The Realm of Dreams

While we never entered this realm ourselves, it is said to be one of the most beautiful places one can imagine.

- Vida'Rranlora

The Veiro'Thoi (Vida'Rra language: Realm of Dreams) is an alternate dimension where all the dreams of living creatures are created.


Ancient history[]

The Realm of Dreams was created along with all other Planes of Existence in the dawn of reality. Being fueled by the Dream Energy which originated from the souls of all living beings, the Realm started to create "bubbles" which would leak into other dimensions in the form of dreams. The Realm also created Sonhadromerith as an avatar and guardian for itself. During the final moments of the War of Black Fog, Sonhadromerith agreed to use the Realm of Dreams to imprison to incredibly powerful entropic beast known as Shu'rimrodir. As the energy of the Realm clashed with Shu'rimrodir, he was reduced to the size of an atom, and remained silent for billenia. However, as time passed, Shu'rimrodir managed to overcome the Realm's damaging energies, and started to corrupt it. He would then start to leech out of dreams, leading to the creation of nightmares.

Second Coming[]

The Realm of Dreams was heavily corrupted by the time of the Second War of Black Fog. Shu'olerthae and Thoi'olerthae swarms fought in a daily basis for control over the Realm. Ultimately, however, the Realm was completely currupted and Shu'rimrodir created a spacetime rift to it in the Milky Way Galaxy to escape. However, thanks to the efforts of Jerkon, Koluap, Herquie, Thea'Nhirara, Mimi, Macin Xermilin, Agent Mu, Kithworto, Tyraz and UNOL, the rift was closed and the corruption was mostly reverted. However, a region of the Realm became permanently scarred.

During the Annihilation, the Realm of Dreams served as hideout for numerous species, saved by Sonhadromerith from the Xhodocto.



The Realm of Dreams is composed entirely of Dream Energy. It appears as an abstract dreamy version of the person's positive memories. The Realm is infinite in size and doesn't seem to be limited by anything. The Nightmare Region, the part of the Realm contamined with Nightmare Energy, is visible in the "horizon" of the Realm. Time doesn't flow on the Realm of Dreams due to the total lack of Chronoscopic. This means everything inside the Realm is trapped in time and never ages.


Due to being located in another part of reality, the Realm of Dreams is inaccessible to most species. Another drawback is the nature of the Dream Energy, which tends to annihilate any creature incapable of protecting against it, meaning only adapted creatures or creatures protected by some kind of essence shield can enter the Realm safely.




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