Ramannis Le Rambo the father of Ram'Lendila, younger brother of Dino Le Rambo and Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. This makes him the uncle of uncle of Ramashe as well. He is noted for being large for a Serindia, towering above the average Serindia and always wears his golden/blue armor as well as a golden furren cape to keep himself warm at his seat at Ramar Shadda, ancient seat long loyal to House Le Rambo and colony of Rambo Nation. In 12 AQF, after the death of his brother Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne and captured and spirited away his niece, Ramanei Joy Feather. In secret it took him 8 years to create his own fleet and Ramannis formed the Rambo Loyalist, a rebel cell of the Cyrandia Resistance to oust both Ramveral and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He leads his cell from onboard his modified Munificent-class cruiser, the Loyalist One.


Lord of Ramar Shadda[]

The Le Rambo Brothers

Ramannis Le Rambo was born as youngest brother to the current Monarch of the Royal Dynasty, his eldest brother Dino Le Rambo. Together with his other elder brother Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, they lived together in friendliness and brotherly love. After Rambarth became Hand of the Monarch, Ramannis was given the seat of Ramar Shadda, ancient and cold planet loyal to House Le Rambo only and a bastion within the Inner Colonial Sector. Ramannis remained at Ramar Shadda for years, protecting it's citizens and secrets, while not venturing to the Rambo Capital, his homeworld as he disliked court. He did travel to the planet to witness the brith of his niece, Ramashe in 23 BQF and shortly after the First Galactic War in 04 AQF to attend the funeral of his elder brother, late Emperor Dino Le Rambo. Afterwards, he took care of his brother youngest daughter, Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo and raised her as his own daughter.

Year later, in 0 BQF during the Second Galactic War the Imperial Alliance invaded Ramar Shadda and took Ramannis into custody until the planets liberation. Ever since, Ramannis remained at Ramar Shadda though was shocked to learn that Rambo Nation was placed under the "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Ramannis, Ramashe vs Liandra!

At the 23th of january in 08 AQF Ramar Shadda was invaded by the Hutter Kingdom forces under command of Lady Liandra and Ramannis was taken captive by the cruel Sinleri woman after taken down by her dreadful magics. It wasn't until the 27th of january until he was freed by his own niece, Ramashe. Rallying his guards, together they defeated Lady Liandra and freed the planet from Hutter control.

In may 12 AQF, Ramannis was saddened by the news his elder brother, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo had passed away in the night due to old age. He travelled to the Rambo Capital to pay his respects but was displeased by the assembled Court and the news Rambert Ramveral brought. Lord Ramveral crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation and the new ruler of the Nation. Ramannis roared that he would never bent the knee or would accept him as a ruler and left the room before the Ramveral Knights could stop him. Ramannis returned to Ramar Shadda and declared an open refusal to recognise Ramveral as the new ruler.

Loyalist and Rebel Leader[]

Valour of the Resistance and Struggles of a Half Elf

Loyalist One embarking to find the Cyrandia Resistance

Main article: Valour of the Resistance & Struggle of being a Half-Elf
In secret, with aid of his son Ram'Lendila Le Rambo he began forming his own rebel organisation, known as the Rambo Loyalist. Its main purpose and goal to find the missing princess Ramanei Joy Feather and put her back on the throne to start another Le Rambo Dynasty.

Loyalist and Rebel leader, onboard the Loyalist One

Another goal Ramannis vowed is to oust the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus from the Quadrant Galaxies and lift the vassal status of Rambo Nation. In december 20 AQF, Ramannis finally had his small fleet ready and travelled to the Cyrannus Galaxy to find and join the Cyrandia Resistance. He leads his cell or loyalist faction as he prefers to call it onboard his modified Munificent-Class cruiser, the Loyalist One. Ramannis plans to bring a reign of terror upon his enemies and is bound to show no mercy to those that betrayed his house.

He later on met with Knight Janice Ross who recruited the Loyalist into the Cyrandia Resistance. When she asked for aid during the Preserving Peace-storyline the Loyalist came to aid the Creeper Cabel and drove the Relentless star destroyer away. Afterwards he met with Lady Syria onboard the Yurrus Home and corrected her on her behavior and was not proper of a Lady of her status. The two managed to set aside some differences and promised to help each other in hopes of a better future. Ramannis for one vowed to aid in the rebuilding of Yudumarth if High King Rambert Ramveral had been disposed.

