The Realitos Realm[]

Physical reality is often considered to exist independent of the self, no matter what state of being; be it metaphysical or spiritual they exist in. If Chaos is the true objective totality of existence, Realitos is the portion of the universe that allows for life to exist and perceive subjective realities (and planes) of Chaos, and yet is a consensus reality that allows them to communicate. Ouroboros relates to the endless cycles of subjective "somethingness" and "nothingness", and usually manifests as the Xhodocto.

The Hard problem of Consciousness is a central argument to philosophical debates such as whether everything is reducible to physical reality, or that physical reality is just one world in a greater existence. It is the general view however that this particular realm has a quality in which none other has, it has the capability of creating sapience, something no other realm can do. Such realm has been the jealousy of entities living in major realms such as Heaven and Hell, due to its libertinage of creating senior species.

The Realitos realm has been object of constant battle, and as such the realm itself has developed abnormal anomalies to defend its young creations, such as Kraitoss and his legacy. The Reality allows young species to work for themselves and investigate for themselves their surroundings. Reality is eternal and will always find a way to avoid its destruction. It is also not-infinite, and as such, life needs to end in there, Realitos has the authority of destroying any species it wants thanks to time. Eventually Reality is a cicle of life that no one can destroy but itself.

Core Realms[]

Core Realms are metaphysical planes constructed by certain Omnipotent races, often out of Essence.

Atlantican Realm[]

The plane of existence on which the Atlantica dwell is divided into seperate realms; from these the use of the word "Realm" to describe an entire plane of existence is derived.

The realms of the Atlantica are the heavens and hells of both the Atlantica themselves, and the peoples of the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Reflective Realm

Dinoman82's realm is known as the Reflective Realm, an exact replica of the Rambo Nation's homeworld and various other planets found iin the Quadrants. It is for the people who die within their home area; their spirits wander the realm living a life the same as they did in their previous life. It is possible for the spirit to go to Selenyia's Realm from here - and can return from there. This realm is under the power of the Ultimate One, though the entity himself rarely is seen outside his palace. Intead his representative, known as the Mouth seems to rule in his tead. Anyone that is punished in this realm is sent to Artmyris' realm. The Ramboidae consider this realm as their heaven.

This location lies in the center of the place the Ultimate One chose for those whom came to his realm, recently the Ancientia Capitol was added to the realm. It was their destiny, and now the Ancientia Capitol is the first line of defense and entrance to the Reflective Realm, everyone is to arrive at the Ramboidae Realms by passing the Ancientia Capitol.

The Chaos Realm

Artmyris's realm is known as the Chaos Realm, a cold, stormy place where the Rambo Resistance or the evil individuals of the Quadrants are sent to the Choas Realm for punishment. It is possible for the punished in Dinoman82's realm or Selenyia's realm to be sent here for a trial for forgivness. Artmyris also had absolute control here, and spirits of Qaudrantians wander this land forever, seeking for sollitude and peace. However after the defeat of Artmyris the Choas Realm became a dangerous place, demons were fighting for power as the Choas Realm was left without one.

The location lies underneath the Reflective Realm and the other Ramboidae Realms. Considered as hell by the Ramboidae, this place can be reached by two way, falling down in the Pit, or using the massive and lengthy stair case. A common phrase by the Ramboidae is: "Go to Chaos, where Chaos is endless and eternal" (they only tell this to the persons they really dislike).

The Chaos Realm here and Chaos are not to be confused.

The Paradise Realm

Selenyia's realm, the Paradise Realm, was a sunny world and full of life. This realm's water came from the Spring of Peace, a place where Selenyia roamed. The Paradise Realm was a reward for spirits who deserved it, but there was also a part of this realm called 'The Forsaken Land'. The punished of this realm were sent into this pit, and stayed there until he/she was ready to come out, which usually took almost a thousand years. Otherwise, this place was for the good in life.

