On this page you will find some of the individuals who play a part in the Quadrant Galaxies and are encountered by either Rambo Nation or others.

The following individuals can be of differant species and Quadrants, and are often individuals who are afflicted with Nations or Empires found in the Quadrant Galaxies, though this is not in all cases.




Hut'Kraang (1).png
  • Name: Hut'Kraang
  • Species: Hutter
  • Hailing: Quadrant 89
  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender:Male
  • Profession: Captain in the Hutter Defense Force

Kraang' D-5 cruiser

Hut'Kraang is a male Hutter, often simply called Kraang is a captain within the Hutter Defense Force but often also acts on his own, a privelige given to him by the Hutter Chancellor. Born at Tigma IV he was raised as a true Hutter Warrior. Kraang is a bold and ruthless captain, not hesistating to sacrifice other ships and would even attack allied vessels if they got in his way when hunting for prey. He is a cunning and respected captain within the Hutter Defense Force and is an expert in using de-cloack hit and run tactics. During one of his battles he lost an eye.

When he joined the Hutter Defense Force, he was given command of an unnamed D-5 class. He first saw action during the end battles of the Second Galactic War. After the allied forces were victorious a few years later he aided the Rambo during a battle in the Great Cyrannus War but grew disatisfied with the Rambo due to their "kind" tactics in battle. Kraang believes you should destroy any enemy, and chrush them will send fear and respect throughout the rest of the enemy' ranks.

Arriving at the crowded Q21-Q82 wormhole

Much to his dismay, he was not present when the Hutter Defense Force attacked a Rambo K-7 station. Sadly, in the same year (02 NE), the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus decided to punish the Hutters for such an attack and under command of supreme commander Zillum the Empire destroyed Tigma IV- home of Kraang. Furious by the loss of his family he vowed to take revenge on Zillum. Later on he intercepted a message by Claire Rambo who was tracking down an artifact known as the Zevian Skull and dedided to track them down and obtain the artifact for the Hutters themselves.

Eventually Kraang reached Quadrant 21 and tracked down the freighter which transported Claire to Quadrant 82. Decloacking the D-5 cruiser disabled the Caizini freighter of S'Rell with a single exlosion. Taking both Claire and S'Rell captive he ordered the destruction of the Caizini freighter. Afterwards he ordered both Claire and S'Rell to be taken to the brick while the crew of the Hutter cruiser set a course to the Q21-Q82 wormhole.

Arriving at the wormhole Kraang and his crew were surprised how busy it was at the wormhole, with ships coming and going to Quadrant 82 as well as three Secoolian ships being present. Learning that Claire her star destroyer, the Infector was travelling to Javan Kraang decided to do the same. After passing the wormhole Kraang was informed by the Hutter Defense Force that the planet they were after was named Kreeta, located in the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82. A lawless and unmapped area. Changing course Kraang and his crew set course. During the travel the Infector managed to locate them and attacked. Disabling a warp naccelle Kraang was shocked to witness the birth of an anomaly, which turned the space in a bright light and flames. Able to use an emergency warp jump Kraang arrived at Kreeta!

Shortly before arriving on Kreeta Kraang lost his conscious and as a result the ship went spinning out of control. When the ship exited warp they were intercepted by a New Rambo Resistance fleet and he was brought to Kreeta Base for interrogation. After a month in prison the Empire attacked Kreeta and during the fight Kraang and his crew managed to escape when they re-conquered their D-5 cruiser. Escaping the battle he returned to Hutter Space to report current events.

He remained at Tigma III for most of the time, patrolling the Rambo/Hutter borders. In the 4th month of 06 AQF/03 NE a new kind of class was stolen by bounty hunters. Intercepting the vessel he was unable to stop it as his own D-5 cruiser was disabled first.


