Project Fidne was a project initially proposed by the scientific community of Xuz Fareh, the year 949 AI. The proyect consisted of building a spaceship (the first in the history of the species) and travel to the moon Gorb Olohya using it.

The following story is about the debate which took place in Cyner in the year 950 AI about whether the project should be approved or not. It also serves as a prologue for future stories, as well as an introduction to some of the characters that will protagonize them.

WARNING: this story is terrible and probably not worth your time. It might get a slight rewrite sometime in the future, though.


Five years before the main events of the story, Project Fidne is debated by the representatives of the cities and the juter himself. In the meanwhile, Nynn Vandar and Olgun Suner, two young kids, pursue a loose animal across the building where the meeting takes place.




  • Nynn Vandar (debut)
  • Olgun Suner (debut)
  • Gant-Denn Daraunte (debut)
  • Garko Cunfe (debut)
  • Fanru Dahr (debut)
  • Kavalen Mantur (debut, minor role)
  • Lumble (debut)
  • Nynn's father (debut, minor role)
  • Xindeler Calunda (debut, minor role)
  • Huldar Koldoroy (debut, minor role)
  • Csanade Zundel (debut, minor role)
  • Vango Kayonn (debut, minor role)
  • Fanou (debut, minor role)
  • Daraunte's butler (debut, minor role)


Empires and civilizations[]

Vehicles and Spaceships[]



  • Cyner (debut)
  • Nurkane (debut)
  • Anaryas (only mentioned)
  • Purxie (only mentioned)
  • Lyrnanra (only mentioned)
  • Fagges (only mentioned)
  • Vinarya (only mentioned)
  • Likanas (only mentioned)
  • JJ-99 Technologies (debut)


Part 1: Loose[]

Today it's not just any day. It's the day. There will be a reunion at the Nurkane, in Cyner, where the representatives of each other city in the world travel here to discuss about an event that could completely inflict in Llurebleg history: Proyect Fidne. Daraunte III the Revolutionary, the current juter of the planet whose presence is essential to the fate of the proyect, is getting ready for the event. On the meanwhile, in the middle of the town, a herder and his young son are going to the street market, intending to sell one of their animals for money. Nynn Vandar (the young kid in this story) isn't very happy with the idea of selling the poor animal, however...

NYNN: Dad, are you sure we must sell Lumble?
FATHER: Yes, we have to.
NYNN: But, what if she misses her friends? And what if she misses me?
FATHER: Don't worry, Nynn. Lumble is already a grown-up. Also, we need the money to take care of us: you, me, your mother and all the other animals. It won't be that much money, but it's a good start. We have many other Furgals*.
NYNN: Then if you also had many other children, would you just sell me to some random dude for money?
FATHER: Well, maybe we could. That way we wouldn't have so much trouble with you. Besides that, don't compare yourself to a dumb beast, you idiot!
NYNN: That "dumb beast" is a living being like you and me, and doesn't deserve to be treated like a mere object!

And there they go. Another argue. It's not the first time the caring of Nynn for other living beings caused his father to be angry with him. And he had become friends of sorts with Lumble. He didn't have many friends, and his parents often ignored him, so he was alone most of the time. Except when he was with her. Most Wistompt would simply act apathetically at him, but Lumble actually gave him attention. She would commonly stroke him with its head and let him ride her for a while through the dome. He liked a lot to ride her. Nynn's dream was to become the captain of a spaceship when he was an adult, and when he was riding Lumble he felt he was actually piloting a spaceship. He had much to thank her for.

FATHER: You know, let's stop arguing. When this creature is gone, I won't have to suffer from your nonsense stuff once and for all. Look, I'm gonna talk to that man over there and set a deal while you hold that thing on place. If you dare to let it escape, I can guarantee you'll regret.
NYNN: Please, dad...
FATHER: Any objection??

In reaction to his father's angry tone, Nynn stayed silent. His dad went to that man and they started talking about the price for the creature. Nynn looked sadly at Lumble, feeling guilty about being her jailer, the harbinger of her demise.

NYNN: I'm sorry, Lumble... I don't want to do this, I want to set you free... But if I do...

Interrupting him, Lumble carefully stroke him with her head. Forgiving him, seemingly accepting her fate. Then, Nynn heard a familiar voice.

