I've screwed up plenty. Lost friends, killed when I shouldn't have, slept around when I should've stayed put. I'm not exactly stable, but I will try and fix things.

- Phase-Hunter

Phase-Hunter, otherwise called Blade Wilson-Nar'Sherva O'Clett by his Mendel kin, other names including abomination, accident (by his parents), and going by other code names, such as "Blade Wilson", is an extremely insane, grotesque human mercenary, infamous for his love of women, especially fat-bottomed ones, and twisted, narcissistic personality. A being once hated across many cultures, he was adopted by a group of Ugandalorians into their Clan, but after his wife was killed, he forsake honor to seek a life of vengeance. This makes him, not only one of the first humans to join the Ugandalorians, but also one of the first to be exiled from their Clans.

Phase-Hunter traveled the universe, killing and having sex with any female that he could get, while growing to love another strange thing; ponies. He finally, after fighting in a war alongside the Ugandalorians, found his life empty and without purpose, and went to try and mend fences with them, and become part of the Clan of Clett. This has not stopped him from being anymore insane, however. While given purpose by the Clans, he still comes across as self-fish, self-centered, and flamboyant.

Phase-Hunter is the Ultimate Archon of the Peacebringers, a group of Olympian Super-soldiers developed by the Alliance for special warfare. These insane humans share many of their fathers' loves. Corpulent ladies, Queen Music, alcohol, and general insanity. In battle, they even use Queen music, altering it into extreme soundwaves to tear their "Bieber-loving heretical foes" apart. Phase-Hunter's sons are also in the Freelancer group called the Freddie Mercenaries, named after his favorite singer, and encounter their father more on missions. The Peacebringers refer to him as Father Wilson, and any time he joins them in battle, it is seen as a glorious event. And a dirty, depraved one by normal people.

History Edit

Early History Edit

I have no words on my past life, only a fresh supply of manly tears.

- Phase-Hunter

Phase-Hunter, originally, kept his past life a secret from everyone else, due to personal shame and distaste for himself. Phase-Hunter was an unwanted child in a generally abusive home. Growing up with no mother, and a distant, uncaring father, warped his weakened mind, and left unable to discern reality from fantasy. Along with his brothers, Carnex and an third, unknown being, where taken away from this bad situation by their uncle, a highly trained assassin for hire. Their uncle planed to train the 3 of them in his art, and turn them into human super soldiers. However, his eldest brother was too violent and destructive, Carnex was regarded as too soft, and Phase himself was seen as paranoid, delusional, and totally obsessed with the Band Queen and anime. Unable to complete their training, the uncle abandoned them once more, each going their separate ways, and, ironically, becoming feared assassins, though all agreeing to stay away from one another.

During his time as a merc, many years ago, he was contacted by the Tarmealox Hierarchy, better known as the Grox Followers. They wished to turn him into a super soldier, as part of their program prototype to deal with the forces that besieged they and their masters. Phase was given massive amounts of money, and a promise at immortality to continue his decadent life-style without harm. While successful, Phase's body was damaged, living him a skinless, shambling creature, with cybernetics laced directly into his bones and tendons, and even more insane them before. He left, and continued his work, before being exiled from planet earth by most governments, and having bounties placed on his head from several different nations.

While on the run, he would encounter another human in one of the outer-rim colonies, and due to the lawlessness of this colony, went largely undetected. Although everyone else avoided, he mostly helped defeat a number of outlaws and high way men, and bring stability to the area. He and this unknown women would try and settle down, and even have a daughter, named Christine, but the murder of his first wife by Grox Follower agents, and his own mind being fried, would result in him losing many of his memories, including of his daughter. His daughter would be taken and stored in cryogenic storage, for later use as a black mail piece against Phase.

With nothing left, Phase left the galaxy, and headed to Mirus, unknowingly following his enemies back to their home.

Joining the Ugandalorians Edit

I'll exterminate you all! I will leave none of you breathing! More. More. More bodies. More Tarmealox Bodies!

- Phase-Hunter

Working a variety of jobs, Phase would come to be hired by one of the High Kings of the Ugandalorians and their Clans, fighting alongside them in countless battles, and despite his insanity, again hoped to settle down and even married into one of the Clans, Sherva, taking on their name (as he only remembered his last name "Wilson"), and even marrying one of them that could stand his appearance. Years of happiness would go on, as he felt he no longer needed to fight, until a battle with his old enemies, the Tarmealox Hierarchy. Driven by rage for them, Phase would, during one battle, lead his warriors, including his wife, into an ambush, and get them all killed, except for himself and his wife, leading to their capture, and torture at Tarmealox hands. This would result in the death of his second wife, and he, in complete, blinding rage, tear himself free and massacre most of the "Dungeon Ship" they where on, crash landing it back on Ugandalore, and burying his wife at Mt. Ikhu, before leaving the planet, not returning until many years after.

