The Pure Harmony of Tricherus constitutes the Third Pillar of Purity, serving the role of missionaries and diplomats of the Purity. Lead by Tricherus the Redeemer, they spread the good will of Purity in the galaxies occupied by the Purity, converting those who are ready to listen. They are generally peaceful and avoid conflict at all costs, which is bound to them wanting to become everyone's allies to help promote their beliefs. Recently, they have gained the ability to shapeshift and to edit their DNA on the fly using the purified version of the Tendrils of Nix pathogen, using which they managed to infiltrate quite a big number of societies to spread the propaganda made by Purity Corps or to just recruit new members.

Culture Edit

What may be surprising to some is that the culture of this hivemind is quite peaceful and accepting of others. They believe that everyone deserves the gift of purity and that it shouldn't be forced upon others by force that may cause suffering. Instead, they use diplomacy and charisma to infiltrate the ranks of other societies and reshape the population into their pure counterparts. It isn't considered as forcing their beliefs upon others as these others are the ones wanting to accept.

They see themselves as carriers of salvation to those ready to listen, yet the line separating them from being a genuine cult is often very slim.

Hive Mind Structure Edit

As for the government, the Pure Harmony of Tricherus possesses an hierarch type hivemind, meaning having a supreme leader controlling several queens, who in turn can control their own generals who also have each several servants. In this setting, this hivemind is akin to the well-known cult pyramid scheme. There are currently 13 levels to this pyramid, with Tricherus being at the very top and having thirteen so-called apostles, who in turn each possess thirteen missionaries etc.

History Edit

Around 2832, after the end of the war with the Infernal Republic, the Pure One finally turned his attention at the peculiar empire that tried to ally nearly everyone they came in contact with, often succeeding without much explanation. It seemed to him that something strange was going on behind the curtains, so he decided to investigate. What he found is that the empire was actually some kind of friendly cult trying to get as many followers and gain as much influence as possible in the shortest amount of time using diplomacy and secretly pulling the strings of everyone around them. Seeing the benefits that might come if such a tactic is implemented, the Pure One decided to try and make his way to Krothul. Due to the astounding distance, he made a pact with the Virgonian Civilization to allow the use of their wormholes to that galaxy. In turn, the Purity had to agree to not force their beliefs upon foreign cultures there. Though rather unsurprisingly, they found a way around that pact using the same Krothul empire.

The formerly Sacred Harmony of Tricherus was later transformed into the Pure Harmony of Tricherus when Tricherus was finally surrounded and purified by the Pure One. Knowing the truth about the Sacred Harmony, which in truth was a hivemind operated by only one person, Tricherus himself, he utilized the Blitzkrieg strategy to take over their leader, purifying him and the entire empire in the process.

Sub-species Edit

Each of the different levels of the Pure Harmony possesses it's own signature sub-race, mostly varying in their size, ability to manipulate their genes and the power of their charisma field created by sending pheromone-like chemicals into the air around them to charm the people around them, making recruiting much more probable.

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