My nightly body is winged in blue, Ramashe of the night dark sea. Swift born, dream bound and rudderless, as Empress I know the wonders I have seen. My rule Supreme, all those in favor of me relinquish in wealth and prosperity. Those against me, shiver in fright for my might!

- Ramashe

Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo is the daughter of the late Rambo Emperor Dino Le Rambo I. Often called Ramashe, she recieved more titles during her youth- like Heir to the Throne, Warrior Princess and during her reign as Empress Supreme Empress of the Quadrants.

She is seen as one of the greatest Monarchs of the Serindia and Rambo Nation ever had. Yet she is strong willed, can sometimes even be stubborn to the point of rude. None the less, her knowledge and resolve to protect her people make her a very capable Empress and ruler of Rambo Nation, which the people love. These traits led to close friendships with other rulers of Empires, like Apollo.

However upon one time in her life she underwent a special treatment which enchanced her abilities, but also made her a bit more bold and arrogant. Shorlty after she had a bastard child by the name of Ramanei Joy Feather. None the less she remained kind and honorable to everyone. Yet she is fully aware of a possible decline of Rambo Nation, and fears she cannot change that fact. Even though under her rule the Rambo overcame some of the most devastating conflicts the Cyrandia Cluster has ever seen, this fear came true when in 01 NE the Rambo were forced to become a protectrate of the Empire under rule of a Dark Lord. However this chance of event meant a power vacuum which made Rambo Nation once again a target for many as they believed the Rambo were now vulnrable. In 02 NE she was abducted by the Sorceror of Carnthedain who wanted to use her in his plot to unite the Quadrants under his supreme rule. She later escaped with aid of Riordan Rambertan and returned to her throne.

Once there she became fundamental in the support of the forming of the New Cyrannian Republic and was forced to support to the proposal to lift the "protectrate" by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus due to the actions of her Hand and uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Since the start of the Ortum a Dynasty in the 12th month of 06 AQF, Ramashe struggles to keep up with all the events within the galaxy, while also facing pressure to find a suitable husband and produce an heir to her rule. During the Tertius Bellum in 08 AQF, Ramashe led her people to prepare themselves against new threats until her utimely fall during the Tormenting events at Arcaniox, effectively rendering her comatose and ending her rule.


The biography of Ramashe, chronicles how Ramashe became supreme Empress of Rambo Nation.

Early life (23 BQF-04 BQF)[]

A very young Ramashe (picture by Um2k9

Ramashe was born in 23 BQF at the Rambo Capital, heir to the rule House Le Rambo, the Royal Dynasty of Rambo Nation and one of the most prestige and noble royalties within the Quadrant Galaxies. In her youth, Ramashe was thaught how to behave as a member of a Grand House and was trained to become Empress, learning the law, history and military tactics. She was raised by both her parents, very protected and always strict as she was the heir of the throne.

She made unexpected choice in her life when she became 16 years old in 07 BQF, tired of her safe and boring life within the walls of the Royal Palace, she wanted some adventure in her life and chose to serve as a officer of Rambo Command to chase her dreams of becoming a captain within the Rambo Navy. Her father, Emperor Dino Le Rambo was shocked and enraged by her proposel send her back to her room, but she refused, saying she was old enough to make her own discision, like he had taught her since she could remember.

Her father, surprised by her courage eventualley let her join the Rambo Space Fleet. And to his surprise she prove to be a very capable commander and many recruits loved her by that. Although she went in none of their advances, soon gaining the notorious reputation as the maiden "Warrior Princess".

Warrior Princess[]

USS Adelphi in a nebula

Ramashe went to the Acadamy in 07 BQF and soon gratuated the school with good results and she was promoted to Lieutenant very quickly (thanks to her father), she was assigned to Captain Ramaxar's ship the USS Adelphi as a Tactical Officer. Ramashe only served under Ramaxar for a few months because he was transfferred to another ship, the USS Sovereign and Ramashe recieved command of the USS Adelphi. With a promotion to the rank of captain, Ramashe gained the reputation as the Warrior Princess. Something her father was very proud of. Also her younger sister admired her, but she wasn't allowed to join the Space Fleet and became a diplomate. She joined the Noble Alliance Fleet against the Imperial Alliance and frequently engaged the Rambo Resistance in the Mid Colonies. Although called the warrior princess, she is also a very good Captain who is loved by her crew and they will do everything for her.

The 'Warrior Princess'

She later became a key person in the early days of the Tralor Invasion (05 BQF) when Rambo Nation made first contact with that race in 06 BQF. Arriving at a Tralor colony she met with Lord Lino the Dark, but the diplomatic meeting soon turned out to be a complete disaster. This soon resulted in the loss and destruction of Deep Space Colony 03 by the Tralors. When her father died by a bold and surprise attack of the Imperial Alliance, Ramashe was in shock and very sad. She was not near the Rambo Capital but she was still involved in the Tralor Invasion. Upon hearing this news, she immediatly went to the Rambo Capitol and dispatched another Captain to deal with the Tralor and find a way to make peace with them. Some days later and after the memorial of her father, the late Emperor she was crowned Empress and she realised she was the new leader of Rambo Nation. So she vowed the Imperial Alliance would pay for her fathers loss and every other enemy too.

Supreme Empress of Rambo Nation (04 BQF- 08 AQF)[]

Short Summary[]

This section chronicles how Ramashe became Empress of Rambo Nation and her struggles to rule the noble Nation throughout difficult times.


After the death of her father, Dino Le Rambo, Ramashe inherited the crown of Rambo Nation. Her first years of rule she was forced to defend her Nation against the dreaded Imperial Alliance and the Cognatus. Overcoming those difficult times, Ramashe and the United Republic of Cyrannus president, Apollo grew closer together, resulting in close cooperation between the two superpowers, eventually resulting in the forming of the Cyrandia Alliance.

After injuries obtained during the Intergalactic War, she recieved a so called X-452 treatment, resulting in enchanced abilities and a differant appearance. A year after that, in 01 AQF Ramashe gut drunk, due to her being unsure of her new appearance she had a one-night stand with Rambam, resulting in the birth of her bastard daughter Ramanei Joy Feather in 02 AQF. Her uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo was very dissapointed and furious by it.

Sadly as the Great Cyrannus War reached it's conclusion, Rambo Nation became a "protectrate" under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Ramashe was forced to sing the Nim-Glaré Concordat. This placed the entire Rambo territories under the supervision of it's newly appointed Grand Mandator, Garlboz. Though Rambo Nation endured a period of peace and prosper, Ramashe was abducted by Morgandaûr, though she was resqued by Riordan Rambertan and Claire Rambo. Returning to her throne, she became one of the first supporters for the New Cyrannian Republic, though she had difficulties trusting them fully, resulting in controversial acts like the Lianna-station near New Republic Space and the Draconid-Quadrants Act.

Early years of rule[]

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With the loss of the High Council, and the command structure crumbling, Empress Ramashe introduced the Judge Magistrate system. They were 5 Rambo Elites, srong and gifted with a limited ability of magic. She gave them command of the military and space fleet, to make sure the law was to be followed and enforced. This was a surprise with the people, but they accepted it. Now their military has a free hand and stood directly under Ramashe's rule.

When Ramashe stayed at the Capitol of Rambo Nation, she made preperations with the Judge Magistrates to counterattack the Imperial Alliance, and hold their ground in the Tigris War; to protect Deep Space colony 03 from the Tralor. However, as the war proceeded, she noticed Rambo Nation was in peril, it's influence and power in the Universe dwindling.

Empress Ramashe

And it soon proved to be true, the newly made Imperial Alliance attacked Rambo Nation and the Tralor Empire too. The war that followed was devasting, but due to the aid of the allies and the Tralor Freedom Force they managed to withhold a full scale invasion. The first galactic war turned into a victory for the Rambo and their allies. She saw Grand Admiral Yanis as a great ally, and was disturbed by the news she brought that the Ruin Sector Alliance was formed and allied the Imperials.

Ramashe and Wilsa meet

This could mean a Second Galactic War, which Rambo Nation was not sure to survive. Yet the Imperial troubles were not yet over or another enemy attacked the Rambo's new found ally, the Capricorn Sector Alliance was under attack by the Trucinex, sparking the Trucinex War. One of her first actions was to send Captain Rambas II of the USS Hood to meet with the CSA to form an alliance between the two superpowers. As the Truxinex war raged on, with losses to the CSA Ramashe eventually met with the CSA President Wilsa. Sometime during the war President Wilsa visited Ramashe at the Rambo Capital, and during their meeting they talked about the attack at Nex, which could end the Trucinex War for sure. After the war Ramashe and Wilsa remained friends, though when Wilsa wasn't elected to president in the next election round Ramashe and Wilsa lost contact with eachother.

Empress Ramashe and the Galactic Emperor signed the threaty.

The Second Galactic War eventually broke out in 0 BQF and she had to witness a horrible thing, the Noble Alliance, founded by her father had fallen and a good friend of her, Captain Klopplar died during the first stage of the war. Eventually she made peace with other Empires and they came to aid of Rambo Nation. It was in vain as the Hutter Kingdom and Xiaan soon fell under Imperial rule as well, soon followed by an attack at the Rambo Capital Ramashe was forced to sign a treaty of surrender. Imperial rule was short, as Aur'Lumniassa at behalf of the Rambo formed the intervention power known as the Quadrantia Federation that soon liberated the capital planets, opening a new front against the Imperials.

The ARS Protector is greeted by the USS Adelphi and escort.

After some succes the Second Galactic War unoffically ended, and Empress Ramashe prepared herself for a State Visit to the Core Federation and there Queen, these newfound allies and especialley the Queen became good friends, and Ramashe was wondering how her world looked liked. As the rebuildings started, Ramashe went in secret to the Core Federation (she did not inform her people) and stayed there for a short period of time. During her visit of Centrus and the Phaedra Towers she witnessed the architectual wonders of the CoreFed and complimented Queen Alestra on this. However, she was called back when the USS Hood was destroyed and the Shrine of Selenyia was discovered, such a place she wanted to secure in Rambo hands.

Meanwhile, she also requested a Quadrantia Task Force to aid the Sylit Republic in there ongoing war. After she returned to Rambo Space she went with Captain Ramdleton to greet Captain Anciaddwia of the Acientia Kingdom and made an alliance with them. She then returned with Captain Anciaddwia to the Rambo Capitol were they would continue their conversation about both Empires their pasts. Shorlty after, another great event occured when Empress Ramashe ordered the Rambo fleet to recieve the V2 status (a massive update to some vessels, and a withdrawl of even more) and Empress Ramashe met with the Ancrevilia, and welcome them to Rambo Nation.

