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The "Gorge", officially known as the Rambo Nation Enforced Corridor of the Neutrality Zone was raised in 19 AQF when tensions between Rambo Nation and France rised to unprecendented levels ever seen before.

The "Gorge" is also knowns as amongst supporters as the Gorge, the most well known amongst its other references including Rambert's Wall, or less friendly Rambert's Folly and Rambo's Scar.

At order of High King Rambert Ramveral the fortification line of starbases and space stations was raised to increase the security and safety of Rambo Nation. Benefit for Rambo Nation included it protected their southern and western borders against the Lizardian, Hutters and Regellis. It opened a new trade route along the "Gorge" as well, without passing through any foreign territories it ensured a new and steady flow of income as the space stations across the "Gorge" are often used as trade hubs.

The side effect of the "Gorge" resulted in a detoriating relation with France and the Drodo Empire, as well as cutting the Neutrality Zone in two, everything within the "Gorge" perimeter became known as the Neutrality Zone, including the foreign colonial sectors and planets like Nal Amroth and Gaskhan. It southern bounderies border the Rambo Nation Badlands Colonial Sector. The sector north of the "Gorge" became known as the Unclaimed Territories, including planets as Terra Prime and Sanderhal. For most, both sectors are often reffered as the "Neutrality Zone".

Though infamous, with supporters and those that wish to see it gone, the "Gorge" became an effective defense line for Rambo Nation, ensuring their dominant position within the so called "eastern hot zone".


Location of the "Gorge" within the Neutrality Zone and the Unclaimed Territories in Q82

The Rambo Nation Enforced Corridor of the Neutrality Zone is a contingency plan originally designed by Emperor Dino Le Rambo I shortly after the First Galactic War in 04 AQF to contain the Lizardian north of the Ramsoria Run. The original military construction project was adjusted and placed into effect in 19 AQF. Its primary purpose the fortification of the Rambo presence in the Neutral and Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82, to protect their interessts and to prevent the Heer Stekeveel states from posing a threat to the Quadrant Galaxies. High King Rambert Ramveral and the Rambo Government grew tired of the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel nature to cause trouble in the backyard of Rambo Nation and endangering the Ramsoria Trade Route. It posed a severe and significant threat to the economies of empires and nations within Quadrant 82.

As such Rambo Command began building a ring of Starbases around the Neutrality Zone, fortifications the Rambo used to protect their borders and to contain the Heer Stekeveel threat. An additional purpose the stations fulfilled is that of listening posts, to give Rambo Intelligence insight in the happenings and doing of the entire Neutrality Zone, both north and south of the corridor. Though the Rambo had proper intentions, the plan backfired on them as both France and the Drodo Empire feared these fortifications could be used as launch-points for a a future invasions. The Rambo Government and the Monarch, not feeling inclined to give their reasons for these fortifications made matters worse and tensions rised to dramatic levels. For the colonial sectors the GITO wormhole faced an imminent threat, a lone strike vessel could bring the entire zone to it's knees and Rambert Ramveral knew that. With war a likely scenario, the Neutrality Zone launched the Dawnstar Project, their own fortification project to protect their wormhole, an act not well taken by the Rambo Government who felt the Neutrality Zone made a grab for power within the already unstalbe political situation in Quadrant 82.

As of 20 AQF, the entire ring of starbases included over 15 starbases with Delphator-Class starships patrolling the corridor. Rambo Command issued a special order that officers with the rank of commander were allowed to command these stations, as the strain and shortage of officers with the rank of captains were required to command the various starships. The station commanders have orders to fire on Heer Stekeveel vessels at sight and to fire on starships who attempt to cross the borders without permission from Rambo Command. Amongst the admirality and the officers working on the stations the corridor became nicknamed the Gorge, as it split the Neutrality Zone from the rest of Quadrant 82 and ship wrecks were not towed away.

