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Many would dare to call this project insanity. Madness. An offense against the order of nature. I call it innovation. The proof that we have conquered the stars, to the point we choose where they are, when they are and why they are. A new, better life awaits at the cold galaxy of Borealis, and it is there where we will settle, prosper and finally be respected for what we are: masters of the stars!

- Tarygan Tersly

Project Exodus is the name given to the complete exodus of the Indoctrinate Collective from the Milky Way Galaxy to the Borealis Galaxy for a number of reasons during the Earth years 2799 and 2800. Considered one of the largest astroengineering projects the First Gigaquadrant has ever seen, it was an example of cooperation between numerous civilizations who pledged themselves to aid the Collective in achieving their goal.


CYRANNIAN · ImperialEmblem.png NewRepublic.png ·


Turmoil hit the Imperial Palace of New Draka, the heart of the Indoctrinate Collective, once the news of what the high scientists had proposed hit the ears of the Supreme Advisors. Something never seen before in history, as far as Dracogonarious had existed, had just been proposed following at least five years of simulations and small-scale tests. Tarygan Tersly, Supreme Advisor of the Dracogonarious people and the Head Scientist of the Collective, signaled for the others to calm down so that she could speak. Maryah, queen of the empire sat upon her throne, which stood higher than the chairs of each advisor, watching their reactions in silence.

  • Tarygan - Our simulations never fail. They have not failed in sixty thousand years and they have not failed now.
  • Racharth - I don't think you quite understand the magnitude of what you're suggesting, Miss Tersly.
  • Tarygan - I am no child. I know what I speak of.
  • Rylioh - But nothing of this sort has ever been done! Think of what would happen if things went wrong!
  • Tarygan - Which is why we have spent years planning so that all goes well when time comes. I understand your worries, but Project Exodus will be the best choice for the Collective's success.
  • Windey - I believe most of our fellow advisors are wary of the idea of abandoning their birth land. We were born on Plazith Rim, and merely leaving could prove disastrous to our people.
  • Tarygan - We are getting ahead of ourselves. I will let my lead assistant speak of the Project in detail.

With another signal of her hand, Tarygan called another individual into the meeting. Stepping in was the Ermitant scientist Errr, who nodded in acknowledgement to the Supreme Advisors before activating a number of portable holographic images, displaying series of charts for the leaders of the empire to see.

  • Errr - Project Exodus will make use of wormholes to transport the Indoctrinate Collective to the Borealis Galaxy. Our reasoning for this decision was the Collective's lack of political influence in the Rim despite its hard efforts, Borealis' much greater number of civilizations who welcome the Collective's presence and a lack of potential rivals in the areas of resource exploration and territorial expansion.
  • Braell - I assume the Polar Crystal Alliance has been warned of this decision.
  • Errr - They have not only been warned but have contributed to our data through the planning process. Our simulations show existing in Borealis will allow the Collective to grow healthier, safer and wealthier than remaining in Plazith Rim.
  • Kientesa - I imagine most of Borealis will treat our presence as an honour. Think of how many more species may wish to partake in our knowledge?
  • Telda - That is besides the point right now. You mentioned wormholes, Ermitant. Elaborate.
  • Errr - Around one million wormholes will be used to transport each star system the Collective has control of to the Mirianis Sector of the Borealis Galaxy. The project was made not to abandon our worlds, but to change their position in the galaxy map. We will move to Borealis and take our stars with us.
  • Geophees - One finds this project daring verging on insane, if allowed to say so. However, it seems the head scientists are confident on its success, and we are a people of science.
  • Errr - We did not expect you to take the news in a pleasant manner. However, we guarantee this is the best for all of us.

The advisors turned themselves to Queen Maryah, who had so far remained silent, as she watched Errr and his holographic images. Regardless of their opinions, the ultimate decision was on her shoulders.

  • N'k'raktaa - What about you, Your Highness? You have been silent the entire meeting.
  • Maryah - ... I was merely imagining us in Borealis. And I have come to the conclusion the Project should be executed as soon as possible.
  • Tarygan - So you understand our points, my queen?
  • Maryah - A better life awaits us in Borealis. We helped that galaxy reach its current state of peace. There is little for us here at Plazith Rim, as much as it is our home. So we will show our resolve, and take our very stars away to prove we are worthy of respect.
  • Errr - Could not have put it better myself.
  • Kanukh - A project of this scale will require more than just our hand at it, otherwise it will take too long. We must contact our allies and test how true their care for us is.
  • Maryah - Indeed. Our diplomats are to contact our allies and ask for their support. We will make history by transporting one million stars from a galaxy to another and show ourselves as a civilization worthy of recognition. This meeting is adjourned.

The advisors all nodded in acknowledgement for their leader and stood from their seats in order to return to their offices. Many of them were still apprehensive, but if this was truly the best way for the Collective to stand strong, then they would comply for the sake of their people. The hybrid queen herself got out of her throne in order to return to her private quarters, watching Tarygan and Errr meet up to discuss the meeting between themselves and the rest of the scientists responsible for the project. As Maryah navigated the halls of the palace to retreat back to her chamber, the thoughts and consequences of the decision hanging upon her conscience despite her confidence and verdict in allowing the operation to proceed, she could feel what felt to be heavy, deep breaths passing over the flesh at the nape of her neck before a pair of firm hands grasped themselves onto her shoulders to stop her in her step. She felt the breathing approach her closer, until her visitor's breaths could be felt strongly exhaling onto her neck.

