Si'daal Aentanaa was born on Planet Flarmia in the royal palace. Her mother was High Priestess Xi'qui, ruler of the Anrtoth Empire. As a child, she was groomed to become queen of the Antroth Empire. She was trained in the arts of magic and black magic.

When she was around ten years old, she began to leave the palace and explore her future kingdom. One day she left the palace unattended by gauds and was ambushed by thugs. He magic was not powerful enough to defend herself from them. Out of nowhere, an Antroth boy came to her rescue. He fought the thugs and held them off until his father could arrive and take care of them. His father, being a soldier, arrested the thugs. Si'daal thanked the her rescuer. His name was Oskel Leton. From that day on, Si'daal was smitten with him.

At the age of 16, she and some friends discovered how interstellar flight worked and told her mother about it. Xi'qui and her top scientists built many ships and sent Antroths into space to conquer planets. Si'daal and her friends were given awards for their discovery.

Death of Xi'QuiEdit

About two years after Si'daal's discovery, Xi'qui was assassinated by Crow Daxur, leaving Si'daal to command the Antroth Empire, ushering in the Third Era of Antroth history. Si'daal was a kind leader and didn't resort to violence unless it was completely necessary. With her leadership, the Antroth Empire had expanded to 15 star systems. While organizing political and military leaders, Si'daal noticed that an Antroth was rising through the ranks at an extremely fast rate. She discovered that the soldier was Oskel Leton, her savior. She promoted him to General and made him the leader of the Antroth Royal Guard. She fashioned a sword for him that could morph into various weapons with her magic.

Third EraEdit

The Third Era, often called the Era of Pacts is considered to be a dark time for the Antroths, as they were forced into alliances that were less than beneficial for their still growing empire.

Biskin AllianceEdit

As Si'daal was making arrangements for more colonies to be placed on other worlds, she crossed paths with the Biskin Empire. The Biskin were known to be quite violent and threatened Si'daal with war if she ever entered their territory again. Seeing as the Biskin were far more advanced than the Antroths at the time, Si'daal complied and kept her colonies within her original 15 systems.

Eventually, King Ziskin, leader of the Biskin aksed to meet with Si'daal under the terms of making an alliance. Si'daal accepted this and had a talk with him. He offered her riches in exchange for the undying loyalty of her species. Ziskin wanted her forces to live and die for his cause. Si'daal initially declined his offers of monetary value, as she believed that Ziskin was attempting to enslave her people with his demands. Ziskin, desperate for aid, then told her that Crow Daxur was hired to kill Xi'qui by the Volver of planet Ascon. Si'daal, shocked by this news, instantly grew angry. She agreed to aid Ziskin in his quest to exterminate the Volver Empire.

Infectant AllianceEdit

Si'daal later met with King Viral, leader of a violent race of beings called the Infectant Scourge. As he was already allied with the Biskin, Si'daal saw that she had to work alongside these abominations of nature. The Infectants only sought to consume and infect other creatures with a pathogen that would zombify victims. A few incidents broke out where some of her people were actually killed by a few Infectants. Si'daal wanted to act, but going to war with the Infectants would only anger the Biskin, which was something the Antroths were not capable of fighting.

Battle of MineraEdit

Si'daal found out about a planet called Minera through a meeting with Ziskin. It was plentiful in ore and rare jewels. Si'daal and the Antroths attacked Minera and the inhabitants, the Helmore. The Helmore general, General Chainbarr, was on the battlefield. Si'daal knew that Chainbarr was a walking death threat, so she sent in her best troops. One soldier in particular defeated Chainbarr, this soldier's name was General Oskel Leton. Oskel and the reaming troops took over the planet.

Soon after, the Volver prince, Prince Glynn, arrived on the battlefield with the Volver army. As a new battle unfolded, Si'daal made a quick getaway with her gaurds. In her absence, the Volvers took back Minera for the Helmore and drove the Antroth forces back to Farmia.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

Ziskin hired Averil Daxur, son of Crow Daxur, to steal blueprints from a notorious scientist by the name of Dr. Zard. Averil succeeded in this task, brining back blueprints to what was considered an extremely powerful super weapon that Ziskin dubbed The Galactic Devastation Ray (GDR). This weapon was capable of destroying all life on a planet. Ziskin planned to use this on every race that every crossed his path, mainly the Volver. He declared war on the Volver during the weapon's construction.

