The Quadrantia Federation is an unified alliance and later on an empire of her own. Over the course of years various species and races whom inhabited differant kind of Quadrants became members of the Quadrantia Federation.

Formerly mostly present in Quadrant 82 and 89 it was later disbanded in favor of the Cyranida Alliance. However in secret some continued the Quadrantia Federation and she was reformed, rrelocated and given new territories in Quadrant 21. Formerly standing under rule of the Serindia, it now stands under supreme rule of the Quadrantia Humanoids.


Original Flag and Constitution emblem

As the Quadrantia Federation was formed, the Empires decided that each nation should have it's representive and the Quadrantia Representives should be overseen by a Grand Councillor. The Nation's founders decided that Princess Aur'Lumniassa should be the person to be it, as she had formed the idea of the forming of an unified Alliance.

However, as the representives were proud of representing their nation's as Senators, the representives acutally did not have real power, as the seperate Nation's and Empire's Kings, Queens or Empresses still hold the final decision and the Senators were only discussing matter as when and how to aid eachother in military actions and economic and other things.

These rules were signed in the Quadrantia Threaty by the seperate Nation's and Empire's.

  • The Seperate Unions are represented by differant Senators in the Quadrantia Council.
  • The Senators overseen by a Grand Councillor, which can be chosen by democratic votes.
  • However, the final decisions for important matters like military actions or joining of others are still made by the differant Unions ruler and not by the Senators.
  • The Quadrantia Federation members are not to make war with eachother.

Later on, with the reformation the treaty fell apart and was disbanded. The Federation eventually came under rule of a single king, who was to be advised by various Councillors. Yet the democracy was gone in the Federation now, the King had the supreme vote in everything. The races that joined the Federation were given a Councillor to talk about politics, and the King really did listen to the Councillors to make the Federation a better place for everyone.


Original Quadrantia Federation (0 BQF - 02 AQF)[]

The First Quadrantia Fleet during the Battle of the Rambo Capitol

The Quadrantia Federation was founded after the liberation of Rambo Nation, the Hutter Kingdom and the Xiaan Alliance. This alliance meant that a few of the superpowers of Quadrant 82 and 89 joined into an large organisation to fight against mutual threats.


As the Hutter, Xiaan and Rambo Nation her capitals were taken over by the Imperial Alliance the differant nations and empires secetly met under invitation of Princess Aur'Lumniassa. At first, they were cautios but soon agreed to get rid of the Imperial rule and had to regain there freedom again. As such, a plan was made to first liberate the Rambo, as they contained the largest fleet and then the others. The first fleet used the Creckel Kingdom as staging area and soon attacked the Rambo Capitol. After a fierce battle, with the Immobilizer and the Lizardian Commander at the Rambo Capitol, the battle remained long. But somehow the allied forces (including aid from the CSA and Sylit Republic) the Commanders his fleet was losing influance and was forced to withdrawn.

Battle of the Rambo Capitol

Shorlty after, the Quadrantia Threaty Fleet (as it first was called) liberated the Xiaan and Hutter Capitols.

After the liberations the Imperial Alliance and RSA holded there attacks and withdrawn to there strongholds to regroup. Now as the Alliance was formed, although still unsteady and some still untrustfull of eachother, a new stap was made in Quadrant 82 and 89 as the super powers began working together to make a stand against the long time ruler of Quadrant 89 and invader of Quadant 82, the Galactic Emperor and the Imperial Alliance and her allies.

Second Galactic War
File:Battle of Capricaerón 03.png

Battle of Capricaerón with Quadrantia Federation ships arriving

The Capital of the Capricyránae Sector Alliance, Capricaerón came under siege shorlty after the founding of the Quadrantia Federation and during the Second Galactic War. As the Federation was just formed, the representives (especially of Rambo Nation) pressured the other Senators and Ambassadors to aid the CSA with sending a fleet. At first, the Xiaan nor the Hutters felt anything for it but were convinced by the Rambo Aviadatyl Senator his motives and agreed to aid the CSA. As such, the fleet arrived shortly after the USS Luna under command of Rambam arrived and began engaging the enemy forces and managed to break the blockade around Capricaerón.

