Captain Ramcard, a well known Captain

The Captains and flag officers of Rambo Nation are commanding their star ships or battlestations and fight battles and explore the Galaxy at behalf of Rambo Nation and their Royal ruler. Though the Rambo Captains are the most common and most well known captains to other nations and empires, Rambo Nation also has Admirals, Rear Admirals, Fleet Captains and ofcourse the common captain.

The page is divided in two sections, known captains and officers and unidentified captains and officers.

Though everyone from the Rambo species can become a Rambo Captain in service of the Royal Dynasty, the most common species species within the navy are the Serindia, humanoids and Quadrantia Kloppig.

Rambo Nation Captains and Officers[]


Marscalcus is the highest Rambo Nation space military rank, formerly used was the rank title of admiral as well is the commander-in-chief of the Rambo Military forces. As a traditional grade, the rank of Marscalcus is the most senior flag officer rank of Rambo Command, senior to all other naval ranks. The Marscalcus oversees all militairy space actions and is often keps busy with organising fleets, structures, meeting with the Shipyards to decide which ships get launched or need to be refitted, upgraded or constructed. As such the Marscalcus is responsible for the policy of Rambo Command, the finaces and costs and input into battles.

The Marscalcus has a seat at the High Council and acts as the main military advisor to the Monarch and the Government.

After Admiral Ramaxar's death in 06 AQF/03 NE, the admiral rank and duties merged with that of the Marscalcus, combining the rank to make it more efficient. As of 20 AQF, the Marscalcus gained a unique uniform of it's own. The Marscalcus Uniform consists out of a distinguished white colored uniform with golden epaulets. The uniform sported black trousers and a double-breasted white jacket worn over a white turtlenecked undershirt. It also featered golden stripes on the sleeves and legs, with the Rambo insigna imbedded in gold on both sleeves as well. The jacket closed by a clasp at the right shoulder and a sealing mechanism that runs along the black/gold stripe.


The rank of vice-admiral is the second highest Rambo Nation naval ranks and at all times there are only two vice-admirals in function. Also a traditional grade, vice admirals are flag officers which are superior to a rear-admiral and below the Marscalcus.

The vice-admirals are often seen as the second in command of the Rambo military forces. They are considered the most elite officers of Rambo Nation and are often quite famous and well known throughout Rambo Nation and other empires and nations, often having political ties as well.

The Captain of the Royal Guard position is equilevant to that of vice-admiral and he/she is tasked with all the "Royal Matters" and is the commander of the elite Royal Guards. Other tasked assigned to this particulair position is the responsibility for the protection and safeguard of the Royal Family and the Capital Planet. This particulair vice-admiral also acts as liason between Rambo Command and the Senate. The Captain of the Royal Guard doesn't involve himself/herself with the Rambo Command departments and isn't required to have studied at the Rambo Academy.

The other vice-admiral is tasked with all operational matters, like fleet movements, deployments, research and ship construction, education of all personel and so on. The vice-admiral actually runs the day-to-day affairs of Rambo Command and assigns task the various departments under him.


The ranks of rear-admiral are the third highest militairy rank of the Rambo Nation space naval organisation. At all times there are only 17 rear-admirals in service. They are the commanding officers of the various Rambo Command Departments. Additional tasks include advising the vice-admiral and Marscalcus on the developments within their departmetns. It can be said that the rear-admirals and commodores are the ears and eyes for the Marscalcus and the Vice-Admiral, who make up the command structure of Rambo Command.

The rear-admirals are heads of the 17 departments within Rambo Command and report directly to the two vice-admirals. As an exeption to the rule, Judge Magisters can both obtain civilian and Rambo Command positions and use their Judge Magister titles.

As of 20 AQF, the rear-admirals recieved a uniform change (besides those who are allowed to wear custom armor). Their uniform consists out of a distinguished red colored uniform with white shoulders and black/white epaulets. The uniform sports black trousers with a red line running down or a black/red skirt for woman and a double-breasted red jacket worn over a black turtlenecked undershirt. It also features the Rambo insigna placed above their left breast. The jacket is closed by a clasp at the right shoulder and a sealing mechanism that runs along the black/gold stripe.

Fleet Captains/Commodore[]

The fleet captains or commodore (-a commodore is a former military fighter pilot officer being promoted) is a rank used by the Rambo Nation space naval organisation. There are four fleet-captains at all times together with two commodores for the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army. The rank of fleet-captain is a senior honorary rank, a grade higher than captain and a grade below the flag officers. The fleet-captains have seniorirty over other captains and are the officers dispatched by Rambo Command to lead or organise battles. There is one fleet-captain for the Operative-department and one of the none shadowy side of Rambo Command and is the more public figure. They are also often send to diplomatic meetings and briefings, showing its additional tasks as a diplomatic liasion of Rambo Command as well.

As of 20 AQF, the fleet-captain uniform recieved a new appearance. The uniform features a was a two-piece outfit with black pants with a white line running down and a white and black jacket that is worn over a black colored undershirt. The Rambo insigna is worn above the left breast.


The ranks of captain is the most common rank in the space naval organisation of Rambo Nation. Every student that graduates from the officer Academy is given the rank of captain. They are individuals who are given command of the various ship classes of Rambo Nation and are the most acive in battles. Some captains are famous and well known throughout the universe, while others are not. Though gifted with the abilities and cuning to command a starship, it is a risky job. As the captain is responsible for the crew, one mistake can cost the lifes of himself and his or her crew.

As of 20 AQF, the captains uniform recieved a major change. Instead of wearing the red colored uniform it changed to a dark colored uniform with gold a single gold epaulet on the right shoulder. On the left shoulder it sports a small cape with the Rambo insigna on it. The uniform features dark pants as well, though female members can wear a black colored skirt as well. It is a double-breasted black jacket worn over a gold colored turtlenecked undershirt. The jacked is closed by a clasp at the right shoulder and a sealing mechanism that ran along the black/gold stripe.


The personnel are the crewmembers who work onboard the many ships and starbases of Rambo Nation. They can be divided and various departments, indicated by the color of their uniforms. As of 20 AQF, all officer ranks wear a distinguished red colered uniform (similair to the rear-admiral's) with white shoulder epaulets with golden rank insigna. The uniform sports black trousers with the division color running down or a black skirt for woman and a double-breasted red jacket worn over the division colored turtlenecked undershirts. It features the Rambo insigna above their left brest. the jacket is closed by clasp at the right shoulder and a sealing mechanism that runs along the black stripe. The uniform also sports black high boots.

Known divisions:

  • Command division: corps of officers who specialise in command and control functions onboard the starship (or stations). Capable of leading missions, operating consoles and advance abilities in tactical operations. Color: white undershirts (formerly red shirts).
  • Medical division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are tasked with the medical care onboard ships and stations. The smallest division yet highly specialised onboard. Color: Light green turtle-neck shirts (formerly green or white shirts).
  • Operations division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are the backbone of the fleet. Comprimised of the engineering, navigation and maintenance. Color: Golden turtlenecks (formerly yellow or white shirts).
  • Science division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are comprised of the exploratory, medical, and mental health departments. Color: blue turtle-neck shirts (formerly blue shirts).
  • Security division: corps of crewmembers and officers who are specialised in security, interrogations of prisoners and guarding the brick. Color: Red with armor.

Non-officer personnel wear a dark jumpsuit with corresponding departmetn undershirts with turtle necks. On their left breast the comm badge is pinned while on their right their rank isigna is displayed in white. Black striped are running down across the uniform.

Cadets are not yet qualified crewmembers and wear a distinguished uniform of their own. It sports a sleek, tight-fitting flightsuit only worn by Cadets. Most the suit is colored black, with a white shoulders and high neck colar with red lines running along. The uniform displays a Rambo Nation comm badge in the form of the Rambo Nation insigna. It is normally located above the left breast.

Lieutenant Commander
Non Officer

Civilian personnel[]

Civilian personnel are a special and unique group wihtin Rambo Command. Though enlisted in service of Rambo Command, they do not have military roles or can be send to serve onboard vessels and such. They often have supporting roles for Rambo Command, ranging from facility managers to advisors or health personnel.

Former Rambo Command Personnel[]

Listed below are the various officers that either stepped down, retired or perished in the line of duty.

Former Officers
Former Personnel


The protectors and explorers of my realm. They are the extension of my will to preserve peace and prosparity within our Nation

- Empress Ramashe

They should all be killed!

- Lizaconda

The self-proclaimed explorer, protectors and battle-captains of Rambo Nation. Blergh, I spit upon them!

- Morgandaûr

The loyal protectors of Rambo Nation. They are viewed as heroes to many citizens in my home galaxy for their selfless devotion to the greater good.

- Apollo


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Former Admiral/Commodore/Fleet Admiral[]

Listed below are all the former captains of Rambo Nation. They either perished or left the Rambo Navy for their own reasons.

Former Commodore/Fleet Admirals

Ramaxar was born at 250 BQF shorlty after the Heer Stekeveel Wars and has been friends on the acadamy with Captain Ramcard and Captain Rambas, they are the 3 oldest and most expierent Captains in Rambo Nation.

Captain Ramaxar

Captain Ramaxar has fought many battles over the past years, and he is a veteran of the Diva-Bettie War and has fought also in the Algernon War. He graduated from the Acadamy around 228 BQF. Over the course of years, he commanded an Ambassador Class ship, but recently he has been given command of the USS Sovereign, a Sovereign Class, the newest and most advanced Star Ship within Rambo Nation.

Captain of the USS Sovereign

After the Algernon War (52 BQF-25 BQF) he has been given command of the 1st Fleet, those who protect the Capitol Planet and the Prime Colonies. He also was a mentor to Captain Ramborwski and Captain Ramanyia and devoloped close relationships with them. He was part of the defense fleet when the Lizardians attacked (16 BQF) the Inner Colonies, the ship was damaged in it, but they managed to drive the Lizardians off. After the attack, there hasn't been a sign of them, but they did seem to sent scouts into Qaudrant 82. Though Ramaxar soon became an important captain, charged with protecting the Capitol Planet he wishes to be more at the front lines, fighting side by side with Ramanyia and Ramborwski, but realizes this is not possible since he is a pupil of the Emperor and cannot afford to risk his life.

He dislikes the Council and there chatter, thinking they spend more time talking then doing things. He also was against the forming of the Noble Alliance, which strained his friendship with Captain Ramcard.

