Zabiela is a Rambo Trooper with designation number, RN-2242 in service of Rambo Command. Most known for his service to Claire Rambo this trooper is a well respected and skilled one who fought during the Great Cyrannus War.

Afterwards he became a starfigher pilot of the rebel movement Santa Company in their struggle against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During his time with Santa Company he lost his right ear and later perished during the battle of Pauvenris.


Service in the 187th regiment[]


Zabiela is a Rambo Trooper created in 2802 (04 AQF) in the Trooper Factories and became part of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA) upon its introduction. He was assigned and trained as a Rambo Trooper Grenadier, holding the rank of Trooper Sergeant. Trained at secret facilities and thought various tactics; Zabiela proved himself a capable trooper. During his training RN-2242 named himself Zabiele to identify himself as an individual. When the troopers were introduced to the Rambo Senate, Zabiela became a trooper in service of Rambo Nation. After comleting his training Zabiela and his squad were assigned to serve under Mjärt onboard the Cyrandia Alliance vessel, the Spirit of the Serindia. At first he disliked his position within the 187th regiment, as he feared he would see no action on a Cyrandia Ship.

Zabiela's convoy

This all changed when the Confederacy attacked Karzhamarhi-Nui, a colony of Rambo Nation in the Mid-Colonial Sector. Mjärt, together with Captain Rambam of the USS Venture headed to the besieged colony and Zabiela was deployed on the surface. His Rambo Serindia officer was dumb and not capable in his eyes and Zabiela and forces managed to secure Laioro, a small village after heavy battles. Taking one buggy and two mobile platforms as his convoy he crossed the Karzhamahri-Nui Highway 02 heading toward Ga-Laiquendi. Arriving they secured the empty city and managed to locate and safe Director Froramsillia of the Cooperation. The next day he drove further and arrived at Arthrastral where they saved Senator Chuinaylia in the brink of time. However the capital city fell into Confederate hands and Zabiela and his forces were forced to withdraw to the Spirit of the Serindia. Arriving there with a Mortis Dropship the Cyrandia ship left Karzhamahri-Nui and headed towards the capital planet of Rambo Nation.

Months later they arrived with the Caradhras Class Assualt Carrier Ered Mithrin at Matakoro.

Facing Garlboz together with Claire

As the space fleet at defeated the Confederate fleet above Matakoro the Ered Mithrin entered orbit and deployed the ground forces. Due to the efforts of Zabiela and his legion they managed to defeat the remaining Mortalitas and other Confederate troopers, liberating Matakoro from the Confederacy. After that the troopers joined in the celebrations of Matakoro's Liberation and remained at Matakoro for a while, aiding the citizens in rebuilding and repairing the damage done by the battles. Later on during the war he was at Karzamahri Nui again where he, under command of sergeant Claire Rambo faced the Confederate Governor Garlboz inside a house in Ga-Laiquendi, the city they recently liberated. As his squad was killed they faced various Mortalitas soldiers and he managed to kill one of them. When he noticed Galrboz was raising his sword, Claire prepared herself for an acrobatic assault at Gorlbaz when a huge shockwave send all flying.

Swamp battle at New Ramhall

After waking up again he and Claire faced Garlboz but were defeated when the Governor used his magical sword against them, rendering both unconscious. After waking up he and Claire reported the event and Zabiela returned to the frontlines. After the battle he joined the regiment to fight during the second battle of Nosiso, though faced heavy casualties on the desert planet. Though the battle was eventually won he mourned for the loss of Claire, his beloved sergeant and commander who went missing after her capture by Mortikran. As he admired her a lot, he found her loss frustrating and even wanted to search for her, even if it went against the orders of his superiors. Luckily she later was recovered after being tormented by commander Mortikran. Glad she returned, he visited her when she was recovering at the Capital, though didn't agree with her when she went on a secret mission to Zevia. He wanted to join her, for protection though Rambo Command didn't allow it. After that mission Claire once again returned to the regiment and he joined her during the battle of New Ramhall. During a patrol at the purple planet, they were ambushed and was forced to retreat. When Claire her commander, Sergeant Master Sephis disagreed with the evacuation he grew to dislike the humanoid and felt nothing when he later was found dead. After New Ramhall fell into the hands of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus he returned to the Quadrant Galaxies.

Santa Company[]

Zabiela's starfighter destroyed by ASP's, September 2820

Zabiela, with the loss of Claire Rambo and the rising power of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and their hold over the Quadrant Galaxies grew disillusioned and as such accepted General Doohan's offer to join him and Santa Company. Zabiela proved vital in their escape from Koerband and upon arrival at the frozen planet Ramrevera aided in the construction and setting up of the defenses of Santa Base.

After the base was finished, he became a pilot though lost his right ear during a combat encounter with the Empire ASP-fighters when a console inside his flight deck exploded. He pilots a Cobra-class starfighter with the callsign Cobra Four and saw first action in August 2820 during the siege on the ICS Autokrator and the subsequent capture of the Legatus rear-admiral Schlahs Stutgrat. Later, in September 2820, Zabiela fought during the battle of Pauvenris, piloting his starfighter. During the battle Zabiela was unable to shake off pursuing ASP's and his starfighter was destroyed, killing Zabiela in the ensuing explosion.

Personality and Traits[]

Zabiela as trooper

Zabiela is a loyal and capable sergeant and trooper. Skilled in analyzing battles and improvising in battles and his refusal to give up makes him a formidable foe. His care for his troopers is admired and though not always open to his officers and sometimes rude, though the one he respects, like Claire could call Zabiela their friend as he always stand ready to aid them in whatever they need.

Zabiela sees himself, and his troopers as individuals, even though they are cloned.


A skilled trooper who I entrust my life, and a friend as well!

- Claire Rambo


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