Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo is the brother of the late Emperor Dino Le Rambo, uncle of Ramashe and father of Ramtilsae. Rambarth served under Dino Le Rambo as his General on the High Councillor and as Hand of the Monarch until his brothers death. Due to his brothers death, Rambarth became the head of House Le Rambo, bringing great influance with it though he continued his duties under Ramashe as Hand of the Monarch. After that he was assigned the position as rear-admiral Rambo Command Trooper Department (RCTD) as well, effectively making him the supreme commander of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) and one of the most powerful authorities within Rambo Command and Rambo Nation at whole.

His greatest fears came true in July 08 AQF, afer his niece was rendered comatose after an assassination attempt in the aftermath of the Tormenting events at Arcaniox. With Ramashe in coma, the Rambo Government named his Lord Regent until Ramashe's heir comes of age. Rambarth faced a difficult time, with the changed geopgraphic lay-out of Quadrant 82, the Nation was surrounded by enemies on all sides.

He ruled Rambo Nation for four years as Lord Regent until his death in 12 AQF.


Early History[]

The Le Rambo Brothers

Born in 215 BQF at the Rambo Capital wihtin House Le Rambo, Rambarth became a younger brother of Dino Le Rambo, the eldest of his brothers. Five years after his birth, Dino Le Rambo became the monarch of Rambo Nation, making Rambarth heir to the throne until his brother had children. When coming of age, Rambarth joined the military and eventually reached the rank of General and was assigned as High Councillor for his elder brother, his closest advisor and trusted bannerman. He also acted as Hand of the Monarch since that time for his brother, ruling the Nation in his absence. During his rise he eventually married to a Rambo Pantorilisea noble woman, a political decision that resulted in the birth of his daughter, Ramtilsae in 21 BQF. He continued his duties until the Imperial Alliance invaded Rambo Nation in 06 BQF and killed his older brother. Keeping the peace, Rambarth immediatly placed his brothers eldest daughter, and crowned his heir to the throne, Ramashe. As he survived the invasion, he became the eldest known Le Rambo and was assigned as Head of House Le Rambo, he remained in his office as Hand of the Monarch as well, advising Ramashe on all kind of matters and ruling the Nation behind the curtains while Ramashe became the public face.

Hand of the Monarch for Ramashe[]

Since then Rambarth was often acting behind the scenes, ensuring the safety of the Nation. Advising Ramashe on certain matters, he soon found himself often at odds with her, especially after her X-452 treatment during the Intergalactic War in 01 AQF and her following one-night stand after her recovery. It resulted in the birth of Ramashe's bastard child, Ramanei Joy Feather, much to his dismay. He fostered the young girl himself, but was sometimes cruel to her and refused to accept her as a member of House Le Rambo.

After Ramashe reorganised her own Goverment, giving the Senate more power and influance compared to the ancient Houses, Rambarth pledged his support to his niece and was assigned as rear-admiral and supreme commander over the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA). Faithfully serving his niece, he was shocked by the betrayal of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 04 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder after it was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Rambarth, Ram'Lendila and Ramashe have a family meeting

After the Rambo were placed under the Empire's "protectrate, Rambarth has been planning to lift it ever since. When he learned that Ramashe had shown love interessts in both Apollo and Riordan Rambertan, Rambarth grew in discontent with her choices as he felt they were not worthy and below her notice.

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, Rambarth learned that senators of the Goverment confronted his niece, Empress Ramashe that she had no heir to the throne and the Royal Dynasty. Furious by a civilian authority sticking their nose in Le Rambo matters, he summoned both Ramashe and Ram'Lendila for a family meeting. Facing his two relatives, he soon scoled them for mocking their family name for far to long. First he showed his dissapointed of Ramashe with her choice of possible mates, an adventurer by the name of Riordan Rambertan and Proconsul Apollo. He admitted to Ramashe that he would die first then to let her marry a reptile, one disgrace by her was enought as it resulted in a bastard child he had to foster. He proposed that Ramiron, last of the second Le Rambo line was a suitable mate, soon followed by an order to Ram'Lendila to request the Senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to lift the "protectrate" of Rambo Nation. War was coming, and Rambarth wanted to be ready.

Garlboz, Mortikran and Rambarth forge a plot against the Empire

Informed by France and the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies about their invasion of Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel space, he promised to turn a blind eye to their conquest and gave his covert blessing without informing the Marscalcus or Ramashe, his empress about it. Mere days after the meeting with Ramashe, still during the 12th month of 06 AQF, during the Ortum a Dynastia and the New Cyrandia Wars, together with Mortikran he confronted Grand Mandator Garlboz. They talked about the possibilty to support Rambo's upcoming request to lift the "protectrate" status, while in secret Garlboz and Mortikran would be switching sides and pledge loyalty to the Cyrannian Imperial State, to act against the emperor and the Libertus domination. Garlboz was at first hesistant, but Mortikran convinced him it could be done, if Mortikran should use his ship to take control over Lianna-station and the wormhole nearby, Garlboz could send Angforst to blockade the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole.

