The Proditkar have arrived. Submit.

- Declaration made by the Movement in every battle/invasion.

The Proditkar Movement are a supposed rebel group of Multus Esse, in reality, faulty clones, and aberrations of the Chassin'ra, created as hybrids mixed with the former, along with Locrin'Noth, Alibix and other species to cultivate the ultimate Species. Ruled by a Cabal of True Multus Esse, collectively referred to as the First Born, their will is seen to by the highly powerful Second Born, whose genetic impurities are less obvious and their powers greater, while the bulk is made up of the Third Born, the warriors and frontline fighters, who lead masses of captured slaves and genetic engineered beasts into war against their foes. All of this is designed to subjugate and bring the galaxy to heel under their will.

The Proditkar is single-minded and dehumanizing to both it's members as well as those that cross them, few given any comfort, even those among that gain or are born into the position of the Second and First Lords. Their focused, tunnel-vision eyes care little for any other power or whatever else occurs, only desiring the complete subjugation of the galaxy above all else.

Their attitude and policies put them at odds with the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, the True Multus Esse, and countless other powers. Among the powers of Mirus, they are widely regarded as savage and utterly uncaring, though they seemed to have avoided the colonies of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, refusing any contact with them, and seemingly fearful of them.

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The Proditkar began as the survivors of a massive fleet, loyal at first to the Multus Esse and their ideals, but who had fled the war with the Alpha Grox and the other rebellious, cybernetic constructs. The realization that their entire people had been killed off, they all who remained, drove many to despair, including the fleet leader, Nargapekh, who would become known as the Shadow Prince, The King in Black, and Savior among the fleet that followed him. Nargapekh desired to restore his kind to power over the galaxy, as the Alpha Grox and their allies retreated into isolation and sought to further their power through any means they could. Nargapekh lead his people in a vast track into the asteroids of the Kraos Sector, and remained for many thousands of years, putting his people into cryogenic storage and sleep.

It would be many thousands of years before they would resurface, but once their ship AIs and navigation units detected ships within the sector, Nargapekh enacted his long plan. Following the ships back to their homeworld, he found the ships belonged to one of the Species the Multus Esse had originally cultivated, the Imakadii, who the Multus saved from famine, and believed would be an asset to the universe through their artistic abilities. They still worshipped and adored the Multus Esse, and had developed great scientific advances that far outstripped their age and power. Nargapekh appeared before their leaders, showing his status by activating the Multus relics left on the world.

Amazed that one of the figures they worshipped and adored walked in their midst, Nargapekh earned their respect and admiration by performing miracles, curing cancers, restoring brain damaged minds, giving back the ability to walk, and other feats that amazed and attracted thousands of Imakadii from across the world to be healed by his touch. He further gave knowledge of genetic engineering and modification to the Imakadii, intending for them to act as the host of a new Multus Esse Empire, in spirit, but not flesh, his kind ruling them from the shadows. Over time however, the various wars, violence and bloodshed he witnessed convinced him that no other method could be accepted, that it would take the strong power of the Multus Esse military to once more bring the galaxy to heel.

He had his most trusted followers gather the DNA of their various member species, and the chosen DNA of the most powerful warrior species they had cultivated, and had the Imakadii begin creating a new servant race, one based on the Chassin'ra body, but with the abilities and powers of others mixed in. Those not up to Nargapekh's standards would be destroyed, with the less pure and capable of Essence used as shock troops, and those who came closer still made into major leaders.

Over time, the Imakadii became servants and near-slaves of what would become the First Born Lords, and the first to be subjugated by the "Proditkar Movement", and though they would be the first, they would not be the last of the conquered. Various members of the creations of the Multus Esse would become Slave Forces for the Proditkar, including Kulaung, Skordi, various Waptorians, Volver, Persan and any others they captured in their raids. Over time, any cultural ideals of the past were replaced by an overwhelming desire to conquer and subjugate their foes, focused on restoring the galaxy to greatness, no matter the cost.

Overtime, the First Lords and their Slaves and Vassals would carve out a powerful Empire, viewing themselves as the true successors of the Old Empire. As such, they took to seeing the growing Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and other groups, like the Covenant of Mirus, as threats to it's power and position. Despite raiding many empires for slaves and further resources, they utterly avoided the Colonial Sector of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Nargapekh recognizing them as vassals of another Ancient power, and were worthy to be spared for a moment.

