Just when you thought the Ottzelloans couldn't get into a worse conflict, they did. The entirety of Ottzello (now the Ottzello Sector) was in a conflict that would tear it apart once again. But Ottzello is now run by crimelords and warriors, with the crimelords being mostly unknown, and the warriors being the Zazane Empire and the Unified Nation of Ottzello. There had been plans of secluding the sector from the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy.

But when a criminal organization, who was controlled by the Salsetthe Republic, sparked a conflict between the Zazane Empire and Unified Nation of Ottzello, all fell apart. The two had been looking for a reason to go to war for a long time now, and the assassination of several Zazane warriors, with evidence pointing towards UNO, the Zazane had one. With the stolen cargo ships done by Zazane piracy, the Ottzello sector was now about to turn to chaos.

The Fourth Ottzello War had begun.

First StrikeEdit

The Unified Nation of Ottzello made absolute sure to strike at the Zazane first. Both had agreed not to use superweapons on each other, but the Kralgon Emperor didn't need them...

His fleet of AI Weapons were sent to attack a heavily defended Zazane sector. They'd lose a lot of ships, but the ships were unmanned, so there was little issue. Meanwhile, several manned Destroyers, far from the real target Zazane planet of UNO, bombarded an planet, remotely killing its population with large warheads. The Zazane Empire retaliated, bringing the Nuns of Conflict to attack the UNO Destroyers, which had moved on to attack another world while several Attack Pods were launched on their last target world.

The Nuns of Conflict were swarmed by UNO Fighter-Bombers, until they activated their ships' missile defence systems. The fighter-bombers retreated, but as the female Zazane's eyes followed the fighter-bomber squadrons, they saw several Frigates and Warships, as well as the destroyers, which had targeted the Nuns' fleet. After a relatively quick space battle, the Nun's fleet was destroyed. his siege lasted until Tyraz and Keldar prepared a retaliation; rather than reclaiming their lost worlds, which weren't all that important to the Zazane, they'd attack UNO from the inside...

The ShipyardEdit

Tyraz and Keldar wired up several Shidium bombs to several Zazane heretics and rebels, along with several captured Ottzelloans and criminal terrorists. Tyraz was done wiring his bomb up to an Ottzelloan Zazane.

Ottzelloan Zazane - Tell me, what are you planning to do?
Tyraz - Since you will not live to tell anybody, I shall give you the details. You have been given the chance to redeem yourself as a Zazane....through being used as a suicide bomber. We shall teleport you to the orbital defences of the shipyard, and then the Shidium bombs will activate and destroy the defences, allowing our fleet to get in and destroy all the ships here.

Tyraz pointed to the orbital defences of the UNO shipyard, which was filled with resting ships. The Zazane fleet was cloaked, avoiding detection from UNO's radars and sonars. The shipayd was located on both the main planet and moon, both of which the defences protected.

Ottzelloan Zazane - Argh! You will not get away with this!
Tyraz - Look at this way, you will either die in the knowledge that you have redeemed your honour, or you will die anyway. Either way, you're dead.

Then the bombers were teleported to the defences. Tyraz and Keldar watched for several seconds before the orbital defences went up in several huge blasts of Shidium.

Tyraz - This is beautiful. The shipyard is ours. Zazane Empire fleet, attack the shipyard!
Keldar - Nuns of Conflict, get on the offensive! Make this shipyard go up in flames!

The Zazane fleets launched Shidium missiles at what remained of the orbital defences, destroying them completely. The moon and planet were open to attack. The Nuns of Conflict teleported to the moon, taking care of the part of the shipyard located there. Tyraz and his Zazane Empire warriors teleported themselves to the main planet, killing all who they saw.

Tyraz - No prisoners! Kill everybody you see!

And his warriors did as they were ordered. The fleets destroyed all major parts of the shipyard, while the ground forces took care of the soldiers, guards, civilians, and all others. All remaining UNO ships were strapped with Shidium explosives, and also went up in large blasts. The Zazane fleets landed, and Tyraz spoke to Keldar over his communicator.

Tyraz - Keldar, what is your status?
Keldar - Everything is destroyed, Tyraz. No survivors were left, all were purged in fire.
Tyraz - Good, serves those heretics right. They will die for their sins. Oh, and have you seen Hork Zando?
Keldar - Oh...him.
Tyraz - Have you seen him, Keldar?
Keldar - Yes, I have seen him. Tyraz, he is despicable and disrespectful towards us Nuns. Why has he not been executed?
Tyraz - Because he is efficient, Keldar. And you should hang round with him, you might grow to like him.

Tyraz chuckled, while Keldar did not. Keldar despised Hork Zando with a vengeance, but not as much as Tyraz.

Keldar - You are more crude than Hork. Also, understand that I despise you for your tolerance to aliens. All aliens should be killed in fire!
Tyraz - Careful, Keldar. You forget that I am Umbrux's champion.
Keldar - *growls* Fine...I will keep our religion pure. You do what you like with that heretic alien and your demonic son.

Suddenly, Tyraz caught eye of Hork Zando, his accomplice.