Galactic War & Tralor Invasion

When the Imperial Alliance was formed (5 BQF) and attacked the Rambo Capitol he was in command of it and managed to drive the Imperial forces off, but at the cost of the loss of the High Council of Rambo Nation. He later followed them and was trapped between the forces of the Lizardian Commander and the Rambulan War Councillor El'd'Shell, but he managed to retreat with most of his fleet intact. Upon encoutering the Imperial forces at the Dissia System he drove the off, but is was a diversion and during the battle the Tri-Hoornbo Empire had fallen into the hands of the Imperial Alliance.

The USS Sovereign cipples the Redeemer

When the Imperial Alliance attacked the Dissia System, Captain Ramaxar aided the Rambo forces there and drove the Imperial Alliance off. And shorlty after retreated back to the Rambo Capitol. But as he retreated he recieved a distress call and Tralor forces had invaded the Dissia System, and with the best ships he retreated to aid Judge Ramhis and Captain Ramtainus of the USS Charleston. Upon arriving they covered a Galaxy Class which tugged the Charleston slowly away. And as the Sovereign destroyed some of the Tralor ships, it was hit by heavy fire and shields dropped to 30%. During the fight Ramaxar met Tralor Rebel Yanis. But during the conversation a Tralor ship chrashed into the ship and the Sovereign was heavily damaged. Soon after he ordered the Rambo Ships to retreat as the Dissia System had fallen into Tralor hands.

He accompinied Yanis to the Rambo Capitol and soon left to oversee repairs of the USS Sovereign. After repairs Ramaxar went to the Braafrena system and wanted to take over the Colonie of Reien. However, due to the intervention of Captain Ramcard and himself, the Redeemer was crippled and destroyed. During the fight the Lizardian Commander Lizkrahmkyn perished, but Ramaxar did not knew who did that.

USS Sovereign vs Chimera

During the Second Galatic War Ramaxar saw his first action during the 4th week when the Lizardian Commander launched a surprise attack at the Rambo Capitol whith aid of Captain Tul of the Ruin Sector Alliance. During the battle Ramaxar was forced to retreat and witnessed with saddness as the Rambo Capitol was overrun by the Imperial Alliance and RSA forces. During the showdown with the Chimera the USS Sovereign got damaged and was forced to retreat.

However, he later aided in the liberation of Rambo Nation and was present during the Second Battle for the Rambo Capitol (0 BQF). Afterwards, he continued to guard the Rambo Capitol System.

Captain of the USS Relativity & Admiral of Rambo Nation

The Cognatus engage Ramaxar's Fleet

After the Rambo Founder returned from his journey to the Ancientia Kingdom, Captain Ramaxar recieved command of the USS Relativity, the new flagship of the V2 Fleet of Rambo Nation (01 AQF). He was very proud about this, and was now preparing to prepare the new fleet for a counter attack against the Cognatus, or any threat that would threaten the Rambo Capitol. However, he was also saddened to learn that the USS Sovereign had to be retired, but accepted her fate none the less.

Later, when the Cognatus Captain Thel'Velquam lauched a bold surprise on the Rambo Capitol Ramaxar took control of the fleet stationed there and launched a counter offensive against the Cognatus. Taken by surprise the Cognatus managed to get a small landing party on the surface near Pantorilis. But due to the USS Relativity powerfull weapons and the other Rambo Captains there resolve to defend there homeworld meant the Cognatus ships soon buckled under the many photon torpedo's and phasers fired upon them. When one Cognatus ship was destroyed and Ramaxar managed to hit the Shadow of Liberty with direct hits, the Cognatus ships were forced to retreat. Afterwards, he reported back to Rambo Command when the reading of the USS Relativity noticed two temporal disturbances, one from deep into space and the other coming from near Pantorilis, which radiated pure power. Investigations of the anomalies resulted into nothing and Ramaxar returned back to Rambo Space. He was later summoned by the Empress to Rambo City, where he was surprised to learn of Ramashe X-452 treatment and the fall of the Girdo Empire, the destruction of the USS Eagle and other classified matters.

Meeting at Alethena Metru

Upon this meeting and the treaty of Fornaeria (02 AQF) he was promoted to Admiral, and was tasked with the protection of the Rambo Capitol System and the fleet that belonged with it. As 04 AQF, Ramaxar was kept busy with tactics and meetings to find a way to stop the Confederate advancement in Quadrant 82. Over time and with working together with the Generals and Rear Admirals Rambo Nation managed to push back the Confederacy in Quadrant 82. Four months after celebrating the year 05 AQF he travelled to Alethena Metru to meet with Thel'Vicliquam and captian Rambo to discuss the terms of studying the former Atlantica city together.

Summons by the Founder

Afterewars he returned to the capital where he witnessed the news of the reforming of the URC into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the following news that the Rambo were considered traitors. Angered Ramaxar tried to convince the senate to invade Orbispira with the Angforst and lay siege to their capital. Yet the senate and the Empress refused and instead the station was send to guard the wormhole leading into Cyrannus. Later on, after the losses at the Battle of New Ramhall and the loss of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector he was summoned by the Rambo Founder for a special meeting. There he encountered the old man, a Senator Lord and Senator Chuinaylia. Knowing the purpose of the meeting he refused to listen to the plans of the Founder as he himself wanted to close the wormhole leading to Cyrannus Galaxy. He wanted the Empire to suffer once and for all for their betrayal.

Later on, in the third month of 01 NE Ramaxar regretted his decision as the Empire had openend an artificial wormhole, connecting Capricaerón and the Capital. Through the wormhole a large fleet of the Empire arrived and within hours disabled most of the Rambo fleet stationed at the capital. Most ships were taken by surprise, were still docked in the dry docks and unable to escape the onslaught. During the battle Ramaxar met with the Founder and ordered him to escape the planet with the USS Relativity as he planned two other ships from escaping the Empire as well. His plan succeeded and Ramaxar began preparing to resist the Empire landing forces and protect his Empress at all costs.

The battle was eventually lost and Rambo Nation became a protectrate of the Empire, greatly reducing her influance and power. In the following weeks Ramaxar became highly annoyed with the appointed mandator, Garlboz who seemed to change quite a while for his own liking. For one thing Ramaxar didn't like his decision to make new star destroyers at Rowar and he also disagreed with the promotion of lt. commander Kya to the position of Marscalcus. Still he followed his Empress, though he made no effort to hunt down the now renegade vice-admiral Rambas II. Ramaxar considered him one now the only hope Rambo Nation has and wishes to use the most terrible weapons against their enemies.

Rambo Command Emergency session is disturbed!

In 06 AQF/03 NE, shortly after the bombing of a passenger liner at the Rambo Capital, Ramaxar was present during an emergency meeting together with the Marscalcus, Ramcard and Ramtainus. During the meeting they admitted they were unsure who could behind such an attack, though Ramaxar claimed the Empire was probably behind it. Before the meeting could continue further a lone freighter disturbed the meeting when it hovered before the window. All of sudden the freighter fired (a freighter normally isn't equipped with weapons). Unable to take cover, Ramaxar was hit by over 125 bullets and died within seconds.

He was later burried with a ceremonial service. The death of Ramaxar was a serious blow to Rambo Command, as they lost their most senior naval officer.

Ships commanded

Commodore (QF).png
Chinawkya Officer and Commodore of Rambo Nation

The Commodore, who is only known as the Commodore or El Commodore is a Chinawkya who refuses to tell his name to anyone. What is known of his shrouded mystery past is that he once commanded a Chinawkya Cruisers and fought during the Battle of Fornaeria as captain. After the Chinawkya joined Rambo Nation he soon rose to the rank of Commodore and upon this promotion he changed his appearance as that of standard Chinawkya armour.

Second Batle of Ivalaë

Forgers created a special armour for him, which gave him enchanced abilities and limited magic abilities. Now his appearance resembles that of a formed Rambo Judge Magister, something he galdy sees himself as now that the humanoid species of Rambo Nation also get high and influential positions. Around 03 AQF he vanished from public sight as he began the final preperations to finish the Angforst. When in the twelfth month of the year 04 AQF the station was finally finished and he took commond over the Angforst. The station was escorted by Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A to mark her finished construction. Their maiden voyage was to travel to Ivalaë and there they engaged the Confederate fleet who took control over the planet a month earlier. During the battle he ordered one of the four bombardment cannons to be fired, and they did. The weapon opened a controlled black hole, destroying a part of the Confederate fleet.

Afterwards he evaluated the operational status of the Angforst with his second in command, Captain Ramikku and both were pleased with the performence of the station and planned another action. However after the battle the Angforst was called back to her secret hide out as the Senate feared an Confederate assault at the station. Furious the Commodore demanded otherwise, but this only reached deaf ears. Angered he was bored for quite some while, and when his captain, Ramikku, also was assigned elsewhere the Commodore feared the weapon would never be used again.

A message to the Empire

But when in the 6th month the URC was reformed into the Empire the Serindia captain headed to the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole, where the USS Ford rendevouzed with the Angforst. Upon arriving the USS Ford destroyed an unwilling Venator class star destroyer with aid of another Rambo ship. They did in orders of the Commodore and as a sign of warning to the Empire that they were not welcome in Rambo space.

Senators in disagreement

The Commodore was happy, now he was the first line of defense for Rambo Nation, and he was in command of a weapon that could close the wormhole if targted.

He later travelled to the moon of the Capital to aid his friend, senator Aviataryal in a senate discussion. Aviataryal stood against senator Chuinaylia and her Apationagtus friend, a representative of the URC colonies in Quadrant 82. He claimed they were still loyal to the Cyrandia Alliance though Aviataryal and his aid the Commodore didn't believe it. During the discussion insults were made to the URC representative when suddenly an order of the Empress came in, all URC/GEC ships were considered hostile and were not welcome anymore within Rambo space. As such the two were happy, all URC were now enemies!

Battle of Angforst

The Commodore later pressed Aviataryal to set in a vote to close the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole, to prevent any attack by the Cyrannians and their powerful navy. Not all senators agreed with this plan and many sessions were held about it until the matter was eventually suspended for a while. Angered the Commodore remained at his position, not allowed to close the wormhole or to engage Orbispira he was reduced to guard of the Quadrants and he disliked it a lot.

Death at the hands of Horus

Yet glory and action came at the third month of 01 NE when the URC colonies of Quadrant 82 launched an attack at Angforst. Thrilled he ordered the Angforst to open fire and asked for aid of the nearby Cyrandia fleet. Now with such an attack he could finally close the wormhole as an emergency act to prevent the destruction of Rambo Nation!

