Vice-Admiral Rambas II is one of the more prominent officers within Rambo Nation. Experienced, close friends to both Ramaxar and cice-Admiral Ramcard he has fought in many battles in servitude of the Royal Crown.

Along his carreer he developed a close friendship with the United Republic of Cyrannus officer Cretacea. When Rambo Nation was forced to surrender to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and sign the Concordat, Rambas led an open rebellion wich as first seemed very possible. However, during the events of the Hunt for the Zevian Skull Rambas and his rebellion were defeated after their discovery by Mortikran.

Afterwards Rambas lost his ship and went into hiding, eventually being tracked down by Rambo authorities who allowed him to return to Rambo Command and gave him command of the Lianne Station.


Early History[]

Rambas onboard the USS Hood

Captain Rambas II was born during the Heer Stekeveel Wars and has been friends of Captain Ramaxar and Captain Ramcard since the Academy years. He was born at 264 BQF at Rambo City where he grew up in peace and justice under the watchfull eyes of the Rambo authorities. When he grew older he dreamed of becoming a Rambo Captain and as such entered the Acadamy around 228 BQF and soon became friend with Ramaxar and Ramcard.

Upon his graduating from the Acadamy he was promoted to the rank of captain and given the Excelsior Class USS Hood to command.

Captain of the USS Hood[]

Around 222 BQF Rambas recieved command of his first ship and soon participated in the Diva-Bettie War. Upon the USS Hood her launch into service command was given to Rambas, making him the first captain to command the vessel, and would remain her captain ever since. During the forming of the Noble Alliance (227 BQF), he found it difficult to form an opinion on it. He liked a stronger alliance to protect them from danger, but didn't like the fact that other species could serve on his ship. None the less, he agreed with it.

During the Algernon War (52 BQF) Captain Rambas served on the front lines and was one of the key captains who attacked the Colonies of the Algernon. But after the war, Captain Rambas soon became less involved in battles for a period of time. Due to this he considered his time of Glory long past, because he was assigned to patrol duties or transports ambassadors throughout the Noble Alliance. While others still see him as a great Captain, he hopes for another time in battle within the Quadrants.

He was later send to the Deep Space Colonie near the Hutter Kingdom where he encountered the Rambulan Captain El'd'Shell, in the following the battle the USS Hood was damaged and had to retreat to the Deep Space Colony to await further instructions. The ship was repaired and he has been given orders to hold her position so that reinforcements could arrive to protect the Deep Space Colony now that it is known that the Rambulans were hostile.

Rise of the Imperial Alliance & Galactic War[]

But after the Rambulans joined the Imperial Alliance (05 BQF) Rambas kept his position at the Deep Space Colony and was charged with the protection of it and finding out more intel about the Imperial Alliance. After the war Captain Rambas was send back to patrol the borders.

Trucinex War[]

Part of the allied fleet

owever, an emergency transmission was send by the Capricorn Sector Alliance, there Capital Planet had been bombarded a new evil. In favor of the alliance with the Sector Alliance, Empress Ramashe dispatched Captain Rambas II and a large task force to aid them. Rambas was very happy with this, finalley he would see some action again in his old days.

The USS Hood in battle during the Trucinex War

After arriving he joined the Fleet of Retribution (01 BQF) and attack an enemy colonie and took it over. His Task Force was later expanded and Rambam began respecting and liking the Capricyránae culture and ways of living. He then prepared himself and his task force to become an active part in the Trucinex War. He soon led his task Force during the Nex Colonie attack and the Battle of Tiuola. During these he was victories and later led the first wave of attack at the Trucinex homeworeld Nex. He was tasked with invading the City of Trucinia, where a shield generator was placed under protection of a Trucinex General. He first attacked the Trucinex BaseStar ships with aid of the CSA and managed to create an opening to land on the planet. The battle was fierce, but Rambas forces were victorious and the way was open for invasion of Nex.