OLGUN: Hey, Nynn!

Nynn looked on it's back and saw Olgun Suner, his other friend, walking towards him. Olgun was argurably Nynn's best friend, besides Lumble. He was a very friendly boy, one year younger than him. Olgun was born with a strange deformation on it's crest, that caused other children at the school to laugh at him constantly. Even his parents rejected him, so Olgun lived alone in a ruined house. He didn't have friends, except for Nynn. He was the only one who didn't laugh at him, the only one that accepted him. Why should everyone care about his crest being different? Why does that mean he didn't deserve friendship? Also, both shared the dream of becoming pilots in the future, as it's not too rare between friends during the early age.

NYNN: Hi, Olgun...
OLGUN: Hey, why are you so sad?
NYNN: It's Lumble... My father wants to sell her to some random person... Olgun, I know they're not gonna treat her very well there. I know she'll miss me... At least until the day they...
OLGUN: You're right. It's not fair. But...
NYNN: What's the matter, Olgun??
OLGUN: Where's Lumble??
NYNN: What do you mean? She's right he-

Well, she wasn't right there. Taking advantage of Nynn and Olgun's conversation, Lumble had run away from them. She had tried to brave her destiny, but she was actually very afraid. Too afraid. So she ignored her "promise" and fled. Fortunately, due to her being so slow, she didn't get too far before Nynn and Olgun spotted her. NYNN: But I thought she...

OLGUN: Quick, we must get her before somebody gets hurt!

Nynn and Olgun then started chasing Lumble. Many people started to scream as the large animal crossed through their way. They run after her across the streets, and often had to houses when Lumble used her wings to fly over them. They pursued her during a long time until they stopped, exhausted. They stood in front of the large building Lumble had entered bare seconds before.

NYNN: Oh, no... Please, no...
OLGUN: She really had to go there, right?

Lumble's escape eventually got to the worst place it could have gotten to. The Nurkane...

OLGUN: C'mon, let's catch her!
NYNN: No... I should let her free, Olgun. If we catch her, we are forced to let her be sold like a tool. I don't care if my father punishes me. Lumble doesn't deserve to suffer because of me...
OLGUN: Do you realize she just got inside the most important building in the whole planet, where the most important person in the whole planet lives and is about to have the most important meeting in the whole planet? There are tons of guards with weapons inside them, they could hurt or even kill her!
NYNN: Oh no, you're right! We'll get her, and then we'll free her.
OLGUN: Great!
NYNN: I guess we must go inside...
OLGUN: It's the only way.

So they went inside the building. Some guards were already pursuing Lumble, and loading their JJ-99 guns. There wasn't much time left...

-*Furgal is the Llurebleg denomination for the Wistompt. It means "tusked" in Baranian

Part 2: Protector[]

At the top of the building, with no knowledge of what happens in the lower parts of it, the juter Gant-Denn Daraunte gets dressed up for the debate about Proyect Fidne. He has hopes of the proyect's approval, as the main booster for said event. He is sure many of the representatives share his oppinion about the proyect, and are even able to find more uses for it. But he knows not everyone else has the same ideology as him... Who knows? It's possible for somebody to change his mind. Maybe the proyect wasn't a good idea after all... No. It was important. At least for him. He needed an answer for those structures, he needed to know what were they used for... And overall, he needed to know who built them. Suddendly, he heard a JJ-99 gun being shaken right behind him. Oh, nothing important. Just him again. Garko Cunfe, one of the many guards in Cyner, watches every single movement in the room, in search for a non-existing enemy. He's been in the room since Daraunte got inside, but the juter didn't say anything until now.

DARAUNTE: Garko, you don't have to-
GARKO: Yes I have to, sir. And sorry for the interruption.

There was a short silence.

DARAUNTE: Your job is to protect of the citizens, not to take care of me.
GARKO: There are many other soldiers taking care of the city, but nobody taking care of you, sir.
DARAUNTE: Come on... Do you think a group of vargos* are gonna target me before tons of other hanyire which could be much more delicious than me?
GARKO: It's not just the predators, sir...
DARAUNTE: I see... Come on, Garko. Our species has always been peaceful. We were basically made peaceful on purpose by evolution.
GARKO: Well, most of us...
DARAUNTE: Well, yeah... Most...
GARKO: Sir, be careful in the debate. That man is crazy, and could be dangerous. I heard he-
DARAUNTE: Don't worry, Garko. Even if all that nonsense was true, I can take care of myself. I'm not a baby or anything.