Sadly for the Commodore, things did not go as it planned. During the attack one of the Atlantica, known by the name of Horus appeared before him. Not wanting to listen to the Atlantica, the Commodore fired his blaster at the entity. Horus simply waved the attack away and punished the Commodore by taking his life. Draining his life energy the Commodore perished within mere seconds, as punishment for wanting to close the wormhole, which could lead to danger in the Realms of the Gods. Further more, the Commodore's plan came to an end when an URC ship chrashed into the Angforst main weapon, disabling the cannon and preventing the closing of the wormhole.

Unknown to Rambo Nation, the commodore was in fact a Dark Councillor and double-agent for the Quadrantia Federation who had the intention of stealing the Angforst for the Federation.



The Angforst is a massive space station constructed by Rambo Nation and became also the largest and most powerful ever build by Rambo Nation (the Old Order). The Angforst is feared weapon and houses many soldiers, citizens and employees. The station has various Gyronic reactors and many warpdrives to make her mobile and use warp when needed. Protected by rotating shields and a lot of phaser banks and photon cannons the station is well protected and a danger to all who dare to stand against her.

The station has width of 25 km and a length of 75 km, marking one of the largest ever seen in the Quadrant Galaxies and one of the most feared weapons of her time.

For a full information about the station see: Angforst

Amiaetadiala is an Amriaeria Rear-Admiral in service of Rambo Nation, she commands the 12th Battlefleet of Rambo Nation (Fleet of Unification), compromised of many differant ships, of the Rambo Space Fleet and independant ships. She is bold, reckless and a great tactician. She also cares a lot for those whom serve under her.

Admiral Amiaetadiala

Not much is known of her early life, though she was born 28 years ago.

Rear-Admiral of Rambo Nation

Before the Amiaetadiala joined Rambo Nation she joined the Amiaeria space fleet and though young, she rose to the rank of captain and was a promising one, her tactics protected the Amiaeria from harm and let them expand more into space. It was also she who made first contact with the Rambo.

Second battle of Impaerusqiantia

Upon the Treaty of Fornaeria the Amiaeria and many other races joined Rambo Nation, and as such she was promoted to Rear-Admiral, and was given the 12th battle fleet of Rambo Nation under her command. Already in command of the Amiaeria Cruiser Esperanca, she used the vessel to attack the Imperial Alliance, after she recieved the fortunate news that the Imperial Alliance had fallen and that Rambo Nation was now taking back colonies that were conquered by the Imperials. Amiaetadiala recieved her first and probably most important mission of all, she was to attack and conquer the former Imperial Alliance Capitol in Quadrant 82, Impaerusqiantia. The battle was hard and long, and there were casualties but the Rambo forces were stronger, since the Imperials were left in chaos upon there leaders fall. Proudly she contacted Rambo Command, Impaerusqiantia had fallen into Rambo hands, and they had even captured some prominent captains of the former Imperial Alliance. After the battle she resumed her mission of protecting Rambo space, though due to her promotion and joining of the space fleet she abandoned the Esperanca and took command of the Galaxy Class V2 USS Malevolent.

Yet, with the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War and the Vartekian War, she saw no action and was ordered to guard the Inner Colonial Sector.

Battle near the Dissia System

Near the end of the sixth month of 04 AQF he met with rear admiral Amiaetadiala of the USS Malevolent near the Dissia system. The rear admiral was escorted by Captain Kloplyna of the USS Reliant. They were to inspect the defense grid of the inner colonial sector. Sadly a Grox fleet intercepted them, using a secret transwarp tunnel and engaged the Rambo ships. Taken by surprise the USS Reliant suffered heavy damage by a Grox Dreadnought. Also the USS Malevolent suffered damage by Grox Figthers and Silveria used the USS Juno to cover for the rear admiral, but the ship also suffered heavy damage. Out of a sudden the USS Antietam arrived and opened fire at the Grox fleet. This sudden appearance allowed the USS Reliant and USS Malevolent to escape, and Silveria knew the Zarbriaek captain sacrificed himself for the Nation. As the USS Antietam exploded the USS Juno escaped the Grox and headed to Koerband to inform the fleet stationed there. While Amiaetadila herself headed to the capital systemto alert Rambo Nation Command and inform Admiral Ramaxar. In the 12th month of the year 04 AQF the USS Malevolent recieved the V2 Mk. II upgrade. She later retired for reasons she didn't wish to explain.

The Esperanca

Amiaeria Cruiser (back)

Amiaeria Cruiser (front)

The Large Amiearia Cruiser Esperanca was the second Amiaeria Cruiser launched into service under the Rambo Nation banner. A massive ship, measering over 8000 meters, this ship inhabits many a crew, mobile suite droids and contains heavy weaponry, shields, private rooms and some luxary accomodations, but also rooms for training, excersises, class rooms, shuttle hangars and ofcourse the bridge. With over 12 engines, the ship propels herself through space and can even make jumps, but due to her size and slowness, the ship is an easy target and is not very agile.

The Esperanca also carries the Unification Class fighters, a new fighter class of Rambo Nation. Command was later given to an Amiaeria Captain, whom did not serve the Rambo Nation fleet.

USS Malevolent

USS Malevolent (V2)

USS Malevolent (V2. Mk. II)

The USS Malevolent is a heavy cruiser-exploration ship. Rambo Nation build this class after Rambam returned with the USS Venture from a alternate future. Build for both exploration and battle the Galaxy Class became the top of the line of the Rambo Fleet, considered the most promisable and strongest ship of the fleet.

It is equipped with many phasers, quantom torpedoes, photon torpedoes. It could also seperate her saucer if neccessarily. The ship has a length of 614 meters and need a crew of 1014 to operate efficient. In the last month of the year 04 AQF the USS Malevolent was upgraded to the V2 Mk. II status, with a sleaker design, the newest shield generators and powerful weapons. She is also able to fire transphasic torpedoes.

Former Fleet Captains[]

Captain Klopplar

A member of the Kloppig Empire who serves on a Rambo Nation Star Ship, namely the Experimental Ship Class, the USS Merced. This is an experimental ship. He is a respected Captain in both Rambo Nation and the Kloppig Empire.


USS Merced

Klopplar was born in the year 39 BQF. During the Algernon War, Captain Kloppig was a Captain in the Kloppig Empire. When his ship was destroyed during a massive battle between the Algernon and the Alliance, Captain Kloppig was saved by a Rambo Ship. But when that ship was under attack, the Captain of the Rambo Ship died in battle and the ship was left without it. He took command of it and with it saved the crew from destruction. Losing a ship in the Klopig Empire and being still alive as Captain is a crime and he was charged for trails. But the Rambo Emperor, impressed by his skill to command a Rambo Ship, with technology unknown to him, contacted the leader of the Kloppig Empire and they made an agreement.

Captain Kloppig was transfered to Rambo Nation and was made Captain of the USS Merced, an experimental ship of Rambo Nation. The leaders said it was for diplomatic reasons, but Klopplar knew he was given a second change. Although his transfer made some of the Rambo Captains uneasy. Eventually he became good friends with Captain Ramcard.

Captain of the USS Merced

When he took command of the USS Merced, he was given the task to find out if it was possible to achieve transwarp, something illegal by the Noble Alliance. He none the less agreed with it and made sure it was kept a secret.

During his command of the ship, he has been involved in battles with the Lizardians and the Resistance. He also saved the Colonie of Proogency once from the Grox. He is very proud of the fact he can command a new type of ship within Rambo Nation, and he became an example for others of the Kloppig Empire. He joined the Task Force to aid the Seven Starr Alliance, but when the attacks didn't accure, he was called back to Rambo Space and he is currently investigating some newly discovered Worm Hole. When the Imperial Alliance attacked the Dissia System it was withdrawn to Rambo Command.

Fleet Captain

As Ramashe was crowned Empress, Captain Klopplar was promoted to Fleet Captain of the 5th Fleet of Rambo Nation. He was very proud of this as he was the first Kloppig to became a Fleet Captain in the history of Rambo Nation. Shorlty after his promotion he was send to aid the Human Republic to destroy the Evil God, Kamik Shi. After the battle he recieved information of Rambo Command that the Imperial Alliance had atttacked the Dissia System and the Capitol System. He now hastened himself back to Rambo Space with the 5th Fleet to aid Rambo Nation.

Galactic War

The USS Merced disables the Vetar and the Star Destroyer escorts with other Rambo ships

When he finally arrived in the Rambo Capitol System he witnessed the 1st Fleet facing heavy casualties. His fleet engaged the Imperial forces and they were able to make a stand.

the Lusankya crippled the USS Merced

However it took the arrival of Captain Ramcard and the 12th Fleet to defeat the Imperial Fleet. When the Imperial Fleet retreated Captain Klopplar persued the Vetar and disabled the two Star Destroyers escorts with some other Rambo ships. Aboard the Vetar Saurien Representive Saraxvrantrix surrended and was taken captive.

Shortly after, he was ordered by Empress Ramashe to engage the Imperial and Tralor Forces in the Dissia System. As the first strikes proved succesfull, his favor soon turned against him as the Chimera and the Lusankya joined the fight and soon crippled Klopplar's entire fleet. During the battle the Lusankya crippled the USS Merced and the Lizardian Commander took Klopplar captive and was interrogated. He was later freed by Rambo forces when Captain Ramcard and a massive fleet defeated the Tralor and Imperial Forces in the Dissia System. He now recovers and his ship is being repaired.

Engaging Aur'Lodin's fleet

USS Merced vs the Vetar

Second Galatic War (0 BQF)

During the Second Galactic War Captain Klopplar was send with an Allied Fleet to intercept the Lusankya and defeat her fleet. However, during the battle things turned out differant.

When the first wave of attack was defeated, he send in the remaining of the Fleet. Succesfully driving the Imperials in corner, but after a fight with the Vetar a part of the fleet was crippled and when forming a new tactic, Klopplar necglected to notice 3 Star Destroyer closing in on his position and when he noticed it was too late. The 3 Star Destroyers cornered the USS Merced and opened fire. The ship shields soon collapsed and systems were overloading. When the ship fell apart it exploded, taking all hands with her. Including that off Captain Klopplar.

Destruction of the USS Merced

Ships Commanded

- Captain Klopplar is the first none Rambo Captain of a Rambo Ship. - The original design was made by Maxis, it was adjusted to function in this fanfic. - That his joining ment that more Kloppig went to join Rambo Nation Space Fleet.