However, the attacking fleet was soon forced to withdrawn and partly crippled and destroyed as the Imperial Star Dreadnought engaged the Allied Fleet. However, due to a timely arrival of Warlord Bo-Ramik the ship was forced to leave and the battle of Capricaerón soon turned into favor of the Allied Forces.

Short period of calm

As the Imperials and RSA forces regrouped the Quadrantia members decided to heal there wounds and start rebuilding there worlds and making Inter Galactic Relations better between the members. It also meant that the Rambo Shipyards began constructing ships again and whispers were going around that the Rambo wanted to re-open there Space Exploration program again. During the period, the Quadrantia Representatives met with the differant leaders of the members and decided that working together would improve the safety of Quadrant 82 and 89. During this time Rambo Nation was contacted by the Federation of Core Worlds, a recently revealed organisation under command of a Queen. The Rambo asked permission to let them colonize a portion of Quadrant 82, something the Xiaans were not so happy about. But with good arguments they also approved and the decision was made, all Quadrantia members approved that the Core Federation could colonize 100 planets.

However, even though the calm in Quadrant 82 and 89 was going on, the DCP faced troubles of there own, and after a long debate (thanks to effort of the Rambo) the Quadrantia Federation decided that they would aid the DCP and send a large fleet to the Delpha Sector. And so, even the Quadrantia Federation was drawn into the Revolution of Warlords. There the fleet proved a vital support in defending the DCP Capitol of Mirenton from Eclipse his forces. However, after the Core Federation re-took the Colonie of Ramgotheria from Imperial hands the Quadrantia Federation witnessed the massive withdrawn by Imperial and RSA forces in Allied Space, and so, in secret they decided to launch a massive attack at the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82, Impaerusqiantia.

Battle of the Imperial Capitol

To end the war quickly, the Quadrantia Federation thought that a surprise attack at Impearusqiantia would do the trick. But it was in vain and the battle turned against the Allied forces due to the timely arrival of the Lizardian Commander and his fleet. However, during the battle the Emperor led the Allied forces leave, claiming he had discovered something and he kept his word. All the Imperial forces withdrawn from Allied space. Afterwards, the Quadrantia Federation wanted to increase Galactic Relations but first they repaired the damage done during the war and healed there wounds.

New dangers arrise

However, other universes were in trouble as a great ally, Bo-Ramik had fallen and the DCP was in dire need. As such, a petition vowed by Rambo Nation ensured another 750 ships to make a blockade around Mirenton and considered it a protected area. All means of crossing it without permission from the Emperor or the Quadrantia Federation would be considered an act of war by the Quadrantia Federation. However, this proved in vain as the battle was about to begin the DCP home planet of Mirenton was taken by the Warlords as the Quadrantia Fleet was occupied. Without a clue, the Quadrantia fleet sended there last transmission dedicated to the Emperor, that he would always be welcome in Quadrant 82. Now what the Warlords would do with those whom remained loyal to the Emperor remains to be seen, and the Quadrantia Federation awaits there transmission with fear.

Around the same time, a shock fill the Quadrantia Federation and Rambo Nation, the Sylit Republic had surrended to an enemy force called the Zazane, unknown to the Rambo. This meant a certains cautios and the Quadrantia would secure the Sylit Republic her colonies in Quadrant 82. Shorlty after, a transmission was recieved with a threat and the Quadrantia Fleet and Quadrantia Alert was raised, things were happening without the Quadrantia, or the Rambo knowing off and this meant caution.

Also the new events with the loss of the USS Hood and the discoveries of several Shrines dedicated to the Rambo and CSA Gods troubled the minds of the Quadrantia Council. Shorlty after, the Sylit Republic was freed from Zazane rule and the Quadrantia Task Force send to aid them has been re-routed to Eiri, a CSA colonie which has fallen to an alien attack, the ones the CSA and Rambo suspect which attacked the USS Hood.

