The Purity showed me and my people a new way to harmonize with ourselves, and discover our inner beauty. We JHerbivores will be forever grateful for the chance to build our Pure JShrine in the Garden of Innocence in Illum Puri.

- JHerbivore, Puremaster of JCompany Essence JDivision and the Pure Shamans

The Pure Shamanism is a religion born in the JSector on 2819, due to the influence of the JCompany and the Purity.

The religion was supported by the JCompany Pure JDivision until 2848, and by the JCompany Essence JDivision from 2848 onwards.


On 2819, when the Purity demanded the purification with Pure Energy of a group of JCompany traders to establish an all-time JTrade Center on Illum Puri, Spiritmaster JHerbivore volunteered himself to be purified, to better understand such energy. His purification encouraged most of the JHerbivore empire to follow his leader and be purified too.

Ever since the purification of the JHerbivore empire, the JHerbivores merged their previous shamanic beliefs with the teachings and effects of the Purity Collective Consciousness, creating the Pure Shamanism, a way to search harmony via Purity. Spiritmaster JHerbivore reinvented himself into a Puremaster, and founded the JCompany Pure JDivision, to conduct studies of everything involving Purity with the company support. The Pure Shamans of the Pure JDivision are also dedicated to the cultivation of Pure spice - intended for comsumption by purified species.

On 2851, a deal was made between JCompany and the Purity, regarding fast intergalactic travel:

  • The Purity got access to JCompany's Warp Tech, for intergalactic exploration, and the Pure Shamans' Pure Ticket, for quick access to the Purity realms, wherever the main gates to Illum Puri got closed or overrun by enemies;
  • In return, the JCompany got access to the the Purity's Ravenrii technological databases. On the condition that the JCompany wouldn't be allowed to sell or distribute the technology in any way without the Purity's consent.

The deal was greatly celebrated by the Pure Shamans, especially by the Puremaster JHerbivore, who volunteered himself to oversee the works. With the Ravenrii Archives added to the Pure JLibrary, the Shamans wouldn't need to rely on reverse engineering technology alone anymore for the developement of Pure tech.



Green face.pngMay we harmonize through Purity.

  • JCompany: “We are fully supported by them through the Essence JDivision.
  • JMTV: “They broadcasts our messages in exchange of sponsorship.
  • The Purity: “They purified us, and gave us one of the islands of the Garden of Innocence in Illum Puri to build our Pure JShrine. Also, they give us access to the Ravenrii Archives!


Blue face.pngWe accept you as a friend.


Yellow face.pngNice to meet you.

  • N/A


Orange face.pngPlease stop your aggressions before it's too late.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou disturbe the harmony.

  • N/A
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