The Quadrantia Grox are amongst the most powerful, dreaded and feared entities in the Quadrant Galaxies. Compared to other Grox, the Quadrantia are more secretive and rarely interact with other Grox or other species at all- they just want to be left alone and do their own matters without interference from others. For countless of years the Grox have lived in isolation, with some minor border conflicts many were ignorant of the Grox. Sadly with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the fall of the Grox-Meta-Emperor- the Quadrantia Grox began investigating their neighbouring empires, often bringing chaos and death with them.

A notable fact, the Quadrantia Grox have possesion over the Galactic Core of Quadrant 82 and formerly 89 before the Tormented Events.


Quadrantia Grox vs Secoolian

Early History (3530 BQF-450 BQF)[]

Found records indicate the Quadrantia Grox are an off-spring of the original Grox Empire and the Cyrannian Neraida and arrived in the Quadrants by unknown means. Further analyses by the Imperial Alliance indicate the Grox arrived before 3500 BQF. Having no competition the Grox settled themselves around the Galactic Cores of the various Quadrants and lived in rather seclusion. Around 3530 BQF the Quadrantia Grox came into conflict with the dreaded Secoolian, ruthless insectoids who tried to conquer all of Quadrant 21. The Quadrantia Grox gave them a high threat level and engaged them in war, and drove the Secoolian back deep into Quadrant 21. As such the Quadrantia Grox remained sole masters of the Galactic Cores.

Encounters with the Quadrantia Grox (450 BQF-05 AQF/01 NE)[]

Encountering the USS Capricaerón in another galaxy

Since then there as been no recorded incidents or encounters with the Quadrantia Grox besides stories and protocols set up by many. Around 280 BQF Rambo Nation made contact with the Quadrantia Grox, resulting in their protocol of avoidance. The next recorded encounter with the Quadrantia Grox came in the year, 04 AQF- Vice-Admiral Rambas of the USS Capricaerón encountered a sphere (class I), but was able to escape it when the Grox sphere was hit by an anomoly in a different galaxy, how the sphere got there is unknown.

When news reached the Quadrantia Grox of the defeat of the Grox-Meta-Emperor, the Quadrantia Grox began exploring the threat-level of nearby empires and came into contact and conflict with Rambo Nation multiple times. Yet the encounters were only with a single sphere, resulting in great Rambo losses. It even destroyed a joined Rambo-Imperial taskforce near Proogency. It later tested a air-born virus to mutate entire populations into Quadrantia Grox resulting in the short Serpentaxy-Quadrantia Grox Wars and the creation of a hybrid.

The Grox unite

Afterwards, the Quadrantia Grox noticed various ships enter their home territory and were contacted by an assimilated Apollo of the Cyrannian Neraida- who suggested a re-connection with the Giga-matrix. At first the Q-Grox refused, viewing both the Cyrannian Grox and the Cyranai Grox as imperfect and lower life forms and ordered them to prepare for assimilation. However Apollo gave proof to the Quadrantia Grox- who analysed it and came a a new conclusion. Though unknown to the others, the Q-Grox secured data (like the hypercube and type III sphere) from the others and joined the newly formed Neraida Gigamatrix though remained rather secretive and within isolation. Around the same time it had a few more encounters and battles with the Serpentaxy and the Rambo. until its dissolution. With the fall of the Neraide Gigamatrix years later, the Q-Grox remain strong and in isolation, with the population of the Quadrants mostly still unaware of the threat they pose and the power they wield.

Quadrantia Grox Exploits[]

Coming someday?

Abilities and traits[]

A notable and interessting fact is that the Quadrantia Grox seem to be aware of many events and have a large database to their possesion. They sometimes follow Rambo Nation or other Quadrantia citizens and record what they are doing. As they are not part of the Grox Empire, they allow the Grox Empire to use their transwarp routes and the Grox Empire also has access to the Quadrantia Grox databases. In all of their history, none has ever seen a Quadrantia Grox. Though they are known to assimilate other species to work on their ships, in which they only use two kind of classes.

As seen at the image above, the Quadrantia have a humanoid look- and believe it is the ultimate form of perfection. Though as of 01 NE never has seen a Quadrantia Grox in person. As when the Quadrantia Grox board a vessel to assimilate all onboard, none escapes them.