The deal with the director of the Cooperation

Around the time of loss of the USS Hood a large task force had been send to the Sylit Republic to aid them in there war. After the war had ended the Federation recieved disturbing messages from the allies of Rambo Nation that the Xhodocto had rebelled and broken there truth. As the March of the Apocalypse started, the Quadrantia Federation decided not to send ships and instead inforced there borders. However, the Quadrantia Senate allowed Rambo Nation to send ships to aid there allies, because not all allies of Rambo Nation were allies of the Quadrantia Federation, so they did not feel to aid in that war. The Hutters, on the other side did not approve of this decision and saw the Rambo responsible of another Quadrant war, and blamed them for not being more cautios. The Rambo ignored this and it angered the Hutter even more. The Hutter Ambassador then went to Rambo Prime, and made a secret deal with the director of the Cooperation, a Rambo Trade organisation, funded by the Rambo authorities.

Cyrandia Alliance and dissolve[]

The Quadrantia Federation dissolved shorlty after as the Cyrandia Alliance was formed, which meant the Federation was not needed anymore. As the Cyrandia Alliance was formed it became a stronger and more powerful organisation than the Federation was at her time.

See Cyrandia Alliance for the original members fate and adventures

Second Quadrantia Federation (02 AQF - Current)[]

However as the original members dissolved the Quadrantia Federation, the spirit of the Federation did not went unnoticed by various empires and species in Quadrant 21. As such the Quadrantia Federation was reformed (though the original members saw her as dissovled) the Federation was given a King as their ruler, aided by a Council for advise and acted as the new senate.

Furhter more the Quadrantia Federation became the largest empire together with the Secoolian in Quadrant 21 and she began introducing her own fleet for their species to serve on. The Quadrantia Federation became mostly inhabited by the remnants of the once great Quadrantia Humanoid Empire who sought resolve and hope in the Federation. This meant the Federation expanded greatly in the years that the Quadrants were plunged into the Great Cyrannus War and various other conflicts (0 BQF - 05 AQF). Especially the humans were proud of their progress and even with Rambo Nation exploring Quadrant 21 they Federation remained in isolation and secrecy, expanding and growing in secret. Over time various other races of Quadrant 21 joined the Federation, seeing the need of unification against the Secoolian and other coming threats. However some like the Secoolian, Serlgmec and the Tho'Evia accussed the Federation as a Humanoid only empire. With the grow of the Federation they managed to remain neutral with the dreaded Secoolians, but were often in conflict with the barbaric and raiding Quadrantia Loron.

The QF and allies launch an attack against the Rambo Protectrate

Yet when in 01 Ne the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed the Federation began fearing that they might come to the Quadrants with evil intentions. As such the Federation began investing their resources into a militairy fleet to counter attack a possible invasion by the GEC.

In the fifth month of 02 NE the QF allied the Quadrantia Loron and the Serglmec and attacked the Rambo Q21 station in hopes of driving the Empire from Quadrant 21 and showing that they were not welcome in Q21. Assembling a massive fleet the QF launched her attack and soon overwhelmed the Rambo ships stationed at the station, even with aid of a massive Preator class the station soon fell in the hands of the QF and the allied forces.

Defeat by the Rambo and losing control over the wormhole

Pleased they send a transmission to Orbispira that they were not welcome in Quadrant 21 and had to stay away from it otherwise they would attack the Rambo colonies in Q21. The wormhole was now in their control and they would decide who entered and who not.

A few months later the QF suffered a massive defeat when Claire Rambo and vice-admiral Ramtainus attacked the QF blockading the wormhole. Claire, onboard the Suiliagothrond II incernated two third of the blockading fleet. As such the remaining captains decided to retreat and return to QF space.

When their own intelligence showed the station was travelling on the trade route some within the Federation Council feared the station was to invade QF space! Luckily the station went to Zevia and beyond. In 03 NE, the QF was contacted by Cassynder of the Confederacy of Free Planets with the request to join forces against the Empire. King Bohdaria accepted and wished to meet Cassynder in person to discuss the attack.



The original members all signed the treaty and formed the Quadrantia Federation in act of emergency. During the Second Galactic War most capital planets were taken over by devastating and bold attacks of the Imperial Alliance

Second Federation[]

Quadrantia Humanoids/Bohdarians
Bohdarian humans.png

The Quadrantia Humanoids, remnants of their former and glorious Kingdom scattered themselves over Quadrant 21 after the destruction of their kingdom. Those who were lucky managed to evacuate to Quadrant 82 where the humanoids joined Rambo Nation and were known as the (Unidentiefied) Humanoids.