Captain Ramdleton is the Captain of the USS Pearson, a Saber Class Ship. He is a loyal Captain, who doensn't shy away for a fight. He is 185 years old.

Captain Ramdleton

Captain of the USS Pearson

When Ramdleton graduated from the Academy, he worked his way up from ensign to Captain. During those years he served on differant ships, like the USS Dallas, USS Hathaway and the a few years at Rambo Command. When gaining the rank of Captain, he was assigned to the USS Pearson, a newly class ship which could make his dreams come true. To be active at the front line. When in command, he participated in the Lizardian Threat, in Rambo Resistance fights and currenly is heading to the Deep Space Colonie 02. When arriving there he was assigned to protect the Colonie of Ramhall. Sadly, the Colonie of Ramhall fell shortly after the fall of Ramirith and he was withdrawn to make a stand on Tircos. He later went to DSC02 to prepare himself for the final battle in the Tigris War.

Coalition of Allies

When the Rambo migrated to the new Galaxy, they thought they were the last Rambo alive and formed with there allies in the Tigris Galaxy the Coalition of Allies. The start was difficult, but they managed to push threw. Captain Ramdleton was given command of the Saber Task Force, the attack fleet of the Coalition of Allies. When the truce with the Xhodocto was made, he returned to Quadrant 82 and re-joined the Rambo Fleet.

USS Pearson moments before destruction, the USS Saratoga engages the Rambulan Hunter

The ARS Protector is greeted by the USS Adelphi and escort.

Second Galactic War

During the Second Galatic War, Ramdleton was send to aid the evacuation of Stasje, even though he had just returned to Quadrant 82. However, upon arriving at Stasje he was taken under fire by the Hunter, under command of El't'Vall, the hits were direct and disabled most of the systems. Ramdleton then ordered to evacuate the ship, when he evacuated, he was picked up by the USS Saratoga, and he witnessed the destruction of his ship, the USS Pearson. The Rambulan ship then withdrawn. Afterwards, he was promoted to become the Captain of the USS Adelphi, the Royal Shiop of Empress Ramashe. He later participated in the defense of the Rambo Capitol and the liberation of her afterthe capture by Imperial Hands. But he had to get used to this kind of large ship, a royal ship to be said. But soon earned the trust of Ramashe and the crew and he escorted her on the various state visits and travels of the Empress (for example to the URC and the CoreFed).

During the Intergalactic War Captain Ramdleton commanded the vessel and hailed the Acientia. He was also present with the meeting between Captain Anciaddwia and Empress Ramashe. He later escorted the ARS Protector to the Rambo Capitol.

Captain of the USS Inchon

Ramdleton was surprised to learn that the USS Adelphi was to be retired from active service, as she was not part of the V2 fleet. Saddened to learn that he was given the 3rd ship in his carrier, his new ship brought a smile upon his face, and was a carreer change for him. The USS Inchon was a Forrestal Class Carrier, which carried the "Paradiso Squad", a fighter sqaud. However, the crew was happy with Ramdleton, and Ramdleton himself too. With the Figher Squad, he could participate in many battles, and he hopes to one day make up his own battle tactic.

He fought during the final battles of the Girdo Civil War where the USS Inchon became heavily damaged. But to his surprise he was called to the Empress, whom he considered a friend.

Fleet Captain & Suiliagothrond

Prow-mounted bombardment phaser fires at 79%

Ramdleton was promoted by her to Fleet Captain and was given the Suiliagothrond Battlestation to command. He was proud of this fact and now vows to protect Rambo Nation at all costs with Rambo Nation's first superweapon.

Yurrus, after being targeted at 15%

One of his first action was to test the weapon after it was launched from Lesrekta and they targeted a moon. Firing the prow-mounted cannon at 79% it destroyed the moon completly. Later on, during the third month of the Quadrantia Disorder Ramdleton was ordered by Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak to approach Yadumarth. Starting the Second Battle of Yadumarth, within hours the RNS (Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond forces) conquered most of Yadumarth. The leader of the Yudumarians, Geldrim still refused to surrender and Ramdleton was ordered by the Empress (Dhazhrak) to approach Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth and he was to target the city with the prow-mounted cannon and had to fire it at 15%. He complied, though first with doubts but followed orders anyway. The attack destroyed Yurrus and killed all 28.000 citizen within a minute. Immedate he felt regret, and this act would sure haunt his nigthmares for the rest of life.

Battle of Rambo Prime

After a part of the surrounding fleet had been destroyed by the traitor known as Tukio Nutria, Ramdleton left Yadumarth (together with the station ofcourse and his fleet) and regrouped elsewhere within Rambo territory. This turned out to be Rambo Prime, where Ramdleton and his crew were assigned to protect the planet and secure the Wormhole Plateau, an imporant strategic location. Later on, during the start of the sixth month of 04 AQF the Battle of Rambo Prime occured, started by a Confederate Fleet under command of Admiral Lizaconda. Taken by surprise they managed to fire the massive weapons and destroyed Tukio Nutria his prized Acquistor in an instance. With further aid of the various ships near the station they forced the Confederate forces to retreat. As Ramdleton prepared the station to warp to Karzhamahri Nui, to take her back from Confederate hands he recieved an emergency code by the Marscascus, 00/01ImpRmshe and returned back to the Rambo Capital.

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

There he awaits his further command, but his fears are growing seeing the secret code and the news of a Grox attack! However he remained at guard duty for quite some while, even witnissing the relaunch of the USS Enterprise-A. When the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui started he was in command of the massive Rambo fleet to retake Karzamahri Nui from Confederate hands.

Destruction and end!

With two subcommanders he engaged the Confederate fleet. During the battle he managed to destroy a Confederate Rescure Class Light Destroyer. After two hours of battle the Rambo gained the upper hand over the Confederate fleet and Ramdleton gave this news to the Rambo fleet and told them to hold on. However Lizaconda, the Confederate Admiral leading the Confederate fleet was not yet defeated.

It later turned out that Lizaconda was targeting the station with sending more Confederate ships at it's location. As the station was hammered at various decks were damaged. When various Rambo ships came to aid the station all of a sudden a Providence Class cruiser of the Confederacy dropped out of hyperspace. It turned out to be the Resistancia and chrashed straight into the Suiliagothrond. With the orbital bombardment cannon and the warp cores overloading a massive explosion shockwave destroyed various ships and even hit the surface of Karzamahri Nui. With the explosion building up it destroyed the station with all hands, kiling Ramdleton within an instance and ending the fleet captain his life.

Ships Commanded

Former Captains[]

Captain Baletearius

Aurilithiae Order

Captain Balatearius, the first Captain of a New Order ship, the USS Enterprise A, a Constitution Refit Class V2. This Balasearia admires the Serindia and the Visaria, and is a great supporter of the Aurilithiae Order.

Proudly yet still young he achieved command of the new Order ship, constructed by the Serindia. He now vows to explore space and meet new civilizations and hopefully they will one day join the Aurilthiae Order. With his crew he now travels through the Quadrant Galaxies, in hopes of finding other species or remnants of the Old Orcer.

He is bold, reckless and has his own fighting style, some see him as the perfect captain to command the USS Enterprise-A. After the Hutters declared war he fought and survived the early battles was later on was chrash landed at a colonie of the New Order. There, in time he and many others were saved by Captain Rambam and brought to his timeframe, of the Old Order.

Rambo Nation

Battle of Cyroenia

Upon arriving at Fornaeria, Balatearius helped Rambam at the bridge and after defeating the Imperials, he went to the Rambo Capitol where he recieved several weeks of lessons of the matters and ways of Rambo Nation. Afterwards, he joined the Rambo Space fleet and due to his experience and as an act of friendship to the Balasearia, he became captain of the USS Oraidhe, a Galaxy Class V2. He then maid her maiden voyage and went to the Shipyards to recieve further updates about the new class.

Captain Balatearius was present during the Battle of Cyroenia in the year 04 AQF, during the long and devastating battle the USS Oraidhe recieved light damage. During the battle, he opened fire at the Liberty II, but was forced to hold her attack due to the timely arrival of more Confederacy ships. Afterwards he remained at Cyroenia and became part of the joined Cyrandia fleet stationed there to defend those shipyards. In the 12th month of 04 AQF Captain Baletearius returned to the Shipyards of Rowar where the USS Oraidhe recieved a massive upgrade, the so called V2. Mk. II. Afterwards he resumed his duties elsewhere in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Upon the signing of the Concordat and Rambo Nation becoming a protectrate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus captain Balatearius returned to the capital to raise his voice against it. His objections were ignored and he returned to New Ramirith where he vanished. He is presumed missing in action- whether he was kidnapped or simply went underground is currently unknown.

Ships Commanded

Captain Divarettie is a Diva-Bettie and a non Rambo Captain who joined the Rambo Nation Space Fleet.

Although the Kloppig were already active within the Space Fleet, Divarettie, a former advisor to Rambo Nation asked if she could join the Space Fleet to establish better relationships between Rambo Nation and the Diva Bettie Remnant. The Rambo Council, surprised by this move allowed this, because Divarettie was known for her medical skills. And so after her Academy years, she was given the rank of Captain and was given command of the USS Pasteur, a medical ship.

Captain Divarettie

Her promotion to Captain made a lot of the Rambo Captain, and even some Kloppig Captain uneasy, since none had forgotten there history teachings about the Diva-Bettie War.

Captain of the USS Pasteur

When assuming command of the USS Pasteur, on her first journey to the Willa-2 System the ship became under siege, but they were saved by the USS Divide of Captain Ramirrking, but after founding out it was a none Rambo Captain, he admitted to her that if he had known it, he wouldn't have aided her.

She picked up the wounded in the Willa-2 System, were she met Captain Ramborwski, who was surprised to see a Diva-Bettie as Captain, but none the less welcomed her in the Fleet. When the wounded were treated aboard the ship they were transported to the Rambo Capitol System, were she awaited her new mission. She was ordered to the Deep Space Colonie 03 to give medical support and was guarded by the USS Reliant.

It later was caught in the battle for the Dissia System by Imperial Alliance forces and stayed there since the DSC03 was blown up by Judge Magister Ramhis himself. During the Second Galactic War and the early days of the Intergalactic War Divarettie was hauling injured soldiers and crewmembers to the Rambo Capitol. However, when the V2 fleet was introduced, she had to stay at the shipyards of Rowar to await the Olympic Class update to the V2 status. She later recieved her V2 ship and returned to her medical duties. As Rambo Nation made contact with the Trivoid, they allied them but they were later in trouble. As there homeplanet has been devasted by a virus one of the last ships crashed at the planet known as Mars. The Trivoid asked for aid and Divarettie was nearby, but due to solar radiation the USS Pasteur long range transmission device and warp drive were put offline and it was a close call. However she arrived in time and saved the Trivoid. She then welcomed them onboard and told them they needed a medical examination. Afterwards she retired from her function and enjoyed her new life at Nertharia.