Battle above Nex

After the CSA and the other allies invaded Nex Captain Rambas and the Rambo stationed of the Fleet of Retribution were given the City of Truicinia to oversee and the Rambo aided the Trucinex in rebuilding the city, hoping to regain the trust and friendship of the Trucinex.

Second Galactic War[]

Battle of Capricaerón

During the Second Galactic War Captain Rambas aided the Colonie of Cancerti when it was under attack of the Imperial Alliance, however the Imperials proved to strong and Rambas was taken captive. However soon after his friend, Admiral Cretaceous arrived and liberated the Cancerti and freed Rambas II.

The last battle of the USS Hood

He later participated in the Battle of Capricaerón to defend the CSA Capitol from an Imperial Attack. During the battle he teamed up again with his friend and after a long struggle they managed to defeat the Imperial troops. He later tried to search for the Benevolant, but Rambo Command did not approve this and he was forced back to his duties. Shorlty after the Second Galactic War, Rambas escorted Princess Ramtilsae for her first State Visit to the CSA. However, half way they discovered an ancient structure, and at her personall request he landed on the surfuce together with her and explored the massive building (01 AQF). However, when Captain Rambam arrived, whom Rambas called for an unknown alien race attacked the location and Rambas was seperated from Ramtilsae. Also, the USS Hood took heavy damage and chrashed at the planet surface, in panic he met with Rambam and demanded that they had to save the Princess.

Vice-Admiral and commander of the USS Capricaerón, USS Burning Heretic[]

Intergalactic War[]

Rambam eventually saved the Princess and defeated the alien captain who had captured her. In his great surprise Rambam was escorted by a familair person to all of the Ramboidae, the Rambo Founder had returned and claimed to urgency to speak to the Empress of Rambo Nation. Rambas was surprised, ancient legends told that had vanished but he told him he would do so.

CSS Capricaerón and the USS Merced in orbit of Eire.

After being escorted back by Captain Rambam to the Rambo Capitol he recieved command of the USS Capricaerón, a Merced Class Space ship and he headed for the libary of Vulmiartari where he did researching on the ancient structures. After appointing the location of the last bounty hunter to Rambam he left with the USS Capricaerón and headed to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

USS Capricaerón and Rambo/Acientia fleet engage the Cognatus fleet above Scorpia

Later on, he was informed that the CSA was re-organised into the United Republic of Cyrannus, shortly the URC. He then joined a URC fleet to Eire to investiage an ancient structure there. The USS Merced escorted the CSS Capricaerón and both ships entered orbit. Rambas then beamed down to the surface and send a URC trooper to the target side. He later left Eire as the Mornûnendur had arrived and awakened. After remobilising his ships, he was stationed near a Rambo colony in the Cyrannus Galaxy and when Admiral Hall arrived, he took his combined fleet of Ancientia and Rambo ships to the colony of Scorpia, which was under attack. Together with Captain Anuatolian of the Ancientia Kingdom they managed to evacuate over 15 million citizens and onboard the USS Merced he talked with his friend, Admiral Cretaceous, to discuss further battle plans.

The USS Glorious and USS Valiant destroyed by Cognatus forces

But before this battle plans could be finished, Rambas was called back to the Shipyard of Rowar, where withing a week time the USS Capricaerón recieved her massive V2 update, Rambas was then send back to the frontlines to challenge and battle the Cognati. During the war, he witnessed the marriage of Admiral Creteaceous on Ramaprica, and congratulated his friend on this. He also plans to surprise him with a party, but the war effort prevent this. None the less, Rambas was emotional by the marriage, something he actually never showed to others, but during the wedding some tears rolled down his cheeck, as he was so happy for, what he considered, his best friend.

