To fight means to suffer. To die suffer means to adapt. To adapt means to grow stronger. To grow stronger means to prosper. We all need to bear our pains to deal greater pains to others, it's merely how we learn, both mortals and immortals.

- An old Taldar writing

The Perils of Ottzello is a saga of plot-centred wars in the Ottzello Galaxy.


First Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

As Da Propa Big Loron Empire's new leader, Zr'Ahgloth, led the charge to wage war on the galaxy, most of its leaders laughed at the threat. Soon they learnt just how misplaced their laughter was. The Loron Empire proved to be the biggest threat the galaxy had encountered in centuries... (see more)

Delphan Excavation War of OttzelloEdit

The Delpha Coalition of Planets were the first empire that Ottzello contacted when they discovered inter-galactic travel. Of the 4 races, the Loron declared war on the DCP, who laughed at the situation, and went to obliterate the warlike races. However, the war became much more involving when Zargoth intervened, with Ottzello learning of their own history...(see more)

Second Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

The dystopian galaxy were turned to rubble when the Kralgon Emperor, who had been frozen, awoke to learn his entire species had been killed by the Ottzelloans. Using Kralgon technology, he took revenge on the galaxy using AIs and clones, to wipe out all life. In a war that became part of the Imperial Civil War, several others joined in the massacre., including the Tokhzhalan, the Daleks, the Vartekians, the Imperial Alliance and the Zazane..(see more)

Third Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

The Kralgon, who now owned Ottzello, were about to be challenged as a new threat, the Tyranite Swarm, invaded Ottzello. The Kralgon were also challenged when the Ottzelloans, who had formed the United Nations of Ottzello, wanted their galaxy back. In a dark tale of heroism, loss, heartbreak and suffering, UNO fought for mere survival...(see more)...

Conflicts of BorealisEdit

This story arc has evolved, and merged with the Conflicts of the Borealis Galaxy, which Ottzello (now Ottzello Sector due to the Annihilation) is now part of. Borealis is full of even nastier folk, and many parts of it are in an even greater dystopian condition.

Prequel WarsEdit

War of the AncientsEdit

Precedes the entire Ottzello story, the legacy of the Ottzelloans stems from the Taldar's conflict with the Xhodocto 5.5 billion years ago.

Great Blyro WarEdit

Precedes the entire Ottzello story, the explanation of how the Ottzello galaxy became what it was from the First Ottzello War onwards.



  • Zelfron- Leader of the Telzoc and hero, Zelfron is a respected figure, and nemesis of Zargoth
  • Dakster- The Ottzel captain Dakster is both a heroic and evil character
  • Titanozor- Titanozor is the DCP Warlord in charge of the DCP/Loron War. With the powers of a Xhodocto, he takes pride in slaying Loron
  • Sai- Leader of Team Elite Ops, Sai's job is to find out what the Kralgon are up to and to stop them


  • Zargoth- Having his own plans, Zargoth seeks merely to cause misery and to gain power, and uses the Ottzello Galaxy to do so
  • Da Propa Big Boss Zr'Ahgloth- Leader of the Loron, Zr'Ahgloth is a brutish and warlike figure, who takes pride in eating, killing and pizza. He is a wannabe gangster, and kills others simply because 'it's so hood'
  • Kralgon Emperor- Leader of the Kralgon Invasion Force and later New Kralgon Empire, he seeks vengeance on the Ottzelloans for destroying his kind
  • Zaarkhun- A crimelord and leader of the Zaarkhun Consortium, he has his own plans...



  • In the First Ottzello Galactic War, Ottzello was plunged into dystopia, and the Inalton, Kralgon and Technobian were nearly defeated
  • The Loron and DCP went to war, which was small for a while
  • Emperor Zargoth told Ottzello of the Taldar artifacts, and there was a race to get them
  • The Ottzelloans went to the Taldar realm, who revealed about their history and that Zargoth was working for them, but Zargoth then blew up the Taldar citadel and Ottzelloans returned
  • An unknown scientist created OtzDie, a virus that hit not only Ottzello but spread throughout the galaxy
  • The Vartekians, DCP and DSB stopped it
  • The Kralgon Emperor arrived, extincting the Telzoc and Gykar, who moved to other empires, while Zaarkhun built his own empire
  • Ottzelloans formed UNO, then fled and hid to another universe
  • Sai's team were captured along with Zaarkhun, and Zaarkhun revealed his plan, then was betrayed by his own ally
  • Tyranite Swarm struck, Kralgon at war, and UNO returned
  • After a long war, UNo gained new members
  • UNO gained control of Loron, which helped them take over the Kralgon
  • Tyranites near defeated, then Dakster discovered that Zaarkhun had survived and was behind the Tyranite Swarm
  • Tyranites destroyed when Titanozor destroys their Tyra-Mind
  • Galaxy is at peace, then Taldar reveal the truth; they caused the wars so that UNO would become stronger, and gave UNO technology

Out of universeEdit

When Technobliterator just joined, the DCP/Loron war was begun with help from Wormulon to involve the fiction. It also resulted in the Taldar and Gykar fictions' beginning. Technobliterator also made the 1st Ottzello Galactic war for mere backstory. There were several plots in DCP/Loron war, but eventually Technobliterator made a new genocidal war, the Second Ottzello Galactic War, which Ghelae and Lucario of the Gods supported. Some time after Technobliterator's hiatus, the Third Ottzello War was finished by Technobliterator alone, and then the First Ottzello Galactic War was remade.

It is likely that there will be another war, but only if others want one. It won't be for some time, however.

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