The Pheras Conflicts were set of sporadic battles, raids, skirmishes, and sieges primarily between the Eron Sovereignty and raiding Saviki pirates, most of which throughout the Federation's outer systems and began on the planet Pheras.

Prelude Edit

The year 2779 saw the beginning of reconstruction on Pheras, a world still smoldering after being attacked near the end of the Containment War. Barely touched by the Federation even before the Severo assault, the process was expected to take a relatively short time, with its few cities being rapidly rebuilt. However, later in the year, several unidentified small-scale vessels began dropping down to the surface of the planet from orbit, taking a variety of materials, and cloaking as they exited the atmosphere. Naturally, the Federation military saw this as violation of their internationally recognized claim to the planet, and several task groups were sent to the planet to ward off the newcomers.

First true contact took place toward the end of the year, when one of the craft fired upon a group of Federation soldiers guarding a zinc deposit. Following this incident, skirmishes between the Federation military and these newcomers—soon identified as Saviki from the Blood Combine—became relatively common, with the classical definition of a war breaking out in 2780 with the arrival of the Blood Combine's main fleet. Thus began the painfully drawn-out Siege of Pheras, sometimes referred to as the Second Battle of Pheras, in which Saviki and Federation forces wrestled for control over the planet and its single moon over the course of several years.

Keshtol Raids Edit

The years 2780-2786 saw the Blood Combine raid planets, stations, and ships throughout Keshtol and its surrounding systems. The worlds of Pheras, Setr, Senghis, Seril, and Elshios were hit by Blood crews, and the space between them and just outside Federation territory became incredibly dangerous. Federation destroyers and cruisers began escorting civilian vessels throughout this region, now known as Bloddline, and martial law was put into effect on both effected worlds and their yet-unaffected neighbors.

In 2787, Orsik Corvosa was appointed temporary War Marshal of the Blood Combine, effectively committing the majority of its available ground crews to fighting the Federation. In 2790, he became their Chrill, allowing him to dramatically increase the size of Blood forces attacking Federation space. In response, Premiere Shan sent an envoy to the Qetrin Reverent Eshop Palalenius, urging him to aid them in pushing the pirates out of their territory and restoring order. As a battlegroup of Blood reinforcements entered Federation space, a joint Qetrin-Federation fleet engaged them along the Bloodline, exchanging fire in a spread-out battle that lasted several months. In 2791, the scales were tipped by the entrance of the Storm Combine, their Chrill's hand forced by an old debt owed to Blood's.

After a series of concentrated raids on heavily armed Federation vessels and fleets, the Saviki seemed to pull back slightly, as their already weary crews began to disperse back across the rest of the galaxy to raid less protected ships and planets. By 2795, the Storm Combine had begun raiding Heskron Imperium ships, which the Federation and Star Kingdom began to aid in repelling.

Operation: LOBOTOMY and Retaliation Edit

In 2799, the Federation began working with the Imperium on Operation: LOBOTOMY, a mission intended to take out the leadership of the Blood Combine, which was seen as the most significant threat to peace. A small task force of Spood Shadows and Heskron SOTs was sent out of the galaxy into the void to track down Orsik Corvosa, and kill or incapacitate him. After weeks of searching and cracking encrypted files retrieved from Saviki vessels, they found the arkship Pullulation, arriving in stealth and transmatting on board.

Sneaking through the massive ship, the team of twenty met no resistance and heard no non-automated sounds. However, as soon as they entered one of the ship's massive holds, contact with their ship was lost, and every door was locked down. Orsik Corvosa himself stepped out of the shadows, apparently unarmed, and stood before them. The artificial gravity increased where the team stood, forcing them to kneel before him. One by one, he proceeded to slay them all using only his own physical prowess as a weapon. Their broken bodies would then be loaded onto a captured Federation ship and sent back to Mirus as a response to their assassination attempt.

Closing Skirmishes Edit

Saviki Retreat Edit

By mid-2813, the Federation noticed a voluntary pulling-back of Saviki forces. Their strongholds were abandoned, their ships retreated back into deep space, and raids went from infrequent to nonexistent. For most of the Federation, it was a sign of relief, allowing them to resume reconstruction in their outer systems, but military and intelligence leaders remained confused and suspicious, as nothing prior to the retreat itself had suggested the Saviki would fall back. Some have suggested they may be gathering their full strength out in the void, while others believe they have simply given up on raiding the Federation for resources.

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