Ships commanded

She is the only Diva Bettie who became Captain within Rambo Nation, -The original design is made by Maxis, is was adjusted to function in this fan faction. - That she is pretty eccentric?

Captain Junelda

Captain of the USS Rutledge

USS Rutledge and USS Krassio engage Confederacy forces at Ramsoria Run

Jundelda belongs to the same species as Uruviel, the unknown female humanoids. After graduating at the Acadamy in 04 AQF she was given the USS Rutledge, the newly launched New Orleans Class V2 to command. Now as captain she prepares to serve her Nation with all her aballities and cunning. She is bold, yet unexperienced it battle and can be quite stubborn..

Her first action, only three days after recieving command of the USS Rutledge she engaged Confederacy forces at the Ramsoria Run, which was overrun and breached after the fall of Karzhamahri Nui into Confederacy hands. The famous and imporant Trade Route now was a battle field, as Confederacy ships and Rambo Nation ships clashed in the breached parts of the route. Together with Captain Ramburgo of the USS Krassio they managed to destroy two Confederacy ships, with a third escaping. Junelda was pleased, the new class has proven herself and she was the first New Orleans Class captain to engage the Confederacy (and with success).

Battle of Rambo Prime

After engaging more Confederate ships at the Ramsoria Run she was assigned to join Fleet Captain Ramdleton of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation in the defense of Rambo Prime. Awaiting the arrival of Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy, they managed to surprise the enemy forces as the massive space station destroyed the Acquistor, the ship of the traitor known as Tukio Nutria. After destroying a Confederate Frigate, the enemy fleet withdraw and Junelda wanted to persue together with the space station. But Rambo Command called back the fleet to retake Karzhamahri Nui (her second objective) and was called on stand-by.

As the station left Rambo Prime and headed to the Capital Sector, Junelda and her crew were reassigned to patrol the Ramsoria Run and protect civilian ships and cargo freighters. However, as the USS Rutledge was suffering from teethings the ship was called back to the shipyards and Junelda was given a new ship to command.

Captain of the USS Attentive

Second Battle of Rametru Nui

Junelda was given a new Korolev Class to command, the newest addition to the Rambo fleet. She recieved command of the ship in the seventh month of the year 04 AQF and she was assigned to the rapid response unite of 15 Korolev classes to protect the capital planet from possible harm.

Yet a few weeks later, Junelda was assigned to the Rambo/URC taskforce to retake Rametru Nui from Confederate control, which would result in the second battle for Rametru Nui. The task force was led by Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas. When the operation started Junelda was the first to arrive at Rametru Nui, and in front of the Terror of Stars she decloacked the USS Attentive and fired photon torpedoes as the Mortalitas Dreadnought and used a spear phaser to spread chaos for the other Confederate frigates. Seconds after the Rambo/URC reinforcements arrived and the battle was unleashed.

USS Attentive opening fire at the Dreadnought

Lasting for over two hours, with aid of the heavy firepower of the URC star destroyers and the transphasic torpedoes of the USS Dallas the Confederate forces were forced to withdraw from Rametru Nui. After the battle Junelda celebrated victory at Rametru Nui but after the party was forced to write down a lengthy report about the use of the cloacking device and the operational satus of the USS Attentive during the battle.

A few months later, she travelled to Ivalaë at orders of Senator Chuinaylia, though she did it cloacked. When Chuinaylia, Ktrn and Chiaoik were at the bridge she decloacked and opened fire at the Mortalitan Fist, damaging various sections. The confusion allowed Junelda to teleport the three to the ship to safety. At the same moment the second battle of Ivalaë started but Junelda escaped the battle as she was to bring the senator and her escort to safety back to the Rambo capital.

After guard duties for quite some time she was sad to learn of events that the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had defeated the Rambo Navy in orbit of the capital. Empress Ramashe was forced to sign the Concordat, turning Rambo Nation into a protectrate of the Empire.

A year later she was informed the Korolev class was to be retired from active service, Junelda decided to withdraw from active service and settled herself at a planet to start a life of farming, together with her husband. A few days before her last day she informed her crew she was pregnant and left. She wasn't seen at the Capital since then anymore and settled herself at Eris, now located in Quadrant 21.

Ships Commanded

Captain Ramanyia

She is a Captain of Rambo Nation and a good friend to Captain Ramborwski. She is stationed at the Outer Colonie of Proogency, the Outer Colonie with a modern fleet and close to Grox Borders.

Although still young to be considered to be a Captain, and one of the only female Captains she is determined to prove herself. She doesn't shy away to achieve her goals, probably one of the reasons she is monitoring the Grox. She took her ship, a Galaxy class the USS Odyssey, many times into Grox space to explore their behavior and tactics. On multiple moments, her ship came under attack and was almost lost. But none the less, she still goes into Grox space for missions and has even succeeded to get the Grox to communicate with her ship and to give her missions. If their will ever be peace with the Grox, lies to her diplomatic skills. She was also inflicted in some conflict with the Resistance


Captain Ramanyia

She was born at 25 BQF.

Biography and history

Captain Ramanyia was born during the Algernon War on the Capitol of Rambo Nation. In her younger years, she was already determined to become a Captain, even when she was only 6 years old. When in childhood, instead of playing with dolls, she played with toys of soldiers and star ships, proving the fact that she wanted to join Rambo Space Fleet.

Her parents were against this, they rather wanted her to become a model or a worker on the Capitol planet. But when she finished her high school and showed interest in joining the Rambo Space Fleet Academy , her parents approved this and were very proud of her. She was the first of their family to join the Space Fleet. While on the academy, she noticed how very few females were on it. She was one of the only of her class, which proved to be difficult for her. On her Academy years she met Ramborwski and they became good friends, even for a while very close friends.

Aboard the USS Dallas.
She graduated from the Academy as an Ensign and she was assigned to the USS Dallas of Captain Ramcard.

USS Dallas

When on service on the USS Dallas, she worked on tactical and science stations, although not on the bridge. When they were attacked by a Lizardian Cruiser, her tactic of rotating shield frequencies proved to be successful and they managed to escape the enemy vessel with minimal damage. Due to this Captain Ramcard promoted her to Lieutenant and assigned her to a new project on the Outer Colonie of Proogency.
The Grox Project

The Outer Colonie of Proogency was located near the mysterious and legendary Grox. She was assigned to observe the Grox and map their territory, and if possible, locate and enter the Core of Quadrant 82. As it turned out, the project became a failure as the observer ship was immediately attacked upon by 4 Grox ships. The ship crashed at a Grox Colony and most of the crew went missing.

Ramanyia, however took this as an opportunity and began observing the Grox from close distance, what she did was remarkable, she found out they were half cyborg and identified most of their vessels. She was later rescued by the USS Hood and was brought back to Proogency to discuss the things she saw.

Proogency as seen from high orbit

USS Odyssey

Captain of the USS Odyssey

Due to her research she was promoted to Captain and was assigned to the USS Odyssey, a Galaxy Class ship. With it, and thanks to her research, it was possible to make an alliance with the Grox and that was the mission of the USS Odyssey. Although, there has not been an alliance with the Grox as of speaking, they seem to refuse this.

Upon the launch of the ship she immediately set a course for Grox Space and were not attacked, since they had weapons down. They could investigate a lot of the Grox Space and the Grox ways, but sometimes also had battles with it. During one of these battles she was slightly injured, and during the mission she failed to approach the Galactic Core of Quadrant 82 and lost almost half of her crew due to frequent attacks of the Grox. After mapping most of the Grox Space around the Galactic Core of Quadrant 82 she returned to Proogency and began assisting Captain Ramborwski with the Resistance and began defending Proogency from Lizardian attacks.

Battle of Proogency

Captain Ramanyia is a well respected Captain, and one of the only female Captains in Rambo Nation. Her courage and knowledge of the Grox is highly respected and she has proven to be a very good Captain. It also seems that she has some sort of relationship with Captain Ramborwski, or at least shows interests in him.

During the Second Galactic War the Imperial Alliance attacked Proogency and managed to defeat Ramanyia her forces and took her captive. After her fleet was defeated Captain Lizrawn, whom led the attack began monitoring the transmission at the listening post of Proogency and began using this in the war efforts of the Imperial Alliance.

USS Odyssey Side view

Later on Captain Lizrawn left Proogency and Ramanyia was called back to Rambo Command to be called for her actions, her ships was also decomissed and Rambo Command charged her with that she failed to defned Proogency, the most important listening post of Rambo Nation, and there for she was relieved from command of the USS Odessey (the ship was retired due to the V2 fleet and the Galaxy V2 update was delayed). However, as Ramanyia was well informed about the Grox, and knew the territory as no one else she was given command of the USS Stargazer, a powerfull Constellation Class V2 and a decent battlecruiser. Proudly, Ramanyia returned back to Proogency to monitor events and incoming transmission there. Upon learning of her love interesst his death, Ramborwski had died during the Siege of Javan by the hands of the Vartekians, the so called members of the G8 and seemingly allies. Ramanyia vowed revenge and she took the USS Stargazer against Rambo Command there will and she is now listed as a fugative. Her wherabouts after the theft of the USS Stargazer are unknown.

Ships Commanded

Captain Rambam

One of the newer captains of Rambo Nation, he likes to do adventures and soon rose to become one of the greatest and well known captains of Rambo Nation. Captain Rambam was born 32 BQF and was considered one of the great soldiers in Rambo Nation during the Lizardian Attack. After surviving this and saving his team he was promoted from Lieutenant to the rank of Capatain and was transferred to the Space Fleet so that he could command his own ship.

Later on even served the Rambo Nation Gods in a mission for salvation and was killed by mortal term during the Second Battle of Matakoro, during the devastating Great Cyrannus War.

See: Captain Rambam.

Captain Ramborwski

Captain Ramborwski was born at the date of 27 BQF during the Algernon War. He was born on the Rambo Capitol, in Rambo City.

When he was 7 years old it is known that he broke his wings during a dangerous free fall from a huge tower. He had to been in the hospital for 3 weeks. When he finished high school Ramborwski entered the Rambo Space Fleet Academy.

