Quadrant Galaxies

Quadrant Galaxies, seen from other Galaxies

On this page you will find the availible information on the known Empires of the Quadrant Galaxies.

The page will include the Empires, Republics and other Nations encountered during the stories and adventures involving the Quadrants in the SporeWiki Fictional Universe. The Quadrants, who are companion galaxies of the nearby Cyrannus Galaxy provide their own history, myths and stories. The Quadrants house a great diversity of species and empires, with Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance the most well known.

The Quadrant Galaxies exist out of 5 different systems, with Quadrant 82 and 21 the largest, the two unknown Quadrants have not yet been explored and are off limits due to the anomalies.

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The history of the Quadrant Galaxies will feature a summary of the space faring civilization and when war was waged. It will not include every detail from the civilizations era's from the various species, but instead focus on galactic events and wars.

See Timeline for a more detailed history!

Ancient History (12 billion BQF - 450 BQF)Edit

The five Quadrant Galaxies are believed to have been formed over 12 billion years ago, by the powerful entity known as Ultimate God. The Quadrants, are actually five hobbit galaxies, compared others as small and not interessting. Due to her small size, her neighbouring galaxy, the Cyrannus Galaxy exerted such a huge amount of gravity that the Quadrants orbited Cyrannus.

The Quadrants are teeming with life adn civilizations and though it are five differant parts, they are known to the Universe as the Quadrant, with Quadrant 82 as the most well known and second largest of the five hobbit galaxies. It can be said the Quadrants are a diverse group of hobbit galaxies and over her course of history have played an influential and important role in galactic events.
Lesrekta Barâd-Nâzg

Barâd-Nâzg, the bastion Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë

Around 200.000 BQF the Atlantica ruled over the five Quadrant Galaxies, an ancient civilizations which was the first space faring civilization in the Quadrants. They constructed portals at the Serindia homeworld and a large temple with a portal at a planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The quadrants florished under their guidance and they constructed cities and expanded their influance and even met with the Thirteenth Tribe in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Around 149.000 BQF the Atlantica entity known as Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë (Forgotten Dark Lord) constructed the fortress of Barâd-Nâzg in Quadrant 82 and used it as his stronghold. Enslaving Lesrekta, the entity that lived there she became his primary energy supply to prived energy for the planetary shield. Yet he later vanished once more and the planet was removed from the Atlantica Archives and was lost to history for years.

Before the Quadrants reached the date of 100.000 BQF, many planets began developing civilizations and tribes, like the Algernon, Hutters, Serinidia, Yudimaran etc which would later become influential parties in the Quadrants. The Atlantica themselves began constructing planets for their own purposes, like Alethena Metru, a small village at Zevia and the massive ringworld of Aecor.

Quarant History

Atlantica vs the Crabs

Around 86.000 BQF the Thirteenth Tribe vanished for unknown reasons, though an era of peace and prosper arrived for the Atlantica, but their title as the only space faring civilization in the Quadrants came to an end around 22.500 BQF as unknown crab like species from Quadrant 82 also reached space and advanced fairly quickly using left behind technology of the Atlantica. Soon they had a large fleet and they discovered the ancient stronghold Lesrekta and the fortress of Barâd-Nâzg. Using it as their bastion they wanted to challenge the Atlantica, and challenging they did. The crab like species soon conquered large parts of Quadrant 82 and the Atlantica were forced to withdraw from Quadrant 82. This all happened within half a year and the crab like species continued to rule over Quadrant 82, trying to settle themselves at the various planets. They witnessed other species to evolve and advance to civilization stages and vowed to protect them from Atlantica influance, as in their eyes all were allowed to evolve and advance as they wanted, without influances from the outside. However, around 15.000 BQF both the Atlantica and the crab like species ceased to excist and left the Quadrants without space faring civilizations for years.

Qaudrant History 02

Quadrantia Grox vs the Secoolian

Around 7800 BQF a race called the Secoolian reached space and began a conquest for power in Quadrant 21, their home galaxy. Though they conquered a lot of planets, they did not settle themselves on it, instead they plundered the resources of the planet they came by. Stripping her of life, spice and using the local fauna and wildlife as food resources. Around 3530 BQF the Secoolian arrived at the outskirts of Quadrant 21 and the wormhole leading to Quadrant 82. Yet before they could the dreaded Grox arrived from nowhere and settled themselves at the Galactic Cores of four of the five Quadrant Galaxies and waged war with the Secoolian, driving them back deep into Quadrant 21. However the Grox retreated and the Secoolian were able to keep their hold over the Galactic Core of Quadrant 21. Around the same time in Quadrant 89 the Rambo Imperialea formed the Rambo Empire and launched their first space ships, soon settling themselves at various planets and carving their own empire, but they lived an isolated race and weren't known of for thousand of years.

After the Secoolian were driven back more and more civilizations began to advance, but the Quadrants would need another thousand years before more galactic civilizations arose. Both the Hutter Kingdom and the Rambulan Star Empire from Quadrant 89 reached their space era in 2000 BQF. Shortly followed in 1152 BQF by the dreaded Lizardian Empire and the cautios Xiaan Alliance, also from Quadrant 89. Though Quadrant 89 experient years of peace, in 1200 BQF the Hutters and Rambulan waged war due to border issues, the war lasted for 80 years and after the peace treaty the Hutters rebuilded their homes, while the Rambulans went into seclusion and isolation. After the war other empires from Quadrant 89, like the Swerions also advanced and reached space with their own ships and cultures.

Meanwhile (also around 1200 BQF), in Quadrant 21 various new species (like the Rambo Ancientia) reached space. The various empires met and made alliance and treaties of peace, as such Quadrant 21 would endure a long time of peace.

Around 750 BQF the Insector Eldarions reached space stage in Quadrant 82, the first since the Atlantica and the Crab like species. Yet galactic events in the Quadrants would remain quiet for some time as the Insector began observing the new civilization in Quadrant 82, aiding those whom arrived in space like the Algernon, Victreeion and more. At 450 BQF a space faring civilization would launched their first space ship, and would soon turn out to be the most important nation of all five Quadrants.

Modern History/Era of Rambo Nation (450 BQF - 05 AQF/01 NE)Edit

In the early years of their space exploration the Rambo Nation met and allied various civilizations, keeping the peace and prosper within Quadrant 82. However around 442 BQF the Trogg Wars started which lasted until 430 BQF. Though the war, the first since thousands of years had a surprising outcome, with the Trogg defeated various other empires like the Diva Bettie and the Heer Stekeveel allied eachother. After the war the peace returned for some years, and a Golden Age approached for Quadrant 82 which lasted from 429 BQF till 280 BQF and meant great advancement for Rambo Nation and their allies.

However since 280 BQF the peace became shattered by various incidents in Quadrant 82, like in 280 BQF with the Mozelf incident, followed up with a period of war from 278 BQF till 262 BQF, during these times the Heer Stekeveel Wars lasted though the wars also resulted in something good, in 227 BQF the Noble Alliance and unified various Quadrant 82 species, to prevent another conflict like the Heer Stekeveel War. However the forming of the Noble Alliance didn't mean the end of conflicts, as in 220 BQF the Diva-Bettie Empire War started between the Noble Alliance and the Diva Bettie, and lasted till 215 BQF. It became clear the wars were more devastating than before and measures should be taken. The new rules and treaties meant a period of peace for another 200 year, where Rambo Nation soon grow out to be the most influential force in Qaudrant 82. However the time of peace came at an end at 52 BQF, when the Algernon War started, as a former member of the Noble Alliance the war was devastating and many lives were lost in battle. The war stopped in 25 BQF.

Rambo Resistance USS Divide evades NX01 Enterprise

Resistance vs Rambo Nation

Meanwhile in Quadrant 89 the peace was fragile, and from 450 BQF till 49 BQF many small border conflicts happened between Lizardian, Rambulan, Hutters and Xiaans. Meanwhile an organisation called the Syndicate began raids on planets and mercenaries were hired to assinate eachother influantial goverment officials. Yet the various empires signed a treaty of peace in 49 BQF, resulting in a relative peace for Quadrant 89.
Battle of Rambo Capitol 01

Second Galactic War

Meanwhile in Quadrant 82 the Rambo Resistance was formed and started to engage the Rambo Nation for a power struggle, but they were in too low numbers to mean any threat. At the same time, around 22 BQF the Seven Starr Alliance arrived in Quadrant 82 and Rambo Nation became a member of them. Yet a year later, the Tigris War started, though that was wasn't fought in Quadrant 82 but elsewhere. Yet at the end of the war a scourge of the univerese happened, yet the Rambo Gods managed to protect the Quadrants (all five of them) with a magical protective barrier and life continued. From that time Quadrant 82 was plunged into conflicts one after another, with the start of the Lizardian invasions in 16 BQF, the dreaded Tralor invasion in 06 BQF and the rise of the Imperial Alliance in 05 BQF. The forming of the Imperial Alliance led to the Galactic War in 04 BQF and the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, both wars plunged both Quadrant 82 and 89 into a devastating conflict, which costed the lives of many, many more than all the former wars in the Quadrants.
Convoy Attack

Cognatus attack

After 0 BQF Quadrant 82 the Quadrantia Federation was formed to form a solution to the wars, but soon evolved into the Cyrandia Alliance, whith members like Rambo Nation, the Hutter Kingdom and the United Republic of Cyrannus, close allies of the Rambo the URC were about to play an influential role for the Quadrant Galaxies. In 01 AQF a Cognatus Cruiser invaded Quadrant 82 which eventually led to an attack at the Rambo Capital but they vanished before they could do any damage. During that conflict a Xhodocto God attacked a Rambo colony, destroying it in the process. From 01 AQF till 03 AQF Rambo Nation and the Quadrants experienced a period of Silver years, with prosper and growing wealth fleet were improved and galactic relations with foreign aliens were improved.

Quadrantia Disorder 52

Great Cyrannus War

In 03 AQF the Imperial Alliance fell to a internal betrayal which led to small conflicts to retake former conquered colonies and planets, reducing their numbers. Many of the alliance members migrated elsewhere.

In 04 AQF, the Qaudrantia Disorder started, which will result in a turning point for the Quadrant Galaxies and Rambo Nation. During the disorder the Xhodocto managed to Scourge the universe, though the Cyrandia cluster (which contains Cyrannus and the Quadrants) suffered only minor damage, though the Imperions were annihilated.

At the same time the Great Cyrannus War started, and the Confederacy of Allied Systems began a campaign in Quadrant 82 against Rambo Nation. During the war many events and plots were discovered and revealed, even the current Empress of Rambo Nation was pregnant. During the war the Cyrandia Alliance fought the Confederacy over planets and territory, and the war cost many captains and citizens their lives.

However as Qaudrant 82 was involved in war, it something also began in Quadrant 21 as Rambo Nation began exploring her nearby quadrant. Meanwhile in Quadrant 21 the Quadrantia Federation expanded greatly and even allied the Yudimaran from Quadrant 82.

Dark Times (05 AQF/01 NE - current)Edit

Fall of Hope 02

Empire arrives at the Rambo Capital, signaling the fall of Rambo Nation

As the Great Cyrannus War came to a conclusion the URC, great allies of the Rambo were reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. This Empire was ruled by an evil figure, the Emperor. When the year 05 AQFb began, it also became known as 01 NE because of the Empire's new date system. In the 4th month of the year the Empire launched an invasion against Rambo Nation, invading their Capital. The ensuing battle resulted in heavy casualties at both sides. However the Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, which descibed the terms of surrender of Rambo Nation. As such the greatest force of peace in the Quadrants became a "protectrate" of the Empire and the Empire began searching for ways to expand their rules.

Meanwhile the Atlantica, in their higher planes of excistence were forced to watch and couldn't intervere without breaking the devine rules. Suddenly the Atlantica realised their mistake of leaving the Quadrants now that the dark curtain of darkness fell over the Quadrants.

When the year progressed and 02 NE started, problems for the Quadrants were far from over. With the Empire forcing Rambo Nation to become their "protectrate" a power vacuum was created now that the Rambo were restricted. A vacuum some empire gladly wished to fill, while other empires wished the return of the old ways with the Rambo exploring and trying to keep the peace alive. Though a treaty was signed at Rambo Prime to prevent war with various races and the Empire, many believed it would only hold for a while or perhaps a year or two.

The Hutters began constructing more ships for war, while the Imperial Remnant wanted to fill the Rambo their place as well- also constructing new and more powerful ships. Meanwhile a new empire, the Regellis Star Empire entered the field, with technology resembling that of the now extinct Rambulans. The Quadrantia Grox increased their activity as well due to some events elsewhere- they began testing their neighbours if they were powerful enough to harm the Quadrantia Grox. Eventually their roaming resulted in a conflict with the Serpentaxy where the Q-Grox began creating an air-born virus for assimilation.

In the year 06 AQF, the Quadrants experienced a new age of thrive when the New Cyrannian Republic settled itself within Quadrant 82, soon followed by colonist from France, who formed the French Quadrant Colonies and gained a prominent position within local Quadrant affairs. Other colonist sectors were formed as well, like the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies and Mardevaeli colonies.


The Quadrants, who are orbiting the Cyrannus Galaxy are five seperated galaxies, which can only be reached by various wormholes due to dangerous anomalies surrounding each Quadrant. These anomalies are the bounderies placed as barriers by the Atlantica to protect the Quadrants from harm. In the middle of the Quadrants lies an area of space known only as the Space in Between. This area is relative unknown and also quite large. The area is surrounded by anamolies and a hostile place to those not familair with the anomalies.