After finding his handiwork, the Ugandalorian Clans declared him an outlaw, and one who had violated their sacred laws of honor and respect, and would from hence forth, be hunted by the more ruthless members for his sins and to prove themselves worthy. Many hunters would chase him across the stars, many dying by his hands, or he simply evaded them in total. He would head back to the Milky Way, which, due to separate from Mirus, and years going by since he last appeared, he was thought to have died, the bounties and the like disappearing, and allowing him to travel safely within Terran space without harm.

Partnership with Clett Edit

This young kid's gonna get himself killed. By me most likely. And to think, he's got potential for some badass shit in the future. At least I think this character does. All the characters look the same to me. Not as sexy and manly as me.

- Phase's inner thoughts on his first sighting of Clett

During his time of bounty hunting, merc work, and other actions, Phase-Hunter garnered a large reputation as an effective mercenary, unless it conflicted with his personal morals, which he kept hidden deep within his soul. However, Phase would accept one mission to kill the son of a famous aristocrat, killing him and collecting the money on his head. For this, the aristocrat placed a bounty on Phase's own head, and contacted the finest bounty hunters he could. Among these where several Ugandalorians, including a young bounty hunter named Barda Clett.

Confronted in a brothel as he pandered to 2 women on his adventures and such, Phase killed the first Ugandalorian, raiding his person for money to buy more booze and stealing his weapons. The younger Clett soon arrived after, disgusted with what he saw in Phase. He had heard stories of the Exiled Human, before he himself left his people in self-exile, and now that he faced him, felt disgust with the being.

However, Phase, telling the 2 women to leave, had Barda take a drink with him. Deciding to capture him in a different way, Barda accepted, sitting with him as the 2 drank away the night. After awhile, Phase revealed the loss of his wife had caused him to leave the Clans, and why he had turned his back on the Ugandal Clans in the first place. Barda, seeing the pain, and recognizing it, in Phase's eyes, revealed he had left the clans himself after killing his father, who was in the grip of psychosis. Phase, amazed, asked Barda if he still wanted to kill him.

The younger bounty hunter replied that he would think about it. Phase merely laughed, and poured him another drink, before revealing his inner dream to have a city named after him, and a statue of himself overlooking the harbor. With a laugh, Barda took the drink, as Phase slugged down his own.

It's unknown what occurred next, but the 2 briefly became partners, fighting alongside eachother, and Phase teaching Barda snippets of the culture they had left behind. However, as Barda grew older, he saw that Phase was too consumed with grief to move ahead, and decided to break off the partnership. Phase, strangely, had a similar idea, telling Barda to go out and do something with his life.

Phase would come to hear of Barda's exploits and his friendship with Ugandalore the Great, Torscka Nitrocon, and while lonely as ever, Barda's growth inspired him to keep pushing for a better future. Years later, the 2 would meet again, changed, but still as deadly as ever.

Enlightenment War Edit

You didn't think you could get rid of me that easy? I'm here to help, y'know? The Betty White still has a few tricks up her sleeve, and with those upgrades, I'll do even better! We're gonna blow those Kashriinox into the core!

- Phase right before the invasion of the Kashriinox Base

During the Enlightenment War, Phase-Hunter appeared to save The Lavatuft Lavern, from Ghorie and Commander Karack of the Alpha Cyber Collective. After injuring Karack serisously, then helping wound Ghorie, he helped destroy the Alpha Cyber Collective invasion force. It's unknown why he came back. Perhaps because it seemed every race had ousted him. His kind didn't care about him, he was a wanted criminal, or, perhaps he found the Grox Followers marching towards Ugandalore again, and would not allow the only people who had accepted him past his disgusting, skinless features, and had welcomed him as a brother and husband, to fall to the Grox Forces.

While the Clan where against including such a vile outcast, Barda Clett, having served with Phase before, and seeing him as a lost brother who needed a cause to fight for, waved his exile, and allowed him to fight. Perhaps because he had finally conquered his anger, he did not brutally kill the Grox Followers in the same manner he had before. He even helped save a group of Federation clones pinned by enemy fire, getting his arm shoot off before he successfully destroyed the Dronox Gunner station.

He then invaded the Kashriinox Base. With the allies. Afterward, he was awarded the Title of Captain for his service to Alliance of Enlightenment. After this, he began to feel more attached to them, and was adopted by Barda Clett into the Clan of Clett, re-teaching him honor and love again, just as he had done for Clett a long time ago. Phase could not believe the once-young hunter he had meet at a cheap bar was now a leader of a nation. Phase decided to attempt to make a change in his life, and cut down on his sex and Queen addiction.