During the further course of the war he was stationed at Ramaprica and kept the colony out of harm. Yet, during the final battle of the Intergalactic War he escorted Empress Ramashe to Libran. As the meeting was well underway it came under attack by the Cognatus, able to aid in the evacuation he then prepared his task force to attack the Cognatus whom were attacking Capricaerón, the URC homeworld. After he managed to get Empress Ramashe out of the Capricaerón System back to the Rambo Capitol, he took his Fleet of Retribution fleet to Capricaerón and aided in the battle there. Rambas went to Odale, a URC city on Capricaerón but was unable to liberate her from Cognatus precense. Upon returning to the USS Capricaerón he witnessed the destruction of the USS Valiant and the destruction of the USS Glorious, a Miranda Class V2 which was commanded by a close friend of him. He then pondered if the Rambo, URC and all other Allied Forces could liberate Capricaerón at all.

Rambas II X-form

Later on during the battle, the Mortalitas General Zillom entered the system, with a massive Mortalitas Dreadnought! When it fired it destroyed many a ship and even managed to damage the USS Capricaerón, injuring Captain Rambas II the crew managed to dock with the CSS Pegasus, the flagship of Admiral Cretacea, and Rambas was rushed to the sick bay where he now recovers under the watchfull eyes of his best friend. Upon his recovering on the Rambo Capitol he was also given a X-Treatment, with enchanced abilites and the capability to change his appearance to his so called X-form he is now ready for new adventures and prepares himself for new adventures with Cretacea, exploring the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy and the space between the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Rambas II arrives at Cyroenia

Vice-Admiral of Rambo Nation and commander of the USS Capricaerón

Great Cyrannus War[]

After he recovered he returned to the Rambo Capital where he was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral (02 AQF), and he remained his status and position within the FoR. When the Great Cyrannus War broke out at 04 AQF, his 2 years of peace time were over. Yet during the early days of the war Rambas was not allowed to aid the Republic, as the Nation had not declared war upon the Confederacy. During the 3rd month of the war Rambas saw his first action when he aided his friend, Fleet Admiral Cretacea, during the battle of Cyroenia. During the battle, the Avenger took heavy fire by Zillum's flagship, the Benevolent, a former Imperial Dreadnought. Suddenly Rambas arrived with his fleet and attacked Zillum his fleet.

Battle of Cyroenia reaches her conclusion

Fleet Admiral Cretacea, the URC's most prominent captain was sent to Cyroenia in order to aid the allied forces against General Zillum, his arch nemesis, he arrived with a fleet of five star destroyers and six escort frigates, hoping to break the blockade. General Zillum laughed at Cretacea's attempt to break his impenetrable fleet! However, Cretacea had no intention of breaking the blockade by himself....

After hours of battle, Rambas II and Cretacea forces pushed back the Confederate forces and secured the ring around Cyroenia. However, Admiral Lizaconda arrived and it intensified the battle. The battle continued and the Cyrandia forces lost over 65%, the Confederacy only 64%). Yet the Confederacy decided to leave Cyroenia and retreated. But Rambas wondered why and suspected the entire battle was a diversion for something.

Voyages of the Avenger

After the battle Rambas joined the Avenger, under command of a new captain on her newest voyages!

Trapped in the time-loop!

The USS Capricaerón opening fire at the unknown dagger like ships

Though his first days after arriving in the Xanthrus galaxy could be said were a disaster. Rambas and his crew lost contact with both the Avenger and Warlord Kilnok and missed there rendevouz point. Trapped in the Violet Ghost Nebula an anomaly hit the USS Merced, trapping the ship and crew in a time-loop. Trapped for over 28 days the time-loop reached her end and the crew met an earlier version of the USS Merced, which sadly exploded destroying the ships with all hands. This event occured every day, multiply times until the time-loop suddenly ended. Being freed from the green nebula inside the Violet Ghost Nebula Rambas re-established contact with Rambo Command, just in time as within a few hours Rambo Nation would have sended a search party. The USS Merced then advanced further into the nebula and after days of travelling they reached the edges of the nebula. There they encountered 3 unknown dagger like ships who attacked the USS Capricaerón. Though the sudden appearance of a black hole destroyed one of the unknown ships the USS Capricaerón her fire power proved to strong and the other two ships retreated. During the battle the left warp nacelle was destroyed by an electric charge. As the USS Capricaerón exited the nebula they re-established contact with Command again and began scanning the area for the allies and repairing the ship.

