The Rambo Loyalist are a rebel and loyalist faction within the Cyrandia Cluster throughout the Cyrandia Cluster and can be considered a cell of the far large Cyrandia Resistance. Founded by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, brother of Dino Le Rambo I and Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and uncle of Ramashe. Ramannis refused to recognise the rule of Rambert Ramveral and trenched himself at Ramar Shadda before he escaped it in secret and founded his own military movement.

It vows to see the destruction and defeat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the end of High King Rambert Ramveral his rule.



May 2810 (12 AQF), after the death of Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and the capture of princess Ramanei Joy Feather by chief of staff Rambert Ramveral, the young Serindia crowned himself High King the following morning. When his knights entered the throne room to force many of the nobles to submit, Ramannis himself refused to bend the knee to Ramveral and escaped the Rambo Capital to his own seat at Ramar Shadda.


The Loyalist fleet led by Loyalist One

For years he remained trenched in his fortress though he eventually fled the planet in secret to form his Loyalist Faction. It was vital to keep him leaving the planet a secret, otherwise Ramveral would take this chance to invade and occupy Ramar Shadda.

By december 2818 (20 AQF), eight years after the fall of the Le Rambo Dynasty, Ramannis gathered his small fleet with ships send from the Cyrannus Colonial Sector. With the Sundered-class and Tiger-class starfighters produced by his son Ram'Lendilia Le Rambo in secret Ramannis gained his means to assault both the Empire and the Rambo forces under command of Ramveral. His first orders was to travel to the Cyrannus Galaxy to meet with the Cyrandia Resistance to see if they would have mutual interesst and could benefit from each other. Ramannis took command of his modified Munificent-class vessel, the Loyalist One.

Forming a ResistanceEdit

During the Gorge Dispute, around mid december 2818 the Loyalist made its official appearance when it shocked Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus by their emergence and act! At behalf of Knight Janice Ross the Loyalist came to the aid of the Creeper Cabel and engaged the Imperial star destroyer Relentless, under command of Inquisitor Chi Chodecra.

The Loyalist later allied the Creeper Cabel and wished them good luck on their mission in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Later on the Loyalist fleet participated in the Battle of Amber, in an attempt to liberate the Miuiel from darkness. During the battle, Lord Ramannis led the Resistance fleet though the Loyalist One recieved extensive damage as Imperial officer Gaius Prentus of the Accuser engaged the Loyalist flagship at point blank. The timely intervention of the Resistance flagship Liberty prevented the destruction of the modified Muunificent-class though resulted in the destruction of the Liberty and the death of admiral Val Niathan.


Dissidents, Loyalist and Lusitania join forces, february 2819 (21 AQF)

The Resistance eventually won the battle, but at a heavy cost. Afterwards, the Loyalist faction returned to the Quadrant Galaxies where it was reinforced by more supporters, amongst them the unique and to most unknown associated Curagae Humanitarian Fleet and the Lusitania Squadron. Due to their presence and expansion in the Quadrants the Loyalists were unable to provide aid to the New Republic during the Battle of Coruanthor. By february 21 AQF, its ranks were expanded once more when the Loyalists aided the dissidents from the Finduila Sector and invited them to join the Loyalits. Lord Ramannis had to make one promise and vowed to see the sector, including the conquered Kingdom of the Netherlands freed from the Legatus Finduilica after they toppled the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Rendesvouz at Purpura Nebula

Shortly after, Lord Ramannis discovered during the Valour of the Resistance-events that Idris Vanguinar of the Lusitania Squadron was in fact the former Champion of High King Ramveral. Preparing to punish her for her crimes the elven girl surprised the Lord after she made a blood oath to him. Accepting the oath, he ensured her identity was safe for now. In the following months the Loyalist managed to acquire two modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers after a team stole them from the Imperial Concor Refeuling Depot. This drew the attention of the Imperial Elite Raptor Squadron who ambushed Lord Ramannis and his command fleet at Ozdudrahk where they destroyed all the CS14-class blockade runners. During the battle Ser Ramniels Ramcelsior sacrificed himself to give the Loyalist One and Lord Ramannis a chance to escape. The entire Ensemble later rendesvouzed at Purpara Nebula where they made plans to attack the Imperial presence within the remote Space in Between.