Tyraz - Ah, Hork. Good to see you have arrived.
Hork - I would not miss this for the world, leader. A chance to take down those UNO chumps.
Tyraz - That's the attitude I like, Hork. However, be warned, UNO is not weak. Now, get your squad ready.
Hork - *places his hand on his chest* Yes, my glorious leader.

Hork walked away, and Tyraz smiled. Within the next few hours, Zazane buildings covered the surfaces of the planet and moon. The planet was named Taljivaro by Tyraz, while Keldar named the moon Tal Lon.

Keldar - Tyraz, Tal Lon base has been completed. What's going on at your end?
Tyraz - Taljivaro base has been completed, also. Now, I will meet with you so that we can set up the Shidium shields over Taljivaro and Tal Lon.
Keldar - Good, I am tired of waiting. I will meet you on the Warrior's Dawn.

And so, the two Zazane leaders met, bodyguards at their sides. Tyraz was also joined by Hork Zando, and Keldar was joined by her closest friend, Mother Kora. The Warrior's Dawn was a Norsk-Class Battleship.

Tyraz - Now, its time we set up the Shidium force fields.
Keldar - Great. I love the sight of a Shidium filled sky.
Tyraz - As do I. It gives me a sense of security.

As Tyraz and Keldar discussed their next plan of action while commanding their ground units in setting up the force fields, Hork Zando and Mother Kora met in private.

Kora - Hork Zando, brother, please heed my words. Saint Keldar wishes for your head!
Hork - Sister, she can have it, so long as she wears that attractive outfit while she takes it.

Hork chuckles.

Kora - Please, she wants you dead! Just be more respectful to her, please!
Hork - Listen, sister, your Saint will not kill me. Emperor Tyraz will make sure of that.
Kora - *a small tear in her eye* It's been so long since you took me out for Giret....
Hork - I apologize, Kora, but we must all do our part for the Zazane.

Kora nodded and shared a hug with her brother. Meanwhile, the Shidium shields were actiavted. The skies of Taljivaro and Tal Lon were a striking purple colour. The Zazane of both factions cheered. It would take ages for UNO to break the shield, as energized Shidium acting as a force field is incredibly tough, and incredibly destructive if non-Shidium touches it.

Stolen Ship Edit

With the Zazane Empire and Nuns of Conflict using their shidium shielding, UNO needed a way to attack the Zazane. With their new Tralkikianoe, however, they had an advantage; Tralkik were capable of using grapple hooks and climbing onto a surface. The Tralkik used these grapple hooks to latch on to a Zazane Norsk-class battleship, and slowly invade it by climbing through every single open location. They then took over it, and flew it back to UNO territory.

They constantly sent it around on a patrol near Zazane territory. This made the Zazane think that UNO must have many of these, and ordered an attack to retrieve one back. This would give Zazane access to UNO's intel, as well as show UNO they wouldn't take a thing from the Zazane. Hork Zando led a squad of 15 Zazane into the battleship. When he arrive,d he was surprised to be ambushed by several Tralkikianoe, all with buzzsaws and blasters. They killed all, but left Hork Zando alive on purpose. When Hork Zando returned, the Zazane were angered at UNO, but also aware of what UNO were now capable of, from seeing the marks the buzzsaws left over.

The Zazane wouldn't take this.

Assault on the Norsk Edit

The Warrior's Dawn approached the stolen Norsk-Class Battleship, called the Ghost of the Holy, accompanied by several attack craft. Hork Zando was given a new squad of Zazane, and he would be going in with Keldar Taran.

Hork - Right, men! Our mission here is to go in and destroy the Ghost of the Holy. The last time I went in, which was quite recently, my whole squad was attacked and slaughtered by strange machine beings. They were armed with buzzsaws and other such weapons, so I am preparing you for the worst. I know there will be casualties for our side, but there will also be casualties for UNO. I know that not all of you will survive, but you are Zazane. Umbrux will welcome you to his realm...
Keldar - Listen, we are going to teleport onto that ship while the main fleet attacks it. We will destroy the ship, as it has been defiled by UNO's presence. The only option from there is to destroy it in fire!

Several minutes later, Hork Zando, Keldar Taran, and the large squad of Zazane were teleported onto the Ghost of the Holy. There, they saw that Loron were patrolling the ship. The Zazane fired. Cover was being taken by the Zazane squad, while outside, the Zazane fleet were firing at the Ghost of the Holy. Hork took cover next to Keldar.

Hork - Why do you take cover, when your powers of holy Ascension can wipe out these heretics?

Keldar had forgotten she was Ascended, and so she burst out from cover and swung her Firesword at the Loron, slicing them with ease. Meanwhile, Tyraz Breek watched as the attack craft and the Warrior's Dawn fired at the Ghost of the Holy.

The EndEdit

The war was looking bleak. Back in UNOL HQ, the Kralgon Emperor noticed something in Zazane Empire territory.

