Rambam of the Cyrandia Union of Worlds arrived within the main stream universe after weapon testings during the Crossing Line incident, a great tactician and warrior commanding the massive Paragavatus-Class Super Star Destroyer, the USS Paragavatus of Draconid, a homage to the late Uriel Ultanos, former Paragon of the Draconid Imperium. Rambam's live to his original counterpart is mostly the same until the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF.

After his arrival in the mainstream timeline, Rambam's loyally serves High King Rambert Ramveral and his court to face combat against the enemies of Rambo Nation.


Original History[]

Rambam hunts down the Laberynth

Like his original counterpart, Rambam was born in 32 BQF at the Rambo Capital and joined Rambo Command after high school. An examplary cadet he soon rose up into the ranks and eventually recieved his own command, the Luna-Class USS Luna. As the mainstream version of Rambam he made first contact with the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Seven Starr Alliance and was a key player in exploring the Tigris Galaxy. In 0 BQF, he fought in the devastating Second Galactic War and became an advesary of the Lizardian officer, Lizrawn of the Laberynth and even tried to hunt him. During the Intergalactic War his ship vanished and was transported to another alternate future though he managed to return after some adventures.

Somehow Rambo Nation of his timeline obtained vital information of future events and in desperation Empress Ramashe, together with the United Republic of Cyrannus made a pre-emptive strike against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Effectively preventing the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, though left them vulnrable and unable to foresee the rise of the Morgandaûr who unleashed the Tormentor and "unified" the Cyrandia Cluster into the Cyrandia Union of Worlds, with the Demonic Triumvirate as its sole leaders: Morgandaûr, Tyrómairon and Liloth!

Fleet-Captain of Rambo Nation[]

Rambam arrives on the Quadrantia in the other reality and meets with Rambert

As a warrior and deep space explorer, a great supporter of Rambo Nation he refused to bend to the will of the Triumvirate and joined the Cyrandia Resistance in hopes of liberating the Cyrandia Cluster from demonic rule and darkness. His resistance cell obtained various shipyards in the Metruia Nebula from where they fought against the Union though faced defeat as it grew stronger ever since. His cell made contact with an alternate Rambo Nation that still excisted and was in dire need. Rambam and his cell made the heavy decision to prepare to leave their reality and find a new way of living. For decades, Rambam oversaw the operations to build ships for Rambo Nation, designed by lady Aur'Shivania of that other reality, including super star destroyers.

Sia is whipped while in the crual salt mines of Pauvenris, March 2820

Finally, at 20 october of 2818 (20 AQF) Rambam finally saw his hopes being realized as the other reality opened a rift using their Interdimensional Warp Gate that allowed him and the first "shipment" to arrive in the other reality and finally meet with High King Rambert Ramveral to whom he pledged his loyalty. Later on in the war, in august 21 AQF he commanded the defense fleet at Pauvenris during the Precipice-events that saw the destruction of his vessel and the escape of Laoi Cretacea. Afterwards, he was assigned to become the permanent Warden of Pauvenris.

By March 2820, he recieved cadet Sia and had her whipped by the Ramveral Guards until she lost her senses. Afterwards he ordered the guards to rub the salt in her open wounds and spend a night in the Solidary Cell enduring the cold winds of Pauvenris. Over time he had her beaten and mistreated multiple times as per order of Mandator Camron Dar.

Personality and Traits[]

Rambam is recognised as a great officer and a small hero amongst the Serindia. Sadly, not all captains liked the bold nature and behavior of Rambam as he often went exploration missions without informing Rambo Command. To make matters worse, he often joined his crew on surface exploration mission as Rambam himself is an adventurer.

He likes to study ancient relics of the Atlantica and their connection to the Thirteenth Tribe. He is also very fond of Rambo traditions, like the Royal Family and Serindia wines. Another notable fact is that Rambam is very good for his crew, though the highest in rank on the ship he often talks with personel from every rank and rememberes every crewmembers name. When a crewmember dies in action he always feels responsibility and takes the burden to personally write letters to their families.

Ships Command[]



Blue face.pngI salute thee


Orange face.pngFace my weapons and please perish!

  • Lizrawn - Original or of my reality, I will hunt you down!


Serve me loyally fleet-captain Rambam of the other reality, together we can achieve greatness and you can call my reality home as well!

- Rambert Ramveral


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