After the Mendel Pact was formed, Phase would join it, becoming a Rally-master Commander within it, and, honorary Super Commando when the situation called for it.

Attero Dominatus Edit

We'll kill it all! We'll kill it all! And we'll kill it now!

- Phase on the fall of the Drakodominatus Tyranny

During the Attero Dominatus war, Phase first fought against the Drakodominatus Tyranny in the Milky Way, having already arrived there since the final battle of the Great Deceiver. Trough some unknown means, he gained a huge lothing of the Tyranny's Horsemen of Destiny, According to Phase himself, he eventually came to blows with the Horsemen's leader, the Overseer Pestilon Nephillheim, though it is unknown if this is true, since both would have only escaped the battle with minor injuries.

Like many who where part of the Ugandalorian Clans, Phase-Hunter joined after receiving the call of the Ugandalore, something he vowed to listen to at all times and to heed the call. With many other Ugandalorians, he journeyed to Mirus again in what would be called the Great Crusade. Joining with his Clan-brothers and sisters, he was made a rally-master, and told by Barda himself to keep himself in line. It is rumored that is was Phase who killed Pestilon Nephillheim during the battle of Terminus, after the Sindar killed off the other Horsemen.

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Return of Them Edit

THEY, so threatening in it's vagueness, are threatening my Clan, and I will fight for my family no matter what.

- Phase to Barda.

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Gigaquadratic Conflicts Edit

Kill! Maim! Burn! Just like this one crazy night with my favorite prostitute! HAAHAH!

- Phase chasing some traitor Olympians during the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts

As a newly christened Rally-Master, Phase was called forth by his Ugandalore to assist in the latest war preparations. As W'tze and his team went to the Mikly Way to battle the rogue Raptorians/Raptoraneans known as the Craving Artists, Phase went along uninvited, not caring about Okagg's threats to kick him unto space. Later, when the Mikly Way colonies of the UAE were cut of from the rest, Phase showed a side of his personality that was rarely seen, actually managing to keep the UAE together when even W'tze, Si'daal and Kyaan were struggeling to do so. All while killing those who dared to attack the Alliance.

Due to his surprising effectiveness, W'tze and Oskel arranged that a group of Olympians would be cloned from Phase's DNA. They are known as - Peacebringers of The Hunter -, but unofficially also by many other names, including the "Queen's Bridegrooms" and the "Angels of Psychopathy", a play on the two famous Raptoranean Olympians known as the Queen's Children and the Angels of Escacy, and the "Pony Riders", named after the favorite steeds of Phase's gene-sons; genetically-enhaced ponies egineered from those of the Horsemen of Destiny.

Phase thus starting referring to himself as the God-Emperor of Awesome, though was discouraged by his friends from doing so publically.

Following the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, Phase gained a much more loud-mouthed, cantankerous attitude, and generally became a "grouchy old man", as his friends observed. Angered at the loses his "bros" took during the war, Phase-Hunter posted a long video-rant, denouncing the French and Eldarisians, and generally being a nasty fellow. Much of what he said had to be censored, due to it's coarse language. Considering the Mendel people as a whole, some wonder just how bad it really was. Phase even offered in private, that, when the Mendel made a come-back, to allow himself to become the puppet emperor of France in the future wars they would potentially fight. While Barda didn't say yes, he certainly didn't say no.

Olympain Strike Edit

There's a special place in hell for those that kill children. I long ago forsaken all for the pursuit of hedonism and bloodshed. If any one had death coming, it was me. But what did these kids do to deserve death? being born into a genetic lottery? The Hegemony must die. It's a cancer that will do this again and again and not stop until we burn it to ashes. Gather, my sons, and let's ride to victory. Caste the black banners of vengeance and blast the Queen music.

- Phase-Hunter

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Hand of Retribution Edit

I've always been immature. An idiot. Barda saw something in me that no one else, not even I saw in myself. It's taken his death, and his head-strong daughter to finally force me to grow up, and become a man worthy of being his friend, even if I was too late...