Later during the Intergalactic War also in 0 BQF, Ramashe joined many other famous individuals from across the universe such as President Apollo and Emperor Wormulus to celebrate the wedding of the famous URC captain, Willelmus Cretacea and his wife to be Sola Naberraé. She was happy to visit the colony of Ramacaprica for the first time and to get a break from the dangerous world of politics. She than returned to Rambo Nation and send another large fleet to the Tuuros Galaxy to aid Ramcard and Ramikku. Also she orderd Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B to travel to the Tralor Freedom Force and the Dagians, in order to ensure their saftey. Shorlty after, she went to Capricaerón City for a state visit, together with the Rambo Founder to discuss various matters with President Apollo. Together they had discussed a possiblity to form a new organisation, only for the Quadrant and Cyrannus Galaxy. This organisation later took place and the Cyrandia Alliance was formed. Afterwards, the press of Rambo Nation wondered when Ramashe was thinking about settling with a family, she already was on the throne for quite some while but she didn't want to comment on this. The press believes she has an interesst in Apollo of the URC. She later visited Libran to be present at a meeting with various nations, yet the URC colonie came under attack and Ramashe had to be evacuated. During the fight, Ramashe was badly injured and was taken to the USS Capricaerón medical bay, but was unable to return to the Rambo Capitol, as Captain Rambas II had to engage the Cognatus above Capricaerón! Badly wounded, she was brought to the Rambo Capital after the battle was finished, where she at Rambo Command was treated with the so called X-452 treatment. Genetically altered, changed in outer appearance Ramashe became stronger than ever before, capable of using magical powers. This treatment remained classified and Ramashe was glad she had survived her wounds and the treatment.

Empress Ramashe her new appearance after the X-452 treatment

After her treatment, she immediatly summoned various persons to Rambo City for a meeting at Rambo Command, they were also known as the Grand 5, Captain Ramaxar, Judge of the Shrine, Captain Rambas II (not present due to the Intergalactic War), Captain Ramcard and the High General of the Rambo military.

Rambo Command

They held a meeting to discuss her new appearance, the destruction of the USS Eagle, the fall of the Girdo Empire, the encounter with the Trivoid and other classified matters. At this meeting she also talked personally with Captain Ramcard and gave him a special crew, he was given Rambo Team, a special force team of genetically engineered soldiers. She sended him once again to the frontlines and she wanted him to investigate the rumors of the Cult of the Deathmarch and there attacks. She later was contacted by the Trivoid again, their homeworld was destroyed and survivors crashed at the planet known as Mars. She ordered the USS Pasteur to save them. She was pleased to learn of there safety and planned to supported them in re-building their population by giving them supplies, money and more to rebuild there civilazation.

She was also informed about the succes of Captain Ramcard and Rambo Team. She then placed this information under the classified file, knowns as X-Treatments. Also the newly made Advanced Mobile Suite was a classified project. When the Trivoids declared war on Rambo Nation, Ramashe dispatched it as a conflict, but soon became more intense as the Trivoid captured Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic. She then ordered to resque the captain and to engage the Trivoid.

Ramashe and Apollo watch as a strange beam of energy descends on Capricaerón

She then left for Capricaerón, to meet her close friend Apollo. After some talking they decided to hold back there most important topics after a walk through Capricaerón City. During there walk a large mysterious beam appeared at Capricaerón, with the clouds turning red, clouds swirling faster and faster and as lightning struck buildings, incapicating them a figure appeared. And Ramashe was shocked, so was Apollo. In front of them the Xhodocto known as Angazhar appeared, a nightmarish creature whom Ramashe greatly feared. As Anghazar wanted to kill both of them, Apollo managed to save Ramashe as both hid in a basement.

Battle of Fornaeria and the following treaty

The USS Venture and the Advanced Mobile Suite during the breaking of the blockade

After Ramashe had returned in shock from Angazhar's return and attack on Capricaerón, her troubles were far from over. Rambo Nation had engaged herself with the Imperial Alliance at the Battle of Fornaeria. With the Zarbriaek and Amiearia wishing to help, but in return becoming members of Rambo Nation Empress Ramashe approved this treaty and managed to get it through at the Senate.

Later she travelled with the Capricaerón Sky to Fornaeria where she piloted the Serindia Advance Mobile Suite and she personally participated in the battle, though in secret. Upon the return of Captain Rambam onboard the USS Venture Ramashe had already destroyed various Light Cruisers of the Imperial Alliance.

Shortly after, she was contacted by Aturox, the Grand Admiral of the Ramvelkys Alliance and she went on a State Visit to meet with him and discuss various diplomatic issues and matters. Later on she heard of the fall of the Imperial Alliance and after a whole year Rambo Nation managed to expand and became the first Nation of the Quarant Galaxies. Pleased and happy, together with the new members, the HarbronrSauriens, Chinawkya, Zarbiaek and more Rambo Nation would expand greatly, and the culture would be that of a mixed species, all living in harmony and peace, further more brining the paradise of the Rambo Nation closer. The Harbronrsautrien even brought with them the Novae and the schematics of the Imperial Immobilizer Class, she ordered the Shipyards of Rowar to use the schematics to build new ships and weapons for Rambo Nation. She also ordered the 12th Fleet to participate in the final battle of the Girdo Civil War and afterwards, she began forming the Senate, a difficult job. As the Treaty of Fornaeria was expanded and various new members joined Rambo Nation, Ramashe and her office was occupied with various papers, treaties and forming of a senate. Disbanding the High Council only to her closes advisors, the Founder and the Quardian the Rambo Senate would now make the public and internal discisions, with her still as the supreme ruler of Rambo Nation. This act came in notion at 03 AQF. Although it meant a lot of paper work (something she hated) and she was almost finished with assigning the variuos Senators and regions. She was pleased and the Founder said his goodbyes as Ramashe felt secure with her hopes and dreams to become the Supreme Empress of the Quarants.

Ramashe turned away from her paperwork and walked to her window, looking outside she saw the sunset at Tirithsilliana but she couldn't help something bothered her, a message showed at the computer screen. A new organisation, the Confederacy of Independant Systems attacked the Adelphi and attacked various URC strongholds. Suddenly chills were running over her back as a shadow loomed over her, but as she winked her eyes she saw a Chinawkya Cruiser passing overhead, though she could not help but wonder why she had those chills...

Supreme Empress Ramashe

Dhazhrak Conspiracy[]

As Ramashe looked outside, she saw the Mobile Suite Droid army assemble and march into their ships, taken to there assigned places. She smiled, it was just as she expected. Now with the expansion of both the ground and space forces, she was pronnounced Supreme Empress by the citizens of Rambo Nation and she liked that new title. As she looked she felt dizzy and fell to her knees. Immediatly Royal Guards stormed the throne room and even the Founder was with them. As she rose again she waved them away, claiming she didn't had enought sleep.

Dhazhrak, the "Empress" of Rambo Nation

The Royal Guard nodded though the Founder wondered why she had fainted. She never did that before. After the event she had more darker thoughts and wishes and as she was contacted by Levarrion, ruler of the Syndicate, they made an agreement, of the record ofcourse. She made it possible that the Syndicate could now be contracted by Rambo Nation as well, making them the center of all the crime and underworld of the known Quadrant Galaxies.

It later turned out, Dhazhrak, an Xhodocto has replaced her (due to his shapeshifting abilities) and captured Ramashe and send her to a remote location, where she is frozen in ice. Though the entire Universe does not know this fact.!

Suiliagothrond Battlestation

Dhazhrak awoke Ramashe during the wedding of President Apollo and his wife Gianne Inviá of Coruindia. As Master Kroc was present, and Dhazhrak was affraid he would see through his presence as Ramashe. Afterwards she was send back to her icy sleep. Ramashe was not present when the Quadrantia Disorder broke out at 04 AQF, nor knew of the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War of the Vartekian War. Dhazhrak awoke her for a second time to send her at a vacation to Capricaerón City. As she claimed she needed a vaction and dire need of rest. There she met with Apollo and relaxes. Unknown to all, still under the influance of Dhazhrak whom began scheming as the Unknown Dark Lord, a wanted criminal of Rambo Nation. She spend a week at Capricaerón City before she returned to the newly launched Suiliagothrond Battlestation. There Dhazhrak took her back to her prison again and retook his role as Empress of Ramashe. There Dhazhrak continued to play as Ramashe.

Dhazhrak vs Empress Ramashe

In the seventh year of 04 AQF Ramashe challenged Dhazhrak at Tirithsilliana. Dhazhrak, now ruling for over Rambo Nation for over one and a half year allowed the Confederacy to conquer various planets and also allowed the Cult of the Deathmarch to destroy the Insector Eldarions. She used the advanced mobile suite to attack Dhazhrak though Dhazhrak had the first blow which send Ramashe chrashing through various hallways. When Dhazhrak wanted to chrush her armor she used an electric charge to stun the Xhodocto and throw the Xhodocto out of the building where he landed at the Royal Courtyard. There the two dueled further and Ramashe managed to surprise Dhazhrak with a sub space explosion, which was painful for even a Xhodocto. He then was consumed by a black vortex and told Ramashe in surprise that it was impossible to be defeated by a mere Serindia. Now with Dhazhrak gone Ramashe re-claimed her throne and kept the event secret from the Nation, though she filled in a record and classified the file with a Royal Clearance. Afterwards she fainted and was brought to a hospital to recover, where she recieved some shocking and suprising news.

Back at the throne[]

Apollo and Ramashe at Capricaerón

A day after the battle, Ramashe was released from the hospital. She then headed to Capricaerón to meet with her good friend Apollo. There she stayed almost an entire day, and she visited her two godchildren, Kira and Cretecea and congratulated both Apollo and his wife on them. She played a while with them and after walking through Capricaerón she had a private lunch with Apollo. During the lunch she told Apollo about Dhazhrak, his one and a half year of ruling over Rambo Nation and that she was carrying an egg, while she was still a virgin and that the Founder believed she was the Maid of the Quadrants, mother of the child that would bring endless peace to the Quadrants. Apollo heard her story without saying anything, and when Ramashe had to cry he comforted her. After these two secret revelations, Apollo and Ramashe soon fell into discussion over political matters and if it was possible to make joint operations and fleets again, like during the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War. After diner with Apollo and his wife and children Ramashe returned to the capital, where she read the files containing information about the last one and a half year when she was absent.

Afterwards she went to bed, but still wondered how it was possible she defeated Dhazhrak with a sub space explosion. After updating herself at the current status of Rambo Nation and the Quadrantia Disorder (like the finished construction of the Typhon Class and the succes of her plan to update ships to the V2 Mk. II status) and the progress in the Great Cyrannus War Ramashe came to the conclusion that the Rambo and URC needed another victory. After all, the Confederacy still held possesion of Karzhamahri Nui and threatened the Badlands Sector and the Eastern Sectors. As such Ramashe gave Captain Ramniels the order to blockade the Confederate stronghold of Yadumarth in Quadrant 82, close to the Quarantia-Cyrannus Wormhole.

Emperor Kyantay and Ramashe have diner

Ramniels was aided by various Rambo and URC captain (they were requested by Ramashe of Apollo, and the URC president complied). After hearing the Third Battle of Yadumarth was a victory for the Rambo/URC taskforce she informed Apollo of the news.

When the tenth month of the year 04 AQF started Ramashe had a meeting with Emperor Kyantay of the Keiternyan Star Empire, the two had diner at the capital which lasted for hours. During the conversation the two talked about the burden of rule, the history of their nations and personal interessts. The diner itself was filled with a bottle of Serindia Wine, fruit, fish, meat and desert. After the meeting (which lasted almost the entire day) the two heads of state said eachother goodbye and promised to see eachother soon again. After Kyantay had left, Ramashe went to bed. When she woke up the other day, she knew her egg was soon to laid.

