The Pseudopath are an advanced race of ancient creatures created by the Enlightened Ones. Once a powerful empire, a war with their own creators has left their empire a fraction of what it once was, with most of their worldweb shut down and their leader in hibernation. They occupy the eastern end of Mirus, guarding their dormant worlds and destroying all who approach. However, rrecent event have opened the possibility of their leader awakening and reconnecting the worldweb, an event that would almost certainly lead to countless deaths...

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Pseudopath were created by the Enlightened Ones as a project to cross the organic and synthetic, a process that created beings with organic bodies and computerized minds. They were supposed to be mindless drones, nothing more than tools and workers. But their leader, a mainframe called the Monolith, began to show signs of sentience. Many Enlightened Ones were accused of sabotage and conspiracy, and were exiled. Eventually, the Pseudopath were subjected to a mass extermination. Believing they had begun their campaign before the Pseudopath could become a threat, the Multus armies began to destroy every Pseudopath they came across. Lord Charron'kun, warmaster of the Multus armies, led the campaign. Kossi'Valicar, known vanquisher of the Zarbanian Imperium, protested. He claimed it was good that their creations were thinking for themselves, and could be used as guardians of their other fledgling creations. Charron'kun would not listen, and continued his genocide.

But the Pseudopath had had enough. The slaughter had awakened a survival instinct within the Monolith, and it ordered its subjects to take up arms. The massacre began, but this time it was directed towards the Multus. Most of Charron'kun's advance armies, expecting to fight mindless creatures that could not fight back, were destroyed almost instantly. Many of the Multus creations were caught in the crossfire, and the Pseudopath destroyed entire worlds of life, making many Multus creations extinct forever. This enraged the general community, and many called for the eradication of the Pseudopath. Kossi and his brother Pridar led the next assault. The sheer might of the Enlightened Ones crushed a large portion of the Pseudopath armies and nearly led to the destruction of their offensive armies. What the Enlightened Ones believed the Monolith could not have calculated was Charron'kun leading an attack directly on the worldweb while the offensive forces were busy fighting Kossi and Pridar. But they were wrong. The Monolith had indeed calculated it, and had prepared.

As the Multus forces began their attack on the worldweb, the Monolith released it's secret weapon: the Horde of the Dead. An army of reanimated Pseudopath warriors overwhelmed most of the assault armies and slaughtered them. Finally, it took the entire Multus army attacking the worldweb to allow Charron'kun the opportunity to besiege the Monolith directly. He shut it down with a massive energy pulse deployed inside it's main core. The collapse of the Monolith shut down the worldweb. All Pseudopath on those worlds were forced to retreat underground and enter hibernation. Despite being led by warlords, they were extremely weakened by the loss of their mainframe. Believing the threat ended, the Multus left the Pseudopath to their fate. The various warlords still awake were able to move the remaining worlds to the eastern ends of Mirus where they could hide. When the Monolith shut down, it locked out the Pseudopaths' emotions, believing it to be for the best.

Recovery Edit

After their defeat, the still-awake Pseudopath reorganized themselves into a royal house-system, led by one dominant one. Unknown to most, the leading warlords, now called Archons, were still able to communicate with the Monolith, which was still somewhat active. Though still active, the Monolith could not control much. Eventually, the Pseudopath detected the Multus' destruction and began mobilizing again. The dominant Archon, Vertigo, began reconnecting worlds to the web, one at a time. Meanwhile, the Monolith began energizing once again, but was still unable to fully awaken yet. Later, the Pseudopath detected a new empire entering their territory. The Scythe of Glory, who were retreating from a failed attack on the Great Mirusian Church of Spode. Vertigo confronted them with a large fleet, as the Monolith desired them as allies. The Scythe leader Dread accepted Vertigo's offer. Vertigo departed, confident that his empire ould expand once again.

