One of the newer captains of Rambo Nation, he likes to do adventures and soon rose to become one of the greatest and well known captains of Rambo Nation. Captain Rambam was born 32 BQF and was considered one of the great soldiers in Rambo Nation during the Lizardian Attack. After surviving this and saving his team he was promoted from Lieutenant to the rank of Capatain and was transferred to the Space Fleet so that he could command his own ship.

He was promoted to the rank of Captain because of his bravery on the front lines. He has fought many battles during the Rambo Resistance and Lizardian attacks. Something remarkable of Rambam is, that he is a Captain who joins away teams and engages into adventures, never thinking of the risked he faces. He really enjoys adventures and risked, something he really lives for. When away from the ship, his 2nd in Command.


Early life (32 BQF-18 BQF)[]

Not much is known of Rambam his early life, just that he was born at the Rambo Capital and joined the Rambo Nation Acadamy after his graduation at high school. During his academy years it soon became clear he was a gifted commander and explorer.

After graduating he was given his first ship to command, the USS Luna.

Captain of the USS Luna (18 BQF-02 AQF)[]

Rambam was given command of the USS Luna, a Luna Class long range explorer star ship. He was very proudly of this and took great joy in this, as with everything, he saw it as another adventure in his life. His first mission was to investigate the missing USS Lo, which send out a distress call adn wasn't heard of since. After investigating the matter and engaging a Hutter ship he found out that the USS Lo was destroyed in an anti gravital wave.

First contact with the DCP

After that he entered a wormhole and made contact with the Seven Starr Alliance, which became important for the joining of Rambo Nation to the organisation. After threats from an Unknown Entity that declared war upon the SSA, he became part of the Fleet that was send to protect and engage the enemy, under command of [Captain Ramcard and the USS Dallas. When the attacks didn't happen, he was withdrawn and was send to investigate the new position of Captian Zaco to aid him in his researchs. But later returned after losing posistion of Captain Zaco. He know is send to explore Qaudrant 89.

USS Luna evades the Laberynth while escaping into a nebulae

During his travels to that system he encountered the Delpha Coalition of Planets and made an alliance with them. He later followed them to the Tigris System to make a stand on one of the Colonies. He was later withdrawn back to Quadrant 82.

Galactic War (05 BQF-03 BQF)

During the Imperial Galactic war Captain Rambam was given the mission to hunt down the Lizardian Heavy Battle Cruiser Laberynth.

See Captain of Space and War.

Second Galactic War (0BQF)

He searched for the Laberynth for a long time and also did some exploration but upon the time that Rambo Nation her Capital had fallen into hands of the Imperial Alliance he decided to return.

File:Battle of Capricaerón 03.png

USS Luna part of the Quadrantia Fleet during the Battle of Capricaerón

However it would take a long time to do so as he tracked the Laberynt to the Tigris Galaxy where he had to avoid the many Xhodocto ships there (he was unaware a truce had been made with the Xhodocto) and he returned into Rambo Space when the Battle of Capricaerón had just started. He then followed the Quadrantia Fleet (another thing he just learned) and aided the CSA into liberating the CSA Capitol from Imperial influance.

Intergalactic War(01 AQF)

Proudly he afterward set a course to the Rambo Capitol. However, half way he recieved a transmission from Captain Rambas II and headed to the coordinates he gave. It turned out to be an ancient structure, and he explored it. But the structure came under attack by an unknown force and during the battle the USS Hood chrashed and Rambam was forced to retreat to the USS Luna. Upon encountering Rambas again he claimed that Ramtilsae had been captured, the Princess of Rambo Nation was in dangerous and Rambam and Rambas prepared a risking plan to save her.

Upon entering an underground structure where the alien race had taken the Princes too, Rambam had to find his way through it. After arriving at the center, he did a shocking discovery, it was shrine to the Rambo God Selenyia. After looking around he found Ramtilsae and defended her from the alien Captain whom he defeated after a fierce fight. After that he advanced and took a teleporter to arrive at the hand of Selenyia, where a portal was opened. To his great surprise, no other then the Founder greeted him!!!