The Quadrants house a great diversity of species and empires and Companies, from traders to shamans, and from warriors to demonic creatures of old. Due to the many species inhabiting the Quadrants war is a frequent event, whether they arrived from border conflicts or conquest, the Quadrants have been involved in some of the dangerous wars which also inflicted others outside the Quadrants. With such a diversity some species find it hard to accept the others- while others can get along with just anyone. Some are seclusive and with to be left alone while others are explorers, searching for new allies and investigating the mysteries of the Quadrants.

None the less, there is one common thing that unites all of the Quadrants- and that is their fate in the Rambo Pantheon.

Atlantica (QS)

All species believe in the Atlantica, with the Ultimate One as the Maker and Artmyris as the overseer of the Choas Realm- the Quadrantia equilevent to Hell. While Selenyia is seen as the overseer of Paradise, the place where all those who died with a good spirit go to- the Quadrantia equilevant to Heaven.

The other Atlantica and demons are also mentioned by other species, though in a lesser degree that those three mentioned above. While Barthandel is known across many Quadrantia races, Cropler and Horus are not. Some of the Quadrantia species also are well known with the dangerous myths of the Destroyer- who is said to bring doom at the end of time with aid of the demons of the Choas Realm.

The Rambo Serindia are known to have the most information and the strongest believe in the Atlantica- while not pledging their faith upon others they do not like if you insult their religion though the Serindia are generally kind and humble. The Serindia cathredals house many parchments about the Atlantica, Choas Demons and even about the Paradox- who the Serindia see as the true danger and bringers of the end with the arrival of the "Tormentor".

Quadrantic SpeciesEdit

Quadrantic Species are often beings or creatures found in all known Quadrants. These creatures, mysterious and fabulous in nature- they are often considered non-sentient by the Empires and Kingdoms of the Quadrants. Though for some it could count, for other it does not. Some driven by pure instinct, others are dangerous and can become a true menace.

Some Quadrantic species have so complex society structures, that others cannot comprehend it.


QuadrantiaDeciduous tree

Quadrantia Deciduous Tree are found all over the Cluster and are sentient plants. The Quadrantia Deciduous trees have a special ability, and those with psychic powers can hear their humming wich can make you sleepy. These hummings are believed to be somesort of communication between the various trees.

The trees are for that matter also able to move, though slowly the forests can change location when necessary. Another notable fact of these trees is that they can vary in size, measering from small in size of around 1.20 meters up till massive heights of over 45 meters. The Quadrantia Deciduous Trees can launch their germs into space, where spacial winds take the germ to various locations. The Deciduous Trees are for that matter quite common and contain strong and precious woods make furniture or wooden toys.

Quadrantia Grox

The Quadrantia Grox are the most known Grox of the Quadrant Galaxies. They are more of a secret kind of Grox and rarely interact with other Grox or other species at all, they just want to be left alone and do their own matters without interference from others. Around 3530 BQF the Grox arrived at the Quadrant Galaxies, and upon them entering Quadrant 21 they waged war with the Secoolian, driving them back deep into there territory. As such the Grox became the most dominent presence in the Quadrants aroudn that time, though they only settled themselves around the Galactic Cores of Quadrant 82 and Quadrant 89, living in secrecy and isolation. Within a matter of years the Grox began to evolve and became known as the Quarantia Grox, a seperate movement of the Grox Empire.

Grox sphere

Quadrantia Grox Sphere

Over the course of history they were rarely any recorded battles. They only attacked when other civilization entered their territory. A notable and interessting fact is that the Quadrantia Grox seem to be aware of many events and have a large database to their possesion. They sometimes follow Rambo Nation or other Quadrantia citizens and record what they are doing. As they are not part of the Grox Empire, they allow the Grox Empire to use their transwarp routes and the Grox Empire also has access to the Quadrantia Grox databases. In all of their history, none has ever seen a Quadrantia Grox. Though they are known to assimilate other species to work on their ships, in which they only use two kind of classes. The most common ship class of the Qaudrantia Grox are a spherical design ship, classified as Grox Spheres. Though they are rarely spotted their power is feared across the Quadrants. Encountering one means you entered the Quadrantia Grox their territory. Until 04 AQF, none has ever survived an encounter with a sphere, better to say none has ever escaped their assimilation.

For more information see the Quadrantia Grox page!

Quadrantia Jelly-Fish2

The Quadrantia Jelly-Fish are some of the most mysterious creatures in the entire Quadrants. They can be found everywhere in the Quadrants, from watery planets to living into space, attracted to light from space ships and feeding energy of their engines. While in space they Jelly-Fish are often found in large groups, called "bubbles". As they "swim" through space, they encounter space ships and planets. When encountering a planet, whether it is by sheer luck or ill fate the Jelly-Fish decide to inhabit the oceans, causing a massive invasion of the local flora and fauna. While in the waters, the Jelly-Fish sting hurts and burn, though they have to remain in the waters or in space, else the Jelly-Fish will dry out and die.

The Jelly-Fish vary in size, while at planets they often are between mere centimeters up to almost 3-5 meters. Those Jelly-Fish in space have far greater proportions, reports indicate some are over 500 meters in diameter.

For years the Quadrantia Jelly-Fish have only been rumors, though ever since 05 AQF encounters with them seems to have increased.


The Quadrantia are squid like creatures found all across the nebulas within Quadrant 82. They are a dangerous kind of creature, some theorise they are dangerous demonic creatures, born from the paradox and loyal servants of the Tormentor- awaiting his call.

While living in the vacuum of space, they can also breath underwater and breath in oxygen planets. The Quadrantia are ever hungry and will kill all who passes by. The Quadrantia are measering in differant sizes, the smallest encountered was a infant Quadrantia of only 25 cm, while the most common are around 1.60-2.00 meters. However the largest ever sighted by the Quadrantia Grox was over 2 km large, hiding deep within the Serox Nebula. How these creatures travel is unknown, but it is assumed they use their tentacles to reach warp speed and travel between one nebula and the others.

They use their tentacles as well to chrush ships to find their prey, which they use as food.

Most strange about them is that they do not venture in Quadrant 21 or 89, assuming Q21 has the Quadrantia Brood it is unknown what Q89 has for space living sentient beings. The Rambo discovered the Quadrantia are sentient and have their own telepathic way of communicating.

They are often known as the "Space Octopus" by Quadrantian inhabitants.

Quadrantia Xenomorph

The Quadrantia Xenomorph is an exotic and dangerous parasite creature found within the Quadrants. Though often thought as simple creatures, the Q-Xenomorphs are sentient beings, showing observational learning and problem solving skills as well as understanding some basic words spoken by the other species of the Quadrants.

The Q-Xenomporph are agile and fast, quite strong as well they perfected hunting prey and devouring it when hugry. The Q-Xenomorph lie eggs in their hosts or prey and as such new Q-Xenomorph can come into excistence.

The Xenomporth arrived by unknown means in the Quadrants, some claim they come from another dimension but those are not proven. The Q-Xenomorph are a rather unknown species (luckily for the Quadrants) and so far have only been encountered in the Unclaimed Territories of the Quadrants and the Outer Regions.

Quadrant 82Edit


Quadrant 82 is the home region of Rambo Nation and the former Noble Alliance. The Quadrant knew a flourishing time during the Golden Age and the forming of the Noble Alliance, however after some devastating wars, like the Imperial War and the Second Galactic War many Empires and nations were obliterated or conquered by the Imperial Alliance. Also the borders of the remaining Nations and Empires have diminished and after the war the Quadrants are healing her wounds.

The two biggest unified organizations were before the Galactic Wars the Noble Alliance, however she fell during the early weeks of the Second Galactic War. The second organization was the Quadrantia Federation, recently founded as a reaction and way to make a stand against the Imperial Alliance. Also outside factions have decided to colonize Quadrant 82, however these are just small portions, as it would otherwise anger the natives, only the Core Federation was allowed to colonize 100 planets, a surprising decision and first in the history of Quadrant 82. However, around 02 AQF Rambo Nation lost track of all colonized planets by none natives, and their known number are highly outdated.

Quadrant 82 Map

Galactic Map as of 02 NE

Though Quadrant 82 is considered a small galaxy by many, it has played an important role during various conflicts, and it seems many would like to hold Quadrant 82 in their possession, as it is a vital place, from where many other galaxies can be reached. She also holds some interesting trade routes and features:

  • Galactic Features:
    • Astroid Belt:An asteroid belt (the largest in the Quadrants) located in the south west of Q-82 provides a natural barrier to the planet Amber and the QSC space. The belt is filled with asteroids which are a dangerous to travel through- though is not impossible to do. Her side is massive and none ever ventured above it, as reaching the edges leads you right into the protective barriers of Q-82.
    • Ghost Nebula:A large purple colored nebula located in the south west of Q-82. The nebula is hazardous with lightning storms and frequent subspace explosions. Yet it provides the only opening in the massive Asteroid Belt, which is even more dangerous to travel in.
    • Metruia Nebula:The Metruia Nebula is the most known nebula in Quadrant 82, a large nebula that connects the Inner and Mid Colonial Sector. Located close to her are Karzhamahri-Nui and Rambo Prime, in secret is also houses the classified planet Lesrekta. Next to the nebula runs the Ramsoria Run, an important trade route and hyper lane. The nebula is a favored smuggling route for criminals, though patrols are dense by Rambo Nation.
    • Serox Nebula:The red colored nebula in the north east along the borders of Quadrantia Grox and Serpentaxy. Dangerous and filled with Grox spheres the nebula still remains a populair smuggling route.
    • Wormhole Plataue: a region with various wormholes, located close to Rambo Prime. The Rambo Prime Space Station monitors all incoming and outcoming ships to the various galaxies. Known wormholes lead to the Milky Way, Quadrant 89 & 21, Xanthra Quadrant and the Ramvelkys Galaxy.
    • Qaudrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole: connects Quadrant 82 with the Cyrannus Galaxy, important for the Cyrandia Alliance as it is also connected with the Ramsoria Run and is the fastest way to reach the Cyrannus Galaxy, located close to Yadumarth and Javan.
    • Quadrantia-Mirus Wormhole: connects Quadrant 82 with the Mirus Galaxy, homesystem of the dreaded Tralor Empire and the later United Lanat Empires. Located close to Koerband and at all times a fleet monitors the wormhole.
  • Trade Routes and Hyper Lanes:
    • Ramsoria Run: the most important trade route/hyper lane for Rambo Nation and Quadrant 82. The route connects the following planets: Koerband - Capital Dinoman82 - Ramsoria - Karzhamahri Nui - Rambo Prime/Wormhole Plataue - Ramaakota - Galactica - Javan - Quadrantia/Cyrannus Wormhole. Holding a planet close to the route, means you have a clear way to the next planet, it is also the most crowded and most used trade route of the Quadrant Galaxies.
    • French Quadrantia Trade Route - a trade route under supervision of France. The route connects the Ramsoria Run with the Q82-Andromeda Wormhole.
    • Nui Passage Route: the second most important hyperlane/trade route of Rambo Nation. Connects the Inner colonial sector with the mid colonial sectors. The route connects the following planets: Capital Dinoman82 - Koerband/Stasje - Rametru Nui - Matakoro.
    • Eastern Route: the 3rd most imporant trade route/hyperlane for Rambo Nation. Is located in the eastern part of Rambo Nation territory. Connects the following planets: Boreas - Javan - Fornaeria - Ivalaë - Parjurba.
    • Western Secured Trade Route: a trade route/hyperlane connection the capital planet with the western sectors of Rambo Nation. The route connects the following planets: Capital Dinoman82 - Ramar Shadda - Impaerusqiantia.
Space Chart

The Space Chart of Quadrant 82, it changed drasticly after the Second Galactic War.

Empires and Nations of Quadrant 82Edit



The Adelhpi, also known as the Second Tribe are a race of Capricyránae native to Quadrant 82, a galaxy quite close to Cyrannus.

The Adelphi are blue colored Capricyránae who are quite humble and noble, their knowledge to build star ships has been descriped as a work of art. The Adelphi remained in isolation for years until they suddenly contacted Rambo Nation in modern times, the reasons for their isolation were unexplained but some theorise that the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War, where lots of energies were released draw the attention of the Adelphi.

The Adelphi once controlled a large peaceful but secretive empire in an unknown region of the Quadrant 82 known as the Federal Republic of Adelphi. However they were forced to migrate to the Cyrannus Galaxy after the Confederacy of Allied Systems invaded and destroyed their home planet.

Upon arriving in Cyrannus they joined the Adelphi became members of the United Republic of Cyrannus and have created a new nation known as the Delfoí Republic with the D'annaoí. Together they constructed new ships and gave the homeless Adelphi a new and even better home.

They are somewhat religious and many believe in the monotheistic One God. Somewhere within 03 NE/06 AQF many of the Adelhpi returned to their once taken kingdom and re-settled themselves within the Quadrants as a member of the New Cyrannian Republic.

Quadrantia Algernon

The Algernon were a proud race that were members of the Algernon Empire, a former member of the Noble Alliance, but left and later went into war against there former allies. After the Algernon War, which lasted for 40 years with skirmishes and battles over Quadrant 82, the Algernon were reduced to there Capitol Planet and a Colonie. Although in recent years the Alliance re-established communications and trade with the Algernon, Rambo Nation and the Victreeion Empire do not and are still having battles with them.

None the less, the Algernon are still a powerfull force in Quadrant 82 since they still have space ships and are still engaging Rambo and Victreeion ships who are tresspassing there territoy.