  • Kezoreg - Hey, sweetheart.
  • Maryah - Not now, Kez. I got a lot of things to do.
  • Kezoreg - Hmph, well, so do I, in fact! ... Most of them involve bothering you in some way or another so you could at least indulge me a little bit, princess.
  • Maryah - Yeah well you can go over the extranet and browse your naughty websites if you're so bothered. I need to organize our moving out.
  • Kezoreg - ... We're moving out? You? And me? ... Away from everyone else? Well, that's a fantastic idea, you should've said!
  • Maryah - ... No, not that. We're going to transport the Collective to Borealis.

Kezoreg tilted his head, exchanging a puzzled look on his face with Maryah as he perked an eyebrow and lowered another. The thought of moving the entirety of a sufficiently-advanced civilisation was of a magnitude alien to him.

  • Kezoreg - ... And why are we gonna do that?
  • Maryah - Basically, we'll have better lives with better resources, more things to do and more people who enjoy our presence there.
  • Kezoreg - Ah, come on, princess, you can't fool me; you want some of those heated Rovegar "diplomatic relations", I can tell from the look on your face.

Maryah looked at Kezoreg with an expression which looked like a mix of disappointment and disgust.

  • Maryah - Don't make me leave you behind.
  • Kezoreg - ... Why are you so stressed out about this?
  • Maryah - Maybe because it involves moving one million stars to another galaxy?
  • Kezoreg - I think you need to man up a little, princess. The Collective is one of the most advanced nations in the Gigaquadrant and you're worried about something like that?
  • Maryah - That is kinda my job, you know. And I think you need to get one yourself.
  • Kezoreg - I do have a job!
  • Maryah - No you don't. You do nothing but walk around the palace all day harassing the advisors.
  • Kezoreg - In case you didn't know, which you clearly don't, I am your personal guardian! Your bodyguard, your custodian, your-- Well, all that crap. I don't just hang around because it's fun... even though it is.

Maryah looked into Kezoreg's eyes for a few moments before letting out a soft giggle.

  • Maryah - Our lives will be better at Borealis. I trust Tarygan and her results. A better future awaits us there.
  • Kezoreg - Hmph, I don't get Tarygan and all that science-y stuff she and Errr get up to. What I do get is that you need to start thinking better about your role in all of this rather than skulking around moping about it. ... Where's your confidence?
  • Maryah - Were it not for my approval, the project wouldn't exist at all. And I am confident in my decision. We are going to Borealis.
  • Kezoreg - I wasn't talking about your decision. I was talking about your confidence in yourself... You still have doubts. A lot of them.
  • Maryah - You're not exactly the kind of person who should be lecturing others, mister one-third demon.
  • Kezoreg - Ngh... Yeah, you gotta point. Instead of standing around lecturing you, I want to know if there's anything I can do to help you.
  • Maryah - ... It's okay. Your emotional support is enough. It's good to know that you approve of my decision.
  • Kezoreg - Princess, I'll be honest with you here, I don't care too much about the rest of the Collective. So long as I get to stay with you, then I will always try and do what it takes to make you happy... Whether it's in the Milky Way, Andromeda, Borealis, or whatever. ... Ngh, you make me sound like an idiot when you compliment me...

Maryah turned herself to Kezoreg, smiling as she put her hands over his shoulders and looked into his eyes.

  • Maryah - Well, you're my idiot, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Now, if you excuse me, I have "princess" stuff to do.
  • Kezoreg - ... If you need me, you know where I'll be. I'd hate to see you suffer through this by yourself.

Maryah approached her face to Kezoreg's and delivered a quick kiss to his cheek before letting go of him and turning away to walk away, in the direction of her private quarters. Kezoreg placed a hand on his cheek for a brief moment, watching Maryah walk away with a faint smile on his face, before he turned and quietly pumped his fist into the air, muttering excitedly under his breath.

  • Kezoreg - Aw yes, the galaxy of demons, criminals, and sexy ladies; count me in!

The Supporters[]

The Divinarium[]

The skies above the Collective's Imperial Palace were dark and stormy on that day, the colours of dusk concealed by grey and black and brightened only by sudden strikes of lightning. Nature itself quaked, thundered in preparation for the changes to come - it was as if the planet itself was cloaking its sky for the night to cope with the realisation that it would change forevermore. Neverthless, despite the gloomy weather, the hopes of the people of New Draka were never as high as before, and the halls of the palace resounded with cheer and silent awe.

It was perhaps for this reason that Maryah decided to take a walk from the palace to observe the evening sky. Changing her usually more light attire for a long, concealing dress made from waterproof fabrics and holding in her hand an elegant umbrella of Marinar craft, the Empress of the Collective was stepping in the palace's gardens, gazing up to the rumbling thunderstorm. As she spent much of her time indoors, it was unusual for her to be in the rain at all, but she nonetheless admired the climate, shrugging off the thunderbolts which dominated the sky.

It was then when she saw a massive circle of purple and black - almost like a night flower - shimmer and expand right in the middle of the sky, a wormhole portal opening at New Draka's surface without warning. Out from the gateway came a small, organic-looking ship that both left a great shadow on the planet's surface with its pitch-black hull and lit it with its purple glow. Albeit not lavishly decorated and rather simplistic, if laconically elegant in its design, its small size and lack of weaponry betrayed its nature as a diplomatic vessel, and from its colours and the religious calligraphic ornaments etched on its hell, Maryah quickly surmised its allegiance.

The Divinarium.

Soon the black ship made its descent, hovering in a few meters or so above the palace, as yet another portal opened, this time much smaller and right next to Maryah. The Collective's empress made an instinctive step backwards, looking tentatively at the gate, seeing three figures escape its purple haze.