Kralgon Emperor - Oh, hello Tyraz Breek.
Tyraz - What do you want, Kralgon scum?
Kralgon Emperor - I would be interested to know why your shields are going down, and the Shidium energy is being converted. You ought to tell me before I blow up a few of your systems...
Tyraz - Ah, yes. You have stolen our prized ship, so we have no choice but to deal you an equal heresy.
Kralgon Emperor - It is tactics of war my friend. Surely you must know that, being such a so-called 'honourable' warrior, you know how to fight your enemies?
Yogtam - It appears not. The entire universe will know that the Zazane Empire is pathetic, as well as their little Nun friends!
Tyraz - The Shidium is being brought down so that it can be pumped into a large bomb near the centre of Tal Lon and Taljivaro, and when the bomb detonates, both Taljivaro and Tal Lon will explode into huge waves of Shidium that will travel at unimaginable speed towards all the surrounding systems, destroying more planets.
Feldosia - Oh my... that would result in so many losses...
Tyraz - And also, we have large battle fleets cloaked and positioned near some of your more...beloved planets.
Valzo - Damnit... I knew I had a bad feeling about this war...
Tyraz - The ships in these battle fleet will release the wrath of the Suffocation Beam, which will penetrate the surface of those planets, heat up and react with teh core, and suffocate the planet and all its beloved citizens in smoke and fire! Tuolog - But Zazane you breaking your promise of no superweapons. You use your weapon, we use ours.
Tyraz - You have stolen one of our ships, which is equipped with a Suffocation Beam.
Kralgon Emperor - I'd love to see this weapon in action, Tyraz. Activate it, let's see if you'renot bluffing before I blow you to smithereens!
Tyraz - Fine.

He ordered a battle fleet near an UNO colony to uncloak and they unleash the powerful Soffocation Beams onto the planet. The effects were devastating.

Dakster - ...he's not bluffing... damnit. You'll pay for that!'
Kralgon Emperor - Ha! Your shields are deactivated... you fool! All ships, unleash weaponry!
Tyraz - Ahem...

Several Omega-Mmissiles, Omega-Lasers and Silent Destructors activated on Zazane planets, and then UNO's Star-Drainers activated.

Kralgon Emperor - How do you like THIS, warrior?! You have, however, caused an impressive amount of damage, which bothers me. I don't think e'll recover in any near future...
Tuolog - This not over yet. The fires keep burning until someone put them out, or the wood burn out.

The transmission closed. Tyraz looked back at his crew and shook his head.

Tyraz - Men, move out to minimum safe distance.

However, both were receiving an incoming transmission...

The Salsetthe' ProposalEdit

Valzo - I'm picking up an incoming transmission from... the Salsetthe? Patching it through now.

No individual appeared on the screen, just a silhouette.

??? - You are not welcome in this galaxy any longer.
Valzo - And who might this be?
??? - That is irrelevant. You must leave now or be destroyed.
Yogtam - Leave or be destroyed? You better have a good reason.
??? - Your kind has been disruptive to the Milky Way, before all these non-native empires started to come in, there wasn't as much conflict as there is now.
??? - We do not wish to cause any further harm, but we will if you resist.
Kralgon Emperor - Hmm... I assume you're talking about our little conflict with the Zazane, and the fact that crminals have taken residence in our sector?
??? - No, beyond this small war. Before the Xhodocto came back in what you call the Cataclysm.
Tuolog - This one difficult. He repel essence. I not able to read his mind that way.
??? - I do not think there is much more to say. If you need to know the full details of this, we can send you information on conflicts started in the Milky Way over the last two Earth centuries.
Kralgon Emperor - I... don't see much to respond to that. But we will not just leave our territory until we have some idea of what authority you have over us!
??? - If it will help we can help you leave this galaxy.
Kralgon Emperor - And how would you do this? We cant just speak out to the Taldar and tell them to make us another Ottzello Sector elsewhere.
??? - The galaxy you know as the Borealis Galaxy would be a suitable location to resettle.
Kralgon Emperor - Hm, indeed it will be.

He was cut off by Kralgon Emperor.

Kralgon Emperor - We'll accept.
Yogtam - We aren't in any position to just attack head on.
??? - Then there is nothing more to discuss.
Zr'Ahgloth - YEH GO AWAY

Meanwhile, in the Zazane Empire, Tyraz Breek received a similar transmission...

??? - You are no longer welcome in this galaxy. Leave at once or face the annihilation of your territory here.
Tyraz - Who is this? I demand you reveal yourselves?
??? - My name is irrelevant, but I am of the Salsetthe Republic.
Tyraz - Salsetthe Republic? We have heard of this. Why are we no longer welcome here?
??? - You are not from this galaxy. Your kind is responsible for much of the recent conflict and such this galaxy has seen.
Tyraz - And what will you do if we refuse?
??? - You will be purged from this galaxy. We do not wish to cause any further harm to your kind, though.
Tyraz - You are not the first to have threatened us, nor will you be the last. However, we have heard much about the Salsetthe...Fine. Seeing as your technologies are currently superior to ours, we shall depart.
??? - Then there is nothing more we must say to you.
Tyraz - We wish you a good and prosperous future.

After this, the 3 empires left the Milky Way Galaxy, with Salsetthe ships guiding them.

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