Captain Ramborwski

The Academy

Ramborwski found the Academy one of the most fun times of his lives. He did many jokes on fellow students and teachers. He joined the Acadamy at

He graduated with high marks and graduated as a Lieutenant. During the Acedemy, he also met Captain Ramanyia|Ramanyia and they became very close friends. During the high school years she and he had private lessons by Captain Ramaxar who acted as their mentor.

It was Captain Ramaxar who transffered Ramborwski to the USS Hood.

Aboard the USS Hood
The USS Hood stood under command of Captain Rambas II, one of the 3 older Captains still alive in Rambo Nation.

USS Hood

He was assigned to the Science station on the bridge and he learned a lot from Captain Rambas. For most of the time they did transport or exploration missions, but when the Lizardian Threat emerged, they engaged into battle were the ship recieved heavy damage and Ramborwski was hurt in battle. None the less, while being hurt he found a weak spot in a Lizardian Cruiser and informed the Captain, with it they managed to destroy the Lizardian Cruiser and managed to remain alive.

They were later saved by the USS Bellerophon under command of Captain Ramkoty. Captain of the USS Thomas Paine After the battle Ramborwski was promoted to Captain and was given command of the USS Thomas Paine, a New Orleans Class.

USS Thomas Paine

The USS Thomas Paine ambushed by a Resistance Fleet

But shortly after his promotion which ment great oppurtiny to become one of the greater Captains of Rambo Nation a disaster for Ramborwski happened. He and Admiral Ramgorio had an argument and probalby something worser.Because of this Captain Ramborwski was send to Guard the Outer Colonies together with a Fleet of older classes, like the Constitution, Miranda and Kelvin Classes.

Furious by this, he none the less accepted this.

The Resistance

When arriving at the Outer Colonies he found out that Rambo Nation had lost it's foothold there and was overrun by the Resistance. So he engaged into battles with the Resistance and became the Arch Enemy of the Resistance, but also the Hero of the Outer Colonies.

The USS Thomas Paine recieved a lot of damage during the battles and he lost a lot of ships but he managed to take back a lot of Colonies who didn't want to join the Resistance and so he began the War against the Resistance.

The Battle of Juvan

During this time he also met Ramanyia again and it seems they are somehow romantically involved, but both are (still) denying that.

During the Resistance conflicts the USS Thomas Paine was a frequent target, but managed to escape every time. The Resitance and the 18th Fleet also endured a time of fragile peace, which Ramborwski used to upgrade ships and more defences on the Colonies.

Galactic War

When the Imperial Alliance declared war on Rambo Nation they allied the Resistance and soon the Outer Colonies were under attack. The Resistance soon sended a fleet to take over the Outer Colonie Juvan, Capitol of the Willa-2 System.

Battle of Erion

When the USS Divide evaded fire from the NX-01 Enterprise it was soon joined by a Resistance Fleet and took the 18th Fleet by surprise. But to fast thinking of Ramborwski, the battle turned into favor of the 18th Fleet and during the fight he managed to heavily damage the NX-01 Enterprise. When the Resitance feet retreated he persued with a part of the 18th Fleet and began attacking the Resistance Capitol Colonie of Erion.

Capture of Ramgaro.

During the Battle of Erion the USS Thomas Paine crippled the NX-09 Avenger and after a few hours, Ramborwski and the 18th Fleet took control of Erion and the main Ship Yard of the Resistance. Due to this, they blocked the Emmette's escape but after a surprise attack she still managed to elude capture.

However the Emmette was shot down by a nearby Rambo Ship and Ramborwski and a landing party beamed down. Afer finding the chrashed Emmette they took the Resistance leader, Ramgaro captive and Ramborwski sended him to the secret Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison.

There he was placed in a prison cell and was interrogated. During the Second Galactic War Ramborwski mostly kept out of the battles, as it did not involve the Outer Regions. 1 year after the Second Galactic War Ramborwski was withdrawn to the Rambo Capitol, as they needed Captains whom had a lot of experience in battle to engage the many enemies of Rambo Nation who dared to attack them. Much to the dismay of Ramborwski himself, he abandoned his position at the Outer Regions and returned to the Rambo Inner Regions.

Battle at New Erion

Captain of the USS Teotihuacan

Upon arriving there, Ramborwski learned of the V2 fleet and heard that the USS Thomas Paine was to retire from active service, saddened he complied and said his ship goodbye, but he recieved a new ship, namely the Quetzalcoatl-Class USS Teotihuacan. With it, he was allowed to return to the Outer Colonies and once again became the Fleet Captain of the 18th Fleet. Happily he returned to Javan, to meet with the new Lady Ambassador, which he like a lot. Since she and he himself thought the same, they soon fortified the defences of the outer colonies.

When the sun of New Erion went nova, it destroyed the new homeworld of the Resistance and destroyed every life in the system. After informing Rambo Command he was send to the remains of New Erion with a URC ship to investigate. Upon arriving a few Imperial Ships arrived too and engaged the Rambo forces. With unknown ships that seemed more powerfull than before the Rambo and URC took damage and were forced to retreat. Tensions with the Imperials were once again rising.

Vartekian forces invade Javan

He later enjoyed a time of peace and explored the outskirts of Javan and the Outer Colonies. At 02 AQF he returned to Javan and aided in the fortification and rebuilding of Javan. He lived there in peace for 2 years until 04 AQF when the Vartekians launched an assault against Javan. Though Ramborwski managed to defend the colonie for a few hours transmission were jammed and as such could not ask for reinforcements. With the Vartekian cunning and masters of war the colonie fell in mere hours and upon meeting the Elite Vartekian Trooper who led the attack he was brutally killed by the sudden appeard General Zijika, who then claimed victory over Javan.

The citizens later burried Ramborwski while under the watchfull eyes of the Vartekian, a promising captain of the Space Fleet has perished in combat, something he always wanted. He died at the age of 31.

Ships commanded

Captain Ramkoty was the Captain of the USS Bellerophon. A respected Captain, but he disliked the fact that a Kloppig Captain, or other none Rambo species has been allowed into Rambo Nation. Ramkoty was born 39 BQF on the Rambo Capitol. When he was 18 he joined the Rambo Space Fleet and began his serving on the USS Hood.

Captain Ramkoty

He quickly rose to the rank of Captain due to the Algernon War and the Lizardian Threat were taking there tolls on Rambo Nation. When he was promoted to Captain he was given command of the Intrepid Class Ship, the USS Bellerophon.

Captain of the USS Bellerophon

His first mission was to aid the USS Hood who was under attack by a Lizardian Cruiser, the USS Hood was badly damaged and was in retreat. When Ramkoty arrived they opened fire at the Lizardian Cruiser, but had to retreat since the enemy ship was too strong.After that, he was patrolling the Inner Borders when his ship came trapped in a Nebula which they were investigating. After almost 28 days of searching a way out they were resqued by the Seleya, a D'Kyr Class Cruiser under command of the Insector Captain El'd'Shar. This began there friendship, a rarety for the Insector.

He was also send with Captain Ramcard to aid the S.S.A. but was withdrawn when no attacks were happening. When the was damaged by an ion storm the ship needed repairs. After the ship was repaired, he joined with El'd'Shar on a mission to explore and meet the Human Republic. The new members of the Noble Alliance.

The Seleya under attack of the Seterus, and the USS Bellerophon moments before destruction

However, halfway the Seleya and the Bellerophon were taken under attack when the a Rambulan Valdore Class, the RSS Soterus, decloacked. Taken by surprise the Soterus badly crippled the Bellerophon but was forced to withdrawn when the Seleya damaged the Rambulan ship in service of the Imperial Alliance.

The Bellerophon engines were destroyed and a Warp Core Breach destroyed the Bellerophon with all hands, and as such Ramkoty perished.

Ships Commanded

Captain Ramolla

Captain Ramolla is the oldest Captain recorded on this page. He was a Captain of the USS Bonaventura during the early years of Rambo Nation.


Captain Ramolla was promoted to captain shortly before the Trogg Wars. He was a Captain that was highly known and respected. When the first Warp 5 ship was finished, namely the USS Bonaventura command was given to Ramolla. He then was one of the leading Captains of Rambo Nation during the Trogg War and he survived the entire war. He led the 1st Fleet during that time, which excisted mostly out of Kelvin and Constitution Classes.

Captain Ramolla was the first captain who explored the future known Outer Colonial Sector and upon entering the Yadumarth System, he made contact with the Yudimaran after flying through the gas belt that surrounded the planet. The meeting was a grand succes and the natives of Yadumarth and Rambo Nation soon began trading and Rambo Nation began using the planet as a staging aread to explore the nearby wormhole and proving the newly constructed outer colonies with food and supplies. It would be his last succefull mission.

Bonaventura find her way through the Yadumarth gas belt

Shortly after the war with the Trogg stopped, and before the Golden Age of Rambo Nation, Captain Ramolla was send on a investigation mission when a strange anamoly was encountered in the Dissia System. When he entered the system the ship was caught in a heavy shockwaves which damages weapon, shields and the warp engines. When the USS Enterprise arrived, she was too late to save them, because when they arrived they saw the USS Bonaventura dissapearing in front of there eyes and the anamoly was gone.

After that Captain Ramolla was presumed lost, but it is not known what happened, and remains to this day a mystery.Later on in history, during the Intergalactic War Princess Ramtilsae discovered Ramolla's tomb at the Core of the Rambo Planet, when the Ancrevialia left the place, Ramolla's tomb was transferred to is home city on the Rambo Capitol.

USS Bonaventura

USS Bonaventura

The USS Bonaventura is a Bonaventura Class ship and the first ship with a Warp 5 engine. The ship was at her time one of the most prominent ships, but was soon replaced by the Constitution and Miranda Class.

The USS bonaventura was the flagship of the 1st fleet during the Trogg Wars and recieved heavy damage during the war. After the war the ship was dispatched to the Dissia System and dissapeared when the anamoly hit the ship and ship functions were failing. The USS Bonaventura was later discoverd at the Shrine of the Ultimate God, located at the Rambo Capitol Planet.

  • After his dissapearance, Captain Ramolla became a hero and a myth to Rambo Nation Civilians.
  • That current Captains still try to figure out what happened and one day hope to find him and the ship (before he was found).
  • After the loss of the USS Bonaventura, all other ships like that class were withdrawn from active service in respect for the ship and it's crew.
  • That some say the Rambo Gods took him and it's crew, and that they now are living eternal lives, secretly protecting the Rambo, later proven false.

