Before long, the Loyalists will haunt the nightmares of the servants of both the Emperor and the High King!

- Ramannis Le Rambo

The Loyalist Crusaders, also called the Loyalist Fleet, referred to the various spacecraft operated jointly by the Rambo Loyalist in their struggle against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation under rule of High King Rambert Ramveral. Although minuscule in size compared to either the Imperial or Rambo Navy, the fleet proved to be a thorn in the Empire's side throughout the Second Great Cyrannus War.


Early Campaigns[]

The Dutch dissidents join the Ensemble fleet
17 may 21 AQF

The early Loyalist fleet was launched from Lord Ramannis Le Rambo's stronghold at Ramar Shadda when he escaped the blockade raised by High King Rambert Ramveral. With 5 CS14 class corvettes and a single modified Munificent-class he fled his besieged planet in hopes to raise a resistance. Supported by his Tiger-class starfighter corps the early Loyalist fleet began harassing Imperial supply lines and eventually revealed itself when they aided the Creeper Cabel. Supporting the larger Cyrandia Resistance they joined forces during the Battle of Amber. In february 21 AQF, during Struggle of being a Half-Elf-storyline the Loyalist fleet expanded and with aid of the dissident forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands began forming a severe threat as its expended its ranks with ships and ground forces.

During the Valour of the Resistance-storyline the fleet managed to acquire two Dreadnought-class command destroyers after a team led by Idris Vanguinar and Yvenne Thalyssaera disabled the Imperial forces at Concor Refueling Depot. At the 12th of May 21 AQF, the command escort of the Loyalist One was wiped out when Raptor Squadron attacked them at Ozdudrahk. Lord Ramannis narrowly managed to escape at the expense of the entire CS14-class blockade runners. Five days later, at the 17th the crippled Loyalist One managed to rendezvous with the entire Ensemble at Purpura Nebula where they decided to make their next move.

Dawn of Divina[]

The Loyalists engage Imperial forces in orbit of Isle Blue

As the Loyalist's were training their forces, Loyalist Command did decide to send relieve aid to extract Laoi Cretacea from the Rambo prison planet Pauvenris during the Precipe-events. Later on in the war, Lord Ramannis commanded a Loyalist task force in the battle of the Rambo Capital to liberate Rambo Nation from the growing insanity of High King Rambert Ramveral in the Umbra du Elen'nanthien-storyline. Sadly however after the death of the king who turned out to be under the influence of the Corruptus the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus took advantage of the situation and overrun the New Republic/Resistance forces in orbit and forced them to withdraw. To his shock and horror, Rambo Nation fell and was dissolved by the Empire, ending the once proud and honorable nation. Returning to the Space in Between, Ramannis informed his fellow Loyalists whos morale was broken. The loss of Rambo Nation caused friction between the Loyalists and the rest of the Cyrandia Resistance as well.

Month later, the Ensemble attack the Imperial forces stationed at Isle Blue.


The Loyalist fleet and its activities were overseen by Loyalist Command, who managed the logistical and strategic matters of the Loyalitsts efforts against the Empire and Rambo Nation under Ramveral. Schout bij Nacht Tasman serves as the admiral of the fleet. As an all volunteer military, recruists could come and go as they please, hailing from any of the species. Many amongst the fleet have a great sense of camaraderie and face impracticality of returning to their home systems. With the fleet constantly moving, it could take weeks for a separated pilot or ship to rejoin the main fleet, though this tactic of avoidance comes at a price. Due to the logistics being difficult maintaince and resupply is one of the greatest challenges for the Loyalist fleet besides facing the Empire in combat.

Crusader Personnel[]

LoyalistCuragaePilotLarge.pngLusitania Sqaudron PilotLarge.png Name:Loyalist Pilots
Birthdate: Varies

The Loyalist Pilots, all wear the similair bright colored flight overalls with white and decorated helmets, white straps and white colored shoulder protectors. Their flight overall fits tight except around the legs and isolates them when piloting their starfighters. They can withstand the vacuum of space for a limited time as well.

