Fornaeria, a Rambo Nation Colonie in the Outer Regions of Quadrant 82. The colonie is a wealthy one and peaceful, yet the Imperial Alliance had laid there eyes upon her and attacked the colonie.

For both sides, none could imagen that the Battle of Fornaeria, one of the longest battles in both the history of Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance could have such an impact on the future of the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation.


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Lizrawn his fleet

Lady Ambassador Ram'vindalë, the newly appointed Lady Ambassador of the Outer Regions was visiting Fornaeria. Due to recent events in the SporeWiki:Fiction Universe/First Gigaquadrant, like the arrival of the Cult of the Deathmarch and the Imperial Civil War of the Girdo Empire and the recent attack by the Trivoid at Rambo Nation, had the result that Fornaeria was in trouble.

Although a very good spice colonie, it was very independant of medical and materials trades, and due to this recent events the trade route was dangerous, and the Cooperation of Froramsilia raised taxes on his Anteras Transport Fleet, but Fornaeria could not afford it. Though wealthy and living in rather peace, the colonie could not pay the huge amount of money the Cooperation asked. So they contacted there Lady Ambassador, which was Ram'vindalë and she visited the colonie so she could see what was going on there and adress it to the Rambo Senate.

Shorlty after arrival, it turned out that Fornaeria was in more trouble then before, an Imperial Fleet, led by Captain Lizrawn and various Tralor ships arrived and laid a blockade around the planet..................

Offensive on the Blockade[]

The two fleets clash.

Rambo Command soon got news of the occupation by the Imperial Alliance and were given a transmission from Lizrawn himself, this blockade was a legal one and was not an act of war. They simply wanted the various supplies there and as it turned out, Fornaeria still had some Imperial supplies, which were left behind after the Second Galactic War.

Furiously, Rambo Command was desperate. Ramashe was still absence since the attack at Capricaerón by Angazhar and the only captain that was availible was Ramuchi, of the USS Enterprise-B. And so she was ordered to go there, yet she was not happy with it. Because her absence and taking a part of her fleet meant that the conquered Tralor colonie of Traloria was left with less troops.

Together with a friend of her, Captain Shinar they arrived at Fornaeria. Looking at the sensors, she was surprised to see the Laberynth, the ghost ship Rambam chased during the Second Galactic War. She shook her head, that it would come again to attack the Imperials.

She walked to the viewscreen and said:

"Commence attack".

And as she said, the Rambo Nation vessels fired upon the Imperials, and they in return fired back. Ramuchi looked grim, somehow this battle seemed and felt wrong.

Pressing the Blockade[]

As the Rambo Nation and Imperial Fleet clashed, Captain Ramuchi and Shinar saw that it would become a difficult battle. A Mortalitas Dreadnought had also arrived, a powerful battle ship and various Imperial Light Cruisers, Star Destroyers and Ardent Class protected the Laberynth, Captain Lizrawn his flagship. The blockade was tight and soon the USS Fading Sun, an Constellation class was destroyed by Imperial fire.

The Space battle rages on!

Shinar, commanding the USS Celcius took the USS Ticonderoga, a Constitution Class and the USS Ashanti, a Kelvin Class with him and engaged the Mortalitas Dreadnought.

While Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B took the Cyrandia Krakana Class Spirit of the Serindia and the Brassbound into orbit of Fornaeria, succesfully dropping there troops on the surface to engage the few Imperial Clone Troopers there. Yet the space battle turned in favor of the Imperials, with the USS Enterprise-B protecting the Krakana Classes, Shinar was left alone and the Excelsior Refit Class V2 was by far the most powerful ship in the fleet.

"Status report" Shinar asked his first officer. The officer replied that the Mortalitas Dreadnought was lightly damaged but that Lizrawn and taken the Laberynth into an intercept course with the USS Celcius. Shinar looked at his viewscreen and disliked the scenerey.

"Captain of the USS Ticonderoga engage the Laberynth, you will be back up by the USS Valor and the USS Blade of Tellar" (two Miranda Class ships). The captains of the ships did what they were ordered to and engaged the Laberynth, which was taking light damage due to quantem torpedos.