Biology Edit

The Pseudopath themselves are mostly organic creatures with supercomputer-like minds. They are more durable than pure organics, and less vulnerable to anti-mechanical weapons than cyborgs or robots. There are many types of Pseudopath and each type has several unit types, as well as strengths and weaknesses. Despite their difference, they all work together as a cohesive strike force. All Pseudopath are individuals, though they can connect to both each other and their mainframe. Since their species-wide mainframe was shut down upon the defeat of the Monolith, most Psuedopath now follow the mainframe of their royal houses and Archons. Despite being partly synthetic, Pseudopath are self-replicating and capable of both healing and adapting. Each individual has the processing power of a supercomputer, but they combine power when they link to each other. A squad is much smarter than an individual. Though the royal houses may seem almost incomprehensibly intelligent, when the Mainframe was active they were so intelligent that even the Enlightened Ones to barely beat them. The reactivation of the Mainframe could present a monstrous threat to the UAE.

There are three types of Pseudopath, representing the individual's age. Some Pseudopath never grow once they've reached a certain stage, but most grow throughout their lives. It can take anywhere from a few months to several years to change Type, or to become a different form in the same Type class.

  • Type One - These are young Pseudopath, just hatched from their nanobitic wombs. They spend a relatively short time in this Type before growing into a Type-Two. These Pseudopath are usually under or around seven feet and lack their second pair of arms. Some of these Pseudopath's growths can be stunted if their superiors so wish.
  • Type Two - These Pseudopath have grown their second pair of arms and have reached at least eight feet in height. Their faces have also fully grown out, though the spines on the tops of their heads continue to grow. These Pseudopath make up some of the race's most formidable fighters, much more so that Type-Ones.
  • Type Three - The oldest of the Pseudopath race, most Type-Threes have been specifically made to grow this way. Unlike the other Types, Threes can very in size enormously, with the smallest being from fifteen to twenty feet tall and the largest getting from one to three hundred feet in height. Some varieties continue growing throughout their lives, though since the race has been in hibernation for millennial it is unknown how big they can actually get.

Culture Edit

The Pseudopath, despite being organic supercomputers, have a diverse culture. There are no books or films, as with the Mainframe they had no need of them. Their architecture, which logic would suggest is barren and featureless, is actually very detailed and aesthetic. The Pseduopaths' society was based on royalty even before the shutting down of the mainframe. Warlords would compete with each other for dominance and position, and the armies were organized similar to Roman legions. The royalty culture has maintained itself throughout their existence, and has become even more intricate after the collapse of the mainframe. Despite the varied culture, the Pseudopath are emotionless, running on logic alone. They also refer to themselves as "we", rather than "I".

Royal Houses Edit

Pseudopath royal houses are each led by an Archon, the most powerful individual in the house. The Archon is both a military and cultural leader, but not a religious one due to a lack of such things with the Pseudopaths' culture. The position is fairly stable, as the Archon tends to be the most powerful or intelligent member of that particular society. The houses each have their own representative color, a singular one that is displayed throughout their society. The members of that house are colored the same as their house's representative color. Each house tends to have it's own position and relations with the others, with some being more dominant than others.

  • Title - Monolith's Chosen
  • Archon - Vertigo
  • Color - Dark Red
  • Rank - Highest
  • Base Worldship - Pseudopath Tombworld
  • Special Unit - Pseudogiants
  • Primary Enemy - Formerly the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, later the Proditkar and the Zarbania Powers
  • Note - Military/Fleet leaders

The House of Disembowelment is the dominant royal house in Pseudopath society. As such, it has the most say with the others. The House's Archon, Vertigo, is the single most powerful member of the Pseudopath other than the Monolith. He is capable of commanding the other houses more or less at will. The House is also the largest and most active one, and the one that has been most involved in the current wars in the galaxy, engaging several foes at once.

  • Title - Monolith's Watch
  • Archon - Kepramidus
  • Color - Gold
  • Rank - Second Highest
  • Base Worldship - Monarch's Outlook
  • Special unit - Pseudodirector
  • Primary Enemy - Formerly the Volver Empire, later the Crimson Splinter
  • Note - Technically part of the House of Disembowelment, used to control the other Houses

  • Title - Monolith's Keepers
  • Archon - Akclalith
  • Color - Green
  • Rank - High
  • Base Worldship - N/A
  • Special unit - Pseudofanatic
  • Primary Enemy - Formerly the Waptoria, later became part of them
  • Note - Inactive, oldest house, worshippers/tenders of the Monolith