USS Luna vs Syndicate Interceptors

Rambam faces Levarrion

He then escorted him and the Princess and Captain Rambas back to the Rambo Capital. Upon arriving, he went to his home in Vulmiartari where he was walking into trouble. After aiding a Rambo Farmer (an old friend) and defeating two bounty hunters he was to late to save the Princess. Upon realising this Judge Magister Ramgaarbath confronted him and send him on a mission to save the Princess and infriltrate the Syndicate! After a small search he encountered Neras, who brought Rambam to the Syndicate HQ in Quadrant 89 under the disguise of being a Bounty Hunter. Upon arriving, he talked to various Bounty Hunters and went to the Saloon to learn where the Princess was. He then headed to Levarrion his palace and challenged both Emtor and Levarrion and defeated them both. He then took Ramtilsae and beamed the two up to the USS Luna. After arriving there, several Syndicate Interceptors engaged the USS Luna but she managed to escape. He then returned to the Rambo Capitol.

He then headed for Ramaprica, where he witnessed the marriage of Admiral Creteaceous of the URC. After recieving some slight updates and modifications in certain systems, Rambam learned that the USS Luna had to be retired from active service, but Rambam did not accept this fate and wanted to fill in a warrent of decline. However, although Ramashe herself dissaproved it Rambam did not accept the USS Luna her fate and Rambam was send to prison as he refused to follow a direct order. Rambam became even more angrier and even charged at several guards, however he was overwhelmed by Judge Magister Ramgaarbath and awaited court.

Rambam escapes Ramghatulk!!!

However, his comm officer Kerika and tactical officer Ramiron were shocked by this news, and planned to liberate Rambam from prison. Meanwhile, the USS Luna was transported to the Shipyards of Rowar, to await retiring. However, his two best friends, Ramiron and Kerika stole the ships from the yards and headed to Ramghatulk, where Rambam was send to after disobeying orders and attacking various Rambo guards in frustation.

USS Luna with all hands is taken by a portal to an unknown location!!!

Upon arriving at Ramghatulk, he was saddened to learn that he was trailed for life, and had to spend an eternity there. But, when exploring the prison and meeting various prisoners he managed to escape when a door suddenly opened. After defeating various Ramclazcm he met with Ramiron and Kerika, and toghether they took the USS Luna and headed into orbit. But in orbit 3 Kelvin Class and 1 Quetzalcoatl Class Class were at intercept course. After a short but fierce battle Rambam made a daring and bold move and two Rambo ships colieded with eachother and he disabled another. Then the USS Luna went into warp and headed for deep space, where new adventures were awaiting Rambam.

USS Luna seconds before destruction!

However his plans for adventure soon came to an halt as the Rambo Capitol was attacked by a small Cognatus Fleet and the Gate to Atlantica was opened by a Cognatus Captain, on another location a Capricyránae was send to the Realms of the Gods and Rambam felt something strange he could not explain. Then suddenly, behind the USS Luna a large portal opened and took the USS Luna. They valiantly tried to escape the wormhole but they were unable too, now feared as the ship shook heavily, Rambam, Kerika and Ramiron wondered where this would take them. Unknown to Rambam, the portal was created by the Rambo Ultimate God, whom had a mission of great importance for him.

Captain of the USS Venture (02 AQF - 04 AQF)[]

Captain Rambam embarked at a dangerous mission, for it he recieved a new ship by the Demi-God known as Tiaultiam, as the USS Luna was destroyed in the future timeline, he was given an even more powerful ship that he has even seen, the Galaxy Class V2 known as the USS Venture!

Quest for the Rambo Gods!

His mission, given by Tiaultiam in service of the Rambo Gods had brought Rambam and his crew to an alternate future, in which Rambo Nation did not excist, a place haunted by the past and still fragile. The only survivors of the Old Order, as they call it in that time, is the Hutter Kingdom, whom are going to wage a terrible war against the New Order, consisting out of the Aurilithiae Order, an alliance of various races and future Serindia, and the scheming and evil Visaria!

