The Salsetthe Republic and the JSR had secretly made an agreement to work together to attempt to kick out all non-native empires from the Milky Way Galaxy. In doing so, they staged a brief conflict between themselves as to divert suspicion away from their activities. They started by causing the Fourth Ottzello War, but now their targets are the Rambo Nation and the The Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation.


First ContactEdit

As soon as the Salsetthe Republic had finished transporting the two nations involved in the Fourth Orrzello War, they contacted the Rambo Nation, since they would most likely be one of the more difficult nations to get out of the Milky Way.

??? - You will leave this galaxy at once. If you agree to leave, aid will be given as necessary.

Ram'Eriathine - This is Senator Ram'Eriathine of the planet Eris, colony of Rambo Nation and embassy to the former DCP and the entire Milky Way, I do not who you think you are to threaten us like this. First we do not know you and second the Rambo does not take kindly to threats. Begone!

Ram'Eriathine (does not know intercom is still on) - Ah, see commander, it seems those were just empty threats. Prepare to disconnect the channel...

??? - So be it.

Ram'Eriathine - Hmm, seems you are serious then. Prepare to meet our mighty and noble fleet! You really do not want to consider diplomacy or peace?

??? - We will not accept any compromise on this unless you agree to leave peacefully.

Ram'Eriathine - Do you know what you are asking? You want us to leave such a fine and powerful colony? I think it is a request I never heard before. And be assured, I will not surrender Eris to anyone. It has been our colony for quite some time

??? - You seem to be adamant on staying.

Ram'Eriathine - Of course I am. Eris is a major colony and one of our deepest in space. With her ancient building style it would be a shame to surrender her. Especially because your threatened us and gave us no reason to leave whatsoever.

??? - We have our reasons, but we doubt you would accept them.

Ram'Eriathine - Hmm, perhaps

??? - Your kind, as in non-native empires, have been responsible, both indirectly and directly, for most of the more recent problems this galaxy has experienced.

Ram'Eriathine - The Rambo have caused problems in the Milky Way. I am not aware of that and am sorry if we were. However, we always considered the Milky Way already a war torn place.

??? - It has been, and most likely shall be for some time.

??? - However, we believe that by removing non-native empires from this galaxy and preventing any more from coming in, fewer conflicts will arise.

Ram'Eriathine - Interesting ideas and concepts. However we believe that those are responsible should have been dealt with a long time ago. With the disappearance of the DCP it seems the galaxy is turning into worse place. However we will not honor your request and will defend the colony if necessary. In doing so, you will actually spark another conflict which could threaten the already fragile peace in the galaxy.

??? - So be it.

??? - There is nothing more to discuss.

This response was expected by the Salsetthe Republic, as they knew that the Rambo Nation is a proud empire and does not respond well to things that could be interpreted as threats. They also knew that the colony was lightly defended, even if any reinforcements were to arrive before the Salsetthe task force would arrive. A task force of 100 ships comprised mostly of Dreadnoughts and Star Cruisers was assembled and sent to the Sol System, where the Rambo Nation's only colony in the Milky Way was.

The Battle of ErisEdit

The Salsetthe task force, cloaked, approached Eris. Since it was colonized, the otherwise barren landscape of the planetoid was covered in vegetation. The atmosphere was suitable for its inhabitants, despite the planetoid's eccentric orbit around Sol. Due to that, large terraforming structures were located on various spots on the planet. In orbit of the planetoid itself there were a few drydocks for constructing and repairing ships. Along with the drydocks, there were 23 ships, being mostly Miranda-class cruisers, along with some Galaxy and Excelsior-class ships too. Not only were the Rambo extremely outnumbered, they were also outgunned.

Near Jupiter the Salsetthe ships deactivated their interphase cloaks, and still cloaked, moved into the vicinity of Eris. The first things that were targeted were the drydocks, since they had more potential to be armed with more powerful weapons, due to their large size and access to more energy usually reserved for industrial replicators. However, since the drydocks didn't have any shields, the energy dissipators were able to make quick work of them. However, the Rambo ships noticed this, and so the Salsetthe ships engaged the Rambo ships. In the brief battle that followed, all of the Rambo ships were either destroyed or disabled, and any survivors were beamed aboard the Salsetthe ships. Only moderate shield damage was dealt to some of the much larger Salsetthe ships.