Those who were not so lucky remained in Quadrant 21, fighting for survival in ways of finding food and shelter against barbaric Loron and plundering Secoolians. These humanoids, decendants of the original Humanoids became known as Bohdarians, but remained humans none th eless. The Bohdarians are basic humans; most are farmers who wear normal clothes and hats, while their females where tight black leather suits and skirts. Most notable about the Bohdarians is that the males all have brown hair, while females are all blonde. The males are either soldiers or farmers, while the females work taking care of their young and administrating the food stock, though they can also be found aiding their husbands at the lands of the farms. Both Bohdarian males and females have equal rights, though there are no females found among their militairy ranks, simply as the role as handmaiden is given to the daughter of the King.

The Bohdarian guard are heavily armored soldiers. Bearing long staffs and shields, they are experts at defending the walls and providing a blockades against enemy riders. Although Bohdarian soldiers are perfect defenders, their heavy armor makes them vulnrable at open field due to their weight. Further more when the Federation funder more and more militairy projetcs many joined the militairy and space navy as well. The King of the Federation is also a Bohdarian, and as such the Bohdarians are the most influential species in the entire Federation.

Visaria (QF).png

The Visaria are blue serpant like creatures, although they also have arms, legs and fins they can live in many an enviornment. The Visaria have large fins/horn like gestures on the end of there tail and on their heads for defense and attack. They also have various fins on their back and legs.

The Visaria are a race of noble, yet pretty aggressive and territorial creatures. They are omnivours and dislike the excistence of what they see as lesser creatures. None the less, when they like you they are great allies and will aid you in any cause, whether it is friendly or not. The Visaria are of avarage length and weigth, ideal for swimming and walking around at land. The Visaria came into excistence at around 10.250.000 BQF as cells at a remote planet within the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Visaria are the main shipbuilders of the Quadrantia Federation and are the technologic advanced of all members of the Federation. Though they work together with the other species, they feel themselves superior to the humanoids. Though they feel themselves superior, they did not choose to have a representative in the Dark Council, instead pledging their trust to that of the King.

Yudimaran species.png

The Yudimaran are red-skinned humanoids, native to the planet known as Yudumarth (though others know it as Yadumarth for some reason). The Yudimaran (both males and females) are physical more stronger than the average humanoid species in the Quadrant Galaxies. Having natural enchanced natural reflexes and better sprinting capabilities, they are one of the more gifted humanoids in the Quadrants too. Some of them also posses a special genetic DNA cel, which makes them magical capability. Most are noble and have a great sense of honor, they can be very aggressive and hostile to those who dare to threaten them.

Males and females are easily identified, males have horns and spikes and are slightly larger then there female counter parts but are also easier angered. While the females are more friendlier and nicer, though can also be very aggressive when threatened.

Living on Yudumarth is quite harsh, as it is a hostile planet with hot climates and sand storms. Nevertherless the Yudimaran managed to thrive and reach space on their own, though only colonised their own system. Most of their history remained in peace, though all changed when Geldrim rose to power and joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the planet came under attack by Rambo Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance. However further in the war some Yudimaran left as refugees and joined the Rambo as they wanted to live in peace. Those who didn't and remained loyal to Geldrim his legacy joined the Quadrantia Federation, under guidance of their new leader, a young girl who became a member to the Dark Council.


The 2nd Quadrantia Federation is known to have various individuals, who have various positions of power. They will be classified by various standards.

Royal Family[]

The royal family of the Federation is small and only has various individuals. Once in ancient times the royal family was once larger, though their numbers have diminished due to family intrustions and assasinations by the enemies of the Federation.

Bohdarian King
King Bohdaria 02.png
  • Name: King Bohdaria
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Humanoid
  • Trivia: King of the Federation

King Bohdaria is the ruling monarch of the Quadrantia Federation. Given rule over the Federation since her 2nd forming he has ruled over the bohdaria far longer. He is known for his cruelty against his enemies, his immense loyalty to the Federation and his kindness towards his own people.