The USS Venture arrives in the midst of battle

As Rambam exited the wormhole and finished his short adventure in the Legacy Era, he brought with him future races and various new individuals. Upon exiting the wormhole he was in the midst of battle, which later turned out the Battle of Fornaeria. Rambam ordered to aid the Rambo forces and together with the USS Venture and the Advanced Mobile Suite the Rambo forces managed to drive away the Imperial forces and liberate Fornaeria for now.

Quadrantia Disorder (04 AQF)

The USS Venture and the Acquistor encounter eachother!

He later met with the Empress whom complimented on his actions and wanted a full report. Given a crew, all civilians he brought with him were brought to the Rambo Capitol for safety and lessons about Rambo Nation. He was pleased to learn that the future Serindia Empress and Captain served Rambo Nation fine, one became a Space Captain while the other the Chancellor of the Crown. Rambam later stayed at Fornaeria and he and his crew took a long vacation. However, as the Quadrantia Disorder started he became involved during the end of the second month of the year 04 AQF.

The USS Venture takes heavy damage during the Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui

Command wanted him to find Tukia Nutria and bring him to justice, however Tukia was informed by the Unknown Dark Lord of this mission and Tukia decided to face Rambam in person. He trapped Rambam but an intervention of Hutters] prevented the destruction of the USS Venture as he was outnumbered. Rambam then escaped together with the Hutters and informed Rambo Command of this fact. Though Rambam didn't know what to do with this encounter, as it seemed Rambo Command had a mole! After a month of searching he didn't found the mole (yet) but was contacted by Cyrandia Captain Mjärt to aid to attack the Confederate forces at Karzhamahri-Nui. He complied and after given command of the fleet he engaged Lizaconda. But Rambam, not as experienced as Vice-Admiral Ramcard, was outmatched by Lizaconda his skills and after a direct hit by the Liberty II and a Munificent Class the USS Venture her shields buckled and the port warp coil exploded, leaking plasma into space. Rambam and his fleet were forced to withdraw and Karzhamahri-Nui fell into Confederate control.

Battle of Koerband (04 AQF)

After the battle he headed back to the Shipyards of Rowar where the USS Venture recieved massive repairs to the engines and warp drive. The ship had to stay in the shipyards for quite some while. In the seventh month of 04 AQF, three months after the battle of Karzhamahri Nui the ship was repaired again and was assigned to aid fleet captain Silveria of the USS Juno to battle the Grox that headed to Koerband. During the battle the Grox recognised the records of Rambam, which they were able to take from the Quadrantia Grox there databases. Finding him a threat a Grox Dreadnought and two Grox figthers targeted the USS Venture and her saucer was pentrated and the USS Venture took heavy damage. With the aid of the USS Juno the USS Venture was saved and prevented from destruction. After two hours of battle the Grox were forced to withdraw and Captain Rambam once again headed to the Shipyards for repairs. He became quite angry with battles, he rather explored the universe instead of combat.

Battle of Matakoro, the last battle of Rambam!

In the tenth month of the year 04 AQF Rambam arrived at Matakoro which came under attack by the Confederacy. The attack was led by Admiral Lizaconda of the Liberty II and Rambam engaged the Confederate ships. During the battle he managed to teleport supplies and medical needs to Matakoro, so they could last a month without Rambo transport ships when the Confederate would throw up their blockade. During the battle the shields of the USS Venture collapsed and the USS Venture took heavy damage and became crippled. Luckily Captain Klopiels arrived of the USS Valley Forge and gave covering fire and began teleporting the crew of the USS Venture to their own ship as evacuation. He made contact with Klopiels by viewscreen and saw both Klopiels and Kerika, his closest girlfriend was safe. She yelled his name and cried and Rambam gave a symobilic kiss to signal his goodbyes. Rambam close his eyes as flames surround and the USS Venture exploded, killing Rambam and 225 of the crew which weren't evacuated.

As such, one of the greatest Rambo Captain perished in combat, which caused grieve by many Rambo captains. Though his death wasn't in vain, as the citizens of Matakoro were given supplies and medical aid to survive the blockade of the Confederacy. Rambam was honored and a memorial was held for him.