Daraunte was really worried about Garko. They were good friends when they were little, but Garko was kind of obsessed with him. When Daraunte moved from Fagges to Cyner, he followed him. When he runned for juter, Garko trained to become one of the guards and signed up. Now he would stick to Daraunte the whole time, trying to "protect" him from whatever he came up with. Daraunte was initially grateful for Garko's care about him, but his overprotective nature started to get annoying and even dangerous. One day, when he was out for a walk, some kids accidentally threw a ball at him and Garko threatened the poor children with its JJ-99. Daraunte was close to firing him for that, but he forgave him because he knew him. Daraunte was very important to Garko, so it was understandable that he wanted to protect his friend. But still...

Suddenly, someone kicked the door**, and Daraunte's butler came in.

BUTLER: Sir Daraunte, the guests are already here.
DARAUNTE: OK. Go and tell them that I'll be there soon.
BUTLER: Alright, sir.

And the butler left. In that moment, Daraunte finished dressing and went to the door when Garko spoke to him again.

GARKO: Please sir, let me go with you. I need to be there, protect you from that madman.

Another short silence.

DARAUNTE: You aren't gonna stop begging until I'm "safe", aren't you?
GARKO: No, sir...
DARAUNTE: Ok. You can come with me. But don't be too extreme, if you know what I mean.
GARKO: Thanks a lot, sir.

So they both went through the door, directed to the meeting room. Both of them unaware of what was going on in the lower parts of the building.

-*Banarian word for the Raptorel. -**In Llurebleg culture, kicking the door weakly serves the same purpose as knocking the door in human culture.

Part 3: Dumb[]

The room was wide, with a table big enough for at least 10 people to sit on it's chairs. There was a glass of water in front of each seat: one per guest, as well as one for the juter. The representatives of all other cities were in the room already when Daraunte and Garko arrived: Huldar Koldoroy, from Vinarya; Xindeler Calunda, from Fagges; Csanade Zundel, from Lyrnanra... And him... Fanru Dahr, the representative of Anaryas. He wasn't like the other hanyire: not peaceful, nor fearful, and neither a reasonable person. It's not wrong to not be a genius, but he was way too dumb for being part of a sentient speicies. He believed strongly in the power of military, and some rumors told he was planning to screw up Daraunte and rule all of Hanyira, to then develop advanced weaponry and form an empire of war that would attempt to subdue any other sapient species. He wasn't smart. Like, really? What the hell were Anaryas' citizens thinking of when voting that savage?

DARAUNTE: Sit down everybody.

Everyone sat down on their chairs, except for Garko. He didn't have one, nor he wanted it. He would just spend the time patroling around, keeping an eye on Dahr as much as he could.

FANRU: Yecskius mee, Denn. Wad ees gis dood dewin hier?

Oh, yeah, right. Fanru's grammar wasn't OK either. Not only when writing, but also when speaking. It was hard to understand what he said sometimes.

DARAUNTE: Umm... Oh, right, he's just watching around, making sure everything is... Safe, I guess.
XINDELER: I'm grateful there is someone watching around. We don't know when is there gonna be some brute throwing bombs everywhere

She tried to remain as professional as she could, but couldn't prevent her eyes to blamefully point towards Fanru. Garko wasn't the only suspector in the room. In fact, it's possible that only Daraunte, that one kind and magnanimous Daraunte, didn't have some sort of hate or suspect towards him. Despite his curious nature, he didn't want to mess with the lifes of others.