He often gives parties to his people where the entire cities are invited for, save for those at guard duty. King Bohdaria is a wise and kind ruler, and though he dislikes nonhumans to a point, he isn't a xenophobe, a trait which has made him unpopulair among the none humanoids of the Federation. He often advises the Councillors to listen to his guidance and enlist their own species to the Federation army. Further more he ordered his subjects to open their borders to the fellow members of the Federation. He always wears heavy armor and is a gifted swordman.

Elika Bohdaria
Elika Bohdaria 02.png
  • Name:Elika Bohdaria
  • Age: 26 (Born 21 BQF)
  • Race: Humanoid
  • Trivia: Princess of the Federation

Elika Bohdaria is the daughter of King Bohdaria, princess of Federation and heir to the throne. Bold and a bit stubborn, she is as gifted with a sword as her father and for that is called the Shieldmaiden of Bohdaria. She is trained as a soldier, but also has traits of a princess, with her proud manners and fondness for dresses and jewelry.

A crucial difference sets her apart from the king. She is quite xenophobic, and dislikes her father's policies towards allowing nonhumans inside the Federation. The reasons for her hatred against none humanoids is easily explained, she was taught this during her years of schooling though she has never met any none humanoid before.

Elika wears a golden blue armor, signaling her status as shieldmaiden of Bohdaria.

Dark Council[]

Dark Councillor Aayilah
  • Name: Dark Councillor Aayilah
  • Age: 20
  • Race: Yudumaran
  • Trivia: Daughter of Geldrim Achyriona, leader of Yudumarth

Dark Councillor Aayilah is the cute and cunning current leader of the planet Yudumarth after the death of her father, the infamous Geldrim. Aayilah is a fair and wise leader to her people, and unlike the other Dark Councillors, she prefers to wear her official Yudumaran garbs, which grants her the respect of her people, though the annoyance of her peers.

Aayilah, despite being a good leader, wishs that she could have enjoyed early adult life without having the position of leader thrust upon her, and misses her father greatly after his death. Despite her loyalty to the Quadrantia Federation, Aayilah still has fond memories of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and seems to be interested in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As such, she dislikes Rambo Nation.

Dark Councillor Bahmut
Dark Councillor Bahmut (QF).png
  • Name:Dark Councillor Bahmut
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Humanoid
  • Trivia: Dark Councillor, Director of Federation Intelligence

Dark Councillor Bahmut is part of the Dark Council of the Quadrantia Federation. As an advisor to the King he gained a powerful position. He dresses himself in dark armor with large claws in which he can summon ancient elemental energies to do his bidding. Serving the King well before the humanoids rule and forming of the Quadrantia Federation he knows a lot about the former Quadrantia Humanoid Empire.

Upon the forming of the Quadrantia Federation he wanted to create a new humanoid empire, as he is quite a xenophobic, a trait he also thaught the Kings daughter, Elika. However the King allowed various others into the Federation, much to his dismay. He went along with it but still often raises his voice against none humanoids.

He is considered the most dangerous Dark Councillor and probably wouldn't hesistate to replace the King with his daughter, a trainee by Bahmut's own standards. However he still stands in good favor with the King and was given the addition position as Director of the Federation Intelligence.

Dark Councillor Commodore †
Commodore (QF).png
  • Name:Dark Councillor Commodore
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Humanoid
  • Trivia: Dark Councillor, Infriltrant of Rambo Nation, Commodore in the Rambo Navy, Commander of Angforst

The Commodore is an ancient member of the Dark Council and even served under King Bohdaria before the forming of the second Quadrantia Federation. Upon the forming he infriltrated the ranks of Rambo Nation and recieved the Commodore rank into their space navy. As such he was able to inform the Federation Dark Council with vital information about their influance, plans for the exploration of Quadrant 21 and their current affairs with various enemies.

When the Commodore recieved command of the Angforst King Bohdaria ordered him to close the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole if possible. With the wormhole closed the Federation would inform the Rambo that the planet Zevia holds a second entrance into the Quadrants from Cyrannus. They would then send the Angforst there to close it as well or to guard the area. Upon that the Federation would siege Angforst for their own. Yet the plan was thwarted when the Commodore was killed by the Atlantica Horus during the Clash of the Gods.

