Do you like Queen? I think Made in Heaven was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on Morality. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding albums. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Mercury, May and Taylor. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument.

- Phase-Hunter

Phase-Hunter, born Jonathan Pweza is a Human member of the Mendel Pact, originally a revolutionary, rebel, mercenary and assassin, Pweza is a figure of much controversy, his history long and bloodied, prone to long periods of loathing and self-hatred, followed by exuberance and energy, all of it covered by flamboyance and decadence. Pweza has lived a long life, far longer then any normal human born in his era, assisted by both super-natural demonic acts performed by the Cult he was born into, and the cutting-edge, cybernetic skeleton and armor horrifically grafted onto his body. Though originally disdainful of human contact and existence, or any species for that matter, his contact and work with Barda Clett and the rest of his family has brought him out of his shell and given him something more to fight for then pleasure and self-indulgence.

Phase holds a strange place in Mendel Society, accepted and adopted into their Clans, yet disdained for his bloodlust and decadence, but still self-less, sacrificing and dedicated to stopping the evils of the universe with his entire being. Despite his past, he is wholly dedicated to good, and refuses to give into his darker temptations and drives, putting everyone he cares about before himself in everything.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

In Phase's early years, he was known as Jonathan Pweza, part of a secret society and cult that claimed to consort with demons. The founder, an ancient being known as Kitab al-Azif, is said to be the founder and progenitor of the Pweza Clan, though Phase takes no pride in the association. Kitab lived for 100 years during the time of the first and Second Crusades, and sired many great and terrible rulers and despots over the years, using his power to drive them to villainy. The Cult he founded, would be a rival to the Hashashin in power projection, and spread it's foul influence throughout Europe and Asia.

Phase was a child of the third, born to members that were not part of the Cult, but who had an uncle who was part of it. His parents were killed, but before her death, his mother gave him her personal collection of CDs, most of which were Queen CDs. Pweza and his two older brothers were taken and made into members, part of the Cult's military numbers, figures who would move through the shadows, stabbing leaders in the back and slitting important throats, before vanishing from history. As part of this, the Cult summoned Demons form the Chaos Realm and other regions of existence to empower and strengthen their members. These Demons would be consorts and close guards for each member, advising and protecting them at times the Demon felt were best for its' own interests.

He claims the Demon he was married to was a Female, though very few records or incidents remain to verify it. The figure revealed, however, that the Cult could not be trusted, and, combined with his already rebellious nature, left after slaughtering most of the inner-circle and it's leaders, horrifically scaring his Uncle in the process. Pweza would, after leaving the Cult, enter into obscurity, for many decades, unseen and unheard from.

After this, he formed a new group in the chaos of the World Wars and global conflicts among Earth Nations, seeking to rid humanity of them, and form a state that would be run by working class people, for all working class people. Some called him a revolutionary, others a terrorist, his attacks often killing far more then the targets he sought. Whatever the case, his revolution died in the blazes of war, and he was left with nothing, but a heavy price on his head and every nation on Earth gunning for him. Leaving Earth, he set out for the colonies, and when that didn't work, went beyond even them, into the greater unknown.

During such time, he would fall in with numerous crime groups, including the Devil's Passion as they called themselves, and would submit to a full-scale rebuilding of his body almost to the cellular level, turning himself into a cybernetic warmachine with symbiotic suit of armor over his flesh that would further enhance the super-natural mutations and alterations made by the Cult to his body.

Falling in with the Mendel Edit

Over the years, Pweza would lose many of his memories, due to repeated gunshots to the head, which, while able to heal, cost him much of his memory. Pweza would leave for another galaxy, Mirus, and would fall into the criminal life there, serving the Blackstar Cartel, and countless other groups in his long career, amassing a fortune off the killing and murder of countless others. The Merc would buy his freedom from these groups, so rich was he now, that it was a mere drop in the bucket. Such left him free to pursue a life of his own, deeply guilt-ridden over the lives he had taken, and feeling as though he had disappointed someone, but couldn't say who. Before he left, however, Pweza would learn of the assassination planned by the Cartel on some forgotten empire's son, whose father was believed to be involved in an attempt to crack down on their business.

Pweza had done much, and knew he had probably blackened his soul, so journeyed there, infiltrating the fort the father lived in, and learning everything in the dark of night that he could, preparing for the arrival of the Blackstar's bounty hunters. What he did not contend with, was being found by the Family's body-guard, a young bounty hunter named Barda Clett, who, after taking exile from his own Clan, had traveled Mirus, the Quadrants and elsewhere as a bounty hunter himself. After a brief struggle, Pweza convinced the younger hunter of his goal to help protect the family's child, and, on the next day, when the Mercs attacked the family compound, joined Barda in the defense. Though the Merc leader warned he had signed his death warrant for defying Lord Naxor himself, Phase was uncaring, and simply shot the last in the head, and sending a serious message to the inhabitants to resist any Cartel spread hence forth.