Mere days after the meeting and an encounter with the Imperial Remnant Ramashe was informed that Captain Rambam has been killed during the battle of Matakoro. She felt tears in her eyes, as a famous and great captain had fallen. She looked outside, though she was living in peace and harmony at the capital more and more planets kept falling into Confederate hands and she couldn't imagen how that would be. The war was taking her toll at the Rambo fleets, and she wondered when the Confederate advance would finally be stopped. She bowed her head, and felt sick again. The egg would arrive soon, and she felt weak and tired.

Near the end of the tenth month she contacted Voro Acetenus of the Cognatus Remnant. After the Cognatus had attacked Koerband, and discovered that the Intergalactic War was a mistake Ramashe and Voro Acetenus began talking about a possible treaty and working together to solve the riddle of the Atlantica. Voro Acetenus agreed to the conditions of Rambo Nation, and Ramashe did that to the conditions of the Cognatus Remnant. She now Prepares to meet Voro Acetenus.

President Apollo of the URC, Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation and Voro Acetenus of the Cognatus Remnant talk on Corunnia

After the disastrous Battle of Ramaprica, which resulted in a massive loss for the Cyrandia Alliance, Ramashe travelled to Corunnia. There she met with Voro Acetenus of the Cognatus Remnant and President Apollo of the URC. As Ramashe and Apollo never met a Cognati in person before, they were both happy to meet one. Ramashe was surprised to learn Voro Acetenus was quite friendly and tolerent, traits that she never had associated with a Cognati. The meeting held subjects like the Intergalactic War, the Atlantica and the artifacts they left behind.

Angforst Space Station above an unidentified planet

They agreed that when an artifact was discovered, it was to be studies by a joint team of Cognatus, URC and Rambo scientists. The meeting went on for hours and the three became good friends, and when they left an alliance between the Remnant and the Cyrandia appeared to be quite likely.

Apollo then began to talk with Ramashe about her pregnancy, and she told him that the egg would arrive very soon indeed, something that Apollo was delighted to hear. A few days laterr, when Ramashe had laid her egg, she kept it a secret and put it in a special section of the Royal Palace, where a special glowing lamp would hold the egg warm, until it would hatch.

Near the end of the 11th month in 04 AQF the egg had hatched and it turned out Ramashe had her first child, a son she called Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo, heir to the Throne of Rambo Nation and crown prince of Rambo Nation. Upon his birth she already noticed he was half a X-Serindia, and laready gave a signal of power and proudness to his mother. She was proud of him and informed the Nation and Rambo Nation her allies of the birth (like Apollo, Voro Acetenus, Kyantay). A week after Ramashe recieved news that the Angforst space station had been completed, a new kind of massive battlestation of Rambo Nation. As Ramashe had no time to visit the station yet, she ordered Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A to welcome the station.

Fireworks at Tirithsilliana

Ramashe looked at her many holo viewscreens in her office at Tirithsilliana, together with her just born son Ramaith to see citizens of Rambo Nation gathering to celebrate the start of the new year, 05 AQF. At the various colonies, even at Karzamahri Nui which was still conquered many gathered to see the fireworks and join the celebrations for the new year.

Half an hour before midnight Ramashe and Ramaith went outside, joined by her guards they all watched to the sky and gathered around a large table with food and drinks. When midnight finally arrived, Tirithsilliana her sky was full of fireworks and all present gave eachother their congratulations for the new year and began toasting at it.

In conversation with the Colonel and the Marscalcus

When Ramashe looked at her mobile holoscreen she saw that at every colony celebrations were taking place (where it was night at least). After the fireworks Ramashe brought Ramaith to bed, singing a bed song for him and returned to her office where she said her best wishes for Apollo, as the URC had also started another new year.

Later on Ramashe was happy to announce that Captain Rambo would be the captain that would restart the Rambo Nation Space Exploration Program again. He was to explore Quadrant 21 with his modified USS Enterprise-A. However she also grew tired of Ramith, her son his behavior though was impressed with his magical abilities. Later on, when the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui was raging on she recieved information that her friend, fleet captain Ramdleton had perished in combat when the Suiliagothrond was destroyed. While being in conversation with Colonel Chodecra and the Marscalcus she revealed that reinforcements must be send, otherwise the Rambo would lose the battle. She was pleased to learn that with aid of the Cognatus Remnant the victory had been for Rambo Nation. Confident with a new resolve Ramashe ordered new battle plans to be made, it was time the Rambo got on the offensive again. Plans and preperations were made, but were shorlty halted when President Apollo informed the Empress that a Rambo Senator was involved with something called the Purity Virus. Surprised both came to the conclusion that a Retribution intervention was needed. As such she ordered Vice-Admiral Rambam to aid the URC in the Second Battle of Nosiso.

With the start of the fifth month the citizens of Rambo Nation grew tired of the war, and with aid of the senate pressed Ramashe to take drastic matters, even if it would mean to end the militairy aid to the URC. However Ramashe refused and claimed the Cyrandia Alliance is more than a simple alliance to aid eachother when others want it, but that is was a blood alliance, to aid eachother in good and difficult times. However the people continued to ask for change as fundings went to the war efforts instead of to health care and education. Still Ramashe refused to accept it and tried to change the thoughts of her people.

Difficult times[]

Early days

Apollo and Ramashe speak the night before the Rise of the Empire

However her efforts turned in vain as in the 6th month of 05 AQF the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and branded Rambo Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance as traitors. Moments before the Rise of the Empire, President Apollo awoke Ramashe from her sleep late at night when he contated her. In her sleeping dress she listened to Apollo's concern that something was on the horizon. Noting the bags under Apollo's eyes, she asked if it troubled him at night, something he admitted. During their conversation she answered that difficult times required difficult decisions, with it expressing her hope to end the Great Cyrannus War. She said her goodbyes and went to sleep. Shocked by the morning news that the URC was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, she send the Angforst to the Quadrantia-Cyrannus worhole and stop all incoming traffic from Cyrannus to Rambo Nation. She ordered the Chancellor of the Crown to call in an emergency session with the Rambo Senate, it would become a long day to discuss this recent event.

After agreeing that the Angforst was send to blockade the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole, destroying every unwilling URC ship in the process, troopers were send to guard the Rambo colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy against a possible invasion of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. At the same time she was in conversation with the Senate and the militairy command of Rambo Command for certain actions and protection of civilians, whether they were Rambo, URC or Empire but soon realised that former URC or Empire citizens could better migrate back to the Empire, as Rambo Command had too little enforcers to protect citizens on colonies. With little sleep, Ramashe soon became over tired, having headaches (taking medicines against it) she faced a difficult time, both in rule and in emotional sense. She wondered what had happened to Apollo and her Cognatus allies, as all transmissions with the Cyrannus Galaxy were broken.

State Visit to Forda

When Blademaster Hl'Bre'K of the Fordanta contacted Ramashe with a request to meet eachother in these difficult times, Ramashe was delighted and accepted to meet eachother. During the travel to Forda Ramashe was escorted by vice-admiral Ramcard who told her it was an honor to serve under he, which she was graceful for. After docking she exited the ship, flanked by two Royal guards and a Legacy Serindia with magical powers, she walked to the Blademaster with a smile, at last she would meet a Fordanta in person, and already she was greatly impressed. During her stay she learned a lot of the Blademaster and the Fordanta. During her stay she recieved a room in a luxerous hotel. The state visit included a tour through the great City of E'Sta'Me'K, during a diner Ramashe recieved a traditional For'Dan style long sword that reached from the floor to Ramashe's waist. The sword itself was inlaid with gold and carved in the ancient For'Dan language, this made Ramashe very proud and even a bit shy of such a gift of friendship. Later on the state visit brought Ramashe to the Hall of Stories, where many Fordanta sung a song of their history, which even included a Rambo story, this made Ramashe cry of the honor.

After that day Ramashe joined Hel' in a traditional hunt found at Forda (Hel' was dressed in a loose robe, and a cuirass of wooden lamellar instead of being nude like normal in hunts). Ramashe herself was dressed in a loose raiment and Ramashe witnessed Hel' defeating a monstrous creature and during the trip to and from the hunting grounds, Ramashe and Hel' began to learn more about eachother. Ramashe even revieled her reasons for her changed appearance and X-treatment to Hel', who was one of the few who now knew that she was close to death during that time. Ramashe became greatly impressed with Hel' and noticed he was quite muscular and enjoyed spending time with him. After the hunt she took a shower and awaited further what Hel' had planned, but ordered vice-admiral Ramcard to prepare her gift for the Blademaster.

Later on Ramashe visited a local Fordan market, talking with the civilians and learning more about them. The next morning Hel' and Ramashe visited the equatorial archipelago, where both enjoyed the sun, books and the waters. Visiting a restaurant Ramashe learned that a good friend of Hel' was troubling him, known as Kies who seemingly brought the Kraw Galaxy to a certain doom if he wasn't stopped. However the topic led to an outburst of the Blademaster, though Ramashe only listened and smiled after he had told her the entire story. Returning to the hotel Ramashe went to bed again and prepared for the farewells. The next morning a large crowd was present at the Void Relay Station, and upon Hel' arriving in a differant armor than usual, Ramashe smiled. Hel' told her that Kies had resigned and had calmed his mind, in return of grattitude for her visit Ramashe gave Hel' a special orb, a traditional sword and the flag of Rambo Nation. The Blademaster accepted all these gifts and proudly accepted them. Hel' also gave Ramashe a Void Key, a very special gift.

After saying goodbyes again Ramashe returned to the USS Dallas and travelled towards Rambo Nation space again.

Wedding party!

With the start of the second month of the Dark Times and 01 NE Ramashe went into deep thoughts about the Seven Starr Alliance and their allowance for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as members of the once bright and glorious SSA. As the Rambo made a lot of sacrifices during the War of Ages and always stood ready for aiding members of the SSA, this act was in the eyes of Ramashe a betrayal. As such she made the decision at her own, and declared that Rambo Nation was now a former member of the SSA.

As most people weren't even aware of the full functions of the SSA, they did not really bother, though it raised some questions in the militairy ranks if it was a wise decision. After only staying for a few days at the capital Ramashe recieved a letter from Captain Koluap, it was an invitation for his wedding with his love interesst Windy Spinkarius. Honored (and it would also improve the Rambo-Indoctrinate), Ramashe left again to attend the wedding of captain Koluap. Attenting the wedding were many high officials of various nations, like Tyraz Breek, Clerirach Iovera and many more. Sadly during the wedding the dreaded Khazurhal Angazhar appeared out of nowhere and chrashed the wedding party. After a fierce fight with one of Angazhar his servants the drove the demonic servant away and the wedding took place with great celebrations following her. After the wedding Ramashe returned to the Rambo Capital again.

Ramaith his funeral

Upon her return she oversaw new fleet movements to counter attack a possible invasion by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Sadly near the end of the second month of 01 NE she found the lifeless body of her son, Ramaith in the courtyards of Rambo Nation. In despair Ramashe yelled and cried and guards rushed to her aid, only to see the reason for it. The guards began singing a mourning song and in the following days the senate was called for an emergency session and the media was informed. Ramashe was devasted, and the Founder had a hard time comforting her. At the last day of of 01 NE Ramairth funeral was held and afterwards a national day of mourning was declared.