Rambarth and Ramashe being informed of the Viral Outbreak

In return, Rambo Nation would remain out of the conflict, no legel actions by the Empire could be taken against them and in secret the Rambo would support the Cyrannian Imperial State with medical and food supplies.

At the first morning of 07 AQF, Rambarth once again brought up the topic about a marriage, Ramashe not in the mood and with Rambarth's flattering not working the two were still in disagreement. When she threatened to lay down her crown in need be he raised his voice before being interrupted by Marscalcus Kya about the recent Viral Outbreak last night at Koerband. Shocked, both agreed to try to keep the news out of the public, before outsiders would brand Koerband a danger and attack Rambo Nation.

During the fifth month of 07 AQF, Rambarth's fears became reality when he was informed by Lord Ekrillium that Emperor Tyrómairon was coming to the Rambo Capital to speak with the Empress in person. After informing the empress, Rambarth made all preperations for the Emperor's visit. During the meeting, Rambarth was shocked to find out the Emperor was well aware of his plans to break open the Concordat and the excistance of his niece, Ramanei Joy Feather. Near the end of the diner and visit, the Emperor surprised all present to announce the Inquisitor Chi Chodecra was to replace Rambarth as Hand of the Monarch. Losing his position of power, Rambarth returned to his room and smashed his glass after throwing it against the wall. He was unsure how it all could turn out like this, though the Emperor never publicy announced it, Rambarth began fearing for his and Ramashe's well being. Without his guidance, directly having authority over both Rambo Command and the Goverment was a member of the dreaded Imperial Inquisition.

Tertius Bellum[]

Tertius Bellum

Ramashe prepares for War!

With the start of 08 AQF, even though no longer the Hand of the Monarch, his influential position as Head of House Le Rambo gave him information about the impending threat of the Hutter Kingdom. To his sadness and expectations he saw the government inability to counter such a threat, resulting in the invasion of Thelliria at 3 january and the Battle of Ramalivua at 15 january.

At 23 january, Ramar Shadda was invaded, his brother Ramannis taken captive by Lady Liandra. Meeting with vice-admiral Ramcard and Ramashe, he was shocked to learn she herself was going to lead the Ramar Shadda. None the less, he accepted her proposion and promised to take care of princess Ramanei and to trust proconsul Apollo. He was relieved to hear the battle was won and both Ramashe and Ramannis were safe.

Ramtterson and Rambarth make a deal!

At march the 12th, he met with the Balaseara reporter, Dennis George Voltar though he easily dismissed him for not wishing to cooperate or provide a reporter with any sort of information. To his surprise and dismay the reporter managed to reveal disturbing information about senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria, resulting in her and the Chancellor of the Royal Crown their resignation. Faced with a political drama, Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior met with him and made a proposal. Rambarth, faced with no other choice accepted and set things into motion. At the 22th, now former-senator Chuinaylia met with him and expressed her concerns about the articles. Claiming foul play, Rambarth promised to look into it and was surprised to notice the Chinawkya woman left a data disk behind that contained data about Chi Chodecra that he might use to regain his former position as Hand of the Monarch.

Fleur and Rambarth meet at Inviere estate at Fornaeria

At the 25th he travelled to Fornaeria to meet with his friend Fleur. There he made his proposal to her, he wanted her to become the new Chancellor of the Royal Crown of Rambo Nation. Fleur was hesistant at first but showed intresst. When he told her that by this position she could secretly support the Cyrandia Resistance with support of the Senate, she was shocked to learn he already knew of it. He remained a few days of Fornaeria before he said is goodbyes to let Fleur think about his offer, ensign Ramikku Ramgrath disturbed their meeting by telling a disaster had happened. At the 29th of march the Rambo Capital was hit by the unfolding events of the Fury of Galvarus destroyed the three moons of the Capital and killed the majority of the Rambo Government. Rambarth was devastated by the disaster though used it to his advantage as he managed to place Fleur at the Chancellor position and deposed of Chi Chodecra and re-installed himself as the Hand of the Monarch. After things settled down in the Rambo Government, Rambarth was shocked by unfolding events of the Fury of Galvarus at 29-03-08AQF. With the destruction of the capital's moon and the death of millions of citizens, Rambarth pressured Rambo Command to find the source of the destruction but to no avail. Shortly after he was part of the welcoming party for the newly elected New Republic president, Nexarón Valkistair. When the meeting between him and Ramashe grew strained, he met with the president in person and promised him that the Rambo would support the Republic in their efforts against the Empire, albeit not publicy.

