The Phradox Galaxy (also called IC 342 and Century's Gate) is a spiral galaxy that was originally part of the Silver Galaxies, but was relocated to the Xonexi Cluster during the Annihilation due to the efforts of Atamolos.

Phradox was originally colonized by the Core Federation, but the Obvia'Atra's exile shortly prior to the Annihilation allowed native civilisations such as the Uzileum Empire, and the suppressed Phradox Grox Empire, to expand their presence. Seperated from the rest of the Xonexi Cluster by an appendage of the Archdemon's Wall, Phradox's survival was officially discovered by "breadcrumb" probes in 2794, followed by a small amount of colonisation taking place by extragalactic powers. Still, it remained relatively isolated for most of the next three decades afterwards.

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  • At one time, the Phradox Galaxy faded into inactivity before efforts from Wormy and Cyrannian brought it back into activity. It then faded into inactivity again before Liquid Ink started setting fictions there.
  • Bio21 made several fictions in Phradox, with an ancient (yet still post-CoreFed) era involving the Watchers Imperium and War of Arbitration, and later species being catalogued here.