The Quadrantia Calender is the standard measurement of time in the Quadrants. It is centered around the forming of the Quadrantia Federation. A year is the same length as one solar year on Earth; with twelve months and the same standard hours of 24 hours per day. The time calender centers around the Quadrantia Federation (0), with BQF standing for "Before the Quadrantia Federation," and AQF standing for "After the Quadrania Federation". After the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded the Quadrants and placed Rambo Nation under their "protectrate", the citizens of Rambo Nation began using both the AQF and NE, wich stands for New Age and is used by the Cyrannians as their calender.

Chronicles of the Quadrants[]

The chronicles of the Quadrants tells the history of the Quadrants!

Prehistoric Era & Age of the Atlantica (12,000,000,000 BQF - 15.000 BQF)[]

  • 12,000,000,000 BQF - Quadrants begin to form.
    • It is believed that the five hobbit galaxies known as the Quadrants were formed 12 billion years before 0 BQF by the entity known as the Ultimate One.
    • Due to their small size, her neighbouring galaxy, the Cyrannus Galaxy exerted such a huge amount of gravity that the Quadrants orbited Cyrannus- forming the Cyrandia Cluster.
    • Spacial events mark the birth of planets suitable for sentient life.
  • 200.000 BQF - Aininyë come into excistance in Quadrant 21.
    • The Aininyë, excisting out of the Noldialtica and Urindalë reach into the stars and colonise nearby planets.
    • In the next following years various portals and structures are build, among them a portal at the Capitol, Alathena Metru, Shrine of Selenyia, Lesrekta.
    • Construction of Aecor starts.
    • The Aininyë and Urindalë have disagreements.
    • Aininyë begin seeding the Quadrants with sentient life and become known as the Atlantica.
    • Scions come into excistance.

Founder vs Forgotten Dark Lord

  • 149.000 BQF - Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë Rebellion
    • The Atlantica entity known as Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë finishes construction of Lesrekta and attemps to gain power over the other Atlantica by enslaving Lesrekta, a purple colored Atlantica. He is thwarthed and vanishes from history.
    • Around this time, prominent Atlantica like Indris, Barthandel and Quetzamet gain favourable positions among the Atlantica.
  • 138.042 BQF BQF -List of birth
  • 120.000 BQF - Urindalë dissapearance.
    • The Urindalë travelled to Quadrant 82 but vanished by unknown means. Unknown to the world they were relocated to another dimension where they settled themselves at the northern regions of the continent Koldenwelt. There a few of the Urindalë begin using dark and aracane magics and become known as the Sinleri, who hope one day to return to the Quadrants.

Libraë gains an audience with the Ultimate One

  • 100.000 BQF - Species evolvement
    • Finally sentient species evolve beyong their cell stage and began their creature stage, among them Hutter, Serindia and Zevians.
    • The entity known as Idrioalthaórien, servant of the Atlantica defeat the Forgotten Dark Lord (Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë) who was hiding at the Capitol.
    • After the defeat of the dark entity the Founder becomes a shepard for Serindia kin and works to unite the Serindia tribes.
  • 86.000 BQF - Oikoumene
    • The Atlantica and the Okoumene have first contact, marks the first contact between the Quadrants and Cyrannus and both parties form an alliance.
    • Atlantica and Oikoumene decide to tune their calenders and as such began using the same calender lenghts. Though Atlantica keep to their twelve months while the Oikoumene kept to six months a years.
    • Somewhere after first contact a Oikoumene known as Libraé recieves an audience with the Ultimate One.
  • 49.000 BQF - Serindia Medieval Age
    • After the Founder united the Serindia clans, they reach their Medieval Age.
    • Construction of Rambo City, future capital city started 10.000 year earlier on the Rambo Capital.