USS Capricaerón vs Grox Sphere

After a week of repairing the USS Capricaerón and heading deeper into the nebula the crew didn't encounter any new life forms nor any planet or rock to investigate. Around two weeks after the dagger ship incident (two hours after Rambo Nation tested their first vortex torpedo) the USS Capricaerón tracked a transwarp/hyperspace signature and followed it. It turned out to be from a Grox Sphere, unknown to Rambo Nation and as Rambas ordered to open fire and retreat, the sphere managed to cripple the USS Capricaerón and the ship was rocketed with explosions.

USS Capricaerón escaped the exploding Grox Shpere

The sphere then launched a green beam, draining the ships systems. The counter attack of the sphere injured most of the bridge crew and killed the Kloppig Ensign, and badly injured Rambas his Feolvhiaera ÿeamon, as she was gasping for air as a piece of metal penetrated her right lung. As Rambas looked around he saw the sphere moving in, and he could only wonder if this was the last mission of the USS Capricaerón.

As of a sudden Rambas awoke and it seemed the ship was trapped in another time loop again. Escaping with aid of his crew and the doctor who was treating those in medical need the USS Capricaerón managed to escape the time bubble and when it collapsed an anamoly hit the Grox Sphere, desroying it. Rambas then made contact with Rambo Command again where he was told to return to the Capital and the Shipyards to recieve an upgrade to his ship and he was to return to the frontlines to combat the Confederacy again.

Return to the frontlines

second battle of Nosiso

Combat arrived when in the year 05 AQF in the 4th month Rambas was to lead the first intitial assault at the Confederate planet Nosiso. Short on temper Rambas attacked the planet without waiting for URC reinforcements and instead launched his fleet early on schedule. Though aided by a Xiaan Alliance cruiser they soon got into trouble when the Confederacy reached the upper hand in the second battle of Nosiso. Luckily ground forces were able to be deployed on the surface while the space fleet continued to be hammered at.

Later on in the battle, seemingly pushing back the Confederate fleet a new threat revealed herself as a Mortalitas commander from below the surface ordered an attack at the fleet in orbit. Within seconds a strange form of plasma and energy was launched into space, fooling the sensors and not dangerous substance. Within seconds the majority of Rambas his prized FoR fleet was either damaged or destroyed by the new attack. With is fleet in ruins, Rambas prayed to the Rambo Gods for the URC and a possible victory. Eventually with aid of the URC the Rambo won the battle and Rambas celebrated the victory.

When in the 6th month the URC was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Rambas was shocked and recieved a great pain in his heart. When the pain slowly went away he understood what this declaration meant, his friends became enemies, and it would be a matter of time before the two would face eachother in battle.

Destruction of the USS Capricaerón

Dark Times[]

Opposing the Empire

The time eventually arrived when Rambas recieved word that the Rambo colony of New Ramhall was under siege from the Cyrannians. Wanting to aid them Rambo Command refused and gave another order to Rambas, he had to defend the wormhole leading to Quadrant 82 as long as possible. Near the end of the Battle of New Ramhall and her fall into Cyrannian hands, a task force of five Venators attacked the USS Capricaerón and the USS Ford, the last two ships defending the wormhole. At the same time the USS Burning Heretic, the first Dreadnought managed to enter the wormhole, soon followed by various civilian crafts Rambas began executing a special tactic, using the saucer of two Rambo ships as extra shields they gave more civilians to enter the wormhole, but eventually both the USS Ford and the USS Capricaerón were destroyed, though Rambas managed to escape his doom by leaving the ship with a shuttle.