The Divinarium arrives

On the left stood an old, purple-skinned Zazane wearing a white robe and headdress of a Masaari Exarch, holding to a cane while watching the young empress' movements intensely. An aura of spirituality surrounded him, though in his features there was also a slight joviality and even laxity - something quite unusual for both a Zazane and a Divinarian. On the right was a tall, voluptuous female Radeon clad in the white armour of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth similar to that of the Guardians of Light and clenching a ceremonial sabre in her right hand and a Masaari relic in another. Her gaze was cold and condescending, but powerful, and it seemed like every single second she was analysing the situation and preparing for every possible situation. Finally, at the middle stood the head of the procession - an amphibian Imperion dressed in an elegant white suit of Divinarian origins - unlike the other two emissaries, completely devoid of religious imagery. Unlike the others, he showed very little emotion and appeared reserved, though a certain amusement and enjoyment of the situation escaped his notice at times especially when he looked at Maryah herself.

Following the three were a small group of Celestians, clerics and dignitaries, including a few drones which formed a covering that shielded them from the rain. They mostly kept to themselves, either standing patiently or discussing quietly among each other, as the Imperion finally stepped up and spoke.

  • Andorrus - My apologies for appearing in such an unorthodox - for those not of the Divinarium, at least - manner. It seems to me that our arrival has left you in a state of confusion, Your Imperial Majesty. I am Andorrus Anarath,
  • Maryah - ... Diplomatic visits are usually scheduled before they happen. And a word of advice: warn us before you simply enter our planets. Were it not for the fact your ships are easily recognizable, our planetary defenses would have shot it down immediately.
  • Andorrus - That is understandable. The Clericarch wanted us not to make this discussion public. Let us just say we face a crisis at hand and forming public connections like that would risk endangering your people and even spilling our wars into Borealis.
  • Maryah - Very well. What brings you here, mister Anarath?
  • Venoriel - Your migration to Borealis, of course. - the female Radeon suddenly spoke, - And yes, we are aware of your Project Exodus.

Maryah's eyes narrowed as she took a step back from the new arrivals.

  • Maryah - ... Have you been spying on us, Divinarium?
  • Andorrus - You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment. I assure you though that our intentions are not ill.
  • Maryah - So far you are not giving me reasons to trust you. You arrive without warning, hiding from your own allies and know of our project before it was officially announced. Not counting the fact the Divinarium has ignored contact with the Collective since the end of the war at Borealis.
  • Andorrus - Would we benefit if you suffered? Of course not. Now, please, can we discuss?
  • Karsin Lanar - That weather is dreadful. Could we perhaps talk in the palace itself?
  • Maryah - ... I will listen to what you have to say, indoors. Follow me.

Maryah turned over and made her way to the entrance of the balcony, signalling the arrivals to follow her inside. As they entered, they were met to the sight of the masked Errr waiting for them, his glaring eyes staring at them from behind his mask.

  • Errr - Empress. It seems the intruders have gone straight to you.
  • Maryah - Not intruders, Errr. Please, take a seat if you wish.
  • Andorrus - A thousand welcomes, esteemed professor. It is an honour to meet you in person.
  • Karsin - Huh, your hair looks funny. - Karsin chuckled - ...I wish I had hair.
  • Venoriel - ...Was it wise for you to come, Lord Exarch? That is not the matters of spirituality, after all.
  • Andorrus - [He helps alleviate the situation, Venoriel] - Andorrus sent a private message to Venoriel's optics - [They trust us more that way]
  • Errr - Well, this is the first time someone calls me "esteemed". The last time I encountered Radeon, I was trying to kill them. Nothing personal. Those were worse times.
  • Venoriel - Your past... actions were... questionable. Still, I trust you to work for the common good. Do not betray that trust.

Under his mask, Errr smirked as he let out a quiet chuckle.

  • Errr - Do not fret, woman. I am harmless now.
  • Maryah - Regardless. You know of Project Exodus. I assume you are here to discuss it.
  • Andorrus - You are correct.
  • Errr - Have you come to pledge your support? I know of your wormhole technology. It would serve us perfectly.
  • Andorrus - Precisely. After a debacle with cultists in Andromeda, the Clericarch has deemed it necessary to have a way to resolve the tension between our two peoples. Unfortunately, the new happenings in our home galaxy have made it impossible for her to attend personally. Her Holiness is... very busy at the moment.
  • Maryah - That is a shame. I've not had the opportunity to meet her yet.
  • Andorrus - We shall provide both the manpower and scientific aid through our drones and engineers, including the quantum foam technology you have mentioned before. Our science vessels holding the most skilled members of the Veracitor caste will soon arrive on New Draka discreetly. Meanwhile, our Metallo nanomachines shall bolster your engineering. I hope you will find the speed that they work at as awe-inspiring as I do.
  • Karsin - And do not forget the clerics, my friend! - Karsin stood up together with some of the other Theosophians - That project you make is a great action, a change in natural order of the universe itself. Dei'Nar will gaze intensely at you once your machines spring into action and your exodus begins.

Maryah blinked for a few moments, as if she had been lost in Karsin's words halfway through his speech.