Uriel and Ramashe meet

At the very last day of the 2nd month of 01 NE was over Rambo Nation got a state visit by Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium. The Rambo and Draconid were having contact for some while now, though in low profile due to the Draconid' relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. And Uriel requested a low profile visit due to the threat looming of the Quadrants. The meeting went along fine, the two talked about eachother races and culture, the threat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the three Draconid colonies in Quadrant 82, guarding the artificial wormhole leading to the Andromeda Galaxy. After the former greetings and a photoshoot the two first talked in the Royal Palace for a while before travelling to the harbour city of Luthrionicae for a banket. The banket was held in Ramashe her Residential Palace. After the banket the two walked around the shoreline and Uriel was impressed with the various wildlife that walked among the buildings, doing no harm and living in harmony with the citizens of the city.

Near the end of the day, after a small concert by local children and visiting the Great Library of Rambo Nation in Ramerodaras the party returned at the Royal Palace where Uriel his shuttle was still waiting. Saying eachother goodbye and the best wishes Ramahse promised that if possible, she will visit Alcanti, the homeworld of the Draconid. As a goodbye gift she was given Draconid wine, while Ramashe herself gave the Serindia wine to Uriel to test it out. It later turned out the Draconid Wine was heavier and had more of an impact then the softer Serindia Wine.

Meeting Riordan

With the start of the third month Ramashe was in mourning and was really sad, and she decided to stay out of the media for a while. At one day she grew tired of being in her office, bored of the paper works she had to go through. Suddenl she rose from her chair and approached the Founder, who was in meditation. She notified him she was going for walk, even against his advice with bringing royal guards with her. Ramashe donned her casual attire and strolled out of the Royal Palace, unseen by civilians who failed to recognise her. Her trip included a walk along the beach, watching the sun rise Ramashe sudenly cried. Eventually she arrived at a small spaceport, on the shore of the sea. She was away for hours now and the Founder probably grew worried. Finding the local saloon Ramashe noticed a young Rambo Serindia explorer sitting on a table. Approaching the explorer she extended her hand in greeting, and to her surprise the explorer bowed his head and told her he was aware she was the Empress herself. Surprised she joined him at the table and talked for hours, in which Ramashe learned he explorer was born at the Rambo colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Upon sun set Ramashe told her goodbyes and gave the explorer a swift kiss at his cheek, telling him the two should stay in touch.

Ramashe orders the Founder and Uruviel to solve the Paradox

Ramashe returned to the Royal Palace where a while later a Paradox appeared within Rambo City, the capital of Rambo Nation and various troopers were killed. Luckily the Founder was there and managed to save a young girl who was also present, Uruviel was later brought to the Empress as she ordered to two to investigate the Paradox and solve it. The girl seemed excited but the Founder refused at first, claiming that the Paradox was a result of a conflict between the Atlantica and others. Refusing to listen to this kind of tiale Ramashe pressed on and eventually the Founder complied. Ramashe did allow the Founder to use the USS Relativity and other means to solve the Paradox. She claimed if the Founder did not solve the Paradox there was nothing left to defend against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The anomaly was solved by the Founder and Uruviel, but at the same time the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had arrived in orbit of the Capital.

Puppet of the Empire[]

Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal corner Ramashe.

Surrender of Rambo Nation

The following battle in orbit of the Rambo Capital was fierce and both the Empire and Rambo took heavy casualties. Ramashe monitored the events from her throne room, unwilling to leave her position as it would be a sign of weakness, and Ramashe didn't like running.

Sadly the Empire her fleet gained the upperhand over the Rambo when the Girdo Droners left and disabled various ships at Rowar. Without more ships the Empire managed to invade the capital. Though her people fought proudly, Ramashe oversaw troop movements from her palace and was still there when both Zillum and Nirndal arrived at her palace. To her and their surpise they were joined by Garlboz who was send by the Emperor himself. When Zillum asked for her surrender Ramashe complied, she couldn't leave her people in hands of such monsters.

Ramashe reluctantly kneeling before Tyrómairon.

After her surrender Ramashe was brought to another room inside her palace where the Emperor himself greeted her. Surprised and a bit feared she faced the dreaded Mornûnendur ruler. The Emperor told Ramashe he was happy she surrended, to which Ramashe complied her people were her only concern. The Emperor continued to taunt Ramashe, to the point he threatened her people if Ramashe would not cooperate with him. As hope left Ramashe, she told the Emperor she wold surrender the Nation, if they were not harmed and the Rambo could live their daily lives and hold their own customs and believes. The Emperor accepted these terms, and send Garlboz as her personal advisor, much to Ramashe her dismay as it would make a rebellion so much more difficult. The two then signed the Nim-Glaré Concordat. Knowing she had no choice, Ramashe still felt bad for surrendering the Nation to the Empire. Though it also gave oppurtinities as the Empire would now protect the Nation against harm, allowing Ramashe to rebuild her nation and fleet. As she was about to leave, the Emperor stopped her as she would have to know her place. The Emperor told Ramashe she had to bow, and with great reluctance Ramashe went down on her knee, while a sole tear felt from her eye she said: "As you wish... my Emperor".

Tyrómairon speaks from Rambo City.

Meanwhile the Emperor remained at the Rambo Capital, often in conversation with Garlboz. As a large Imperial fleet was gathering in orbit of the Capital as the Emperor departed for the surface. Meanwhile below, in Rambo City citizens were gathering as the Imperial shuttle landed. From the shuttle Ramashe was the first to emerge, she felt weak and smiled weakly. If were difficult conversations about the Rambo surrender and chances to the authority and such. Behind her the Emperor himself emerged, who looked tall, graceful and seemingly benelovent ruler. He smiled to the crowd as he began his speech, talking about the Concordat and that the people of the Quadrants and Cyrannus were now under mutal prosperity. Ramashe looked in surprise as the crow cheered, still believing Ramashe to be in full power of the Nation. After the celebrations, which were in her eyes false she was alone at her balcony, crying and feeling alone. She made a vow that day, that one day her people will be liberated, both in the Quadrants and in Cyrannus. One day the Cyrannians would pay for their mistakes and crimes and see their wrongs. Suddenly she softly cried, without support of the Founder or Apollo things seemed heavy. Walking back to her chamber she prayed to the Rambo Gods for strenght, and she hoped that her friend Apollo was still alive. As she fell asleep she thought about Riordan Rambertan, she needed some company.

Troubles of the Nation

With the start of the 05th month of the year 01 NE Ramashe learned of the death of Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant.

Informing the officers of the new promotions

It seemed the Cyrandia allies were dealt another blow, one that really hurted and could mean the loss of a powerful member and ally. Ramashe grieved for the death of the honorable leader, and hoped she could attend his funeral if their would be any.

Near the end of the fifth month Ramashe was informed by Garlboz that he wanted to promote Ramtainus to vice-admiral, replacing the renegade Rambas. Ramashe agreed, as Ramtainus was a veteran of both the Tralor and Tigris War and was a fine and capable officer. Yet Garlboz his second proposal for a promotion Ramashe found hard to accept, he wanted to promote his new servant, the young lt commander Kya to the position of Marscalcus; the highest militairy rank of whole Rambo Nation. Yet Garlboz pressed on and Ramashe complied. The following summon where Garlboz told the news to the other officers was quite intense. With Ramaxar mostly disagreeing with it she ordered all to accept it and left the room. She was joined by Garlboz with whom Ramashe had a word to speak with.

The discussion was a heavy one, with both Garlboz and Ramashe in disagreement. When the Rambo Senate voted in favor of again producing Rambo vessels instead of only Empire vessels- Ramashe gave her approval as well to thwart Garlboz and show him she still rules Rambo Nation and not the Grand Mandator.

Informing the Emperor about the troubles in the Quadrants

However Garlboz continued his own plans and didn't listen at all to Ramashe, not even when the Quadrantia Grox started a conflict with the Serpentaxy, and the Hutters attacked a K-7 space station in Quadrant 89. As such Ramashe decided to contact Tyrómairon to inform him about the events. Yet both Garlboz and Kya were present and Garlboz ordered Kya to inform the Emperor- hoping to escape his wrath. Yet the Emperor scolded at the Emperor that he didn't due his work properly and had to show force. He was given authority to destroy a planet at will to show them the Empire was serious. When the Emperor threatened to send the full might of the Imperial Navy to Quadrant 82 Ramashe asked if that was a bit over the top. The Emperor simply replied that he allowed no excuses and an enemy planet had to be destroyed.

When Supreme Commander Zillum of the Empire destroyed the Hutter planet Tigma IV-killing billions in the process Ramashe dissaproved but could do little against it. Tensions remained to rise as the Hutter kept their control over the K-7 station though Garlboz and Mortikran informed her in the 3rd month of 02 NE that the station was retaken. Relieved Ramashe thanked Garlboz (much to his own suprise). Now that the conflict between the Rambo and Hutters was settled, perhaps Ramashe could now get some free time again.

State visit to Alcanti

Escaping Garlboz' gaze for a while, Ramashe took vice-admiral Ramcard with her and travelled onboard the USS Dallas to the planet Alcanti, capital of the Draconid Imperium located in the Andromeda Galaxy. The following state visit was a great improvement in relations as she was welcomed by Paragon Uriel Ultanos himself.

There she is welcomed by Uriel and his guard, who took Ramashe and Ramcard to numerous places to show how the Draconid live their lives. Ramashe, greatly impressed by the nobility, and craft of art the Draconid Imperium commented on it with high regard. Ramashe was also impressed by the palace itself, large and majestic it was a great differance compared to her Royal Palace, the tower which looked liked it hang up side down.

Never the less, Ramashe enjoyed her stay- as well as the visit to a local Market. Further more, the great Cathredal also gave a great impression to Ramashe as she herself was devoted to her own believes in the Rambo Pantheon she was enlighted to find out that the Draconid also took great pride in their own believes.

After the state visit Ramashe returned to the Rambo Capital where she would hoped for a bit of free time again.

Gogmaloe takes hold of Ramashe

Yet her free time came to a quick end when some within the Senate and military began to dislike the Rambo Nation "protectrate" status. Ramashe spend many hours to convince them that at the moment there was no other option. With the fleet in recovering and an army that could only tickle the Imperial Military- taking action would only result in harming the civillians of the Nation. Pondering her thoughts at her throne, the throne silence was disturbed by a change in wind when a sudden portal opened in the doorway of the throne room. Ramashe raised herself from the throne and approached the portal when suddenly the dangerous Paradox entity Gogmaloe emerged from the portal. With one swipe the creature killed most of the guards in the throne room and he grasped Ramashe before she could flee. Resisting his grasp, Gogmaloe tightened his grisp until Ramashe had to scream in pain- all while she was closer to be drawn into the portal.