KAVALEN MANTUR, REPRESENTATIVE OF PURXIE: Can we start talking about the proyect already?
DARAUNTE: Of course, Mantur*. Does anybody want to start the debate?
HULDAR: Yes, Daraunte. I think we don't have to do this. We MUST do this. Exploring other planets would be a giant step for our civilization. We could learn from other civilizations, and thanks to them further improve our technologies. Currently, our only method of getting rid of contaminant gases from coal combustion is burying them underground. Who knows if aliens have come up with something else.
CSANADE: Do you realize we're talking about completely different species? It's impossible to communicate with them, nor to socialize. We don't want to go to war with them, since that advanced technology you're talking about could be our doom. I say this project is useless.
XINDELER: But what about the expansion? We could colonize other planets, and exploit their resources. Who knows what valuable resources could we find on those planets? Also, more terrain equals more space for factories, farms and cities. Both the population and economic growths would be massive!
KAVALEN: And how exactly do you know it won't be too massive? Plus, how would we know which planets are "free" and which aren't. Let's imagine we find a planet with tons of coal, and we settle on it. But when we dig into it, we discover a civilization which lives underground and has weapons capable of destroying planets and they are angry. Then we are, like, screwed. Or maybe the planet is empty, but it's still somehow property of another advanced civilization and, again, we are screwed. We cannot communicate with aliens properly, as Csanade said. We cannot know how does their civilization work. Maybe even our moon is actually property of another empire! This project is too risky and not worthy at all, I deny.
FANRU: Aye zink-
VANGO KAYONN, REPRESENTATIVE OF LIKANAS: I believe all your statementes are quite interesting. However, I have to lean towards the yes. The resource avaibility on those new planets could be way too worthy to dismiss. And, of course, we mustn't forget about the initial purpose of the project: to know more about ourselves. As Daraunte said, who knows if we will ever find that mysterious race that once lived with us?
FANRU: Mee zinks-
KAVALEN: Exactly. "Could", "Who knows". We don't even know if other planets will have valuable resources for us, neither precursor species. We might take hundreds of years to find those , and more hundreds to learn how to understand them. Is it worthy at all? As Csanade said before, the chance of them being able to understand us and vice versa is extremely low.
CSANADE: Actually, I changed my mind. I stay negative against communicating with others, however. BUT if we are careful with what we do and we find the right planets, we might fing useful resources and develop greatly. Maybe we can eventually become more advanced than other alien species.
FANRU: Fuhn-
KAVALEN: You can't be talking seriously right now. We-
DARAUNTE: Can you stop interrupting? Let Dahr talk.

They couldn't outsmart Daraunte. He knew their intention was to stop Fanru from speaking about his dumb ideas. Now they had no choice but to let him talk about whatever "strategy" he had.

FANRU: Zanckse. Aye zink uee shuddent guork onn dees speizsheeph zingas lliet. Uee shudd deebelopp aur millietaeri tecc first.
VANGO: OK... Any reasons for doing... whatever you just said?
FANRU: OUH. Lettmee xpleine, leidee. Dose ixteratierestyal zingas doo xxieste, aye velleib, butt uee shudd naut ttrai doo eebenn tokk doo demme. Uee shudd seempley ggou utt demme ande DEZTROYE DEMME.
KAVALEN: Alright, I think I kind of understood what you just said. Don't you think that's dangerous? As we said before, we are talking about advanced alien species with advanced weaponry.
FANRU: Eecsaktelie! Addvenzed EEVEELE eiliyen xpeezies. Dei ure EEVEELE. Eeph dei xcsiest, dei ure goying ttoo uhttacc asse. Sou uee mastt vee reddie phore de taime datt japenns. Kunteruhttacc. Uee shudd prayorietyz deefens veephor xphloreitiyon. AENDE uee uil uhttacc demme uhtt deh eecsaktt mmoemente dei kuhmme jeeher.
HULDAR: But the aliens might actually come in the name of peace. Attacking at first glance might result not only in the loss of knowledge and possibily resources, but also in an unwanted war, and we won't have means of attacking them without spaceships!
FANRU: Naw, naw. Zeyr olle EEVEELE. Aye uhlraedee zhogtt offe dahtt, yaneguawe. Dee aensbuer ees: A MOOBEENG PHLANETTE!
CSANADE: Do you even realize how ridiculous does that sound? Daraunte, are you seriously gonna consent this lack of seriousness? This is an important proyect for our society, and this retard right here wants to screw everything up and put f***ing thrusters in our planet or something!!!
DARAUNTE: Calm down, Zundel. Dahr, I suggest you stop talking about this nonsense and actually discuss about the topics we are treati-
DARAUNTE: Could you please calm down? We cannot understan-

Enraged and unreasonable, Fanru took it's water glass and threw it at Daraunte, failing and hitting the floor instead. The sound of the glass breaking instantly caught Garko's attention, who stood next to Daraunte's chair shaking it's gun and aiming Fanru right after.