  • Maryah - ... If it's a place for your clerics to preach that you want in exchange of helping us, I'm sure I can arrange something.
  • Karsin - I was merely asking for us to be present at the construction and bless the machines. Though that would be good.
  • Andorrus - Make sure though that your priests will not compromise the Divinarium, though. This must not be interpreted as our official action, or else...
  • Karsin - Yes, yes, they will begin blowing up while screaming insanely on Collective worlds as well as ours, and we do not want that.
  • Errr - It may happen. But I advise you to take caution when preaching in Spinker-controlled systems. When it comes to missionaries in their worlds, they are... cranky, to say the least.
  • Venoriel - We are aware. To them we shall say: pay in money or in blood! - Venoriel chuckled - For Lud'nev and all that.
  • Errr - If you want to have them on your neck with ten different forms of knives, be my guest.
  • Venoriel - I jest, of course. I sincerely hope that shall not come to this.
  • Andorrus - Very well then. Are these conditions acceptable, Your Imperial Majesty?
  • Maryah - Indeed. I can see you are putting yourselves in danger for this, and we appreciate it. Perhaps we can find a way to help you back in this crisis you are having.
  • Andorrus - That would be much appreciated. We hope that our magnanimity shall be returned in kind. - Andorrus smiled and bowed to the Empress before leaving together with Venoriel as well as most of their escort - with the exception of Lanar and a few of the clerics - ...Lord Exarch, are you leaving with us?
  • Karsin - I'd much rather stay here and bring the light of Masaari to the people of this planet.

Andorrus only nodded in a reserved manner before vanishing in a portal, leaving Karsin and his followers alone with Maryah and Errr.

  • Karsin - Would you allow us to do that and stay in the palace for a night, Empress?
  • Maryah - The Collective has no restriction in religion. You are free to stay for as long as you like.
  • Karsin - You truly are a kind ruler. Truly Spode has marked you with its light ever since you were crea- since you were born! I can say the same of the scientist. To redeem oneself as you did...
  • Errr - My atonement lasts until the day I die. Until then, I am not redeemed... Anyway, I'll make sure Koluap is not around, otherwise he's going to throw a fit about people "saying the S-word in front of me".
  • Karsin - I shall take that into account. One thing, though. Empress?
  • Maryah - Yes?
  • Karsin - The Clericarch wished to say you something. That comment about you being a hybrid - she takes it back. - Karsin chuckled - I think you can understand why.
  • Maryah - ... Yes. I can. Thank you.
  • Errr - Can't really talk when you go into a biological level...
  • Maryah - Errr.
  • Errr - I'm going, I'm going...

New Cyrannian Republic[]

The sun was setting on Capricaépolis on Capricaerón, bathing the spawling city in an orange glow. After the recent conflict which saw the planet join the New Republic, city authorities and even the military were busy repairing the infrastructure damaged by either the Resistance or the Empire. Flying over the city, a single Indoctrinate Collective vessel touched down near the Presidential Pyramid in Republic Island. When the shuttle's ramp had fully extended, a Shodrae emerged garbed in ambassadorial clothes; Diplomat Eviran, the official liason between the Indoctrinate Collective and the New Cyrannian Republic. As he walked into the building, Eviran stopped for a moment to admire the skyline before continuing into the building where he was scheduled to meet with Proconsul Apollo, an old ally from the days when Eviran joined the former president as a member of the Republic Remnant. After several minutes of navigating through the densely packed halls filled with aliens from across the Gigaquadrant, Eviran entered Apollo's new office. The Libertus was sitting at the table looking over some paperwork, only to rise when Eviran entered the room.

Eviran meets with Apollo to discuss the Project

  • Apollo - Greetings, old friend. Please sit down. Would you like something to drink?
  • Eviran - Apollo. It has been years. Yes, I accept a drink.

Apollo poured some Capricaerón Coffee into two cups and passed one to Eviran.

  • Apollo - Good ol' Capricaerón Coffee. Kept me going during my Presidency, you know. Due to the recent change of hands, I can once again support my bad habit. Anyway, from your transmission it was clear that you have something of the utmost of importance to discuss.
  • Eviran - Indeed. The Indoctrinate Collective has begun a very... let's say, daring project recently. They call it Project Exodus, and we wanted to know if the New Republic could lend their assistance to it.
  • Apollo - We are always willing to aid our allies in their endeavours. Tell me more about this "Project Exodus"?
  • Eviran - In layman's terms, it involves transporting every one of the Collective's million stars to the Borealis Galaxy.

Apollo appeared to struggle to swallow his drink.

  • Apollo - W-well... That's certainly... ambitious... This isn't a prank is it?
  • Eviran - You're not the first to say so. In fact, others have referred to the idea in less than pleasant manners. But the Empress and the high scientists of the empire believe we will have a better future if we move to Borealis, while retaining control of our stars and planets. Hence why the project is named Exodus. A complete exodus from Plazith Rim to Borealis.

The Proconsul regained his composure and appeared quite impressed indeed.

  • Apollo - Well as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Have the Collective government reached out to any other members of the Accords for assistence?
  • Eviran - You are the first, but they plan to ask for the aid of the Cognatus and the Divinarium as well.
  • Apollo - Ah good, I'm sure that Voro will appreciate being included in such a project. It is not often that his people are approached for peaceful purposes.
  • Eviran - Here is hoping. This is big, Apollo. Bigger than anything I have ever seen before. This project will be one of the largest astroengineering acts the whole universe has ever experienced.
  • Apollo - Indeed it is. The Collective is truly making history here. You should be very proud. I'm sure that the Republic will agree with my decision to send our most advanced starship to help coordinate the exodus.
  • Eviran - Excellent. This project will serve as an example of teamwork between many civilizations. As you said, this is history in the making.

Unified Nation of Ottzello[]

Having recently exchanged transmissions with the Collective, Valzaria was now to greet their leaders on hologram a few days later, this time speaking both as a representative of the Unified Nation of Ottzello and of the Polar Crystal Alliance. As this was the first time he had approached their leaders in a while, he was both nervous and excited. But the Unified Nation lacked any skepticism, and they were absolutely certain that this plan of theirs was going to work. Eventually, contact was made, and Valzaria, along with Tuolog, approached the leaders, with a smile on his face.

