Across the dark expanse of the universe, the voices of thousands are heard like echoing whispers, crossing the vast void in everlasting drifts of tales, tragedies and heroics. These voices, however, are voiceless, for their music is heard with the openness of heart and the willingness of the soul. If you so care of quieting down your thoughts you will hear them, the melody of the Psionics.

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The Psionics Saga is a Science Fiction writing project authored by The Valader "Val" based on the game Spore, its expansions and Mods, which depicts the tale of the legendary Krassio, masters of the psionic arts, as well as their journey in the universe and their ultimate fate. Althought the main writer is The Valader, other writers in the Wiki have hopped in to contribute to the universe surrounding the Psionic Lords.

The contents in this page are for you to easily traverse the numerous storytelling and worldbuilding surrounding the Psionics Saga, its characters, concepts, story arcs, everything compiled in this main page meant to serve as a database.

Mythic Times[edit | edit source]

Today, our very essence is put to the test. War is upon us.

- Master Kroc.


The following content is historical in nature, written more than ten years ago by Sporewiki Writers back then. Most of this fiction is old, messy, thus called 'mythic' by the psionics in-fiction. There is a literary introduction, followed by an in-fiction historical background meant for new authors and readers seeking to know more about the history of psionics.

Whilst the universe boasts of a certain detachment from wider, inexplicable events occuring in the universe at large, from prying eyes lurking in the shadows and threats beyond understanding, many are oblivious to the fact that their history is tainted in blood, fire, and countless death. But Psionics across the universe do not forget, their minds try to grasp at the shrouded nature of such dark times. Of this era, the universe saw the rise of and first fall of the Psionic lords: the Krassio Host.


The historical revision done here by psionics is one of many done by authors across the First Gigaquadrant, who hail from a plethora of galaxies who experienced the War of Ages and its concurrent conflicts and events. On the side of the author, The Valader is not the only writer in the War of Ages, and the collection of stories in the links hereafter are credited to many writers who participated in this collaborative work.

In the first fiction listed, Inquisition War, psionics were, on a galactic level, abundant and their practices and works known across the Tigris Galaxy. The Inquisition War started following the invasion of a Spodist radical order called the Missionistus, bent on persecuting and eliminating the practice of psionic essence and to blow the revivalist fire started by the Valader (the first mortal recorded who started using psionic essence) that had been removing Spodist doctrine from many worlds in Tigris.

By the time of the second story listed, War of Ages (the real collaborative work between SporeWiki contributors), psionics were a hundred times more populous in Tigris and had begun expanding on other galaxies. Called the Demon Wars by psionics across the First Gigaquadrant, the Tigris War—and the wars that followed—marked a changing point in psionics history, as it is the first time that they met their opposite essence: Demonic energy. As demons poured out from portals from hellish landscapes and realms. Psionic Essence, and its users, were pivotal in the universal engagement against the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

Of the Annihilation, the enemy of the universe's vision of a destroyed universe was almost fulfilled, as countless galaxies across the universe, several within the confines of the First Gigaquadrant, were erased from existence. The Krassio and psionics were reduced to a shell of their former selves, but the legions of the March of Death by the Samut'Angar and the forces of Chaos were halted.

Of the final story, Second Tigris War, those who remained on Tigris are fighting for supremacy, not knowing that the end for the galaxy is fast-approaching. By this time, psionics had been almost eradicated from the First Gigaquadrant, many of them spent in the massive frontlines of the War of Ages, others persecuted and killed, blamed for heralding destruction upon the universe. By the time the Second Tigris War occurred, it was probably the last major engagement recorded by historians that is still remembred.

This is all that is known about the Mythic times, all records corrupted, broken data that is impossible to refine and interpret. For newer generations, no one knows what actually happened, nor how they are able to be born in the times of reconstruction. Some galaxies survived, and their psionic users lived to tell the tale as well. For all that is worth, the Mythic Times are, and always shall be a mystery, but a legendary mystery. The Psionic Lords, the Krassio Host, became known across the gigaquadrant as staltwart warriors that defended the cosmos against the agents of evil. Their names are whispered, and in some occasions ill-intended minds fear that they might watch over the universe, waiting for it to be endangered so to come back and protect the balance in the Universe.


Here are all the stories with psionic users, Krassio, or psionic essence involved in the Mythic Times.

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