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The Proditkar Movement is a rebel group of Multus Esse, who split from the main ones after using military force on some primitives. The Council, which was busy dealing with the Alpha Grox who had just rebelled after the death of their leader, were surprised to find the noble Kossi'Valicar's brother, Pridar'Valciar, was the traitor leader.

They exiled him and all his troops and their families. Everyone thought they had died, but they where wrong...

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Movement began when the Enlightened Ones dealt with a rebellion of beings they had guided to sentience, during the Alpha Grox War. Pridar'Valicar was sent to calm the beings down, but instead used military force and devolved them into savages. He then planned to overthrow the Council and replace it with his own meritocratic and totalitarian system, believing only he could destroy the Alpha Grox and that the Council's reverence for primitive life and their creations was what led the rebellion to happen. The Council almost immediately found out. While the Council wanted to swiftly and harshly punish the traitors, his brother Kossi intervened and convinced the Council to simply exile him and his fleet.

They traveled throughout the galaxy, with little to no contact with others, until they found an asteroid and built a city-ship inside of it. They then went in hibernation, and entrusted the guarding of their ship to a hyper-computer, named 3606 Destructive Demeanor.

Awakening Edit

During the Enlightenment War, Dead Watch, Unitech, and Gigapedus forces swarmed the meteor, and stole an artifact in order to remake the Biskin Empire. 3606, aware of this, awakened his masters, and informed their six leaders of what had happened. Seeing their creations as weak, they created a new plan to take over the Mirus galaxy, for their own twisted means.

The first step was to divide the empire of the One's most zealous creations, the Brotherhood of Spode. Appearing in a vision to a Terniam called Maccasin, who was the leader of the Brotherhood's Army of Faith, the six leaders convinced him that the Prophets lied about the Ones being Spode's messengers, with the Movement being the true demigods. Maccasin reported this to his mentor, the Prophet in charge of the Prefect units and Ministry of Technology, Ghetsin. Through a hypnotic speech fueled by the Movement's powers, Ghetsin then seized control of the Terniam, Jagh, Baxtar, Karogon, Sharquoi, Yan-mee, and even the Salmarian, the Hanagias and the Dler while the Cogneili, Kag'tar, Kag'tar'ata, Mizoue, Volous, Ginol, and Turian stayed loyal to the Prophets. Ghetsin then decided to work with Unitech and Dead Watch, so the Movement could use the Anarchists if needed. This ultimately succeed when Pridar convinced the Biskin, Unitech and 3/4's of Dead Watch to join him.

After the Cyber Collective abandoned Ugandalore, the Proditkar attacked, hoping to both take out the revived Multus Esse and capture one of Xizothano Ada's servants, the Knight. The Heretics, now reorganized into a faction called the Circle of Sins, besieged the already weakened planet's defenses while Unitech soldier Glacier attempted to kill the Multus Esse leaders with an army of Maraduers, mercenaries, and Zarbanians and Gigapedus loyal to the Proditkar. While the Circle did breach Ugandalore's defenses enough for the Movement to land more troops, Glacier was unsuccessful at killing the Multus leaders. During the attack, the Volver fleet led by King Brygon attempted to hold off the incoming Proditkar ships. Pridar, resolved to stop him, boarded Brygon's ship and fought his way to the bridge, where he slew Brygon's lieutenant Kabaa and almost killed Brygon himself before being stopped by the Knight. Attempting to kill them both, Pridar was injured by the Knight and forced to flee. He was unaware that his second-in-command Kalmar had planned to, were he to be captured by the Volver, use a Changeling assassin to kill him. This plan was abandoned, however, since Pridar escaped.

As the Kashriinox, Grox and Bachyeons razed the galaxy, the Movement did little to stop them, and instead used the chaos to strengthen themselves further. Eventually, they were informed that the Enlightened Ones and their creations prepared to attack and destroy the Kashriinox Base. Pridar, who had hoped that the Ones would just purge the base of all Groxic servants, so he could secretly use the Kashriinox technology left behind after the Ones won, ordered his fleet to prepare for battle. The Proditkar fleet appeared before the fleet of the Ones and their creations just as they were about to enter the Core regions. Pridar offered the creations a chance to surrender, so the Movement could take the place of the Enlightened Ones and lead the creations to victory. However, they refused, and the Movement leaders boarded the flagship of the Ones, battling the lyoalist Multus and their creations alike. In the end, however, they were defeated and captured. The leaders were send to a UFG prison planet known as "The Pit", and the Movement surrendered, leaving their servants in discord.