  • Valzaria - Hello, hello! We are very excited for you during this time. I am to represent both the PCA and UNO here.
  • Maryah - A pleasure to meet you. I am Queen Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective and I would like to ask for the Unified Nation's assistance in our latest project.
  • Valzaria - Gladly. We will more than happily provide what we can in the way of ships, of defence and of currency.
  • Tuolog - Exodus! Movement of the people...
  • Maryah - Indeed. Project Exodus aims to move all of the Collective to Borealis' Mirianis Sector. I take you have already been informed.

Tuolog and Valzaria were both aware that Maryah was likely to be under stress or time constraints under these circumstances. As such, they attempted to convey as many things as quickly as possible when speaking.

  • Tuolog - Time has informed me long before the other leaders have, hehe. I see many great futures for your people in Borealis in many timelines. You have indeed made right decision.
  • Valzaria - We will be happy to help with the process of integration, too, though I understand you already know how things such as the Grid and Cold Relays work from your colonies.
  • Maryah - Indeed, the Collective has been in Borealis for many years now. But now we have decided to make it our new home.
  • Valzaria - We were once in your shoes. Our people were originally refugees, and we took home in Borealis. We know that you, too, can make it a great place for your people.
  • Maryah - I thank you for your sympathy. Our project will begin immediately.
  • Tuolog - Moving to Borealis a few decades ago would have been bad idea. But now it is much less xenophobic and much less dangerous than before. I wonder how much the war had to do with that, and the defeat of Regnatus. Either way, we send you ships to help with wormholes. It not usually our area of expertise, but we felt a responsibility to help.
  • Maryah - I greatly appreciate your aid. Unless there is anything to add, I believe we are done.
  • Valzaria - That...should be all. Oh, and if you want to visit Ottzello any time, you are free to. I believe the rest of the PCA may offer help moving, but I cannot speak for the other Councillors at this present time, so you'd be better asking them yourself. Assuming you listen to the Penumbra Unit and don't side with the Wranploer, everything should be fine, though. Just watch out for the Loron or any of the PMCs, but even they are less prominent than they once were.
  • Maryah - Understood. Maryah out. Have a good day.

With this, contact between the Unified Nation and the Collective was concluded, and Tralkikianoe ships and guards were sent directly their way. This would not only help a great ally to the PCA's cause, it could also potentially boost UNO's reputation, which had been up and down since the conclusion of the war. Either way, this venture was greatly beneficial to both parties and would reap only positive benefits.

Unified Order of Cognalorilos[]

The Liberty rendezvous with the Herald of Retribution.

Deep in the joint operation zones utilised by the Mou'Cyran Accords, the UAS Liberty dropped out of hyperspace in orbit over a large gas giant. Looking around her bridge, Gavakar would be the first to admit that it was odd commanding a ship made up of species from outside the Collective, including Libertus and Radeon. Nevertheless, she also had more important things on her mind.

  • Libertus Officer - Captain, we are nearing the coordinates given to us by Allied Command."
  • Gavakar - Good. Warn them of our arrival. The Collective should have informed them we were coming.

Nodding in reply, the Libertus had a somewhat apprehensive expression on his face, his time fighting the Cognatus during the Intergalactic War foremost on his mind. Several moments later however, a large blue flash ripped a hole in the fabric of space as a vast Cognatus assault carrier transitioned to normal space. The gruff voice of a Cogsangui filled the bridge.

  • X'elorn Tolahven - This is the carrier Herald of Retribution, hailing the UAS Liberty. Do you respond?
  • Gavakar - Yes, this is UAS Liberty. I am Commandant Gavakar on behalf of the Indoctrinate Collective.
  • X'elorn Tolahven - Good. You are clear to dock.

The Liberty was soon unceremonously caught with a tractor beam, which pulled the vessel closer and closer into the maw of the Herald. Despite being allied to the Collective, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos was still relatively new to diplomacy. After docking with the carrier, Gavakar and some of her crew stepped out onto the Herald, where they were escorted by two Cogsangui warriors wielding a ceremonial weapon from eons before the Intergalactic War. After several minutes of being led through the cavernous corridors of the Herald, Gavakar was eventually shown into what seemed to be a conference room with a large window showing the view from outside the ship. Soon afterwards, Shiplord Tolahven walked into the room and greeted the Dracogodasimer by placing his fist over his chest and bowing his head.

  • X'elorn - Shiplord Gavakar, I presume?
  • Gavakar - Correct. I come from the Indoctrinate Collective in hope of receiving the aid of the Order in our most recent project.

X'elorn inclined his head slightly.

  • X'elorn - I hear strange tales about this project of yours.
  • Gavakar - Project Exodus aims to physically move the stars of the Collective from Plazith Rim to Borealis. We wish for the aid of the rest of the Mou'Cyran Accords to facilitate this... well. Exodus.

X'elorn's mandibles winced momentarily in an expression that the non-Cogsangui in the room couldn't quite decipher.

  • X'elorn - The universe exists as it does for a reason. Why disrupt the natural order of the heavens?
  • Gavakar - It exists as it is because no one tried to touch it yet. Our project is not harmful, it simply moves stars from a galaxy to another.

Gavakar speaks with Voro and X'elorn.

X'elorn folded his arms and narrowed his eyes, but was interupted from retorting by a new arrival to the room. With gleaming gold armour and an elaborate head-dress, it was clear that this new arrival was the one calling the shots on the Herald.