Starbase 33, one of the many fortifications along the "Gorge"

Rambert later withdrew the order to fire on all Heer Stekeveel vessels and permitted civilian Heer Stekeveel vessels to cross the borders if they acquire the right visa. Rambert was convinced by President Nexarón Valkistair in doing so and the High King and the President of the New Cyrannian Republic began researching for joined crew onboard the "Gorge" space stations as the "Gorge" effectively protected the Republica Elen'Nanethia and both the Rambo eastern and western territories against the Great Star Dominion. The corridor added another defense line against hostile powers in the east, effectively protecting the western sectors including the capital against a possible threat posed by the Hutter Kingdom and the Regellis Star Empire might the Badlands Sector ever be invaded.

By mid 20 AQF, the Gorge provided Rambo Nation with a new guarded trade route and a new source of income and wealth was generated through the stations to the treasure chest. Though it popularity and support within the Nation, it caused much controversion and refusal with both the Drodo Empire and France. While they felt the NZTO became isolated of it, the Rambo Government failed to see why it was such a problem and relations detoriated rapidly, growing more intense than upon its raise. After the failed Franco-Rambo Summit in 20 AQF, where both King Rambert Ramveral and Alexandre I failed to come to terms. The "Gorge" became what it was feared to become, a wall against the NZTO.

Though many in the First Gigaquadrant blamed the Rambo monarch for its failiure and frowned upon the raise of the corridor, many within the Quadrants hailed the Rambo monarch for it. Showing a clear sign that the Rambo took their role as "protectors" serious and weren't affraid to go against the wishes of colonial sectors. Those locked behind the Gorge saw Rambert's actions as a horrifying confirmation that the Rambo monarch was insane, and that the only way to protect themselves would be to challenge him.

Starbase 33 falls, signalling the Imperial control over the Gorge

Eventually Rambo Nation and France would return to table for Second Gorge Negotiation Process to find a peaceful compromise or solution for the Gorge Dispute. In the end, both sides had made an uneasy agreement and tolerated each other on each side of the borders. Though border security decreased over the years the Gorge area remained a thorn in the eye for both its supporters and opponnents and control over it was highly sought. In september 21 AQF, High King Rambert Ramveral closed the Gorge for the New Cyrannian Republic after the Precipice-events that concluded the New Republic Civil War but revealed newfound tensions and hostilities between once close allies. In october 21 AQF Rambo Nation had fallen and was conquered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Most starbases, amongst them 24 and 25 surrendered though others refused to acknowledge Imperial authority.

The Resistance arrives to engage the Imperials along the Gorge

Amongst them was starbase 33 who found itself under siege by Raptor Squadron who killed all of its captured personnel as a warning to the others. This brutal act ensured the surrender of starbases 31, 33 and 04 as they saw no need to fight with their Monarchy and Nation in ruin. The last bastion to refuse Imperial rule was starbase 08, Lianna-station.

By March 2820, the Gorge became the frequent sight of small raids by Recon Squadron, associated with the Cyrandia Resistance. there first target was to disable starbase 04 to disrupt Imperial activities in the vicinity.

With the fall of Rambo Nation in 2819 (21 AQF) and the formation and rise of the Legatus in 2820 (22 AQF), the Gorge effectively became defunct as it function became absolete. Many stations fell in disrepair and the area became more lawless than ever before.


The entire fortification includes over 15 starbases, various cloaked mine fields and patrolling Delphator-Class cruisers. The entire perimeter starts in the southern area of the Neutrality zone with Lianna-station as its main space station and start. Following the Neutrality Zone borders it runs along the southern border of the Drodo Colonial Sector. A buffer zone is in place as the corridor continues west as it runs along the French Empire colonies (Cran Columbia) up to the Heer Stekeveel Tribes. It continues along the northern borders of Republic of Galactica up to the Rambo Nation R-7 station, who gets included as well and ends the perimeter.

The Badland Colonial Sector borders the Neutrality Zone as well, but are not part of the "Gorge" as the colonial borders are just closed to the Neutrality Zone. These areas are heavily patrolled due to the close proximity of Trentacunta space, a hostile and agressive species.

The stations are featured by the first in line (08) up to the last (R-7). The stations act as border control stations as well, all incoming and outcoming traffect are conducted for inspection and those hailing from the Neutrality Zone need to get a visa at one of the stations to enter Rambo Space, where Rambo Command desires to know for how long they remain outside the Zone and what planets they intent to visit.