Battle at the Ramsoria Run

Upon his return he learned of Rambo Command that he would be given command of the USS Capricaerón II after a new Merced class was launched into service. Shortly after the launch Rambas recieved news that the Capital of Rambo Nation came under attack of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and that Empress Ramashe was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, which held the terms of Rambo Natio her surrender to the will of the Empire. Rambas and his crew, refusing to serve an evil Emperor remained at the drydock to await his speech. After the Emperor proclaimed his speech, with Ramashe at his sight Rambas decided this was it. He and his crew would try to save the Nation from the Empire and with his crew left drydock without permission and headed to the Ramsoria Run.

At the Ramsoria Run Rambas engaged a star destroyer which was escorting various civilian vessels. Drawing attention from the star destroyer Rambas and his crew began disabling the civilian vessels before the star destroyer could open fire at the USS Merced. Yet the star destroyer was far more powerful than a Merced class though luckily for Rambas and his crew he was joined by the USS Goddard who aided in disabling the star destroyer. Together they headed for Rambo Prime. Yet Rambas felt sick, with this act he had gone upon a path he couldn't return from. He would be branded a traitor and disobeyed the orders of his Monarch, it were tears of treason.

At Rambo Prime he took command of the fleet stationed there and ordered the ambassador of that planet not to accept the Concordat and instead had to follow him to resist the Empire. Sadly Rambo Prime surrendered to the Empire with the signing of the Rambo Prime Treaty, which resulted as well in a weapon truce with the Xiaans and Hutters. Now Rambas and his crew wanders the Quadrants, hoping to find others who wish to rebel agains the Empire. Rambas his goal is to flee to Quadrant 21 or 89, but the wormholes at the Wormhole Plataue are heavily guarded by both Rambo and Imperial ships.

Forming the 2nd Resistance

Unable to get to Quadrant 21 or 89 Rambas was found by Colonel Chodecra, who deflected and started to create a second Resistance. Together they started to plan to oppose the Empire, while building a force designed for hit and run tactics.

Arrival and interception at Kreeta!

Both the USS Merced II and the planet Kreeta acted as their bases, and their first act was to hire Zevracence to take a shot at the Grand Mandator Garlboz. Though the Mandator survived the attack is was a great warning to the Empire- it showed them the Empire didn't had all control over the Quadrants.

Chodecra "interrogates" Claire

During the fourth month of 02 NE, after allying the people of Sanderhal Rambas was at guard duty above Kreeta when a Hutter D-5 class dropped out of warp. Ordering to intercept yet avoid a collision Rambas and his crew managed to capture the Hutter vessel in a tractor beam and boarded the ship. Finding the crew uncouncious Rambas ordered them to be brought to Kreeta Base for interrogation- something he would be doing together with Colonel Chodecra. To his surprise, onboard the Hutter vessel were not only Hutters, but also a female humanoid and a male Caizini.

It turned out the female was Claire Rambo- the daughter of a fellow (formerly) captain. When Chodecra used electric shocks to interrogate Claire- Rambas disagreed but didn't prevent it as he was busy with making fleet movements together with the people of Sanderhal and the Resistance.

Rambas and his crew are given the choice by Marscalcus Kya to return back into Rambo service

Later on in the fifth month of 02 NE/05 AQF Kreeta came under attack by a armada of the Empire- led by the vicious Commander Mortikran. The small resistance fleet was no match for the superior destroyer of Mortikran and Rambas and the fleet managed to give time to evacuate the planet off Resistance personal and left soon afterwards to find a new place to settle. Sadly around 03 NE/06 AQF the USS Merced was lost due to a spacial anomaly, many of the crewmembers died and Rambas and his surviving crew went into hiding to escape the Imperial patrols. He was later tracked down by Marscalcus Kya herself and offered Rambas and his Venatioa commander Jiarn and the Feolhviaeri yeoman Shjrn two option. Either to face trail and risk the penalty of death, or return into service of the Rambo Navy and take command of the re-located space station known as Lianne, starbase 08. After some argument Rambas accepted and was soon picked up by a Kelvin-class wich escorted the three to the station.

