Rambert is a member of House Ramveral, son of former vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral. Not wishing to join Rambo Command, he became the Lord of Fornaeria and settled down at his own bought farm, enjoying the finer things of life. Though be not mistaken, Rambert Ramveral is a capable and strong warrior, perhaps the finest in all of Rambo Nation. As a great diplomat and warrior he was assigned Chief of Staff for Fleur Inviere's cabinet in 08 AQF and aided his Libertus friend in her tenure. Due to his position, Rambert learned a lot about how things run in the Government and saw Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo as the perfect example how to rule the Nation, stern, proud and good for the people. When the Lord Regent passed away in 12 AQF, Rambert usurped the throne and crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation. His pride and dignity refused to accept to recognise Ramanei Joy Feather as a ruler, due to her bastard status. Unknowingly, his act made Rambo Nation vulnrable though Rambert managed to get the support of the people and most of the noble houses. Rambert turned out to be a decent ruler, though kept some questionable secrets including the infamous salt mines of Pauvenris. His rule however was not without internal strife and problems.

During his reign Rambo Nation expanded its military might and presence, though his reign was also marked with a detoriating relations with both France and the Drodo Empire, resulting in the infamous and controversial line of fortifications known as the Gorge and him tempering with an alternate reality to increase his military might during the Crossing Line-incident!

A highly populair ruler amongst his own people, who view him as a strong and dependable leader. His reputation amongst the rest of the First Gigaquadrant is less favorable as Rambert gained a reputation and unpredictable and a hothead, more difficult to treat with than his predecessor, empress Ramashe and Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Rambert eventually fell under the influence of [[Captain:Mar-Júun|Mar-Júun}} and the Corruptus, leading to his unavoidable demise and death. Sadly his death also meant the end and fall of Rambo Nation as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus took advantage of the situation and removed the once great and honorable defender of justice and hope.


Early Life[]

Ramveral Estate and Farm

Born in 19 BQF as son to Ramtainus Ramveral at their estate at Rambo Prime, he enjoyed a childhood of plenty and prosper. After a troublesome highschool with bad degrees and arguments with is parents, Rambert decided to leave Rambo Prime and used his wealth to buy a large amount of ground at Fornaeria, a colony of Rambo Nation. Using the remaining of his wealth he constructed a farm, raised a caddle and began setting up his own business in producing Herbiciosa Milk, eventually becoming the leading deliver of it for the Nation as whole at the age of 17 in 02 BQF. His father, disappointed that he did not join Rambo Command was proud and both reconciled their relations and accepted that his capable sword fighting son would remain at Fornaeria, living his life as a farmer.

Lord of Fornaeria and Politician[]

In the aftermath of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, Rambert Ramveral led the defense against the invading Imperial Alliance during the Battle of Fornaeria. Because of his tactics and strategy, the citizens of Fornaeria were saved from destruction, though most of the village was destroyed by the Imperials. After winning the battle when aid came from both Rambo Nation and various allies, Rambert Ramveral played a foundational role in the Treaty of Fornaeria, allowing other species to join Rambo Nation as members. In the aftermath, he used his wealth from his trade cooperation to rebuild the villages and farms of Fornaeria, earning him the gratitude of his citizens and the erection of various statues in his likeness. The citizens accepted Rambert as the Lord of Fornaeria and the planet became a vassal of House Ramveral of Rambo Prime. The original treaty of Fornaeria remains at his statue at Fornaeria, only taken from the statue when the weather turns ill.

Rambert amongst his collegues of Fleur's cabinet and staff

After his father died, Rambert refused to move to Rambo Prime and claim his right as heir of House Ramveral, instead he allowed his uncle, Ramburgo Ramveral to carry out those duties. Stricken by grief, Rambert spend less time ruling Fornaeria, instead letting his castellan, Ramseph Ramcard deal with the daily affairs. During the Tertius Bellum in 08 AQF, Rambert accepted Fleur Inviere's offer to become her Chief of Staff as she was inaugurated as Chancellor of the Royal Crown. Though he harbored doubts about the abilities of vice-chancellor Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria. Rambert had a difficult job a head in the wake of the Fury of Galvarus and the disaster it caused. At the same time, loyal to Fleur he began setting his own plans for political power in play.

In July of 08 AQF, during the Torments of Arcaniox, Rambert recieved a holo transmission from the Excelsior-Class, the USS Royal Oak, commanded by the Libertus captain, Garan Andarch. An unknown species, the Ragashota Elder, Chen Whitesnout informed the Chief of Staff that Arcaniox was invaded by the Hutter Kingdom and his kin needed the Rambo's aid. At first unconvinced, he was swayed when an Atlantican Artifact was involved. After informing the Chancellor, Fleur he managed to send a Rambo task force to aid the Ragashota and Arcaniox in an effort to defend the Quadrants from the Tormentor.

