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The Ra'zac are a strange race that has just moved into the Milky Way a few days ago and are known as the Pilgrims, but they usually call themselves in their own tongue; Klyth'Zion, or 'Pure Ones'. The Ra'zac have travelled from territory unknown to this galaxy, and they are not going to leave without a fight, even if they are going to die fighting. They have also considered expanding to the Mirus Galaxy, but they are not going to until they have colonized enough of the Milky Way. They also have evolved some Bio-Technology, allowing them to enhance their soldiers and such. The Ra'zac also use this strange Bio-Technology on their ships, for reason that other races have yet to know. They are rumored to have actually arrived to this galaxy at the same time as the Grox, but they left due to a different galaxy seeming to have more promising results, but turned out to be false and are just returning from that galaxy.

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The Ra'zac's culture is as mysterious as they are. If you were to go to a Ra'zac shrine, you might see a Ra'zac killing himself for their 'gods'. However, the gods that the Ra'zac serve have yet to be proved either true or false. The Ra'zac at their shrines, once a Ra'zac has killed itself, will allow their females to feast upon that corpse, in hope that their gods will bless the females into becoming pregnant. Many of them speak in a language far different from any language spoken before, but not all of them speak in this language, there are a few that speak in the language that all races can understand, and they are called the 'emissaries'.

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The Ra'zac's Technology is actually a mix of all race's tech. They use wreckages of an alien's vessel and attach those parts together to make a strange behemoth of a ship, due to this; their ships are never symmetrical. They have powerful weapons, many of them experimental still, that have enough power to destroy a planet if they wished so, but they dare not use it for such things because it is against their 'holy sentiments'. Their engines are also advanced, and use a mixture of many alien's fuels to allow their fighters to go faster than that of a regular fighter, but, like their weapons, many of their engine technologies are also experimental.

Gods from Culture Edit

The Ra'zac are a very strange species that believes in a religion of seven samurai-like beings called the Dynasty of Seven.

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Orange face -Your Contributions are weak. Give us more or be destroyed.

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Red face -You have not given us contribution. Do so or perish immediately

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Ambox content -You have failed to give us contribution. You shall perish

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Gross, yet enthralling in terms of power.

- 7-110856

Disgusting animalistic barbarians.

- Primus Nai'gazru of the Sunbane Organizations

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  • Drox [Extinct, but willing to make a page if enough requests]

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First Sighting.

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Ra'zac ship from the Adventure; The Hijack from the Former Order Series.

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