Prisoner of Morgandaûr[]

Ramashe is taken hostage by Morgandaûr and Trashnak

The Paradox creature, known as Gogmaloe dragged Ramashe into the portal where she lost her consciousness. The Paradox creature brought her to the planet Carnthedain where Ramashe woke up inside a dark fortress. She was greeted by Trashnak, a goblin chieftain and the Sorceror of Carnthedain, Morgandaûr. Morgandaûr explained to Ramashe his reasons for abducting Ramashe. Without her the more hostile and power hungry empires would engage the Nation and eachother- resulting in Garlboz asking aid from the Imperial Navy which would result in more conflict. As all would fear the star destroyers of the Empire Morgandaûr would then unite all Quadrant empires behind him against the Empire- creating an alliance which would drive the Empire away from the Quadrants. Ramashe couldn't believe her ears and rejected the idea, even the notice that she was a member of one of the Great Houses of the Cyrandia Cluster she did not comment on. The dark lord also implied that Ramashe would act as a sign of trust to the people of the Quadrants, Ramashe felt sick and told the dark lord that she would submit to no one. In result Morgandaûr hit Ramashe with electric energies to which she fell to her knees. Trashnak then dragged her to a detention cell where she awaits her time to gain her freedom once again.

Escaping with aid of Lourdes and a Valaxion

Ramashe remained in prison for over two months and feared she would accept Morgandaûr' will. As his words were like poison that weakend her resolve and spirit. Suddenly, in 06 AQF/03 NE (two months after her capture) she heard a soft voice. A Carnthedain Elven Princess known as Lourdes helped Ramashe escape on the back of a flying Valaxion. Lourdes, or at least the creature known as a Valaxion brought them to her village and there Lourdes asked for Ramashe her help. She wished to leave Carnthedain together with her people to escape the goblins.

Preparing to leave Carnthedain

Ramashe wished to help but said she had no ship when all of a sudden Riordan appeared and offered aid. Surprised and happy Ramashe fell into the arms of Riordan and gave him a small kiss at his cheeck.

The two discussed the plan to escape when Dil'inne'Dry- a smuggler who stood in favor or Riordan arrived to aid him. Together they soon came to the conclusion that the Bluedion moon was the problem as it stood under Imperial control and neither Dil nor Riordan wanted to be discovered with Ramashe onboard as it would probably mean their deaths. Soon after they gathered on the beach and left Carnthedian for the Bluedion moon.

Claire welcomes the Empress, Lourdes, Dil and Riordan at the bridge

After a two day travel they arrived at the Bluedion moon and managed to enter the wormhole without any troubles due to a large amount of traffic. Upon entering Quadrant 21 they encountered the massive Suiliagothrond II- under command of Operative Claire Rambo. The Operative was taken by complete surprise and as the two freighters of Dil and Riordan docked Ramashe informed Rambo Command she had been recovered. She was escorted to the bridge where she rewarded Dil and Riordan with a large sum of money (and Riordan with another kiss). She instructed Claire to start her Zevian Expedition while the Elven population and Lourdes remained onboard the station. After her Zevian expedition Claire was ordered to invade Carnthedain and lift the rule of the sorceror.

Saying her goodbyes to her company she was escorted back to the Rambo Capital by vice-admiral Ramcard.

Back at the Throne II[]

When Ramashe returned at her throne, her niece Ramtilsae who acted as Regent of the Nation stood down upon her function and returned rule to the Empress. Delighted Ramashe returned to her throne room and began reading of recent events. She was greatly hurt by the news that Gianne Inviá was assinated by an unknown force. She contacted the children at once but was unable to reach them and Ramashe grew worried (-unknown to her at the time the children already recieved wordt she returned and were on route to the Capital).

Laoi and Kara meet Ramashe after the death of their mother

Two days after her attempt to contact the children, both Laoi and Kara showed up at the Royal Palace. They had travelled on their own to the Rambo Capital where they arrived on a special section of the Royal Palace- only designated as arrival place for the closest of the Royal Family. When Ramashe met them, Laoi bursted out in tears. Kara looked up to Ramashe, who for a moment was stunned and not sure what to do. Ramashe soon re-gained herself and comforted both Laoi and Kara and brought them within the palace. Showing them their bedrooms she told the two children that the Royal Palace was their home as long as they wanted- and that she would try to contact Apollo who was gone on some adventure in Andromeda.

Ramashe also contacted Senator Magalen that the two children were safe at the Royal Palace, much to his delight. Magalen asked if both Gorf and the Adjunct were also allowed to live with them at the Rambo Capital, as the children were very close to them. Ramashe agreed and dispatched a ship to retrieve them from Capricaerón. Later that night she checked upon both Laoi and Kara, while Kara was a sleep Laoi had difficulties sleeping. Sitting at his bed, Ramashe cuddled him until he fell a sleep too, though Ramashe couldn't wonder where Apollo was and hoped he would return soon.

Ramashe and Savra meet at the Rambo Capital

A few days after the children settled themselves at the Palace, Ramashe returned to politics when she suddenly recieved an unscheduled request for an audience. It turned out to be the Corthrinus emperor Savra Mathen who wished to negotiate a treaty of commerce and trade. During their conversation Ramashe agreed to sign the treaty but was unsure if it were Savra's only intentions for this visit. Savra chuckled and explained that the Rambo had a weak position at Orbispira and that dirty politics were being played at the capital. He desired to have Ramashe as a politician ally to help eachother against such dirty games. Ramashe was taken by surprise by such an offer, but as Savra continued telling that the Rambo only had trade with their own colonial sector and Capricaerón- Ramashe eventually agreed to form an unofficial politician pact after some charming words.

After Savra left to return for Rinus, Ramashe wondered what the reaction would be of other Mandators or Imperial Senators now that the Corthrinus and Rambo had made a treaty of commerce and trade, and possibly also some sort of politician pact.

Apollo and Ramashe reunite

When the third month started of 06 AQF/03 NE Ramashe was visited by a returning Apollo who had just heard the news that his wife was killed. Apollo waited inside the throne room and when Ramashe entered her wings twitched nervously. Ramashe placed her hand at the side of Apollo face and stroked it. Apollo placed his head on Ramashe's shoulder and began to weep. Ramashe comforted her friend, telling him that a certain group of people wanted to see him. Apollo's eyes lit up as he followed Ramashe down one of the Palace's many corridors. Walking across a hallway, decorated with curtains, carpets, paintings and statues Ramashe stopped for a single door. She knocked on the door and spoke, telling the occupants that a special visitor arrived. When the door opened, Apollo was delighted to see that his children (as well as Gorf, Tigarlu and the Adjunct were safe).

Apollo rushed into the room and hugged his children warmly while the Adjunct and Gorf jumped up and down in excitement. Ramashe leaned against the doorpost and smiled. She was happy Apollo had returned, as the children badly needed him. Ramashe turned around and left. While walking away she instructed a Royal Guard to aid Apollo and his children with whatever they wanted. The Guard nodded, though the Empress reminded him they were free to walk around the palace.

Apaltar contacts Rambo Nation

As Ramashe looked back, she saw that Apollo was smiling warmly and Ramashe returned to her throne room to attend political matters. Shorlty after Apollo had returned, Ramashe was involved in a meeting together with Marscalcus Kya and vice-admiral Ramcard about intelligence reports indicating an Icolian presence in quadrant 82' unclaimed territories, as well as a Lizardian and Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel return. The meeting was interrupted by an incoming holo-transmission from the south of Quadrant 82. Count Apaltar of the Republic in Exile contacted Rambo Nation in hopes of signing a trade or peace treaty. Taken by surprise, both militairy officers and Ramashe were a bit hesistant but Ramashe promised to meet with Apaltar to discuss the term when he was availible to do so. Ramashe pondered if she should inform Apollo of this event, as perhaps he could advise her to make a good and solide decision whether or not to accept peace- after Apollo explored the in Exile for the Nation. Apollo later on travelled to the Republic in Exile space and met with Count Apaltar- returning with news of peace. Before Apollo departed again to seek out other allies, he warned Ramashe of her alliance with Savria- but had no issue with the alliance. Ramashe kept her word and dispatched captain Apanoida to escort Apollo to wherever he needed to go. Apanoida's new ship, the USS Excelsior (a V3 vessel) was to aid Apollo in any means necessary.

Cyrandia Conference

Near the end of the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF she was informed of the discovery of Aecor, a massive remnant of the Atlantica. Informed that both Captain James Rambo and his daughter, Claire Rambo were present at the planet, were about to face the Cogsangui known as Thel'Vicliquam. Remembering the might of the Cognatus Empire and their truce signed at Alethena Metru, she contacted the hierachs and together came to the agreement to study and protect Aecor together. As such the lives of both James and Claire were saved and the relations between the Cognatus and the Rambo were strengthened.

Afterwards, when the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF had begun, Ramashe attende the Cyrandia Conference. During the conference she stood at the balcony together with her long time friend Apollo. She mostly remained silent during both sessions of the Conference, for various reasons. After the two sessions, Ramashe withdrew herself to a balcony looking over the beautiful sea of Concordia. Ramashe was unsure why some of the Quadrantia powers were so sceptical of the Conference, did they not want peace? Why were they so affraid of Cyrannian dominance? Was it because for the first time in it's history, the Nation was placed under a "protectrate"? While over thinking her thoughts, she was approached by the Hutter ambassador and Apaltar- the Apationagtus Count.

Ramashe, Apaltar and the Hutter Ambassador in conversation

During their conversation the Hutter ambassador expressed his doubts about Apollo and claimed that the three of them were an unofficial triumvirate. Before he could continue, the Hutter was informed about a serious incident back in Quadrant 89 and had to return. Before he left, he warned Ramashe that there were some who would want to hurt.

Later that day, during noon she was present when Apollo declared the New Cyrannian Republic was the newest state within the Cyrandia Cluster. When Apollo began his formation speech, Ramashe felt proud to be part of new history being written. when he finished speeching she cheered for Apollo, while the anthem of the New Cyrannian Republic was played, Apollo planted a kiss on Ramashe's cheek, causing the monarch to giggle and blush.

Apollo and Ramashe talk after the Senate Vote.

After the meeting Ramashe went back to the Rambo Capital to get information about the Hutter incident. A few days later, Ramashe gave permission to Apollo to speak at the New Republic's behalf on request of Apaltar. When he spoke, Ramashe was moved by his words but it hurted her feelings when the senate was quite harsh against Apollo and seemed to be quite devided about whether or not accepting the offer of an alliance. When Apollo was asked to leave the senate chamber so the senators could discuss it in private, Ramashe comforted Apollo. She told him that the decision was not hers to make, but was in the hand of the politicians. Hours later, the senate doors opened again and all senators left, some angry some surprised. When Chuinaylia exited the chamber as last with a curious smile on her face.

Laoi and Kara have a private concert with Osha!

She informed Apollo and Ramashe that the senate had reached an unaminous decision. The senate had rejected the request for an alliance, but only because the Senate now recognised the New Republic as the continuation of the URC, so therefore the alliance continues as technically the "sister-state" alliance was still in tact. Apollo was overcome with happiness and hugged both Chuinaylia and Ramashe. The young Senator bowed and left Ramashe and Apollo alone.

