Purity Corps is one of the first empires that was purified by the Purity using the Purification Project, therefore forming the First Pillar of Purity. They're a bureaucracy and are responsible for all the administrative matters in the Purity. They handle all the contracts, bookkeeping, accounting, and management necessary for the implementation of the law inside the empire. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the economy of the vassal states and foreign trade. Another thing they really excel in is the creation of Pro-Purity propaganda that has already spread all over the sectors the Purity occupies. They first study carefully all of the affected alien races to spot their cultural short-sightedness and weaknesses and modify their propaganda accordingly.

Culture Edit

The Culture of the Purified Bureaucrats is based on absolute order and submission to the Purity. This even goes to the point where they actually call themselves Puritans for playing such a big role in the Purity. There exist different ranks in the society, depending on each one's ability to complete different tasks. Everyone there is assigned a job they must follow and if they do it perfectly they get promoted to the next rank.

Ranks are differentiated by respective technological augmentation, while the lowest ranking purified are nearly completely biological with a chip in the brain and some augmentation to not need to breathe, the highest ranking lawyers and bureaucrats are much bigger and have nearly all organs except some parts of the brain replaced by metal.

Members of these species prefer to live on Purified Tomb Worlds completely devoid of nature and color. There no oxygen needed or included on their colonies because of their massive advancements in cybernetics.

They don't have much personal freedoms, but they don't really seem to need or even want them that much. Though still able to feel emotions, they usually choose not to and prefer to walk a more reasonable and logical path from their perspective. They also have absolute surveillance of the population in place so crime is always at zero percent.

Government Edit

The government of Purity Corps is divided into three parts, overseen by the Juridical Upper Directive General Executor, abbreviated to simply J.U.D.G.E. He is the official ruler of the bureaucracy and can interfere with the system anytime if he wishes to.

The first part is composed of bureaucrats, revising and implementing laws passed out by the J.U.D.G.E. and focusing on all the administrative matters to help maintain absolute order within the empire.

The second branch is the judiciary, governed by a high court who judges all arrested deviants within the Purity.

The third and the last one is the economic branch, ruled directly by the J.U.D.G.E. and mainly composed of CEOs and Tycoons responsible for foreign trade and the sustainability of economy within the Purity.

History Edit

Before their purification, Purity Corps was a corporatist oligarchy located near the Origin and one of the first species to cross the Pure One's path. They were nearly instantly called impure and egoistic slave-masters by the Purity, who then declared war on them to liberate them. Since they didn't have much of a fleet at all as their entire focus was on the economy the war had only lasted for a single week when the empire succumbed to the Purity. Many of them actually liked the new change of power and welcomed their new pure overlords with open arms. After that the entire species underwent purification through the Purity's newly invented Purification Project and all the neural implants were repurposed to give the species great love and admiration for the Purity.

Sub-races Edit

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