Captain Ramoslin

Captain Ramaslin is a relatively new captain in the Rambo Space Fleet. He has served Vice Admiral Rambas II in the past and now commands the USS Phoenix, a new Phoenix-class. He is a strong supporter of the Cyrandia Alliance.

Early History

Captain Ramoslin was born on the Rambo Capital, and ever since he was a young boy he always had ambitions of becoming a captain. He was very good at school, and true to his aspiration, he joined the Rambo Fleet Academy. He grew to become a very talented recruit in the academy and had many friends to help him to reach his ultimate goal of becoming a starship captain.

The USS Phoenix severally damages a Confederate Cruiser.

Still in the academy during the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War, he grew fascinated by the exploits of the Rambo and the URC in all conflicts. He was overjoyed when he heard that the Cyrandia Alliance had been formed, and was glad that Cyrannus and the Quadrants were much closer then before.

Captain of the USS Phoenix

Battle of Nosiso

Upon graduating from the academy, he was given the USS Phoenix, a new prototype of the Pheonix-class starship. The Pheonix is one of the fastest and most powerful vessels in the Fleet, second only to the Galaxy-class and the Wells-class. Ramoslin was overjoyed with his new command ship, which serves under Vice Admiral Rambas II, in the Fleet of Retribution. Like the rest of the fleet, Ramoslin was sent to the Cyrannus Galaxy, and the space between it and the Quadrants in order to wage war on the Confederacy of Allied Systems. It wasn't long until the Confederacy decided to test the Rambo's new starship.

Battle against the Malevolent

While on route to Cyrannus, the USS Phoenix was stopped by a Confederate Cruiser, which disabled transmissions from the newly constructed ship. Thinking fast, Ramoslin fired three proton torpedoes directly at the larger enemy ship's bridge, disabling it permanently. Happy with the ship's first performance, Ramoslin continued course for Cyrannus and to the war ahead. When Vice-Admiral Rambas II left the war for new adventures Ramoslin became 3rd in command of the Fleet of Retribution.

When the Confederacy and URC clashed above Nosiso, the URC fleet seemed to face defeat. They turned the tide for a while but the appearance of a massive confederate ship obliberated most of the URC fleet and were forced to retreat. The battle of Nosiso, started by the URC was lost. Ramoslin retreated back to Ramparica. A few month later, in the eight month of the year 04 AQF he fought with Admirala Nagala of the Pride of the Core, together with various Rambo and URC captains against the Confederate General Zillum whom commanded the Malevolent.

Aiding Cretacea

Though it seemed a trap as the massive Confederate ship was defended by a Confederate fleet and after heavy losses, the Rambo/URC forces were withdrawing back to their own space.

After patrolling some borders and unable to prevent the destruction of Ramaprica Ramoslin swore revenge though didn't seem much action in 05 AQF until he aided Admiral Cretacea to liberate the Cavaneu homeworld. With his assistance they managed to drive away the Confederacy. Afterwards he stayed with Cretacea his fleet to aid them and act as messenger between him and Rambo Command.

After Rambo Nation was defeated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and became a prtectrate of them, Ramsolin remained in service of the navy until 02 NE when he learned his ship was to be retired. Unable to live with it he abandoned his crew as he didn't want to serve on another Rambo ship. Since then he hasn't been seen since and became listed as status unknown. It is believed he left for the Cyrannus Galaxy to find a job there.

USS Phoenix

The USS Phoenix

The USS Phoenix is the first Phoenix-class starship, constructed at Rowar Shipyards. The ship is capable of holding over 700 crew members, and is one of the fastest and powerful of Rambo Ships.

The Phoenix-class is one of the most advanced starships (second only to the Wells and Galaxy Class) of the Rambo Nation's armada. With her large size she is build for battle and is equiped with 20 phaser arrays, quantum and photon torpedos and is capable of Warp 9.975. The ship is a joint project by the URC and Rambo Nation. However, it is used solely by the Rambo Space Fleet and is most seen in active duty in service of the Fleet or Retribution, the most elite fleet of the Quadrant and Cyrannus Galaxies.

Though large, the ship is quite agile and is equipped with powerful shields to defend herself from hammering attacks. With large warp engines this ship is a dangerous encounter!

The ship was retired in 02 NE.

Captain Ramtterson is one of the older Captains of Rambo Nation, although not one of the Great 3, he is 192 years old. He commands the USS Devastor, an Akira Class ship. He is stationed at the Rambo Deeps Space Colonie 02 and he commands the 25th Fleet of Rambo Nation, which mostly exists out of Excelsior, Defiant and Miranda Class Vessels. And one Constitution class ship, that is commanded by Captain Ramikku.

Captain Ramtterson

It is known that Ramtterson was born 192 years ago in the Braafrena System, were he joined the military and afterward he joined the Rambo Space Fleet and was given command of the USS Devastor, a Akira Class Ship.

Captain of the USS Devastor

When he was a Captain, he participated in the Algernon War, the Lizardian Threat and fought against the Rambo Resistance. Around 2 years ago, Captain Ramtterson was promoted to Fleet Captain and was given command of the 25th Fleet who protects the Deeps Space Colonie 02. Which suited him fine, because it was a quiet area for a while. Around a few days ago, Captain Ramikku has been assigned to his fleet and he began teaching her how his tactics works, something she found difficult to understand, it weren't the standar Rambo Nation tactics. But none the less, she got through it and he began seeing her as her student.

Recently, around the area, it began uneasy, and his contacts were saying the a unknown Empire to Rambo Nation, became more active in the region, namely Cianju Alliance. He contacted Rambo Command, and they told him to wait till they made contact, and continue to explore that part of the Galaxy.

USS Devastor

During the entire war he moniterd the war and battles from his ship which was stationed at Deep Space Colonie 02. Near the conclusion of the war he evacuated all allies of Rambo Nation to the Colonie to make his final stand.

Leader of the Coalition of Allies

When the Rambo migrated to the new Galaxy, they thought they were the last Rambo alive and formed with there allies in the Tigris Galaxy the Coalition of Allies. The start was difficult, but they managed to push threw. As Fleet Captain, Ramtterson was voted leader of the Coalition of Allies and soon set out the lines and rules to survive in this new land.

When he encoutered Aur'Lumniassa he made peace with her and the natives and Princess Aur'Lumniassa became the new leader of the Rambo Coalition of Allies and Ramtterson was given command of the Space Fleet and became 2nd in Command. Upon the truce with the Xhodocto, they were able to return to Rambo Nation, were he kept his position. However, when the USS Devastor was called out of service, Ramtterson was given a new ship to command, but he kindly refused. Surprised, he had to discuss this with the Empress herself, and as such he explained his reasons. He fought against terrible enemies like the Xhodocto and the Imperial Alliance and the Trucinex. Now, he wanted to retire and live in peace. the Empress approved this, and wished him good luck. He then settled down on Rambo Prime.

Ships Commanded

Captain Ramuchi

Ramuchi is a Pantorilisea and the first of that Rambo Species to become a Captain within Rambo Nation. Although young, she is very brave and dares to take (unnessesary) risks.

Captain of the USS Prometheus

When Ramuchi became a Captain, she was given command of new and experimental Prometheus Class, capable of splitting apart in differant sections. It is also equipped with a cloacking device.

The ship was named the USS Prometheus and after the Galactic War she had her maiden voyage. Something Ramuchi was very proud and noble of to command such a new and strong vessel. However, the USS Prometheus was soon to be retired and branded a failiure and she was given command of the USS Enterprise-B, an Excelsior Refit Class V2.

Second Galactic War

The Prometheus vs the Vashee

As the ship is finished and is modified with all the newest technology, Ramuchi awaits her first mission. Her first mission, was to investigate and check upon the Koerbandian Guard and there functioning of protecting the Ambassador of Planet:Koerband|Koerband]], Ram'Vell. However, during the investigating the Colonie came under attack and Ramuchi became involved in the Second Galacic War. However, there were to many Star Destroyers and Ramuchi fled the Colonie. However, she noticed the Vashee, a ship branded a aid to the Imperials and she ordered to engage it. But the Vashee proved faster and soon escaped, but not before Ramuchi managed to destory one of the engines of the smugglers ships.

USS Enterprise-B arrives at Anio.

After numerous other none classified mission and during the early month of the Intergalactic War the USS Prometheus was retired from active service as it was not part of the newly ordered V2 Fleet, where many ships were to be retired and others would recieve massive updates (in systems, as well in appearance).

Captain of the USS Enterprise-B
Tralor Civil War

As the V2 Fleet was launched, Ramuchi was given command of the Excelsior Refit Class V2, the USS Enterprise-B, the new flagship of the 21th battlefleet of Rambo Nation. Proudly, and boosting her already arrogance. When she recieved intel that the Tralor Freedom Force was attacked by the New Lanat Empire, Ramuchi went with it to Empress Ramashe, where she recieved orders to prepare to aid the Tralor Freedom Force, she was the first Rambo Ship to arrive there and later on a Fleet would arrive to aid the Tralor Freedom Force. Ramuchi immdiatly left and set a course to the Tralor Freedom Force Captiol Planet.

Blockade of Ramsoria Run

Siege on Traloria

Upon arriving at Anio, she saw a massive ship graveyard of destroyed Tralor Freedom ships, knowing she was close to Tralor Empire, or now known as the New United Lanat Empire she decided to search for survivors, and send a transmission to Rambo Command, hoping reinforcements would arrive, since it was clear the Tralor Civil War had started. She later arrived with a large fleet at Ramsoria Run, a Trade Route of Rambo Nation to face the Tralor Blockade at Ramsoria. Yet, when tensions were rising the ULA fleet left and Ramuchi was pleased. She later joined up with Ramtainus, a captain whom faced the Tralor before, and together they led the siege on Traloria, which after heavy battles was a victory for the Rambo. They soon began fortifying the colonie, and both captains would become the lead captains of the Task Force and the battles against the ULA.

Battle of Fornaeria and aftermath

Battle of Fornearia starts.

During the battle of Ulbonia she recieved a transmission by Rambo Command, she was to attack and break the blockade of the Imperial Alliance at Fornaeria. Surprised the Imperials made there move, she did not like that she had to take her own ships of her fleet with her. This meant Traloria defences were diminishing. None the less she followed orders and attack the blockade at Fornaeria. Yet she could not imagen what would happen there!