Near the end of 20 AQF, Ramannis and the Loyalist joined the Cyrandia Resistance during the Battle of Amber in an attempt to liberate the Milueiel from the dark influances of the Empire. The battle was a costly one, while General Sesoka led the ground battle, Ramannis took command of the space fleet though Imperial officer Gaius Prentus of the star destroyer Accuser crippled Loyalist One and moved in to destroy Ramannis and his ship. The timely intervention of the Liberty under command of Val Niathan saved him at the cost of Val's own life and ship.

Ramannis welcome the Dissidents together with the Lusitania squadron

Ramannis and his crew gathered the escape pods and continued fighting until the Empire withdrew from Amber. Afterewards, Ramannis returned to the Quadrant Galaxies to elude capture. As such the Loyalists were unable to provide aid to the New Republic during the Battle of Coruanthor though Lord Ramannis was present during the meeting by hologram where he openly displayed his scepticism of joining the battle.

Inquiry of Idris Vanguinar

In february 21 AQF, the Loyalist fleet had returned to Cyrannus and Ramannis dispatched the Lusitania Squadron to aid the dissident from the Finduila Sector. When the star destroyer Relentless proved to powerful, Ramannis arrived onboard the Loyalist One and caused the Relentless to steer away to preven collision. Following commander Altus Mirea he rendezvouzed with the rest of the Loyalist forces and invited the dissidents to join his Loyalist fleet, something they gladly did. Ramannis did however had to promise he would do anything in his power to liberate the Finduila Sector after the Empire had been defeated. Shortly after he was informed by Resistance Intelligence that the hooded girl of the Lusitania Squadron was in fact the former Champion of High King Rambert Ramveral. Ordering her to be brought to him on the bridge of the Loyalist One for an inquiry and his judgement, the shaken girl faced his wrath. Pleading by commander Altus Mirea, a trusted aid he ignored due to feeling betrayed by his refusal to share such information. He gave the girl one chance to convince him not to throw her out of the airlock. In return, Ramanis was shocked by the girl's history and abuse by the High King and his Court, though lost his posture when she admitted she had poisoned his brother, Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Strangling her he regained his posture after the girl cried for mercy and he released her, ashamed of his loss of temper. The girl surprised him even more after she swore a blood oath of loyalty to him, an act he hesistantly accepted before sending her on her way.

Battle of Ozdudrahk

Afterwards he designed the plan to steal modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers from Concur Refueling Depot and had Idris executing the mission to prove her worth. Shortly after, Ramannis and his command fleet travelled to Ozdudrahk to repair and conduct maintaince on the vessels and resupply. At 12 May 21 AQF, his forces came under attack at the planet, though putting up a valiant fight the sacrifice of Ramniels Ramcelsior allowed Ramannis onboard the Loyalist One escape and rendesvouz with the rest of the Loyalist Ensemble in Purpura Nebula where he informed the rest of the Loyalist leadership that Raptor Squadron, an elite Imperial unit was targeting the Resistance cells. The leadership expressed their wishes to continue their course and Ramannis prepared to find a suitable base for the Loyalists.

During the Umbra du Elen'nathien-storyline Ramannis met with Apollo via hologram. Together they agreed to remove High King Rambert Ramveral from office to reclaim the throne of Rambo Nation for House Le Rambo and bring back Rambo Nation into the fold against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Joining the New Republic/Loyalist forces at the Rambo Capital Ramannis led his forces onboard the Loyalist One against his own kin. As new reached him that Rambert had been defeated he was proud and overjoyed, though those feelings soon turned sour with the arrival of an Imperial fleet. The Empire had broken open the Nim-Glaré Concordat and invaded Rambo Nation.

The Dutch King meets the Loyalist leadership in Finduila, April 2820

As such the death of Rambert caused the fall of Rambo Nation as the Empire overrun his forces and the weakened Rambo forces of the Capital. Withdrawing back to the Space in Between with a heavy heart, Ramannis felt depressed and betrayed and hoped his people were still able to be saved.

Dawn of Divina

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By April 2820 (22AQF) Ramannis spirit lifted up when Idris Vanguinar saved the Dutch King Willem IX from Imperial captivity. Meeting with the Dutch King he was pleased when the King pledged the Dutch Navy to the cause of the Loyalist. He joined the Dutch with an assault at Garkarg and met with the Legatus Rector Schlimm Eklig Statthalter and threatened to end his life. However the diplomatic skills of King Willem ensured the Rector's survival and a temporarily truce with the Legatus Finduilica.