  • Voro Acetenus - Thank you for your input, Shiplord. I shall take matters from here. Gavakar, warrior of the Collective, yes? We fought together against the demons.
  • Gavakar - Yes, I recall it. Difficult to forget a day like that.
  • Voro Acetenus - Yet now you come before me to rearrange the cosmos? A bold goal and one worthy of your people.
  • Gavakar - Yeah, our leaders have decided living at Borealis will be more beneficial. It won't affect our colonies at Cyrannus, though. We only need help over at Plazith Rim.

Voro motioned for Gavakar to sit.

  • Voro Acetenus - Ah... The Plazith Rim? When last my people visited that galaxy, we razed many worlds. It would do us great honour to help its inhabitants in their hour of need. Atonement, for our crimes.
  • Gavakar - Our leaders will greatly appreciate the help, and I'm sure they'll find ways to repay you whenever you need it. The New Republic has already agreed to help so you won't be surrounded by strangers.
  • Voro Acetenus - May it be so. The Herald and the Fleet of Profound Purpose will travel to the Plazith Rim to aid you in this endeavour. May your people prosper in your new celestial home, Dracogodasimer.

The Civilisation[]

The Indoctrinate Collective was planning to leave the Milky Way, but they understood they still had links to the galaxy. Most specifically, they were long-time members of the Civilisation, allies of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and had worked alongside Apalos at some occasions, such as during the Grox and Borealis Wars. Head Scientist Tarygan and her assistant Errr contacted both civilizations in order to perhaps obtain their support, and while Errr was wary of contacting the DCP after the Second War of Black Fog, he made an effort to hide his fear under his mask.

The DCP responded by sending a single Star-class Dreadnought, commanded by Professor Kenders, a chief DCP scientist. Errr felt slightly more relieved that they sent a less scary member to conduct a meeting with him. In contrast, Apalos sent a small flotilla of Temple Ship corvettes, and instead of using a physical avatar, swirling fractal patterns appeared on the viewscreens of the other nations' vessels, accompanied by a soft yet monotonous voice.

  • Tarygan - Greetings, Delpha Coalition. Apalos. I talk to you today seeking the aid of the Milky Way Collective in our newest scientific marvel, Project Exodus.
  • Apalos - We are always willing to assist in novel scientific endeavours, within reason. What aid is required of us?
  • Errr - Project Exodus' goal is to physically transport all of the Indoctrinate Collective's million stars to the Borealis Galaxy. Obviously, an extremely high amount of resources will be required.
  • Tarygan - We seek your support to provide us with all the help you can spare for this project.
  • Kenders - I'm afraid the DCP does not often share its technological expertise, but the Indoctrinate Collective is a close ally and we trust your excellent qualities of control.
  • Apalos - Are the plans for how this project will proceed all complete?
  • Tarygan - For the most part. We welcome you to offer your suggestions to it. We do not necessarily want you to give us your technology, we would much rather have you come help us yourself. Project Exodus is made of many nations working together for the same goal. A joint project which shall become history in the Gigaquadrant.
  • Apalos - A motivation we can agree with.
  • Kenders - The DCP has knowledge in wormhole construction and the resources of its stellar engines and hyperspace reactors. We could support your project's perspiration phase.
  • Tarygan - I would like to add, despite leaving the galaxy, we wish to remain in good terms with the Milky Way Cooperative. It has done much for us over the years, and simply turning our backs to it would be unthinkable. You will forever be remembered for your help.
  • Apalos - The feeling is mutual. Intergalactic space need be no barrier to friendship. We shall help you finalise your plans and coordinate the engineering of the necessary wormhole network, if that is what you wish us to do.
  • Errr - We will send you all the information needed to understand the Project and its goals. We thank you for your time, and unless there is anything to add, I believe we are done.
  • Apalos - I believe there is nothing to add until we receive the information.
  • Kenders - It is the least we could do.

Allied Terran Republic[]

Through their mutual membership in organisations such as the Civilisation and the Mou'Cyran Accords, word soon reached the halls of Terrae that the Indoctrinate Collective were about to undertake a vast and monumental project to move all of their Plazithian worlds to the distant Borealis Galaxy. Though saddened that one of their galactic neighbours would no longer be close at hand, it was decided by the Council and President Elethien that the Allied Terran Republic should provide aid to their allies. Travelling to Collective space aboard an Everest-class starship, Terran diplomats Aidan Collins and Vaslah prepared to meet with a representative of the Collective to discuss their involvement.

Beaming on board the Collective vessel, Collins and Vaslah were escorted by a group of guards to the interior of the vessel, where they awaited an audience. They were eventually met with the arrival of Supreme Advisor Windey, who was escorted by a small group of Collective marines. As she arrived, the elderly Spinker woman waved to the diplomats in a friendly manner.

  • Windey - Greetings. I am the one you shall speak to today.

Ambassador Collins held out his hand for Windey to shake, a human custom of greeting that few species practice.

  • Collins - Hello madam. My name is Aidan Collins and this is my colleague Vaslah.

Aidan Collins and Vaslah have a discussion with Windey.

The human indicted a small humanoid woman standing beside him, who was completely covered in a protective suit. The young Homincyradae nodded courteously. Windey shook Collins' hand with a somewhat weak grip due to her advanced age, but her expression was nonetheless genuine.

  • Windey - A pleasure to meet you two. I believe you have come to discuss Project Exodus, am I right?

Collins smiled warmly and nodded his head.

