Battle of Averus Edit

After the intelligence probe, which had self-destructed in JSR space, had been identified as being made by the Salsetthe Republic, they decided to declare War against the Salsetthe Republic. This War would start with an assault on Averus, a Salsetthe colony near the Galactic Core on the edge of Salsetthe space.

A relatively small task force of six Allegiance-class frigates and one Star Destroyer was sent to destroy the colony, but none of them expected the trap laid out.

As the ships approached the system, they had to drop out of hyperspace since otherwise they could drop out of hyperspace in the middle of a plasma storm, which would destroy or cause irreparable damage to any ships stuck directly inside of one. The task force then went into orbit around the planet after receiving some minor damage from passing through the plasma storms. To their surprise, the only thing on the surface of this otherwise desolate and lifeless planet was a small hexagonal structure about twenty meters wide, so instead of risking firing on the planet and causing some unknown defense system to activate, they decided to send down a group of about 100 soldiers to investigate the small structure on the surface of the planet. The soldiers entered the structure, which was unmarked and contained only a long ramp leading down to a tunnel. After making sure that there were no traps, they started to walk down the hallway. Nothing about the hallway seemed very suspicious, but they noticed that they were unable to get any clear readings from their scanning devices inside, which they figured was most likely from electromagnetic interference from the plasma storms in the system. About halfway into the hallway, lights suddenly turned on and walls made of a neutronium alloy separated the hallway into small sections, crushing one unfortunate soldier who was standing where a wall came out from the floor. A toneless and obviously synthetic voice then came from an unseen sound system. "We never knew that the Jovar Socialist Republic could be so brazen as try to destroy a colony with such a paltry task force. However, it doesn't matter. You aren't welcome here." Several indents on the wall appeared, which were weapons fixtures which then proceeded to shoot at the unfortunate group of soldiers. Some of them tried to contact their ships, but their desperate pleas for help were never received, and within a minute they had all been killed. While that was happening, the minefield in the system activated itself, causing dozens of tricobalt mines to detonate near the JSR ships and within seconds all that was left of the task force was small shards of metal.

Stalemate Edit

As both sides adapted their tactics to work more effectively against each other, the War ground to a standstill. Assaults on colonies that would normally take several hours ended up becoming sieges that lasted weeks on end. Fleet battles that would normally only take several hours became progressively longer until they dragged on for days. What used to look like a War that would only last a month ended up looking more like a War that would last for at least a year. Because of this, the War became a War of attrition, with both sides trying to do as much damage as possible to the other.

The Last Straw Edit

The Salsetthe Republic decided that a War of attrition wouldn't be a good thing, so they decided to use one of their superweapons against the JSR. The weapon was identical to the device used to make the Hobus supernova to become extremely destructive, but it also comes with trilithium to cause a supernova.

Armed with these bombs, several autonomous drone ships equipped with coaxial Warp drives made their way into JSR space. Once they had arrived at their destinations they launched themselves into the stars which were meant for destruction. Two of the stars contained major shipyards in their respective systems.

Once the artificial supernovae had done enough damage, the Salsetthe Republic delivered their ultimatum to the Jovar Socialist Republic.

"Greetings, people of the Jovar Socialist Republic. We give you your last chance to stop this wanton slaughter. Stop your assaults, or else we shall destroy the planet you know as Earth, which is dear to your race. We shall also stop the progress of the supernovae if you agree to these terms."

Within hours the JSR assault forces had withdrawn from Salsetthe space, and not long after that the supernovae had their progress stopped by the creation of artificial black holes.

However, despite this relatively quick end to the War, a heavy and almost equal toll was taken by both sides. The Salsetthe Republic had lost nearly forty colonies near the Galactic Core and 16,591 ships. The JSR had lost two of their major shipyards, twenty colonies, twelve star systems rendered uninhabitable, and around 15,937 ships.

Fourth Ottzello WarEdit

Elsewhere in the galaxy, in the Ottzello Sector, the Salsetthe had bugged an individual. This individual was led to being one of the galaxy's major crimelords. However, the Salsetthe were using him merely to map out the criminal networks, exterminate them, and to spark a War between the Zazane Empire and the Unified Nation of Ottzello. This was done when the individual bribed individuals to spread false propaganda, assassinated officials from both empires and pointed all evidence toWards the other being at fault.

The War waged for over a month, and resulted in equal losses from both sides. Later, they were confronted by the Salsetthe Republic, who gave them the option to either leave or be destroyed. Both were evacuated to the Borealis Galaxy, where a new Ottzello Sector was made, as the important systems were transferred over. The Zazane and UNO ceased hostilities, at least for the time being.

This marked the beginning of The Purge.

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