Space Stations
LianneStation.png Starbase 08


Rambas II 02.png

Commanded by: Vice-admiral Rambas II
Size: 1400 meters
Crew complement: 2400 personnel
(250 current)

Guards the Cyrannus Odysseia Region-Quadrant 82 wormhole

Starbase24.png Starbase 24
B'Seala (commander)LArge.png

Commanded by: Commander B'Seala
Status: Active
Size: 850 meters
Crew complement: 425 personnel

Station acts as repair and refuel/resupply for ships travelling over the Ramsoria Run. Heavily armed and a busy trade hub. It lies between the Wormhole Plateau and Lianna-station and in the vicinity of Apatalore.

Starbase25LArge.png Starbase 25

Commanded by: Unspecified
Status: Active
Size: classified
Crew comlement: classified

Starbase 25 is a Ramboidae Artificial Moon (RAM) Type III-station. A massive construct it is powered by multiple warp cores and generators. The station that lies in the Wormhole Plateau, guarding the various wormholes and ensuring safe travel from and to the Quadrants by the wormholes that are connected to the Plateau. In the meantime is provides the Rambo with a major military base on a strategic important place, making an attack at the Wormhole Plateau a costly one. The station is heavily armed and defended due to its vital strategic importance and has a large contingency of troops.

The outer exterior features massive sensor arrays and sensor dishes to monitor and send transmission all over the Cyrandia Cluster.

It is equipped with vortex torpedoes as well, to close wormholes in case of emergencies after being authorized to do so by Rambo Command.

Starbase 26

Station that lies close to the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation colonial sector. It acts as a trade hub for Rambo Nation and the TIAF and is a center of trade between them.

Starbase 27
Starbase 28
Starbase5.png Starbase 29
Formerly starbase 05
Tania Samantha LeflerCmdr.png

Commanded by: commander Tania Samantha Lefler
Status: Active
Size: 3500 meters
Crew complement: 950 personnel

Lies in orbit of Ramalivua and acts as a planetary defense for Ramalivua. It can resupply and refual ships and even conduct small repairs. It is heavily armed and is equipped with powerful ships and three squadrons of Mirage Cascabel and two Darkarg fighter squadrons.

NoldágorelStarbase30MilitaryBase.png Starbase 30

Antonio TennantCommanderLarg.png

Commanded by: Commander Antonio Tennant
Status: Active
Crew complement: at least 1 battalion of clone troopers

Starbase 30 is a military (research) surface facility located on the planet Noldágorel. The planet is a hot, dense and swamp place. Rambo settlers managed to inhabit the planet as early as 125 BQF, creating a small and peaceful community. By 19 AQF Rambo Command sieged the planet and absorbed and fortified it as starbase 30, one of the many fortifications along the infamous Gorge.

Surprisingly, to many unknown it also houses an ancient temple belonging to the Aldárae Order, led by headmaster Robert Lefler.

Space Stations
Starbase 31

A space station close to Nal Amroth and often the target of Syndicate attacks. Though armed and well defended it has difficulties controlling or monitoring the criminal activities of the Syndicate.

Starbase32Large.png Starbase 32

Commanded by: Unspecified
Status: Active
Size: 550 meters
Crew complement: 92

A small defense space station located between Nal Amroth and Gaskhan and fully designed for military purposes. Its unique diamond form features four hangars for either Cascabel or Darkarg-fighters. Fighters that are stationed here are known as squadron 8232 though the station also featured docking plattforms for patrolling fighters and shuttles that need resupply or fuel.

It is armed with shields and three large cannons for protection. The lower section underneath the landing plattform features a small market street and garden, the quarters of crew and visitors and the generators.

Starbase33Large.png Starbase 33

Commanded by: unspecified
Status: Active
Size: 6500 meters
Crew complement: 1125

The large and heavily armed military station, starbase 33 lies on the main trade route from the NZTO towards the Unclaimed Territories and is the main inspection side. Equipped with 28 photon cannons, 15 torpedo launchers, 6 tractor beams and houses over 14 sqaudrons of fighters, this space bastion protects the "Gorge" trade route from any hostile force. Its two outer docking ports are designed to dock the massive Caradhras-Class. It is also equipped with hyperspace torpedoes.