After its conclusion, Rambert personally oversaw the treatment of the injured Empress, Ramashe who was send into a comatose state after being injured by a mysterious assassin. Rambert selected the genetic doctor, Bianca Fiercehart to treat the Empress, or better say to keep her in her comatose state. Rambert continued his duties as Chief of Staff exemplary until 12 AQF.

High King of Rambo Nation[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum

Rambert speaks before an assembled court of Nobles and proclaims himself High King of Rambo Nation

At 10 may of 08 AQF, Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo passed away in his sleep. As acting Hand of the Monarch and Chief of Staff Rambert informed princess Ramanei Joy Feather of her loss though soon had his guards drag her from her chamber and send to the salt mines of Pauvenris. When the Rambo Founder demanded what was going on, he stabbed the ancient Serindia in the back and had Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo locked away in her room. The following morning at 10:00 am, Rambert spoke to the assembled group of nobles, amongst them Ramtterson Ramcelsior, Lord Asparex, Lord Argathon Froramsilia, chancellor Fleur Inviere, Andaurl Ramdorian, Lord Ramendil Ramoval and Lord Ramannis Le Rambo. He informed the assembled party of the loss of Lord Regent Rambarth and offered his resignation as acting Hand of the Monarch. Instead, he proclaimed himself High King of Rambo Nation informed them he would marry Ramtailia in a fortnight to fortify his claim. The assembled Lords and Ladies were shocked, some clapped their hands others were unsure what to think of a change of Dynasty. One amongst them, Lord Ramannis Le Rambo roared that he would never bend the knee to him and left the Rambo Capital in all haste. None of the other lords dared to move against Rambert as his knights had entered the room as well, a clear signal that any sign of rebellion would be put down with lethal force.

In the following months, Rambert made some notable changes, the clone troopers gained a more legal appearance, the military began producing new kinds of ships and fighter crafts, amongst them the RNSF Darkarg multi-role fighter. He married Ramtallia and formed his own court, with Ramseph Ramcard as the new Hand of the Monarch. He also recruited Idris Vanguinar as his personal assassin. To ensure House Ramelzen loyalty to his crown, he took Rayria Mary Ramelzen as his warden and she eventually grew to become his Captain of the Royal Guard.

An attempt to remove Rambert from rule by Kya!

In december of 15 AQF, Rambert orders an assault at Thelliria, to liberate the native Thellirian from Hutter Kingdom occupation. The assault fails and Rambo Nation loses its first battle against the Kingdom. He blamed vice-admiral Ramcard for the loss of the battle and had him fired. Shortly after, he began massive reorganizations within Rambo Command and began assigning various individuals to various positions. Those that were against his rule were either posted at none influential positions or simply fired, amongst them vice-admiral Ramcard in 15 AQF after the Thelliria disaster.

In february 19 AQF, Rambert travelled onboard his Quadrantia-Class to Jatooine for a secret diplomatic meeting with Lizrawn, a Lizardian who hoped for peace between their nations. The meeting was however sabotaged by Marscalcus Kya who attempted a coup d'etat. The coup failed by the timely arrival of captain Sinhai Kakharis and the cunning of fleet captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea. In the ensuing choas Kya managed to escape and was branded a renegade officer. Sinhai was promoted to Marscalcus in grattitude of the High King, a decision not well taken by the admirality.

Paragon Maxios and High King Rambert Ramveral meet

Later on in 19 AQF, Rambert issued the construction of the Rambo Nation Enforced Corridor of the Neutrality Zone as tensions with both France and the Drodo Empire reached unprecedented levels. To temper the situation, at behalf of the Draconid Imperium Rambert decided to meet with France and emperor Alexandre I of France to settle their differances. Arriving early, Rambert had a private meeting with Paragon Maxios where the two talked about their mutual concerns. A promising meeting, Rambert had high hopes for the upcoming Franco-Rambo Summit. Upon the arrival of the French delegation the summit began, where first pleasantries were traded and high hopes were expressed. As the meeting progressed, both sides seemed to come to a mutual agreement and Rambert even offered joined crews on some of the Gorge space station. At one point though, Rambert was insulted (in his perception) and declared not to take kindly to threats of force or dictation of policies by foreigner. He abruptly ended the meeting by nullifying all diplomatic relations with the Gorge and closed the border for all military vessels and left, the meeting results a political and diplomatic disaster.