  • Title - Ambassadors of Death
  • Archon - Sempralith
  • Color - Black
  • Rank - Medium
  • Base Worldship - The Stealth Gate
  • Special unit - Pseudostalker
  • Primary Enemy - None
  • Note - Ambassadors and Scouts for the Pseudopath

  • Title - Reincarnators
  • Archon - Pesticide
  • Color - Greyish green
  • Rank - Medium
  • Base Worldship - Huskworld
  • Special unit - Pseudogoblin
  • Primary Enemy - Proditkar Movement and Cyber Collective
  • Note - Scientists of the Pseudopath, known for experimenting on captured victims

  • Title - The Hunters
  • Archon - Viscivore
  • Color - Scarlet
  • Rank - Low
  • Base Worldship - Scarlet Fever
  • Special unit - Pseudoseekers
  • Primary Enemy - The Imperium of War
  • Note - One of the Houses that provides basic foot soldiers to the other Houses

  • Title - The Unaware
  • Archon - Observer
  • Color - Bluish Grey
  • Rank - Low
  • Base Worldship - Nowhere Land
  • Special unit - Pseudoghost
  • Primary Enemy - Vanara Singularity
  • Note - Every member is only aware of themselves in the third person, spies and assassins.

They are well known for their highly effective spies and assassins. While a potent force they are looked down on for not very proactive, slow at making decisions, and regarding everyone else around them as idiots. They actually do not have the grudge against the Multus Esse having been rescued from extermination by a mysterious member.

Military Edit

Though the many royal houses are different, the Pseudopath's army is but one. Each unit has a dedicated role which it carries out with absolute effectiveness. Each royal house has a special unit that, rather than hoard it for themselves, provides the main Pseudopath army with. This helps prevent the weakening of the army because of internal feuds or grudges. The varied number of units gives the Pseudopath a definite advantage over some others due to their troops able to cover a wide range of situations. Some are more organic than synthetic, others reversed. They utilize many different forms of weapons and are constantly evolving. Even their technology is not stagnant. It was at one point theorized by the reawakened Multus Esse that, were the Monolith ever to regain full strength, their evolutionary rate would increase a hundredfold.

Ground Units Edit

CRE Pseudogrunt-144c655d ful
  • Use - Basic Combat Unit
  • Weapons - Plasma Pistol, Sticky Detonator
  • Defenses - Light Armor
  • Size - Six Ft.

Pseudogrunts are the Pseudopath Empire's basic and most common combat unit. They are but infant type-one Pseudopath who haven't even grown their second pair of arms yet. Those who do not advance in rank quickly have their growth stunted until they prove themselves worthy. They come armed mainly with plasma pistols that can burn through most flesh and armor in a few shots. The weapon can also be overcharged, which will completely disintegrate any organic matter it hits. Their secondary weapon is a sticky detonator, a pistol-sized grenade launcher that fires plasma grenades. The Pseudogrunts have little real protection, instead relying on large numbers and backup from more powerful units.

  • Use - Tracking and Intercepting
  • Weapons - Poison Darts, Flechettes, Claws
  • Defenses - Speed
  • Size - Two Ft.

The Pseudoseeker is a scout and hunter-killer unit. They are repurposed Pseudopath hatchlings who will never become fully grown Pseudopath. This is no matter, because Pseudoseekers are very dangerous by themselves. They can move silently and deliver lethal poisonous darts to enemies when they least suspect it. They also are equipped with rapid-fire flechettes capable of tearing through most living matter. If the enemy is upon them, they can use their razor-sharp claws to rip their foes apart. Their primary role is to track their targets or harass an enemy force, a task that comes easy to them due to their synthetic wings.

  • Use - Stealth and Assassination
  • Weapons - Claws, teeth
  • Defenses - Intelligence
  • Size - Seven Ft.

Pseudoraptors are silent and deadly hunters that follow their soldier brothers closely, then stalk their prey to attack when the opportunity presents itself. Working in packs, they can confuse and panic their enemies before jumping on them and ripping them to shreds. Their claws are made of pure nanobots, and they vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies, making them vibrate. This is enough to let them penetrate most forms of armor, tearing their foes to pieces before they can react. Their intelligence allows them to work closely with a small amount of individuals, letting their teamwork to get the best of their enemies.