Unidentified Dark Councillor
Unidentified Dark Councillor (QF).png
  • Name: Unidentified Dark Councillor
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Humanoid
  • Trivia: Dark Councillor, Admiral of the Fleet

The Unidentified Humanoid Dark Councillor is the only one who refused to tell her name. She is also the only humanoid female on the Dark Council and is fiercely loyal to the King. She, like Bahmut also has possesion over various elemental magics and uses it to predict the possible future of the Federation. It is also said she is able to summon Vamrasht, but these are just rumors.

As another Dark Councillor she discusses with the King the various politics of the Federation, but often founds herself in disagreement with Bahmut, who dislikes none humanoids. Yet as the King disagrees with it the Unidentified Councillor could persue her plans to create a common Federation Navy, where the various species served in unity onboard ships. As such she is also the commander over the space fleet of the Federation.


The Federation holds various planets inside her territorial borders. All planet are considered equal among the citizens and rulers of the Federation, though like in all nations or empires one planet is favored above others due to differant reasons. The Federation planets are listed as importance by number, this is done so in order of the King who decides which planet is listed under which numbers.

Planet 00
Federation Capital (Quadrant 21)

Capital City

The Quadrantia Federation Capital, more commenly called the Federation Capital, while less common called planet 00. The Federation capital is rather small compared to other empires their capitals, like the Rambo Capital or Orbispira. The reasons for this are simple, the Bohdarians stumbled upon this planet shortly before their decision to reform the Quadrantia Federation. They didn't matter the planet is smal, for that reason it is easier defended and easily overlooked by long range sensors of enemy fleets.

Council Building

The planet holds the capital city, with various buildings for the differant species of the Federation. The Bohdarian houses provide comfort, a warm welcome after work or school and protection against small earthquakes which occur on the Federation capital. The planet has blue colorations, which light up at night, providing beautiful scenery which are loved by all members of the Federation. Notably, for a capital the cities hold no statues of deities, heroes or animals. The reasons for this is that the King forbids it, as he sees every citizens as equal with him above them. The Capital city also holds the Council Building, a large fortress like building once build by the Atlantica. The Building itself is protected by shields, holds quarters for the King, his daughter and the Dark Councillors. The inside of the building also has no decorations at order of the King. Some would believe the Federation is quite harsh in this. The Building itself dates back from around 10.000 BQF.

The only creature found on the Federation Capital is the Federation Goldfish, a kind fish who swims the rivers and seas at the planet. They feed upon somekind of substance coming free at night after the blue colors of the planet light up. Scientist of the Federation stand for a mystery of it.

Planet 02
Yudumarth (Quadrant 82)


Yudumarth, a small and poor planet in the Outer Colonial Regions of Rambo Nation in Quadrant 82 is the homeplanet of the Yudimaran. Though poor and small in eyes to other empires and nations, Yudumarth holds an important strategic position as it is the last planet before entering the Quadrant-Cyrannus Wormhole which leads directly towards the Galactic Empire. Hold this planet, and the Quadrant and Cyrannus will be unable to help eachother fastly. Due to this a Rambo Nation fleet is always close by but due to the Yadimaran's refusal to join Rambo Nation, the Nation raised taxes and Yadumarth became even more poorer. In return the natives became distrustfull of Rambo Nation, though the Nation still wishes them to join the Nation, only because of there strategic position. The planet is often used as a last stop to re-supply before entering the wormhole by many species..

The trade route or hyperlane near the planet is one of the most crowded and together with the Ramsoria Run they are the most important routes of Rambo Nation. One the planet belonged to the Confederacy when the Yudimaran joined them in hopes of stopping a Rambo control of the planet. During the war the planet suffered in various battles. After the fall of the Confederacy the planet became part of the Quadrantia Federation. Due to her resources and importance, King Bohdaria made the planet the 2nd most important of the entire Federation and is the only planet of the Federation in Quadrant 82.

Federation Militairy Department[]

The Quadrantia Federation Militairy Department (QFMP) consists out of various races their ships, vehicles and troop personel. The Quadrantia Federation Militairy Department is charged with the protection of Federation space, citizens and virtues.