War of Quadrantia

  • 22.500 BQF - War of Quadrantia
    • Atlantica and the Crakadox species wage war over their differances of sheppering sentient live.
    • War lasts for ages and reaches conclusion in 15.000 BQF.
    • Lourdes Windrunner is born at Carnthedain.
  • 20.000 BQF - Royalty Constructed
    • At the Rambo Capital the construction of the island Royal City, Tirithsilliana starts. It takes another 2500 years before construction is completed.
  • 15.000 BQF - End of Atlantica
    • Atlantica and Uknown Crab species vanish, with the Atlantica ascending to the Realms of the Gods where the protect the shepard the Quadrants from a highter plane of excistance.
    • Atlantica first hear rumors about the Xhodocto and the Mornûnendur and place protective barriers and anomalies around the Quadrants. Now only accessible by wormholes.
    • Aecor is abandoned and left half finished.

Ancient Times (15.000 BQF - 450 BQF)[]

  • 14.000 BQF - Yodian
    • Yodian reach space and begin travelling the stars.
  • 10.000 BQF - Pantorilis
    • Construction of Pantorilis starts by the Pantorilisea, becomes known as the Northern Pearl.
  • 7800 BQF - Decades of Harvest
    • A race known as the Secoolian reach space and began conquering large parts of Quadrant 21, harvesting planets.

Secoolian and Q-Grox wage war

    • Carnoria manages to unify the Saurien species in the western swamps of Zevia.
  • 4800 BQF - Icolian
    • Icolian reach space in Quadrant 21 and began developing xenophobic ways of living as well an obscure interest in temporal matters.
    • They remained isolated and unkown to the Secoolian who didn't dare to travel towards Icolian space.
  • 3530 BQF - Q-Grox arrive
    • The Quadrantia Grox, an off-spring of the Neraida and the Grox arrive in the Quadrants and settle themselves around the Galactic Cores.
    • Q-Grox destroy the Yodian civilization, scattering those who survived across the Cyrandia Cluster.
    • Secoolian and Q-Grox wage devastating war.
    • With no victor, Q-Grox and Secoolian withdraw, leaving many planets scourged of live.
    • Rambo Imperialea reach space in Quadrant 89 and form the Rambo Empire.

Red Serindia ship vs two Blue Serindia ships

  • 2500 BQF - Serindia: First Planetary War
    • The Rambo Capital is struck by the first planetary war between various Serindia Medieval Kingdoms.
    • War ended in 2300 BQF, resulting in the destruction of the Blue Serindia Kingdom.
    • Following the war the Red Serindia Kingdom and Yellow Serindia Kingdom became the most dominant on the planet.
    • Yellow Serindia start construction of Vulmiartari.
  • 1215 BQF - List of Birth

Hutter - Rambulan war

  • 1200 BQF - Hutter - Rambulan War
    • The Hutter Kingdom and Rambulan Star Empire fight a devastating war lasting for 80 years.
    • Following the war a treaty was signed, with the Hutters rebuilding their forces the Rambulan went into complete isolation.
    • In the same year in Quadrant 21 the Rambo Acientia reach space and form their own kingdom.
  • 1152 BQF - Second Rise of Empires
    • The dreaded Lizardian and catious Xiaan reach space and form their own empires.
    • They settle among many planets and soon have the largest territories in Quadrant 89.
  • 1000 BQF - Serindia Constructions
    • Serindia start construction of Amnuvallionia and Ramerodaras.
  • 650 BQF - Ca'Leon
    • Ca'Leon reach space and form their own nation in Quadrant 89.
  • 500 BQF - Civil War
    • Quadrantia Humanoids Kingdom suffers from a civil war between ordinary humans and Bohdarians.
    • After civil war the Kingdom falls apart and scatter the humanoids across the Quadrants.
    • Second Planetary war rages across the Rambo Capital between the Serindia. War ends in 445 BQF.