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The Proditkar stand apart from the Multus Esse in nearly everyway. They lack the understanding, patience and wisdom of their peers, completely focused on the military aspects of the Sarko'Nai Caste, and their worst attitudes. They feel little for conquering or raiding the other species, viewing them as lessers, and caring little for what happens to them. Lesser Species serve as obedient slaves and servants to their masters, nothing more, and when conquered, their ideals and attitudes are bent towards this focus on conquest and battle. Conquered species find their worlds blockaded and cut off, and their worlds and cities turned into "Farms", where they are massed breed to become slave-soldiers and other roles the Proditkar will need in the future for other conquests.

Among the Proditkar themselves, the descendants of the Chassin'ra and their allied species, are divided into three castes based on their genetic purity in the cloning process and breeding, ensuring every piece of Proditkar society is run efficiently. The First Born Lords are the True members of the Multus Esse, only a few thousand members who have somehow kept themselves immortal to rule over their empire, and have seemingly removed any Caste membership or past. The Second Born Lords are the less pure then their masters, having finer tuned powers, and intelligence, leading them to be governors and lords over their planets and systems. The Third Born are the impure, not only having Multus Esse DNA, but genetic material from the various species of the galaxy, such as Kulaung, Volver and any others they captured in their raids.

Despite their disdain and hatred for the other powers and species for taking their position, they still seem to hold some twisted reflection of Old Multus Esse ideals. They refuse to wipe entire species, viewing every single one as a useful resource, a twisted reflection of the Multus Esse, that every single species held inherent value to the universe, and further, avoid the other "Old Kind" of the universe, for example, their raids never going into the colonies of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, somehow recognizing the Emperor himself was an Oikoumene, and held off out of respect for the Alliance of old.

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The Proditkar are completely secular in their believes, holding no reverence for any religious centers or believes amongst their kind. They do, however, along their Subjugated Citizens to worship them or maintain their own religions in private.

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The Proditkar are ruled by the remaining Thousand First Born Lords, the only pure Multus Esse members who have survived into the modern age through advanced biotechnology, modification, cryogenic storage and other methods. The loss of their entire empire and species has rocked them to the core, and caused a loss in the traits of their kind once considered noble and purposeful, replaced by cold, hateful wrath and disdain for any other.

Below them are the even more populous Second Lords, less genetically pure, and designed and created by the First Lords to rule over worlds and sectors for the empire of the Proditkar, as well as leading their legions of slaves and Third Born Warriors.

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The Proditkar's main legions are made up of countless Slave forces, cultivated from the subjugated species of the galaxy they have conquered and cultivated into being pure warriors and fighters, their culture and basic biology even modified to serve their lords. Many are made up of Clones, while others are breed in massed "Planet Farms". The Slave Legions are given basic equipment and armor that resembles their original empire's, but designed to be more intimidating and brutal in appearance, their weapons powerful and designed for damage and high fire power above all else. Further assisting them are genetically engineered hybrid and other forces designed from the genetics of captured races to serve their masters in battle, and provide heavy support.

Leading these Legions are the Third and Second Born, the former made up of powerful and peerless warriors, their physical strength surpassing any of the other species and militaries of Mirus, while their bodies are largely immune to most essence. They cannot harness it themselves, but their physical power and advanced weapons more then compensate. The Second Lords are physically powerful still, but now have Essence abilities more suited to their tasks of leadership and direction.

The vehicles, tanks, walkers, etc, are piloted by the extracted brain of any Third or Second Lord, placed within the core, and the body of the vehicle becoming their own.

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  • Name - Nagarpekh
  • Title - Lord of the Proditkar
  • Status - Alive

Nagarpekh, the Lord of the Proditkar, Prince of Shadow and Savior of the Multus Esse, at least among his followers. Nagarpekh was originally an Admiral within the Sarko'Nai Caste, who lead his fleet away from the slaughter, trying to save as many as he could. So determined to save his shattered people, Nagarpekh would take over the Imakadii, before turning to creating genetically engineered soldiers and warriors to enforce the laws of his empires. As time went on, Nagarpekh sought to enhance his people further, not satisfied with the Caste System that existed among the Multus Esse, and how it limited the advancements and abilities of the Multus Esse. This modification of his form would cause him to develop incredible power, as he sought to modify himself to become all the more powerful.

His obsession with saving his people morphed into a twisted, dictatorship in which he believed he and only he could save the galaxy through establishing a new, more militarized Multus Esse Empire to command over. The forces under his command followed his every word, as he tried to enhance his physical powers, and developed his psychic and essence powers to such a point, that his precognition and sixth senses could detect threats from afar, and predict foes from either within his circle, and throughout the galaxy.

  • Name - Arkath
  • Title - Herald of the Shadow Prince
  • Status - Alive

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