"Sir, an Antares Class ship is escaping the planet, it has refugees onboard". Shinar looked at his sensors and opened a channel to the Captain of the USS Ashanti and ordered him to protec the ship while he would engage the Mortalitas Dreadnought. But is was in vain, the Anteras Class was destroyed while the USS Ashanti was under fire by Imperial Light Cruisers. Shinar ordered to fire at the Mortatiltas Dreadnought and prepared to return to protect the USS Ashanti. But when turning around he saw an Imperial Star Destroyer attacking the Brassbound and crippeling her.

With more Ardent Class ships arriving at this part of the battle, Shinar saw only one change to turn the battle in favour of the Rambo.................

Death of a Captain[]

Captain Shinar beamed himself to the Brassbound and gave command of the USS Celcius to his first officer and thanked him for his service and loyalty, even though he was a Red Serindia. The first officer replied with tears, but Shinar did not heed his words.

The Brassbound and the Laberynth collied

While upon the bridge of the Brassbound he ordered the evacuation of the Krakana Class and contacted the USS Ticonderoga. "Captain, you must cover me, I will intercept the Laberynth, she is approaching orbit again to engage the USS Enterprise-B, which cannot be allowed. The captain complied and engaged an intercepting Ardent Class.

"What is this? A lone Krakana ship is approaching my mighty ship?" Lizrawn mocked his crew. "Does he not know that a Krakana Class firepower cannot match an Imperial Heavy Battle Cruiser?". The Lizardian walked to his chair and sat down. "Intercept the Brassbound, I want her destroyed to even think of engaging me. Commander, contacted the ground forces, they are allowed to engage the city of Fornaeria. I want it to be burned to the ground!".

The clone responded, he informed Lizrawn that a female captain had arrived, and was putting up defences. "Then use the mobile suite you idiot" Lizrawn yelled as he walked to the clone. He took the clone by the shoulders. "Are you stupid?" Lizrawn asked. The clone nodded no and Lizrawn smiled. He then smacked the unfortunate clone at his control panel, and he didn't move again.

"Ehm, Captain Lizrawn, orders please" a clone officer asked. Lizrawn turned around, what orders should he give? They were engaging Rambo forces, and he has never been defeated before. Lizrawn brightened his shoulders and his mouth fell open. He walked back, his rage with this clone made him forget the Brassbound. Lizrawn brabbled "Impossible, this cannot be".

But it was, Shinar smiled, knowing this was right. He simply closed his eye and sat down on a chair. As the Brassbound collieded with the Laberynth both ships were engulfed in a large explosion and the Laberynth bridge was gone and the massive Imperial Heavy Battle Cruiser broke in half.

Aid from the Republic[]

With the destruction of the Laberynth the Imperial blockade was in choas, desperatly trying to hold there blockade up, they could not predict the coming of an ally of Rambo Nation.

A Hunter Class and two Ambassador Class attempt to break the blockade.

The Republic often sends trade to the colony of Fornaeira, not realizing the blockade that has stalled the world have sent the usual supply of one Hunter Class and two Ambassador Class to trade to the planet. The two Ambassador Class, the CSS Belle and CSS Mála and the Hunter Class, the CSS Acclamator exited hyperspace just as two Imperial Star Destroyers fired on them! The Hunter Class stood its ground as the Star Destroyers of the two empires were even matched, however the Acclamator was outnumbered, however it managed to protect the Belle and the Mála, and then it jumped to hyperspace, this worried the Imperials greatly...

Imperial reinforcements[]

As the Imperial blockade was in chaos, and the sudden arrival of URC ships the Imperials contacted the Emperor. Worried, he did not want to loose Fornaeria, and sended captain Ramvroght of the Hammer of War, a massive Praetorian class with various reinforcements of Star Destroyers and Ardent Class ships.

The Hammer of War arrives with Imperial reinforcements, with Rambo ships fleeing

The first officer of the USS Enterprise-B, and the captains of the USS Ticonderoga, USS Valor, USS Blade of Tellar,USS Ashanti and the Krakanca Class Spirit of the Serindia looked in awe and fear as another massive Imperial fleet arrived.

The coming of so many ships meant that the Rambo ships had to withdrawn and the Spirit of the Serindia held various Ardent Classes off before exiting the system.

The Imperial Mobile Suites engage Rambo ground forces on the surface.