The inhabitants of the colony realized that they would have to surrender or be destroyed, so when one of the Salsetthe ships contacted the colony to give them a final chance to surrender, they agreed. The colony was then evacuated with the help of the Salsetthe Republic, and its inhabitants were transferred over to the nearest Rambo colony.

Dropped CallEdit

The next target of the Salsetthe Republic was the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, which had a sizable number of colonies in the Milky Way. Just like the Rambo Nation, the Republic's first contact with them was not on good terms.

??? - You are no longer welcome in this galaxy.

Lorrelas- Excuse me? Who is this?

??? - My name is irrelevant, but I am of the Salsetthe Republic.

Lorrelas - What business does the Salsetthe Republic want with us?

??? - We wish for your kind, as in non-native empires like yourself to leave this galaxy. 9:59 PM

Lorrelas - What?! What's your reasoning in doing that?

??? - Such empires have been responsible for many of the problems this galaxy which you call the Milky Way has faced recently.

Lorrelas - That is impossible. Your logic must be flawed. The TIAF has no interest to submitting to demands based on fanatical beliefs.

??? - Very well. Although we do not wish to cause any more destruction, you seem adamant on this.

Lorrelas - We are not in a position in which we will relinquish our Milky Way territories. And this "destruction" you speak of, how do you think you'll be able to destroy our territories anyways?

??? - You will see. There is nothing more to discuss. (end transmission)

Lorrelas - What? Hello? Grr, I hate dropped calls.


In the time that followed the previous transmission, the Salsetthe Republic contacted the Draconid Imperium. In the conversations, the Draconis Imperium agreed to aid the Salsetthe Republic in exchange for part of a "deal". In planning this war, the two powers agreed to attack the TIAF territory in the Milky Way on two fronts.

Jora FrontEdit

Despite the war's importance to the Salsette Republic, at first they did not give the Jovar Socialist Reublic much help at first. What little help they did give was in the form of fleet support. Initially this was little more than repair drones, repair nanites, and other automated devices. This was because the Salsetthe Republic thought that the JSR could take down that portion of TIAF territory with relative ease. They were first.

For the first few weeks, the JSR made steady progress, destroying or conquering TIAF colonies with moderate-light losses. However, after a costly victory in a system close to the "core" colonies of the TIAF's territory in the Milky Way, the war started to turn around. The TIAF started pushing the Jovar back, and almost succeeded in taking about more than 60% of lost territory.

After several more crushing defeats, the Salsetthe Republic stepped in. There was too much on the line for them to fail now.

The ExtremeEdit

The first thing the Salsetthe Republic did was to take out the wormhole from which TIAF reinforcements would come from Bunsen. Despite repeated attempts to set up a minefield, traffic through it was left unimpeded.

In order to destroy the wormhole, the "brane" which holds the aperture of the wormhole from collapsing and the wormhole becoming a black hole. In small wormholes, sufficiently massive objects can destabilize it enough to cause it to collapse. However, in large wormholes where multiple starships can go through it at the same time, this option isn't practicle. Instead, a sufficiently large release of energy can be used to destabilize the brane of the wormhole. For this wormhole, it was calculated that a 100kg matter-antimatter annihilation explosion delivered by a hyperluminal missile.

In the TIAF wormhole monitoring station, the missile was detected as a small graviton fluctuation, but it was assumed to be a large asteroid. However, when its velocity was detected and its nature discovered, it was too late. Seconds after sending out an emergency transmission, there was a blinding flash of light followed almost instantly by the creation of a black hole on both sides of the wormhole where the aperture used to be.

The TIAF forces in the Milky Way were on their own now. By the time the reinforcements arrived in the Milky Way, it was the beginning of the end.

Empty VictoryEdit

With the Salsetthe Republic's increased involvement in the war, the JSR was able to break the war of attrition that had been going on for the last month. The TIAF was slowly pushed back from their defensive position that they had been able to hold.