Orurok Glir'BukoII.png
Orurok Glir'Buko.png
  • Name: Orurok Glir'Buko
  • Species: Unknown Slug Species
  • Hailing: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown (born somewhere in 300 BQF)
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Criminal Trader on Sepheria

Orurok Glir'Buko is a members of the clan of Buko- one of the major Unknown Slug species criminal clans and rivals of Morglûkia. He is the elder brother of Gorgian Glir'Buko, who lives in the Cyrannus Galaxy on the Rambo colony of New Ramhall. He first lived on the swamp planet of Nal Amroth before moving to Sepheria where he set up his own criminal imperium of smuggling spice and the populair illegal Sepherian Whisky.

Orurok is a kinder person then most slugs, though favors wealth and profit. He also likes the Sepherian whisky he smuggles and has a weakness for the blue humanoids of Sanderhal who he has employed a few off. Ororuk is also known to be quite lazy, and as such uses a hover chair to move himself around. Though Orurok dislikes violence, he is known to send his servants to intimidate his smuggling and political rivals.

Due to his smuggling he earned a fortune and even has influance in the politics of the Sepherians who seem to adore him and the profit and wealth he brings to the planet. Yet he dislikes bounty hunters or killing people- actually he set up a nice "trade" enterprise and is one of the few slug doing "good work". When the Sepherians allowed Rambo Nation to set up an embassy at the planet- he saw a chance to realise his political desires and as such began motivating the Sepherians to askto become a protectrate of the Nation- making the need for a representative or consul to the Rambo Senate, himself.

Quadrantia Makuta.png
Quadrantia Makuta (1).png
  • Name: Quadrantia Makuta
  • Species: unknown
  • Hailing: unknown
  • Age: unknown
  • Gender: unknown
  • Profession: Dark Lord

The mysterious entity- known only as the Quadrantia Makuta is the most dangerous evil in all of the Quadrants. Even the Atlantica knew of it's legendary stories of evil.

Rumors have it that the entity arrived in the Quadrants by unknown means over one million years ago. Before the Atlantica and Crab species the Quadrantia Makuta was the prime evil of the Quadrants and one of the first Dark Lords of the Cyrandia Cluster. Claiming to come from a paralel dimension- he sought dominance over the Quadrants with his shadows. However due to unknown means the entity vanished before the coming of the Atlantica and in modern times (before 0 BQF) there a few who know of the legends of the Quadrantia Makuta.

Since 02 NE there are those who claim that the entity is related to the Zevian Skull, and that only that artifact can give him the powers to control the Quadrants.


S´Rell (1).png
  • Name:S'Rell
  • Species: Caizini
  • Hailing: Quadrant 21
  • Age: Born around 35 BQF
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Trader and smuggler

S'Rell' freighter

S'rell is a kind and noble male Caizini. S'Rell has a noble spirit, though unlike most of his species S'Rell is well known for lying and smuggling goods to various places. S'Rell has an interesst in alien cultures and speaks with a soft, ca-like purring quality. S'Rell measures almost 2.5 meters in height and is quite strong. Like all Ciazini, S'Rell has a thick brown mane, excellent eyesight and hearings. Born in the western area of Quadrant 21, S'Rell grew up in a decent environment and went to school. After school, having grown an fondness of alien cultures he decided to become a trader to commandeer a Caizini Freighter, much at the dismay of his parents.

None the less they approved and S'Rell recieved his own vessel. Over time S'Rell often had dealing with the Serlgmec and the Andormaru- as he disliked going further south with the dangerous Icolian and the presence of Quarantia Loron. Yet he often makes trips to Port Station, a neutral station under guard of the strong and stubborn Gorauriens.

He lived a quiet life onboard his ship, together with his crew often ventured beyond known borders and due to their smuggling qualities they were frequently forced to evade law enforcers. Suddenly in 02 NE his life is about to change when he met the young girl known as Claire Rambo. Meeting her at Port Station, dressed in a revealing outfit he was swayed by the innocent appearance of the young girl. He took her onboard his vessel for a low price, and would take her as far as Javan, a Rambo planet in Quadrant 82. While travelling onboard the freighter he explained to Claire that it was around a two week travel to Javan. During their trip the ship was attacked by the Hutter captain Hut'Kraang who destroyed S'Rell his freighter and took both him and Claire captive.