GARKO: I'd recommend you to calm down right now.
DARAUNTE: Garko, calm down, it's not necessary to-

Then he took Vango's glass and threw it at Daraunte, this time hitting him in the shoulder.

GARKO: You're regretting that right now.
HULDAR: Oh my goodness!
XINDELER: Please, stop you two!

Garko ignored the other people in the room, and got ready to shoot at the brute hanyire.

DARAUNTE: Garko, stop right now!!

And then a loud noise was heard in the room. No, it wasn't the gun. Garko had shot one second after, but the noise distracted him and the electric charge hit the floor instead of Fanru. Everyone was looking at the place the noise came from: the wall. Or at least, what was left of it. Between the dust and the debris, Daraunte could diferentiate a large, beastly shape and a smaller, more Llurebleg-like one at the top...

-*The representatives of cities and the juter are usually refered to with their surname instead of their name. This is the reason for Gant-Denn Daraunte being usually called simply Daraunte III.

Part 4: Chase[]

They finally got lost. The Nurkane was an enormous place (not too wide, but quite high), with a lot of stairs and corridors. Nynn and Olgun did not know, neither the guards. Lumble had dissapeared in the labyrinth. The soldiers quickly scattered to cover all the corridors. Unfortunately, there were at least 15 guards and only two kids, so finding Lumble before the first would be no easy task.

OLGUN: How the hell does such a large animal get lost like that?
NYNN: Quick, we must find her before the guards!
OLGUN: Let's split up!
NYNN: But what if we are in danger? Like, the guards might shoot us. I don't want to let you alone, Olgun.
OLGUN: If we go together, they might shoot both of us. If we split up, the chances are only one will get hurt, if not any. Anyway, I can take care of myyself.
NYNN: OK... Be careful...
OLGUN: I will.

So they split up and started screaming the animal's name in hopes of her going at them, and forgiving them as a reason. They spent a long time searching, both guards and kids. As said before, the Nurkane was enormous, and Lumble was moving at the same time as them. It took a long time until Nynn finally stumbled upon the loose creature.

NYNN: Lumble! I finally found you!

Lumble weakly growled in fear and slowly walked back. Thinking Nynn was there to bring her back to his parent and sell her.

NYNN: Lumble, please... It's dangerous in here, you're risking your life! If we manage to get you out of here, we will set you free. I don't care if my parents are angry at me, I just want you to be free. I promise...

There was a short silence. Right afterwards, the guards speaking were heard.

GUARD: I think heard the Furgal! This way!
NYNN: Lumble, that people is actually gonna hurt you if you don't come with me.

Knowing of the danger she was in, Lumble flew at Nynn and weakly stroke him affectively. Unfortunately, the guards soon arrived and aimed Lumble with their guns.

FANOU*: Stand aside, kid! That animal is dangerous.
NYNN: No, she isn't! She's my friend! Please, let us leave. She won't make any more trouble.
FANOU: We cannot risk... "her"... causing damage to the building or the juter himself. We must sedate... "her"... in order to get her out of the building. Now get out of the way: we shall not hurt the citizens.

But Nynn remained still. He wasn't leaving if that meant Lumble being stunned, or killed if the gunshot gone wrong. But the guards were surrounding him, and he couldn't protect the Wistompt from all of them. Suddenly, he heard a low noise, and noticed that Lumble was flapping her wings repeatedly. This gave Nynn an idea.

NYNN: Lumble, are you thinking the same as me?

Lumble groaned, pointing out she was, and croached right after in order for Nynn to get on her.

FANOU: Alright kid, last warning. Get out of the way or we might be forced to shoot you as well.

Without listening to the guards, Nynn sat over Lumble's back and grabbed her by the horns.

FANOU: OK... Guess we'll have to shoot both. Charge the guns and shoot when I say the word "shoot"!

All the guards started shaking their guns in order to make the cells in them prodeuce the charge. Then Olgun arrived, and despite barely managing to see over the guards, he noticed that Nynn was in danger.