Barda, his contract completed, and deciding to head elsewhere, offered Pweza the chance to join him. With nowhere else to go, the two left, heading out to the stars, fighting across countless wars, assassinations, and other missions. While Barda sought to just make money, Pweza was adamant, continuing to influence him to seek out the better missions, to protect the poor and not letting the worst criminals spread their influence. Barda was irritated by these insistences and general attitude, but followed his example, overtime, Pweza, despite his instability, becoming something of a mentor-figure for Barda, steering him towards better actions and attitudes.

The two would end up back in Mendel territory, Pweza's appearance and attitude largely unwelcomed by the Mendel Clans, though his cybernetic body made him a target for attacks and attempts by the Tarmealox Hierarchy, Alpha Marinox and other agents of the Groxic cybernetic menace, seeking to tear apart his body and dissect him for further knowledge, or to assimilate him into their assassin. Pweza responded to all of this with his usual aggressive, raunchy sense of humor and lethality, crushing anything that tried to harm him to the adopted family he had taken to.

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Personality Edit

Pweza is a man marked by his aggression, arrogance, flamboyance and cocksureness. Even with friends, like his closest friend and partner Barda, or his student/pupil, Kirta, he doesn't mince words, and has no issue make sarcastic, smart-ass remarks and general rude statements, no one spared from his verbal barbs. Pweza spares those who have gown through trouble or traumatic incident in the past from his abuse, but generally sees no problem, mocking everyone from Presidents, Emperors, Lords and diplomats with his sharp tongue. He is especially flippant towards other humans, which has lead some to believe he holds bigotry and racism against the French, when they are merely the closest Humans at hand for him to abuse verbally. This boisterous, lively persona hides the fact he is rather deeply unhappy at how his life has taken him and the people he's lost along the way, and still feels a deep, horrific loneliness.

Phase-Hunter is especially caring towards children, and despite his arrogance in his abilities and general presentation, holds kids to be all the more important in protecting, and goes out of his way to make sure they come out alive and generally well-off. Those that harm children or generally make their lives miserable, earn his ire especially, and he will focus everything he has on killing them, regardless of how badly mangled his body becomes.

Outside battle, Pweza has a bizarre and off-beat sense of humor, focused on puns and music references, particularly obsessing over the band Queen and it's lead singer Freddie Mercury. Although he adores the band and it's frontman, Phase has near-perfect knowledge of many groups, usually David Bowie, Prince, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and countless other music stars.

Pweza is aggressively bisexual, and never apologizes for it, always eager to flaunt it at more conservative, bigoted species.

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Green face Family Edit

I was born to love you.

Blue face Friends Edit

I hope you'll be there, when we're in need of love and care.

Blue face Neutral Edit

I'm sure Beelzebub doesn't have a devil put aside for you. I think.

Blue face Disliked Edit

Let them eat cake I say, just like Marie Antoinette

Red face Enemies Edit

I'm Death on Two Legs baby

Quotes from others Edit

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Slade, Wade, Blade...Uh, what now?

- Oji'b

Somehow, despite the fact I hate him, he's sort of grown on me.

- Barda Clett

And THIS is why people don't take proper mercenaries seriously these days. Someone pay me to shut this guy up permanently.

- Admiral Kaios

Completely insane. But...Hrm. I think there's a reason for it. A logic to his madness. Gah! If i didn't know better i'd think he had contact with a major EDBE!

- Ortior Iklas

And now...your death is marked.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

Hurry up and die will ya? I'm sort of craving human flesh now.

- Queen Si'daal


- King Lavern

And then they say I'm crazy. Yeah? Woohoo? This guy is like 10 times more crazy then I am. I might actually reduce that to 5. Or 1. Or actually I might be more crazy. All those possibilities! They all make my head spin!

- Zakton

Nice weapon collection. Don't worry when Zakton steals something out of it, though, I'll get it back for you...If you ever learn to shut up! If you don't, I'll kick you out of the airlock. And that's a promise.

- Okagg

I only like Queen. I don't worship them, I'm agnostic jack'o lantern face.

- Niyra

No, no relation to no mere mecha pilot or fighting dude. But god herself!

- Ibari

If...he...doesn't...shut up...I'LL TEAR HIM APART!

- Random B.A.C Evolved

Woo! Someone as crazy and deadly as me! I still have pointer sticks. And bigger guns too.

- X-30


- Bloodlust responding to Phase-Hunters quote

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Ask Phase-Hunter anything. If your crazy enough.

Notes Edit

  • Pweza Meat is a popular dish in Zanzibar, the country Freddie Mercury hails from, and is designed to reflect his obsession with the latter.
  • Pweza is based on Gyro Zeppli and Deadpool.

Themes Edit

  • Don't Stop me Now - First theme, used during his time in the Mendel Pact, before the Hand of Retribution.
  • Steely Dan - Dirty Work - During his various adventures and around the universe with the Clett family.

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