Our spacial history is one of twists and turns. It is one that can be put into a great play.

- Suna

The Pepis are a kind race, who have gone by so much. Planet destruction, extinction, and wars are some of the things that this kind peoples unwillingly had to survive. They had only a dream; a dream to rescue the galaxy from war and destruction, and bring an age of prosperance and enjoyability.

Recent HistoryEdit

Beginning of SpaceEdit

The Pepis have reached space not too long ago. They recieve words of kindness and peace from other, far-away lands. They began their space endeavors with contact to their now favorite ally, the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Asking for an alliance, the DCP accepted. Now, the Pepians then heard that they rarely communicate diplomaticly with younger empires, as the Pepis, but something made them want to contact them. The Pepis had an age of expansion, making new allies and celebrating with cake.

Pepis Civil WarEdit

They contacted the Xhodocto one sad day. Asking for an alliance, as the Pepis always did, the Xhodocto threatened to eliminate them. This lead to an uprising whose leader was the original second-best in the small militia. His name was Xoratas, normally called "Bow". Bow made President Ms.Pepis and her adviser, Suna, flee Kindworlda, their homeplanet. Chased by the rebels, Ms.Pepis contacted the DCP for acsess into their space. The DCP granted acsess, but the rebellion stayed on her tail. The DCP forced them to Kindworlda, and Ms.Pepis discovered Universe 939152.

Universe 939152, Taraur, and TaltsEdit

They colonised for a while in peace, but a race known as the Taraur arrived. The Taraur wiped out the Pepis and their worlds. The DCP and Girdo Empire revived the Pepis, who then joined the Intergalactic Republic and Universal Alliance of Nations. After this time, the Pepis raided the original Kindworlda with the DCP's help and reclaimed it. The Pepis went into another era of peace. They expanded once more to 16 colonies. The Talt showed themselves. Believing in their dark god, the Talt wanted to wipe out the Pepis. The DCP ave the Pepis a fleet, who defended a colony form the raiding Talt.

Ihrian StarshipEdit

A big ship now attacked the Pepis and made them sterile. Proudly, the DCP and Salsthette Republic attacked the ship to save the Pepis, also wondering why they would attack the Pepis in the first place.

Pepis-Grox War - Sporewiki Exclusive Section!Edit

75 years later, the Pepis-Grox war occured. The Grox took the Pepis by suprise, and took a planet. But the Pepis fought hard, and did not give up. The Pepis used ion fighters to take Grox planets.

75 Years in the Future from last SectionEdit

The Pepis in 150 years are far more advanced. They produced tachyonic engines capable of going extremely fast. They waste 1-thousandth of their energy. They produced ion ships capable of firing powerful missiles and wiping out energy on enemy ships for 5 seconds. They developed waterproof suits that fire electricity over an area over 3 yards. Revivers have been developed, and the Pepis Republic has spread over a large area in Universe 939152. MORE COMING SOON

Search for EnlightenmentEdit

Ms.Pepis wishes to have understanding of her world. She has taken up the Search for Enlightenment. She must go to the Pepis Underworld, seperate from Xhodocto hell. She must not bring anything but herself and clothes, to learn to be conservative and clever. She has to fight demons and beasts to find enlightenment, which looks like a butterfly-winged and glowing Peppypipe. She will not be contacted for some time.

Relations with other EmpiresEdit


  • DCP
  • URC
  • Hunter Empire
  • Kraw Empire
  • Asgord Empire
  • Tahar Empire


  • True Gjigantrox Coalition


  • Vartekian Empire
  • Da Noo Loronz


The Pepis Republic is a direct democracy. Every day, 500 Pepians come to an assembly to vote on laws, criminals, celebrations, and such. It is a Pepian Voter's dream to vote alongside the Elite Voters, a group who is very wise and truthful. The democracy is ruled by Ms.Pepis, because she was always truthful. Her adviser, Suna, helps her with contacting empires. Very recently, a act called the "Act of Presidency IV" means that the adviser contacts empires and controls the military; the president rules mainly for celebrations and civilian life.

Quotes from other empiresEdit

The Pepis are a kind species, who lead very perfect lives, with lots of free time and pleasure, something so rare amonst other empires. This interests the DCP greatly as perhaps they are less materialistic. Usually, tier 5 and even 4 empires do not interest us, but something about this empire drew our attention when they requested first contact. However, as they began thir forays in space, they discovered that not everyone is as friendly as they are, and will use what resources are nescessary. This realisation caused a civil war on their homeworld, which weakened and divided them. However, we have guided this empire from almost absolute extinction, and they have great potential.

- Admiral Horlin 15:54, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

The Pepis are weaklings. Their allies are powerful. Why would the strong defend the weak when that leads to downfall?

- Taraur General

The Pepis are nice guys, they really are. They supply us with great meat, and that makes us happy. We'll probably eat them at some point, but when we do, I'll feel bad about it later. Probably

- True Gjigantrox Leader

Punny and fragile yet their allies guards them like there's no tomorrow, Only a fool wouldn't believe there is more to these little creatures.

- Vartekian Empire

The Pepis are near extinction. They should be elimated, put out of their mysery! A species so close to death must suffer a quick blow.

- Tyraz Breek

The Pepis, are one of our greatest allies, despite their small size, they have went throw so much, we hope that with the Pepis, we can establish a better universe.

- President Apollo of the URC


  • The Pepis obviously made the Pepis Trade Station.
  • See the updated story of the Pepis and Universe 939152 on Spore Create!.
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