OLGUN: Nynn, get out of there! They are gonna shoot you!
FANOU: Shoot in four...
NYNN: Olgun, try to guide us to the exit! I'm gonna try to ride Lumble there!
FANOU: Three...
OLGUN: Are you sure about that? It's dangerous!
NYNN: Trust me!
FANOU: Two...

Lumble started flapping her wings in order to get up, while Nynn awaited an answer.

OLGUN: OK! Follow me!
FANOU: One...

Before the fanou said zero, Lumble finally raised over the ground and the guards, with Nynn on her back. Olgun quickly got ready to guide them.


But the soldiers didn't shoot. They got distracted by the takeoff, letting the kid and the Furgal to fly over them, following Olgun to the exit.

FANOU: What are you doing?! I'm pretty sure I said "shoot"! And "shoot" means to shoot! Now, chase them! Make sure they don't hurt anybody if they are to cross their path!

All the guards started following them, charging up their guns again and trying to aim at the creature. Lumble moved quite erratically, so she fortunately dodge most of the shots. Nynn was pretty good riding her, as he had done it before. However, not everything was good. Olgun had gotten lost in the labyrinth of corridors and wasn't quite sure of where the exit was. Finally, after running through tons of corridors and gangways, they finally found the exit.

OLGUN: There it is!
NYNN: We are about to do it, Lumble! Bet I would be a great spaceship captain, right!

Lumble groaned in affirmation.

GUARD: Fan**, they are about to leave the building. We should let them go!
FANOU: Yeah, straight into the the town and the citizens! We can't let that beast hurt them. Take it down, and the rider as well if necessary!

So the guards kept shooting. Finally, one of the shots almost hit Lumble. Despite not hurting her, it distracted her and caused her to deviate from the trayectory and ram straight into a wall.

OLGUN: Nynn, be careful!
NYNN: Lumble, no!

Too late. The loud noise of the wall breaking was heard in the room behind it, combined with the noise of a JJ-99 gun being shot. After turning black for bare seconds, the young hanyire's sight became dizzy. He saw a large table with many people sitting on them, two of them standing, and one of them with a guard's clothes and a gun. That's the last thing he saw before falling unconscious...

-*A fanou is the Baranian word for the leader of a group of guards, meaning coordinator in the language.

-**The guards refer to the fanou simply as fan.

Part 5: Captain[]

DARAUNTE: Hey, kid...
HULDAR: I think he can't hear you...
KAVALEN: Let's forget about him, we have more important things to worry about now
CSANADE: You can't be serious... We can't leave him like that!
VANGO: Wait, he's waking up! He's waking up!
DARAUNTE: Hey kid, are you fine?

Nynn looked around. He saw many people above him, looking at him. He inmediately recognized the one that was right in front of him.

NYNN: Da-, Da-, Da-, Daraunte? I-, i-, is it really y-, you?

Nynn was afraid. He just crashed into the Nurkane's meeting room, interrupting the juter's important meeting about Proyect Finye. All the representatives from the other cities of the planet were around, looking at him

NYNN: Daraunte, I-, I-, I am so-, so-, so sorry, I-, I- didn't want to-
DARAUNTE: That doesn't matter now. Are you OK? You just hit that solid stone wall riding a Furgal.

Right. The Furgal.

NYNN: Oh, no! Lumble! Where is her? Is she OK?
HULDAR: Lumble?

FANRU: Eeph jewwe uhre tawlkeengh uhvoutte datt beestte uee fawndd uhndehr jewwe, eette uhlraedee floove uhwaee. Eette lehphtte gwehnn jewwe gwehre uhnkonsziuhs.

NYNN: Huh?
VANGO: I think he means the Furgal flew away while you were unconscious. At least that's what happened
KAVALEN: Let's hope you two don't cause anymore trouble. I don't even know which to blame the most.
CSANADE: Mantur...
NYNN: Again, I'm really sorry.
DARAUNTE: Don't worry. I can always get that wall repaired.
NYNN: I shall leave now, my friend Olgun must be worried about me.
KAVALEN: The sooner, the better.

So Nynn went to the door. But just before walking through, Daraunte called him again.

DARAUNTE: Hey, umm... What's your name?
NYNN: My name?
DARAUNTE: Yes, your name.
NYNN: Nynn Vandar.
DARAUNTE: Nynn... The guards said they saw you riding that Furgal, like it was a ship or something.