- Phase-Hunter

Phase-Hunter was present when the Hand began removing the various High Lords of the Pact from their positions of power, and putting himself in control. From gaining the Support of the Empyreal Caste of the Walgolorians, to manipulating Comacar's political rivals to put himself in control, the last obstacle in his ascension to power was Barda Clett himself. Phase-Hunter, having spent much time trying to gather information on the Hand, tried to warn Barda of the impending threat, but was waylaid by Agents of the Hand. By time he arrived, Barda was already challenged to an honor duel, and could not back out. Phase could only watch as his friend was suddenly defeated and dragged away. With that, the Hand of Retribution was made High King, and even offered Phase a position of power, with all the women and drugs he could dream of. Phase, angered, declared his allegiance to Barda and Barda alone, and attempted to fight the Hand of Retribution himself. Although more powerful, thanks to his enhancements, the Hand played on Phase's rage, and easily entrapped him, injuring him and removing his left eye, later having it bathed in molten metal and adorning it upon the forehead of his helm. Phase escaped, consumed by grief in his failure.

With the Mendel Pact no firmly under the command of a madman, he felt there was no hope, and went into an exile in order to escape the destruction the Pact was about to unleash, on both it's enemies and itself. Phase did not even contact his sons, who where, by now, waging a secret war with the Brazen Bulls, who where firmly under the Command of the Hand of Retribution, the Ice wolves caught somewhere in between. Phase himself seemed on the path to losing himself again to his inner demons, much like what had happened with the loss of his first two wives, and set up cutting himself off from all contact, in an attempt to "Make them better off" without him.

What he did not expect was a visit from one of his old Friends' wife. Forbila Clett herself appeared, incognito to Phase, and told him she was organizing a Clan revolt against the new High King, the false king. The Clans where too caught up in vengeance to care, but their path to victory would not lay in slaughter, but in destroying the Xonexi in a far different, more long-term way, something the Hand would not understand. Phase, while curious about what she meant, agreed to join her resistance. Taken aboard the flagship of the Clans' Resistance, Phase swore his allegiance to High Queen the Mendel Rebels had rallied behind; Kirta Clett, Barda's daughter. With Phase as her bodyguard, along with his long-lost brother, Carnex, Kirta made her first journey to the City of Death, to gather more "allies". From hence forth, Phase would act as bodyguard and tutor to Kirta, using his knowledge on the Hand's fighting style to help Kirta prepare for the inevitable duel, as well as help her mature into a leadership role.

After the Hand of Retribution Edit

Phase-Hunter, after the war with the Hand, would have Barda buried in the Clan holdings of Clett, alongside Reago and Cadus, remembering his friend's death and looking back fondly on their years together, before promising Barda that he would protect the members of his family and see to it they where all safe and sound. He found, in the records of the Ruins Hand Clans, the existence of Barda's long lost sister, Arylin, who had been kidnapped and believed dead by the Ruins Hand, but, it turned out, had turned into an assassin/consort/wife of Clan Lord Vraqon Malcron. After meeting with the Clan Lord, he revealed Arylin had died during the war, after trying to assassinate the Hand herself, but they had sired a child named Ambori, who had taken after her mother and uncle and become an assassin for hire. After finding her, Phase offered Ambori a place within the Clans, but the young Mendel found she didn't know where she belonged, between the brutality and ferocious mentality of the Ruins Hand, and the honor and close-knit kinship of the Mendel Pact. While she thanked Phase for the offer, she left for parts unknown, hoping to find her place within the universe.

After this, Phase would be contact by a group of Tarmealox scientists, who sought to bind him to their will again by threatening his daughter. Having no clue who this was, but not wishing for her to suffer because of him, Phase rescued traveled there, and pretended to submit to their will, but in reality, managed to disarm the guards, and caused series damage to the ship, destroying its life support and communications array, and escaping with his daughter away to Mendel space. Though difficult to talk to her, having no memories of her in the slightest, Phase managed to break the ice, and raised her within the Clett Clan alongside the other warriors there, and giving her the best education and using his vast wealth from years of mercenary work to make sure she wouldn't ever have to get into war like he did. Unfortunately, time around the Mendel breed within her a more aggressive attitude, that, combined with her trauma, did much to make her develop a taste for battle that he would've liked to have avoided.

Second Cyrannus War Edit

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Meeting Deloros Edit

After this, Phase's investigation of Barda's bloodline lead him to find a young man named Deloros using the Clett name, and had a presence in the underworld in ++REDACTED FOR NOW++ Galaxy. Curious of whether this was truly a relative of Barda, he had his sources in the ++REDACTED++ Galaxy begin studying Deloros from a far, and truly found he was indeed descended from Barda's seed. Unsure of what to do, Phase went to Forbila, telling her that in his early years, Barda drifted from place to place, and it was not out of the question for him to have fathered a child before the two meet. Forbila did not immediately react, and admitted to Phase she did not know what to think now, knowing he possibly had other children out there without her knowing it, though she assured him she had no doubts that Barda had been faithful during the marriage, and wished he had been alive to know he had a son elsewhere. Phase promised her he would bring Deloros to Mirus, and let him meet the family he didn't know he had, and also to possibly help clear any tensions she might have had.

