Space ships can win space battles and force the surrender of planets, but only the upholders can take hold of the ground. Without the ground, space ships will remain in the void of space and rust

- Captain Komamuka Sajin

The Loyalist Upholders was the military branch containing the ground forces of the Loyalist Ensemble. Since 21 AQF, when the ranks of the Loyalists expanded the ground army was founded and operaed as a guerilla force aimed to harassing the enemy force rather than facing them in open battle. Facing overwhelming numbers when in combat with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, its tactics were often geared to hit-and-run rather then conventional battle or open war.



Deployed on Isle Blue (2820)

The Loyalist Upholders (army) was founded in 2819 (21 AQF) when the Rambo Loyalist ranks expanded greatly due to its alignment with the Cyrandia Resistance and Lord Ramannis' efforts.Consisting out of various races, most prominent the elves of Carnthedain, humans of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Serindia Winteria of Ramar Shadda. Working together and training with Rambo Academy protocols (stolen and implemented by former Rambo officers) the Upholders became a formidable fighting force executing guerillia and hit-and-run tactics.

The Upholders have their origins in the dissident fighting squads, that saw action in the Finduila Sector. The most prominent battle the humans fought at that time was at the airbase of Rottum, where the dissidents attempted to steal various space F16's. In march 21 AQF, the dissident forces joined the Rambo Loyalists amongst other races, founding the upholders. By april 21 AQF, the army was strengthened with the deployment of All Terrain-Battle Tanks (AT-BT's). These sturdy and powerful walkers allowed the Upholders to fight heavier battles and have a counter answer against the Imperial Walkers.



Carnthedain Elven Druid engages Imperial troopers

What's the matter!? The Empire is sitting ducks there! Move out!

- Yvenne Thalyssaera

The early Loyalist Upholders infantry was formed partly of Carnthedain Rangers and Druids (elves), Dutch Dissident Troopers (humans) and Ramar Shadda Le Rambo Guard (Serindia). The roles of the Upholders vary from guarding Loyalist bases and ships, providing escort for Loyalist Individuals of Importance (IoI's) and to deploy guerilla attacks against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation under Rambert Ramveral.

Notable Upholder individuals include the half-elf sergeant Yvenne Thalyssaera.

Command structureEdit

Loyalist Upholder personnel had a largely standardized command structure, from lowest to highest rank:

  • Private: the lowest rank often held by troopers and the most numerous amongst the Upholders
  • Corporal: Second-in-command in a quad of nine tropers. The senior-most trooper.
  • Sergeant: Commanded a squad of 12 troopers
    • Sergeant First-Class: A sergeant that served for five years.
  • Sergeant-Major: Commands a platoon of 4 squads, most senior rank of non-officers.
  • Lieutenant: Second-in-command in a company made up of 4 platoons (48 troops).
  • Captain: Commanded a company made up of 4 platoons (192 troops).
  • Major: Commanded a battalion composed of 4 companies (768 troops).
  • Colonel: Commanded a regiment that was made up of 4 batalions (3070 troops)
  • General: Commands the entire Upholder military branch.

Upholder Military Soldier classesEdit

Carnthedain Elf Male DruidLarge
Carnthedain Elven Druids
The Carnthedain Druids is, like the Rangers a gender specific role amongst the purple skinned elves as only male members can become druids. The Druids are powerful spellcasters who summon the forces of the elements. In addition to use the elements they have increased movement speed while running and swimming and can call upon protective energy barriers or call upon the mystical magical healing abilities.

Druids need to be careful however, not to fall into rage to prevent nature turning against them or overusing their abilities, draining their energy reserves too much might cause a druid to become comatose. For the Loyalists, the Druids are their most powerful assests though are rarely send alone into battle without back up. They are few in number and highly valued.

Carnthedain Elf female 02Large
Carnthedain Elven Rangers
The Carnthedain Rangers is a gender specific role amongst the purple skinned elves as only female members can become rangers. Courageous and selfless archers their goal is to defend their allies and strongholds. Undergoing extensive training, and frequent combat drills the rangers are elite marks-woman with excellent targeting skills.

Using their magical abilities to fire their enlarged arrows, upon impact and energy bursts can kill those direct hit and send other flying when nearing the impact. Agile, fast and often beautiful the woman are a distraction for most human warriors amongst the Loyalist. The rangers wear light armor as not to hinder their agility and speed. Large parts of their bodies are however not covered by clothing, something that adds to the distraction by human standards.

Loyalist HumanTroopersLarge
Human Troopers
The Human Troopers, also known as the Dutch Infantry and Loyalist Troopers are the standard human foot soldiers employed by the Loyalists. Most the Loyalist troopers are organized into regular units able to deploy guerilla tactics.

They are also trained to commandeer the tanks and act as the main infantry forces of the Loyalists, often backed up by druids, rangers and guards.

The troopers wear similair uniforms though individual differences may appear. They all wear the basic rifle and have a side arm they can use when the rifle is out of ammo.

Some Quadrantia Humanoids adopted the uniform or variants upon it as well.

Q-Humanoid Snow-InfantrymenLarge
Q-Humanoids Snow Infantrymen
The Q-Humanoids Snow Infantrymen, also known as the Loyalist Infantrymen are Santa Company's Snow infantry deployed on Ramrevera. They are specialised and trained to endure the colds of winter and frozen planets and wear the right equipment to do so. They are also trained to commander walkers or turrets.

