Perreri Ackdool is a Mon Nahdar native to their waterly world of Nahdar. A proud and stern person, Ackdool served in his native military for decades until the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Following more of his kin he joined the Cyrandia Resistance and became the founder of the elite Recon Squadron.


Perreri Ackdool was born on Nahdar at an unspecified date and after reaching teenhood he joined the Nahdar military. He remains rather secretive about his duties and avoids answering them at all costs.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he escaped Nahdar and joined the Cyrandia Resistance with others of his kin, amongst them Val Niathan. During the early years of the Resistance Ackdool realised the Resistance needed more specialised forces and formed the notorious Recon Squadron stationed onboard his CS-16 class corvette. Handpicking each and every fighter pilot to fly the Reconnassaince-class heavy fighters Recon Squadron became the first elite starfighter squadron in service of the Resistance and took orders directly from Resistance Command.


Ackdool and Tatsu in discussion onboard the Chateau

During the Second Great Cyrannus War in 21 AQF (2819) he ordered his squadron to aid the Auethnen Raptor. After his fighters returned safely with the Raptor to his command ship, he met with Aoirtae and Kara onboard the Raptor but forbid them to disembark their vessel. He later led his squadron during the battle of Coruanthor where Recon Squadron was provided an escort for the Raptor. After the battle the squadron was send on a scout mission to find a suitable base for Resistance Command, much to dismay of Perreri though they eventually located on Andustar and rendezvoused with most of the Resistance fleet in orbit.

By 2820, Perreri finally recieved permission to seek out rumored Resistance/Loyalist activity within the Space in Between. As he gave his orders to lieutenatn Tatsu Irana the two got into an argument about chasing ghosts. He later oversaw the docking procedures and refueling process with a disabled Kounotori-class heavy freighter of the Saurien Sector Corporation and later led the squadron during the battle of Isle Blue where they aided the Bismarck. Due to their efforts Ackdool was happy to see the Loyalists still alive but upon their exodus into the Quadrant Galaxies grew concerned as the Resistance lines were thin spread and the Loyalists attitude against of refusing to find a new way to link the Cyrannus and Quadrant cells.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Perreri Ackdool is a stern, proud and gifted strategist within the Cyrandia Resistance holding the rank of Colonel (navy equilevant is captain). One of the early officers joining the Resistance upon its formation, Perreri understood the need for a department tasked with more covert operations that could act independant from the main fleets or larger cells. They could even execute the more discussionable or immoral missions of the Resistance.

Perreri handpicked each and every member of the squadron upon the assesments made by Resistance Command about their personnel. To ensure its secrecy Perreri ordered that the squadron acts independent from the other cells and that his own personnel doesn't socialze with other squadrons and cells as well.

Perreri is feared for his bad moods when the cell runs out of coffee which the Colonel badly needs in the morning.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


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