See Battle of Fornaeria. After the battle of Fornaeria Ramuchi and her crew began exploring and mapping the new territories of Rambo Nation, with the joining of so many new species a lot was to be discovered. This continued until 04 AQF, when the Qaudrantia Disorder started and the [[Fiction:Great Cyrannus War|Great Cyrannus War broke out. Ramuchi hoped she would see the frontlines, yet she was not part of the Fleet of Retribution and was instead send to patrol borders. Something she hated. This changed when in the third month of 04 AQF she was send to aid the Nigtrion in their plan to destroy the Shadow Harvester.

Upon arriving at the place where the Shadow Harvester is located, in a pitch black, surrounded by a white aura place. There the Rambo fleet under Ramuchi battled the Loreontron, but faced casualties and some ships were destroyed. After a time of battle it seemed the Dark Harvester couldn't be destroyed and the allied fleet fled, however in the retreat Ulomio was kidnapped by an uknown force.

Third Battle of Yadumarth

After Ramuchi returned in the Tigris Galaxy, she headed to the shipyards of Rowar and the remaining Rambo ships headed to New Ramirith where the Rambo fleet regrouped and awaited further command. In the sixth month of the year 04 AQF the USS Enterprise-B was scheduled to recieve the V2 Mk. II upgrade. After the upgrade the ship was relaunched into service again and Ramuchi was assigned to explore and investigate the Confederate activity.

Barely escaping the massive shockwave

This investigation stopped when she became one of the two subcommander of fleet captain Ramdleton during the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui. During the battle she engaged the Confederate fleet and managed to destroy a Confederate frigate. After the USS Krassio managed to break through the Confederate blockade she remained at her position to push the Confederate fleet back, together with aid of the other Rambo ships.

However a disaster struck the Suiliagothrond when the Providence Class cruiser Resistancia chrashed into the massive station, The result was the destruction of the station, killing fleet captain Ramdleton and sending a massive shockwave which destroyed even more Rambo and Confederate ships. Barely escaping the shockwave the USS Enterprise-B became damaged and was forced to withdraw to the nearby moon as she was unable to fight further on in the battle.

Heavily damaged during battle!

However after regrouping the Conferacy launched another assault at the already crippled Rambo Nation fleet. Having no choice Ramuchi ordered her crew for battle once more but it soon turned out the Confederacy had taken the Rambo fleet by surprise and was about to overwhelm them. During the battle the USS Enterprise-B came under heavy attack by a Confederate light destroyer, damaging both her hull and port side. Having no choice the USS Enterprise-B faced a certain destruction. Yet the timely arrival of the USS Dallas and USS Challenger prevented the destruction and together they drove the Confederate ships away. When Ramcard took command of the fleet Ramuchi left the battle ground and went to the shipyards as the USS Enterprise-B needed lengthly repairs.

Near the end of the repairs Rambo Nation was defeated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and was forced to become a protectrate of them. Ramuchi, unable to live with this fact turned down her function as captain and left Rambo Command. She settled herself at the Capital where she lives a decent life, found a husband and a nice job in Rambo City.

Ships Commanded

Probably the most odd and strange looking and behaving Captain in Rambo Nation. A Captain for 35 years, he has lost an eye in the Algernon War and commands the USS Centaur. He is a very war like Captain.

Captain Ramyris

Captain Ramyris was born on a Prime Colonie of Rambo Nation during the Algernon War. During this time he first joined the military and was later transffered by General Rambo II to the Space Fleet to command a Centaur Class ship, namely the USS Centaur.

Captian of the USS Centaur

His first mission was to attack a nearby Colonie of the Algernon, instead of waiting for reinforcements he targeted the ships of the Algernon and went in there alone, and somehow he had made victory over them. He later fought in many battles in the Algernon War. During this war he also lost on eye when a Algernon boarding party attacked the ship. They managed to be driven off but Ramyris was hurt in the process and lost his eye. He still hates the Algernon for this and has not yet forgiven them, that is why he is never send to Algernon Space or near it.

After the Algernon war the Lizardian threat was annouced, when the Lizardian attacked the Inner Colonies Ramyris send his ship in coallision course and hit the Lizardian Ship. His ship was heavily damaged by it and the Lizardian ship retreated. Admiral Ramgorio was furious by this and demended his resign.

Battle above Ramgotheria

But General Rambo II Prevented this and Ramyris remained as Captain of a Star Ship. Reasons for doing this was that the General send Rambo Soldiers on board and so Captain Ramyris did missions for the General while avoiding the Admiral's authority. That is the reason why the Centaur is involved a lot in taking over Colonies because they carry over 100 soldiers on board to infiltrate Colonies or taking over of enemy ships. When the Imperial Alliance attack Rambo Nation he participated in numerous attacks against Imperial Ships.During the Second Galactic War Ramyris was part of a small task force to defend the colonie of Ramgotheria against the forces of the Ruin Sector Alliance. But he was unable to do so as the RSA forces were too strong and he was ordered to retreat. Shortly after the colonie of Ramgotheria fell into the hands of Captain Tul and the Ruin Sector Alliance.

Rambo Acadamy at Rambo City

When Empress Ramashe ordered the fleet to recieve the V2 status, Ramyris was travelling to the Rambo Capital and laid down his function of captain. Surprised, Ramashe offered him a new position, which he accepted. He now became the new head of the Rambo Academy of Rambo City.

USS Centaur
The USS Centaur is a battle ship which was designed during the Diva-Bettie War. The ship fought in that war and command was later given to Captain Ramyris during the Algernon War.

USS Centaur

After that the ship carried also soldiers aboard and saw many actions in taking over enemy colonies and ships.

The ship once recieved heavy damage during a collision course with a Lizardian Ship. Upon the introduction of the V2 fleet the USS Centaur was withdrawn from active service and was later destroyed as it was used for practice shooting by the V2 ships. Currenty her remains are floating in the orbital graveyards somewhere in the outer colonies.

Ramzhenko was a 65 years old Serindia and the former Captain of the USS Saratoga. A Miranda Class (Variant). He is a loyal Captain, but he often goes against his superious and when outnumbered, he is more likely to surrender then to fight.

When graduated from the Academy, he rose to the rank of Captain, and was given command of the USS Saratoga.

Captain Ramzhenko

Captain of the USS Saratoga

He was assigned to the Rambo Deep Space Colonie 02, which is located in the Tigris System. He became part of the 25th Fleet and became active in gaurding the Colonie. It later also participated in Operation Overlord. But after that, he was assigned to the 29th Fleet and became part of a Task Force led by Captain Ramashe to intercept and make diplomatic discussions with the Tralor Empire. But shortly after he was reassigned back to the 25th Fleet.

During his his time with the 25th Fleet he witnessed the fall of Ramirith and the Invasion of Ramhall. He then withdrawn to DSC02 to prepare himself for the final battle in the Tigris War.

Coalition of Allies

When the Rambo migrated to the new Galaxy, they thought they were the last Rambo alive and formed with there allies in the Tigris Galaxy the Coalition of Allies. The start was difficult, but they managed to push threw.

In the new Galaxy Ramzhenko was given command of the Colonia 02 Defense Fleet. When the truce with the Xhodocto was made, he returned to Quadrant 82 and re-joined the Rambo Fleet.

USS Pearson moments before destruction, the USS Saratoga engages the Rambulan Hunter

Second Galactic War

During the Second Galatic War, Ramzhenko came to the aid of Captain Ramdleton of the USS Pearson, but was unable to save the ship, but managed to pick off all the evacuated crewmembers and he forced the Rambulan ship, the Hunter to withdrawn.

USS Celcius attacked the Cognatus Assault Carrier

Captain of the USS Celcius

After the Second Galactic War and during the Intergalactic War Ramzhenko's ship, the USS Saratoga was retired from active service and he was given a new ship to command, surprised and annoyed at first, he was given command of the USS Celcius, a Newton Class with the V2 status. However, he soon accepted his new ship and was very proud of it.

The USS Celcius was then assigned to the 12th Fleet of Rambo Nation. Upon patrol duty he recieved distress calls from Ramahri Nova, they were under attack by a Cognatus Assault Carrier!. He soon arrived and managed to cripple several engines of the Congatus Assault Carrier which soon after fled the scene. Ramzhenko, worried about this went in persuit of the Cognatus Assault Carrier, since it couldn't go into Slip Stream.

He also prepared his ship for battle and tried to contact Captain Ramikku, but the Cognatus ship was jamming all signals. He followed the Cognatus ship to the Rambo Capitol and encountered Thel'Veliquam in Pantorlis and faced him. Yet not as good in combat as the Cognatus Captain, Ramzhenko was brutally killed by the angered Cognatus Captain.

Ships Commanded

<gallery position="center" bordercolor="#0059FF" widths<="200" captionalign="center"> File:Miranda_Class_(Variant).png|USS Saratoga File:Newton_Class.png|USS Celcius <gallery>


Captain Shinar

Captain Shinar was the first Red Serindia whom joined Rambo Command and the Space Fleet. He had a hard time at the Academy since the Red Serindia history is not that good. Upon becoming a captain he befriended Captain Ramuchi and served at her fleet.

Captain of the USS Celcius

Battle of Fornaeria starts.

Upon becoming captain, he recieved the USS Celcius as his new command, the ship was formerly commanded by Captain Ramzhenko, but he had perished during the Intergalactic War.

Though inexperienced in battle, he has proven himself during the Tralor Civil War, where he aided Ramuchi during the battle of Traloria and the Blockade of Ramsoria. He was later ordered by Ramuchi to escort her to the Rambo Outer Colonie of Fornaeria, where they engaged the Imperial Alliance.

The Brassbound and Laberynth collied

When Ramuchi was escorting the Krakana Class vessels to the surface, he took command of the remaining ships and began engaging the Imperial forces. But the arrival of a Mortalitas Dreadnought and the interception of the Laberynth made it difficult for the Rambo fleet, and with the arrival of Imperial Light Cruisers the battle turned in favor of the Imperials. With the Brassbound heavily damaged, Shinar made a bold move and beamed himself to the Krakana Class Brassbound. Evecuating all of the remaining crew Shinar took the Brassbound in an intercepting course with the Laberynth. Upon there collision, both ships exploded and were destroyed, with Shinar losing his life in the process.

Ships Commanded
  • He is the first Red Serindia whom joined Rambo Nation, which caused some controversy.
  • The letters of his name can be rearranged to form the term Short in active service.

Unidentified Captains[]

On this page you will see various unnamed captains who have been featured in various events of Rambo Nation.

Some have had more appearances then others.

See Unidentified Captains


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