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The Phradox Grox was formed from colonists from the Grox Meta-Empire. These colonists arrived in the Phradox Galaxy just before the catastrophic Arbiter War. Their presence went largely unnoticed by the dominant Watcher civilization for several thousand years. When the cataclysmic war began, the Grox colonists remained largely aloof to the conflict, save for a few cursory border skirmishes. When the Arbiter War reached its apocalyptic climax, the Grox were devastated, like all other life in the galaxy. However, the automated portions of their society were able to survive and rebuild their presence on a small world in the outer rim called the Delta Sanctuary. Once a significant portion of biological Grox had been cloned and reproduced, they elected to leave their sanctuary and begin a pilgrimage to the galactic core, which was now vacant after the extinction of the Watchers. During this period, the hyperspace shockwaves created by the super weapon that ended the Arbiter War severed the Phradox Grox’s neural connection to the Grox Meta-Emperor, giving the Phradox Grox effective independence from the remainder of the Grox enclaves in the Andromeda Galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy, Borealis Galaxy, and Mirus Galaxy.

The newly independent Grox faction, led by an individual named King Phaganax, spent thousands of years making their slow journey towards the galactic core, which had taken on a quasi-religious character to them as a “promised land” of sorts. When they finally arrived at the core, about 185 million years ago, they encountered another offshoot of the original Grox colonies which had undertaken a similar exodus and migrated to the core. This faction, the Nanox, had evolved in conditions with much scarcer food than the primary Grox faction, and thus had evolved to be much smaller during their journey. The group consciousnesses of each faction were merged together, and the consensus that characterizes the modern Phradox Grox was born. This amalgamation settled on the planet Megim, from which they would begin their new empire. Megim, to this day, remains a massive ecumenopolis and the administrative center of the Grox.

The next several million years were spent expanding outwards until the entire galactic core had become occupied by the Grox. From this position, they regained the power and status they felt they were owed as the inheritance of the Grox Meta-Empire. They spent millions of years building energy and transportation infrastructure including uncountably many dyson swarms, hyperspace lanes, shield worlds, and penrose engines around black holes. They fought numerous wars with the galactic powers that rose and fell over the eons. One particularly brutal episode of warfare came about when the Grox Meta-Empire attempted to recolonize the Phradox Galaxy. The expeditionary and colonial armada they sent from the Milky Way was far greater than any local threat posed by Phradox natives over the years. The resulting war lasted around ten thousand years and came about as the result of several expansion waves sent between the two galaxies in retaliation for the destruction of their predecessors. Eventually, the Meta-Empire relented and efforts to reclaim the Phradox colonies were ceased.

The unchallenged power of the Grox finally met its match with the rise of the Imperial Compact, around 350,000 years ago. This dynamic and innovative civilization rapidly conquered and colonized the majority of the galaxy. The Grox’s outer colonies were seized by the Compact and converted into a heavily militarized borderland. The initial bout of warfare between the two civilizational giants resulted in a mass-depopulation of the outer core. However, once the border was stabilized, and it became clear that the Compact was much more powerful than the Grox, an uneasy peace ensued. There were still periodic eruptions of conflict over the next 150,000 years, but none so violent that the jeopardized the coherence of either civilization. It is believed that the Grox played a role in precipitating the collapse of the Compact, but this remains uncertain.

Having learned their lesson from the meteoric rise of the Imperial Compact, the Grox redoubled their efforts to turn the galactic core into a virtual fortress. A massive network of hyperspace tunnels and weaponized black holes was constructed in order to form room for a deep strategic retreat. Any future civilizations would inevitably lose the catastrophic war of attrition that would ensue, and thus, the Grox’s control of the core was made more-or-less completely secure.

During the Annihilation, the massive energy potential wielded by the Grox’s interstellar grid enabled the creation of the hyper massive wormhole that moved the Phradox Galaxy from the Xanthra cluster to the Xonexi group. After this emergence, a massive influx of Grox refugees from M33, M101, and Obscurus Galaxy flooded into the Phradox Galaxy, whereafter they were graciously welcomed to settle on the Grox’s many shield worlds. These Grox are at various stages of integration with the central Consensus, and are generally free to move about Phradox Grox space.

Recent history has seen the Grox engage in conflict with the Polyarchy, which rose to prominence after the fall of the ancient Mercuris Federation. Periodic clashes have thus far been inconclusive, as neither civilization seems to be enthusiastically-bent on the destruction of the other. Grox mobile fleets now regularly travel the vast galactic distances that they are naturally capable of transiting. This is usually done to undertake search missions to recover lost, isolated pockets of former Grox colonists and bring them into the fold, as well as to gain access to the vast sums of knowledge available to the numerous stellar-AI that dot the outer reaches of the Phradox Galaxy. This brings them into periodic conflict with the various fledgeling-empires in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, but the central Consensus has yet to take any retaliatory measures against these upstarts.

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Yellow face"The Phradox Grox will guide you to victory everlasting."

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Orange face

  • Grox Meta-Empire - Analysis: Mother-empire. Threat Level: Destroyed. Conclusion: Assimilate.
  • Ultima Singularity - Analysis: Grox remnant agglomeration. Threat Level: Considerable. Conclusion: Assimilate.

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Red face"Assimilate!"

  • Polyarchy - Analysis: Anarchic virus of a civilization. Threat level: Extreme. Conclusion: Exterminate.

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Phradox kin. We have advanced. Integrated Meta-straggers. United beyond petty conflicts. You are welcome to cooperate. For the glory of the Grox. If not - extermination.

- Mortox the Deathly

Ah yes, the Phradox Grox. Enigmatic for certain. Though they do intrigue us...

- Oji'b of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

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