The Antroths played a vital role in this war, being the Biskin's supporting forces. Si'daal's first order was to send Antroths and a few Infectants to attack Ascon, the Volver homeworld. Oskel led her forces into battle under the supervision of Ziskin and his top men. With such a large invasion force, they managed to take over Ascon in mere hours.

Prince Glynn returned to Ascon with his team of warriors and help from the Waptoria Alliance of Species (WAOS) to retake his homeworld. Glynn and W'tze, a leader of the WAOS, managed to take on Ziskin and Solid, a leader of Ziskin's newfound allies, the Unitech Citadel of Sentients. The two warriors defeated Ziskin and Solid while the Volver and WAOS ground forces surprisingly managed to push back the Antroth, Unitech, Biskin, and Infectant invasion squads. Si'daal retreated her forces from Ascon without much regard for the Biskin and their allies, much to the annoyance of Ziskin.

As the Volver and WAOS gained support from the Doopy Tribe, Lavatuft Republic, Soldarian Empire, and a few other empires, they staged an attack on the planet Crobe, the Biskin capital planet. They waged a legendary battle there, with the deaths General Chainbaar and Shaank Rumta'ee, best friend to prince Glynn. despite these losses of important leaders, the enemy forces still pressed on. King Lavern, leader of the Lavatuft Republic killed King Viral and many Infectant forces. There was also huge losses of Antroth forces. Si'daal managed to meet with Averil briefly, confronting him about his father's actions towards Xi'Qui. Averil responded saying, "I found it strange that ya'd serve someone who ordered your ma's assassination."

Si'daal realized the Biskin had just been using the Antroths as muscle. Ziskin had tricked her this entire time, blaming her mother's death on the Volver, starting a huge war, killing hundreds of people and loosing hundreds of proud Antroth men and women for a cause that had nothing to do with them. Si'daal, enraged at the atrocities that Ziskin had put her people and the Vovler through, sabotaged Ziskin's weapons and pulled back all of her forces. This left the Unitech and Biskin completely outnumbered, as with the death of King Viral caused the death of the Infectant forces. At the end of that battle, Ziskin's sabatoged equipment caused his death at the hands of prince Glynn.

Si'daal retreated back to their homeworld, trying to hold up against the Volver forces. Suddenly out of no where, King Glynn had led an attack on Farmia, but this time Si'daal surrendered. Si'daal and Glynn signed a peace treaty and decided to never attack each other again. With this, the War of Tyris Major was ended.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Si'daal found herself in another war for the galaxy, but this time, she was aiding the Volver. Realizing the threat of the mighty Nebulorians and their leader Lord Ne'yon, she allied the Volver and joined the Unified Federation of Glory gaining multiple allies. She and her army fought hard against the enemy forces.

During the final battle, she watched in horror as Oskel was killed by Tox Cano, leader of the Dead Watch, a Nebulorian ally. The war was eventually won at the cost of many lives, including King Glynnorius as he sacrificed himself to defeat Ne'yon.

Fourth EraEdit

Second Infectant WarEdit

Si'daal revived Oskel using her magic, saying that he was something she could not rule without. About three years after the Nebulorian-Alpha War, the Infectants had returned from their hibernation. Hive Mind, true leader of the Infectants, created a child known as Omega from the DNA of Lord Ne'yon. The Infectants gained allies such as the Dead Watch, Bio-Morphling Horde and the Meeno Grox. The Antroths were ruthlessly attacked, only to be evacuated by their new allies Waptoria Alliance of Species.

Si'daal later returned with Oskel and W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species to planet Farmia to reclaim it. They succeded int recovering Farnia and regrouped with the Volver to fight the Infectants and end their scourge once and for all. Si'daal helped defeat the Hive Mind and helped defeat the Infectants. Her army helped pick off the remaining forces of the Infectant's allies.