Rambam arrives on the Quadrantia and meets with Rambert

In january 20 AQF, the new uniform designs by his own hand were introduced within Rambo Command, a move to wipe out the last remnants of House Le Rambo influance within the military. Later on in the year, at 20 october Rambert became involved in the Crossing Line-incident upon him visiting the Interdimensional Warp Gate in the V'rta system, deep within the Serox Nebula. He witnissed the rift in space and time and the arrival of the alternate reality fleet-captain Rambam. Who took with him four Caradhras-Class carriers and one Paragavatus-Class super star destroyer. Pleased he complimented both Lady Aur'Shivania and the fleet-captain with their success before returning to the Rambo Capital.

Rambo state visit to the Creckel Kingdom

A few days later he summoned diplomat Riyo Apanoida and scolded her for her diplomatic meeting with Belle Lorraine of France as she at behalf of the Rambo Government allowed French military vessels to pass the Gorge with the right clearances. When she left he smiled, and knew she was to be a great diplomat and played her part well.

Near the end of october in 20 AQF Rambert fell ill and left his Lord Hand, Ramseph Ramcard to deal with the aftermath of the Crossing Line-incident. Rambert was in bed with a fever and a fierce Pneumonia. In december 20 AQF, partially recovering from his pneumonia conducted a state visit to the Creckel, meeting with Creckathor and Crecklorin. During the meeting and festivities concerns were expressed and promises of friendship changed. The following day, on his way back to the Rambo Capital Rambert met in secret with High Lord Stekius Gaivel, new ruler of the Hutter Kingdom. During their unofficial meeting agreements were made to aid each other if France would launch an unprovoked attack against either of them. In return, the Hutters gave up their occupation of Thelliria and the Rambo would allow the Hutters after inspections and clearances access to the Unclaimed Territories and use of the Gorge Trade Route (or the Northern Ramsoria Run).

In december 20 AQF, he send vice-chancellor Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria to the New Cyrannian Republic capital of Mou'Cyran to meet with Vos. President Nexarón Valkistair. In hopes of preventing a war between the Empire and the New Republic, Chuinaylia was present when the Mou'Cataclysm occured, resulting in the death of his vice-chancellor and the destruction of the New Republic capital and government.

Rambert plays a dangerous game with Adelheidis

Rambert locked himself up and pondered for a long time how to move on, war was looming! One of his first actions was to send Commodore Malegras to blockade the wormhole near Lianna-station to prevent New Republic ships from entering Cyrannus. An act to show his so called "loyalty" to the Imperial government. The response was quickly solved by newly appointed president Apollo who valued the New Republic-Rambo alliance of peace but would hesistate to break the blockade. Satisfied Rambert lifted the blockade but feared the Second Great Cyrannus War would devour the entire Cyrandia Cluster.

Later on in january 21 AQF, Rambert was shocked when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrived with a fleet of star destroyers and a single Executor-class super star destroyer, under command of grand admiral Valindor Palenix. Taking the planet hostage to ensure his loyalty and placing him under house arrest, they removed Rambo Nation as an early support and player in the war. Powerless Rambert remained inside his palace as the Empire ravaged nearby allies, amongst them the Quadrantia colonies of the Allied Terran Republic.

Rambert's propaganda poster justifying the short Rambo-New Republic Conflict

Rambert eventually met with Praesator Adelheidis on the Capital and the two talked about the illegal ascension of Apollo to president of the New Republic. Half seduced by the humanoid Rambert accepted her offer to work together, ensuring that either way Rambert was to come out of it best. He could either aid Adelheidis and see the Empire gone from Rambo territories or else he could side his people behind him after a possible New Republic attack on Rambo soil.

As the New Republic Civl War broke out Rambert condemned the battle at Lianna-station and send Commodore Malegras on a royal degree with his task force into New Republic territory in the Quadrants and lay siege to their planets. Further more, he placed Apollo's son, Laoi under house arrest and spirited him to Pauvenris. During the Precipice-storyline Rambert's promises turned vain as he betrayed Adelheidis after a New Republic/allied task force liberated Laoi from Pauvenris. Withdrawing his forces from New Republic space he branded Malegras a traitor and blamed his own court and military for incompetence, further damaging the relations between the Crown and its Court.

Demonic Rambert faces Kara and her team

During the Umbra du Elen'nathien-storyline Rambert's palace in Tirithsilliana was infiltrated by a special strike team- including individuals as Aportae, Idris Vanguinar and Kara Inviá. While the team infiltrated the Royal Palace, the dark voice in the back of his mind showed him flashbacks of past events and convinced the High King to fully embrace Mar-Júun and the Corruptus to safe Rambo Nation. Rambert awaited the strike team while sitting on his throne and mocked and berated them for daring to oppose his might and will. Rambert transformed into a colossal monstrosity, opened his wings and let out a terrible roar as Mar-Júun disappeared in the shadows of the room. With a mighty leap, Rambert crashed through the ceiling of his throne room, revealing the skies of the Rambo Capital; the black fog of the Corruptus was rapidly covering it, snuffing out the light of the sun as balls of demonic flame begun raining down like meteors. As portals opened within the city Rambert in his demonic form faced the strike team.