The Dutch and Loyalists start their campaign to liberate the Quadrants

In August 2820, Ramannis led the joint Loyalist/Dutch forces onboard the Loyalist One against the Imperial forces at Starbase 25. During the battle Ramannis grew frustrated as the surprise attack lost its momentum and the retalliation tactics by Legatus Admiral Apticyus threatenend to overwhelm the joint taskforce. In addition, the Interdictor-class star destroyer ICS Tenacitatem prevented an escape. To his great surprise the sudden arrival of a Civatron led Singularim Pact changed the tides of the battle and send the Imperial running after the Singularim disabled the ICS Autokrator and forced it to retreat. Afterwards he met with schout-bij-nacht Jan Michiel Tasman and Lord Psantik onboard the Eendragt and agreed to fight together against the might of the Empire in hopes of liberating the Ramboidae Realm.

In grattitude, Ramannis gave control over the wormholes leading into the Finduila Sector to the Dutch and those leading to the Chandras Galaxy and the Tigris Galaxy to the Singularim. After the battle, he joined the Singularim Pact fleet to assault Rambo Prime. During the four day battle Ramannis and his forces fought side by side with the Pact though were unable and shocked to witness the orbital bombardment and destruction of Rambo Prime City. Ramannis vowed revenge against Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral.

Twilight of Divina

An unsuccesful meeting with Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior, August 2820

Main article: Twilight of Divina
After the bombardment, Ramannis met with Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior and Civlrozed in an attempt to convince the elderly Serindia to join their cause. The Lord of House Ramcelsior thanks them for their efforts in liberating Rambo Prime but had no intentions to support the Loyalist cause, as he claimed House Ramcelsior did not bend the knee to House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda. Afterwards, in secret Ramannis travelled to Ramrevera onboard the Curagae to meet with General Doohan and Lord Ramjon Martin Ramelzen. Please with the support of Santa Company, he was less pleased to be dispatched to the Metruia Nebula to meet with the Sinleri lord, Aethas Fingolin.

Ramanei is hailed Ramboidae ruler!

In September 2820, Ramannis, amongst others of the Loyalist command structure attended a meeting at Ramsoria where they discussed their plan to siege Pauvenris and its prisoners while the Singularim Pact besieged Karzhamarhi-Nui. During the meeting he was surprised to hear that the Creeper Cabel was dissovled and Lady Achyriona joined the Legatus. Later on, Ramannis was present during the battle of Pauvenris where he coordinated the battle onboard the Loyalist One. After Ramanei Joy Feather was freed from captiviy, Ramannis pledged his loyatly and support for the young girl and heir of House Le Rambo.

After the battle, he found his older brothers parchments about recognising Ramanei as a Le Rambo and soon after crowned Ramanei Queen of the newly formed Kingdom.

Later Life[]

With the start of the Divina Frigus after the liberation of the Ramboidae Realms, Ramannis played a vital and supportive mentor role for his niece, Ramanei Joy Feather and his son, Lendinnas Le Rambo. In early 2850, the elderly Ramannis attented the promotion ceremony of Psarnak within the Metruia Nebula, he often fell asleep during the ceremony due to his old age and failing health.

Personality and Traits[]

A proud and honest Serindia, larger than most he is heavily muscled and is a formidable warrior. He is often thought of being one of the strongest Serindia within the Quadrant Galaxies. He is a proud, sometimes arrogant, boisterous and fierce Serindia, often noted to be honorable and impressed only by those who earn his respect. He takes great pride in his "royal blood" as well.

He is a loving father as well, loyal and bound to serve his House to his best doing. By 20 AQF, Ramannis grew bitter by the rule of House Ramveral and his isolation from Court. As his family was either dead or missing, Ramannis decided to wear his ceremonial armor, featuring the insigna of his house on his chest as a sign of rebellion. In secret, he created the Rambo Loyalist, a faction bound to overthrow High King Rambert Ramveral and find his missing family members.

Using his wealth and resources, Ramannis created his own fleet and modified a Confederate Munificent-Class to serve as his capital ship.

As he holds his seat at Ramar Shadda, Ramannis was allowed to use his own sigil, a blue Ramar Shadda Wolf at a blue/green background with the blue wings of the Snowcuno, as such his family name became known as House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda, with their motto:
Winter arises
Water freezes
Snow Falls


Ramannis original appearance


LoveRelation.pngMy dear family


Green face.pngCalled your vows did you?

  • none yet

Orange face.pngBend the knee and face the justice of the Monarch!

  • Idris Vanguinar - Prove yourself worthy of your blood oath, Rambert’s whore and Champion
  • Rambert Ramveral - Never will I bend my knee to you, usurper! Mark my words, your days are numbered!


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