Onboard the spheres or hyper-cubes- the Quadrantia Grox are working, analysing data, patrolling borders and many more tasks. One of the foremost roles of the ships is to send fear into their enemies and if possible assimilate their enemies. Though many believe assimilation is simply giving up you identity to others, the Quadrantia Grox rather call it a procedure to perfection. The Quadrantia Grox consider all besides themselves as inferior life forms and those captured will undergo their assimilation process to perfection. First the Quadrantia Grox change the cellulair and genetic molecules of the unfortunate victim. The procedure is painfull, though aids the Quadrantia Grox in overcoming the will of the victim. Over time, spending hours in a bacta tank the new Quadrantia Grox is formed, and as such they look all the same. The Quadrantia Grox developed high telepathic abilities which they use to give commands to their ships and to their fellow Grox.

The Quadrantia Grox have large areas of space in all three known Quadrants, while in Q82 and Q89 they also have possesion over the Galactic Cores.

Quadrantia Grox Space ships[]

The Quadrantia Grox only use two kind of ship-classes, a sphere and a hyper-cube. The primary role for their vessels it to patrol and protect Quadrantia Grox space, send fear into their enemies or tresspassers and assimilate all who come by.

All Quadrantia Grox Spheres and cubes are equipped with the same weapons and defense capabilities:

  • Speed: Warp and transwarp.
  • Armament: Tractor beams, beam and projectile weaponry
  • Defenses: Deflector shields, regeneration, ablative hull armor

Quadrantia Grox Sphere[]


The most common ship class of the Qaudrantia Grox are a spherical design ship, classified as Grox Spheres. Though they are rarely spotted there power is feared across the Quadrants. Encountering one means you entered the Quadrantia Grox their territory. Until 04 AQF, none has ever survived an encounter with a sphere, better to say none has ever escaped their assimilation.

The Quadrantia Grox sphere comes in various classes, though all look the same and have the same size as it is the most efficient way to assimilate enemies:

  • Class I: A scout sphere, often send for deep patrols. Has a crew complement of around 150 Quadrantia Grox and is around the same strenght as a Rambo Nation Galaxy-class.
  • Class II: The most common Grox Sphere, is their primary battlesphere and often used in conflicts or invasion of targeted worlds. It has a crew complement of 11.000 Quadrantia Grox. Strenght is comparable to that of a Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Ifrit-class star destroyer.
  • Class III: A rare type of sphere, is their most powerful class of sphere and easily overpowers entire Rambo and Empire taskforces. Crew complement is unknown.

The spheres have an average size of 600 meters.

Quadrantia Grox Hyper-Cube[]


Another ship class used by the Quadrantia Class is the Quadrantia Class Hypercube. The cube is a massive 6 km long cube vessel. Though never spotted outside Quadrantia Grox space it is assumed the cube is far more powerful then a class III sphere, which can also be carried inside the cube as well. The ship remains one of the most mysterious class of the Quadrantia Grox until 01 NE.

The Quadrantia Grox Hyper-Cube is the most powerful ship class in the entire Quadrants, rumored to have a crew complement of over 2 million Quadrantia Grox. Rambo Nation indicates that a single hypercube is able to wipe out the entire Rambo armada without recieving significant damage.


The Quadrantia Grox do not believe in alliances, as they consider all others below their standards and inferior lifeforms. Though they do classify other empires and nations with a threat-level with what they --Note: It is their own in-fiction opinion and not that of dino.

  • High Threat - Civilizations capable of inflicting heavy damage upon us- error does not compute!.
  • Caution: Capable of damaging us.
  • Monitored: Prepare to be assimilated.
  • Irrelevant: Resistance is futile.


Orange face.pngInferior, prepare to be assimilated


Red face.pngResistance if futile

none yet


Our protocol is clear, avoid them at all cost!

- Marscalcus Kya of Rambo Nation .

Oh no!

- Hutter

Gah. There are things like these in the Quadrants too?!

- Mar-Júun

Another inferior Groxic race. They will learn that the Omega is Superior

- Omega Grox


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