Queen Laura Ta'raron was born some time in 2501 AD on Planet Militora. Her mother, Princess Palah, was a poweful figure in Soldarian society. Laura's uncle, Emperor Pulporious V, made sure that she was trained by the best combat instructors in the Soldarian Empire. Her childhood was quite joyous, as she was adored by all subjects of the Empire. She competed in and won many tournements durng her teenage years, which allowed her to display her combat prowess.

Laura's father was a Ugandalorian-Raptoranean crossbreed named Lugis O'vitus, a sculptor who led a generally unremarcable life aside from the fact that he managed to beat Pulporious V in a fleet engagament simulation various times, the second of which Palah first met the charming hybrid and was instantly smitten.

Joining the Abecean CrewEdit

During her mid 20's, Laura's mother was planning to arrange her wedding. Laura did not like her suitors, claiming that they were "a bunch of ass-headed muscle men". She fled from Militora, leaving her mother in a state of disbelief. A few of the suitors gave chase and followed Laura through the cosmos, attenoting to capture her.

After weeks of fleeing, Laura docked her ship at a space port to get some rest and supplies. After staying there a few days, her pursuers found her. She attenpted to flee but was held at gunpoint. Suddenly, a pair of Volver confronted the pursuers and drove them off.

Laura thanked her rescuers, who introduced themselves as Prince Glynn Ta'raron and his best friend Shaank Rumta'ee of the Volver Empire. Glynn explained that he and Shaank were bounty hunters in their spare time. Laura had always wanted to live a life of adventure and admired the two. Shaank offered her a spot on their team. Laura gladly accepted and was taken aboard the Abecean, Glynn's star ship.

During her time as crew member, Laura traveled to far off worlds, fighting criminals for money.

Hyperon EncounterEdit

Laura and her team were searching the galaxy one day and were ambushed by an alien ship. Glynn quickly opened fire and managed to damage it. The crew of the enemy ship boarded his ship. Glynn, Shaank, and Laura prepared themselves to fight up close and personal. The beings boarded and revealed themselves to be the notorious Hyperon Mercenaries. Their leader, Captain Blitz, confronted Glynn, challenging him to a one on one fight. Glynn accepted this challenge and drew his sword. The two fought for about 10 minutes. Glynn was victorious and spared Blitz. This act of kindness caused Blitz to repect the prince and his crew. Laura was actually a bit angry ay Glynn, as the Hyperon were the ebenies of the Soldarian Empire.

Battle of MineraEdit

A Helmore named General Chainbarr was trying to save his race from the evil Antroth Empire that was attacking his homeworld of Minera. Chainbarr sent a distress signal out into the galaxy hoping for help. Laura picked up on the signal and decided to travel to Minera to help. Once he arrived, Glynn called back to his home planet to tell his father about the situation on Minera. The Volver Army arrived on the scene and defeated the Antroths. Cainbarr, impressed by the Volver and crew's performance, decided to ally with them. About 3 years later, the team and the Volver Empire had become known all over the Galaxy.

Loose EndsEdit

After the Battle of Minera, Laura returned to Minera To oarch things up with her Mother. Palah was furious with Laura, though she was happy to see her after the years that she was gone. Laura confessed to her mother that she had fell in love with the Volver prince. Palah was opposed to this at first, but had to accept her daughter's choice.

Laura went to Ascon to meet up with her team, noticing that Chaibarr had joined their ranks. She told Glynn of her attraction to him, and he returned her affections.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

As the months went by, King Gartoom, Glynn's father and king of the Volver Empire at the time, Allowed Laura and her team to go on a vacation at a famous resort off planet. They left for about a week Before things went south. A gang of Biskin Elites from the Biskin Empire attacked the team at the resort's pool. They managed to fight the attackers off. Sensing some thing was terribly wrong, Glynn recommened that they return to Ascon.

When the team arrived, the Volver Empire was under attck from all angles. The Biskin were laying siege to Ascon alongside the Antroth Empire, the Infectant Scourge, and the Unitech Citadel of Sentients. Laura was ordered by Glynn to help free the prisoners that the Biskin were holding captive on their flagship. Laura rushed to save the prisoners, freeing them cell by cell and pointing them to escape pods. Laura noticed that King Gartoom and his assistant Noruuk were locked up in a cell down the hall. As she went to free them, Laura encountered an A-Z class Infectant named Sigma. Sigma then devoured the key that Laura needed to set the last two prisoners free. Laura engaged Sigma, managing to defeat the vile Infectant and ripped the key out of her gut. With the key, Laura was able to free Gartoom and Noruuk. Shortly after getting the prisoners to safety, the Biskin and their allies retreated.