Despite still feeling guilty, Nynn couldn't help but feel flattered by the juter.

NYNN: Yeah... We were training and stuff. I want to ride a spaceship when I'm older, so we practiced together. She helped me because, of course, I don't have an actual spaceship.

Daraunte smiled

DARAUNTE: Wow. You know, you have to be very skilled to have almost got out of the building riding Lumble.
NYNN: Really?
DARAUNTE: Yeah. I bet you will eventually become a true captain.
NYNN: I don't think so...
DARAUNTE: You better do. Becasue the first step to become something great... Is to believe in yourself.

Nynn smiled.

KAVALEN: Umm, Daraunte? It's getting late. We should resume our meeting and make a decision once and for all.
DARAUNTE: Oh, yeah, right. You should leave already, Nynn.
NYNN: Oh, right. Sorry again...
DARAUNTE: No problem.

Nynn went through the door of the room, walking down the stairs. On the meanwhile, everybody sat on their chairs again. Everybody except Garko, which kept standing, but this time next to the door, still.

DARAUNTE: OK, so it's quite late already. We shall make a decision.

There was a short silence.

XINDELER: Those in favor of Proyect Finye raise their hands.

Everybody rose their hands, except for Kavalen and Fanru.

XINDELER: The majority says yes.
'VANGO: Do we have the juters approval?

Daraunte barely thought about it for a second.

DARAUNTE: Approved. Proyect Finye will happen as soon as possible. You may leave now.

Everybody got up from their chairs and walked through the door, with Garko still standing at the side. Finally, him and Daraunte were alone in the room.

DARAUNTE: Garko, we have to talk.

And Garko wasn't the only one about to have some trouble.

After walking by some corridors, Nynn finally found the exit again. When he walked through the great door, he saw a crowd of people in front of him. All the citizens of Cyner, and possibily some from other cities, had gathered around the building in an attempt to see the action on live. The news about a Furgal rampaging through the Nurkane during such an important meeting easily becomes viral. Everybody was staring at Nynn, surprised he was even alive. It was hard for Nynn to make it through the crowd without bumping on some of the people, but he finally got out, meeting Olgun at the end.

NYNN: Hey! Olgu-

But Olgun wasn't alone. Next to him, Nynn's father looked at his son with a very angry face. He was truly dissapointed. As soon as he saw Nynn, he walked towards him until he stood in front of him.

NYNN: Oh... Hi, da-

Without letting Nynn finish his sentence, the herder slapped him in the head with quite surprising strength.

FATHER: Are you crazy or something!? I told you to watch for the Furgal so it didn't escape, and you go and take it for a walk through the Nurkane!
NYNN: But dad, I-

His father slapped him again, even with more strenght now.

FATHER: You DARE to interrupt me?? I know you fred it on purpose after the guards stopped you three! I saw it fly off, and I bet you didn't do anything to stop her!
NYNN: You know what? That's right! I'm not letting you sell that poor animal to some random man that will cut her up in pieces the moment she stops obeying them! She deserves to be free!
FATHER: I told you to not interrupt me, and less if it is to say that senseless gibberish again!

And he slapped the child again, with enough strenght to make it fall to the floor.

FATHER: Thanks to you we don't have enough money again! We might have another chance but until then... Oh, until then you're gonna have a very bad time. Now come with me!

And he left, straight to their house, expecting Nynn to follow him. But he kept still for a while, with Olgun.

OLGUN: I'm sorry, Nynn. I thought you were in danger, and I didn't know who else to tell. It's my fault...
NYNN: Don't worry, Olgun. You were just trying to help.
FATHER: Nynn!!!
NYNN: Sorry, I have to leave.
OLGUN: Hope to see you soon.
NYNN: I don't think we will, but I hope so too.
FATHER. Nynn, come here inmediately!!

Nynn quickly ran to his father, knowing of the suffer he was about to have. But it was worth it. He had met Daraunte III himself, and Lumble was now free to do what she wanted. That day made him think. Think that it didn't matter how many barriers there were in the path. He would work hard and overcome all of them. He would reach his greatest dream. Becoming the captain of a spaceship. Little did he know how high the barriers would be, and how much would he have to climb in order to surpass them. In the case he did surpass them, of course.

And of course he would.


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