The Atlantica known as Quetzamet, also known as the God of Elements, Flying serpent, or the Snake is a dangerous and cunning Atlantica- who blames the other Atlantica for their decline. As such he is often seen as a sympathizer of Artmyris, a false claim as he dislikes the fallen Atlantica, plus he would never dare to betray the Ultimate One to whom he is loyal to.


Early History[]

Quetzamet hails from another species and as such is not an Aininyë, it is said he hails from a race that was already in excistance before the birth of the Aininyë. Over time he met with the Aininyë and due to his cunning and strength he ascended and became known as an Atlantica. It is believed Quetzamet's race were shapeshifters, as Quetzamet took the appearance of a flying serpent, to give his fellow Atlantica shivers.

Together with the others he began seeding the Quadrants with new life, and were soon sheparding them. Quetzamet himself to a great interesst in a planet known as Zevia (-this happened around 200.000 BQF). The native Greendion saw the snake Atlantica as a devine being. The Greendion began building great structures and temples for Quetzamet. Around 22.500 BQF Quetzamet was re-called to the Realms of the Gods as the Ainyë waged a war against unknown crab species. Saddened he felt betrayed when the Atlantica were forced to leave the Quadrants and had to remain withint the Realms.

As such Quetzamet remained within the Realms for years, often spending his time outside the White Citadel/City, as he wished to remain alone in the woods.

Clash of the Gods[]

Quetzamet during an Atlantica assembly

As the Clash of the Gods began, Quetzamet decided to remain ignorant of it and as such did not participate in the battles against Artmyris and his minions. Eventually he was summoned by the Mouth for a meeting to discuss the rise of Tyrómairon- the dark leader of the Mornûnendur. Quetzamet didn't feel much to solve the problems of the Thirteenth Tribe, as contact was lost with them ages ago. Eventually it was decided not to act, much to Quetzamet's delight.

Later one, two Atlantica were killed by their enemies, Quetzamet was dispatched to the Rambo Capital where he was instructed to defeat an Xhodocto who infriltrated the Quadrants. The Xhodocto known as Dhazhrak disguised himself as the crown prince of Rambo Nation and the son of their empress, Ramashe. Quetzamet slowed down time around the Xhodocto, revealing his disguise and faced him.

Dhazhrak battles Quetzamet

Quetzamet spoke with a booming voice that Dhazhrak had violated the laws of the Quadrants and was to leave or else he would be forced to leave. Dhazhrak looked in disbelieve as he believed that an Atlantica was not able to defeat him in combat. Taking a battle stance, Dhazhrak's smile grew broader. Dhazhrak charged first, sending shadows crawling across Quetzamet features who cried out in pain. Dhazhrak grasped Quetzamet his tail and trew him into the palace of Rambo Nation. Instead of crumbling into pieces it seemed the stop of time also prevent Quetzamet to chrash through the palace and instead bounced off. Quetzamet twisted and wrapped his tail around Dhazhrak his legs and send him flying into the air. Dhazhrak chrashed hard at the ground and luxated his arm. Dhazrak charged again and wounded Quetzamet, sending his greenish acid blood splashing at the ground. Quetzamet twisted and avoided another slash from Dhazrak and suddenly grabbed Dhazhrak- who screamed in agony. Quetzamet send pure magical energies at Dhazhrak, who grabbed hold of him and drawn him into a portal behind him. Quetzamet gave a warning to Dhazhrak and hi s master before Dhazhrak was teleported back towards the Xhodocto realms.

During the battle his was seriously injured, and need extensive medical care.

Later on in the clash he came to aid Barthandel and the Mouth when Tyrómairon suddenly arrived within the Quadrants. The dark lord of the [[Fiction:Mornûnendur offered a truce, something the Atlantica were happy to accept. During the conversation Quetzamet suddenly approached Tyrómairon. Circling around him like a snake on the hunt he rose in front of the Dark One. With mere centimeters between the nose of Tyrómairon and Quetzamet, he turned and nodded to the Mouth, indicating a truce could be made. After Tyrómairon left Quetzamet returned to his daily matters.

Personality and Traits[]

Quetzamet is a cunning and dangerous Atlantica, one of the more plotting onces and who like to have secrets of his own. Yet he isn't that strong compared to others like Artmyris or Barthandel, though he is very agile and fast.

With his cunning abilities, and his ability to slow down or accelerate time he is a dangerous enemy and ally. Quetzamet likes to strangle his enemies and displayed his dislike over leaving the mortal worlds quite often. This resulted in the other Atlantica having doubts about his motives and some naming him an Artmyris sympathizer.

Though Quetzamet dislikes some of his fellow Atlantica, he remains loyal to the Ultimate One and would protect his fellow Atlantica at all costs.

Within the Rambo Pantheon, he is known as the God of Elements, though is one of the lesser known Atlantica due to his snake like appearance, as Serindia dislike snakes.



LoveRelation.pngI would sacrifice my life for them!


Green face.pngThey deserve my honor!


Red face.pngSuffer the wrath of the Atlantica!



Use your abilities to protect the Quadrants! Use your knowledge in service of the lesser ones and you will become a great Atlantica

- Ultimate One

A brave Atlantica, though sometimes he gives me the shivers

- Indris


  • Quetzamet holds the honor for the first Atlantica who ever encountered an Xhodocto and survived the encounter!
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