Modern Times/Age of Rambo Nation (450 BQF - 0 BQF)[]

Trogg Wars

  • 442 BQF - Rambo Nation
    • Emperor Elgoradaurl dies of old age.
    • Emperor Ramulindalë Le Rambo becomes second Emperor.
    • Rambo Nation suffers from the Trogg Wars, the first conflicts ends within the year and a Cold War last with the Trogg till 434 BQF.
    • In 442 BQF Rambo Nation start to colonise and construct Koerband, together with the native Kloppig.
    • In 442 BQF the Zombilia start constructing the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison.
    • In 442 BQF Kjac was born somewhere within the Quadrant Galaxies
  • 440 BQF - Yudumarth
    • Yudimaran at Yudumarth form the Independant Colonial Union.
  • 434 BQF - Rambo Nation
    • Cold War ends.
    • Start of Second Trogg War.
    • Rambo Nation allies aggressive Q-Heer Stekeveel to combat the Trogg.
    • The war last till 430 BQF when Rambo and allies destroy Trogg homeworld.
    • Near end of Trogg War in 430 BQF, the Founder mysteriously dissapears.
    • In 430 BQF Rambo Nation starts construction of the floating city of Rametru Nui.
  • 429 BQF - Golden Age
    • Rambo Nation endures a period of peace and wealth, known as the Golden Age and last till 280 BQF.
    • During this period Rambo Nation encounters the Quadrantia Grox for the fist time and introduce the policy to avoid them at all costs.
    • In 400 BQF Aviadactyl start construction of the Shipyards of Rowar.
    • In 400 BQF Stasje is colonized.
    • In 350 BQF Rambo Prime is discovered, terraformed and colonized.
    • In 310 BQF Emperor Ramulindalë Le Rambo dies of old age after a period of sickness.
    • In 310 BQF Ramesgaroth Le Rambo becomes third Emperor and follows up his father. During his rule the wealth of Rambo Nation increased by 450%, though the emperor suffers from a sickness in the mind and greed.
    • In 302 BQF colonization of Fornaeria starts.
    • In 290 BQF Rambo Nation starts colonising the Tigris Galaxy, construction Ramirith starts as well.
    • In 280 BQF Emperor Ramânawenûz Le Rambo is crowned Emperor after his father, Ramegaroth died of old age. The crowning marked the end of the Golden Age.
  • 280 BQF - Period of Conflict
    • Rambo Nation become involved in conflicts with the Mozel and the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel.
    • In 280 BQF at Proogency a listening post is constructed to monitor the Quadrantia Grox.
    • In 279 BQF, Stekius Gaivel is born at the Heer Stekeveel homeworld.
    • In 278 BQF the Rambo and Heer Stekeveel were drawn into a war, with the first war ending in 275 BQF.
    • In 275 BQF Ramtterson Ramcelsior is born at Pauvenris.
    • In 271 BQF second war bewteen Rambo and Q-Heer Stekeveel starts. Ends in 263 BQF.

Aur'Lodin becomes Director of Installation 05

  • 250 BQF - Installation 05
    • Aur'Lodin becomes Director of Installion 05, a secret facility at Koerband, recieving a statue made of emeralds and gold in the main hall.
  • 250 BQF - Seperhian
    • Sepherian reach space as well after launching their own space ship.
  • 227 BQF - Noble Alliance
    • In 227 BQF Ramesgaroth dies of old age, is followed up by Kyaertia Le Rambo, first Empress of Rambo Nation and fifth Monarch of Rambo Nation.
    • Noble Alliance is formed, marking the first unified organisation within the Quadrants.
  • 225 BQF - Barbarians Arrive
    • Quadrantia Loron arrive in Quadrant 21 by an anomaly and become pirates and raiders.
  • 210 BQF - Rambo Nation
    • Empress Kyaertia is forced to step down as Empress after using a Planet Buster.
    • Emperor Dino Le Rambo, her nephew is crown Emperor of Rambo Nation.
    • Emperor Dino Le Rambo orders the construction of the harbour city of Luthrionicae, soon becoming a place known for peace and rest, as well as a populair vacation site.
  • 200 BQF - Civilization at stake!
    • Gaskhan suffer a devastating civil war, nearly wiping out the Gaskhan race.
  • 155 BQF - Colonial Construction
    • In 155 BQF construction of Javan starts.
  • 100 BQF - Andormaru
    • Andormaru reach space and form their own empire in Quadrant 21.
  • 80 BQF - Colonization in the Outer Colonial Sector
    • In 80 BQF Aegimi is colonized.
  • 50 BQF - New Space Travellers
    • Kzishaya reach space and begin plundering other species and empires after forming their own.
    • Caizini, humble and noble traders reach space as well.
  • 49 BQF - Treaty of Quadrant 89
    • Various super powers of Quadrant 89 sign a treaty of peace, among them the Rambulan, Hutters and the Lizardians.
    • Treaty allows Lizardian and Rambulan to work together, foreshadowing the forming of a new alliance to withstand the influance of the Noble Alliance.
  • 45 BQF - Serlgmec
  • 25 BQF - Start of Decline
    • Algernon War ends after Rambo Nation drops Planet Buster at Algernon Homeworld.