Assisting Delloros' Mission Edit

Re-connecting with the Olympians Edit

Dad, please, let me do this. They're family.
This is dangerous, it could get you killed.
You've done plenty to get you killed.
Because I had someone watching me, and I didn't listen. Don't repeat that mistake.
I'm going, this for family.
Alright, I can't stop you. But don't get yourself killed, or so help me...

- Phase to Christine Wilson

Saving Bri Edit

I know you will try and stop me. Its kinda your job. I have a daughter to save from a crime she never committed. They're after me, those demons of my past, and they've drawn my family in. Try and stop me, and I'll consider you no better then these idiots in my way.

- Phase to an Unknown member of the Clett family

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

You see that enemy of the Mendel Pact, there? No? Good, neither do I.

- Phase-Hutner to one of his comrades, on a corpse.

Phase-Hunter is regarded as a disturbing figure by many. Typically silent, reserved, and often speaking in the tone and action of a more affluent individual, Phase-Hunter, despite his rotted appearance, does not provoke much disgust and horror from those around him. But when one gets to speaking with him, or is around him long enough, his speech and habits quickly reveal disturbing, outright morbid facts about himself and his life, sometimes without even meaning to. On the forefront, Phase is often, calm, collected, and reasonable, though once people get to know him, they quickly grow annoyed with him, and even disturbed by his hunger for bloodshed, violence and sex, sometimes all three at once.

Certain things seem to set him off however, such as child abuse and hurting children, where he quickly drops his calm façade and shows just how murderous and sadistic he really is. Despite his sadism, and his hair-trigger need for violence, Phase isn't a complete monster. Phase has shown himself a loyal fighter, commonly fighting his way through hordes of enemies without question if his friends need him to, and caring little if his body is damaged at all, so long as his less durable friends are safe and sound. He does not remember his own name, something that leaves him troubled and resentful, but he is uncertain of who he hates and why. He calls himself such things as Wade, Slade, or Blade, but secretly wishes a name for himself, not even sure if Wilson is his true last name.

Since Barda's defeat and death by the Hand of Retribution, Phase grew increasingly bitter at the world, falling down to despair and depression like when he lost his first and second wives, believing himself a failure, and, at first, refusing to help Forbila and Kirta, believing he was cursed and that he was cursed to spend his life alone without companionship, and, ultimately, would've devolved into something far worse then when even Barda found him in their first meeting. However, seeing Kirta is so spirited and relentless, like Barda when he was younger, caused Phase to see he was still needed, and became a mentor and friend to Kirta, hoping to educate her on how to balance her aggression, temper, and rebellious nature with proper leadership and strength, while finding the balance he had lost in his own life. Phase has since grown into a watch-dog of the Clan Clett, swearing to protect the members of the Clan at all costs, and has gone about trying to find and bring any wayward members back into the Clan, so they know they have a safe place and home to go to. While originally regarded as buffoonish and only good for fighting, Phase has shown himself to be a wise, calm figure in the Clan, and is widely respected, despite his eccentric nature.

He still has numerous odd quirks, such as discussing Cheeze-Its with Kirta during their attempts to escape a booby-trapped area, offering her juice from a flask after she narrowly escaped an explosion and was resting in the hospital, and began ranting about why humans should be deathly terrified, not of Reptilian infiltrators, but of grass.

His liking for such things as Queen borders on obsession, commonly infusing human culture into his friends and those he meets through his ramblings about it. Many make the mistake in believing he enjoys Queen and only Queen, and actually expands his taste to King Crimson, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and others.

Armour Edit

Chicks dig my armour. And My sexiness. And just about everything about me.

- Phase-Hunter

Phase's armor is an extremely interesting case, as it does actually cover all of his body. Indeed, much of his arms, chest and back are left expose by it, and it only offers protection for his lower body and chest. The armor connects to his body via a series of barbs and wires that connect and hook into his nerve endings and muscles, which, in doing so, release electric shocks and a cocktail of drugs, when he so wishes, to energize him and keep him active in battle. This armor thins out around his arms, usually appearing as thin, wire-like metal that covers only the areas where his muscles meet, such as the area in between his brachioradialis muscles on his lower arm, as well as areas where the muscle ends, and bone begins, such as the area around his skull, as his bones are rather fragile in compassion to his muscle and other tissues.

Due to it's abilities, the armor can store most of the weapons Phase will use in special compartments located in and around his body. Phase can, quite literally, pull a weapon out of his rear, thanks to the nature of his cybernetic implants. This does cause him such issues, as the blood does not flow properly in the areas where these compartments exist, thus meaning he must constantly inject special medication into these areas to keep his body functioning, as without blood, he cannot regenerate.