Lord Regent of Rambo Nation[]

Rambarth accepts the Regency and inform Ramanei of her mothers fate

In July of 08 AQF, Empress Ramashe was gravely injured and left comatose after an attempt to take her life by the assassin Lana Yrel, servant of Morgandaûr. Ramashe survived the attack, but doctor Bianca Fiercehart was unable to get her out of her comatose state. As such, the Rambo Government assigned and pledged him accept the position of Lord Regent of Rambo Nation, so he could rule Rambo Nation until Ramashe's daughter, Ramanei comes of age, four years from now. Rambarth never wanted to rule, though accepted this position in honor of Ramashe and her daughter. Rambarth felt old, it would probably be his last politic post before his age would give up on him.

In the aftermath of the Torments, Rambarth and his cabinet faced a turbulent and tense period, as Q21 and Q89 were merged into Q82 by the entity known as the Tormentor, now the Nation was surrounded by enemies on all sides besides the south. His most difficult task as Regent was his first one, informing Ramanei of what happened to her mother.

Afterwards he tasked his cabinet to deal with the current chaos in the Quadrants, set in motion plans to make simulation to utilize the Typhon-Class against the enemies of Rambo Nation and informed the Mou'Cyran Accords of the loss of Ramashe though gave them a warning not to take advantage of this situation or the Rambo would be forces to answer with severe retalliations.

Battle of Light and Dark about to begin

Later on, he gave Apollo permission to enter Aecor, as well as the crew of the Auethnen Raptor to investigate the Zevian Skull. At one condition though, Apollo joined Rambarth to visit the Atlantica planet as well and he remained an advisor at the High Council. Using the Quadrantia-Class he was amazed by the wonders and powers of the Zevian Skull, though muttered his dismay of being transported to Aldár, claiming to be to old for this. To his horor, the temple was under siege by evil forces, amongst them the Sorceror of Carnthedain, the evil Morgandaûr. During the battle, Rambarth took Apollo and Laoi to take shelter, though took up arms against during the final fight to bring down Morgandaûr.

Rambarth speaks to Ramanei one last time

Driving away the forces of evil, Rambarth remained on Aldár before returning with the Skull, and the remains of Rtas'Shagili to Aecor.

Shortly after the events Rambarth fell ill and he realized his end was near. Dragging on for another month he got bed ridden in may of 12 AQF. At the 9th, he met with Ramanei Joy Feather one more time and gave her his blessings as the upcoming Empress. He expressed his regret that he would be unable to see her crowned and would have gladly serve her.

In the night of 09AQF-10AQF he quietly passed away in his sleep. Unknown to him Ser Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne shortly afterwards and send his niece into exile. He recieved a state funeral and was laid into the crypts with the other rulers of Rambo Nation by the now High King Ramveral out of respect. The entire Nation mourned the loss of the person who ruled the Nation as second for over 200 years and history would look back on him fondly.

Personality and Traits[]

Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo is recognised by the nation and his niece, Ramashe for being tireless, prudent and unfailingly obedient to her late father, Dino Le Rambo. His brother relied on him without seconds thoughts, and Rambarth never mind for standing in his brothers shadow. After he became head of the family, Rambarth became more calculating, caring for the family name and continuation of the Le Rambo Dynasty. As a rear-admiral and Head of House Le Rambo, he became politically astute, sometimes ruthless and dedicating his life and efforts into maintaining the Le Rambo' prestige, ensuring House Le Rambo is respected and not to be taken lightly.

Rambarth is a proven battle commander and politician and has a very powerful presence combined with an unflinching gaze that can make lesser men swiftly turn away. He always wears his ancient and traditional Serindia armor, radiating respect. Though his appearance is striking, he is very gentle and loving for his children, though is sometimes cruel towards the bastard child of his niece he fostered though he softened on her in later years when he saw her kindness and promising nature.



Blue face.pngMy family!


Yellow face.pngEvery tool has it's uses

  • Ramcard - A noble and great vice-admiral
  • Ramtainus - A capable vice-admiral, sadly pro-Imperial

Orange face.pngBent the knee or perish!

  • Apollo - A reptile who is the love-interesst of my niece? A toothless reptilian in my opinion
  • Aurestor Beldrin Savenium - Why is a Draconid House interessted in Quadrantia affairs?
  • Riordan Rambertan - An adventure? Don't let me laugh, a criminal is all he is
High Council & Other


He might not wear the Royal Crown, but he is all an Emperor should be

- Rambo Founder



  • Though highly thought of and popular within Rambo Nation, he is seemingly quite disliked by citizens from Cyrannus, including Apollo and captain Garan Andarch, probably due to his strong believe that absolute power resides in the Monarchy instead of the people and his sometimes anti-cyrannus attitude.


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