With the war finally over, the Waptoria Alliance of Species terraformed Farmia back to its original state.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

Enlightenment WarEdit

Return of THEMEdit

Weapons and SkillsEdit


  • Plasma Pistol - A basic plasma

pistol that contains a plasma battery charged with 200 rounds. The weapon is prone to overheating, but should not cause any problems for a skilled user.

  • Scepter of Power - A power Antroth Mage Staff that has been passed down through the Antroth Royal Family. In fact, it was the first Antroth Mage staff ever crafted and is considered the most powerful mage staff to exist. It amplifies Si'daal's magical abilities tenfold, allowing her to obliterate her targets. It also serves well as fighting staff for physical attacks.


  • Antroth Royal Battle Armor - This Armor is specially crafted for Si'daal to protect her against magic and essence based attacks from her foes. It is also capable of deflecting gunfire and protects against strikes from metal blades.


Si'daal doesn't posses great physical strength, but her magic is something that should not be taken lightly. She can use a wide variety of spells and attacks without needing to chant words. Her most powerful spell can cause instant death if one is not careful, although this drains her power heavily. Her Scepter of Power amplifies her magic and doubles as a fighting staff. She uses it when in close combat.

Si'daal, being a female Antroth has the ability to produce and spit highly acidic venom. this venom can burn through the best of armor. Si'daal is also known for her incredible beauty and can easily seduce male creatures into getting what she wants. She doesn't have do this often seeing as her status pretty much gets her anything she desires.

Personal InformationEdit


Si'daal is usually polite but very strict when dealing with serious matters. She is known to be witty and has a short temper. The doesn't trust people right away if she senses something off about them. Si'daal is very intelligent, seeing right through most of Lord Ne'yon's attacks and aiding Oskel in planning battle strategies.

Si'daal is also known for holding grudges, though most of these are quite justifiable. She despised her own mother for her violent actions against other races and hates Ziskin for the decades of deception and mistreatment the Antroths received.



  • General Oskel Leton - “My honorable Royal Guard. He has been by my side for decades and I will always cherish him
  • W'tze - “I cannot thank him enough for restoring my planet for me and my people. I honestly never realized how handsome he was...oops what am I saying??
  • King Glynn - “My old enemy. He was a good warrior, pretty much on par with my Oskel if not better. I miss the arguments we occasionally had...
  • King Lavern - “A loud mouthed brute. He's strong I admit, and a good ally to have. If only we could get him to cool gets too warm when he's around.
  • Ugandalore the Untouchable - “He deserves the title of Ugandalore. He's pretty well mannered, though his past is frightening..
  • Ugandalore The Great - “I never thought that I'd be allied with so many knights. He will be missed.
  • King Brygon - “For some one as young as he is, he is doing a good job of running his empire. He's still a brat though.
  • King Pulporious V - “He's a person proud of his heritage..but he is a bit too proud if you ask me.



  • Lord Ne'yon - “Hmph! Whose magic is ineffective now!?
  • Hive Mind - “That bitch! She attacked my people tried to take Oskel from me!
  • Omega - “Ugh...she's still having children? I'm glad we killed Hive Mind before she could make more of you.
  • Tox Cano - “If I ever see you again, I'll be the one to kill you.
  • Faminarot IronMaw - “Go die under a rock or something.


Quotes from HerEdit

My beauty is rare among creatures in this galaxy.

Try not to get on my bad side!

Trust me, casting spells is harder than it looks..

I will be a better ruler than my evil mother ever was.

Quotes from OthersEdit

Add your Own!

My queen, I will stay by your side until I die.

- General Oskel Leton

If all leaders were like this one, the universe would be a much better place. I'm glad our people are very close allies!

- W'tze

Loud-mouthed!? WHAHAHA! She does know me!

- King Lavern

She's a good ruler ally. She's pretty....pretty suck up that is.

- King Brygon

Your magic has no effect on me.

- Lord Ne'yon

A fine ruler, and a evener greater comrade in arms.

- Barda Clett

Enjoy your moments with Oskel. If there's anything I've learned, its that love is short-lived, and at the same time...somewhat...immortal.

- Phase-Hunter
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