LoyalistCuragae Sqaudron Pilot.png
Lusitania Sqaudron Pilot.png

Crusader Squadrons and Battlegroups[]

The Rambo Loyalist main administration and forces are part of the so called Loyalist Ensemble though it harbours various associated squadrons and units that operate seperately from the Ensemble

Curagae Squadron
Curagae Squadron, also known as the Curagae Humanitarian Fleet is a squadron with an unique purpose. The squadron supports the Loyalists with medical and humanitarian aid for those in need, whether they are part of the Resistance, neutral people or their opponents. The unique nature of the squadron allows it to operate in plain sight of Imperial authorities as officially the Humanitarian Fleet is given directions by its main benefiter and initiator, the young diplomat Riyo Apanoida who is unaware that its commander, Bob Chioaik uses the fleet for the Loyalist benefits as well.


Lusitania Squadron
Lusitania Squadron is a squadron aligned with the Loyalists and is associated and considered part of the Rambo Loyalist Resistance movement. Led by the Libertus commander Altus Mirea, husband of the late Mer Mirea who perished during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm. He aligned himself with Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and his squadron is the most effective and active within the Loyalist, often carrying out mission on behalf of the Loyalist and Resistance movements while the main fleet stays out of the frey.


Starships and starfighters[]

Starship classes[]

Transgalactic military assault ship
Length: 752 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Deflectors, Turbolasers, fighter squadrons

The Eendragt is a Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship was stolen in the Finduila Sector from a Legatus salvage yard in 2810. Modified and upgraded the dissidents hid the vessels in one of the asteroids at Home Base, finishing its construction. Equipped with sensors, hangar bays, crew quarters and a command centre the Eendragt became a vital support vessel for both the dissidents and later the Loyalists as well.

The hangar bays can be used to store starfighters, refuel and repair them and train new pilots. With its 752 meter length and clear coloration, the Eendragt stands out amongst the rest of the Loyalist fleet and is at all times protected by the assault frigates. It is capable of landing at the surface of a planet and take off with relative ease as wel.

Eendragt (acclamator-class 01).pngMain Ship
Eendragt (Acclamator-class)02.png
Command Tower
Class: Consular-class
Length: 142 meters
Weaponry: Laser Turret, Turbolaser cannons, torpedoes

The Consular-class is a familair design used by the New Cyrannian Republic. Altus Mirea got his hands on three of them and heavily modified the now former diplomatic vessels. Upgrading the design with weapon installments and torpedo launch bay the class was now fit for combat. Armed with three twin turbolaser cannons, one at each side and one located aft of the communications array. It also had a double laser turret at the top of the bow. At the bow an additional sensor array was installed. Its three large engines allow the craft to use its agility with deadly effect to evade enemy fire of escape a battle site. Each vessel can house two Tiger-class starfighters on both port side docking stations.

The Consular-class with the blue coloration is considered the command ship and houses Altus Mirea and his staff.

Consular-class (modifiedII).png
Consular-class (modifiedI).png
Escort Carrier
Length: 308 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive/Warp 6
Weaponry: Turbolasers, torpedoes

The Curagae-class is a heavily modified version Chinawkya Medical Frigates. Its updated design for the Loyalists turned it into a carrier, larger engines and weaponry classify the vessel as a corvette. The interior of the vessel is state of the art, with the latest and modern medical equipment and medical bay, large hangar space for the amount of Tiger-class fighters. It also harbours various space for crew quarters.

As the class has few defenses of its own besides it powerful shields, the class is equipped with a very large hangar bay both underneath and in its main section that can carry up to at least 25 Tiger-class fighters. The vessel can land on the surface of planets but lacks agility due to its massive single propulsion engine. The Loyalist version is painted with yellow and blue markings. Its cargo version is painted dark greyish.