The First officer of the USS Enterprise-B contacted Ramuchi, whom was on the surface and told her to hold on for as long as she can. As the Rambo ships left Fornaeria the Imperials once again had full control of Fornaeria.

"Well well, the Rambo flee for my might" Rambvroght said. "Start the assault at the colonie herself. Deploy our mobile suites and make short work of the Serindia ground forces down there. And tighten the blockade, the Rambo will surely return, and with a Rambo presence, the URC is not far behind".

As said, the Imperials once again laid down a blockade around Fornaeria, an even bigger and larget once than the first blockade, now with the Hammer of War, the most powerful Imperial ship besides the Novae, the Rambo citizens of Fornaeria now live in fear. Yet Ramuchi led the ground battle against the clones, and with mobile suites, jeeps and a few bold Red Serindia soldiers and Rambo Nation soldiers, she valiantly led the defence but she knew she would not hold for long. The Hammer of War brought a lot of reinforcements with her.

Zarbriaek and Rambo forces unite![]

Zarbriaek and Amiaeria Capitol Ships join the USS Enterprise-B

The Zarbriaek, a race of warroirs whom work together with the Amiaeria in Quadrant 82, recently discovered by Captain Ramcard and Rambo Team, whom were searching for the Cult of the Deathmarch encountered the Zarbriaek. With there large and powerful Amiaeria Capitol Ships they held a decent territory for themselves. Captain Ramcard managed to convince them to contact Rambo Nation and hearing news of the Imperial Alliance, they feared they were next as Imperial ships were already surveying the system.

Making a treaty, the Zarbriaek and Amiaeria forces united with Rambo Nation and as Ramashe was held on Capricaerón due to Anghazar, Rambo Command asked for aid and the Zarbriaek and Amiaeria complied. Sending two large Capitol ships they joined USS Enterprise-B near Fornaeria and prepared to strike the Imperial forces.

Yet this move would have serious consequentions for Rambo Nation, if Fornaeria was freed Rambo Nation would have to accept the Zarbiaek and Amiaeria as new members of Rambo Nation, as they wanted to profit from Rambo Nation her economy and influancial position in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Breaking the Blockade[]

The Rambo/Zarbriaek/Amiaeria fleet engage the Imperial Blockade.

The Zarbriaek and the Amiaeria sended two Amiaeria Capitol Ships, known as the Acquisitor and the Profit at all Times. Together with the Krakana Class Spirit of the Serindia and the Capricaerón Sky, the invading forces were ready. Together with the Rambo Ships USS Enterprise-B, USS Ticonderoga, USS Valor, USS Blade of Tellar, and the USS Ashanti and various other Rambo Nation ships, they dropped out of Warp and hyperspace near the blockade.

The USS Venture and the Advanced Mobile Suite during the breaking of the blockade

"Ah, they finalley have arrived" Captain Ramvrogth of the Hammer of War said, captain of the massive Imperial Super Star Destroyer. Surprised by the two unknown spherical ships he prepared his fleet to engage that of the Rambo. As the two fleets clashed, the Hammer of War managed to destroy the Profit at all Times and it seemed the Rambo attack force would not hold. But in the middle of the battle, the USS Venture arrived, under command of Captain Rambam he took over command of the fleet and managed to return the battle in favor of the Rambo and there allies.

In secret, Empress Ramashe was also present during the battle, piloting the Advanced Mobile Suite she managed to cripple quite a few ships and after hours of battle, the Imperials retreated. As it seemed, the battle of Fornaeria was over, but none could imagen the battle was far from over.

But what was known, for now the space battle has ended, but the problems and the remaining troops and troop transports of the Imperials were still besieging the colonial city!

The Treaty of Fornaeria[]

As the new allies of Rambo Nation claimed the promise of the Rambo Command, Empress Ramashe met with various species, like the Zarbriaek and Amiaeria first. She accepted them both as members of Rambo Nation and both species were happy with it. They soon gave all the information about them to Rambo Command and both species were given a seat at the Rambo Senate.

She later met with Captain Rambam and the various new species he brought with him. As they aided the Rambo forces as they served as crewmembers of the powerful USS Venture Ramashe also allowed them to become members of Rambo Nation and soon they also integrated in the Rambo Nation society, as did newly encountered species like the Venaotia and the Chinawkya.