Pleased with the outcome of the vote, Ramashe and Apollo walked off hand in hand to their shuttles. The day after the Conferende, Ramashe asked Ram'Lendilia to arrange a special gift for both Kara and Laoi. She took both children upon on of the higher hills of the Royal Palace, giving the two children a view over Tirithsilliana. To their surprise, Osha Stefani gave a private concert for Laoi and Kara, dancing and singing with them for over an hour. After the concert, Ram'Lendila and Ramashe discussed some politics- as well as some new ships created by the Empire with abnormal sizes.

The "unknown Cogsangui captain", Han'Ateeshe is released.

Later on in the same month, Ramashe travelled to the Atlantica planet Aecor where she met with officials of the Cognatus Empire. She agreed to release a Cogsangui prisoner as a gesture of peace and good will between the Rambo and the Cognatus. During the transfer, she warned her former captive that he wasn't welcome in the Quadrants before she left back to the Capital again. While she entered the USS Dallas, she was informed of a terrorist bombing at the Capital at a passenger liner. Furious by it, and later on shocked by the attack at Rambo Command HQ, she gave an emergency permission to Occupy Yadumarth- this allowed Rambo Command to occupy the planet without permission of the Senate.

Or-Ana is requested to see the Empress

Several weeks later, Ramashe joined Apollo and his family to the new capital of the New Cyrannian Republic on Mou'Cyran, attending in an unofficial capacity as a member of Apollo's extended family. During the groundbreaking ceremony, she listened to Apollo's speech and gave him a tender kiss on the cheek, surprising Laoi and Kara. However, soon afterwards a fleet belonging to the Regellis Star Empire attacked the planet. Before conflict could break out, the Regellis fleet suddenly withdrew and Ramashe later left Mou'Cyran together with Apollo, his children and escort and returned back to the Quadrants. There Ramashe soon approved an expansion of Draconid colonies in Quadrant 82, her approval and their aid to patrol their borders and she made plans to visit a new station, Lianna station wich was about to play a new and important role within the Quadrants under command of former renegade and now demoted from vice-admiral to captain, veteran officer Rambas II.

Shortly after, Ramashe recieved a private letter from senator Adar, who informed Ramashe that senator Or-Ana wanted to put a vote at the senate to summon the Empress to answer for her recent controversial decisions, like giving Rambas command of Lianna and the so called Draconid Act. Surprised, Ramashe summoned Or-Ana first to meet with her in private. During the short converstation she confronted Or-Ana with what she heard, Or-Ana taken back by suprise was warned by Ramashe, that not once within the history of Rambo Nation a Monarch was summoned by a civilian authority to answer for their decisions, and neither she was willing to do so. She then warned Or-Ana not to stick his nose in some matters, as it might be bad for his own health before she dismissed the Venatioa senator.

Apollo confronts Ramashe

Two days later Marscalcus Kya informed her that she recieved information by Rambo Intelligence about an impending attack by the New Cyrannian Republic on Starbase 08. While Ramashe was already changed into her sleeping attire, she still decided to speak with Apollo at once. When Kya told the Empress she would arrest him and bring him before her, Ramashe warned Kya only to escort him otherwise she would have her head. Complying, Kya took two Dreadlord troopers and brought Apollo before Ramashe. Ramashe smiled as she saw Apollo and handed him the datapad containing the information about the impending attack. Apollo responded that is was probably a response to the Saxhleel station to wich he and the families of those who died demand an answer for. Surprised, Ramashe explained that she gave no such order, as her own militairy was occupied by patrolling borders and the Occupation of Yudumarth. Feeling a headache coming up, she placed her hand at her fore-ead. Apollo reasoned that he didn't believe the Nation was behind it, but someone perhaps tried to trick them into a conflict. Apollo promised to be at the opening of Lianna station as well as to find a solution to their problems and promptly leftm leaving Ramashe alone at the balcony. Ramashe was confident that Apollo could find a solution, if anyone could do it is was him. But still she felt affraid the New Republic would cause another conflict, not to mention that such a war would probably destroy both the Rambo and the Republic- as the Empire was surely to react to defend their protectrate and siege the chance to destroy the New Republic. Ramashe turned again, to watch sunset and crossed her arms before her chest and sighted. As the winds grew stronger, she shivered from the cold winds and felt alone. The only one who could calm her mind and comfort her was the very person who just walked away, while the other person was who know where on his explorations.

Official Opening of Lianna Station

After a night of bad sleep, Ramashe and Apollo travelled towards Lianna station, also known as the controversial Starbase 08. During the trip, Apollo and Ramashe didn't talk much, still occupied by an impending armed conflict between the Rambo and the New Republic. After a few hours their ship docked at the station and both officials were welcome by recenlty demoted admiral, captain Rambas. The three of them discussed how to plan various diplomatic talks, when the buffet had to be brought and wich drinks could be served.

Three hours later, the dignitaries of various races and empires arrived, among them Patricaes Aurestor Beldrin Savenium of the Draconid Imperium, General Hut'Pmec of the Hutter Kingdom, Lord Creckator of the Creckel Kingdom, Emperor Savra of the Corthirinus and Rambo senator Chuinaylia. During the meetings Ramashe talked quite some time with Aurestor and Lord Creckathor, as well as with Savra who she was pleased to see again. Near the end of the meeting, after some drinks and snacks she adressed those present. Thanking them for coming, she explained the station was a new dawn for Rambo Nation, signaling their first steps again to return to their old ways of explorers and peace keepers instead of the more militairy course they had taken in recent years because of the many conflicts.

Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serindianliae

A day later Ramashe was present at a special meeting at the Rambo Capital together with Chuinaylia, senator of Rambo Nation, Lourdes Windrunner of Carnthedain, Carnoria of Zevia and S'Rell of the Caizini.

Voro meets with Ramashe at the Royal Palace.

During the meeting Ramashe announced the expansion of the Treaty of Fornaeria, the Treaty of Serindianlia! The expansion allows individual sectors/planets to become "protectrates" of Rambo Nation. Allowing them to keep their own ways of living, their traditions and beliefs, as well as their own selected rulers. As an addition the Rambo Navy would patrol and defend their territories against out side threats and individual members could become full Rambo Nation citizens if they would want to serve on Rambo Navy ships or at Rambo Command. After all dignitaries signed the treaty, Ramashe was pleased that Rambo Nation had taken a second step into becoming peace keepers and explorers once more as well as expanding their influance and dominance within the Quadrants and Cluster.

In the eleventh month of 06 AQF, Ramashe met with Voro Acetenus after he was saved from Orbispira by Operative Claire Rambo and the crew of the Falcon. The two talked for a while, with Ramashe admitting she was glad to see him safe. Voro, in turn thanked Ramashe for him being brought to freedom. When Ramashe asked what his plans were, the Cogsangui warrior proclaimed he wished to remain onboard the Falcon and join them in their adventures. Ramashe, surprised took one of Voro's hands in her own hands and gave him her blessing. She walking with Voro until the entrance of the Royal Palace before saying their goodbyes.

Ortum a Dynastia[]

Main article: Ortum a Dynastia.

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, Ramashe was confronted by the Rambo Founder and various senate representatives: Chuinaylia, Ram'Lendila and Ram'Thrandeal and they expressed their concerns with the recent outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts and their worries about Ramashe having no heir to her rule. During the short conversation, Ramashe assured that she was quite capable of finding a mate herself and dismissed them before a word could be said.

Rambarth, Ram'Lendila and Ramashe have a not so pleasant family meeting

Not long after, at the same time she and Ram'Lindila were summoned by the Hand of the Monarch, Head of House Le Rambo and their uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo for an emergency family meeting. During the meeting, their uncle admitted he heard disturbing news about the Senate asking questions about Ramashe not having a heir. Disatisfied he scolded both of them that those were internal House Le Rambo matters and not the concerns of a civilian authority. Furhter more he expressed his dissaproval of Ramashe her love-interessts, Riordan Rambertan and Apollo. One of whon he found a criminal and of the latter he would die first before allowing her to marry a reptile. When he also brought back his disatisfaction of Ramashe having a bastard child, putting the words like spreading her legs when drunk resulting in the birth of Ramanei Joy Feather Ramashe reminded her uncle he was still speaking to the Monarch. Dismissing her words by claiming that the crown only didn't brought supreme power, he expressed his beliefs that Ramiron Le Rambo, a distant relative would be a suitable mate and keep the Le Rambo Dynasty intact. Further more he ordered Ram'Lendila to request the senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to lift the "protectrate" status. To finish their discussing, he said that Ramashe and Ram'Lendila (in his fancy Cyrannia clothes) had mocked the family name for far to long. Ramashe left her office, furious with her uncle's demands.

Ramashe and Rambarth get informed of the Viral Outbreak by Kya

She first spoke again with her uncle at the first morning of 07 AQF, tired she was in no mood for his flattery and discussion that would follow up. Her uncle Rambarth brought up the topic of marriage again, not wanting to discuss it she threatened to lay down her claim to the throne and step down. Furious, Rambarth raised his voice before being interrupted by Marscalcus Kya about the Viral Outbreak at Koerband last night. Both agreed to keep it a secret for now, before any outsiders could consider Koerband a danger and attack Rambo Nation for it. As she returned to her office, she thought of a plan for her marriage, she knew Rambarth had one younger son, she had a bastard daughter, both Le Rambo blood if she appointed Rambarth's son as heir, none could stand in her way to fall in love with someone else.

Evacuating the children from the Estate!

Not wishing to spend any word on it with her uncle about the debate, she decided to travel to Koerband and take all the children away from the Rambo Estate, as it was under a possible threat of the Viral Outbreak as well. Knowing that her friend and own mentor, Augustus Ceasar Rambo would be saddened by the decision. As such she travelled in person to the estate where she informed him and the children, though not went all to plan as her own daughter, Ramanei didn't want to leave and refused to live within the palace walls. A single glare silenced her daughter and she went packing her stuff in anger. Sighting, she knew she had to work hard on her relation with her stubborn daughter, who showed the same traits as she did in her teenager years. Saying goodbye to Augustus, she placed a single kiss on his fore head and expressed her concerns about him staying to wait on his granddaughter, Claire.

Transport under attack!

While on route to the Rambo Capital her Raven-class transport came under attack by the Kzishaya pirate Zkhan and the Quadrantia Loron criminal Qur'Trlan. Damaging the Raven-class transport Zkhan managed to board the vessel and searched for hostages. Confronting him in one of the hall ways, one of her Royal Guards managed to defend her, though the pirate got hold of Rayria who he took hostage after the USS Burning Heretic arrived and drove the QLoron-dreadnought away. Sickened by the hostage she asked her daughter to contact both her uncle and Apollo! Meanwhile the Burning Heretic flanked the Raven-class until they reached the capital system before heading elsewhere again.

Apolla and Ramashe talk over holo channel

At the start of the second month, while her Raven-class entered the capital system she opened a channel with Apollo, who at the moment sat behind his desk doing some paper work. Apollo at once saw something was wrong and asked about it. Ramashe informed Apollo about the recent events and asked for his and the New Republic's aide to find the taken noble child. She informed him about her daughter as well before her uncle could prevent it, something Apollo was shocked about. Apollo expressed he wasn't aware that Ramashe had a daughter, she instead smiled sadly before closing the transmission as the Raven-class set in their landing to the Royal Palace in Tirithsilliana.