Personality and Traits[]

Captain Rambam

Captain Rambam was a great captain which was showing great promises to be promoted one day to fleet captain and perhaps even beyond to the rank of Rear-Admiral. However not all captains liked the nature and behavior of Captain Rambam as he often went with his crew on exploration missions on surfaces of planets, as he was an adventurer in hart.

He also liked to study ancient relics of the Atlantica and their connection to the Thirteenth Tribe. He was also very fond of Rambo traditions, like the Royal Family and Serindia wines. Another notable fact is that Rambam is very good for his crew, though the highest in rank on the ship he often talked with personel from every rank and remembered every crewmembers name. When a crewmember died in action he always felt somesort of responsibility and a burden to personally write letters to their families.


USS Luna[]

USS Luna Aft view

USS Luna

The USS Luna is a Luna Class Long Range Exploration Star Ship and the first being launched of this class. It fits Captain Rambam, a fast ship build for adventures and exploration, while being far away from home.

The ship is capable of Warp 9.9 and has accomadation like Holo Decks, Labs a bar etc.

The USS Luna fought against the Lizarian Heavy Battle Cruiser Laberynt and is the only ship that survived her onslaught. Active during many battles, it was sadly destroyed when it entered the alternate future, known as the New Order where it was destroyed by future Hutter vessels, who claimed the ship a ruse.

USS Venture[]

USS Venture, a Galaxy Class V2

A ship given to Rambam by the Demi-God Tiaultiam, the ship is known as the Galaxy Class V2, a future ship of Rambo Nation. Breaking the rules of the time continuity, Tiaultiam choose this ship none the less and gave it to Rambam to complete his quest she has given him.

Measering 614 meters, the Galaxy Class is one of the largest known Rambo Nation ships, equipped with powerful phasers and shields, the ship is very agile for her size. She also carries various torpodos, like quantem, photon and transphasic torpedos.

Rambam's Crew[]

The USS Luna has ofcourse a crew, the most notable ones will be mentioned below and will only have a small description availible to them as they have the same adventures as Captain Rambam.

Command Ramiron

Judge/Commander Ramiron

Ramiron is the first officer of the USS Luna and has the rank of Commander and at the sametime is also a Judge. He is a co-protagonist and is the best warrior of the ship, and has unlimited experience on the Lizardian combat one on one fights. Due to his Judge education he is also wise but humble and always look for his troopers. But he never socialize to well, fearing that he will regret it when some of them die. His combat experience was expanded when he was batteling Xhodocto during the Ascenion War but had to be saved by Rambam, he now hates and fears the Xhodocto at the same time. He admires the Nigitrion a lot and hopes to recieve training by them one day.

Lieutenant Kerika

He is also a bridge officer and is the second in command of the USS Luna.

Lieutenant Kerika

She is a Rambo Pantorilisea, and a fine example in many Ramboidae eyes. She is Rambam best friend in the USS Luna. She is a quiet and calm Pantorilisea, but beautiful for Rambo eyes, she has all the crew howling for her and often takes advantance of this and gets anything done, much at the dismay of Rambam. due to her adventures with Rambam she has seen a lot and has been able to study languages a lot. She informed Rambo Command of this and recieved a medal for it.

She is a bridge officer of the USS Luna and her function is COM Officer. She is specialised at ancient languages and is very good at it.

Crewmember Penaelia

Penaelia, a mysterious Amiaeria

Penaelia is an Amriaeria, often called Pan by closer ones she is an outcast and a wanted person in the Aurilithiae Order. Coming from the New Order timeline, she found a way to trust Captain Rambam and joined his crew onboard the USS Venture. She is still very young, only 17 years to human standards but is already very wise.

The New Order branded her a witch due to her capability to use elemantal powers, although weak she can be dangerous for such a young person. Although she has no knowledge of ship controls, she became the cook and advisor onboard, also she was seen as a councillor.


A great captain, whith compassion and fierce loyalty to the Royal Crown, the navy and his crew. He will be missed.

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard

A great and gifted Serindia. With a love for adventure I always see him as the prince of the white horse as he often saved me from danger!

- Princess Ramtailia of Rambo Nation


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