Ramansa is the younger sister of Ramniels Ramcelsior and granddaughter of the elderly Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior. An attractive Serindia Pauvenris, she uses her cunning and beauty to get what she wants. One day she hopes to get a life a true meaning, hoping to one day wed a kind person to gain a seat at Court at the Rambo Capital.


Ramansa was born in 18 BQF at the Rambo Nation colony known as Pauvenris. Her elder brother, Ramniels Ramcelsior already a space captain in service of Rambo Command, Ramansa grew up without much of her family around. During her youth she grew friendly with Ramikku Ramgrath, a refugee from a noble family that lost their homes during the Tigris War. However she lived in wealth and prosper, often exploring the fields of Pauvenris. Sadly in 01 AQF a Xhodocto entity, Seam'Dkoa destroyed Pauvenris while Ramansa was visiting her grandfather at Rambo Prime. Saddened by the loss of her family, she grew determined to honor their legacy.

In march of 08 AQF, due to efforts of her grandfather she became a handmaiden for princess Ramanei Joy Feather, allowing her to be at court.

Personality and Traits[]

Ramansa is a buxom and beautiful, with blue feathers, decorated feathers and hypnotising yes. She has round ripe breasts wich she often uses to get what she wants, seducing her victims. When attending to matters of politics, she often wears revealing outfits to distract the male politicians. Ramansa is calculating, adventurous and fierce-tempered, when she sees osmthing she desires, she strives to obtain it at all cost. She does not shy away from usign her looks to get waht she wants adn quite often tries to seduce men to do her bidding, sometimes even granting sexual favors in return. On the other hand, Ramansa seems to be pious and often prays to the Rambo Gods and seems quite proud of her family heritage.



LoveRelation.pngThe last of my family!


Blue face.pngI like them


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

  • Xhodocto - May the Ultimate One send you to the eternal void and beyond!


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