Although it is no secret, if the Noble Alliance would fall, the Algernon would resume there course to take it over. Rambo Nation has suspicions that the Algernon want to ally the Lizardian Empire. But the Algernon denied this. During the Galactic War the Imperial Alliance attacked the Algernon with a fleet under command of El'd'Shell and after a heavy battle they lay waste to the Algernon homeplanets and colonies and the Algernon Empire was reduced to scavengers and refugees.

During the Galactic Wars the Algernon Empire was destroyed and since 02 AQF no Algernon was sighted again in the Quadrant Galaxies.


The Amber are a femele based society, having no males (long lost to history around 2200 BQF)- the females managed to artificial reproduce themselves with aid of genetics and laboratoria. As such the Amber society are considered amazons of Quadrant 82 (while actually that honors goes to the Ancrevialicia).

Though the Amber are good looking females, with mammal breasts and other humanoid traits, the Amber are actually an amphibious humanoid species. The Amber possessed physiology common to amphibious species, including low light vision and excellent swimming skills. They stood an average of 1.8 meters, and compared to other amphibious species the Amber have no trouble being outside the water. The head-tendrils of the Amber were used to detect the emotional state of another being, but were most effective underwater. The most common Amber are blue/green/red skinned and are often found onboard their star cruisers. However their are other skin variations for other tribes, like green/black or yellow/red. Yet they are less common and rarely venture off planet.


The Crakadox, formerly known as the "unidentified crab-like species" is an ancient race hailing from the Quadrant Galaxies, being notorious for their conflict against the Atlantica in ancient times. Once amongst the most advanced civilizations, their once proud empire ceased to excist around 15.000 BQF, shortly after their war with the Atlantica.


The Creckel are a peacefull, but strong Kingdom, and thanks to Ambassador Creckbo of Rambo Nation, the Creckel Kingdom and Rambo Nation are living on friendly terms. The Creckel Kingdom has her own military which is overseen and commanded by a General. During the course of years, the Creckels stayed out of the Algernon, Diva-Bettie en Heer Stekeveel Wars. Although they were involved in the Lizardian Threat, but the Creckels drove the small Lizardian armada off. Upon the forming of the Noble Alliance there was a callto join them, but the Creckels refused, saying they rather wanted to be independant. Though sometimes they will aid eachother when in dire need. They also stayed out of the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War. And did not wish to join the Cyrandia, rather to keep there independance.

The Creckel Kingdom is a very wealthy and rich Kingdom, mostly because they are experts in trade. Although the Creckel have no problems with Rambo Nation they can be hostile to those they dislike.

For more information see: Creckel.

Insector EldarionsPng

The Insector Eldarions- often simply called the Insectors were an ancient race within the Quadrants. They were one of the key founders of the Noble Alliance and long time allies of Rambo Nation. Considered the most wisest within the Noble Alliance and seen as peacekeepers among them. But don't be wrong, if they consider you an enemy they can be relentless and very agressive.

They are insect like creatures and they are lead by a Council of Elders. The Insector have a strong believe in the "Watcher", which they and the Serindia know as Inuthiaewë. Legends say that in ancient times, the Insectors met this being, and due to this meeting she became the "Watcher" as her precessor had vanished. Arriving in a massive ship, the Insector based theirfuture spaceships upon this design and now believe the Universe has to be in balance, or a great Evil will be unleashed.

They aided the Rambo during the Second Galactic War and other conflicts. The Insectors continued to search for peace, but came to realise the Quadrants were torn apart by war and differant views of how to progress any further. Sadly they were driven to exctinction by the Imperial Alliance.



The Noble Alliance was an organization of Kingdoms, Empires and Republics in Quadrant 82. It was founded by four key members and faced many dangers, overcoming each with heroism and pride. At first the Alliance was created to improve galactic relations and trade among various empires, yet when the Alliance faced great danger from differant kind of enemies, like the Grox and Lizardian Empires it eventually crumbled and became disorganised. Even with the aid of their strongers members, the Rambo and Hutters couldn't pevent it. As such the empires maintained their own ruling govermants and monarchs who decided what action they were allowed to take. The Noble Alliance Council is represented by the leaders of each of the member Empires. Eventually around 0 BQF upon the Second Galactic War many of members of the Noble Alliance were either destroyed or left for their own. Their destruction meant the end of the first alliance ever made in the Quadrant Galaxies between various races and empires.

The members will be listed below:

Heer Stekeveel (Quadrant 82)

The Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel Empire was once a promising, proud and influential empire within Quadrant 82. Though always an agressive empire, they allied Rambo Nation around 442 BQF to defeat their long time rivals, the Trogg Empire. After the Trogg were defeated after 2 wars in 430 BQF and lived in peace with Rambo Nation until 280 BQF when both the Empire and the Nation attacked the Mozel Empire. Since then Rambo Nation and the Heer Stekeveel lived with tension which after the fall of the Mozel in 278 resulted in two devastating wars between the two superpowers. The wars lasted till 263 BQF when Rambo Nation and their allies defeated and destroyed the Heer Stekeveel Empire.

Those whom survived the onslaught (which never was revealed to the public, together with Lesrekta it is one of the most classified files of Rambo Nation), were "contracted" by the Diva Bettie Empire, which later fell due a war with Rambo Nation in 215 BQF. Since then the Heer Stekeveel have been slaves for the Diva Bettie, working in the mines, digging for ores so the Diva Bettie could build weapons for Rambo Nation, which the Diva Bettie Remnant joined. The Heer Stekeveel are said to be contracted by the Diva Bettie, and as such Rambo Nation doesn't care about the Heer Stekeveel. The truth is far darker, they are being enslaved, living in bad conditions and have to work hard. With minimal recourses and water for the Heer Stekeveel at Nertharia, their life isn't a pleasant one. Though if the Rambo Senate would discover, they would surely intervere but the Diva Bettie keep the Heer Stekeveel slaves a secret from the Nation.

Even upon Rambo Nation becoming a protectrate in 05 AQF/01 NE of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Heer Stekeveel slavery was kept from the public by the Diva-Bettie. Yet it seemed some have survived and are planning to return their species back to the former glory days of their Empire, with taking out their first obstacle, Rambo Nation.

See Tajakeon

Quadrantia Trogg

The Quadrantia Trogg are a seperate faction of the common Trogg found in other galaxies as well. The Trogg are very territorial and charge anyone who dares to tresspass their space to pay high sums of credits and money. The Trogg's history is a mystery to say the least as they were very seclusive due to their territorial behavior and as such lived their lives in isolation. Rumors have it they reached space around 850 BQF, setting their empire and meeting with other species as well.

Trogg Cruiser

Trogg Cruiser

The Trogg themselves are odd creatures found in the Quadrants, where most of the Quadrant sentient species would walk on two legs, the Trogg walked on all four and used their voice to control their space ships and other vehicles. The Trogg use green falkon like cruisers, capable of firing photon torpedoes and using warp as their primary mean of fast travel. The cruisers have shields and are very agile.

Around 442 BQF a Rambo Nation ship entered Trogg space. As usual the Trogg demanded payment for this obious break of law and contacted the Rambo vessel. They wanted a high tax though to their surprise the Rambo didn't comply, claiming this space did not belong to the Trogg. Furious they formally informed the Rambo five times to pay their taxes. After the 5th refusal from Rambo Nation the Trogg decided to act as other species noticed the Rambo didn't listen to the Trogg. Fearing the loss of their reputation and influance they attacked a Rambo colony and destroyed it. When Rambo Nation send a fleet to evacuate the colony the Trogg destroyed them as well, leaving no survivors.

Trogg Wars

Trogg vs Rambo Nation

Unsure what to do and inexperient in fighting in space the Trogg gained more and more ground as they invaded Rambo space. The Trogg managed to conquer quite a lot of colonies until one Rambo Nation ship located a Trogg planet. The Trogg lost their advance of secrecy and Rambo Nation send a squadron of their advanced ships to destroy the Trogg colony. After this battle the Trogg and Rambo decided hold hostilities and entered a cold war (442 BQF - 434 BQF). During the cold war various conflicts did occur though none let to an invasion. As the Trogg believed the threat was over the Rambo were planning their revenge leading to a surprise attack in 434 BQF. After 8 years of relative peace the Rambo broke the peace and started the second Trogg War (434 BQF - 430 BQF). During the war the Rambo were aided by various allies and eventually the Trogg were defeated and driven back to their capital planet. The allied fleet eventually defeated the Trogg stationed at their capital as well and the Heer Stekeveel used the Trogg as their slaves.

Their life of slavery continued under the harsh and ruthless rule of the Heer Stekeveel until 278 BQF. In that year all of the Trogg slaves were killed by the Heer Stekeveel as they feared an rebellion now that they were involved in a war against the Rambo.

The Great and Glorious Rambo Nation is full of pride and her history is filled with glory, drama, wars, heroes, etc. In later history they became the founders of the former Noble Alliance, became members of the Great Eight and the Cyrandia Alliance!

Flag Rambo Nation

Flag of Rambo Nation

Rambo Nations has differant kinds of species, with the Rambo Serindia as the founders of Rambo Nation. The Serindia are bird like creatures and their homeplanet lies in Quadrant 82, the Capital of Rambo Nation, and is called Planet Dinoman82. Over the course of years more species joined Rambo Nation, like other Ramboidae species, humanoid like species and more! The varierity of species meant a lot of differant individuals, from traders to space captain, from citizens to monarchy and from criminals to traders. This meant the Nation has both good and bad people, not all of them are noble and some are just evil or ruthless. All species follow the Rambo Religion, known as the Rambo Gods, different Gods to whom they honor and build statues for. Rambo Nation species are often referred by other empires as just the Rambo.

The Nation is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, although the last Emperor was killed and his daughter, Empress Ramashe now rules Rambo Nation. She aided by a High Council and the Rambo Nation Senate, which take care of public and internal matters. The Senate excists out of 15 differant kind of individuals, each representing their own sector. Rambo Nation has an emblem and a flag, the flag consists out of a circel, within are 15 stars. Each representing the 15 sectors of Rambo Nation. The yellow star represents the unity and equality of her people. The yellow bars represent the wings of the differant kind of Ramboidae species.

Full Member species
None native Rambo Nation species

This means that most of their species live elsewhere and that some joined Rambo Nation by migrating away from their former home-empire.

Rambo Resistance Flag

Rambo Resistance flag

The Rambo Resistance, a rebbelion part of Rambo Nation who wanted to be independant and eventually managed to gain their own goverment without the interference of the Rambo Goverment. When finally formed they began a conflict against Rambo Nation and even allied dangerous enemies like the Imperial Alliance and the Iron Bloc.

Over time the Resistance managed to build their own empire who had something to say on the interquadrant 82 talkings. However their pride and hatred against Rambo Nation eventually became fatal as they didn't manage to defeat them. Furthermore the Imperial Alliance grew tired of their failiures, though remained thier most powerful ally for a while longer. Sadly their most powerful ally, the Imperial Alliance betrayed them during the Second Galactic War and beyond which resulted in the destruction of the original Resistance.

However there are always those who wish to see the Resistance return!


Redions are small red demon like creatures found at the planet Dalbradia, living under neath in the slumps called Bufrenia. They can be hostile and refuse to join or become part of Rambo Nation. They can shoot small flames of fire from their hands, often giving them the designation as demon like creatures.

The Redions once had a florishing culture and civilization in ancient times, and were allied to the Atlantica. After the Atlantica vanished the Redions civilizations crumbled and the Redions were forced to live again as tribal creatures and were almost extincted in the thousend years afterwards. A large number of them have also been kidnapped by other empires passing by Bufrena.

Around 102 BQF the Chinawkya settled themselves at Bufrena, and build their colony atop the scarred remains of Bufrena and renamed the planet Dalbradia. Since then the Chinawkya forget that remains of an old city laid underneath the city and the Redions returned to Bufrena. There they lived in isolation and in peace with those hiding from Rambo Authorities.

Even since Rambo Nation became a protectrate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Redions still live in peace and isolation, unaware by most.


The Rethex'Kalik, better known as the Xhousthoe, are the third most powerful of the 21 Races of Kamik'Shi. They have relation to the Xhodocto, which are classed as 'their demonic bretheren'. The Xhousthoe are equally demoralizing as the Xhodocto, and share similar traits to them. The Xhousthoe were created by Mhaz'Veryk, the Xhodocto God of Vengeance, during the Pre-Itrāvahilītrā Age of the Xhodocto. They were created after Mhaz'Veryk removed the power of creation from Rektethin Xyazkoxos.

The Xhousthoe claimed Xyazkoxos's lair, the Realm of Forget, as their new home, where they have stayed many billenia later. Some unknown time later, they would also gain control over the Desolation Hivemind. Sometime during their history they also claimed a large portion of the Unknown Regions of Quadrant 82, some rumor they inhabit portions of the gravital anomalies but these reports are unconfirmed.

As of 01 NE none has even been seen by inhabitants of the Quadrants, however the Rethex'Kalit still excist and have since joined the Clash of the Gods where they attacked the Atlantica, even suceeding in killing one them.


Serpentaxy guard (2)

The Serpentaxy made contact with Rambo Nation during the Quadantia Disorder Rambo Nation was facing. The Serpentaxy, although barely effected by the events, decided to ally with the empire in an attempt at "getting known".

Though the Serpantaxy did ally the Rambo, the Serpantaxy remained out of public sight and lived their lives in rather harmony and peace, far away from the conflicts the Rambo and their allies were drawn in.