  • Use - Hit-and-run, ambush
  • Weapons - SMGs, Tentacles
  • Defenses - Speed, light armor
  • Size - Seven ft.

Masters of stealth tactics, Pseudostalkers attack from behind the enemy lines, climbing buildings or trees to spring down on their foes. They come equipped with razor-sharp tentacles and submachine guns that fire supersonic phasic rounds, bullets that phase out, then reappear inside the enemy once they are past its armor. This makes an assault by Pseudostalkers very hard to repel. Even when deprived of their guns, the Stalkers' tentacles can tear through infantry units with ease, and can stretch over large distances to strike far-away foes. All this happening during the middle of a battle often spells doom for their victims.

CRE Pseudogoblin-144c655b ful
  • Use - Basic Combat Unit
  • Weapons - Plasma Rifle, Flechette Mines
  • Defenses - Light Armor
  • Size - Seven ft.

Pseudogoblins are Pseudogrunts on their way to becoming type-two Pseudopath. As such, they are hunched, ungainly-looking versions of Grunts, with twisted faces and bent limbs. While at first appearing clumsy and unthreatening, the creatures can move with surprising speed and ferocity. Instead of Plasma Pistols, the Goblins carry Plasma Rifles, weapons that fire bursts of plasma at a debilitating speed. They are much more dangerous than the pistol variety, as they can burn through entire columns of unprotected infantry. They also carry Flechette Mines instead of Sticky Detonators. The mines latch onto victims and spray a hail of large, sharp flechettes in a wide spread, killing or maiming anything nearby. If the Mine misses the target when fired, it can actually chase its foe on its robotic legs.

  • Use - Sabotage of Field Equipment
  • Weapons - Omni-Laser
  • Defenses - Agility
  • Size - Seven Ft.

These creatures are extremely problematic for enemy armies. They are fast, can cling to walls, and are almost impossible to hit. They fire a laser from their heats that can overheat weapons, deplete shields, and burn flesh. Packed with synthetic muscle, their jumping ability is almost unparalleled. Even though they are not as dangerous as some other types of Pseudopath, they are still priority targets because of their disrupting abilities.

CRE Pseudotrooper-1440d2f9 ful
  • Use - Basic Combat Unit
  • Weapons - Plasma Rifle, Nanobombs
  • Defenses - Armor, Shields
  • Size - Eight Ft.

Pseudotroopers are the basic Type-Two Pseudopath. They have four fully-grown arms and a long snout full of sharp teeth. They are towering, powerful combatants, able to match the fighting forces of most other races that they have met. Even Draconian warriors have trouble beating them. Their Plasma Rifles are of the same model the Goblins use. They also utilize Nanobombs, handheld grenades that stick to targets, dissolve the foes' armor and flesh, burrow inside its body, and detonate. A stick with one of those means certain death, no matter what the creature. Unlike Type-One Pseudopath, Troopers can operate without support, even on their own.

CRE Pseudocaptain-144c6553 ful
  • Use - Field Commanders
  • Weapons - Phase Rifle, Warpshot, Nanobombs
  • Defenses - Armor, Shields
  • Size - Nine Ft.

Pseudocaptains are experienced and middle-aged Pseudopath commanders that specialize in leadingtheir brethren into battle while laying down heavy gunfire. Their primary weapon is a Phase Rifle, an extremely dangerous weapon of intricate Pseudopath design. The projectiles, wrapped in a phasic envelope, will phase out of existence when they near a solid object, only to reappear when out of it. This also works with shields and armor, allowing the weapon to bypass all defenses and appear right inside its foes' vitals. This makes an assault by Pseudocaptains almost unstoppable until they are down.

Their secondary weapon is the Warpshot. It is a rifle that opens in a spiral to reveal a heavy battery of explosive plasma launchers. The weapon can bombard an open area with superheated plasma bombs that can melt most material. Foes who face this weapon have learned to take cover behind objects that are very heat-resistant, and to pack precision weapons to bring the Captain down. This is not an easy task with the Captain's thick armor layers. Captains also carry Nanobombs for antipersonnel work.