At this point, the TIAF was beginning to waver. Their territory in the Milky Way was being pressed from two sides, with the Draconid Imperium attacking the Delpha colonies and the combined forces of the JSR and the Salsetthe Republic slowly carving their way into the core of the Jora colonies. Both the JSR and the TIAF had taken heavy losses from the prolonged fighting, and the Salsetthe Republic was considering alternate ways to end the war, as it had become unpopular within the Republic.

Fortunately, they didn't have to wait long for it to end. A combined JSR/Republic fleet attacked the unsteady core of the TIAF defense, which was a heavily fortified system where the TIAF built and repaired their ships in the Milky Way. However, during the siege the Salsetthe Republic was contacted by the Draconid Imperium and the TIAF about the ceasefire agreement that was just reached by them. There was a brief exchange before the Salsetthe Republic agreed to withdraw from TIAF space so long as it would be in joint TIAF/Draconid control.

The war was finally over, and the Purge had ended.

Delpha FrontEdit

First BloodEdit

Several Imperial fleets arrived at the border of the TIAF's delta colonies, commanded by commodore Verdonus the begin a campaign that involved sweeping through the TIAF like a wave. Above one world, a splinter of the 247th fleet arrived, commanded by division commander Terenvas. This fleet was picked up by the Colony's space traffic control

TIAF Space Traffic - Attention, you are trespassing on claimed space with military units. State your origin and purpose, please.
Terenvas - Captains, give them dead-air and a full broadside at the defending fleet.
Space Traffic - I repeat, state your origin and purpose or you will be confronted.

Ternvus did nto want to make the mistake of confidence Tzena had made over Vanexia. Under his orders the the fleet fired a full broadside at the orbiting fleet while fighters and frigates swarmed around the planet to create a blockade. The TIAF was in sudden dissaray, they did not expect an assault.

Colonel John Varkett - Hold together! We may not survive, but let's weaken these Draccie bastards before they step up to the real show!

Noticing the TIAF were speading rally cries across radio frequencies, terenvus ordered for the orbiting ships to scramble all EM fequencies, with the Imperial fleet relying on tachyons for the duration of the battle. Carriers and cruisers launched soldiers and vehicles to the surface, deploying hundreds of thousands of troops to the planet's surface. The TIAF countered the EM jam with subspace frequencies, the ITN's troops were deployed on rooftops, weaving thhrough flak-fire to reach destinations and hovering to allow the soldiers to jump out. Carriers deployed thousands of strike craft with the aim of arial dominance, which outmaneuvered the larger, multi-crew TIAF fighters.

Terenvus - Let's end this quickly. Open a chanel with their military command.

As the TIAF became overwhelmed when it's gunmen were ambushed by soldiers landing on rooftops, Terenvus managed to establish contact with planetary command.

Terenvus - This is division commander Draevun Terenvus requesting an audience with the planetary governor.
Overseer Agron Tervon - What do you want, Draconis scum?
Terenvus - Now now, there is no need for such language. The Imperial Talon Navy currently prevails in this attack. We can prevent further bloodshed with the unconditional surrender of the planet. Surrender now and you would be fortunate to retain your position under imperial jurasdiction.
Tervon - Unconditional? Hah! You are insane. And I don't have the power to offer such a surrender. You will have to speak with the planetary council.
Terenvus - Unless you accept my offer there's not going to be much of a planet left for you to defend. The Imperial Talon Navy is already prevailing in urban conflicts and it is only a matter of time before they reach your office. Accept surrender and you get to keep your government.
Tervon - The head councilman is willing to have audience with you. And such threats do not go over well with the populace, I advise you keep threats to the civilians to a minimum if you want any sliver of a chance of gaining their respect.
Terenvus - My orders were not to massacre civillains, unlike some governors...
Head Councilman Teresa Ronaldi - What, what is it, Draconis?
Terenvus - I am here to ask for the unconditional surrender of the system. Even as we speak the navy's ground forces press on against your garrison. Surrender and I will call for them to stand down. Otherwise we take the system by force.
Ronaldi - The council will not accept unconditional surrender. The defense garrison has signaled us that they will die fighting. So go ahead and try to take over. You'll be reprimanded justly in due time.
Terenvus - If you do so you will get to keep your sytem of government as a province of the imperium.