Captain of Starbase 08, Lianna Station[]

Arriving at Lianna Station

As the Kelvin-class brough them to Lianna Station, Rambas noted that the station was already crowded. Various cargo brought the station badly needed supplies while at the same time an Excelsior-class returned from a scout mission from the Oddysei Region. Rambas was pleased, this new command would give him new experiences and chances to regain the trust of the Monarch and his friend among the Navy. However, while arriving at the station Rambas and his crew not only faced the difficult task to keep the old station up and running, but to execute their task and deal with civilians onboard the station as well.

Official Opening of Lianna Station

While settling down in his office, Rambas was informed of his exceptional orders. In case of an immenent invasion from the Oddysei Region he was to either mine the wormhole or forcefully close it by using hidden vortex torpedoes. Rambas sighted, this command gave difficult challenged now that he had to deal with not only the Empire, but with Icolian and the New Cyrannian Republic as well. A few weeks later, Rambas welcome both Ramashe and Apollo onboard the station for the official opening of the station. A few hours later various dignitaries arrived, like Aurestor Beldrin Savenium and emperor Savra. During the meeting he was informed by the Empress of an impending attack by the New Republic, something Rambas was ordered to take precautions. Near the end of the official opening, after some drinks and snacks Ramashe made a small speech and told those present that the Rambo were taking steps to take upon their mantle of peace keepers again. Rambas was pleased, this meant less conflict and a return to explorations!

Cretacea and Rambas discover the Assemblage's involvement

During the sixth month of 03 NE/06 AQF Rambas recieved New Republic dignitaries, among them his old time friend Willelmus Cretacea who travelled to Lianna station onboard his new flagship, the Republica. Senator Adar was send to represent the Rambo Goverment, much at Rambas' dismay as Adar was a known Cyrannus critic. The start of the negotiations failed as both officials blamed eachother for the incident at a Cyrannus station.

Ships gather near Lianna for an important conference in 07 AQF

When Rambas called for a time out, he and Willelmus spoke in private about the urgent matter, and that they had to solve it or Rambas was forced to arrest the Republic dignitaries, probably resulting in an all out war between the New Republic and Rambo Nation. Luckily, Willemus' crew discovered that the attack had been staged by the Icolian Assemblage and upon giving their findings to both goverment officials, both sides agreed to help eachother to find out the reason. Rambas was pleased that the meeting resulted in a new joint cooperation instead of war.

During the first month of 07 AQF, Rambas once again was the host of another conference held at Lianna-station between representatives of the New Cyrannian Republic, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation and the Allied Terran Republic. During the meeting Rambas was responsible for the security and safety of the important dignitaries and ensure to meet them at their needs.

During the first month of 07 AQF, Rambas met with Ramniels Ramcelsior during a meeting between various delegates that would later form the secretive Lianna Initiative. He was amazed to see a joined Quadrantia fleet leave his station, though feared it would make his prized station a target for enemies in the future as well. Rambas remained onboard the Lianna for the rest of the month, hosting various meetings for the Initiative and providing ships with supplies.

The meeting on the Liberty.

Near the end of 07 AQF, during the 12th month Rambas departed with a single shuttle on shore leave, or so he told his crew. Instead he went to a secret location near a gas giant where he boarded the star cruiser Liberty and had a meeting with General Sesoka, Senator Raen Magalen of Capricaerón, Fleur Inviere former President of the United Republic of Cyrannus and Selanius former Caprigrox. Together they looked at a map of the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Twelve Worlds. To his surprise the one gathered wished to engage Capricaerón. He eventually agreed and became one of the leaders of the Cyrandia Resistance, using Lianna-station as a cover supply station. With his agreement various ships could pass inspection and free travel to Cyrannus, avoiding both Rambo and Imperial inspections.

Concordian Liberation is discussed on Lianna

Rambas knew it was a dangerous gamble, but the freedom of the Cluster was at stake so it was worth it.