The Curagae-class deployed by the Curagae Squadron is a modified version of the original design. Its updates design, larger engines and weaponry classify the vessel as a medical corvette. The interior of the vessel is state of the art, with the latest and modern medical equipment, hospital wards, surgery rooms, CT-scans, recovery rooms, storage rooms etc. The Curagae-class is a space worthy and mobile hospital designed for humanitarian missions. It is painted with soft orange markings.

Curagae-class (Loyalist).png
Curagae-class Smogash Transports.png
Modified Dreadnought-Class
Length: 2,177 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive, Impulse Power
Weaponry: Phaser banks, Phaser turbo cannons, torpedoes, ion cannos,

The Loyalist Dreadnought-classes are massive, cylindrical 2,177-meter-long command destroyers/warships with a pointed nose that tapered towards the superstructure. Capable of holding a planetary blockade almost by itself, the vessels are the most powerful vessels the Loyalist Ensemble holds and the most feared. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, was an elongated main communications and sensor pod. The ships are said to be capable of landing on water in case of emergencies.

It's armament is said to be impressive, equipped with thermal and rotating shields it has a very powerful defense. It's offensive systems are even more impressive: 4 heavy ion cannons, 8 photon torpedo batteries with an arsenal of 2800 torpedoes, 2 forward phaser cannons and 16 phaser banks. It could transport over 48.000 loyalist upholders into battle, able to hold over 80 fighter-crafts and dropships.

The class is equipped with a hperdrive as well and impulse power, though lacks warp drive

LoyalistDreadnought-class 01 (1).png
Length: 210 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Dual laser cannons, phaser turrets torpedoes

The Hammerhead-class corvette (translated from the Cyrannian word Aether) is a well known design that dates back to the First Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The class has its characteristic vertically-elongated bridge, various dual laser cannon and four engine units for a powerful propulsion that allow it, in case necessarily to function as a battle ram. It has two extra modules mounted on port sides, containing water tanks as well as two phaser turrets for defense. As part of Loyalist Crusaders they act as the backbone of the Loyalist forces. Swift crafts that can be deployed on their own or as support vessels in fleets. The Loyalists deploy the craft as cargo/troop transport vessels as well as they are able to land on the surface of planets as well.

The Hammerheads part of the humanitarian fleet act as the main transport for cargo, passengers and goods that do not require medical care. They have orange coloring signalling they are part of a humanitarian fleet and not of combat-parties. It can carry 1 CSC130 on the landing pad in the mid upper section of the ship

Hammerhead-Class III.png
Hammerhead-Class I(Curagae).png
Dutch Light Cruiser (LC)-Class
Light Corvettes
Length: 105 meters
Speed: Hyperspace
Weaponry: Turbolasers, torpedoes

The LC-classes are based upon the Dutch Light Corvettes and are deployed by the dissidents of the Finduila sector and later the Loyalists. They are developed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2800. Small but highly effective and agile they are often used to make quick attackes or protect larger vessels. There forwards cannons allow them to hunt down starfighters as well. It has two powerful engines, capable of hyperspace jumps.

The class has an average lenght of 105 meters and needs a minimum of 10 personnel to operate at maximum efficiency. By 2819, many of these vessels found their use in dissident and later Loyalists hands hands, though with lesser armanents than the original Dutch versions.

RNLN LC-class.png
Blue Model
Rebel LC-class 02.png
Green Model
Rebel LC-class.png
Red Model
Lucrehulk-class battleshipLarge.png
Length: 3,170 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive, Impulse
Weaponry: quad laser batteries, assault laser cannons, turbo lasers, point-defense quad lasers

The Lucrehulk-class battleships are by far the largest and most imposing ships in the Loyalist Fleet. At over three kilometers in diameter, the enormous vessels resembles a donut-shape and has a central spehre that contained the ship's bridge and reactor assemblies. Their massive size and design allows the Loyalist to ferry large amount of cargo, passenger and materials over long distances or into battle and as such are vital to the Loyalist cause. At all times heavily defended as the loss of one of these vessels might doom the early Loyalist cause.