Starbase 34
Starbase 35
Starbase 36
R7StationLarge.png Starbase 04
R-7 Station

Commanded by: Unspecified
Status: Active
Size: 500 meters
Crew complement: 358

Listening post and science station. Lightly armed and defended. Monitors nearby Xiaan and Hutter Kingdom space. Last Rambo Nation station before approaching the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus Galaxy wormhole near Yudumarth.

The station is lightly armed though holds powerful shields and transmission generators. It is the largest and most efficient listening post in service besides Proogency. The station covers most of the eastern sectors within its radius of recievel. The station has luxerous appartments, various shops and a well known cantina.


The "Gorge" itself holds various planets as well, neutral and not affiliated with either the Neutrality Organization or Rambo Nation. The placement of the "Gorge" and the Dawnstar Project meant they were trapped between various powers who's relations soured. The placement of this so called neutral zone hampers their trade relations with other planets and as such both fortification barriers are not well taken by those trapped between them.

GaskhanPlanetLarge.png Planet: Gaskhan

Desert homeworld of the native Gaskhan, traders by nature and kind in spirit. One of the few planets that people can visit without permission of Rambo Command.

The Gaskhan express to remain neutral though fear their planet might be one of the first to be occupied when conflict breaks out.

NalAmrothPlanet.png Planet: Nal Amroth

The swamp planet and former colony of the mysterious Yodian in times past. Now the bastion and headquarters of the notorious Syndicate, a vast criminal organisation who employs bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins etc to do their dirty work. Now that they are within the "Gorge", something the Syndicate has to work around as they have to evade the Rambo patrols to conduct their missions within the rest of the Quadrants.

Political Recieval[]

The construction of the "Gorge" (Rambo Nation Enforced Corridor of the Neutrality Zone) was met with differant kind of feelings by the various empires and nations within the Quadrant Galaxies and beyond.