They are also considered a bit arrogant by some of the other Quadrant 82 species. They are also mysterious and aren't often seen in the public, a trait some believe that the Serpentaxy do not want to get involved with interquadrant affairs. Sadly in 02 NE the Serpentaxy made first contact with the Quadrantia Grox, and one of their vessels was destroyed. Vice-admiral Ramcard of Rambo Nation came to the aid of the captain and brough him back to the Serpentaxy homeworld, improving relations between the two nations.

The Serpentaxy then waged a war against the Quadrantia Grox, which made other empires of Q82 a bit uneasy. After the war ended most species within the Quadrants lost contact with the Serpentaxy around 02 NE/05 AQF. Rambo Nation listed them as status unknown, while others believe they have either been assimilated or destroyed by the Quadrantia Grox.

Yudimaran species

The Yudimaran are red-skinned humanoid people that are native to Yudumarth. Both female and males are physical stronger than most humanoid species in the Quadrant Galaxies and both also have enchanced natural reflexes and have better sprinting capabilities. Though noble and having a great sense of honor, they can be very aggressive and hostile to those who dare to threaten them.

Males and females are easily identified, males have horns and spikes and are slightly larger then there female counter parts but are also easier angered. While the females are more friendlier and nicer, they can also be very aggressive when threatened. Female and male have equall right at Yadumarth, though the females are not often found at higher positions, simply because they rather stay at home and care for there children.

The Yudimaran capital city is called Yudumarth City and is the epic center of the Yudimaran power. At first they created their own Colonial of Independant Union, various Yudimaran colonies unified as they didn't want to join the Imperials or the Ramboidae. Later on, in 04 AQF they joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems and aided them in the war against the Rambo and URC.

During the Great Cyrannus War various Yudimaran were seen in battles yet their planet became a target for both the CAS and the Rambo. During the battles at Yudumarth many Yudimaran died and some decided to leave the CAS and fled to Rambo Nation, where they were granted the citizen status. During the war their leader Geldrim was assasinated by an elite squad of the TIAF and the Yudimaran were left leaderless. The death of their leader led Yudumarth, which was already a poor planet, in an economic crisis and the people were suffering because of it. Near the end of the war the Confederacy was defeated and absorbed in the newly formed Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Yudumarth remained in hands of the CAS holdouts but when the daughter of Geldrim, Aayilah took control she left the CAS remnant and joined the Quardantia Federation in secret. As such the Yudimran became a split people, those who joined the Rambo, those in the Federation, those in the CAS remnants and those who wished to remain neutral and return to the old days.

Unclaimed Territory and Neutral SpaceEdit

The Unclaimed territories and neutral space is a large area within Quadrant 82, surrounded by the Rambo mid-colonial sector, Rambo Chinawkya Sector, Rambo Outer Colonial Sector, Rambo Badlands Sector and the Creckel Kingdom. Though largely unexplored, the area houses a large number of humanoid species, rumored to have been part of the once great Humanoid Empire. The now uncharted and mostly lawless area thrives on her own laws and traditions without taking notice of Quadrantia matters. For years they have remained out of the Quadrantia Conflicts but that seems to change with the Rambo as "protectrate" of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

As most species and planets are independant, with their own defensive fleets and such there are those with unofficial alliances, their own defensive fleets and some also have contacts with Rambo Nation and other empires within Quadrant 82.

The area is often seen as a seperate region within the Quadrants, and as such all species encountered in this rather unknown region are not listed among the others.

CRE Chavelli-0c4925b8 ful

The Chavelli are natives to the planet Chavelli, the same as their species name. There planet is located south-west from Sanderhal and is often avoided by the other species who live near Sanderhal due to the mysterious nature of the Chavelli.

The Chavelli are bipedal humanoid looking creatures with long arms and fingers. They head/brains are enlarged, giving them a mysterious look. Yet the Chavelli are friendly by nature, strong but can also be short tempered when things are not going as they want. The Chavelli are dangerous to all they consider enemies, yet friendly to their allies. They do not worship the Atlantica as much compared to the others species found in the Quadrants.

Living in isolation and sollitude for years they became interessted in the Cognatus after they plunged the Cyrandia Cluster in the Intergalactic War. Around the early days of 02 NE the Chavelli became members of the Cognatus Remnant, as a lone cruiser stumbled upon them, finding a way home after the Cognati lost the Intergalactic War. Recognising them as experts in building ships and weaponry, they were allowed to join the Remnant in their cause.

When the Remnant was reformed into the Cognatus Empire in 01 NE/05 AQF many of the Chavelli felt the urge to leave them at whole and become independant again. However, even with the start of 02 NE the Chavelli have not yet announced their official intentions, though rumors are reaching the higher ranks of the Theocracy.


The Gaskhan are reptillian humanoids, natives to the planet Kaskhan in the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82. They are kind in spirit and have a strong religion in the Atlantica and their myths. The Gaskhan are are traders by nature, honest ones at that due to their kind spirits they will not decieve you.

The Gaskhan are brown/yellow colored reptillians and feed upon insects and meat. They strongly dislike fruit or vegtables and they do not like the smell of this kind of food either. However they respect other races who do like to eat fruit and vegtables. The Gaskhan measure almost 2 meters in lenght, and are quite strong. The Gaskhan preffer hot climates, in which they use the sun to warm up their bodies. As such the Gaskhan dislike ice planets and often avoid them if possible.

The history of the Gaskhan is badly recorded, there are indications that a world war happened around 200 BQF, destroying much of their civilization and almost wiped out the entire Gaskhan race. Over the remaining 200 years the Gaskhan managed to recover, and slowly their race grew in numbers. The Gaskhan were discovered by Rambo explorers before 0 BQF, as their planet lies east of the unclaimed territories and close to the borders of the Rambo Badland Sector. Over time the Gaskhan were allowed to travel onboard their ships for trade and commerce, as the Gaskhan did not have ships of their own. When in 03 AQF the Treaty of Fornaeria was created, the Gaskhan did not want to join them, as they feared for repurcussion by the enemies of the Nation or by other species of the unclaimed territories. As such they became an exception of the Treaty of Fornearia and are now a protectrate of Rambo Nation, allowing them to travel onboard their ships as well.

Ever since, the Gaskhan enjoyed new goods and commerce to their planet, which surprisingly has the same building style found on Kreeta and Ramaakota. As always, the Gaskhan remain ignorant of galactic wars.


The Kreeta are natives of the planet Kreeat, a small rodent like species. Though the planet Kreeta is known to both the Rambo and the Empire, the Kreeta Species are not in civilization stage and for that reason are left alone to evolve and develop as they want. The Kreeta themselves are small sand crawling creatures that developed a nice architecture and libary. The Kreeta are a gentle and kind species, though their species doesn't count more than 50.000 species they are spread over the planet near water resources, which are spare. The Kreeta build appartment and as such have small cities which allows them to live in harmony and peace. The Kreeta have large bone structures at their backs to keep themselves cool in summers, and large claw like hands to dig in the sand for food.

Kreeta City

Kreeta City

The planet Kreeta is located just south of Fornaeria, known for her forests and bright blue skies. The surface of Kreeta is filled with valleys, in where the flora and native Kreeta managed to build their homes in. The valleys provide the right ground for harvesting and protects the natives and wildlife against the sometimes strong wind currents that are raging over the planet.

Near the end of 01 NE a group of spacers (as the Kreeta refer to those travelling among the stars) arrived at Kreeta and began building a large base near one of their cities. The base was equipped with cannons and fighters- much to the annoyance of the Kreeta who wanted to be left alone. however the New Rambo Resistance arrived near their city and began using it has their base. They fear the arrival of other spacers as they cannot defend themselves againt modern weapons. As such the Kreeta fear the arrival of other spacers as they believe their own city will be caught in the fighting.

Lizardians 2

The Lizardian are bipedal reptillian creatures. Known to the Cyrandia Cluster as the founders and former rulers of the dreaded Imperial Alliance.

For years they plagued the Quadrants with their warmongering ways of living. Plundering and conquering area after area until they finally met their equal- Rambo Nation. They were the first to resist the Lizardians and in result two major wars were fought. During the First Galactic War the Lizardians fought with the Rambo but soon lost due to the intervention from the Capricorn Sector Alliance. Later on they waged a second war with new allies during the Second Galactic War and almost won that war.

Sadly the Lizardians, as members of the Imperial Alliance lost both wars and after the death of their Emperor, the Lizardians scattered and seemed to have vanished from the Quadrants. However some of them returned to their oldest known planets in the unclaimed territories- where as far as they can remember originate from. These planets are known as Lizardia and Ungul Lizar.

They began to repopulate these abandoned planets in hopes of rebuilding the once great Lizardian Empire!



Sanderhal is the home planet to various humanoid species and the saurien Saurdoshans. Sanderhal is a muddy and rainy planet. The planet surface is covered by a diverse flora, from trees to large mushroom like plants. Due to the large amount of rain, the planet is very muddy, a dangerous place to those who are not familair with such a terrain. The wet climate provides the flora the perfect oppertunity to grow, and some plains of mud are as deep as the few oceans at Sanderhal- considering them to be former meteor impacts the amount of rain filled the craters with mud and water over time. Electric storms are also often found at the planet, preventing crafts from landing or taking off the planet.

As said above, the planet Sanderhal houses various species, mostly humanoids.


Sepheria is the homeplanet of the Sepherian and is fully covered by buildings and stripped of trees. The former oceans and rivers lie below the city streets, acting as sewers for the native Sepherians.

The Sepherian are humanoid creatures, quite tall and always seem to have somesort of sickening smile on their face. Many within the Unclaimed Territories view the Sepherians are unworthy, never to be fully trusted, cunning and backstabbing persons. There are even rumors they eat their enemies when they are defeated in personal combat- eating their heart shows you are superior to others. The Sepherians are bright white colored and have spikey headtails they can use to injure or strangle their enemies with.

Ecumenopolis Sepheria

Sepheria Template

As said before, the Sepherians are natives of Sepheria and over time fully covered their planet by one massive city, divided in districts. Around 250 BQF they reached space with their advanced and powerful green/grey colored ships- but sadly are quite slow. The Sepherians often isolated themselves from the other species of the Unclaimed Territories, viewing them below their standards and to avoid conflict as the Sepherians were independant of trade for food and water as they took that away from their own planet while building their cities.

Around 03 AQF they met with Rambo Nation and decided to allow them to build an embassy on their planet in return for a large amount of trade of food and water against reduced prices. The Rambo accepted, seeing Sepheria as an excellent staging area or listening post for the events of the Unclaimed Territories. When in 02 NE the Rambo became a protectrate of the Empire- they began wondering if they should become a protectrate of the Rambo as tensions rised in the Unclaimed Territories. Around the same time the famous Sepheria Whisky became a populair illegal alcoholic consumptions and the Sepheria were able to send it on the black market without anyone being able to prove their illegal acts.

Quadrant 89Edit


Quadrant 89 is a quadrant discovered by Rambo Nation during their Golden Age, where they founded their first Deep Space Colonie, called 01. Quadrant 89 is a hostile quadrant and the home region of the feared Lizardian Empire (later the founder of the Imperial Alliance).

Quadrant 89 Space Chart V2

Galactic Map since 01 NE

Around 49 BQF the Quadrant signed a threaty of peace wiht eachother, (except for the Xiaan Alliance) and were living since then in relative peace. But with the coming of Rambo Nation, the regions are disturbed, and the Rambulans have came out of there borders, which they have not done in years since the treaty (49 BQF).

For years Qaudrant 89 faced the threat of the Imperial Alliance, though after the Second Galactic War the Alliance crumbled and eventually dissolved, leaving the Quadrant in choas. With the Imperial Remnant trying to hold their power, others vanished like the Rambulan Star Empire and were completely destroyed. Danger still lurks in Quadrant 89, as the Quadrant contains hostile empires, with many having a distrust of eachother while others wish to conquer other kingdoms and empire. In 01 NE a new empire had a risen, the Regellis Star Empire! They could form a new threat for Quadrant 89 and the Rambo colonist, as they have the same conquering desires as the Rambulans and Imperials.

  • Galactic Features
    • Green Fog Nebula: A nebula at the borders of the Regellis Star Empire, former territory of the Rambulans. Rumors have it the nebula houses the Q89 AI, and as such the Regellis patrol the borders of the nebula, but refuse anyone to enter.
    • Quadrant 89-Cyranai Wormhole: A wormhole connection between Quadrant 89 and Cyranai Galaxy, the only connection between the Quadrants and the Cyranai. The Regellis guard this wormhole at all times.
    • Quadrant 89-21 Wormhole: A wormhole connecting Quadrant 89 and 21, under sole possesion of the Quadrantia Grox!
    • Quadrant 89-82 Wormhole: The Quadrant 89-82 wormhole connects Quadrant 89 and Quadrant 82, guarded by the Rambo the wormhole is a vital strategic position for the Rambo supplies and trade to their Quadrant 89 colonial sector' survival. In Quadrant 82 is exites at the Wormhole Plataue.
    • Quadrant 89 Neutral Zone: Both sides of the neutral zone is neutral space where free trade is allowed. With little inhabited planets none can claim these areas without risking war. In result of the treaty Rambo Nation placed two K-7 class space stations to ensure it's neutrality, however these stations also act as listening posts without the other empires knowing it.
  • Trade Routes and Hyper Lanes:
    • Quadrant 89 West Trade Route: Connects former - now Rambo colony Port Syndicate with the Hutters, Ca'leon, Froggies, Trentacunta and the Vierian Kingdoms for trade. The trade route is also neutral space, though runs through Hutter Kingdom space and as such the Hutters have a great leverage, though fear to close the trade route which could result in war with the eastern empires.
Space Charts

The Space Chart of Quadrant 89, it changed drasticly after the Second Galactic War and the gallery below shows their status before 01 NE.