During regroup Lord Jar'Dis Ravencrow dispatched a single Hammerhead-class under command of Yvenne to aid the Resistance during the Precipice-events and the subsequent battle of Pauvenris.

Dawn of DivinaEdit


The Loyalists engage Imperial forces in orbit oIsle Blue, January 2820

Main article: Dawn of Divina

By 2 January 2820, Loyalist Command tired of waiting and being hunted down by Raptor Squadron, haunted by the fall of the one great and proud Rambo Nation decided that it was time to take action instead of waiting to be found by the Empire and die fleeing. Loyalist Command decided to make a bold action, to engage the Imperial Installation on Isle Blue to disrupt the trade route that runs through the Space in Between connecting the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The small Imperial blockade was overrun by the A-Wings of the Loyalists, allowing U-Wings to drop at least two walkers and various ground forces under command of Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow and sergeant Thalyssaera. There advance was halted when Yvenne and her Raven Team were pinned down at a lone hill in the middle of the swamp. Jar'Dris had to divert his forces to lift the assault to allow a joint attack at the main Imperial facility. Afterwards, the Loyalists under Yvenne made a shocking discovery after they arrived in Relocation Valley and saw the skeleton remains of the Bluedion population.


Loyalists and Imperials clash in the Space in Between with the emergence of the Bismarck

Around the same time, Idris Vanguinar led an attack at Starbase 33 back in the Quadrant Galaxies and managed to liberate Commodore Malegras from captivity whom afterwards joined the Loyalists as well, assuming command of the modified Dreadnought the Bismarck. Soon after he took the Bismarck and its escort out of the Purpura Nebula and engaged an Imperial patrol that included the Tartatus of captain Veloci Onychus. The attack resulted in the destruction of the Tartatus and its escorts and prevented the Imperials from learning that Isle Blue was concurrently under siege as well, keeping Imperial Command in the dark about the Loyalist re-emergence within the Space in Between.


Two Tiger-classes engage an Imperial Cargo shuttle, March 2820

By January 10 of 2820, Imperial admiral Apticyus forced the Loyalist to leave Isle Blue. Facing collapse, the Loyalist forces were split in half.

One side managed to escape to the Quadrant Galaxies where they set up a base to disrupt Imperial operations there, while the other half escaped to the Finduila Sector in hopes of liberating the Kingdom of the Netherlands. By March 2820, the Loyalists in the Quadrants began their emergence and campaigns against the Imperial forces stationed in the Quadrants. Tiger-class fighters assaulted Imperial cargo freighters to disrupts trade on the Western Secured Trade Route. Simultaneously the Bismarck and its escorts began destroying Saurien Sector Corporation convoys that supplied the Empire of weapons and arms while Recon Squadron assaulted starbase 04 in an effort to disrupt the defenses and Imperial activities along the (in)famous Gorge.


The Dutch and Loyalists start their campaign to liberate the Quadrants, August 2820

In April 2820, the Loyalist forces besieged the planet Umbrax. After some setback, with aid of Raven Team, the native Velocitar and the seventh legion under Judge Magister Ramhis the planet was liberated from Imperial control.

In June 2820, the Loyalists managed to secure Impaerusqiantia and liberated the former Western Sectors of Rambo Nation. To their surprise the region formed their own government and state, known as the Dinotopian Republic that pledged its support to the Loyalists. In the Finduila Sector the Loyalist managed to gain the support of King Willem IX of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and convinced the Legatus Finduilica into signing a temporarily truce. By August 2820 the Loyalist and the Dutch engaged Imperial forces at Starbase 25 in an attempt to liberate the capital regions of the former Rambo Nation. Though the battle turned against them, the sudden (but highly welcome) arrival of the Singularim Pact and the Civatron turned the tide and ensured the Loyalist a tactical important foothold within the Quadrants.