However, the Movement itself was not crippled. The "Domain Lords", as the leaders of the servant empires were called, were able to reorganize the Movement, giving more power to the servants and giving themselves a higher position. Solid, Glacier, Lorka Gredyc, Ghetsin, Maccasin, and Iyoka Quista formed a new command structure, making sure that the Movement would not be crippled by any of their captures. They agreed to mass their armies into one group, with each leader controlling a portion of them but able to use any of the others at will. This arrangement would keep their organization alive, for now.

Return of THEM Edit

During the Return of THEM, the Proditkar Movement's servants, leading the alliance, were approached by Lord Ne'yon, leader of the Nebulorians, due to their past alliance. However, upon finding out that Solid and Lorka had inadvertently caused the destruction of his Spear of Apocalypse, he resolved to destroy them. Landing his troops, he fought the Movement's soldiers on the ground while having his ships fire at their ships in orbit. Despite the Movement being able to kill his weaker clones quite quickly, Ne'yon himself was able to subdue Solid, Lorka, Ghetsin, and Maccasin with powerful electric shocks. Just then, the King piece appeared and demanded Ne'yon's retreat, which he reluctantly did. Terrified that Ada's forces would hunt them down and destroy them, the Proditkar fled into slipspace, where they stumbled across the UAE capital of Matrukoris. They also detected several of their imprisoned members, including Ziskin and the Highlords.

They attacked that area of the planet, eventually gaining access to and freeing their leaders. However, Ziskin revealed that he was helping the UAE against Ada since he had manipulated Ziskin's race into war with the Volver. Therefore, the Proditkar decided to help their enemies one time. At this time, Ne'yon's fleet found Matrukoris and attacked. The Movement's forces fought alongside the UAE troops, where they were joined by Cyber Collective forces who also wished to survive Ada's storm. Eventually, Ada's armies were driven away, and the Proditkar was free to leave. They did participate in the final battle, where their assistance proved invaluable to defeating Ada and his pawns. After that, they left.

Great Mirusian Conflicts Edit

Culture Edit

The Movement is a more "primal" version of the Multus, seeking to undo what they feels have weakened the Multus and allowed the Grox to take over and threaten the galaxy. While originally rebels of various UAE factions brought together to cause chaos and misery across the sectors, the Highlords have slowly turned them a more "productive" past time, conquering the galaxy with force, and bringing order and structure to it, something that has been lacking since the fall of the Great Multus empire.

The Multus rebel leaders themselves have not changed much of their culture since splitting off. Despite what UAE propaganda would say, they are very much a orderly society, keeping all their traditions active and never allowing laziness or ideal pleasuring to take hold in their society, due to their more militant nature.

Despite their aggression, they merely wish to see to it that all are ruled fairly by the Multus creators, and that the Mirus is once more restored as a pinnacle of culture and society, and bring an end to the Groxic threat once and for all, and with a permanent solution.

Leaders Edit

The Movement is divided by leaders of the Rogue Enlightened, Unitech/Biskin, Ruin's Hand, and Circle of Sins.

All of them lead armies and fleets into battle, and work on diplomacy.

CRE Pridar'Valicar-14165096 ful

CRE Kalmar-14165098 ful

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Relations Edit

Green face Servants Edit

You will do our bidding.

Yellow face Allies Edit

I'm almost impressed.

Red face Neutral Edit

Poor fools, their time is almost up.

Red face Enemies Edit

If you think your nightmares are over, you'll soon find out...They've only just begun...

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Notes Edit

  • Were based off a variety of ideas, including the Prometheans of Halo, but mostly on the League of Six Kindgoms, the Barracki, from Bionicle, and the True Chozo of Metroid.

Proditkar is the Latin word for traitor.

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