Empires of Quadrant 89Edit


Ash Nazgkr 01

The Ash Nazhkr are a mysterious and dangerous species. Many believe the Ash Nazgr hailed from the Chaos Realm, and were created by the evil Atlantica Artmyris.

The Ash Nazgkr have a strong skeleton frame, bones naturally embedded with titanium there skeleton frame allows them to walk in the mortal world. However the Ash Nazgkr do not have organs, instead they only have form a mist which gives them their power and life. As such the Ash Nazgkr do not need oxygen to survive and can even survive in space.

During there exile or voyage from the Chaos Realm the Ash Nazgr settled themselves in Quadrant 89 and conquered a large area of space in Universe 66501. According to scientist they arrived there around 7500 BQF. The Ash Nazgkr are known to be very agressive and have a tendecy to destroy every planet they come across, leaving the planet scarred and empty of life. During their time in Universe 66501 the Ash Nazgkr were known to be a hostile and dangerous species, as they didn't take hostages nor conquered species, instead they ripped them of all energy and life.

Quadrant myths and legends tell, that if the rarity occures that the Ahs Nzagkr take a hostage, they will be brought to there homeplanet and will constantly be fed upon his fears and other emotions, till the point the unfortunate beings can't take it anymore.

In most of the Quadrant histories the Ash Nazgkr kept themselves out of inter-quadrantic affairs and didn't trouble themselves with the various wars nor empires of Quadrant 89.

Around 01 NE rumores reached the inhabitants of Quadrant 89 that the Ash Nazgkr were stirring again, as they recieved stories about Rambo Nation and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Barbobrians are creatures that are not so smart, but are often found on criminal markets, they have a nose for that kind of things. When the Rambo met the Barbobrians, they had a civil war at there home planet and they have not achieved Space Travel yet, but since the Rambo needed space, they landed on the planet and made contact with the Barbobrian Empire, as they liked to call themselves. The Empire agreed, and so they used Rambo traffic to meet new species and visit new planets.

Don't call them stupid, since there strength is enormous and when they consider you an enemey, they are not easy to forget it. After the Tigris War they joined the Remnant Coalition of Allies and participated in the numerous battles in Universe 66501. After there return to Quadrant 82 most of the Barborrians went to Quadrant 89, or else stayed near Rambo cities to live there lives in isolation and far away from disaster and other alien species. They became a rare sight around the time of the Second Galactic War.

After the Galactic Wars, and the outbreak of wars like the Second Coming, the Intergalactic War and such, the Barbobrians actually seemed to dissapear from public sight. Forming there tribes, they went to live in at the outskirts of Rambo Nation colonies in Quadrant 89, unexplored and uninhabited space close by Rambo Nation space, though not near the space where most battles were fought.

The Barbobrians remain to have trade relations with the Rambo and are grateful for their aid in setting up their own space, though refuse to interfere in galactic affairs. As such they were not informed of the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


The Ca'Leon are often described as heavily armed-lizards, natives from Quadrant 89 they have been around for quite some while. The Ca'Leon are blue-colored lizards, standing over 2.50 meter, with immense physical strenght- they can easily match themselves against Q-Loron and Kinshaya. The Ca'Leon are excellent warriors and hunters, and are a fearsome sight when angered. However the Ca'Leon are also known for their honesty and their allowance of travel onboard their passenger liners for a small fee- this can either be gold, minerals, goods or valuable information.

The Ca'Leon inhabit a region in the north-west of the Hutter Kingdom and have strong presence in Quadrant 89.

Ca'Leon Ships

Passenger liner (upper) and cruiser (lower)

The Ca'Leon use two kind of vessels, with their passenger liner the most common and most known vessel. Their vessels are green colored, like the Hutters and Rambulan. Records indicate that the three had dealings in the past and traded technology.

The Ca'Leon became space capable since 650 BQF the Ca'Leon remaind out of all the conflinct in Quadrant 89- they didn't sign the Q89 treaty and were neutral with the Imperial Alliance and as such weren't conquered. Over time the Ca'Leon became a common sight in the eastern parts of Quadrant 89 and became both feared and loved for their power and strenght.

Around 06 BQF the passenger liners of the Ca'Leon travelled all around Quadrant 89, with the exception of the Rambo, Xiaan and Rambulan territories. It is also known the Ca'Leon have access to Quadrant 21 and the region known as the Space in Between, but both the Imperials and Huters are not aware of how they do it.

When in 01 NE Rambo Nation fell into hands of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Ca'Leon fear for the peace in the Quadrants.

For more information see: Ca'Leon.


Not much is known of Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz her species. Sometime in history they reached the civilization stage and managed to launch sattelites into space. Their homeworld is located near the Rambo Empire borders and at 221 BQF the Rambo Empire of the Imperialea invaded the homeworld of Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz and conquered it.

Over time they intregated into the Rambo Empire society and even were allowed to become captains on there star ships. As the Rambo Empire joined the Imperial Alliance, so did Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz' species and they often became tacticians, something they were experts at. When the Imperial Alliance fell this species vanished from all known recors, but are rumored to still inhabit a region close to Remnant space, Rambo Nation consideres this species as one of the species they know least about of the natives in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Around 01 NE Rambo Nation stumbled across a data file which they once studied from the Imperial Alliance which revealed the location of the blue humanoid species which were identified as the Eear'Chisarlyna. Their territories were located in the south west of Quadrant 89, between Rambo Empire/Imperial Remnant and Xiaan borders. Yet the datafile revealed nothing more about the Eear'Chisarlyna and they remain one of the more mysterious species to date.

Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz, a former Imperial captain is the only known individual of this species in 01 NE.



These frog like creatures were common in the Tigris System and Quadrant 89 and are known as slavers and money oppurtunitists.

The Froggies, as they are nicknamed were found all over the Tigris System and proclaim themselves neutral in the Tigris War, though were forced to flee the Tigris System when it was destroyed by the Xhodocto and as such migrated back to their original lands in Quadrant 89. Over time the Froggies have organised themselves in the Frog Slavers Guild and have connections with most of the Empires and Nations in Quadrant 89.

The Froggies are small and nasty creatures, they will sell everything for money and gold, and they don't interfere in battles. The Froggies themselves have a thick hide, but are very slow. The only conquer the Frog Slavers Guild ever made, was the economic take over of a Yunilinage Planet, which they rule with an iron fist to sell the species for a lot of money, this is considered their speciality. There are also rumors, that they have close connections to The Syndicate and other criminals of Rambo Nation. One individual is known to have joined Rambo Nation, and is registered as a Rambo citizen and grew out to be one of the criminal lords of Rambo Nation.

As the Froggies proclaim themselves neutral and do not interfere in wars they were mostly left alone by both Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance/Remnant. With their space neighbouring both the Vierians and the Trentacunta they began fearing for their neutrality when they heard rumors of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and their conquering over Rambo Nation.

To travel through space the Froggies make use of the intergalactic civilian freighters like the Vierians and other species.

Hutter (QG)
Hutter Kingdom Flag

Flag of the Hutter Empire

The Hutter are insectoid/planet like creatures found in Quadrant 89. They are a race of noble and fierce warriors, believing fierce in the code of the warrios and dying and living by those standards. They prefer honoring battles and glorious fights and as such hate races that lack that kind of prinicples.

When the Hutters achieved space travel, they formed the Hutter Kingdom. During this time their became the sworn enemies of the Rambulan Star Empire and had frequent encounters with them.

Later on, when Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 89 they eventually became an important ally of them and joined them in battles against the Imperial Alliance and the Confederacy of Allied Systems. As one of the members of the Cyrandia Alliance the betrayal of the URC came as a great shock, so much they began investigating if they could leave the Cyrandia Alliance. In response to the threat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Hutters closed their borders for all and prepared for an inevitable war.

The Hutters are known to those in Quadrant 89 who have dealings with them as dangerous and unpredictable. Quick to anger and believing in the warrior code they will attack those who do wrong, or at least in their eyes. The Hutters use green colored ships, which can use warp and have the ability to cloack.

Even Rambo Nation knows to keep the Hutters as friends, as they can be a menace when they consider you an enemy.

Flag of Imperial Alliance

Imperial Alliance

The Imperial Alliance is a massive organisation within Quadrant 89 and Quadrant 82. It former excisted out of the Lizardian Empire, but when a Unknown Entity killed the Lizardian Emperor, the Unknown Entity reformed the Empire into the Imperial Alliance and absorbed the Lizardian Empire.

The Alliance later grew more powerful, as the Rambulan Empire and the Saurien Sector Coalition became members of the Imperial Alliance. They soon engaged various empires, like Rambo Nation, the URC, Sylit Republic and the DCP, and they allied many other empires, like the Cognatus and the Vartekians. But they were not without schemes as they also destroyed former allies if they furfilled their purpose in the eyes of the Alliance. The Imperial Alliance became one of the most feared empires of the First Gigaquadrant at her high point, but after the Intergalactic War the decline began, eventually going so far as the alliance being divided by the betrayal of the Regent of the Imperial Alliance. Her actions resulted in the "seemingly" death of the Unknown Entity and the fall of the Imperial Alliance.

Though it didn't mean the end of the Alliance as the Alliance was reformed. Now the Imperial Remnant rules over the remaning empires that remained loyal to the Imperial Alliance and those wishing to join the Remnant. Further more even after the Great Cyrannus War and beginning of the Dark Times the Remnant still excisted and expanded greatly then ever.


Quadrantia Octelly

The Quadrantia Octelly are relatives of the Octella of the Brood and are natives of Quadrant 89. They are mysterious yet more gentle and kind then their brethern and they enjoy learning of other cultures.

The Octelly are aquatic creatures, though they can also live above the ground, though rather live under water as they dislike warm temperatures. The Octelly are purple in color and have tentacles which they use to hover above the ground or swim through the waters. The Octelly have no speech, instead they communicate with telepathic abilities, though they can also read others mind which makes some species uneasy around them.

The Quadrantia Octelly have trade relations with the Imperial Remnant, the Vierians and the Trentacunta and are often considered neutral, also staying out of intergalactic affairs. Yet the Octelly seem to be well aware of intergalactic affairs and the current state of the Quadrant and Cyrannus galaxies.

The Quadrantia Octelly do not have their own fleet, instead they use the common civilian freighters and love to listen to other species their stories about culture, art and events. As such the Octelly can be found at space port where they hope to learn more of alien races expand their knowledge and satisfying their hunger to learn new things.

Rambulan (QG)

The Rambulan are a mysterious and secretive species of Quadrant 89. The Rambulan were once Serindia and were taken to Quadrant 89 by an unknown force. There the species evolved in a new breed of Rambo, the Rambulan. They are shorter in size, yet they compensate it with devious claws and an agressive temper. When the Rambulans reached space around 2000 BQF they formed the Rambulan Star Empire, one of the greater powers of Quadrant 89 in that time.

In early years they build their empire and remained in isolation for quite some time until they discovered others like the Lizardians and Xiaans, though they only observed them with use of their cloacking vessels. Around 1200 BQF the Rambulans met the Hutters in with they went to war with. As such they became the sworn enemies of the Hutters.

After the war the Rambulans went in isolation for years, though they signed a treaty in 49 BQF. Afterwards they encountered the Rambo Nation and distrusted them. Over time the Rambulans joined the Imperial Alliance and engaged the Rambo in two Galactic Wars. Yet the Alliance lost the wars and the Rambulans decided to leave the Alliance and go in isolation again.

Sadly they encountered an AI in their space and tried to subdue it, the AI responded with brutal force and a virus which destroyed the entire Rambulan race within hours. As such one of the more prominent empires of Quadrant 89 was destroyed, with Rambulan DNA only held in a Rambo laboratory. Yet they do not want the Rambulans to return and consider them lost.

Regellis Flag

Regellis flag

The Regellis Star Empire is a large and mighty regional superpower native to Quadrant 89, one of the famed Quadrant Galaxies. New to galactic politics, the Star Empire is spacefaring thanks to technology from a crashed Rambulan ship that crash landed during the destruction of the Rambulan civilization. Now, the Star Empire prepares to expand its borders, perhaps bringing into conflict with some of the Cyrandia Cluster's already established powers.

The Regellis Star Empire is ruled by a Preator. The Regellis have powerful warp capable vessels, equipped with cloacking devices and phasic torpedoes they are a new menace and danger since 01 NE. The Regellis excist out of two differant species, the Ch'Havran and the Vulrulan.



The Swerion Trade Federation was the biggest Trade Organization within Quadrant 89. They are known for their chatter talking and good insight at trade. Although they have also been known to 'steal' things for trade, yet all the Empires in Quadrant 89 had dealings with them, and they trade with anyone who gives them money and profit. When Rambo Nation made the Deep Space Colonie 01 near Hutter Territory, they began trading with them as well, but when they wanted to make the journey to Quadrant 82 they were stopped by the Noble Alliance. Stating that they were not welcome and that their trade was not neccesary and bad for their own economy. This made the Swerions angry, and declared that the Noble Alliance was a group of self proclaimed rulers of Trade, but the Swerians were active in Quadrant 82 as they entered the black market and had made a great profit of it. Trade with the Deep Space Colonie 02 and Rambo Nation still continued, even after the Noble Alliance asked to stop that. It is also known that the Swerion had trading relationships with everyone within Quadrant 89, also with the Lizardians. Although Swerions dislike pirates, seeing them as concurrents, they hate other trading nations and empires who deal not only in trade, but also in slaves. Trading in slaves is something the Swerions will never do, though they have close trading relations with the Lizardians. They are the sworn enemies of the Syndicate, because they trade in slaves etc. The Swerions use battle droids in battles instead of going in there themselves, the droids are also used as ship captain and soldiers.