  • RamboflagII.png Rambo Nation
    As the one who constructed and raised the fortification belt, the Rambo are highly supportive of a more controlled Neutrality Zone and discard any claim that they have other intentions with it beyond increased security.
  • SigilHouseRamelzen.png House Ramelzen of Ramalivua
    We are glad the Rambo take their protectorates serious by protecting us by a space station with a joined crew. The Tirithians view the so called "Gorge" as a blessing and an increased protection against pirates, raiders and against any who wish to do us harm.
  • NewRepublicPresident.png President Nexarón Valkistair
    The Republic government at large takes no official stance on the Gorge, though President Nexarón Valkistair is publicly in support of the principle, if not the implementation. Nexarón Valkistair does not believe that the current occupants of the Neutrality Zone are necessarily aggressors to be contained but considers the construction of the Gorge to be well within the rights of the Rambo as the guardians of the Quadrants. Nexarón Valkistair's stance is swayed by Rambert's assurance that civilian Heer Stekeveel vessels are not fired upon on sight and are permitted to enter Rambo space provided they have proper documentation.
  • RepublicaQuadrantia.png Republica Elen'Nanethia
    A federal state of the Republic, the opinion of Republica Elen'Nanethia is swayed by many of the same historical factors as the Rambo government. However, their supportive stance is largely swayed by a fear of the Great Star Dominion rather than France and their allies—as the Gorge provides a first line of defence to most of the border from a possible Dominion invasion from the north.
  • GaskhanPlanetLarge.png Gaskhan
    The Gaskhan traders adopt a neutral stance to the fortifications though are affraid their planet might be caught between the Neutrality Zone and Rambo Nation if conflict erupts.
  • Hutter Kingdom Flag.png Hutter Kingdom
    As a Cold War exist between Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom, the Kingdom views the fortification as an abomination and a betrayal to the legecay of the once proud Le Rambo Dynasty. We also view it a a possible launch point for a fleet to liberate Thelliria from our occupation.
  • Xiaan.png Xiaan
    The mysterious and isolated Xiaan adopt a neutral stance towards the fortifications. Though they disagree with the placement of starbase 35 and 36 so close to their borders, they view the fortification protects them from a possible threat within the Neutrality Zone.
  • NewRepublic.png New Cyrannian Republic
    The Republic is home to many differing opinions on the Gorge, without taking an official position. The placement of Lianna Station in orbit around a Republic discovered wormhole is quite contentious and the Senate is unlikely to approve the policy without an assurance that either Lianna, or another station close to Republic space could be jointly operated. The Rambo should offer an olive branch to slighted civilisations in the Neutrality Zone in the interests of Quadrantia peace and concordance.
  • Flag of France.png French Empire
    Given that it lies outside of the Neutrality Zone, the French Empire recognizes that the construction of the Gorge is technically within the rights of Rambo Nation as defenders of the Quadrants, and technically not a direct violation of existing treaties. However, that does not make it right, fair, or a step in the right direction. It consists an irresponsible show of hostility and mistrust towards the nations of the Neutrality Zone, an act of militarization which forces the Neutrality Zone to take steps to defend itself, raises tensions, and increases the chances of war. The targeting of Heer Stekeveel vessels in particular, based not on reality but on a racist hunch, is unacceptable. France will defend her allies from attack. That is something Rambo Nation must keep in mind as it moves forward with this policy.
  • Flag of the Republic of Galactica.png Republic of Galactica
    For the most part, the government of the Republic of Galactica echoes the position of the Empire. Paris is far removed from the action, however. Galactica is right in the thick of it, directly threatened by the Rambo buildup. Emotions and tensions run high as the business classes demand a more conciliatory stance towards Rambo Nation given that war puts their own investments at risk, while the working classes express great frustration and anger at the suggestion that the profits of rich businessmen should be prioritized over the sapient rights of the Heer Stekeveel. In this moment of crisis, it is becoming clear to ordinary Galacticans that Rambert's government is growing intolerably undemocratic, tyrannical, and irrational, and that he should be opposed in every way possible.
  • Drodo Colonial Flag.png Union of Imperial Quadrant States
    While at all levels of Union society there has been a wariness and slight derision of the Rambo's pretensions as galactic defenders, the construction of the Gorge had the effect of directing the frustration and anger of the inhabitants of the Union squarely in the direction of the Rambo, and turning this wariness in to out-and-out animosity. While the Union recognises that the Gorge is not in breach of treaties, it sees it has a blatant and insulting act of containment and hostility regardless, and has made Union-Galactica relations closer than ever as they collaborate to fortify and militarise their hard-earned homeland. The targeting of Heer-Stevekel vessels is seen by the Union government to be a racist policy, and quite possibly in breach of international law for the vagueness of the policy potentially putting innocent civilians at risk- furthermore, it sees the purpose of Heer-Stevekel containment as little more than an excuse to fortify the region against the Union and their French allies.
  • QSyndicateFlag.png The Syndicate
    The criminal organisation known as the Syndicate is against the placement of the fortifications as it hampers their business and it becomes more difficult to avoid Rambo patrols in the area.


There is no neutral ground in the Neutrality Zone, every square inch, every split second it falls under the everlasting protection and watch of Rambo Nation!

- Rambert Ramveral in 19 AQF upon the raise of the "Gorge"

Barriers like this are easy to erect. They're much harder to tare down.

- Alexandre I

How amusing, while the Rambo isolate themselves from the rest of the Gigaquadrant, those colonial sectors alienate the Rambo. A most interessting situation and in the end they will realise, that they will stand alone against the might of the Kingdom as my Hammer falls down upon them!

- Bolgrash Bloodhammer


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  • Its counterpart is known as the Dawnstar Project
  • The "Gorge" Logo features a version of the Rambo Insigna, in its center the flags of the Drodo Empire and France as well.
  • The "Gorge" is quite infamous amongst some of the Gigaquadrant. Amongst the Draconid Imperium it is also referred as the Two Quadrantia Barrier.

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