After this attack, Laura went with Glynn and W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species to gather allies. They gained aid from the Hyperon Mercenaries, which again, Laura was a bit angry about. They also gained the aid of the Doopy Tribe, Soldarian Empire, and the Lavatuft Republic.

Later on in the war, Laura fought alongside her fellow Soldarians to stop King Ziskin, leader of the Biskin Empire, from firing the Galactic Devastation Ray (GDR). This weapon had the power to destroy entire solar systems. During this final battle, Shaank was killed by King Ziskin, causing the team great grief. Laura also bared witness to Chainbarr's sacrifice to save the galaxy. He detonated himself and the GDR, destroying it. Laura mourned him as well, but had to keep fighting. Laura and Glynn went to planet Floo alongside King Lavern of the Lavatuft Republic to eliminate the Infeactants.

After that, the Antroths actually surrendered. This ended the war and ushered in an era of peace.


Laura and Glynn got married soon after the war, and with Gartoom's passing, they became king and queen of the Volver Empire. As the Queen, Laura was accepted among the Volver, despite being of a different species. In fact, she was often praised since she came from a line of strong Soldarian Emperors and warriors from the Ugandalorian and Raptoranean species. Laura did feel a bit of stress though, as her she was afraid that she would not be able to bear her husband any heirs due to them being different species and the fact that she was already a cross breed. However, Laura and Glynn did produce a baby boy that she affectionately named Brygon.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

Laura's involvement in this war was minimal, as she mainly spent most of her time tending to her son. She was devastated by the news after the war, as King Glynn had died in battle. He managed to save the entire galaxy, perhaps even the universe. She honored her husband by holding a large funeral and memorial for him. By the order of succession, Brygon was crowned king of the Volver Empire.

Second Infectant WarEdit

Years had passed since Brygon became king, allowing Laura and Norruk to teach him many things about ruling an empire. Brygon's childhood friend and eventual advisor Kyaan Desaa was also taught these things by Laura. She continued to train her son in combat and combat strategies. One morning, the Infectants attacked Ascon. Laura rushed to safety, as her fighting ability had dwindled over her years of staying away from combat. After Brygon managed to drive them off, Laura remained on Ascon for the remainder of the war, giving orders to troops within Volver colonies.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

Another few years passed after the allied victory in the Second Infectant War, a rebellious Volver calling himself "Crimson" attacked King Brygon. Brygon managed to drive the traitor off and returned to the castle. This led to multiple Rebellions across the galaxy and in Mirus. Luckily, the Volver's allies within the Unified Federation of Glory(UFG) were able to help put an end to the rebellion. Laura fought alongside her troops and Brygon when they managed to retake Ascon from the rebel threat.

Enlightenment WarEdit

A large war that sparked in Mirus. Laura's involvement in this war was very minimal, as Brygon went to aid their allies in Mirus, while she stayed in Tyris Major and kept order within the Empire. She later learned that the UFG had reformed into the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment (UAE) afte the mysterious return of the Enlightened Ones.

Return of THEMEdit

A God race form another realm called the Nyarqaeshu, led by their leader Xizothano Ada, returned to conquer Tyris Major. The UAE took up arms to fight this foe, and even got help from the Biskin Empire and Unitech. Laura oversaw supply distribution from Asc and made sure that the allies on the front lines did not run short of ammo and other supplies. Laura was shocked to learn that Ada had revived not only the old enemies off the UAE and Volver, but also the old Volver Kings, including Glynn, to serve in his conquest. She was torn by grief to know that her beloved was causing his own Empire's destruction.

At the end of the war, Glynn had returned to Ascon with Brygon. Laura confronted him, but was so happy to see her husband that she disregarded his actions. She learned that he had helped Brygon and his allies defeat Ada and freed Tyris Major from Ada's grasp. Before Glynn returned to the afterlife, Laura forgave him for what he did.

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