During the Galactic War between Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance, the Swerion Trade Federation aided the Rambo as the Rambo were paying a lot of money to the Federation to use there battle ships to regain control of the Dissia System. After the war, the two nations became good friends, but whether they would aid the Rambo again remains to be seen. Though neutral in the Second Galactic War, they were destroyed during the aftermath of the Second Galactic War, unknown to Rambo Nation. They were in fact too late to help the already doomed Swerions who were slaughtered by the Imperial Alliance.

After the destruction of the Swerions some battle droids fell in hands of criminals.


The Trentacunta are a rather unknown and secretive species native to the outskirts of Quadrant 89. Although having advanced space capabilities they do not participate in the Intergalactic community and stay far away from it.

Trentacunta Warcruiser

Trentacunta Warcruiser

What can be assumed, by observing the Trentacunta, the species is extremely strong and cruel, capable of lifting 125 times their own weight, they are physically stronger than most species that inhabit the Quadrant Galaxies. They are also known to eat there victims and that is probably one of the reasons none venture behind Xiaan Alliance borders, since beyond that, close to Rambo Empire/Imperial Remnant borders lies the homeworld of Trentacunta. Rumors were heard of a possible destruction of the Trentacunta race when their homeplanet was destroyed due to the Annihilation, which scourged the most of the known universe. This later proved to be wrong as the Vierians discovered the Trentacunta inhabited a portion of space near their borders and started trade relations in 01 NE.

What later became known when the Xiaans allowed the Rambo to study their database in 05 AQF as part of the Cyrandia Alliance treaty, the Rambo identified the species as the Trentacunta, which had powerful warcruisers that are 325 meter long warships with an odd appearance, with a powerf laser in front and a rotating drive to travel faster then light.

For more information see: Trentacunta.

Vierian species

The Vierian are a bunny like creatures, known for the bauety and skills in charming and dancing. There kingdom was long ago conquered by the Lizardians, and most of them end up as slave dancers and are taken away by the Syndicate. The Vierian enjoy music and dancing, and as such are often known for their great yet humble parties. The Vierians by nature are also kind though not very brave and refuse to have dealing in wars. As such they often travel onboard the common Quadrant 89 transport ships, as they refuse to build their own which could lead to unwanted attention.

Upon their conquering by the Lizardians they were seen as citizens of the Lizardian Empire, but don't have anything to say and have to follow every rule and law. As said, they are often taken away for slavery by criminals as they do not have their own protection fleet. Over time those who made a name in the Empire began living in relative peace and harmony, and were given positons as observers and scientist within the Lizardian Empire. They soon became known as the best scientists and healers of the Lizardian Empire. When the Lizardian Empire was absorbed into the Imperial Alliance, the Vierians were stripped off their ranks and became slave workers, dancers in service of the Alliance.

Yet with the following defeats during the Second Galactic War the Alliance was crumbling and various Vierians managed to gain their freedom again, though fell under the protection of the Alliance. The Vierians that escaped formed their own kingdom, the Vierian Kingdoms. With their borders close to Remnant and Xiaan space the Vierians choose to remain neutral in galactic affairs. Further more the Vierians als began trade relations with the neighbouring Trentacunta race.

With the later fall of the Imperial Alliance and reformation in the Imperial Remnant the Vierian Kingdoms and Remnant began trade relations in hope of improving the galactic peace within Quadrant 89. Upon hearing rumors of the fall of Rambo Nation and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Vierians decided to remain ignorant of it. As long as they didn't arrive at their borders, a decision was not needed to make.

Two of the most famous members of this species are the Vierian Senator and Neras, the infamous bounty hunter of the Syndicate.


The Xiaan Alliance is an Alliance made between two differant races in Quadrant 89. They are the second biggest Empire, next to the Lizardians before 0 BQF. Although the Lizardians have interaction with the other Empires, the Xiaans do not, and are even more isolated than the Rambulan Star Empire. Although there is a pass in between there territory, they will fire at every ship that enters it or who enters Xiaan Space.

They later changed their ways and became allies of Rambo Nation and even joined the Cyrandia Alliance, ending their isolation once and for all.

Sadly, after the fall of Rambo Nation in 05 AQF/02 NE the Xiaans abandoned their old alliances and returned into their isolation and old ways of attacking tresspassers.

Quadrant 21Edit


Quadrant 21 is one of the five galaxies belonging to the Quadrant Galaxies. Only partly discovered and explored mere in 01 AQF, the galaxy hold stories of terrible onslaughts and conflicts, while a part of the western sectors (where the Ancientia and TerCols live are left alone). Rambo Nation wants to explore Quadrant 21, but the didn't managed to do it yet because of the various conflicts and few spare ships to send on long range exploration missions.


Known space chart of Q21 (01 NE)

Yet what is known, is that Quadrant 21 is the largest of the five, but holds dangerous species which are compared to the Algernon or the Imperials have no intentions of simply conquering territories, they wish to break and enslave the conquered areas too.

Yet the most dreaded and evil spaces laid dormant for years to allow the others, especially the empires in the west and south to make a fragile piece under the guidance of the reptilian Gorauriens. Eventually Rambo Nation arrived also in Quadrant 21, and with them becoming a protectorate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 01 NE it remains to be seen how long the peace will last.

As Quadrant 21 is one of the larger Quadrants it is largely unexplored and one of the most mysterious Quadrants due to her hostile empires preventing exploration of the eastern sectors.

Quadrant 21 holds several interesting trade routes and features:

  • Galactic Features:
    • Quadrant 82 - Quadrant 21 wormhole: the wormhole linking both Quadrants, in Quadrant 82 the wormhole can be entered at the Wormhole Plateau near Rambo Prime.
  • Trade Route:
    • Southern Trade Route: the only route found in the western/southern sectors of Quadrant 21. The most crowded trade route it is often the target of raiders and pirates. It runs by various borders of empires, making it a large neutral trade route. Connects: Alethena Metru (a new trade port due to the Rambo's arrival) - Space Port - Zevia.
  • Other
    • Neutral Zone: an area of space between the Quadrantia Federation and the Andormaru space, crossing this border will probably lead to another war.

Empires of Quadrant 21Edit


Rambo Acientia

The Rambo Ancientia are the only Ramboidae whom do not have wings nor do they live in the Ultimate God's created realms, Quadrant 82 or 89, instead in inhabit Quadrant 21, a nearby Quadrant rumored to have been created by the Forgotten Dark Lord.

The Rambo Ancientia are also known as the Numanoriuniae. They inhabit a Galaxy far from here, which is only reachable by the use of the various Wormholes leading towards that Galaxy. Upon reaching the Space Stage, the Acientia formed an Empire of there own, the Acientia Kingdom.

As noticed, the Ancientia refer to themselves as Acientia, and based their entire culture upon it. Their might was once proud and were one of the greatest empires in Quadrant 21, even the Secoolians were cautios with them. Yet during one time in their history the entire Acientia civilization vanished due to the intervention of the Atlantica. Their space and planets became part of the Realms of the Gods and now act as the entry point into the Realms.

The sudden dissapearance of the Acientia came as a great surprise to the neighbouring factions of the Acientia territories, for one thing it raised the tension between the various races. Many of the colonies which were turned into ghost planets with the dissapearance of the Acientia were later inhabited by the Rambo Nation.


The Andormaru are a blue skinned humanoid species, with white/silver hair colors. The Andormaru have two antennae on their heads, which they use for stability and aided them in balance.

Sh'Ran Class V2

Sh'Ran class, the most common and powerful Andormaru vessel

If an Andormaru would loose one, they would need some time to adjust their balance. Losing one was also considered a shame, and would need a period from two weeks to two months to fully grow back.

When Rambo Nation arrived within Quadrant 21 the Andormaru and Rambo made first contact in the sixth month of 01 NE with captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A. Invited to join a banket onboard the USS Enterprise-A the Andormaru and James managed to negotiate a contract for trade between the Andormaru Empire and Rambo Nation, opening the way for a possible alliance. When news reached the Andormaru by their intelligence that a large and powerful Empire had defeated the Rambo a few month earlier and brought the Rambo to their knees, the Andormaru prepared their fleet in hopes a conflict would not happen. The Andormaru were confused as James Rambo negotiated the contract at behalf of Rambo Nation, which was at that time under the "protectrate" of the Empire, a concept alien to the Andormaru.

Noldialtica (Aininyë)

The Aininyë, also known as the ancestors of the Atlantica, or the Noldialtica are the fairest of all Quadrant creatures and resembled the Ultimate One in spirit. They have leaf-pointy shaped ears and from a distance can be mistaken for humans. Though do not let them hear this, as they feel themselves superior to humans.

The Noldialtica are slender, graceful but strong and resistant to most climate extremes. Their senses are much keener than most creatures, especialley their sight and hearing. Though the Noldialtica need sleep, they can go without it for months.

Their abilities are impressive, as the Nodlialtica posses holy abilities, from creating things from nothing, controlling gravity to shooting lightning from their hands or channeled through their weapons. To others, it would seem magical abilities. Their advanced abilities made them immortal to the sense of that they couldn't die from age or disease. Though they can be slain or killed by the use of poison.

Their once mortal empire crossed the Quadrants and their influance is still seen after their dissapearance thousand of years ago.


The Behquiniar are a native race of Quadrant 21, living more to the south of Quadrant 21 near the planet of Zevia. The Behquiniar are behemoth creatures, who posses tremendous physical strength and are very endurable against any form of damage.

Behquiniar 03

A Behquiniar

Yet their size makes them a bit slow, and though they were space capable they didn't venture into space. The Behquiniar reasoned that without going to space they wouldn't face danger from other space civilizations. Yet they couldn't be more wrong when around 200 BQF the dangerous Quadrantia Loron began raiding planets and systems near Zevia. The Behquiniar fought many battles against the pirates who stole their harvested crops and food supplies. While the Behquiniar were not often succesful againt the Loron, they did manage to defeat the pirates on numerous times.

Around 04 AQF the Behquiniar met with Rambo Nation they befriende the kind nation and were allowed to travel onboard their ships to explore other worlds and meet with the other species of Quadrant 21. Shortly after the peace treaty the Behquiniar met with another superpower, the Unified Nation of Otzello and also befriended them. The relation between the two grow so well, that a large portion of the Behquiniar civilization joined the UNO, where they were often given militairy or police roles. As such the Quadrantia Loron rarely raid the Behquiniar anymore, since the UNO ships are far superior to that of the Loron.


The Caizini are a species with felinoid origins and natives from one of the Quadrant Galaxies- Quadrant 21. The Caizini are far relatives of the brutal Kzishaya, yet have far kinder spirits and are more peace loving.

Caizini Freighter

Caizini freighter

The Caizini have their territory in the west of Quarant 21, with their borders close to the Serglmec space. The Caizini have a kind and noble spirit, with a love for alien cultures and art. Their interesst in alien life is one of their foundational and principal believes to realise peace within the Caizini society.

As a felinoid speices, the Caizini have a fur that the Caizini warm in colder places, though also needs a lot of personal care. The Caizini fur also contains manes and a long tale, for both female and male specimens. When the Caizini speak, they speak with a soft, cat-like purring quality- though they are also known to be able to speak Galactic Basis with a purring "accent". This traits aids them in their kind and respectable reputation.

Caizini are bipedal, ranging from two to three meters in height, and feature a thick orange/brown mane, a tail, and large eyes which gives them excellent night vision. They also have excellent hearing with a frequency range beyond that of most humanoids which made them ideal candidates for communications officers and scientists.


Goraurien (01)

The Goraurien are large bipedal sentient reptillian creatures encountered in Quadrant 21. They have an average height between 2 and 4 meters. They tend to be stronger than most humanoids and Ramboidae in physical strenght.

Space Port

Space Port

Their mouths boast an impressive array of sharp, carnivorous teeth, and their hands and feet have vicious claws. Their sense of smell is better than most humanoids, feline or Ramboidae. Their leathery skin absorbs the warmth they need to survive. Their bite radius is impressive as well, capable to tear flesh from bones and strong enough to damage metal plates. Their appearance hide the Goraurien intelligence, as they are well known to scheming, plotting and great tacticians.

The Goraurien dislike cold temperatures and prefer warm, tropical places. As such their vessels and space stations often have hot temperatures compared to humanoid vessels. The Goraurien have reached space around the same time the Rambo reached space, around 450 BQF they explored their nearby space and settled their empire. Over time they met and encountered other species as well, and soon the Goraurien noticed peace is fragile in Quadrant 21 with dangers like the Quadrantia Loron, Kzishaya and the Secoolian. Around 420 BQF the Goraurien created a massive space station in the middle of the Southern Trade Route, this way the Goraurien gained one of the most influential positions in Quadrant 21. The station was considered a neutral point, a major trade hub and a place to meet other species. Yet to dock at the station required a price, whether is was in raw materials or food supplies. The station evolved over the following years, updated with luxary rooms, casinos, cinemas, markets, a small shipyard and four massive cannons and shields.

Goraurien Corvette

Goraurien Corvette

At the same time they constructed a large fleet of Goraurien Corvettes, blue dagger like ships which they used to protect their space station, territory and trade convoys. The corvettes the Goraurien created are powerful enough to defeat Quadrantia Federation cruisers and to hold out against Icolian ships. They are feared by pirates and raiders, as when you are in their firing line they will blast you to pieces.

