She's a fickle mistress, but one I wouldn't trade for the whole universe.

- Unknown

The Phradox Galaxy is open for colonization from anyone who wants it!

The Phradox Galaxy (also called IC 342 and Century's Gate) is a spiral galaxy that was originally part of the Silver Galaxies, but was relocated to the Xonexi Cluster during the Annihilation due to the efforts of Atamolos. However, the massive energy required to move an entire galaxy caused massive gravitational upheavals, and a galactic-scale mass extinction followed with very few native civilizations surviving.

Phradox was originally colonized by the Core Federation, but the Obvia'Atra's exile shortly prior to the Annihilation allowed native civilisations such as the Uzileum Empire, and the suppressed Phradox Grox Empire, to expand their presence. Seperated from the rest of the Xonexi Cluster by an appendage of the Archdemon's Wall, Phradox's survival was officially discovered by "breadcrumb" probes in 2794, followed by a small amount of colonisation taking place by extragalactic powers. Still, it remained relatively isolated for most of the next three decades afterwards.



The history of the Phradox Galaxy is that of the rise and fall of empires. The celestial spheres of the galaxy have been enthralled in a cyclical saga of birth, growth, entropy, and destruction. It was first inhabited by the ancient and celestial beings, the Obvia'Atra, who inhabited it for billions of years before leaving mysteriously around 500 million years ago. However, their legacy has been the most long-lasting of all the precursors. Their powerful command of essence underlies all life and civilization in the galaxy, and to this day the Obvia'Atra are revered as gods by the galaxy's inhabitants.

Over the eons, various extragalactic civilizations have colonized the galaxy, including the Grox Empire, coming into competition with the various native civilizations, which are seemingly always in a state of upheaval. Native folklore holds that, after the departure of the Obvia'Atra, a succession of twelve galactic empires rose and fell over the eons. These included the Watchers - super-advanced cultivators of life who sought above all to create celestial perfection in the mortal realm - and the Primals - who connected vast distances between stars by control of the wormhole network. This culminated in the most recent of these empires, the Imperial Compact giving birth to the modern era of galactic history. The technology they left behind has indirectly led to the rise of every civilization since, yet the cause of their demise still remains uncertain.

Recent History (last 10,000 years)[]

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Early Space Faring States[]



Astrography and Inhabitants[]


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Native Inhabitants[]

The galactic core hosts by far the greatest density of stars in the entire galaxy, with the average distance between star systems being a paltry 0.5 light years in some areas. This incredible density renders most carbon-based life extremely vulnerable to regular extinction events (gamma ray bursts, supernovae, etc.), and thus it is woefully underpopulated for a region of its immense size. The few civilizations that have colonized this region are those that are naturally resistant to such catastrophic events or have technology that provides an adequate defense.

The alpha quadrant is the most well-explored

The Ecliptic is the remnant of an ancient galaxy that collided with the Phradox. Most of the stars it once contained are now within the larger stellar mass of the Phradox Galaxy, but large star-forming regions do exist in very distant parts of the halo, due to the dense concentration of hydrogen and other gasses within the Ecliptic. There are no currently known native sentient species that inhabit this region, but its sheer size makes this a virtual certainty. It is believed that the Sentinels are based out of this region, but their mysterious nature makes this unprovable.

Extragalactic Inhabitants[]

Purity emblem 9.png

  • The Purity
  • Tier: High Tier 1
  • Type: Divine Empire / Collective Consciousness
  • Homeworld: The Origin

The Purity, a newly established intergalactic superpower hailing from the Mirus galaxy, have returned to the Phradox Galaxy to establish their spiritual home on the remains of the CorFed. They are the one of the last descendants of the Ravenrii and one of their most faithful vassals before their destruction by the Xhodocto who put themselves into crystalline and mechanical avatars to preserve their legacy. Ruled by the Pure One, they follow the Doctrine of Purity, a radical version of the Ravenrii religion. Their ultimate goal is the purification of the universe of sin and the avenging of Obvia'Atra and Illum'Alta and they will not stop no matter what.

  • Waptoria Alliance of Species
  • Tier: Tier 2
  • Type: Ecologist
  • Government: Organic Service Grid/Communal Parity (Direct Consensus Democracy)
  • Capital: Multiple/Decentralised

The first and largest Waptorian extragalctic colony, the Phradox Nerve, is centered around the wildlife sactuary of Transcendence. Th Nerve is dedicated to the creation of new life, as well as it's evolution and preservation. Much of it's habitable worlds are thus wildlife sactuaries, while it's sapients live in orbital habitats above. However, such sanctuaries are not limited to planets and can even be ringworlds specifically build for this purpose. The Transendence Nerve thus boasts an exceptionally high diversity of life, albeit relatively simple for the most part. It's Central Node or capital, Transcendence, serves as a wildlife sanctuary for sapient species, including those of the Waptoria itself, where they can live and propagate in their natural habitats, continuing on the species under the watchful eyes of genetically engineered Biotics even should they be faced with extinction elsewhere.

The Phradox Nerve is exceptionally peaceful compared to even the Waptorian territories in Mirus, it's growth only limited by a lack of want, for it's citizens already live lives of equality, pampering and relative luxury, and thus feel little need to expand. Created to serve, the Biotics that run the administration feel no need either and in truth would rather not spill blood. All this has made the Phradox Nerve the Waptorian fall-back capital, almost on equal footing with the Mirusian nerve.

  • Ecumene
  • Tier: Non-expansive tier 2
  • Type: Democratic republic
  • Homeworld: Publicanus

The Ecumene are a civilization spread far and wide across the various branches of space time. They have inhabited the Phradox Galaxy for several centuries, but have not sought any desire to expand beyond their toe-hold in the Alpha Quadrant. Their representatives in the area are comprised principally of mercenaries who use their essential abilities as guns for hire. For this reason, they are not particularly well-liked by the natives of the area, but their protected position through a network of wormholes that are nigh-impossible to navigate means that the possibility of reprisals from the natives are almost completely zero.




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A small grave for small empires.

- Persicus, Consul for the fifth time, son of Paullus and Doxia

She'll be mine again one day, don't doubt it for a second.

- Orion



  • At one time, the Phradox Galaxy faded into inactivity before efforts from Wormy and Cyrannian brought it back into activity. It then faded into inactivity again before Liquid Ink started setting fictions there.
  • Atamolos a.k.a. Bio21 is back and plans to start anew in the Phradox Galaxy.
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