Phase can use his armor's abilities to rip open holes in space time, jump through, and come wherever he so wishes. To the outside viewer, he appears to take his armored hands, and "tear" open the world in order to jump through, before tearing his way back out. This is merely an illusion, and he can easily jump around from place to place without the clawing motion. The dimension he jumps into, is a dark, void like world dominated by black, grey, green and blue, and has little detail. However, he still allows him to see shapes, and people, and he time his jumps to come out and surprise a target. He can take people with him, though those without his armor, and who are left behind, will stay there until he gets them, unable to die of hunger or thirst, and ultimately expiring from either terror or, suffering sensory deprivation.

Appearance Edit

These scars...I earned everyone of them.

- Phase-Hunter

Phase-Hunter has very little skin left. Most of it appears to have decayed from his flesh, and, as such, his muscle and other tissues that appear under his skin are open for all to see. His armor and cybernetic implants attach directly to his muscles and nerves, shocking him at times when he needs a boost of adrenaline or to stay awake. This explain his extra-energetic attitude. His eyelids are also heavily damaged, and when they close, tiny holes can be seen if one looks closely at them. His teeth are naturally rotted out, but constantly replace themselves, similar to a shark. Even though he tries to keep them in good health, his teeth are always rotted, and as such, he has simply become accustomed to the pain of losing and re-growing teeth constantly.

While in battle, the plates of his armor close up, and his body becomes more armored and protected, not that he really needs it.

Based off Phase's sons, who do have 100% of their skin intact, and are cloned from him, Phase actually could be considered attractive, if his skin was still around. His sons tend to be rather fair skinned, naturally muscled, and of a tall height, though leaner then one would expect. Their eyes are blue, and have dirty blond hair.

Since his defeat by the Hand, Phase has been left with a series of scars across his back, arms and face, and on his chest is a mark roughly translated to "Shamed" or "Shameful One" in Mendel, and his left eye is still missing. Although he could easily repair such damage with his advanced healing, he chooses not to, though sometimes curses himself for not healing his eye, as it gives him a blind spot in battle, and the scars are known to flare up sometimes and give him pain.

Years after, during his adventures with Deloros, he would take to wearing a long black coat-jacket, adorned with two gold plates near the collar. The right side has a gold dollar sign with a small jade jewel between the two lines going through the "S". The other is a stylized, cursive "W". The buttons are a silver-platinum color, and has small green "W"s painted on. His last name is printed across the bank, from left shoulder to hip, and he has a star pattern on the shoulders of his arms.

Voice Edit

It can't be that bad!

- Phase, after a victim shot himself to escape Phase's singing.

Phase-Hunter's voice is reedy and lyrical, and is said to sound of death, misery, and cupcakes. His voice constantly flocculates from light and happy, to deep and psychotic.

Despite this, he's actually a good singer. To some extent.

Abilities Edit

I'm just burning through the skies, at 200 degrees of pure sexiness!

Phase displays rapid regeneration and expertise with most human and Ugandal weapons, carrying assault rifles, Uzis, several swords, and a high powered sniper rifle. Phase is extremely fast and agile, and even without his armor, can take hits that would shatter must humans. Phase is extremely fast on his feet, and despite being a human, can out-distance most other, better fit races. Phase has extreme strength, as he was once recorded "pimp-slapping" an epic, which stunned it greatly...right before it stepped on him. Phase has absolute, 100% control over his own muscle mass, allowing him to easily tear through enemies, but also often tearing apart his own muscles as well.

Luckily for him, Phase also has extreme regenerational abilities, though the regenerating itself is rather gruesome, as the new flesh literally bubbles out of Phase's wounds, before waxing into shape and solidifying. He ultimately controls the rate and how much this happens, directing his cells to regenerate in certain areas, while neglecting other areas. He can even stop his body from regenerating entirely, such as the scars that now adorn his body, and his missing eye. His regeneration requires blood to function, and if the blood flow is cut off for too long, the limb will be lost and he will have to grow a new one.

One of his most potent abilities seems to enter an enraged "burning Form". In it, his skin smooth over, becoming pure jet black, and new scars and marking open, these burning with fire and energy. Fire seems to randomly generate from his form at times, and his eyes glow pure blue. While his defensive abilities, and his regeneration, seems to weaken in this state, his speed, strength, and power go drastically up, making him capable of tearing through most foes with his bare hands. However, Phase seems to lose control of his actions, and, indeed, suffers memory loss while going through this. His armor also seems to use it's energy reserves, so it, naturally, tires him out extremely afterward.