A lone Goraurien frigate once came in contact with a Rambo Nation ship, the USS Eagle under command of Captain Ramikku. The unfortunate first contact resulted in the destruction of the USS Eagle and the death of over 250 Rambo crewmembers. Later on various Gorauriens went missing due to an anomly and turned out to have engaged the USS Capricaerón during their way home.

When Rambo Nation arrived the Gorauriens were sceptical about the rumors about this new empire. When in 01 NE more rumors arrived these Rambo were place under a protectrate of a far larger and powerful empire the Gorauriens feared the other Quadrantians would go further south, eventually arriving at their space station. The Gorauriens also feared that the arrival of the Empire could mean a conflict and the end of the fragile peace the Gorauriens worked so hard to keep in the last four hundred years.


The Icolian are a mysterious and advanced civilization in Quadrant 21. Inhabiting an area in the south-west of the Quadrant, the Icolian are living in almost complete isolation. The Icolian are extremely xenophobic, having traits of non-humanoid hermaphroditic race with a likeness for precision. Icolian are approximately the same heights at humanoids, measering from 1.80 meters - 2.20 meters. They are red/orange colored, which represents their flaming and agressive spirit. They have six legs, that makes them possible to move in any direction. The Icolian have two arms with dangerous pincers. There large head contains a large brain, allowing them to use telepathic abilities. This allows them to contact others of their species of influance the weaker among their enemies (humanoids seem extremeley vulnrable to it). The Icolian can stand against extreme temperaturs (up to 450 degree Celcius) but seem to dislike cold weather environments which makes them weak and unable to move, giving them a slow and painful dead.

Icolian cruiser

Icolian Cruiser

The Icolian use strange looking ships, with large spikes and heavy turboblasters and torpedo launchers. For an outsider the ship looks patched together, yet the Icolian made their cruisers this way as it provides a 99% immunity against enemy fire. Without weaknesses to their shields the Icolians also developed heavy weapons and the use of transwarp. Their ship measures between 15 meters.

Throughout their history the Icolians remained in isolation, though some believe the Icolian are already in space since 4800 BQF. Yet their xenophobic way of living made them unknown to the rest of the guadrants, attacking anyone who tresspasses their borders. When Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 21 they did not encounter the Icolian until one of their ships tresspassed Icolian territory. The ship travelled to far off the Southern Trade Route, which passes near Icolian space and as such was destroyed. Diplomatic efforts first failed, but eventually somewhere in 05 AQF the Icolian began sending emissaries to other nations to gain information about them and their threat-level to the Icolian. The Rambo describe their relations with the Icolian as intermittent at best, with incidents still happening.

For more information see the Icolian page.


Imperions, also known as the free people of the Quadrants, are the species of amphibian creatures hailing from the Quadrant 21. They are among the most important species in The Divinarium.

They are as such one of the more seclusive empires in Quadrant 21, having no matters with the dreaded Secoolian or the humanoids for that matter. Upon one time, they joined the organisation known as the Church of Spode, who seemed to have gained access to Quadrant 21 by a wormhole in the Imperion territories. The Radeons of the Church of Spode promised them salvation and power if they would join them. The Imperions immediately refused to join and attacked them. However the Radeons responded with brutal force and the Church of Spode conquered the Imperions.

Over time the Imperions became fully members of the Church after Telfar came to might. Fighitng along in dreaded wars like the Tigris War they later on joined the Masaari Crusade. Upon the destruction of the Crusade the Imperions remained in Quadrant 21, continuing their daily lives. Formign the independant Imperion Pan Empire they faced economic recession and political crisis. As the struggle continued they were eventually contacted by the Divinarium and joined them again.

Kzishaya V2

The Kzishaya are a species with a felinoid origins, native to Quadrant 21 and known for their brutality. The Kzishaya inhabit a small region in the south-west of Quadrant 21.

Kzishaya raider

Kzishaya Raider

The Kzishaya are a dangerous species, often accussed of piracy and theft. However none dared to intervere due to the Kzishaya natural strenght and immense physical power. There skin is so endurable that they need multiply phaser bolts before being knocked down. The Kzishaya are also quite large, measering 2.50 to 3 meters. Another notable trait of the Kzishaya is that they dislike humanoids above all other species, believing them to smell and corrupt. The Kzishaya are quick to anger and have a short temperament. In their own culture they often held gladiator contests, with the victor getting prizes or their own vessels, or in fact even their own humanoid slaves!

Their large claws they use to tear apart their enemies, and their sharp teeths are used to rip off fleshe of their victims. The Kzishaya refuse anyone to enter their territories, as they dislike other species and feel themselves as supreme to others. Their territory borders both Icolian and Serlgmec space. The Souther Trade Route runs between the Serlgmec and Kzishaya space, and is one of the most dangerous sections of the route due to the Kzishaya raiding trade convoys.

The Kzishaya use small raiders, with a size of 35 meters they are easily underrestimated. The Kzishaya use them for for their piracy activity and for transport across the quadrant. There hull plates are specialley made and as such are difficult to detect at radar. Equipped with shields and weapons, capable of warp 7.


Leryngian federation

The Leryngian Federation is a native empire to Quadrant 21, and is fairly new to it, being not-yet involved in most of the old political problems. Their empire, located in the halo of the galaxy, is miniscule in comparison to others, containing only 3 systems. They belong to an unnamed humanoid species (called Leryngians by some), described by travelers as "green-skinned, short, and slightly annoying." There, however, is no picture or painting of them because the Leryngians believe that it is good to live in the moment instead of dwelling in the past, and as such only keep records of past events in the form of text, and, at that, try to only record the most important events.

They exist within or near the borders of the Xenobrood, however have a natural toxin in them, which has an odor that deters the Xenobrood, and, if one comes into contact with a Leryngian, will poison the virus. As a result, there is a diminished, but still present, amount of Xenobrood colonies in the vicinity of the Leryngian Federation's claimed borders.

Quadrantia Federation Flag

Quadrantia Federation Flag

The Quadrantia Federation is an unified alliance and later on an empire of her own after her reforming. Over the course of years various species and races whom inhabited differant kind of Quadrants became members of the Quadrantia Federation.

Formerly mostly present in Quadrant 82 and 89 it was later disbanded in favor of the Cyranida Alliance. However in secret some continued the Quadrantia Federation and she was reformed, rrelocated and given new territories in Quadrant 21. Formerly standing under rule of the Serindia, it now stands under supreme rule of the Quadrantia Humanoids.

With their second appearance, often called the Second Quadrantia Federation it became one of the most influential and powerful empires of the Quadrant Galaxies, capable of matching herself with empires like the Hutter Kingdom, Xiaan Alliance and the Secoolians. Now under guidance of the Bohdarian humanoids the Visaria and a large part of the Yudimaran civilization joined the new Federation. Now they are able to play with the other great empires in the inter-quadrantia matters.

Yet they are not the nicest once and are a bit xenophobic against the greater empire as the Federation also wants to expand, which can mean trouble for other territorial empires of Quadrant 21.

Quadrantia Loron 02

The Quadrantia Loron are a subspecies of the well known Loron of the Otzello family. Once in the past these loron vanished due to some wormhole or anomaly and found themselves in a new Galaxy, known as Quadrant 21.

Quadrantia Loron Fighter

Quadrantia Loron Fighter

This happened around 225 BQF and upon realising they had no way to return home the Loron started their own lives in Quadrant 21 as pirates and raiders, and became well known, feared and hated in Quarant 21. They soon changed their appearance and created their own small raiding ships, which are well equipped with weapons, shields and hold cargo bays to collect prisoners, slaves and ofcourse treasures. Though they seemingly love doing raiding with rock and rap, and is often the first signal of the Quarantia Loron approaching when you hear their music over the intercom of ships. The small fighters of the Quadrantia Loron act as shuttles, freighters and fighters, swift agile and equipped with two powerful blast spheres she can disable enemy shields with rapid volleys. In large numbers they can even disable large cruisers.

When Rambo Nation began exploring Quarant 21 the Loron recieved word of this and are now searching for their location, after all the Loron recieved news of the wealth and richdom of the Rambo and are planning to pay them a visit at their newly found colony known as Alathena Metru.
Quadrantia Loron Dreadnought

Quadrantia Loron Dreadnought

One of the more prominent warlords of the Quadrantia Loron, known as Qur´Trlan began learning about Rambo Nation and their history. While the Loron's history was only filled with raiding the Behquiniar and the Serlgmec, it soon turned out their allying the Rambo and the UNO the Loron were in danger, as the Rambo had more powerful ships then the Loron, who only had their fighters. Studying Rambo Nation and their history the Quadrantia Loron in secret contacted the Imperial Remnant, the warlord managed to buy an old Mortalitas Dreadnought. Together with his band of Loron he modified the ship to their own liking and soon his band rose out to be the richest and most influential Loron, with a large ship (over 2 km) they were now able to raid Rambo Nation ships! His base was the remote and swampy Zivia, where they modified their ship. The planet itself only had natives which weren't space capable and mostly kept away from the Loron camp.

Since 01 NE the Loron often came in conflict with the Quadrantia Federation, UNO and the Andormaru.


The Secoolian are an ancient race from Quadrant 21, with space capabilities dating back to 7800 BQF, using their cruisers which never changed during their history, only the weapons systems and shields were improved over time. During their time they lived mostly in isolation around the Galactic Core of Quadrant 21. Around 3530 BQF the Secoolians left their isolation and began conquering large areas of Quadrant 21, ravaging the quarant and forcing those who were able to escape their onslaught to migrate away from quadrant 21 (like the unidentified humanoids and slugs). Those whom were not able to escape, were simply eaten by the Secoolians, while others were being enslaved, and were used to harvest slaves which could be used for food, providing a permanent food resource.
Secoolian Cruiser

Secoolian Cruiser

However, around 3500 BQF the Secoolians were forced to withdrawn by the arriving Grox Sphere, though this is unknown to the inhabitants of Quadrant 21. The Secoolian battled the Grox for years but lost due to the Grox abilities to adept and soon the Secoolian gave up their conquered areas. Though when they left various areas, it turned out they left planets scarred, some without life as it was completely harvested by the dreaded Secoolians. The Secoolian did manage to keep the Grox further more out of Quarant 21 and settled themselves around the Galactic Core of Quarant 21.

The Secoolians only use one type of cruiser, which were 852 meters long, and were frequently updated with various kind of weapons and shields, though never changed their design.

Since 3500 BQF the Secoolian have been living in isolation and rarely had interaction with the other species of Quadrant 21. Yet since 04 AQF their has been more Secoolian activity and some fear the Secoolian might once again try to conquer Quarant 21, what is known is that the Secoolian have a new leader.

Since 01 NE, the Secoolian recieved news of the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Secoolian began infriltrating their neighbouring empires for information about them.


The Serlgmec are deadly creatures hailing from Quadrant 21. They have a lizard like appearance and their physical power is impressive. The Serlgmec have a war thorn history, as their civil wars mostly used up the resources of their own planet and the ecology system was damaged by it. Forcing themselves into space around 45 BQF they began settling down at new planets they found and over the following years they established their own empire with 5 planets. Well protected by their vast militairy and navy the Serlgmec are sure they cannot be stopped.

Serglmec cruiser

Serlgmec Cruiser

However they have all heard the stories about the Secoolian, and they were once slaves of the Secoolians before the Secoolian were forced to withdraw by the Grox Empire many thousand of years ago. Now having medium sized ships, which aren't really impressive in size or strength they are the backbone of the Serlgmec society. When in combat, the Serlgmec do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves if needed.

As of 04 AQF they are one of the only creatures in the Quadrant Galaxies that still have contact with the dreaded Secoolian, even having neutral relations with them and expressing trade with the insect like creatures. The Serlgmec are known to use one type of cruiser, which are about 85 meters long. Yet their weapons are incredible powerful, capable of weaking Rambo Nation shields with 15 percent per shot. Fast and agile, they are a menace. First contact with the Rambo was troublesome but with the discovery of Alethena Metru and the peace negotiations of Senator Chuinaylia peace returned and the Serlgmec and the Rambo began opening trade.

Yet with Rambo Nation becoming a protectrate of the Empire in 01 NE the relations between the Serglmec and the Rambo became strained, as the Serlgmec feared an invasion. However the Rambo and Serglmec continued their trade, in hopes an invasion would not arrive. However in the 5th month of 02 NE the Serglmec aided the Quadrantia Loron and the Quadrantia Federation in taking over the Q21 space station. However shortly after they left the alliance as they believed the Empire would not react to it.


Tho'Evia are a mysterious race found in Quadrant 21. Ancient and very wise these snake like creatures are friendly to all and are considered the elders of Quadrant 21, even the Secoolian respect them and their knowledge. Some say they even can use magics and have knowledge of the creation of the universe by the Ultimate One and the Atlantica civilization. They are kind though are considered a bit slow by hasty creatures.

Though not a space faring civilization, they inhabit the planet known as Port Northica. A small planet in the northern sector of Quadrant 21, close to the wormhole leading to Quarant 82 and the Serglmec and Quadrantia Loron territories among others. There planet has became a major space port, locating various docking ports, housing motels, pubs, casino's and more. Allowing a spaceport to be build on their planet the Tho'Evia remain up to date about the status of Quadrant 21 and beyond.

Sadly since 45 BQF the Tho'Evia has diminished in numbers, as their skin is worth million of spore bucks as it is believed it gives you magical powers when eaten by a certain manner. This made the Tho'Evia a target for every criminal and lunatic who wants to have magical powers, or is so foolish to believe this myth.