Federation Space Fleet[]

Cruiser Class

Cruiser class

  • Lenght: 850 meters
  • Classification: Cruiser

The Federation Cruiser class is the first joined constructed ship. Upon her launch in 04 AQF under supervision of the Unidentified Dark Councillor the class provided everything the Federation would need against powerful enemies who were currently rampaging Cyrannus and the Quadrants.

Equipped with shields, powerful torpedoes, batteries and cannons the ship became the pride of Federation. Soon mass produced the ship became the most common sight in Federation armadas. The ship is equipped with a warp drive and can achieve warp 8. Though promising, fast and agile the ship has one serious downside. When firing torpedoes the shields have to be lowered and as such need recharging, a serious dangerous oppertunity for their enemies.

Federation Class

Federation Class

  • Length: 1500 meters
  • Classification: Heavy Cruiser

The Federation Class is the heaviest and largest vessels the Federation has in her possesion. The ship is often used as flagship or support smaller vessels are her lines are filled with batteries and cannons. Though the ship can be listed as a heavy cruiser/destroyer the ship also acts as a transport for troopers and has various regiments onboard. Capable of going into orbit and landing on the surface the ship is multi-functional and a dangers when not being prepared for her abilities and firepowers.

Yet the ships also features a serious downside, due to her large size she isn't agile and is an easy spot for fighters adn bombers and as such always needs back up from smaller classes like the Longneck and Star classes. The Federation class is equipped with four warp nacelles to provide stability while travelling in space.

Longneck Class
  • Lenght: 120 meters
  • Classification: Light Cruiser

Longneck Class

The Longneck class is the oldest and most common Visaria ships. This ship was the first ship constructed and then send into space to explore and colonise their moon. It later became massproduced. Upon the Visiria joining the Quadrantia Federation the ship became the back-bone of the Quadrantia Federation's spacefleet and is often charged as support ship. The ship is equipped with decent weapons and shields. It has various small batteries to the side and one massive cannon in front of the ship, designed to destroy or overload enemy shields. Due to it's form and construction it has a good agility and is pretty fast. The ship is operated by less than 40 crewmembers and can endure a lot of damage.

Star Class

Star Class

  • Length: 80 meters
  • Classification: Light Cruiser, Exporation Cruiser

The Star Class are small cruisers by Visaria designs. They are build for speed and agility, and are very fast, even more so than the Longneck Class and any other Federation ship. Although fast and equipped with decent shields and weapons, her endurable to damage is low, and when hit at curcial places the ship is easily destroyed.

The Star Class features a unique design and can make various space jumps to escape her enemies. Although good for battle, the Visaria often use this class to explore and land on nearby colonies and is more considered an exploration ship. It is also used to transport civilians or other high officials to and from colonies as this ship is the only one in the entire Federation to be equipped with a stealth mode (though it isn't as good as a cloacking device like the Hutters havE). So it is both a military and civilian ship in the Federation Society.

Federation Army[]

Most of the army was directly taken over from the Yudimaran who already had stable and sturdy tanks and dropships.

Yudimaran Dropship

Yudimaran Drop

The Yudimaran Drop Ships are the main invasion force of the Quadrantia Federation. When one of the larger ships enters orbit it will deploy dozens of these dropships who all carry troopers and with improvements of the Federation can now also carry tanks. The dropships are very agile, but have poor defenses and are easily shot down. They can carry over 8 soldiers at once.

Yudimaran Tank

Yudimaran Tank

The Yudimaran Tank, the backbone of the Quadrantia Federation armies. The tanks are quite agile and have strong hull plating. Carrying large grenates they can fire them over long distances. With the Yudimaran becomig part of the Quadrantia Federation the tanks were intergrated into the Federation with ease and troopers were trained in the use of them. The tanks even prove difficult for the large Serindia Mobile Tanks of the Rambo Nation.

Galactic Relations[]


Green face.png No official ones yet

Friendly empires

Blue face.pngThey are worthy of our trust


Yellow face.pngSeemingly having good intentions, caution is still advised


Red face.pngObliberate them! For the Federation we must take them down!



- Quadrantia Loron







  • The second Quadrantia Federation is harsher and more ruthless than Rambo Nation. Where the Imperial Alliance could be seen as their evil counterpart, the Federation could be seen as their survival side.


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