Rise of a Resistance

  • 21 BQF - Rise of a Resistance
    • Rambo Resistance is formed in the Outer Colonial Sectors.
    • Resistance is starting to attack Rambo Nation convoys and colonies.
  • 21 BQF- Tigris War
    • Rambo Nation becomes involved in the Tigris War. Outcome in 04 BQF: Total destruction of Tigris Colonies and over 24 billion casualties.

Rise of the Imperial Alliance

Start of the 2nd Galactic War

Three Silver Years (01 AQF- 03 AQF)[]

  • 0 AQF - Healing Wounds and new conflicts
    • Allied and Imperial forces heal their wounded and start repairing the damage done by the war.
    • Rambo Nation discovers the Shrine of Selenyia, a shrine dedicated to an Atlantica in Cyrannus Galaxy.

Intergalactic War

  • Intergalactic War - Cognatus Wage War
    • Cognatus Alliance views this as heresy and declares war upon the Rambo and the newly formed United Republic of Cyrannus.
    • Start of the Intergalactic War.
      • Cognatus ship under command of Thel'Vicliquam enters the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus Wormhole and attacks Rambo ships present, including an encounter near Javan.
      • Cognatus ship once in a while attacks Rambo convoys along the Ramsoria Run Trade Route.
      • Rambo Nation and URC meet the Ancientia.
      • Rambo Nation launches their first time-class ship, the Wells-class USS Relativity into service.
      • Ramtilsae is taken hostage but later saved by Rambam.
      • Following the resque Rambo Nation discovers the Ancrevialicia.
      • Rambo Nation and Ancientia forces aid the URC during the battle of Scorpia, evacuating a large part of the population.
      • Imperials find ancient Atlantica and Oikoumemene artifacts at the occupied planet of Koerband.
      • Rambam is send to Ramghatulk in mistake, later escapes and experiences an adventure in the future before returning again.
      • Cognatus launch assault at Ramahri Nova and later on at the Rambo Capital.
      • Final Battle of the Intergalactic War takes place, during the battle Ramashe gets injured and undergoes the so called X452-threatment to save her life, changing her appearance and abilities.
  • March of the Apocalypse - Return of the Xhodocto.
    • Rambo Nation becomes involved in the March.
    • Rambo aid the SSA and the Onuris Alliance.
    • Ramashe allows to upgrade the Rambo fleet to be upgraded to the V2 status and beyond, imporving their designs and power.
    • Chavelli join the Cognatus Remnant, under guidance of their diplomat Valchi.
  • 01 AQF - First of the Three Silver Years
    • Rambo Nation experiences, like most Quadrant powers a time of prosper, recovering and economic growth.
    • United Lanat Empire becomes involved in the Tralor Civil War with the Tralor Resistance.
    • Economies of Rambo Nation, Hutter and other powers within the Quadrants get a second boost.

End of the Imperial Alliance?

Quadrantia Disorder & Dark Times (04 BQF - 08 BQF)[]

Vartekians invade Javan

Confederacy attacks!

  • Month 02
  • USS Elgorodaurl is launched and went missing, eventually wounding up in the Endless Space.
  • Month 03
    • Dhazhrak, under his guise as Ramashe uses Lizaconda's attack to formally declare war upon the Confederacy of Allied Systems.
    • Rambo Nation invades and occupies Yudumarth.
    • Rambo Nation attempts to re-take Javan but fail, shortly after Vartekians leave Javan for unknown reasons.
    • Rambo Nation aids the URC at Cyroenia and repel Confederate forces.
    • In the Tigris Galaxy Rambo Nation becomes involved in the Tigris War and are once again forced to abandon all colonies.