Ronaldi cut the transmission.

Ronaldi - Send the report to Regional Command in New Tyrus and to the High Council. If the Draconis want to bring war to us, they'll be fighting a passionate populace!
Captain - Looks like they can't say no. orders?
Terenvus - Secure the planetary capital. make sure to use mechanised units
Captain - Aye sir.

The TIAF fought valiantly to protect their holdings, the fighting within the colony's main city turned it into a hellhole with sporadic firefights in alleyways and avenues. After several hours a squad had managed to fight their way to the steps of the capitol building. They managed to survive attempts by the TIAF's air force to pick them off. The sky filled with aircraft shooting each other out of the sky. Terenvus once again tried contacting the council.

Terenvus - Your time is cunning out councillors. Surrender and your governemnt and way of life will be preserved.
Ronaldi - The council has agreed that we will not surrender. Come and get us -- if you can!

Ronaldi cout communications again, Terenvus pinnched his snout with his forefinger ant thum and leaned forward.

Terenvus - Their reasoning is bordering suicidal...

The auxillary squad managed to force their way inside. Unknowingly they were tailed by TIAF paratroopers who had recently landed. The soldiers traversed warily through the building and dispatched guards they came accross with coordinated fireopwer, constantly being tracked down by the paratroopers.

Ronaldi - The preparations are almost complete. Everyone, evacuate to the emergency chambers. We can evacuate from there.

Two of the troopers had broken off from the main force in search of the main chamber

Trooper 1 - Damn Tybusen. Why do they have to be so loggerheaded about this?
Trooper 2 - No idea. Keep looking. Find council.
Trooper 1 - Yeah yeah...

The paratroopers find the pair and open fire, the two soldiers ducked behind walls and fired back. This aggrevated the paratrooeprs and one of them charged, covering his head with his shoulder armour, who was cut in the leg as he tackled the Sanakana trooper. He stood up and hit the avian with the butt of his riffle and turning to the other soldier. The first soldier cricked his neck before letting out a vicious warcry, charging at the parratrooper and ttoppling him over.

Meanwhiel the rest of the squad had discovered the main chamber, bursting the door oprn they notice that almost everyone had evacuated. Ronaldi stood near a hidden entrance, suddenly overcoem with a nervous flush. he sergeant was a 3m tall Drallivian.

Sergeant - Hands in the air, guns down and no-one gets hurt!
Ronaldi - Hoo boy.
Sergeant - Hands where i can see them. Cooperate and we'll make sure you live. Try anything funny and you can say goodbye to your knees... if I'm still in a good mood.
Ronaldi - Hmph. Congratulations. You just conquered one of the smallest TIAF colonies in Delpha, with considerable casualties.

In frustration the sergeant walked up to Ronaldi and wrapped his hand around the jaw, lifting the senator up.

Sergeant - Where's the rest of the council?
Ronaldi - Like I would tell you.

The sergeant punched Ronaldi in the stomach

Sergeant - WHERE! Where. Is. The council?
Ronaldi - You will never know!

The sound of rocket boosters was faintly heard, council ships along with civilian ships were preparing to warp jump to the nearest planet.

Sergeant - You slimy little...
Terevenus - Fire on those ships, if the council want to run, show them how we deal with cowardice!

The fleet fired at the ships, although the civillian chips managed to make it to warp the vessels holding the council were successfully disabled. Terenvus smiled as he stood on the bridge. Repords were coming in on all fronts of success. The border colonies were failing and the TIAF could hardly stand up to their invaders.

Terevenus - Secure the council vessels. I think we're done here...
Lieutenant - Commander, reports are coming in from other systems, it's as though they barely expected us.

Terenvus - *comms* Councillors, it seems your attempt to run has met with failure.
Councilman - Thank you, Captain Obvious. What are you going to do with us, slaughter us like Tervos Valocanus?
Terenvus - There might be a place for you in the Imperium.
Councilman - We have no interest in becoming installed in your fanatic government. Enslave us if you want, and see how the Federation reacts.
Terenvus - That is for the senate to decide, right now consider yourselves prisoners of war.