In february of 08 AQF, during the outbreak of the Tertius Bellum, Rambas hosted another diplomatic meeting at behalf of the New Cyrannian Republic to hold a session with the Lianna-Initiative. Their plan was to retake Concordia from the Cognatus Empire, though mutual distrust seemed to prevent a joint operation. Luckily diplomacy prevailed and a joined operation began that saw the Concordian Liberation, and in his hopes perhaps the first steps to rebuild the once grand Cyrandia Alliance!

Rambas made a public appearance years later in 280 (22 AQF) when he joined the crew onboard the USS Intrepid and fought during the liberation effort of Orbispira. Rambas survived the battle though afterwards once again retreated to a more quieter live, awaiting his time to once again fight against the powers of evil or pass away in peace.


By 20 AQF, Rambas resigned from Rambo Command and became the official ambassador of Rambo Nation for the New Cyrannian Republic and a personal diplomatic advisor for the High King, Rambert Ramveral. In december 20 AQF, he was present during state visit conducted by High King Rambert Ramveral to the Creckel.

Personality and Traits[]

Captain Rambas II

Creteacea and Rambas having a good time chatting in better times

Rambas is one of the greater officer within the Nation. Also famous, though not as famous as Ramcard, Rambas became well known in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Over the years he recieved a fine record over the years, and has fought in many battles to protect his nation. He is also considered a little bit strange by others, his skills in battle and tactics are undoubted and well known threw the Nation. Even though, fanatic in battle, he is somewhat unstoppable and always searches for a fight.

However he is also known as a great man, loyal to the flag and Royal Crown and doesn't fear to do what is needed for the Nation. After his open rebellion against the Empire and his defection of orders by the Monarchy, many officers had pity with the noble Rambas.

However, upon his return many frowned upon the decision to let him return and some formed harsh opinions about Rambas, who by some is still seen as a traitor. Rambas himself has difficulties accepting these harsh opinions after everything he already had done for the Nation and though he understands, he still feels it is a bit of unfair.


Rambas II 02.png

Rambas II his basic Rambo Nation Space Fleet Uniform, decorated with various medals and spikes on his helmet shows his crew that he is experienced and can be relied upon. Most of the time Rambas wears this kind of uniform.

Captain Rambas II X-Serindia.png

Rambas II his X-Serindia form, in this form Rambas has enchanced abilties like reflexes, fast healing, stronger physical strength and a better condition and health. However Rambas can decide whether he wants to transform into this form or not, though it would cost a lot of energy. Rambas rarely uses this form, only using this form if he would be involved in physical combat.

Rambas II 250 NE.png

Rambas II his appearance during an alternate version of Rambo City in 250 NE. Encountered by the Founder and Uruviel when they tried to solve the paradox after the paradox entity Gogmaloe appeared. It seemed that due to the paradox the entire Quadrant Galaxies were consumed by the paradox and that Rambo City was the last one standing, with Rambas as their leader. However after years, in 250 NE Gogmaloe reappeared and blackened Rambas his mind. As such Rambas became part of the Paradox and lowered the shields of Rambo City 250 NE, the last free city in the Quadrants. The Paradox took over but just in time, the Founder and Uruviel managed to kill Rambas which solved the Paradox.



Green face.pngMy duty is to the Royal Crown!


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

Ship Commands[]

Lianna Station[]


Lianna Station, also known as Starbase 08 is large space station with an old service record. Pre-Second Galactic War the station was made as a civilian station, located within the Inner Colonial Sector. However, as various wars began to hammer at Rambo Nation her might, the station fell in disgrace and was soon abandoned by the citizens of Rambo Nation.