  • Collins - Indeed we have! Initally I didn't think such a thing was even possible, but if it is what your people want, let nothing stand in their way.
  • Windey - Oh yes, we are all focused on making it a reality. Moving one million stars to another galaxy, every planet included with their orbits all intact. If they asked me something like this five hundred years ago, I would have laughed at their faces.
  • Collins - Wow, you're over five hundred years old? I hope I look as good as you when I'm that age!
  • Windey - You flatter me, young boy. I am nearly 800 years old, and I am very well into my elderly days by now. We Spinkers are long lived.
  • Vaslah - I haven't been to the Borealis Galaxy before. What about it attracted your people to it compared to other galaxies?
  • Windey - It's younger territory, mostly left untouched, and the natives are generally more welcoming to the Collective's presence than the other galaxies. From our calculations, we will prosper more by living there. I hate leaving the Plazith Rim, but I don't see us having much of a future here anymore.

Vaslah contemplated Windey's words.

  • Vaslah - A galaxy is but a collection of stars. It is the inhabitants that truly constitute a galactic community. Your people clearly understand this well, and for that I admire them greatly. Back on my homeworld, we discovered a device which greatly increases the yields created by terraforming a world. Though I know you are moving your planets rather than settling others, perhaps your scientists could have a look at the artifact in the event that you do decide to expand beyond your borders, be it in Borealis or any of the other galaxies of the Gigaquadrant.
  • Windey - That sounds quite important. Would you really be willing to share it with us?

Collins bowed his head.

  • Collins - Of course, we are always willing to help our allies in whatever it is that they need.
  • Windey - We will forever be in your debt for your aid. I will be sending your people the specific details of the Project so that you can be fully informed. I am not used to working with humans, but I can see why you are a popular kind.

Vaslah scoffed under her breath.

  • Vaslah - We aren't all like this I'm afraid...

Collins raised his hand with a mischievous expression on his face.

  • Collins - Now, now, Vaslah... Thank you for your kind words, Supreme Advisor. I'm sure our scientists and explorers look forward to the beginning of the project.
  • Windey - It will begin as soon as possible. You shall see. We will all look back to it and be proud. It will be an achievement worthy of legends.

Rambo Nation[]

Upon receiving word that the leadership of Rambo Nation was about to arrive at New Draka, Maryah prepared herself to meet with the Empress. It had not been long since she had visited the Rambo Capital, where she first talked to the Nation in person, and she appeared eager to be able to repay the visit now. The hybrid queen awaited for the arrival of her allies at the capital's spaceport, followed by a small group of guards. Exiting her Executive-shuttle, Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation waved gently at Maryah, followed two Serindia Royal Guards and a Rambo Serindia Maryah did not recognise.

  • Ramashe - Greetings your majesty, it is an honor to visit New Draka!
  • Maryah - Empress Ramashe. It is a pleasure to have you at my homeworld. I was hoping for a chance to repay you since the visit of the Rambo Capital not too long ago.

Ramashe smiled and admitted it was great to leave the Quadrant Galaxies once in a while, it has been a long time since she had left the Cyrandia Cluster at all.

Maryah and Ramashe discuss Project Exodus!

  • Maryah - So, your Highness, I imagine you are here today to talk about Project Exodus.
  • Ramashe - Indeed, I recieved word by your administry about it, as such I found it more pleasent to discuss such matters in person instead of over holo channels, and it allowed me to convince the Senate to let me visit New Draka.
  • Maryah - Speaking in person is always more comfortable. Project Exodus aims to transport the entirely of the Collective to the Borealis Galaxy. Having Rambo Nation's aid would surely be appreciated.

Ramashe shook her head in disbelieve and amazement.

  • Ramashe - I never heard of such an undertaking, image the scientific importance. It is something I would gladly pledge the Rambo resources and aid for it! Anyway I can help your people, the Rambo will do everything in our power to see it done.
  • Maryah - I greatly appreciate your kind words. Project Exodus will be one of the greatest astroengineering projects our Gigaquadrant has ever seen. We and our allies will be marked in history for it. I will be more than glad to have your scientists's support.
  • Ramashe - My associate, vice-admiral Ramtorrian Ramricus, my chief-of-operations will be my liason between the Indoctrine Collective and the Rambo, anything we might provide he will see it done.
  • Maryah - Perhaps you could aid in the engineering of the womholes?

Both Ramashe and Ramtorrian nodded in agreement, the Rambo had some experiences in the scientific nature and atomic knowledge about the wormholes, as the Quadrants could only be reached by them and the Rambo took care the wormholes were stable and not to be closed, preventing an isolation.

  • Ramashe - Very well, I will give Rambo Command the order to pledge all available science departments to focus on the wormholes in cooperation with yours.
  • Maryah - Our own science team will be more than happy to hear of it. Again, I thank you for your support.

Ramashe nodded and followed Maryah for the banquet, the two had much to discuss, including gossip besides state matters.

The Project[]

Once all of the participants in Project Exodus had pledged their support, work began. The first stage was the production and positioning of one million wormhole seeds, with each seed destined to have one end near a Collective star in the Milky Way and the other end where the system was to be placed in Borealis. Despite being the smallest part of the project, this initial manufacturing stage was already among the largest industrial efforts in recorded history, requiring the combined industrial capacities of the Kormacvar Legacy and Delpha Coalition of Planets to hew the wormholes from the hyperspatial aether, and the entire wormhole threader fleets of the Divinarium and Apalos working full-time to ferry them to their desired locations.