Using his armor, he can scan enemies for weaknesses and names, and teleport across the field using specialized electricity that can tear holes into a new dimension. He can also channel this electricity through his body and at his opponents, into bullets or into his fists. He can manipulate the forces of gravity around his armor to achieve mock flight. He claims to also be able to make a sonic blast of lightning while in the air called "The Quickening Rainboom". Phase must use these abilities with caution, as using electricity too much will tax his armor systems, and result in his armor/body shutting down, before he "dies", reboots like a computer, and becomes active again, though extremely sluggish.

Equipment Edit

I got a Princess and Queen. Both are hungry for blood!

Phase-Hunter is armed with twin Katanna, used to slice through enemies at high speed. The Katannas have the ability to regenerate from dulling. He also has twin SMGs, small enough to allow him to pull them out and use them in any given situation. The bullets are modified to pierce any enemy. He also has a powerful Battle Axe, modified for slashing and crushing armor and bone. The Axe releases an energy field briefly, electrocuting anything that it comes in contact with. His preferred weapon, however, is his Shotgun, a saw-off piece that he built from scratch, and named Hokuto no Boomstick. Usually, in any combat situation, Phase will always go to his trust Shotgun and start making heads explode from the various types of ammo he carries. It's believed he's actually addicted to watching heads explode, explaining his liking for certain anime, and for combat in general.

He also, for rare long distance assassination missions, carries a sniper rifle he named in honor of Alec Baldwin, named "Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle". The weapon has modified rounds for piercing targets at high velocity, and can tear limbs off.

Nicknames for his weapons Edit

I only give stupid names for the shit I love.

  • Sword 1 - Celestia (As in Princess Celestia)
  • Sword 2 - Mercury (As in Freddie Mercury)
  • Claymore - Rebecca (The name of his first wife.)
  • Battle Axe - Bloody red special
  • His twin Pistols - Sex Pistol, Love Gun.
  • Sniper Rifle - Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle
  • Shotgun - Hokuto no Boomstick
  • Guitar - Luna von Bismarck of the Clan Macleod. (He was drunk when he named it.)

Relations Edit

Green face Family Edit

Let the voice of love, take you higher...

  • The Peacebringers - Let us spread friendship, murder, sex, and Queen wherever we go my boys! There's no stopping usss! Ahahaahah!
    • Konrad Wilson - You are the Emprah's Furah!.
    • Ereto Wilson - I named you after my favorite German Chancellor and my third favorite anime character for a reason. I just don't remember it.
  • Carnex - Brother!
  • Barda Clett - I...I failed. Why do I always fail?
  • Kirta Clett - You didn't fix me, I didn't fix you. We fixed each other.
  • Forbila Clett - I swear, if it's the last thing I do, no member of this family is going to die unless it's of old age!
  • First Wife - We don't need forever. We sweet moment. And that was more than enough...
  • Second Wife - You touched my heart, and changed my world forever, dear
  • Ambori Clett - You remind me too much of myself. Lost and with no direction.
  • Ghkess Vhardi - I was in love once...

Blue face Friends Edit

I hope you'll be there, when we're in need of love and care.

  • King Brygon - So you're a mix of a lot of races huh? You part Human?
  • W'tze - Your hair is almost as crazy as Brian May's! But not as awesome.
  • Ajaar'Magnos - I never got the whole Spode-thing. Freddie is love. Freddie is life.
  • Zakton - Crazy? I like crazy!

Blue face Neutral Edit

I'm sure Beelzebub doesn't have a devil put aside for you. I think.

  • Admiral Brony-fellow - I like your taste. It's the taste of a lier.
  • Queen Sexy'daal - Oskel you lucky man, you! I'd tap dat too, though.
  • Lavern the lavy lav person - Not another one...
  • Riffrex - I was aware of our being fictional characters first, bub.
  • Spore culty thingie - Cult, plz! I should hailed as your founding ruler.
  • Sexy's Dum Husband - You still have someone to love...
  • Allied Terran Republic - My old race. My only ties being Queen and the cartoon horses I enjoy. However, I wish them luck in their little crusade of unification. Not that I really care.
  • Niyra - Yeager? Can you like, bite your thumb and turn into Godzilla? Does he do that in the show? Maybe he turns into Jet Jaguar. Jet Yeager. Awesome. Not as awesome as Your Spiritual liege, though.
  • Ibari - Asukra? Any relation to Shikinami? Or Ein?
  • Baransu - My, my. Aren't we an angry little dinosaur.

Blue face Disliked Edit

Let them eat cake I say, just like Marie Antoinette

  • Alexandre I - Man, that quote's kind of awkward now...

Red face Enemies Edit

Do me a favor, have a sheer heart attack as you bite the dust.