A neighbouring realm to the Reflective Realm, it was located south of the Reflective Realm and it was considered to be a paradise. Only the most notable persons could be found here, and those who made a differance in the Quadrants' history. Sadly, after the death of Selenyia at the hands of the Mornûnendur, the Realm ceased to exist and all inside fled to the Reflective Realm.

The Realm of Perfection

Otherwise known as the Jungle Realm, Horus's Realm of Perfection is a place where all life co-exists with each other. If life in this realm goes out of order, Horus cleanses the realm in order for life to co-exist again. The cleansing usually goes in a 2000 year cycle. The spirits on this realm are actually live citizens that are given by Dinoman82. This realm is also called 'The Experimental Realm', as Horus puts life in order. Horus' realm is a modelling realm to see what the Rambo can live with. None can enter it without the permission of Horus or the Ultimate One.


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Kamik'Shi's Realm, Inferno, is also known as Hell or the Nether-Regions. Kamik'Shi's demons wander this realm and calls it their home, while the punished of Kamik'Shi and those killed by his demons also wander this realm in torture. It is firey, full of toxic gases, lightning and the rivers are full of lava. It is common to see cities full of the tortured souls. Those who venture into this realm stay there forever. Inferno is currently under control of Shu'rimrodir after the Xhodocto departed to Chaos.

Sequential Realm[]

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Vyro'Nazdea's Realm, the Sequencial Realm, also known as Sequencium or Vyronia, is a utopian realm made of Gyronic/holospace. It is linked to the Ramboidae realms and the Realm of the Thirteen, in that the realms have interacted before. Here, Souls of Volzara's time watchers can be found. The realm maybe in a higher plane of reality, but it has most control over Gyronic & holospace, which it is thought to be made of. This makes it unknown as to what the time watchers' and the realms' brane is; it is thought to be a 5D realm and the Vyro'Narza to be 5D, but it is possible that the 5D realm and the Vyro'Narza are a front for those from a higher plane.

The image you can see here was painted by James Koan, a human who claims to be haunted by a time guardian, paints what he claims to visualise. This is Vyronic's three dimensional projection, in the background is holographic space. Surrounding the city he claims is "fluidic timelines".

Realm of Dreams[]

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Realm of Dreams

Sonhadromerith's realm, the Realm of Dreams is a region of existence composed of Dream Energy where all the dreams of living creatures are created. It appears as an abstract dreamy version of the person's positive memories. The Realm is infinite in size and doesn't seem to be limited by anything. The Nightmare Region, the part of the Realm contamined with Nightmare Energy, is visible in the "horizon" of the Realm. Time doesn't flow on the Realm of Dreams due to the total lack of Chronoscopic. This means everything inside the Realm is trapped in time and never ages.

Nightmare Region[]

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Nightmare Region

Shu'rimrodir's realm, the Nightmare Region is a plane of existence located within the Realm of Dreams which once served as Shu'rimrodir's prison and currently acts as a secondary nexus of the Corruptus. The Nightmare Region is a realm composed entirely of Nightmare Energy. In a contrast to the Realm of Dreams, which appears as an abstract dreamy version of the person's memories, the Nightmare Region takes the form of the person's worst fears, phobias and nightmares. The Nightmare Region is infinite in size, but it is visible from inside the Realm of Dreams. Seeing it from the outside makes it appear much smaller than it actually is.

Realm of Forget[]

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The Realm of Forget

Rektethin Xyazkoxos's Realm, the Realm of Forget, is the lair of the Xhousthoe and the Desolation Hivemind. To the eyes of mortals, the Realm of Forget appears to be vast, seemingly infinite void with many islands, which hold swamps with very little light. The Realm has a very unpredictable temperature, yet it is lair to several demonic animals and plants. The water of the realm is dark green in colour, making what lurks on it invisible to most. Each of these islands has its own center of gravity. The swamps and islands of the Realm are similar to impossible objects, mortals who venture throgh them are lost forever, and will eventually become insane and die of either starvation or being killed by demons of the Desolation Hivemind. The demons of the Realm can find their ways through these places just fine, but mortals never have such luck...