The Ring carrier featured over 150 Point-defense quad laser batteries, over 460 Assault laser cannons and 40 turbolasers. The Core of the ship was equipped with 20 point-defense laser batteries and 40 assault laser cannons. It can house over 50 U-Wings, over 500 Tiger-class fighters and over 500 walkers.

Even though the ship is massive, it only requires a crew complement between 150 and 200 after heavy modifications that allow automation, though can carry up to 100.000 passengers.

Lucrehulk class 01.png
Central Structure
Lucrehulk class 02.png
Outer Structure

Loyalist One

Length: 1125 meters

Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, photon cannons and torpedoes, figher sqaudrons

Loyalist One is a heavily modified and upgraded Munificent-class star frigate once deployed in service of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Lord Ramannis Le Rambo gained possesion of the vessel during the Great Cyrannus War in 05 AQF and ever since gave his people the task to upgrade the vessel to modern standards.
Ramannis used this vessel to escape Ramar Shadda and gather his forces and uses the vessel as the capital ship for the Loyalist Faction. His people upgraded, enlarged and outfitted it with modern weapons and shields.
It houses various squadrons of Tiger-Class fighters of different size and numbers of starfighters.

Loyalist One.png

Former Starship Classes[]

CS 14 (Sundered)-Class
Length: 250 meters

Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, photon cannons and torpedoes, figher sqaudron

The Sundered-Class is heavily inspired by Capricornian designs though larger and modified. It is equipped with a large hangar bay to transport an entire squadron of Tiger-class starfighters. Outfitted with modern photon cannons and shieldings these vessels are used to run blockades and are meant to cover Loyalist One in battle.
the class can carry up to 10 starfighters of the Tiger-Class, one sqaudron per vessel. At the start of 20 AQF, the Loyalist have 5 vessels in service of this class though all were destroyed at 12 may 21 AQF during the battle of Ozdudrahk by Raptor Squadron.

CS 14 (Sundered-Class).png
Current model
Old model
Dutch Assault Frigate
Length: 700 meters
Speed: Hyperspace
Weaponry: Turbolasers, cannons, deflectors

The Dutch Assault Frigate is the largest and most powerful ship ever deployed by the Dutch forces before the arrival of the Empire. Heavily armed and equipped with strong armored hull, the vessel signaled the might of the Dutch and their determination to protect their territories. Capable of both long and short range patrols it served as the backbone of their military fleet. The dorsal and ventral fin provides better maneuverability but also allows it to navigate under water. It has one prong at the bow, equipped with advanced sensor and attenaes. It uses hyperspace and impulse. It has powerful weapons and various shield generators for protection. Both ships of the class were destroyed during the battle at {{Planet|Isle Blue} in 2820, heavily reducing the defensive capabilities of the Loyalists.

The class has an average length of 700 meters and requires a minimum crew of 102 personnel to operate at maximum efficiency.

RNLN-AF Class.png

Starfighter classes[]

The starfighters manned by the Loyalist are known to be agile and quite dangerous when flying in formation. They however are rather vulnrable for enemy fire when hit from behind.

Length: 14.1 meters

Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Turbolasers, photon torpedoes

The Cobra-class starfighters are heavily modified and former New Cyrannian Republic Viperiae-class starfighters. Stolen by Santa Company and heavily modified they often act as hit-and-run fighters for the Santa Company operations or escorts for the TT-class transports.

It is equipped with turbolasers and is able to deploy photon torpedoes. Its speed and agility is impressive and can use both hyperspace and impulse. They are solely deployed by Santa Company though.

Cobra-class (Loyalist).png
Class:Curagae Space Cargo 130 (CSC130)

Length:42.8 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: None

The Curagae Space Cargo 130 (CSC130) is a four-engine unit transport designed for short flights in space and orbital entrance and exits. Using her diplomatic ties, ambassador Riyo Apanoida managed to get her hands on 4 SC130 that Rambo Nation discharged. De-militarized and recolored they are the first SC130 versions in civilian use and the Curagae Humanitarian Fleet deploys them to transport cargo and personnel to the surface of planets when the larger ships are not required to land or to remote places where ships are unable to land.