Demonic High King Rambert Ramveral in all his glory

As the group engaged the demonic High King specific attacks by Idris Vanguinar who plunged him into his heart weakened him so much that his wings managed to be destroyed, grounding the might king. During the final stages of the battle Aoirtae managed to plunge her saber straight into his Corruptus heart. As a gasp left Rambert, he lost his grasp on his sword, which dissipated into dust. The fallen High King fell to the ground, only managing to keep himself up with his hands as Aoirtae kept her blade thrust into him. Proclaiming all he did was for the Nation the High King would slowly stop moving altogether as, before the team's eyes, his massive form begun to burn away into cinders, until there was nothing left behind. Rambert had fallen and died.


With the death of the High King, Rambo Nation was weakened enough for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to break open the Nim-Glaré Concordat and conquered Rambo Nation with relative ease. As such, the death of Rambert directly caused the fall of Rambo Nation.

In later years, Rambert was remembered by the people as a firm and fierce leader, who was unable to stop the tides of darkness. The people however remained in the dark about the Corruptus influence.

Personality and Traits[]

Rambert RamveralLarge.png

Rambert Ramveral is a proud and cunning individual, with a keen eye on business and trade. Under his guidance Fornaeria became one of the leading producers of Herbiciosa Milk, ensuring wealth for his house and fellow farmers at Fornaeria. His personal hobbies include horse riding, sword practice, reading and enjoying female companionship and drinking Serindia Wine. He is very proud of his own personal armor, a decorated green/golden armor with an antler helmet to boost his own pride and power, and to tremble his foes in fear and agony.

During his reign as High King, Rambert became more concerned with the well being of its citizens and the security. He became obsessed with increasing the military might of Rambo Nation, something the people supported. Under his reign he improved health, well being and happiness of the citizens though alienated foreign powers like France and the Draconid. His diplomatic skills and policies did increase his position and stand within the Cyrannia Cluster though.

Fornaeria Estate

At his farm, Rambert keeps the following caddle:

  • a large number of Herbiciosa and Fornaeria Herbiciosa, who ensure his Herbiciosa milk production
  • a single Carnthedain horse for riding
  • a single Catscion from Terra Prime, who he pursued as a pet and is very dear to him
  • a single Barynosaurien, who remained at the farm after being healed of his injuries by Rambert, even since it wanders the farm lands eating fish from the sea and providing unfertilized eggs, perfect to make self-made sponge cakes.

Due to his status as Lord of Fornaeria, Rambert Ramveral conducted his own banner, the crowned head and neck of a full grown Unirilea-Scion. The Golden crown features a green emerald diamond, a reference to the colors of House Ramveral of Rambo Prime. The sigil is also featured on his own guard and knights, clad in black and gold.

His House words:
Forward we trot
Furious is our stampede
Dawn is Rising



LoveRelation.pngThey are most dear to me!


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Yellow face.pngWe will see


Orange face.pngBlergh!

Foreign Relations with Rulers
  • Orange face.pngAlexandre de Valéry - Emperor of France, admirable but difficult to treat with
    • Blue face.pngCreckathor - A great and powerful Lord amongst the Creckel
  • Yellow face.pngMaxios Telvenum I - The new Paragon of the Draconid. I am eager to meet with him!
  • Blue face.pngPhaunar Phaeva Tansimae - A wise and just Radeon, one who respect and knows how the wheels in the Quadrants run! And one who, like me is careful and has doubts about the fast rise of Terrans!
  • Yellow face.pngStekius Gaivel - A potential great and dangerous leader, cunning and sharp with words and plans
  • Blue face.pngUriel Ultanos - Paragon of the Draconid, honorable and strong!
  • Blue face.pngNexarón Valkistair - President of the New Republic, just what they need, a strong leader


A close friend upon my arrival to Fornaeria, we often enjoy chatting over a glass of Serindia Wine!

- Fleur Inviere

Ramveral's recent actions have undermined the Gigaquadrant's trust in Rambo Nation, imperiled French allies, and led to further destabilization in the galaxy. There is still room for him to redeem himself, to turn back, tear down the walls he's erected and mend the bridges he's burned. But with every passing day he's on the throne, the Quadrants grow more dangerous for everyone.

- Alexandre I of France at a press conference in 2815

I'll admit, I smirked when I heard this bastard died. Bit of a shame the Rambo Nation followed him into the grave, though.

- Qurik Skel


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Preceded by
Lord Regent
Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo

08 BQF - 12 AQF

Archos Le Serndianiliae
Royal Monarchy
Rambo Nation

High King
Rambert Ramveral
08 AQF - 21 AQF

Succeeded by

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