Treaty of Serindianliae signed

They were send to the brick where they recieved little food or water as a way to gain information about the Skull. During the trip to Kreeta the ship came under attack by an Ifrit-class star destroyer. Attempting to avoid the following attack and arrival of a paradox the D-5 cruiser made an emergency warp jump which resulted in a turbulent arrival at Kreeta. During the sudden exit S'Rell lost his conscious and upon awaking found himself in a cell at Kreeta Base.

A month later the Kreeta Base came under attack by the Empire- in the following battle S'Rell managed to escape with aid of Dill (a Diliphio trader/burglar) and Claire. The Diliphio brought them to the Rambo Capital from where S'Rell took a freighter back to Quadrant 21 after saying his goodbyes to Claire. Later on in 03 NE/06 AQF he represented his people when the Caizni signed the Treaty of Serindianliae, allowing them to become a protectrate of Rambo Nation, thus making them able to request protection from Rambo ships for their trade convoys. S'Rell signed the treaty as his people were still searching for a suitable Consul, wich like with most elections by the Caizini could take some time.

Xora (Slave).png
Xora (Slave) (1).png
  • Name:Xora
  • Species: Tezelteän
  • Hailing: Cyrannus Galaxy
  • Age: Born around 17 BQF (as of 02 NE 28 years)
  • Gender: Female
  • Profession: URC captain(former)/slave
Xora is a female Tezelteän, hailing from the Cyrannus Galaxy and citizen of the Federation of United Worlds and later on the United Republic of Cyrannus.
Venator URC.png
Xora is described as an attractive Tezelteän, known for her passion and hot temperament when angered. Yet, unlike most of her people- Xora is quite calm and controls her emotions very well. She is a cunning captain, has a decent insight in battle tactics though lacks any physical battle capabilities.


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Former Charachters[]

Earionnae (Missing)[]

Captain Earionnae is a young smuggler, who commands the Vashee, a ship from an unknown Galaxy. She is young, but will play an important part in the history of Rambo Nation.

Captain Earionnae

Interestingly, she is similar to Princess Aur'Lumniassa. But it is impossibly that she is Sartarnias, as they are far away. Captain Earionnae, the Captain of the Vashee and a smuggler, although still very young, she is well known throughout the criminal world of Quadrant 82 and Quadrant 89, even the Syndicate knowns her, and wants to employ her, but they have not yet succceeded in that. hat is known of her history, is that she is born 19 years ago, but was left orphaned. She was raised by an unknown Mithrilisc in a temple, where they honored the Rambo Gods. So, over the course of years, even though she is not a Ramboidae, she honours the Rambo Gods a lot, and believes the stories told over them.

Earionnae, seen from the side

However, when her father, whom raised her (the Mithrilisc) vanished, she escaped the temple and went searching for him, but she went lost and soon she found herself on Koerband. There she met Ambassador Ram'Vell and the two became good friends. But when she was 15, she left Koerband and travelled around Rambo Nation.

The Vashee

And during one of her travels, she found a chrashed ship, with a unknown structure, she named it the Vashee, an ancient Ramboidae word for princess. And with it, she went exploring and somehow became involved in the smuggler world, where she became well known, but that was a difficult thing, she is often the target of jokes or sabotation. One of her specialities, the smuggling of Algernon Wine and other forbidden things from restricted areas are often bought and persued by high authorties. Of course, off the records. During the Galactic War, she had a few encounters with the Imperial Alliance and Rambo Nation ships. But was not captured nor persued. But buissiness, like all smugglers and bounty hunters faced, was going down. But her crew supported her and remained with her.

Shortly after the Galactic War she went back to Koerband, where she met with Ram'Vell to diliver him some illegal Algernon Wine.

The Prometheus vs Vashee

When preparing to dinner with Ambassador Ram'Vell, they heard explosions and soon witnessed the invasion of Koerband. While escaping the Colonie, she engaged and managed to defeat several Lizardians and even a Lizardian Elite.