Mental Realms[]

Most sentient species have altered states of consciousness, sometimes they can be constructed, but unlike the Core Realms, not by an Omnipotent, but in the mind of an individual. The astral and nether planes often involve essence, and so can be accessed by most species, even if their mental experiences differ.

Astral plane[]

Astral travel is a transitional state of essence-perceiving consciousness which is experienced when mind is altered to any other state. Sometimes this can be used to access the subconscious and the collective unconsciousness of ideas, memes and even thoughtforms. Psychonauts are people who do this to explore their reality and to seek meaning or control, while practitioners of essence walk the astral plane to discover their psychic powers or to talk to telepathic entities. They do this by learning how illusions are covered by appearances in their reality; the more subjective, the more lucid. And yet this can extend their conscious awareness of essence itself, allowing them to achieve psychic powers that seem magical to those who not understand.

Some individuals hold more importance to the astral plane than others, even getting stuck in these planes. To some they are vast and empty (the ones whose purpose are yet to be fulfilled), while others contain things, some with no relation to the material plane. Once this state of consciousness is achieved, influences from ideas and emotions often fill the plane, and sometimes this can spill into dreams or normal life in the form of synchronicity. It is the path of elemental energy, to peer through even the astral plane to the Nether-plane and beyond that still, until enlightenment is achieved. However, the revelations revealed by the astral plane was often in the "come-down" towards consensus reality.

Astral Planes are inner sanctums, unique and subjective. But elements within can be shared by a group of telepathically connected minds, such as the The Purgatory and the The Antiverse.


This concept is largely based on Eastern Philosophy.

The closest a mortal being can perceive Nether-plane.

Nether-plane is a spiritual (or mental) plane of being. Like all mental phenomena, it is an external property (concept) that is often categorized outside space and time. But unlike a concept, adepts of elemental essence use it to experience a duality of concepts where one cannot exist without the other; concepts like hot and cold, light and dark, life and death. Yet they both exist as one, like a monad. Elemental essence is often generated by merging dual-spiritual concepts, and only when the contrasts evaporate (an act which is neither willing or doing) will an adept transcend them on their way to conceptlessness.

Warlord Kilnok once entered a reality tunnel that forced him to inhabit Nether-plane for a subjective eternity, in order to resurrect Master Kroc so he could save the universe in the War of Ages.

The Technoosphere[]

Cyberspace can take any form desired.

The progress of knowledge (in many forms) and related things such as language can profoundly change the lifestyles, beliefs, values and even perceptions of sentient species in Realitos. In particular, once a species has created technology which can both replace their lives, and even fundamentally rebuild their parochial minds, creativity of mind becomes unlimited.

While cyberspace and virtual worlds were nothing new, by the 28th century, the progress of major civilisations has come together, linked by networks of superintelligent minds. A brilliant noosphere of knowledge and experience from sentient minds across the known universe. At the very least people joining the Technoosphere could create "designer reality VR's", be immortal, split copies of themselves only to merge later or travel unbound by distance, alone having profound effects on society and perceived limits. For example, it would be the norm for people could pop in and out of existence unexpectedly, meaning that privacy would be have to be re-evaluated. It is conceivable that one day such progress could evolve even being, as some of the AI intelligences had already emerged into something beyond consciousness, redefining even the meaning of a "mental plane".

Of course, many portions of the Technoosphere are limited. Sometimes Superordinates may impose rules or active features that can prevent crime. Other Artificial and Emergent Intelligences were off-limits to cyber-surfers, being far too hostile or self-referenced, or just not understandable to lower subsets in the Technoosphere. It should be pointed out that although many uses for the Technoosphere are novel, many are also mundane, only strange in retrospect, and for many people becomes absorbed into the normality of everyday life.

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