Apollo, Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz, Maryah and others on Mou'Cyran during the signing of the Accords

During the third month of 07 AQF, Ramashe travelled to Mou'Cyran at Apollo's invitation. Apollo had gathered many political allies from across the Gigaquadrant at the capital of the New Cyrannian Republic to form an alliance dedicated to the restoration and preservation of peace within the Gigaquadrant. Within several days, figures such as Empress Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz and Maryah arrived on the planet and along with Apollo and the talks began. Though sceptic at first due to her former experiences with the Seven Starr Alliance, Ramashe decided to trust Apollo in this matter and signed at behalf of Rambo Nation the Mou'Cyran Accords. A month later the Accords were called upon during the Desolation of the Bisistar to combat the dreaded Bisistar after they invaded the Coru Secundus sector within the Cyrannus Galaxy. After their victory, Ramashe recalled all Rambo ships back to the Quadrant Galaxies as she still feared the Quashowan-dreadnought after they managed to destroy Angforst.

Ramashe enjoys some free time with her daughter, Apollo and his children

During the fifth month of 07 AQF, while she was swimming and playing with a sport ball together with her daughter, Apollo and his children they were disturbed by her Hand of the Monarch, her uncle Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. He informed them that Lord Ekrillium announched an impending state visit by the Imperial Emperor, Tyrómairon. Surprised she ordered Rambarth to make all necessarily preperations and order the Royal Guard to polish their armor.

Imperial Entaglements

She personally greeted the Emperor upon his arrival, and escorted him inside where they would attent a grand diner with many dignitaries from around the Cyrandia Cluster. While the diner went on, Tyrómairon confronted Ramashe about the rumors that inside her goverment there were some that would like to end the Nim-Glaré Concordat, he also informed her that he was well aware of Ramanei her heritage of being her daughter when he saw her hiding behind the balcony raillings. He informed her that the protectrate was without it's Grand Mandator, while Ramashe defended her people that all went well without the defected Garlboz, the Emperor surprised Ramashe that he wished her as his new Grand Mandator. Shocked, but pleased she accepted her new position but was overruled by her objections to replace her uncle as Hand of the Monarch by Inquisitor Chi Chodecra, a member of the Imperial Inquisition. As the Emperor left and continued his state visit by touring various Rambo planets, Ramashe was happy with the results of the meeting, showing the new level of friendship between the Empire and the Rambo, despite the violent beginning of their relations.

The High Council Assembled

During the 8th month of 07 AQF, Ramashe was summoned in the middle of the night for an emergency High Council meeting by Marscalcus Kya, to be informed of the test trail of the Typhon-Class under command and supervision of captain Shivrt and rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen. They informed her (still in her sleeping gown) and the rest of the council of the return and relocation of the formerly destroyed Ramirith and the Tigris Colonial Sector. Please Ramashe set out her orders for integration, though had an argument with the Rambo Founder for a possible reconsideration about the Seven Starr Alliance. Rebuking the wise wizard, she told that they could drown in the rising waters, like House Ramdorian has as their motto. She returned to her bed and the next morning made preparations and informed the people about the event.

Apollo and Ramashe in discussion at a Mou'Cyran meeting

During the 9th month of 07 AQF, Ramashe attented a scheduled meeting of the Mou'Cyran Accords, to discuss the mundane aspects of governing space between the various powers. During the meeting; a holo message of Potente Tereyn Aeresius interrupted the meetings, as well as the arrival of Helo Roslia who bursted into the chamber, showing a video recording of demonic Libertus loyal to the Corruptus attacking civilians in the Neutral Zone in the Cyrannus Galaxy. While Voro Acetenus pledged his support to combat them, he looked at Ramashe, looking at Apollo she reluctantly agreed to send ships to combat the demons as well. Soon after she left Mou'Cyran and returned to the Quadrant Galaxies.

Trouble in the Royal Palace

A month later, Ramashe agreed to meet with Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective, an initiative by her good friend Apollo to improve the sour relations between the two nations. Sadly, the meeting was sabotaged by operatives of the Syndicate, the Cyrannian Syndicate and the Vengeful Claw. Infriltrating the Royal Palace, the various criminals threatened those present, including the children of Apollo and her own daughter, Ramanei. Angered and insulted by the mere fact bounty hunters were able to enter her palace unwanted, her eyes glowed bright, levitating in the air she unleashed a power current of air against the criminals. Using her magical powers to protect those she cared about, it soon drained her life energy, though the resourcefulness of both Apollo and Maryah gave them enough time to allow Judge Magister Ramgaarbath and the Royal Guards to intervere. Though a retreating Emtor managed to lethally wound Ramanei, Ramashe grew desperate but was surprised by the healing abilities of Kara.

Maryah and Ramashe discuss Project Exodus!

Driving the criminals away, the three leaders continued their dipomatic talks and improved relations, after the meeting she urged Apollo to do something with Kara's abilities so she could become a master of them.

During the 12th month of 07 AQF, Ramashe travelled to New Draka to meet with Empress Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective. During her state visit, she expressed her relieve to visit New Draka and leave the Cyrandia Cluster once in a while, though both discussed the Collective's new massive undertaking, Project Exodus. Amazed by such a plan, Ramashe pledged Rambo Nation's full cooperation if within their capabilities and ordered her escort, vice-admiral Ramtorrian Ramricus to act as her liason for the project. Afterwards Maryah and Ramashe had a banquet, where they discussed various state matters, gossips and more about Project Exodus, she managed to remain a few days at New Draka before Ramashe had to leave once more for the Quadrant Galaxies.

Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum

Ser Ramjon informs Ramashe and asks for aid!

08 AQF, the year Ramashe grew concerned with the increased hostilities of the Hutter Kingdom and them threatening Ramalivua. Two weeks into january, Ser Ramjon Martin Ramelzen demanded an honoration of their protectorate treaty, something Ramashe complied with. Not wishing to lose Ramalivua, nor to show weakness to her enemies, she ordered Rambo Command to aid Ramalivua and drive the Hutters off, starting the Battle of Ramalivua. When the battle was over, she was pleased with the securing of Ramalivua, but had concerns about the missing Atlantican artifact that was stolen by Anjulius Gaitonius and Bolgrash Bloodhammer. Her worries intensified when at the 23th of january the Hutter Kingdom invaded Ramar Shadda and took her uncle, Ramannis Le Rambo captive, igniting her fury. Ramashe changed her appearance and adorned a new war armor, and confronted her other uncle, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo with her plan to lead the assault against the Hutters herself, much to his dismay. During their private conversation, Ramashe softened on her troubled and again uncle and left him with her daughter to say her goodbyes to her best friend and secret lover, New Republic Proconsul Apollo.

Ramashe kisses Apollo before departing for battle.

He was taken by surprise of her new appearance, glad in her new war armor and expressed his concerns of her going into battle. Ramashe assured him she would return and that the Hutters would pay for their crimes. Before leaving, she gave a Apollo a kiss, leaving a concerned and conflicted Proconsul behind.

Frozen victims of the Rambo march, who recieve no remorse from the Empress!

Arriving at Ramar Shadda at the 25th of january, she met with clone marshall Mortar and captain Ramantas Ramgrath to discuss how to take the city of Ramsterdam before the snow storm would prevent that and trap them at the weather station. She disagreed with Mortar's tactic of bombarding, though gave her consent with the unorthodox strategy proposal of Ramantas. The next day the city was retaken and Ramashe complimented Ramantas on his strategy plan.

Pinned down by fire from above the walls, Ramashe and Mortar discuss a change of approach

At the 27th, the Rambo forces left Ramsterdam for the capital city, to liberate her uncle and drive the Hutters off. On way, the convoy stumbled upon the frozen bodies of the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel soldiers that were caught in the snow storm of last night. While clone trooper marshall Mortar showed his respect and expressed his concerns, Ramashe was rather cold about their demise and soon ordered the convoy to resume their march and eventually arrived at the outskirts of Ramar Shadda City. The Hutter forces defended the bastion fiercely, pinning down the Rambo forced due to her own orders not to damage or bombard the ancient seat. Ramashe was injured during a mortar attack just a few meters from her position. She eventually thought of a secondary plan and managed to infiltrate the fotress, liberating her uncle from the dungeons and faced Lady Liandra together with her uncle in personal combat. While Ramashe used her magics, Ramannis managed to knock out the Sinleri with his fist. With Ramar Shadda liberated Ramashe returned to the Rambo Capital at the 30th.

After her return Ramashe was pleasently surprised by her increased popularity as an Empress who actually protects her people in person as well. In the following months, Ramashe was pleased with events like the Concordian Liberation though was deeply concerned with the Senate Scandal and the consequences it had on her Government. She agreed with her uncle's proposition to assign Fleur Inviere as the new Chancellor of the Royal Crown and was pleasently surprised when she accepted Laoi as her internship.

Ramashe meets with Nexarón Valkistair

March 08 AQF was her darkest month in her entire carreer when the Galvarus-superweapon unleashed its Fury upon the Rambo Capital, destroying its three moons and killing millions of people. While concerned with her people, the election of president Nexarón Valkistair as president of the New Cyrannian Republic troubled her as well, he was a known militaristic person who would like to see an open conflict against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, something her Nation could not need at the moment. In april of 08 AQF, he conducted a State Visit to Rambo Nation to meet with her in person and discuss various political matters. While the initial meeting was a success, though his suggestion that the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was a new rising threat fell on her bad nerves. She refused to listen to these words as she didn't want to risk the turbo-lasers of the Empire being pointed at her own people. When the president left, she was actually relieved though wondered if what Apaltar and Apollo had build in recent years had been in vain.

Thanking the saviors at Arcaniox

On the 20th of July in 08 AQF, Ramashe travelled to Arcaniox, where she witnissed and gave her blessings for the Ragashota and their planet to become a protectorate of Rambo Nation. During the celebrations, together with Elder Shoa-San Greenbeard, Ramashe met with Corva and Tironus Manition. They lost their friend, Claire Rambo during their struggle to save the Quadrant Galaxies from the evil entity known as the Tormentor. She expressed her regrets for the loss of their friend and offered them the protection of the Rambo Nation if they ever needed it and gave them a large sum of money.

Lord Morgandaûr sends his regards

Ramashe, worried about the new geograhpic lay-out of Quadrant 82 and the instability it caused, not the mention the countless anomalies tried to enjoy the celebrations. She placed a hand at the shoulder of Shoa-San, though her words were unspoken by an immense and cruciating pain. Coughing up blood after Lana Yrel withdrew her sabre from her chest, the mighty Empress of Rambo Nation fell to the ground. Blood gutting out of her chest wound, her lungs filling with her own blood she gained troubles breathing before her world turned dark.

The last words she heard were spoken by the assassin, "Lord Morgandaûr sends his regards!".

The gravely injured Ramashe was brought back to the Rambo Capital in all haste, though she remained in a comatose state though alive by the efforts of Chief of Staff Rambert Ramveral and doctor Bianca Fiercehart, or so the public and her own family believed..............