Rambulans destroyed!

Ramashe vs Dhazhrak

  • Month 07 - Start of 01 ATC
    • Rambo Nation repels attack of the Grox Empire at Koerband and Grox forces later get destroyed by aiding DCP forces.
    • Rametru Nui falls into Confederate hands.
    • Confederate capture Aur'Lumniassa, one of the presidents of the Cyrandia Alliance.
    • Gorf and Apollo make a surprise visit to the Rambo Capital and the Royal Palace.
    • Ramashe returns and battles Dhazhrak in her Advanced Mobile Suit.
  • Month 08
    • Zevracence injures the Girdo ambassador after being payed for.
    • Ramashe visits Apolo at Capricaerón and tells him of Dhazhrak and his move to participate in the Great Cyrannus War.
    • The Confederate battleship Malevolence destroys a large allied fleet.
    • Rambo Nation liberates Rametru Nui during the Second Battle of Rametru Nui.
    • Ramashe becomes pregnant by unknown means.

Third Battle of Yudumarth

  • Month 09
    • Second Battle of Koerband takes place resulting in Rambo/URC victory.
    • Third Battle of Yudumarth takes place, resulting in victory for the Rambo and URC.
  • Month 10
    • Ramashe meets with the Keiternyan Star Empire.
    • Imperial Remnant is revealed.
    • Rambam dies during the Battle of Matakoro.
    • Fourth Battle of Yudumarth takes place, resulting in a Confederate victory.
    • Cognatus Remnant attacks Koerband, sparking the Third Battle of Koerband though Rambo Nation agreed to let them study Atlantica artifacts found at Koerband.

Battle of Ramaprica

  • Month 11
    • Battle of Ramparica, resulting in Confederate victory.
    • Voro Acetenus meets with Apollo and Ramashe and formally make peace.
    • Ramaith, son of Ramashe hathces (in secret Dhahzrak in disguise.
  • Month 12
    • Battle of Ivalaë takes place, resulting in Confederate victory.
    • USS Enterprise-A rendevouzes with Angforst, a new superweapon of Rambo Nation.
    • Second Battle of Ivalaë, resulting in Rambo/URC victory after aid from Angforst.
    • Ramaprica gets desroyed by Zillum.
    • Rambo Nation liberates Matakoro.
    • New year preperations are made.
  • 05 AQF - 02 ATC

USS Enterprise-A relaunched into service after an upgrade!

  • Month 01
    • Intergalactic Band get a #No. 1 position in Quadrantia Net Music Hitlist; with the song: Rambo Nation Gurls
    • Human Republic gets aid from Rambo Nation against the Cult of the Deathmarch.
  • Month 02
    • Second Battle of Karzamahri Nui takes place, with Rambo Nation re-taking control over the important Rambo colony
    • USS Enterprise-A recieves an important upgrade and gets re-launched into service from the Shipyards and send to explore Quadrant 21.
    • An uneasy month for the Quadrants as they take a breath without battles with the Confederacy.
  • Month 03

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

Morglûkia meets with Chuinaylia

  • Lacrima a Vinyar
  • Month 08 - Second month of 01 NE
    • Rambo Nation leaves the Seven Starr Alliance after 57 years of membership after their refusal to aid the Rambo against the Empire.
    • Draconid Imperium gains a foothold in the Quadrants and set up colonies. They also hold possesion over the only wormhole connecting the Quadrants with the Andromeda Galaxy.
    • Kekta and Hekta give a spectaculair show with Osha Stefani at the Rambo Capital.
    • Quetzamet, under instruction attacks the son of Ramashe, Ramirith who is in turn Dhazhrak in disguise. In the following battle Dhazhrak is banished from the Quadrants, though "Ramirith" dies, bringing a new sorrow over the already troubled Rambo Nation.
    • Rambo Founder holds a summit with hopes to prevent the closing of the Q82-Cyrannus Wormhole.
    • Morglûkia visits Chuinaylia office and demands her part of the deal and recieves Rambo Command patrol schedules.
    • Paragon Uriel Ultanos visits Ramashe for an official state visit.
  • Month 09 - Third month of 01 NE

