Us, mortals? Us, who have lived for eons, whom Purity protects and upon whom Light bestows its gifts?

- The Ravenrii, a well-known Pure race

Purity is a Heavenly form of existence: Pure beings lack an Essence of their own, which leaves them unblemished from the mortal evils of death and violent emotion. Thus, they are said to be "pure".

The condition has been described as living "clear of soul, free of mind and faultless at heart", though in reality it is a physical state of being acquired by those close to divine powers. The quality of being "pure" means that an individual has no "worldly", or mortal, ties, among them death. Instead, Pure beings react strangely to different energies and essences, famously neutralizing some while reacting erratically and even catastrophically to others.

Considered by some cultures the closest state to divinity a being can attain while in Reality, Purity has certain identifiable characteristics that, in many cases, shape the lives of those who possess it. For example, Pure beings are magnets for Celestial energy, have an natural dislike of the dark energies, and in most cases exhibit few or no strong feelings at all, instead demonstrating a knack for peaceful, thoughtful and reflexive action. Purity is sometimes attributed as entire species' source of peace and prosperity in more than a single popular tale. It should be noted that all Pure beings are immortal, but not all immortals are Pure. Increasingly rare in most universes, this state of being has become an anomaly to the point of bordering on the mythical. Within this universe, few races (among them the Ravenrii), still exhibit Purity's virtues.

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