Battle of Rambo Prime

She later participated in numerous other battle of the Second Galactic War like the liberation of Ramar Shadda and the Rambo Capital. After that war she participated in the combined task force with the Ancientia to investigate the destruction of Pauvenris. While arriving and searching for survivors they were attacked by a Xhodocto Star Destroyer, though luckily the USS Reliant and 3 other ships managed to escape the onslaught.

Battle near the Dissia System

As the Reliant was prepared for repairs, Rambo Command ordered the V2 Fleet to be constructed, shorlty after the USS Reliant was updated to the V2 status and she resumed her duties of patrolling the borders. This continued until the year 04 AQF. During the 6th month of that year she was called back by Rambo Command to participate in the defense of Rambo Prime which was to fall under attack by Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy. Aided by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, the Confederate forces were defeated and forced to withdraw. She later remained at Rambo Prime to recieve some repairs, as the USS Reliant recieved damage on the port side. Three weeks later she escorted rear admiral Amiaetadiala of the USS Malevolent near the Dissia system to meet with fleet captain Silvaria of the USS Juno. Sadly a Grox fleet intercepted them, using a secret transwarp tunnel and engaged the Rambo ships. Taken by surprise the USS Reliant suffered heavy damage again by a Grox Dreadnought but the timely arrival of the USS Antietam and the sacrifice they made allowed the other three ships to escape and inform Koerband of the coming enemy fleet.

She joined fleet captain Silveria and the USS Juno to Koerband and aided in the defense of the planet. During the battle she managed to destroy a Grox dreadnought with various other Rambo ships and forced them to retreat. She then headed back to the capital to recieve repairs. At the shipyards the USS Reliant recieved the so called V2 Mk. II upgrade and was relaunched into service, and the following months Kloplyna was often busy with boring border patrols.

After the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus subjugated the Nation into a protectrate, Kloplyna was suprised but decided to remain loyal to the Nation and followed orders not to engage the Empire.

Personality & Traits[]

She is a kind and noble captain, not willing to risk the lives of her crew unnecessary. Though she will do everything in battle to achieve her goals or to defeat her enemies.

A less fortunate trait of her is that she has a tendacy not to show mercy to her enemies, and would rather blow them up than take prisoners. Onboard the ship, Kloplyna maintains a strict rule!



Green face.pngMy duty is to the Empress!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • none yet


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

  • Lizaconda - They should hang you
  • Tul - He will punish for his crimes!

Ships Commands[]

USS Reliant

The USS Reliant is an old and sturdy class within the fleet, the Miranda-class is the backbone of the entire navy and workhorse as well. Equipped with impressive shields and weapons, it has phasers and photon torpedoes and is able to match a Constitution-class in fire power.

The ship often acts as border patrol, short exploration craft, support class in fleets and can even be used as an armed cargo vessel. This 243 meter ong battle cruiser needs a full crew complement between 34 and 200 to operate efficiently.


A resourceful and passionate captain who has agreed to meet us when we travel to the Quadrants. I hope that we will stand together in many hardships to come. Resistance to all errors.

- Tyton Sialis


  • She is the first and only female Kloppig Captain within Rambo Nation. - Original Design by Maxis, adjusted to function in this fan fiction.
  • She once served Captain Ramcard onboard the USS Dallas as Lieutenant.


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