Defeat at Ramgotheria

Days after, the Loyalist were defeated during the battles of Ramgotheria and Karzhamarhi-Nui and the Dinotopian Republic was dealt a serious defeat as well at Bikasulam. None the less, the Singularim and Loyalist started the four day siege of Rambo Prime where the Singularim forces proved vital to ensure their victory. However, with the Legatus/Empire defeat at hand, the Loyalist victory turned bitter when Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral executed an orbital bombardment and leveled Rambo Prime City- reducing the town to rubble and ash.

Twilight of DivinaEdit

Main article: Twilight of Divina


The Loyalist have their own sigil, representing an adjusted Le Rambo Dynasty Sigil with various Golden feathers around it to represent they fight for freedom and the retun of the Le Rambo Dynasty to power.

Ramannis Le Rambo (Rebel)Large

Name: Lord Ramannis Le Rambo
Birthdate: 198 BQF

Lord Ramannis Le Rambo is the Lord of Ramar Shadda and a family member of the Royal Dynasty under House Le Rambo.
Ramannis witnissed Rambert Ramveral usurping the throne and ever since vows to bring his House back on the throne.
Yet he remained in hiding and created his own small navy in secret until the end of 20 AQF when Ramannis saw his chance.
He wishes to place his lost and missing niece, Ramanei Joy Feather on the throne and to see the vassal state of Rambo Nation lifted and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus driven from the Quadrants.
He wears his ceremonial armor with the insigna of his house on his chest.


Lord Ramannis, Loyalist and Rebel leader onboard the Loyalist One

Loyalist High Command

Loyalist High Command, also known as Loyalist Command was the leadership council of the Rambo Loyalist. It was headed by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and his advisory council. Troops within the field often complained that it attempted to manage the Loyalists as Rambo Command, and not a military resistance movement and as such were unwilling to undertake threatening risks or execute commands that they deemed immoral.

Over time Loyalist Command structure changed and expanded. Loyalist High Command councillors included:

Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Satus Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Status Name/Race/Rank/Status
Jan Michiel TasmanLarge General DoohanLarge Lord Jar'Dris RavencrowLarge Altus MireaLarge Bob ChioaikRebelLarge
Jan Michiel Tasman
Jar'Dris Ravencrow
Altus Mirea
Bob Chioaik


The Rambo Loyalists were active throughout the entire Cyrandia Cluster, their rebellion started within the Quadrant Galaxies. After the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819, the Loyalists strongholds in the Quadrants were lost and were either driven underground or relocated to the Space in Between.

Known BasesEdit

Quadrant Galaxies
Cell Insigna Description

Plerax Base
Plerax Base is the main location and foothold of the Loyalists within Quadrant 82 located on the planet Plerax. It was raised upon the start of their campaign to liberate the Ramboidae Realm from Imperial subjugation. It lies near the Ghost Nebula and houses an abandoned Ramboidae facility just outside former Rambo Nation borders.

Santa Base
Santa Base is the main location and holding of Santa Company and is located on the frozen world and former Rambo colony Ramrevera. It is constructed inside a partially mountain/iceberg. Three large tunnels were carved into the mountain and were sealed by massive metal doors. The entrances are used for its various fighters and transport ships to enter the main cavern. The main cavern features various shelters, a large workshop for the walkers and various starfigher maintance docks.

Starbase 25
Starbase 25 is a former Rambo Nation Ramboidae Artificial Moon (RAM) Type III-station deployed along the (in)famous Gorge near the planet Rambo Prime. It is located at the Wormhole Plateau and guards the various wormholes that lead into Quadrant 82. After sieging the starbase a joint force of Dutch, Loyalist and Singularim operate the station.