CRE Pseudozealot-1440d2fb ful
  • Use - Elite Combat Units
  • Weapons - Phase Rifle, Plasma Scimitar, Nanobombs
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Heavy Shields
  • Size - Ten Ft.

Pseudozealots are very powerful and dangerous Pseudopath fighters. Promoted from only the oldest, most experienced, and most fanatical Type-Two Pseudopath, the Zealots are savage and determined foes. They are armed with the same Phase Rifles the Captains are, and also use Plasma Scimitars, swords with blades of plasma that are hot enough to burn through shields, armor, and flesh in one swing. Zealots also carry an arsenal of Nanobombs. The Zealots' shields and armor are thick enough to repel almost any small-arms fire, and can survive grenade sticks and even rocket splash damage. They are often seen guarding important places or leading large armies.

CRE Pseudofanatic-144c6555 ful
  • Use - Elite Combat Units, Bodyguards
  • Weapons - Phase Repeater, Phasic Sword, Trackerbombs
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor and Shielding
  • Size - Twelve Ft.

Pseudofanatics are very powerful warriors, second only to Pseudodirectors and the Archons themselves. Battle-hardened Pseudopath with years of experience, Fanatics are capable of cutting down entire enemy companies if they do not deal with the creature in time. They are armed with Phase Repeaters, powerful heavy machine gun versions of the smaller Phase Rifles. This weapon can penetrate tanks and other armored vehicles and kill the pilots inside. A Phase Repeater is one of the pinnacles of Pseudopath small arms. They also carry Trackerbombs instead of Nanobombs. These weapons, if missed when thrown at a target, actually get up and hover after their foe at a fast speed, determined to stick it before exploding.

But these are not the Fanatics' primary weapons. Their preferred weapon is a Phasic Sword. This sword is very similar to the Pseudozealots' Plasma Swords, with one key difference: the Phasic Sword can phase out of existence in order to pass through armor, shields, or hard surfaces. Thus a strike from a Phasic Sword is almost always fatal. It is also a dead win in swordfights, as it can pass through any other sword material, even Alphorium. This makes the Pseudofanatics extremely lethal foes. Not even Draconian Exterminators are a match for them.

CRE Pseudodirector-145dcaac ful
  • Use - Command Units
  • Weapons - Phasic Chaingun, Phasic Axe, Pinch Rockets.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor and Shielding
  • Size - Fifteen Ft.

Pseudodirectors are the most powerful second-stage Pseudopath other than the Archons. Indeed, they are well on their way to being able to take on an existing Archon for the position. Armed with devastating weapons, a Director on the battlefield can make all the difference. Their primary weapon is a Phasic Chaingun. The most powerful Pseudopath projectile weapon, the Phasic Chaingun can pass through entire buildings of solid metal, shred the targets inside, and go right through the other side. They also come equipped with a Phasic Axe that can pass through any known material.

Their secondary weapon is a Pinch Rocket Launcher. The weapon fires rockets that are more of a pinch in the dimensional fold than actual projectiles. The weapons don't do any explosive damage: rather, they deliver a sheer kinetic punch capable of flinging tanks like leaves in the wind. It is unknown how the weapon is powered as, even with the recent UAE-Pseudopath alliance, they still refuse to share their technology.

CRE Pseudogiant-1440d300 ful
  • Use - Main Heavy Unit
  • Weapons - Arms, teeth, weight
  • Defenses - Thick hide and bones
  • Size - Twenty Ft.

Pseudogiants are very large Type-Three Pseudopath that are used as destroyer units. They are capable of destroying most types of ground vehicle thrown their way. Their main pair of arms have become legs to support their massive bodies. Their secondary pair of arms have elongated to serve as weapons. Pseudogiants have extremely powerful jaws, able to crush through hardened steel. They can also destroy entire columns of vehicles with their massive legs. They have no armor, as their size and weight are all the defense they need.

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  • Based on the Fallen, Vex, and Hive from Destiny, and the Geth from Mass Effect.
  • Their name comes from some of the creatures from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
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