A new purpose for the station was found years later, in 06 AQF/03 NE when the New Cyrannian Republic found a second wormhole that connected the Cyrannus Galaxy with the Quadrants. This wormhole led the Republic to the so called Oddyssei region, near the borders of Imperial and Jenassian space. Fearing that such a wormhole could be used against Rambo interessts, and to uphold their so called guardians of Quadrant 82, Empress Ramashe ordered Starbase 08 to be re-located and placed near the wormhole. With newly returned captain Rambas as her helm, Ramashe felt sure that neither the Empire or the Republic would want to face the veteran Rambo officer. At the same time the station was repaired, for both militairy and civilian purposes and became equipped with shields, phaser arrays/cannons and with an armanent of over 5000 photon torpedoes. It was given classified vortex torpedoes as well, with one purpose only: in case of an invasion of Q82, close the wormhole by using Vortex torpedoes.

The station is over 1400 meters in diameter, marking it one of the larger space stations in service of Rambo Nation (space dock at the capital is the largest).

Notable crew:

Former Commands[]

The Uss Hood is an Exceslior Class ship which has been upgraded a lot of time during her service years. When it was launched into service, command was given to Captain Rambas II and he has been the Captain of it since.

USS Hood Below view

USS Hood

The ship has fought in the Diva-Bettie War, the Algernon War and now sees action against the Resistance and the Lizardians. Although it als had an active function to search and capture pirates, something Rambas is not very fond off. He rather fights at the front lines.

Because of the upgrades the ship recieved, the ship is now capable of Warp 9.7 and is equipped with the most recent shield and phaser technology. It is also equipped with photon torpedo's.

The ship recieved massive repairs after it was heavily damaged by a Lizardian attack. It was later also damaged severly by a Rambulan Attack, but has been repaired and later on participated in the Trucinex War and became the flagship of the Rambo Task Force of the Fleet of Retribution. However, after the Second Galactic War the ship took heavy damage from a Cognatus Assault Carreer and chrashed at a planet and later turned out to be beyond repair.

USS Merced II

The USS Capricaerón has been named in honor of the CSA and her deeds during the Second Galactic War. In grattitude, the Rambo named the newly launched Merced Class after the CSA Capitol. A sign of hope and friendhip to the Rambo. After the loss of the USS Hood Captain Rambas recieved command of the USS Capricaerón, a new and experimental class, namly the Merced Class. Swift and agil, the Merced class is the top of the line of the Rambo Fleet. It is even said they contain Transwarp, but that only the Captains know of. The ship is also equipped with quantem and photon torpedos. During her short history, she has only participated during the liberation of the Rambo Capitol where it recieved light damage, the former Captain died during that battle and command was given to Rambas II afterwards.

After Rambas recieved command, the ship became the new flagship of the Rambo ships in the Fleet of Retribution. After the Second Galactic War and during the Intergalactic War the Merced recieved the V2 update, and changed appearance. A few year later, in 04 AQF the USS Capricaerón recieved the Mk. II upgrade, making her faster and more powerful.

Sadly in 05 AQF the original USS Capricaerón was destroyed and a new version was launched into service under the name of USS Merced II.

Rambas II his crew[]

  • Known USS Capricaerón crewmembers are:
    • A male Venatioa, holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, second in command of the USS Capricaerón.
    • a male Whitharia, holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, chief medical officer.
    • A male Chuchulias navigator officer, holding the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
    • A male Dagian tactical officer holding the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
    • A male Kloppig science crewmember, holding the rank of Ensign, later died encountering a Grox Sphere.
    • A female Feolhviaeri (with bags under eyes due to her nighshift duties), holding the rank of yeoman.
    • A male Amphibiahria, holding the rank of crewman.


A great officer who has served his Nation well, not for nothing he has been promoted to vice-admiral

- Empress Ramashe

A great friend and capable officer, I am honored to be called his friend

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard

Too bad he didn't die when his ship was destroyed

- Thel'Vicliquam

My closest friend. His fight against the Empire was just and yet he saw the honour and dignity in putting aside past differences to captain what could become one of the most important space stations in the Cluster.

- Willelmus Cretacea


  • Did you know that Captain Ramborwski ones served under him as his Lieutenant at the USS Hood.


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