The infantrymen wear white snow-pants, heavy blue coats with capuchon to keep themselves warm and black snowboots. To protect their eyes against the cold and the reflection of the sun at the snow they wear goggles. They use the basic rifle for assaults and wear a side arm as well.

Loyalist Serindia guardLarge
Serindia Guard
The Serindia guard, also known as Ramar Shadda Guard are the personal guards of Lord Rammanis the Le Rambo and hail from Ramar Shadda. Wielding a large circular shield and a massive spear, these Serindia wintaria are used to act in harsh climates as Ramar Shadda is a snowy planet. The shields and breastplates feature the insigna of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda, a clear sign that Ramannis had rebelled against the Empire and the rule of Rambert Ramveral.

They are most loyal to Lord Ramannis and are eager to incorporate their tactics with their fellow Loyalist Upholders.

Upholder Military UnitsEdit

Raven Team
Raven Team was the improvised callsign used by the squad of Loyalist soldiers and recruits that participated during the siege of Isle Blue and first named by private Yosh Vanderhoek. During the siege, the unit was officially formed and became a well known and deployed unit serving the Rambo Loyalist and the Cyrandia Resistance at large. Deployed during various campaings throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War Raven Team became well trained and experiences.

Associated members:

Santa Company
Santa Company was a rebel resistance movement active within the Quadrant Galaxies under General Doohan. Taking shelter at Santa Base at the former Rambo colony Ramrevera the movement strikes to hamper Imperial movement. It later became part of the larger Rambo Loyalist movement and began striking larger Imperial targets.

Associated members:

Vehicles and machineryEdit

AT-AW Large
All Terrain-Artillery Walker
The All Terrain-Artillery Walker, also referred to as the Loyalist Artillery Walker is a defense bi-pedal walker constructed from parts used by the Imperial Assault Walkers. These walkers were deployed by the Santa Company. It features two legs that could be magnetized, one upper mounted heavy artillery weapon and and four forward laser cannons. Though large, when its legs are folded the vehicles can be transport by the TT-class transports.

It requires a minimum crew of 3 to operate at maximum efficiency.

All Terrain-Battle Tank
The All Terrain-Battle Tank (AT-BT), also referred to as the Loyalist Tank or Walker by the Loyalist forces is a multipurpose military ground walker deployed by the Loyalist Ensemble Upholder forces. It featured six legs that could be magnetized, various laser cannon turrets located along its body and a heavy projectile cannon on top.

It measured around 22 meters in length and requires a U-Wing to transport it to the surface of a planet and into battle. The Loyalist Upholders often are backed up by a single tank to assault Imperial installations though its legs are a vulnerability. It requires a minimum crew of 6 to operate at maximum efficiency and can appear in various variations.

Loyalist TT-classLarge
The Troop Transport (TT)-class transport is a 60 meter long space worthy vehicle armed with a single turbo laser mounted on top of the vehicle. It features three engines at the aft, while the forward section features the bridge. Its lower section included the storage for its carrier function. The TT-class could carry up to 40 troopers or three AT-AW walkers.

The class is deployed by Santa Company and its crew consisted of two pilots, one communications officer, and three engineers. The ship was able to use both impulse and hyperdrive.

The Loyalist U-Wing is an unique class of transport/gunship that got into Loyalist hands after a Rambo shipment went lost. The Loyalists deploy them to drop troops into batle, provide cover fire and transport of Loyalist ground forces into battle. Its upper magnet can magnetise the U-Wing belly, allowing to carry a single AT-BT into battle as well.

It is capable of executing long range missions or extractions as well due to its hyperdrive. It has an average length of 25 meters and is armed with laser cannons. It lower belly section houses the troop transport segment with chairs and a single toilet.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Loyalist anti-starfighter turretLarge
Anti-starfighter turret
The Anti-starfighter Turret were deployed by the Santa Company on Ramrevera though later on were deployed on other Loyalist locations and holdings as well.

The dome-shaped turret features two laser cannons and one heavy artillery gun to shoot down starfighters or disrupt their flight pattern. The out hull is made of heavy metal for defense purposes.

Loyalist Artillery EmplacementLarge
Artillery Emplacement
The Loyalist Artillery Emplacement are heavy artillery machinery for the defense of their bases and holdings. Primary deployed by Santa Company though later shared and deployed by other units and bases as well.

The emplacement is actually a heavily modified Confederate Assault tanks left behind by the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. Removing its propulsion systems and modifying its internal systems, the emplacement act now as artillery cannons against Imperial Walkers and troops.

It features a single heavy artillery cannon mounted on top and two side-mounted dual laser cannons.

Loyalist Deflector ShieldLarge
Deflector Shield Generator
The Loyalist Deflector Shield Generator was a defensive unit deployed primary by Santa Company and later more Loyalists units. They are circular modules that generate a powerful deflector shield strong enought to withstand an orbital bombardment. The more units are placed together, the stronger and larger the deflector shield can be generated.

They however require a huge amount of energy to operate.

Loyalist Shelter Equipment
Shelter Equipment
Loyalist StarfighterDock
Starfighter Maintance Dock
The Loyalist Shelter Equipment consists out of various parts easily moved and constructed. It features shelters that can either house quarters or offices. A command center with state of the art computer systems and processors, tables for dining facilities and a starfighter maintaince dock.

The maintaince dock features its own computer system to analyse the starfighter and search for faults in its systems. It also has a small refueling system and an energy generator to provide energy for testing and to have systems online while repairing or performing maintaince.

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