Upon the arrival of each seed at its destination, it was brought into the second stage. Both regular and exotic matter was fed into the wormholes by vast armadas of cargo ships, and carefully arranged by specialist nanoswarms to grow them from microscopic seeds to star-sized portals. Multi-kilometre vessels with sufficiently large hypermatter-powered tractor beams, such as the Republica, were put to work in Borealis clearing away unwanted comets and asteroids by throwing them towards the expanding wormholes. The removal of even rogue planets (after being scanned to ensure they were devoid of life) was achieved by carving them up with superlasers, a task in which they were joined by Tralkik Destructors.

After twenty months, all of the million wormholes were complete, and the stars were fitted with warp drive-equipped Shkadov thrusters to move them and their surrounding planets through the portals and to their new homes. Now the task was finished, the Indoctrinate Collective wanted to engage with the project in one great synchronised lift off. The fastest millisecond pulsar in the galaxy was chosen to be the clock, broadcast across hyperspace, time had never been measured so absolutely across interstellar distances. During the countdown, live media swivelled into action, broadcasting the event across the universe.

The leaders and commanders of the Indoctrinate Collective and their collaborators watched together from a VIP lounge, either in person or in virtual form. Emperor Wormulus, Kilnok and Kenders from the DCP; Ramashe, Voro Acetenus and Apollo from Cyrandia cluster; Windey, Maryah, Tarygan and Gavakar from the Collective and finally Tuolog, Girdo Avatars and Aidan Collins. The scientist Errr, not being a 'people person', had chosen to not be present. It was a tense moment, for it was decided the entire operation would be synchronised. The questions were in everyone's mind: what if an accident occurred? What about terrorists, or if the Dominion turns up? But this show of of achievement had to be done.

"3... 2... 1... And liftoff of Project Exodus!" For each star, the space that surrounded them appeared to flex and ripple, distorting the galactic plane from behind. In a blink of an eye, they were gone in long streaks; the darkness of space fast encroaching. Now it was turn of the planets and dwarf worlds, which had been arranged into spiralling rosettes, and in another blink of an eye, they were gone too. With confirmation that the systems were in passage through hyperspace, trillions of beings celebrated in unison.

The mood was happy but still a bit tense in the VIP lounge. Wormulus turned to Windey, Ramashe and Apollo and said; "The Seven Starr Alliance might be defunct. But this is a testament to what can be achieved when the empires of Onuris work together." Apollo nodded in agreement, stating that the Project Exodus may be one of the key stepping stones on the road to a New Seven Starr Alliance. The Apalos avatar stated that the Gigaquadrant was now firmly in the "hyperspace age" and was closer to rivalling the ancients. Aidan Collins looked on, now feeling very small. Wormulus read his mind, and said "Look now boy, the Terrans have some way to go, but today, you can bask in the glory of this age too for your contribution." Then the DCP leaders began to leave early, due to urgent problems they had to attend.

The stars and fleets of worlds emerged in Borealis unscathed. The most powerful non-phasic shields ever devised kept them intact from the radiation of hyperspace. The galactic media was buzzing with news, some in celebration and others with more conservative and conspiratorial viewpoints. The noise drowned out the various claims made by supervisors and military personnel both organic and AI, who had claimed to witness strange unidentified objects and "creatures" with long tendrils that they saw peering through the fog during transit.

Vengeful Claw[]

It was difficult to not note what the Indoctrinate Collective and its many allies had done. News about it were everywhere in the galaxy, and even then, it was easy to notice a million star systems disappearing, leaving huge gaps of space in the galactic arm. It was now January of 2800, and preparations were being made across the territory of another faction as they prepared to give chase to the Collective. The Vengeful Claw existed to oppose their unclean methods and philosophies, and they would not allow them to run away like this.

Kaeron Vangardus reports to the Old Fang

The Old Fang watched the sunset on her headquarters located at the fringes of the Milky Way's Norma-Outer Arm. This planet was already a replacement for her old HQ, which had been infested by Corruptus Demons during the Second War of Black Fog. As she watched the lowering star, she could not help but allow her mind to wander, making her reflect all the choices she had done until now. Her concentration was only broken when steps were heard behind her, and her highest lieutenant, Kaeron Vangardus, saluted to his "mother". Old Fang slightly turned her head to the Dracogodasimer and nodded to acknowledge his arrival as he spoke.

  • Old Fang - Speak, Kaeron.
  • Kaeron - Mother, the preparations are set. All of our population are currently being transported to Borealis as you instructed and are currently settling colonies in the galaxy, away from alien eyes.
  • Old Fang - I take the resources are also under way.
  • Kaeron - Yes. All of the inhabited planets formerly under our control have been drained of all useful resources, being reduced to lifeless rocks in the process, and these are being transported alongside the people. Space stations and other equipment which cannot be transported are to be detonated with anti-matter warheads in order to erase our presence in this region forever.
  • Old Fang - Nicely done. Prepare our departure. This planet will meet the same fate.

Kaeron saluted before turning around and beginning barking orders to the crew, ordering them to begin departure procedures. Moments later, the entire building Old Fang found herself in begun raising from the earth as it revealed itself to be, in fact, a half-buried Destroyer-class Dreadnought vessel, the flagship of the Vengeful Claw known as the Judging Freedom. Windows closed themselves and were enveloped in layers of protective metal to not expose the crew to the vacuum of space once it departed, and the Old Fang continued watching the horizon, noticing many other ships working to drain the planet of its precious resources, from ores to water to biological components.

The one-eyed terrorist turned up to the world's star one more time as her mind wandered again.

  • Old Fang - I do not understand why you fled, but I will chase you to the ends of the universe if I must. You cannot run from your sins forever, "Collective".
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