Captain Klopiels is a member of the Kloppig Species who joined the Rambo Nation Space Fleet after Captain Klopplar did it before him.

Ever since he has been a loyal and friendly officer within the Rambo Navy.


Early History (39 BQF- 06 BQF BQF)[]

Captain Klopiels was born at 39 BQF at the Rambo colony of Koerband. When he joined the Rambo Space Fleet, after the example of Captain Klopplar, his family was really proud of him. After graduating from the Academy as a Lieutenant he first joined the crew of the USS Dallas under then captain Ramcard. He served on this ship for 4 years before being promoted as the Commander.

He served onboard the USS Dallas for another 4 years before he too was promoted to captain and was given command of the USS Valley Forge, an Excelsior-class.

Captain of the USS Valley Forge (06 BQF - current)[]

The USS Valley Forge and the USS Merced destroy the Devoras.

When he assumed command of the USS Valley Forge, Captain Klopiels was assigend to explore the unknown parts were the pirates and raiders were active. He did this for over 6 months. He soon saw actions when the Lizardians attacked Rambo Nation. Afterwards he saw himself patrolling the outer colonial sector in search for the Resistance. However, when Second Galactic War broke out. Klopiels was withdrawn to the Rambo Capital to patrol the inner colonial sector. When the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance launched a surprise attack at the Rambo Capitol- he valiantly defended the planet. Together with the USS Merced he managed to destroy the Devoras under command of El'd'Shell, a Rambulan. The explosion however damaged the Valley Forge's her shield and engines and when it became clear the Rambo Capitol had fallen, Klopiels was forced to surrender.

Rambo Nation sends aid to the Girdo Galaxy

After the Rambo Capital was liberated by joined efforts of the Hutters and the Xiaans, he re-assumed command of the USS Valley Forge and was soon dispatched to patrol borders again. After the was he was once dispatched to aid the Girdo Empire where he lead a large task force of relieve vessels.

After his ship recieved a V2 update, the Intergalactic War broke out. During the war he defended the Rambo Capital against the Cognatus battlecruiser, Shadow of Liberty uder command of Thel'Vicliquam

After the Intergalactic War, Klopiels resumed his duties as captains, executing duties like patrolling borders and exploring nebulas or spacial events. In the year 04 AQF the USS Valley Forge recieved another update, the so called Mk. II upgrade and Klopiels knew he would see the frontlines again soon. This became a fact in the tenth month of the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War when the Confederacy launched an attack at Matakoro.

Battle of Matakoro

When he arrived he saw that the USS Venture of Captain Captains/Captain Rambam|Rambam was in trouble, as they had arrived to send supplies to the colony to last for over a month when a blockade was thrown up by the Confederacy. While Klopiels ordered his crew to give covering fire and to transport the USS Venture crew to the USS Valley Forge by using the transporter he was contacted by Captain Rambam who gave him orders to inform Rambo Command of the news the supplies at arrived at the planet. During the transmission, Klopiels was joined by Kerika, one of Rambam his evacuated crew and saw an emotional goodbye when Rambam was engulfed in flames and the transmission stopped. Klopiels was emotionally hurt, as Rambam was a famous and well known captain of Rambo Nation. He escaped the battle as Rambam asked and informed Rambo Command of the supplies and fall of Matakoro into Confederate hands.

A damaged Valley Forge in front of space dock

During the second month of 05 AQF he attented the relaunch of the USS Enterprise-A of his friend Captain James Rambo who was to go on the three year long range exploration mission in Quadrant 21. He attented with James Rambo on a diner and said his goodbye and best wishes on his new mission. Meanwhile the USS Valley Forge was in a drydock to be resupplied and in 06 AQF/03 NE came back for another upgrade, to that of the V3 and Klopiels feared he was to see combat soon again.

He died at 29-03-08AQF during the events of the Fury of Galvarus when the Valley Forge became heavily damaged by incoming rock debris of the moons. The damaged wreck of the Valley Forge was seen floating in front of Space Dock before being towed away and repaired.

Personality and Traits[]

Klopiels is kind and bold Kloppig officer, he is well known among his own species as a well respected and noble person. A gifted tactician, with a natural love for exploration and the unknown he has a somewhat dreamy appearance around him.

Among his crew he keeps a rather loose code, though he is strict on uniform and calling eachother by rank, he is rather open over personal matters and often joins crewmembers in card games onboard.



Green face.pngMy duty is to the Empress!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • none yet


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

Ships Commands[]

USS Valley Forge

The USS Valley Forge is an Excelsior-class ship with a length of 467 meters and a long history of service. The ship has been upgraded multiply times to keep up with modern standards. The class is classified as a heavy cruiser and needs a full crew complement of 750 personel to operation effeciently.

The V3 version of the Excelsior class is one of the more powerful cruisers seen that dateframe (06 AQF/03 NE). The class became stronger and far faster than the Galaxy class- which was retired for that reason. The new Excelsior class V3 is equipped with all modern weapons and shields, like photon and quantem torpedoes, but as well as transphasic torpedoes and a warpdrive wich can reach Warp 9.8..


My friend and great captain of the Valley Forge, his experience and service record is impressive!

- James Rambo


  • The origninal kloppig design was made by Maxis, it was adjusted to function in this fanfiction of Rambo Nation.
  • He was one of the earliest Kloppig who joined Rambo Nation Space Fleet after Captain Klopplar.


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