  • Dark One - Like an Octopus with it's tentacles in every pie...
  • Pestilon Nephillheim - Come on back from the dead, I'll Falcon Punch your ass back to hell!
  • Ghetsin - You're funny. We should go on a trip to the Seven Seas of hell. Or rhye. Whichever.
  • Slagan - Sie sand das essen und wir sind die mercury!
  • Kradik - Can women get that fat? Please, please tell there's gal out there with that amount of meat on her bones.
  • Lorka Gredyc - O hai Lorka, how's your sex life? Psych! You don't have one. Heh heh. Virgin jokes.
  • Elka Cloden - You kill women and children. Neither of us are saintly, but you're the worst kind of evil, the kind of evil that doesn't know he's evil. Come near me or Mendel territory, and I'm gonna erase your evil forever!
  • Hand of Retribution - I deserve these scars. Just as you deserve hell.
  • Fenric Vermillion - Kirta certainly didn't leave a lot for the maggots. Say hello to Santorakh for me.

Quotes from others Edit

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Slade, Wade, Blade...Uh, what now?

- Oji'b

Somehow, despite the fact I hate him, he's sort of grown on me.

- Barda Clett

And THIS is why people don't take proper mercenaries seriously these days. Someone pay me to shut this guy up permanently.

- Admiral Kaios

Completely insane. But...Hrm. I think there's a reason for it. A logic to his madness. Gah! If i didn't know better i'd think he had contact with a major EDBE!

- Ortior Iklas

And now...your death is marked.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

Hurry up and die will ya? I'm sort of craving human flesh now.

- Queen Si'daal


- King Lavern

And then they say I'm crazy. Yeah? Woohoo? This guy is like 10 times more crazy then I am. I might actually reduce that to 5. Or 1. Or actually I might be more crazy. All those possibilities! They all make my head spin!

- Zakton

Nice weapon collection. Don't worry when Zakton steals something out of it, though, I'll get it back for you...If you ever learn to shut up! If you don't, I'll kick you out of the airlock. And that's a promise.

- Okagg

I only like Queen. I don't worship them, I'm agnostic jack'o lantern face.

- Niyra

No, no relation to no mere mecha pilot or fighting dude. But god herself!

- Ibari

If...he...doesn't...shut up...I'LL TEAR HIM APART!

- Random B.A.C Evolved

Woo! Someone as crazy and deadly as me! I still have pointer sticks. And bigger guns too.

- X-30


- Bloodlust responding to Phase-Hunters quote

Q/A section Edit


Ask Phase-Hunter anything. If your crazy enough.

Quotes from himself Edit

Me vs Judge Dredd? For realz? Bro, he ain't even a Queen fan. What BS.

Look to me for what your fiction characters should be like; Attractive, powerful, manly, and getting all the women.

Freddie Mercury, your spiritual liege, disapproves.

I'll give you every INCH of my love tonight!

Yeehah! Say my name, bitches!

This wiki needs more rock, fat chicks, and lesbians, and Rocking-fat lesbians!

There's a reason prostitutes call me a walking bank, and their best customer, allow me to show you, madam.

Oh, won't you take me home tonight, baby? I'll put some spring in your step, some awesome in you love life.

Notes Edit

  • Phase-Hunter takes inspiration from a variety of sources, mostly coming from Deadpool from Marvel comics, Deathstroke from DC comics, Jagi from Fist of the North Star, and Godzilla's special abilities
    • "Say my name, bitches!" comes from the manga/anime hokuto no ken - [1]
    • Phase-Hunter and Kirta's relationship was inspired by that of Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli from Steel Ball Run.
    • ZF always intended to ultimately have Phase go through a redemption arc and come to terms with his flaws and shortcoming, and ultimately become a better person, and decided to work it into The Hand of Retribution Arc. While still off-key and just weird, Phase is ultimately more stable then before.
  • Phase-Hunter was originally part of the obscure Ugandalorian Clan, Sherva.
  • He is the first fictional character who is also a brony. Don't ask Zillafire why, it just matched Phase's character so much to be a brony.
  • Phase-Hunter's father once died, and was left in his room for weeks. Phase-disided to ask an expert on what to do. The results where a little...unexpected for Phase.
  • Phase-Hunter is used to channel all of his creator's randomness involving Ponies and the like, and keep as little as possible from getting into the main fiction. And yes, I am a huge Queen fan. Not to the extent of Phase though.

Themes Edit

  • Don't Stop me Now - First theme, used during his time in the Mendel Pact, before the Hand of Retribution.
  • Steely Dan - Dirty Work - During his various adventures and around the universe with the Clett family.

Gallery Edit

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