The councillors let out a deep sigh, raising their hands in surrender.

Ronaldi - You have accomplished nothing but incur the Federation's rage all the more. I hope you're happy.
Sergeant - Nothing? The Imperium's march has only just begun. I do my duty. But what do do with you?
Ronaldi - You will not succeed. One day, soon the Draconis will be forced straight back into the huts from which they came...
Sergeant - You dare insinuate that our brothers live in HUTS?
Ronaldi - You have seriously not read up on Tybusen pop culture...
Trooper - Sir if he won't talk he may as well be a slave.
Sergeant - Understood private.
Ronaldi - Your government still enslaves, huh? Seems primitive for such a "cultured" nation like yours.
Sergeant - Watch your tounge.

The sergeant grasped Ronaldi's throat, lifted him high into the air and then dropped him. Ronaldi hit the cold floor and coughed, spitting to the side of the sergeant. Meanwhile, the drallivian activated his communicator.

Ronaldi - Barbarians.
Sergeant - Command the planet is secure. Any word on the council?
Captain - Council are in custody and are uncooperative sergeant.
Sergeant - Understood... If they want their sector to become a region of Draconis colonies *glares at Ronaldi* then they may as well keep this up.
Ronaldi - Force tyranny upon our people, and perish.
Sergeant - *chuckles* Tyranny? No. If a world refuses to surrender then the draconis take it over, it becomes one of their personal colonies and all it's previous sapients are... evicted. My people joined the Imperium because we wanted to be close. Their government has been most cocoperative.
Trooper - That's easy for you to say sergeant, the paragon thinks your kind are 'special' for some reason.

Reinforcements arrived in the central chamber.

Sergeant - Have this woman taken to the internment camps with the rest.

While control of the planet changed to the Imperium, the TIAF's citizens were rounded up in internment camps. Prefabricated shelters were built at sites across the planets where the population were marked and chipped. Their government had refused surrender and the entire planet's population was being converted to slavery. Occasionally a few of the population were leased to help rebuild the cities damaged during the invasion however the council were kept under strict guard.

Aboard his flaship, Verdonus looked over report after report and smiled - the invasion was going smoothly and it could only be a matter of weeks before the entire region was under imperial control. His smile broke out into full laughter with reports that the council had chosen to die from running rather than surrender - the TIAF were on the run and the Imperial navy's jaws were closing on the Delpha colonies.

Communications Blackout Edit

The imperium continued their advancement into Delpha, the TIAF had been caught unawares and Verdonus was making sure that every oppertunity was being taken to keep it that way. The TIAF had set up relay posts throughout their territory and Verdonus had already presumed these to be honey traps for any would-be invaders. Realising that the relays were used for both military and civillian purposes he had plan in mind. Meeting with his admirals they discussed how the Imperium could infiltrate the relays and hack them to keep conflicts isolated and the TIAF unawares.

As the Imperial forces approached the edge of the mid-rim Delpha colonies a vanguard of operatives from the Royal Intelligence Agency had been dispatched to take over the relays silently and without the TIAF's mid-rim colonies realising. Near one relay station a team of five, codenamed Blackout-27, were airdropped some distance form the relay post. The ship that took them had travelled under cloak fro mthe system's edge. Upon arriving at the relay post the group, made up of non-draconis aliens. The station was lightly defended and after silently hitting the guards with darts and stun guns the group managed ot make it inside without alerting the other guards.

As they headed deeper int othe facility a pair of guards noticed them in the shadows. Investigating the area the two were gagged and hidden with the lead operative aking their keycards. Upon reaching the central mainframe the team used their nanoskin outfits to mimic the required personnel. After entering the group set themselves up and after half an hour had hacked into othe TIAF commuication network. Withoin ours seveal other relays had done the same.

Verdonus was watching closely. The agents in the infiltrated stations were blocking news of the Imperium's advancement from the iner colonies. He was unaware that there were still some leaks of their advancment. Whether or not this would reach the ears of the governments was left to be seen.

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