Former Hiding Places and BasesEdit

Space in Between
  • Isle Blue
    The Imperial Base was sieged by the Loyalist in early 2820. Shorlty after the Loyalists were forced to withdraw from the base due to Imperial retalliation by Admiral Apticyus as the Imperials retook their own base.
  • Ozdudrahk
    Using Ozdudrahk as a hiding place to launch raids into the Cyrannus Galaxy from the Space in Between, the Loyalists secret hiding place was discovered by Raptor Squadron in 2820 and forced the Loyalist to abondon Ozdudrahk.

Military and DefenceEdit

Loyalist Ensemble

The Loyalist Ensemble are the main military forces of the Rambo Loyalists.

Loyalist Crusader Fleet
(start of 2819)
Main article: Loyalist Ensemble

The Rambo Loyalist military forces, better known as the Loyalist Ensemble is a small yet effective military branch. Though it lacks the organised nature of Rambo Command it is heavily inspired on it and uses the same ranking system and organisation structure.

Through the passion and determination of the men and woman fighting within the Loyalist they are not to be underestimated. They fight with bravery and hope for a better future without oppression. Wielding a wide range of capable officers and soldiers they command the various ships and fighters and execute the mission for the Loyalist cause. Its main branches are the space navy known as the Loyalist Crusaders and the ground forces known as the Loyalist Upholders.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Over the course of years after its formation, the Rambo Loyalist gained newfound allies and relations that do not always support the Cyrandia Resistance overall nor are part of the Resistance. The foreign relations of the Rambo Loyalist are highly valued and considered vital for the liberation of the Quadrant Galaxies and the recovering and rebuilding phase afterwards. As such the Loyalist maintain these relations without the support or aid of the Resistance.

Their relations are listed in order of encounter:

Name Description Image
Dinotopian Republic
The Dinotopian Republic was formed in July 2820 after the Loyalist victory at Impaerusqiantia. Having no intentions of rebuilding Rambo Nation but form their own state the Dinotopian Republic was formed and pledged its support to the Loyalist.

A month later in August 2820 however, most of their new star destroyer fleet was destroyed by the Imperials forcing the Dinotopians to focus on retaining their liberated territories instead of openly engaging the Empire. They did however continue to send supplies and arms and small military support.

Kingdom of the Netherlands
The Kingdom of the Netherlands, better known their own Dutch language as the Koninkrijk der Nederlanden was liberated from Legatus Finduilica control in July 2820 by Loyalist forces that were dispatched to the Finduila Sector. In grattitude for providing a peaceful solution to their conflict, King Willem IX of the Netherlands officially pledged his support to the Loyalist cause.

Though the Dutch support is not without limits, if by the end of 2820 the Quadrants are not liberated from Imperial control the conflict between the Dutch and Legatus will start anew. The Dutch bring transgalactic military assault ships, light cruisers, ground forces and starfighters with them.

7th Expedition Fleet
Singularim 7th Expeditionary Fleet
The Singularim Pact came to the sudden and unexpected aid of the Loyalist in August 2820 and joined the fray against the Empire at the battle of Starbase 25. With their aid, the Loyalist managed to gain a foothold again in the Quarants and deliver the Empire a serious blow.

The Singularim brings with them a host of proud and strong warriors like the Ynuri Lord Civlrozed, crude and terrifying tactics while they stand with their long time allies.

7th Expeditionary Force PA
House Ramelzen
After the Loyalist, Dutch and Singularim forces liberated Rambo Prime, Lord Ramjon Martin Ramelzen met with Lord Ramannis on Ramrevera and pledged his support to the Loyalist cause in August 2820 after Ramannis agreed with his conditions. House Ramelzen became the first of the noble Serindia houses to support the Loyalist cause.

House Ramelzen brings with them its planetary defense fleet of Tirith-class cargo corvettes and B-wing starfighters.



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