Ramashe appears on Harborage to Apollo

After the throne was usurped by High King Rambert Ramveral after the death of Regent Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Ramashe's uncle Lord Ramannis Le Rambo formed the Rambo Loyalist-faction in hopes of restoring the glory of House Le Rambo. Up to this very day, even when the Dawn of Divina-storyline rages on, Ramannis and the Loyalist hope to find Ramashe's missing daughter and discovering her whereabouts in hopes of rebuilding Rambo Nation.

Somewhere in 2820, while on Harborage President Apollo who was starting to lose hope and control of himself had a visionary encounter in the woods with Ramashe, his passed away wife Gianne Inviá and his perished father, Willelmus Cretacea. All three of them urged Apollo to move on and pull himself together as his role was far from over. As Ramashe faded away, she urged Apollo on with the following words: "The spark of hope isn't out. It never will be. But you need to help carry the torch"- Apollo remained behind sadly pondering his next course of action.

Personality and Traits[]

Apollo and Ramashe- a friendship so strong it survived various dangerous events!

As the 7th and current ruler of Rambo Nation, Ramashe has grown up a lot in the last few years of her rule. Due to the good and noble status her late father had brought upon Rambo Nation (among the Krassio and DCP due to the Tigris War), she found it hard to be the ruler of Rambo Nation as they stood at the brink of exploring more than just the Quadrant Galaxies, but now they would also be found across the Gigaquadrant. None the less, she found the burden of rule great and enjoys it a lot. Due to her young age some see her as teenages as she can be quite stubborn sometimes. Although her will is very noble and strong, she will do everything to protect her people.

He willingness to protect her people was later on shown when Ramashe accepted defeat at hands of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Even though the Rambo could seriously harm the Empire if being fought, it would cause a bloodshed among her own people and to those they still considered friends, the Cyrannians. Tired of war and fearing for her people Ramashe decided to surrender, though still plans to leave the Empire with the chance given if it allows no harm to her people.

Although she is noble and sometimes stubborn, she is strong willed and sometimes even to the point of rude if she does not gets what she wants. Yet she nows well how to rule Rambo Nation and what it takes to be a ruler. She found a way to relax, by swimming and watching the stars. She also wishes to learn how to drive a car and to fly a shuttle. But many do not find that a good idea.

Due to her X-452 treatment (she is also known by the X-Serindia by that name) she has grown quite fond of herself and now has enchanged abilities (listed above). What many do not know, but every royalty has, she also posseses strong magical powers, to the point of letting thunderclouds appear at the sky or one strike of the sword can chrush houses in an instance.

Due to her important status, Ramashe is at all times protected by two Serindia Royal Guards, her right hand Colonel Chodecra and a Serindia Legacy, with powerful magical abilities. She is happy with them, but sometimes gets tired of them always being around. But she is aware that it is needed due to a Cognatus attack at Apollo during the Intergalactic War, the Senate wanted that Ramashe also recieved her personal guard.

Though Ramashe is quite friendly and easily makes friends, she finds it diffucult to trust others beside those closest to her. Remarkable for that is her close friendship with Apollo- the first person who actually won her heart and she had love feelings for. The relationship never happened but the two remained very close friends- Ramashe even bacame the godmother for his children.

Alternate Timelines
Alternate Realities'
Ramashe (Coalition of Delpha)Large.png In the alternate timeline known as the Realities Altered, Ramashe is known as a former slave of the Coalition of Delpha and later a councillor and fanatic Xhodocto worshipper of the Arqorillan Renaissance.

She wears dark armor and has red tears tatooed on her face to remind the galaxy and herself of the losses she endured.

Ramashe (Coalition of Delpha)).png

Royal Appearances[]

As an Empress Ramashe has a variety of dresses, cloathes and other attributes.



LoveRelation.pngThose closests to m!.


Green face.pngThe closest to me besides my family!

  • Adar - A Senator Lord within my Nation, a promising and noble senator
  • Alestra the Tenth, Queen - Queen of the Core Federation and close friend. Sadly later went missing together with her Empire
  • Augustus Ceasar Rambo - A mentor of mine
  • Chi Chodecra - My Right Hand and personal militairy advisor and friend
  • Chuinaylia - A young yet very capable senator of Rambo Nation. A perfect candidate for a future Chancellor of the Royal Crown!
  • Gianne Inviá - The wife of Apollo, first I was hesistant of her but now we are friends.
  • Blademaster Hl'Bre'K - I learned more about him during my state visit and grew fond of him. And he is very muscular!
  • Maryah - A great Empress, and a fine friend!
  • Mjärt, fleet captain - A Cyrandia Captain and close friend of me
  • Or-Ana - A senator within Rambo Nation, a very capable and kind one.
  • Uriel Ultanos - Leader of the noble Draconid, kind and gentle he is a great person.

Yellow face.pngThey are allies of the Nation, or did things they earned our respect

  • Apaltar - The first president of the New Cyrannian Republic. A capable and promising individual
  • Aryian, High Captain - A great Sylit captain who died aiding us during the Second Galactic War, a great hero
  • Aur'Lodin - The former Regent of the Imperial Alliance, she disposed the Galactic Emperor
  • Aurestor Beldrin Savenium - A noble from the Draconid Imperium
  • Dil'inne'Dry - A daring smuggler who aided in my escape from Carnthedain
  • Garlboz - The Mandator of Rambo Nation? What a joke.
  • Kroc, master - Famous Civatron and powerful warrior
  • Savra Mathen, Emperor - Ruler over the Corthrinus, and perhaps a possible politician ally within the Imperial Senate
  • Voro Acetenus - The leader of the Cognatus Remnant, honorable but still a Cognatus, I wonder where it will lead us
  • Wormulus II, Emperor - The great emperor of the DCP, loyal and fierce but didn't came to our aid when the Empire attacked

Red face.pngThe bad and the evil!

  • Tyrómairon, Emperor - Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Xhodocto Khazurhal Angazhar - the ruler of the Xhodocto, tried to kill me on Capricaerón
  • Oprhurzhul Dhazhrak - perhaps the most feared, hated and dangerous enemy of Rambo Nation, though most of the people are not familair with him and his dreadful plots.
  • Imperial Galactic Emperor † - the fomer ruler of the Imperial Alliance and responsible for many crimes against the Nation. Later on killed by his own Regent, serves him right
  • Tul'huia Yuiak Burio, master admiral - He who brought the Tralor Invasion to it's highpoint and tortured various crewmembers of mine and tried to kill me too!
  • Zillum - The stories they tell about you are true, ruthless and cunning thee are.
  • Zkhan - Filthy pirate scum, you pay for your crimes!

Ships Commanded[]

As Empress, Ramashe has various personal crafts of her own, whether they are commanded by herself or by Rambo Nation captains. Most of these crafts are the top of the line and the more luxary crafts are often escorted by various other star ships.


A classified project which only the Rambo High Council and the Empress knows about, Empress Ramashe secretly pilotes this powerful mobile suite. Equipped with phasers, a massive sword and a cloacking device from the Rambulans, this mobile suite strikes from the dark! Together with the Archives and the technology of the Wells Class, the Advanced Mobile Suite belongs to the most classified matters of Rambo Nation.

Empress Ramashe is very proud of this art of technology and tested it out during the Battle of Fornaeria, where it proved her success. She now only pilotes the craft in secret.

Due to her enchanged abilities and a special program, the mobile suite reacts to Ramashe her orders and thoughts.

USS Adelphi (formerly)

The USS Adelphi was a V1 Star Ship designed for exploration and combat. It was first commanded by Captain Ramaxar and later by Captain Princess Ramashe.

The ship was involved in Algernon and Lizardian battles and more recently in battles with the Resistance. The ship recieved light damage during a worm hole and was stranded for 2 days. But they managed to repair it. When Ramashe became an Empress, the USS Adelphi became her personall Royal Ship. After the V2 act was taken in notice the USS Adelphi was retired from active service. The ship was later used as practice target and was destroyed by Transphasic Torpedo when it was tested.

Quotes from others[]

A most disturbing young Serindia, when I personally killed her father I thought Rambo Nation would soon surrender to the will of the Imperial Alliance. However her resolve and stubberness allowed them to grow even stronger and she even dared to defy me! Me the Galactic Emperor himself. When Rambo Nation falls, she will be a great slave, and it would be a joy to break her will. Oh yes it will!

- Galactic Emperor of the Imperial Alliance

She has inspired me, motivated me and challenged me. What more could I possibly ask for in a friend? What we have is something special. Something I will never relinquish.

- Apollo

Your end is near...I shall destroy your sense of lust, render your life miserable!

- Khazurhal Angazhar


- Zr'Ahgloth of Da loronz

Da only queen I eva herd of was da ones dat sed dey cud rock me. Annoyed me as hell, dat.

- Another quote from Zr'Ahgloth

A rare Serindia, this one have undergone genetical treatments to gain enhanced abilities. Conclusion: Keep a close eye on this one

- Alrit

She has yet to truly discover what it means to be the current ruler of an empire, as I should know, as I am part of the Breek Monarchy. I do hope that she will one day choose to Descend, so that she can become a more powerful ruler.

- Tyraz Breek of the Zazane Empire

A brave and wise ruler, although her motivations for polluting her body with such genetic modifications are beyond me. Perhaps I can engage her in a debate on the topic later.

- Blademaster Hel'Bre'K of the Fordan Empire

The great and noble empress of Rambo Nation, known for the love of her people, her cunning abilities to get the Nation through the various disasters and wars. However her luck will run out one day, and one that day I shall rise from the ruins and Ramashe will fall into ashes and fade away!

- Morgandaûr

Your resolve impresses me Serinida. No doubt you have a future in the Plan.

- Tyrómairon

Tyrómairon may have his way with you...but I am not yet finished in tormenting your soul. The day will come when I shall reduce your empire to sand and bone. And I shall leave you broken.

- Dhazhrak

An intelligent, rational and passionate woman. Like myself she ascended to the throne with vision. I also admire how we both share similar attitudes to the value that no one cultural ideal is "better" than all others, for they all have their merits. The Palace's gates shall always be open to you, for you impress me greatly, dear lady.

- Paragon Uriel Ultanos

She seems to be an intelligent and resourceful leader, who has led her people through many calamities. Though wht she would put so much trust on something as unreliable as magic is beyond me.

- Tyton


  • Her full name is Ramashe R'margina Le Rambo (she keeps this to herself).
  • She enjoys being Empress, but also finds it a difficult job, disliking long meetings with the Senate and the High Council.
    • Sometimes the pressure gives Ramashe great headaches, she often walked through the gardens or take a swim in sea to calm her mind.
    • Ramashe likes official state visits, finding the ceremonial events and codes surrounding it a representation of her proud people and heritage.
    • Sometimes she misses her time as a space captain, crossing space and going on adventures.
  • It is said she has an eye on Apollo.
  • She is known to have a difficult and odd hair style to most, well she refers it as a Royal Hairdress fit for a Serindia Empress.
  • the demonic entity known as Khazurhal Angazhar was on the hunt for her! During this time she had dark dreams about a demonic creature approaching her.
  • Ramashe has one of Master Kroc Preferetus watching over her, which Ramashe greatly respects. The Preferetus is a female Civatron. This was possible due to some economic debts the Krassio had to Rambo Nation.
  • Ramashe was a featured article from 14th November 2011 to 21st November 2011.


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