The Tho'Evia became a well liked species, being neutral in galactic affairs they are welcome in most Quadrant 21 empires, however the Tho'Evia refuse to have dealings with the Secoolian or Icolians.

Quadrantia Xenobrood

The Quadrantia Xenobrood, often refferred as just the Xenobrood are a dangerous parasite creatures. However the Xenobrood are parasites with an average size between 2 - 4 meters, making them huge. The Xenobrood are natives of Quadrant 21, though none knows their origins or motives for their hostile ways. The Xenobrood do not need to breath air and as such use their tentacles to swim through space, attacking ships who dare cross their borders. The Xenobrood feed upon shield energy, use other sentient beings as their host to provide new Xenobrood. When the Xenobrood infect their victims they will slowly and painfully transform into new Xenobrood, something the Xenobrood themselves seem to enjoy a lot.

The Xenobrood are found in the south of Quadrant 21, their borders halted by the Imperions who they seemingly refuse to attack as long as they do not enter their own borders. The size of the Xenobrood Hive is unknown nor does one dares to investigate.

Since the Secoolian launched their campaign against the rest of Quadrant 21 and were eventually halted by the Quadrantia Grox, the Xenobrood hasn't been seen or heard from ever since. Some believe the Xenobrood was destroyed, others believe the Xenobrood are satisfied with what they have and want to be left alone. Since the start of 01 NE no one has dared to enter Xenobrood territory and they are presumed to be still alive.



Zevia, a planet located in Quadrant 21, one of the five Quadrant Galaxies. Zevia is a planet filled with forests, swamps and in the north and south even polar lands. Though most of Zevia inhabitants are tribal/civilization stage, one space fearing civilization holds in secret their base inside a valley. They are known as the barbaric Quadrantia Loron.

Located in the south of Quadrant 21, it lies close to the southern trade routes of Rambo Nation and the UNO. Yet to the east, a far more dangerous empire has her borders with Zevia, they are known as the dreaded and feared Secoolian. As a diverse planet, Zevia holds many differant kind of animals, from reptillians to mammels, humanoids to insectoids and more. However, with the coming of superpowers to Quadrant 21, Zevia might become an important strategic position due to her location of the selfmade wormhole of the Bluedion exiting in orbit of Zevia. As such Zevia holds the seconds exit to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The inhabitants of Zevia are often reffered to as Zevia Inhabitants or Zevians.

Space in BetweenEdit


The area known as the Space in between is an area of space between the outer edges of the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy. Due to the massive and dangerous gravital presence around the Quadrants this area lies close to it, and only a small path leading from Cyrannus gives a safe passage to the sector where various planets are located.

The sector isn't controlled by an empire, and hold actually various individual planets, though it is known that Carnthedain, a planet with orc like creatures is the dominant force in the sector and often put their will upon the other planets. However they do not have sole power, as they are too weak for it and the Bluedion and their allies, the Secoolian wouldn't allow it!

Empires of the Space in BetweenEdit

Bluedion 01

The Bluedion, relatives of both the Greendions and the Redions inhabit a sole planet in the space in between known only as the Gate Planet. The Bluedions, like all other dion relatives have a relation to the Forgotten Dark Lord. The Bluedion themselves are amphibious creatures, capable of both breathing under water and on land. The Bluedion, as in their name are blue creatures with fins and are often silent and only talk when spoken to. They are considered the most mystical and strange of the dion relatives. The Bluedions, like all other dion species measure about 1 meter/1.2 meters in height.

Bluedion Fortress 02

Bluedion Fortress on the Gate Planet

The planet they inhabit is filled mostly with water, which fits their nature as amphibious creatures. The planet has a yellow sky, mostly due to the close presence to the gravital presence of the Quadrant Galaxies and is the most far away planet seen from the path. The Bluedions inhabited the planet a long time ago, and in honor of the Forgotten Dark Lord they build a fortress near one of the craters. Together with the fortress the Bluedion managed to create a gate, an artificial wormhole which they could open and close at their bidding. In result they hold one of the two routes into Cyrannus, as one wormhole leads into Quadrant 82 while the one of the Bluedions allows you to enter Quadrant 21, near the planet Zevia. As such the Bluedion became close allies of the Secoolian and other species who like to travel to the Space in between, but also for smugglers from Cyrannus and the Quadrants respectively. The location is often kept a secret from the larger empires, because it could became a tactical position, which the Bluedion do not like as it could mean giving up their freedom as they are the only ones who can control the gate.

In the year 01 Ne the Bluedions were conquered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During their conquering Claire Rambo, now in service of the Empire remainded at their fortress and is preparing an invasion fleet of Quadrant 21 in name of the Empire. The Bluedions are living their normal lives, however their moves are always watched and checked by Imperial officers, much to their own dismay.

Planet Carnthedain


The planet known as Carnthedain is the largest planet located in the Space in Between and holds a great differant kind of species and races. Though the planet is still in the medieval age it holds great elemental energy capabilities. Further more the planet is rich on resources like ores, gold, diamonds, wood and food. While others simply do not land on Carnthedain due to her sometimes hostile inhabitants the planet has shown great progress for her time and could perhaps in the future have a greater role in the history of the Quadrants. The Planet also holds a diversity of animal wildlife like horses, dinosaurs and dragons. To the rest of the Quadrants that is familair with Carnthedain the sentient inhabitants are simply called the Carnthedain Inhabitants.

Though not known by many around 05 AQF/01 NE the planet is inhabited and under rule of the iron fist of the Sorceror of Carnthedain, an evil and ancient figure.

Khar'Zhal (1)

The Khar'Zhal are of the older species of the Quadrant Galaxies. They came into excistence around the same time as the Atlantica and the Crab-like species. However as the other two were natives of the Quadrants, the Khar'Zhal are native to the area known as the Space in Between- a dangerous and rather isolated sub-area of the Quadrants.

The Khar'Zhal inhabited the northern area of the Space in Between, above the position of Carnthedain and the Bluedion moon.

Khar'Zhal ship

Khar'Zhal ship

The Khar'Zhal have a demonic appearance and some believe they infact come from the Chaos Realm itself. The Khar'Zhal are dark red colored creatures, with yellow eyes and dangerous spikes as claws- the Khar'Zhal use to stab their victim and drains it of all life. By doing this, the Khar'Zhal individual learns all of it's victim' history and can use it to the Khar'Zhal purposes. The Khar'Zhal float above the ground and have sharp reflexes and seem to be immune for assimilation by the Quadrantia Grox. The Khar'Zhal use purple/black colered bio-mechanical vessels with the appearance of an insect. The ship is strong and for it's size (1800 meters) quite agile and fast. It has shields, powerful phasers and is capable of draining shields to feed it upon her own systems.

Since their excistence the Khar'Zhal never waged war, though have the power for it. Instead they observed their surroundings- waiting for the day of Choas. Yet they are known to attack those who enter their borders.

Species with Quadrantia OriginsEdit

Throughout the SporeWiki Fiction Universe there are species found in other galaxies who have Quadrantia origins. They are listed below:

Borealis GalaxyEdit


The Arviper are snake-like members of the Borealis Consortium Network, often having roles as gifted traders due to their smooth talking. They can also be advisors and are known to sneak upon enemy targets.

Once, in their distant past the Arvipers were known to inhabit Quadrant 21, and rumors have it they are somewhat related to the Tho'Evia but this has never been proven. According to their own historicans, a Great Light (Paradox) hit their planet and changed their way of living as the stars had moved (in truth the planet was transported to the Borealis Galaxy.

In their new galaxy the Arvipers became notable for their bargains, and for getting other priate groups or empires to aid the Network, often with lies and not revealing their true alignment. Overall, the Arviper prefer diplomacy over combat, and are one of the Network's friendliest races.


The Octelly may not look intimidating in appearance, but are valuable members of the Brood of War. They are used by their Zazane masters and the rest of the Brood as interrogaters, due to their fondness of digging their tentacles into the brains of individuals and retrieving memories and such.

Like their counterpart, the "Brood" Octelly are always hungry for memories and information and will never hesistate to still their hungers. Somewhere within history some Quadrantia Octelly were spirited away from the Quadrants and found themselves in Borealis. Over time they evolved in the Octelly and when found by the Zazane, they were integrated within the Brood.

Cyrannus GalaxyEdit


The Carcubalan are small and friendly creatures, however, they can also be very hostile and use large battle ships to defend there territory. They even posses an ability to heal others when they want. They are blue in appearance and are often found to be mysterious, refusing to tell there origin or history at all. The Carcubalan are blessed with some mystic powers and they are very good at singing and preformences. There personall strength and attack is not that high, however with there mystic powers they have the ability to summon winds to defend themselves, or even hide themselves from stranger. Also there healing powers are quite unique and decent, however it costs a great deal of personall will and power to heal another, they can go so far that the Carcubalan can go into a lethal state.


The Carcubalan, unknown to themselves once lived in the Quadrants, but a sudden anomaly spirited their planet to the Cyrannus Galaxy in which they believed was their home galaxy. Over time they joined the United Republic of Cyrannus and became part of the Empire when the URC was reformed.


The Tezelteän's are a purple colored humanoid race and the species was once native to the Quadrants. As a great light (paradox) hit their planet it was transported to the Cyrannus Galaxy. There, over time they gained space abilities and founded a small kingdom. Their kingdom was located near the outer borders of the URC and already heard of them before and over time grew to accept them and became members of the URC, sucessors to the Cyrannian Federation.

The Tezelteän are passionate and hot temperated, and are well known members of the URC whom firmly believe in the URC system. The Tezelteän's can be found all over the URC society, from low ranking classes to high ranking classes.

The Female Tezelteän's are known for there beauty and are often targets for slave traders. Unknown to the Tezelteän is that they were once native to the Quadrants, like with the Carcubalan their homeplanet was spirited to the Cyrannus Galaxy due to an anomaly.

None Natives of the QuadrantsEdit


Over the course of years various extra galactic empires colonised various Quadrants:

Colonist of Quadrant 82
  • Federation of the Core Worlds † - Newly revealed, after alliance with Rambo Nation they were allowed to colonise 100 Quadrant planets. Later went mysteriously missing.
  • Delpha Coalition of Planets - Ally of Rambo Nation, colonised various planets (they were allowed this).
  • Draconid Imperium - Ally of the Serpentaxy, colonised 3 systems and established a wormhole connection to Andromeda (they were allowed this).
  • Imperial Alliance/Imperial Remnant - A massive organisation which invaded Quadrant 82 and still holds powerfull precence, arc enemy of Rambo Nation. Later fell due to a betrayal from within and lost all presence in Quadrant 82.
  • Defensive Systems Bloc - allies of Rambo Nation, colonised various sectors.
  • Sylit Republic Colonist - ally of Rambo Nation, colonised various planets.
  • Tralor Empire/United Lanat Empire - invaded Quadrant 82 during Tralor Invasion, sided with Imperial Alliance and conquered an area for there own.
  • United Republic of Cyrannus - ally of Rambo Nation, colonised various planets (they were allowed this).
  • TIAF - ally of Rambo Nation, colonised various planets (they were allowed this).
Colonist of Quadrant 21
  • Unified Nation of Otzello - due to their alliance with Rambo Nation and the Behquinar they colonised various planets.
  • Waptoria Alliance of Species - Allies of the NOVA Alliance, colonized a small amount of systems in the Quadrant in between Xenobrood and Goraurien space. This region of space notably does not connect with their home galaxy of Mirus directly, instead going trough the Nebulon wormhole plateau of their allies, the NOVA Alliance, and connects to Mirus from there.
  • Sovereignty Of Ak - Waptoria seperatists who seek a more tribal lifestyle. They are isolationist, and control a small number of former Waptoria worlds in between Goraurian and Icolian space.
  • The Zarbania Powers - A growing empire and uneasy Mirusian neighbors of the Waptoria. Came to this galaxy seeking technology, living space, and slaves. Secretly done so, without knowledge of any other empires.



  • The Individual page reveals certain individuals who play somesort or role in the history of the Quadrants but didn't recieve their own page!
  • The Quadrant Galaxies is the main galaxy of Dinoman82, where all of his fiction take place in or originate from.
  • The Quadrants were not destroyed during the Annihilation because Dinoman wasn't involved in the discussion about the retconn and as such keeps control of the Quadrants in his own hands instead of them becoming a shared galaxy. Story wise the Atlantica saved the Galaxy with aid of the creator of the Quadrants, the Ultimate One.
  • The Quadrants excist out of 5 differant galaxies, though only three have been explored so far.
  • Compared to other galaxies, like Andromeda, Cyrannus or the Milky Way the Quadrants are quite small and easily overlooked, probably explaining why the Quadrants are that well known in the Universe and also probably the reason for the two remaining quadrants to remain unexplored.
  • The Quadrants can only be entered by wormholes, due to the massive gravital energies surrounding them?
  • The Cyrannians call the Quadrants Galaxies Elen'Naneth, which means, Star Mother. The Libertus believe it has origins in old Libertus tales, where the Quadrants of the night sky were seen as the origins of life!
  • As of 05 AQF the most powerful native Empires in the Quadrants are:
    • Quadrantia Grox
    • Secoolian
    • Ca'Leon
    • Xiaans
    • Icolians
    • Quadrantia Brood
    • Gorauriens
    • Imperial Remnant
    • Regellis
    • Rambo Nation
    • Hutter
    • And so on!
  • That the Quadrant page lists almost all species created by Dinoman82?


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