Ramashe surrenders to Tyrómairon and signs the Nim-Glaré Concordat

  • Month 10 - Fourth month of 01 NE
  • Month 11 - Fifth month of 01 NE
    • Rambas rebels against Rambo Command and the Empire.
    • Quadrantia Grox Sphere attacks a listening post, a Empire/Rambo task force and returns behind Grox borders.
    • Treaty of Rambo Prime is signed.
    • Kya is promoted to Marscalcus, Ramcard and Ramtainus are promoted to vice-admiral.
    • Hutter Kingdom starts blockading the Q89-Q82 wormhole, their first armed act against the Empire.
  • Month 12 - Sixth month of 01 NE
    • Rambo Nation and Andormaru make first contact.
    • After intelligence and various encounters with the Icolian, Rambo Command dictates to avoid Icolian borders.
    • Rambo citizens are adepting their new "protectrate" status and demonstrations stop.
  • 06 AQF - start of 02 NE

Rambo Senate orders the Shipyards to stop producing Imperial ships

Rambo-Draconid State Visit

  • Month 04
    • Rambo Nation and Secoolian sign a treaty to share information about the Quadrantia Grox, is open for other species as well.
    • Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation makes a state visit to the Draconid Imperium and meets with Uriel Ultanos again.
    • After returning Ramashe gets kidnapped by the Paradox at orders of the Sorceror of Carnthedain. The sorceror holds Ramashe as a prisoner in a plot to unify the powers of the Quadrants under his banners.
    • Claire crashes at Kreeta and gets interrogated and tortured by Rambas and Chodecra.
  • Month 05
    • Quadrantia Federation makes various assaults against Rambo Nation and the Empire in Q21.
    • Mortikran destroys the New Resistance and takes hold over Kreeta.
  • Month 06
    • A month of peace and little events.

Thel'Vicliquam strikes Claire

  • Month 07 - Start of 03 NE
  • Month 08 - Second month of 03 NE
    • Riordan brings back Ramashe to the Suiliagothrond II, now under command of Claire Rambo and Ramashe returns home and reclaims her throne.
    • While Apollo is away, his wife Gianne Inviá is killed by a bounty hunter. When Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá arrive at the Royal Palace, she takes both shocked children in and takes care of them. Shortly after Apollo returns and comforts both his children and remains living in the Rambo Royal Palace.
    • Ramashe meets with Savra and the two make a political alliance.
  • Month 09 - Third month of 03 NE

Enterprise gets drawn into a wormhole

Battle near Rambo Prime

Virals unleashed at Koerband

Imperial Entanglements

Tertius Bellum[]

Coming soon, see Tertius Bellum

Cyrannia's Legacy (1100 AQF/NE - Beyond)[]

USS Voyager escapes the Grand Coallision

  • Unspecified date - Voyages of Near-Extinction
    • The Quadrants face a terrible threat known as the Grand Coallision.
    • Rambo Nation decides to construct Intrepid-class ships, capable of long-range exploration, combat and able to land on planets and act as arcs.
    • Grand Coallision speeds up and threatens the Quadrants.
    • Shipyards of Rowar launches the USS Voyager, the USS Dessalines and the USS Intrepid early to escape the onslaught.
    • USS Inteprid destroyed after being caught in an aerolite storm shortly after launch.
    • USS Voyager losses contact with the USS Dessalines.
    • USS Dessalines presumed lost!
    • Rambo Nation ceases to excist.

Legacy Era (9.850.040.023 AQF AQF/0 LE - unspecified)[]

  • 9.850.040.023 AQF - Aurilithiae Order
    • The Aurilithiae Order is formed, under combined efforts of the Visaria and the Balaseara.
    • Shortly after the forming cultists arrive in the Quadrants.
    • An ancient Aeon is discovered who combats the cultists.

USS Luna arrives from the past!

  • 02 LE - Reformation
    • Visaria claim dominance over the Aurilithiae Order and wipe out all the remaining species and enslave them.
    • Aurilithiae Order begins experimenting in creating time portals.

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