Both Hammerhead-class corvettes can carry a single CSC130 on the landing pad located at the upper part of the mid section of the class. On Curagae-class the CSC130 dock with the port side docking pads.

Curagae SC130.png
Space F16
Length: 18 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Torpedoes, Turbolasers and cannons

The Space F16s (SF16) are single-engine multirole starfighters originally deployed by various powers on Earth in the 20th and 21st century. The The Dutch upgraded the design to use in space and saw service in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The 12 in service of the dissidents/Loyalists are stolen from Rottum and integrated amongst the Loyalists fleet, who try to replicate them. The starfighter is capable of executing patrols, bombartments, intercepting vessels, escorts, intelligence gathering etc.

It is equipped with powerful lasers and torpedoes though requires carriers to transport itself over long distances. It can make short hyperspace jumps though until its batteries run out depending on the distance. It has an average length of 18 meters.

Dutch SF-16.png
current model
Old Model
Length: 10 meters

Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, photon torpedoes

The Tiger-Class starfighter is the main starfighter issued and deployed by the Loyalist faction. Small, but fierce and agile they prove to be a menace for ASP-fighters and Mirage Cascabels.
Equipped with limited shielders but with phasers and torpedoes they are equipped to run down other fighters and disable medium sized vessel or are to be deployed to protect capital ships from enemy fighter runs.
The Tiger-class are spread over various squadrons based at ships with the most famous and effective are known as Holy Birmin Squadron, who have their base at Loyalist One.

With the introduction of the dissidents SF16 the Tiger-classes remain the main class of starfighters deployed by the Loyalists.

Tiger-Class Intercepter.png
Current Blue Model
Tiger-Class Intercepter Curagae.png
Current Orange Model
Current Green/Smogash Model
Tiger-Class (Lusitania).png
Current Red model
Old Model

Ships Deployed[]

The Rambo Loyalist deploy the above mentioned vessels within their resistance cell.


  • Lucrehulk-Class Battleships
    • Fortressa
    • Winter Winds

Carriers and Assault Ships

  • Acclamator-Class (modified)
    • Eendragt


  • Dreadnought-Class Command Destroyers/Warships
    • Bismarck
    • Harekaze


  • Consular-class frigates
    • Mer Mirea
    • Acceptance
    • Cruandai
  • Munificent-Class (modified)
    • Loyalist One
  • 2 Dutch Assault Frigates
    • Unidentified Dutch Assault Frigate I
    • Unidentified Dutch Assault Frigate II


  • Curagae-Class Carriers
    • Asclepius
    • Dalbradia
    • Divina
    • Smogash Express
    • Unidentified Curagae-Class (Eris) †
    • Unidentified Curagae-Class (Garkarg) †
  • Hammerhead-Class Corvettes
    • Crescent Moon
    • Hygienia
    • Nightingale
    • Resurging Starfire
  • 5 Sundered-Class †
    • Eletarn I
    • Eletarn II
    • Eletarn III
    • Pride of Shadda
    • Sundering Monarch


  • LC-class (light cruisers)

Starfighters and Support vehicles

  • Cobra-class Starfighters
    • Santa Company
  • 4 Curagae Space C130
    • Caduceus
    • Cura
    • Curagae
    • Curaja
  • Tiger-class starfighters
    • Cheetah Squadron (onboard the Eletarn I) †
    • Feronia Squadron (Onboard the Asclepius)
    • Holy Birmin Squadron (onboard the Harekaze)
    • Kitten Squadron
    • Maine Coon Squadron (onboard the Bismarck
    • Ragdoll Squadron (onboard the Loyalist One)
    • Russus squadron (Lusitania Squadron)
    • Smokey Smogash Squadron (onboard the Smogash Expres)
    • Sundering Squadron (onboard the Sundering Monarch) †
  • Space F16 squadrons
    • Dutch Squadron (onboard the Eendragt)
    • Hollandia Squadron (onboard the Bismarck)

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