This was known as the Treaty of Fornaeria, which allowed species to join Rambo Nation. As such Rambo Nation became more than just a Ramboidae nation, but from other races as well. But the name Rambo Nation remained, as all new races found it another to join the legendary and well known Rambo Nation.

It also meant some changes, the Rambo Senate was given new life and more influance and new Senators now were now overseeing internal matters of Rambo Nation, under the guidance of the Chancellor of the Crown, a Legendary Serindia.

Within 2 months Rambo Nation expanded greatly and the Treaty of Fornaeria was expanded even more. But as it did, the Battle of Fornaeria was not yet over. As a dark organisation passed by..........

A welcoming party[]

Ramuchi prepares her welcoming party for the unknown cruiser above Fornaeria

As Captain Ramcard contacted Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B, who was tired due to driving off the Imperial forces down at the surface and taking them hostage. She recieved an urgent transmission by Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas and warned her of an unknown ship heading her way, capable of destroying a Chinawkya Cruiser in a single shot. Worried she contacted the various other captains whom were in orbit, and all promised to aid her. The civilian ships that were still at Fornaeria exited the system or were landing at the surface.

Even Captain Rambam joined Ramuchi and he was worried, what new threat was awaiting Rambo Nation, now that they finalley were recovered and expanding once more?

A "Cultural" lesson for Rambo Nation[]

Ramuchi and her newfound fleet was ready, reinforcements of the various other races of Rambo Nation meant a large task force of Rambo Nation ships was defending Fornaeria.

"Status" Ramuchi demanded.

"Nothing yet Captain, space in front of us is still empty and there are no indication of..." the officer told Ramuchi, then his voiced changed. "No wait Captain, a space is appearing out of nowhere and is pretty massive".

The Cult attacked the defense fleet above Fornaeria

Ramuchi looked at her viewscreen and saw a blue/green ship dropping out of space. Wondering she made a handmove and from the USS Enterprise-B a warning was send to the ship. But to no avail. Ramuchi raised her eyebrows, who were these bold species to endure her fleet, the mighty and glorious Rambo Nation? A sole Chinawkya Cruiser headed for intercept with the Cult ship but the massive ship fired a purple beam and left nothing of the Chinwakya Cruiser.

Ramuchi rose from her chair in shock and ordered all the ships to engage the Cult Cruiser. "All ship, engage the enemy cruiser, destroy her and leave none of it in one piece".

Immediatly fighters engaged the ship backed up by Rambo ships, but to no avail, in mere second over 15 ships were incernated or disabled and then of a sudden, the ship left Fornaeria. Ramuchi ordered a full scan but indications learned that the Cult have made several scans and a transmission to the colonie, indicating someone was abducted. But she could not imagen whom. Report were coming in of many wounded and Fornaeria was prepared to recieve the wounded.

"Captain, an urgent transmission from Rambo Command on a secured channel" an officer said. Ramuchi awoke from her pounding thoughts and the face on screen she wasn't prepared to face.

"So you have failed Captain? I told you to be careful with these "Cult of the Deathmarch", and instead of listening you have 15 ships disabled and a citizen is missing. What say you?" said Empress Ramashe in anger.

Ramuchi was sweating, she heard the rumors of other captains that had to respond for there actions to the Empress, and it wasn't a pleasure they wanted to repeat. Ramuchi cleared her voice, indicating some nervosity that pleased the Empress:

I think we have learned a "Cultural" lesson about them my Empress.


With the Battle of Fornaeria turning into a disaster for Rambo Nation, first the Imperial attack and then the Cult of the Deathmarch attack things seemed to quiet down around Fornaria and Ramuchi and her Rambo fleet was send back to defend Traloria and prepare another assault into Tralor territory.

But Fornearia still earned a trade route and a small orbital station and Fornaeria grow to become a medium important colonie in the Outer Regions.

But Rambo Nation had learned there lesson well in this battle, the Imperials were still very active and the Cult has made there first move against Rambo Nation, not to mention the casualties and loss of ships. Though the Battle of Fornaeria proved a vital lesson for Rambo Nation, it also had good sides, the Nation expanded, new races joined, the fleet expanded as did there influance and territory.

In future references many would say the Battle of Fornaeria was a turning for Rambo Nation.............


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