Earionnae at Ramar Shadda during the time of the invasion.

But when approaching the Vashee, she was confronted by the Lizardian Commander who had held her responsilbe for the fall of Koerband, now she was a wanted person by Rambo Nation. She soon left, in doubt and a little affraid. But during her escape the Vashee was attacked by the USS Prometheus and as they prepared to enter a vortex, the USS Prometheus damaged one of the ships engines and vorex became instable. Half way, the Vashee exited the vortex and was driftless. And if that was not the worst thing, they were heading towards an icy planet, and is was not going to be a soft landing.

Earionnae chrash landed on the Rambo Colonie of Ramar Shadda, the greatest ice colonie of Rambo Nation and the home planet of the ancient Emperor Ramulindalë, an Rambo Emperor of older times. When searching for help she met some Serindia in Cold Weather Uniforms who brought her to Ramar Shadda Capitol City and there she talked to the Ambassador who wanted to help her. However, during the talk the Colonie came under attack by Captain Lizaconda who she managed to defeat due to him underestimating her.

However, Earionnae was later caught when Lizaconda fully invaded the colonie and she was send to the work camps on Koerband, where she had to do some strange excavations for the Imperial Alliance. She was later send to prison again. When Rambo Nation liberated Koerband, she escaped onboard her vessel and now travels somewhere in the Qaudrant Galaxies.

The Vashee

The Vashee is a Consular Class ship, found on a abandoned planet, Earionnae salvaged it and modified it with Rambo Nation technology and soon became her personall ship. It was soon a known smuggler ship, but proved difficult to catch as Rambo Nation Space Ships were slower then the Vashee.

The Vashee aft view

The Vashee, seen from above

The ship has a few accomodations, like the bridge and quarters for the crew and Earionnae herself. It also has a large cargobay and living and dining room. The engine room is only used by one mechanical.

the ship is very fast, and unknown to Rambo Nation the ship uses some kind of vortexes to travel, faster than the fasters ship of Rambo Nation.

OOM-224, Swerion Droid Captain (destroyed)[]

Not much is known about the history of OOM-224, or simply called Captain 224.

It is known that he was build around 36 years ago in the Swerion Factories and was put in active service.

Droid Captain OOM-224

After 10 years of service of soldier, he was given an update and refit and was given a better AI which turned out to be good for 224. It became more smarter and better at tactics, after another 2 years he was made Captain of the Swerion Cruiser 17.

When becoming Captain of Cruiser 17 he became one of the most notorious Droid Captain the Swerions knew. And they began to trust him.

As Captain he participated in the Hutter Blockade, an incident involving late payment and later also in the Rambulan Siege. After an attack of a Rambulan Ship, the Swerions responded and Captain 224 was given command to siege the nearest Colonie in which he succeeded. When the incident was over, he withdrawn and began patrolling the borders for many years. He later accompenied a Swerion Trader to meet with Rambo Diplomats, and they began a trading relation ship.

224 was later involved in a battle with a Syndicate ship but managed to defeat them. A few hours later however the ship was attacked agian by a Syndicate Interceptor and the ship was boarded. It turned out to be Captain Neras who boarded the ship and stole valueble information. 224 was also damaged during the fight. 224 was later repaired and vowed to bring Neras to justice, a rarety for a droid. However, 224 was assigned to patrol the borders again near Rambo Space, and currenlty lies in orbit of Deep Space Colonie 01 for diplomatic talks. The droid was destroyed when the Swerion Trade Federation was destroyed by the Imperial Alliance.

Cruiser 17

Cruiser 17 Below view

Swerion Cruiser 17'

Cruiser 17 is a Swerion Cruiser. When upon her launch, Captain 224 was given command of her and has since been involved in a few battles and blockades. The ship was damaged by a Syndicate Attack by Captain Neras, but has been repaired since and now lies in orbit of Deep Space Colonie 01. The ship is large, but a little bit slow, it has hangar decks and a lot of Battle Droids onboard, sometimes even a Swerion is on board. The ship is well equipped with shields and weapons.


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