The Quadrantia HoloNet is the Broadcasting Corporation & Media-Services Provider within the Quadrant Galaxies and some areas in the Endless Space. As a Digital and Interactive Platform News Service that can be widely accessible it gained a foothold in the Gigaquadrant Media as well.

Formed in 2593 (227 BQF) it is one of the eldest thriving companies within the Quadrants. Its logo features the letters QHolo Net in a variation of coloration like white/blue and red.


By 2820, the QHoloNet retained its position as the major and largest digital and interactive platform within the Quadrants though works closely with other major media-companies like the Republica News and the Imperial HoloDomain News. Headquarted at Matakoro it uses many facilities provided by the Froramsilia Company Association though holds its own section at the major ringed shipyard structure.

The Quadrantia HoloNet consists out of various media branches and departments each with its own purpose and platforms.

Quadrantia Movie Channels

The movie channel The Quadrantia Movie Channel primary business is its subscription-based streaming media service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs, including those produced in-house or by other producers and media-services. Movies and series can include anime and motion pictures films, documentries and holo-programs.

Quadrantia Music Hitlist

The Quadrantia Music Hitlist primary business is its subscription-based music streaming media service which offers online streaming of a library of music, including those produced in-house or those from abroad. For those streamed from abroad the QHoloNet pays royalties to either the companies or the individual artists.

Quadrantic Entertainment Center

The Quadrantic Entertainment Center primary business is its subscription-based entertainment service which offers online gaming, including those produced in-house or those from abroad. A mjaor platform for the youth.

Quadrantic Internet

The Quadrantic Internet is a free widely accessible quadrantic system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite to link devices worldwide. It is a network that consists of private, public academic, business, and government networks of local to quadrantic scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. It carries a vast range of information resources and services, electronic mail, telephony and file sharing.

Weaknesses of the network are that it is prone to hacking by criminal or hostile organisations and empires. Firewalls are installed but require frequent updating.

Quadrantic News Channel

The Quadrantic News Channel is a free widely accessible quadrantic system of news broadcasting. The branch now only broadcasts and reports news, it also produces news documentaries.


Hypernaute.QHN are the classified channels and frequencies used by the Ramboidae Military.


The Quadrantia HoloNet became main HoloNet source throughout the Quadrant Galaxies. As an initiative from the Noble Alliance, the HoloNet was launched around 2593 (227 BQF), shorlty after its formation. Its main goal, to bring Quadrantians closer and unite the various races within the Quadrant Galaxies, sattelite arrays were constructed around the Quadrants, allowing empires and foreign nations to acces the QHoloNet.

Quadrantia HoloNet department and array at the rings of Matakoro

With its own headquarter at Matakoro, the Quadrantia HoloNet was given its own unique logo, became a corporate affiliated and under the protection of Rambo Nation, though representatives of various empires and nations often travel to Matakoro to ensure or expand their local channels and networks.

Military organizations like Rambo Command were forbidden to use the network as an intelligence source, forcing the Corporation to make certain channels and networks private for the military department. Internet pages ending with the .QHN are military and are accessible by anyone with an military QHoloNet connection.

Over the years, the QHoloNet became the main source of entertainment for the Quadrants, with television channels, internet, communication channels, music hitlists, movie channels, download channels etc. During the occupation of Rambo Nation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the QHolo Net fell under the invasive surveillance and censorship of the Imperial Ministry of Information though became an independent organisation after it's fall in 2820.

By 2819, the QHoloNet streamed and hosted programms after it made a joint venture with JMTV.

Associated Planets[]

  • Matakoro
    Headquarters of the Quadrantia HoloNet. The HoloNet has its own section of the massive ring surrounding the planet. It also deployed the Quadrantia HoloNet Deep Space Transmitter for quadrantic broadcasting.
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Broadcasting Observatory
The Broadcasting Observatory is the headquarters of the Quadrantia HoloNet and is an unique structure found at the massive ring. Originally the station was the main transmitter for broadcasting within Quadrant 82 and holds the offices, newsrooms and computer monitoring chambers. It also acts as a transmittor with its own solar panels for continues energy supplement.

Connected to the main ring by a single elevator it is also holds the servers of the HoloNet that are seperated from those wihtin the ring. The QHoloNet section behind the observatory holds even more offices and storage rooms.

Praesidium Navalia 01.png
Deep Space Transmitter
The Deep Space Transmitter, vital for the HoloNet its broadcasting and network falls under protection of House Froramsillia and is considered the HoloNet's most vital and profiting asset. the array consisted of a hexagonal central dish, to which were attached three long arms mounting panels and mobile emitters that can transmit and broadcast throughout the Cyrandia Cluster.

Due to its vital importance Rambo Command installed shields on the trasmitter.

Praesidium Navlia 04.png


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Dennis George VoltarLarge.png Dennis “Danny” George Voltar is an ambitious Balaseara reporter working for the Quadrantia HoloNet. He gained a favorable reputation amongst the citizens of Rambo Nation when he published a report about a scandal within the government of Rambo Nation. Unknown to him he was just used by various powerful and influential government officials. Dennis George Voltar.png
Osha StefaniV2LArge.png Osha Stefani is a populair female singer within the Quadrants and hit the charts with her first song "Shot a Rambo". Young, populair and cute, she is also known for her notorious reputation as party animal, often found drunk after those parties.

In later years, she continued her reputation as a party animal and singer, though also explored uncharted or rather unknown planets in Rambo Nation space for a Discovery Channel! Though it meant she had no time free for another album.

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